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End of the week

It is Friday and has been a long week, lots going on at work so I was ready for the weekend and really tired. No I was deciding if I should go out tonight. I still haven’t had time to do my blog from Wednesday night dinner so I thought about just staying home and doing that. But I also needed to eat dinner and in the end I figured I would go to Sweet Home for dinner at least, and I can do my blog there. I got home from work a little after 5 so it was a rush to get ready.

I was ready by a little after 6 and on my way, I got there about 6:30 the same time as last week and again I got one of the 3 parking spots. Looks like 6:30 is a good time to get here. Chris and Roxy were already here as they get here early. I ordered dinner as the special tonight was their Pork chop Special which is one of my favorite dinners here. Then I got out my computer and did my blog from Wednesday. It really is fun to look back over my blog and see the things I have done, places I have gone and the friends I have met. Wednesday blog is my 930th blog as Susan. It is hard to believe I have gone out that many times (maybe more) as Susan. I started my blog which was very basic back in November of 2006 so I have been keeping up on it for over 10 years now. It really is my diary of Susan which I keep on line so others can share. Now it doesn’t matter who you are but I would encourage everyone to write about their life and experiences in your life. It is a great way to look back on your life.

Dinner came and it was so good as always. As I said their pork chop special, chicken breast and steak specials are my 3 favorites but all their food is good. Now there was a good crowd here for as early as it was so I knew it would be busy the later it got. Chris of course was playing pool so I took the time to catch up on some work I had to do on my computer. I am starting to have a lot of issues with my computer so I am going to have to look into getting a new one. It won’t install the latest windows update and is getting slow. Besides I really want a new one that has a backlighted key board as it is hard to work on my computer here as it is kind of dark.

Now as I said it is Friday night and Diva Las Vegas is getting close, a little over 4 weeks. As a matter of fact Cassandra and I will be in Las Vegas in 4 weeks as we will leave early (4 am) on Friday March 24 and drive straight through to Las Vegas. it takes between 14 and 15 hours for the drive. That may seem long but I really am a road trip type girl. I love this drive and have made it many times over the years. By the way there is still time to sign up for Diva Las Vegas. They will start event sign up the first full week of March and remember this is not a convention it is a vacation. There is no cost to attend the event. you just pay your way for what you want to participate in, go golfing pay for your round of golf, go for dinner pay for your dinner. we have 8 for sure going from our group so it will be a lot of fun.Now I do need to do some shopping before we go to Las Vegas, just a matter of finding the time.

As it got later it did get busier and the other main group that comes here on Friday started to show up. Robyn showed up late but she did make it which was good. She said Diane was also coming later but I am really getting tired so I am not sure I will make it late enough to see her. Just before Karaoke started Chris left so it was just Robyn and me and we talked a little. One lady came over and told me how much she liked my sweater dress and asked where I got it as she had been looking for one. I thanked her and told her I got it on line at Fashion bug but they were bought out a few years ago and no longer on line.

karaoke was going and that made it hard to talk. I stayed a little longer listening to the singing but  was really getting tired and was afraid I might fall asleep at the table. wow it was only a little after 10 and I was worried about this, I guess I am getting older. 8 years ago I didn’t even go out till 10. I stuck it out till about 10:30 before calling it a night.

Now I am looking forward to Saturday night out with my friends. Next week I am not sure if I will make it out as I have family coming to town. I know I will not be out next Friday and Saturday is not for sure and I may not even make it for Wednesday night dinner so it may be 2 weeks before I get a chance to go out again.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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out for a Friday night at Sweet Home

It is the end of the week and I am looking forward to a fun Friday night. It is always good when I can get together with friends and just be out as Susan. Now I did make it out twice this week already, once to a PFLAG meeting to hear Cassandra speak about our group and of course Wednesday night dinner at Who Song & Larry. This means with going out Saturday night I will have been out 4 times this week as Susan. Now I hope over the next few weeks I will get out even more as I do need to do some shopping as I need a few things for Diva Las Vegas which is coming up fast, 5 weeks away. There is still time to register if you want to go to Diva Las Vegas. Check out their web page if you want more information and also check out the photos from past years. The years I went are 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 so you can look for me in some of the pictures. You can also read my blogs from those years here, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015. It really is a wonderful time. Now My friends and I are staying downtown at the California hotel casino this year which is owned by Boyd Gaming, we wanted to try downtown and the room rates are a lot better. We are really looking forward to it. we will be there for 8 nights.

Well back to Friday night, I got a late start getting ready so it was a little after 6 when I left home. I got to Sweet Home and luck was with me as I got 1 of the 3 parking spots in their lot, first time I haven’t had to park on the street in a long time. Robyn, Chris and Roxy were already there as they are the early crowd. I joined them and ordered dinner and of course got my computer out and took care of some thing I had to do. I may have to get a new computer as mine won’t do the update to Windows 10, for the last several weeks it downloads it but wont install it. I have to take the battery out a couple times each day to get it to reinstall the previous version but than this computer is over 5 years old.

We talked and of course I played on my computer, it was a typical Friday night out with my friends. The bar was a little busy for as early as it was which is always good and there were some new faces in the crowd. Chris and Robyn played pool as always, they are both pretty good.  Robyn played some video lottery  but didn’t do well this week.

It was about 9 and the other group that comes for Karaoke started to show up, Heather was out tonight and it is always good to see her. It was a good crowd here tonight. Roxy was the first of our group to leave as she works on Saturday. and soon Chris also left about 9:30.

Two guys came over and sat at our table for a while, I think there names were David and Michael but I am horrible at remembering names. They talked more with Robyn them me as they had all been in the military so they had a lot in common. It was a good night.

It was a little after 10 when Robyn and I called it a night. It was a great start to the weekend.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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Manicure and then out to Sweet home

It is Friday and I am looking forward to a fun night. It has been a long day but I still need to get a manicure and as long as I am out I will be off to Sweet Home. I called Dream Nails at about 4:15 to see if I could get in at 5:30 and that was fine so I had an hour to get ready. Now I really love taking my time getting ready usually an hour and a half but when needed I can get ready in 45 minutes if needed.

I was all ready by a little after 5 so I had a little time before I needed to leave for the nail salon. I got there about 5:20 and Anna was ready for me. Now they were a lot busier then the last time I was here. there were 4 woman and a man getting pedicures and one getting her nails done. I really do love going to the nail salon as it is such a relaxing fun time.

Anna worked on my nails and did a wonderful job, this time she didn’t even ask me if I wanted my nails trimmed back she just filed them down a little and evened them out. They look beautiful and just a little on the long side for my male side. I will have to file them down some in a few days. It was about 6 pm when I was done and left the salon with my beautiful nails. They would look so much better with a red though.

I got to Sweet Home a little after 6, Robyn and Chris were already there. I little later Roxy showed up so there were 4 of us tonight. We had a nice time although I was really getting tired now as I have been up since 3 am today. It was a little before 10 when I called it a night. It was a fun evening out.

I will be out again Saturday night as our group is having a celebration of life for Cristine who passed away a little over a week ago.

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Friday of a long week

It has been a long week as our group loss a deer family member. We are all healing from the loss and as part of that spending time with friends is important. I was looking forward to gong out even though I was really tired. Now I got home and started getting ready about 5 so I would not be out as early tonight.

I got to Sweet Home about 7. I had to park on the street but was closer than the last few weeks. Robyn and Chris were there as usual. It was good to see them again. I ordered dinner right away as I was hungry. Robyn and I talked for a while as I waited for my food. Now it really wasn’t busy tonight.

Roxy also showed up and Cassandra and Laura H. for a little while. Cassandra and I talked a little about Cristine as we are both missing her. She was one we could count on being out almost all the time, Wednesday night dinners she almost never missed and also Saturdays at the Escape and of course Harvey’s Comedy Club where we will be tomorrow night. She was always there at Harvey’s when we showed up. Saturday night will be a little different at Harvey’s. I don’t think I have ever been at Harvey’s when Cristine wasn’t there.

We also talked about Diva Las Vegas we need to make our hotel reservations soon. We are both looking forward to it. Robyn was playing one of the video lottery machines so I went over and watched. I am not a fan of slot machines I just can’t get excited about playing them. She did play for about 30 minutes before giving up. Cassandra then played for a little bit and Robyn and I watched. Cassandra didn’t do as well and her money went almost as fast as mine would have gone if I played. I can not win at these games. Well When Cassandra was done Robyn put another $20 in the machine and just a few spins later she won, she walked away with a little over $280

Karaoke started and we listened to some of the songs. It was a fun night and we were talking about how we use to come out about the time we are not thinking of leaving. I can remember a few years ago where I wouldn’t even leave home till 9:30 or 10 to go out. I think it is because we have grown and become more comfortable with going out. I like that idea better than the fact we are getting older.

Well it was about 10:30 when we called it a night. Now we are looking forward to Saturday night and going to Harvey’s Comedy Club. I am really lucky to have such wonderful friends in my life that I can share this side of me with.

Thanks for reading.

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Friday night out the 3rd night in a row

It is Friday night and I will be going out for the third night in a row, guess I am making up for earlier in the month when I couldn’t get out. Now a quick update on my friend Cristine, She is still in ICU but has been breathing on her own for a day now but with difficulty. Our group started a go fund me account for her to help with medical expenses and on January 28 we are trying to get 28 of her friends to each donate $10 as she has been in ICU for 10 days now. We really miss seeing her out with the group.

I started to get ready by 4 as I was looking forward to getting out as early as I could. I always enjoy my time getting ready, so relaxing. I was on my way and got to sweet Home just before 6. Chris and Robyn were already there, Robyn had been here since 5. She actually got here before Chris tonight. I ordered dinner as I was hungry and then Robyn and I talked a while about Cristine. It is good to talk with other friends about this as it helps us all process it.

It was good to be out with friends for a while. Roxy showed up a little later as did Laura H. and Lisa so we had 6 of us out tonight. Now there was a good crowd here tonight for Karaoke, Craig is sick so Betty is filling in as the KJ for Karaoke. It was nice to see her again. Don’t get me wrong I really like Craig and he does a great job but the only time I get to see Betty is when she fills in.

karaoke started and there was a long list of people to sing, a lot of the regulars here on Friday but also some new people. It is fun to listen to the singing but what makes it special is being out with my friends, out with people. It got later and soon it was just Robyn and me left of our group and I was getting ready to leave when Robyn said Diane called and was on her way. I decided to wait with her till Diane showed up. It was about a half hour till Diane showed up. It was good to see her again. I stayed for just a little while longer before calling it a night. Now I am looking forward to Saturday night and seeing more of my friends at the Escape.

Susan Miller at Clackamas Town CenterThanks for reading.

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Finally a Friday night out

It has been several weeks since I have really been out do to the cold snow and ice we have had. The last time I was out was a quick outing to get my nails done on January 15 other then that I haven’t been out or even been Susan since December 30th. I was really looking forward to it as I really do miss this side of me when I can’t express it. I know it is hard for some to understand this feeling but the best way I can explain it is find something you really like, something you eat, drink or do that really makes you happy and then go without it for a while. That is how I feel about being Susan as it really is a big part of who I am and my life.

I started getting ready at 4 so I could take my time as I said it has been a while. It is so relaxing spending the time getting ready doing my makeup and getting all pretty, this truly is one of the most stress free feelings I have. I got my makeup all done and was happy with the way it turned out, a Smokey eye look with a wine color lipstick. Of course I wore my maroon dress and heels.

I was on my way by 5:45 and got to Sweet Home at 6 and parked about a block away. Now just as I parked it started to really rain, so hard I had to use my umbrella. Now I love my open toed high heels but the one bad thing is they are not designed to keep your feet dry in heavy rain and by the time I got inside my feet were wet and cold and it took a while to get them warm again but it was worth it as they are really cute.

Chris and Robyn were there when I got there so I joined them. They had their pork chop dinner special tonight which is awesome so I ordered one. They really do have good food here. Now it was not really busy tonight as the other group that comes here had another event to go to tonight. Because of that Craig was not doing Karaoke tonight but instead it was Betty, she does it here on Saturday nights. Now I have only met her a couple times but she is really awesome, actually pretty much everyone who comes here is wonderful as it really is your friendly local neighborhood bar, kind of like what Cheers was on that TV show, where everyone knows your name.

Cassandra showed up which was nice as I haven’t seen her for a while actually it has been a while since Susan has seen anyone. it was good to see us getting out again after the weather we have had. We got a chance to talk which I really wanted to with her as one of our girls was rushed to the hospital Wednesday and had to have emergency surgery. All I had gotten was updated text messages from Cassandra on her which Cassandra did a great job of but it is better to be able to talk about it. She is still listed as Critical in CU but has improved a lot over the last couple days. Our group really is a big extended family and we all care about each other. We are all keeping her in our prayers.

We also talked a little about Diva Las Vegas which is only 9 weeks away. We are both looking forward to it as it really is a fun time. I am hopeful we will have a big group from Portland go again this year as it really is fun. I even played a game of pool tonight against Chris but boy it was not a good night for me at pool. I couldn’t sink a shot for anything but it was fun.

Karaoke started and of course Chris sang, it was a different crowd here tonight with the other group gone but it was really fun. It was getting late and Cassandra and I were calling it a night, Betty came over to let us know they had a surprise for Chris and were going to sing Happy Birthday for him as he just had his birthday. It was nice of her to let us know so we could stay for that. It was a fun night and we all sang to Chris. As we left Betty gave us both a hug which was nice. It was a good night and now I am looking forward to getting out more as the weather is more normal for us. I will of course be out on Saturday evening at the Escape so it will be a good weekend.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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The last Friday of 2016

Well it is here the last Friday and the end of 2016. It is funny and sad as I have seen a lot of posts on Facebook from people about 2016 and they are glad to see it go as it was so bad, mostly because of the deaths of some of our favorite and beloved actors and singers and there were a lot this year. And although here were many issues in 2016 there were a lot of good things also and I myself like to look at the good things. so that is what this blog will be about plus my going out tonight. There will be links to other blog posts from this year throughout this blog if you also want to look back with me, All the links will be to my blog about the events and not to their web page.

Tonight will be my last opportunity to go out as Susan this year so I was going to take advantage of it. Cassandra texted me to see if I was going out since Roxy and Chris would not be at Sweet Home and of course the answer was yes. I was going even if only to eat dinner and if no one else showed up I would leave by 8. Well Cassandra said she would be there then so I wouldn’t be by myself. Don’t get me wrong as it is always more fun with someone else with you but you really need to be able to be happy with yourself to be truly happy. If you cannot find joy in your own life and need others to make you happy it is hard. Focus on the good things in your life and let the rest go as life is to short to dwell on the negative.

I got to Sweet Home at 6:30 and had to park a block away so I figured they would be busy but they weren’t. I got the table Chris is always at as a matter of fact all the tables were empty. A few people at the bar and a few playing video poker. Sometimes I get here early and sometime late like when I have a nail appointment on a Friday usually before a vacation to get my nails painted red. Any way I ordered dinner as I was hungry. They have wonderful food here and looking back over the year Susan’s biggest expense was food while she was out. Yes this year I added lines for Susan in Quickens which I use to follow my expenses for the year. Some of the places we have gone for dinner this year are Morton’s Steak House, Who Song & Larry, Southland Whiskey Kitchen, A dinner I had with Julie which was awesome, Alexis Greek food, Hobo’s, Rock Bottom, McMenamins Ringler Pub, Diner with a friend visiting from Canada Stephanie Shostak, Henry Tavern, Benihana, Spaghetti Factory, We really have gone to many new and fun places as a group. Now this is what I mean about being positive, I could think about all the times I couldn’t make it out to dinner with my friends which there were more of but I look to the times I did and the fun I had.

There were also out trips to Harvey’s comedy club again which I did not make everyone but the ones I did were wonderful and I bought new dresses for some of them, January, February, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, December. These are wonderful memories I have with my friends. Okay my pitch for keeping a blog or diary, it is a great way to look back over your life and remember the fun things you did and how you grow as a person, you can do it with a blog which I do, Blogs can be set for public view, just friends, or private and word press actually lets you set Ii t on individual blogs so you can have some public and some private. when I started my blog it really was just for me to remember and I never thought people would find it and read it and keep coming back to see what I am doing. It is kind of a humbling experience to think people follow my life as Susan and I thank each of you as I do consider you all part of my extended family. Well back to Friday night.

I got my food and just then Robyn showed up. It was good to see her again as I said it really is more fun when you are out with friends. Cassandra showed up next and it turned out to be just the 3 of us for the night. Cassandra and I talked about Las Vegas and going to Diva Las Vegas. We are still planning on staying downtown as the room rates are so much cheaper. and there are so many casinos right next to each other where o n the strip they are so spread out. We are trying to talk Robyn into going also. I think it would be great to have a big group from Portland go. I was looking back and I went to Diva Las Vegas in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 so this will be my 6th time going and I am so looking forward to it. Cassandra and I checked out hotels downtown for prices and they seem to be about the same and no resort fees. Cassandra is going to book both rooms so we can get two together. If you have never gone to Diva Las Vegas there is nothing more fun then spending time in Las Vegas as your female self. Okay here is a link to the Diva Las Vegas page and not my blog.

Cassandra and I played with our group web sight and she showed me some of the improvements that have been made. It really is a wonderful web site and we have full control over it as we own it. Well it got late and Robyn left and soon it was time for Cassandra to leave as she was DJing on Pal talk at 11 the chat room she follows. I paid my bill and was getting ready to leave when a lady came over to talk to me. She had been meaning to come over and talk with us and was sad Cassandra and Robyn had left but we talked for a little while. Her name was Leah and she was really nice. She had been playing video poker by our table and had heard some of our conversation and thought we were wonderful as we had been talking politics. Now you have to remember when we do talk politics it is not about who won or party sides it is about how people on both sides take it so personal and serious. I see it online and in real life. people have attacked both verbally and in person those who voted against them. Family and friends have been divided and lost over this election. This should not happen, we are first and most important Americans. We stand together. We can disagree on things and that is okay but we are still all American. The last time our country had such a divisive divide over politics was when we had the Civil War which also divided neighbor against neighbor and family against family and we know where that went. We are one country Indivisible with liberty and justice for all. United we stand, it is time to put differences together and work together to make our country work for all. Opps got a little off track but I hate seeing all this fighting between people and friends.

Any way Leah and for a while and of course she had some questions and of Susan & Leahcourse thought I was beautiful which I always love to hear. She told me a little about her family and even had to get a picture of us together to send to her daughter, So of course I had to take one for my blog. She even introduced me to her Husband. It was fun. It was almost 11 when I left but I had a fun night.

As 2016 ends and we look forward to a new year I am thankful for all my friends I have made who accept me as I am, you are all wonderful. Have a Safe and Happy New Years.

Thanks for reading and being part of my life both in person or online.

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Friday before Christmas

It is the Friday before Christmas, I have all my shopping done and so it is a night for Susan to go out and have some fun. I do want to take this opportunity to wish all of you my online family a Merry Christmas and Holiday season. Now I 12291735_10207947700874614_2758177720103809167_odidn’t get any pictures tonight but thought I would post a couple from last year. I really do love this time of year.

I got home a little after 5 and started getting ready as I was going to Sweet Home. Cassandra texted me she also was going out so I was looking forward to seeing her again. I took my time getting ready to be sure and enjoy it. I was ready and on my way by 6:30. I got to Sweet Home a little before 7 and had to park about a block away. Chris and Robyn were already there12307337_10207947700914615_5697100067396019937_o and Roxy showed up right after me.

Now they had their breaded Chicken dinner which is always awesome so I ordered it for dinner. They really do have great food here and I was hungry. Laura H. and Lisa showed up and also Cassandra so we had 7 of us out tonight.

Cassandra and I talked about Diva Las Vegas as we are both going. We are planning on staying downtown as it is cheaper as we are planning on getting there on March 24th and leaving either April 1st or 2nd. Of course I will get my nails done for the trip. I am hoping we can get more girls from our group to go as a few years back when we had 11 of us from Portland it was so much fun. We also talked about other thing, it was a fun night.

Now the other group that comes here had a birthday celebration so they had a big group tonight. They really are a fun group. Heather was here tonight and always good to see her. We talked for a little while which was nice. I actually talked with several of the other group which is always nice, We really are accepted here.

Laura, Lisa, Cassandra and I talked some more about our dinner coming up Wednesday, we are going out for a late Christmas Dinner. It will be a lot of fun and good to see some more of my friends. Karaoke started and it was fun to listen to the singing. It was good but not many Christmas songs. Yes I am a big fan if Christmas songs.

It was almost 11:30 when I called it a night. I went up to pay my bill and got talking with a couple girls at the bar. Now the funny thing is I was so busy talking with them when I went to sign my credit card slip I started signing my male name. I caught it and crossed it off and signed Susan but wonder if I have ever done that before without realizing it. It was a fun night out.

Next week I will go get my nails done, Go to Dinner and again on Friday so I should be out 3 times. I will not be able to make it out for New Years though which is sad.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

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A wintery Friday night for Susan

It has been a wintery few days here in Portland snow and freezing rain. Now we are only talking a couple inches which may not seem like much but for this area it is a major event. Usually we get a little snow and it is gone in a few hours to 1 day so when it last a couple days people here freak out, and we are expecting more next Wednesday through Saturday with day time highs in the low to mid 30’s and night time lows in the low 20’s. Now I wouldn’t bring except for the fact this is so rare I really have nothing for Susan to wear in such weather. Any way that is not stopping me from going out tonight.

I got home from work and started getting ready to go out. I am not sure how many or even if anyone will really go out in this weather but as the main roads are pretty clear I am hoping some will. A nice warm shower and then started my makeup, so relaxing and fun after a stressful few days. Once that was done it was time to pick out my outfit for the night. I have a couple sweater dresses that are warm so I picked the grey one. Now for the shoes, I decided to go with a pair of heeled boots I picked up when we had our clothing exchange, they are the ones I wore to the beach in October. Not my first choice to wear with a dress but they looked okay and where good for the weather. All ready I was on my way by 6.

I got to Sweet Home and had to park out on the street and being a residential side street there was about 2 inches of snow and ice so the boots were a good choice. Now they di have 3” wedge heels and walking in the snow wasn’t bad but one I got to the parking lot which had been cleaned it was a little more difficult as it had a layer of ice, last thing I wanted to do was slip and fall in a dress so I walked really slow and careful.

I got inside and they were actually pretty busy. Chris and Roxy were not here and the tables were all full so I went and sat at the bar. Now as I said I wasn’t sure if ant of our group would be out but I still decided to come here as I wanted to go out plus I figured I could at least go and have dinner. Paul got me my drink and it was only a short time and Robyn showed up and joined me at the bar. It is different sitting at the bar especially as I was right next to where people come up and order drinks. It was kind of nice as I pretty much came in contact with everyone at the bar this way and several of them talked with me as they waited for their drinks, plus I got several compliments on how I looked which I always love. It is funny as men in general don’t seem to care as much about this as women do, I mean I have never gone out as my male self and hoped I would get compliments on what I wore or how I dressed but as Susan that is always in my mind when I am getting ready. Trust me all women like to hear they look nice or pretty so compliment them.

Robyn and I talked and of course I ordered dinner, the special was Chicken cordon blue and it was awesome, they really do have good food here. Robyn and I talked more as we enjoyed the evening. I didn’t bring my computer tonight but we were also playing on our cell phones and Robyn showed me a really cute video about a washing machine commercial which I have to post to our new Rosecitytgirls group and of course I will post the link here also. I showed her a few videos I had found and of course a cute Christmas remake. now where we were sitting at the bar we were just opposite the door to the patio where people go to smoke and every time they opened the door we got a blast of cold air. not sure how they could stand going out side just to smoke but they do.

It was a nice time out and very enjoyable, a great way to start the weekend. Next week I may have Tuesday or Thursday night open and I am going to try and get to Starbucks for a while if I do. I really miss that as it is a nice way to spend time  as Susan and get work done, I can kind of merge my two lives together for a little bit. Besides this month I have meetings on Wednesday nights and can’t make our group dinners which is a shame as we have some good ones coming up.

Karaoke started and as it was getting late and I was tired, I went into work early not sure how the roads were so it has been a long day. Robyn and I decided to call it a night. It was fun to be out and I was glad Robyn showed up to keep me company. as I walked to my car it was cold and a slight freezing rain. I really should get some Susan clothes for weather like this but we just don’t have it that often.

Now I am looking forward to Saturday As I am planning on getting a manicure but will skip my pedicure as my toes still look good and with the weather I am not willing to wear flip flops and then Saturday night and going out with my friends. There is a chance that Nicole might make it out, she sent me a Facebook message that depending on the weather she may come to Portland for the evening.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

As it got close to time for Karaoke it got a lot busier

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Friday night and I am going to Sweet Home

It has been a busy couple weeks but I am going to Sweet Home tonight. I haven’t been able to make it the last 2 Fridays so I am really looking forward to it. I got home late so it was a rush to get ready. I still have the light pink polish with the sparkles so I had to remove the matte polish. It is funny as with the matte polish I thing they look a little more pink but you can’t see the sparkles as well. I was all ready about 6:40 so I was on my way and as I wouldn’t get there early I didn’t take my computer.

I got to Sweet Home and had to park about 2 blocks away and walk. Chris, Roxy and Robyn were all there so I joined them. It wasn’t long and Laura H. and Lisa showed up so we had a nice size group. The special tonight was ribs which I love but they are just too messy for Susan to eat so I ordered something else instead. It was just nice to be out with friends. Heather showed up who is always wonderful to see as she always has a hug for everyone. I really like the fact that women are more free to show emotion and affection such as hugs.

It started off with a smaller crowd here as it really never gets busy till it is time for karaoke. The other group had 2 birthdays they were celebration so I knew it would be busier later. Cindy was also here, we met her on the Friday before Halloween and she is really nice. we talked for quite a while. I really love talking with people and getting to know them better.

There was also a man at the video poker machines who for lack of a better word was hitting on me. He really thought I was pretty which always makes a girl feel good but I am still not use to this type of attention from men as I have no interest in men. It is hard for people to understand that and the best way I can explain it is this. I love being Susan, being feminine. I love the cloths, shoes, hair, makeup and of course the nails. But it is more than just that. It is being what I find truly attractive and desirable. in other words I want to present myself that way. There is just something so perfect and wonderful about the female form.

Now Jeremy and Tina also showed up, I also met them here and they are fun to talk with. I really have made some wonderful friends here. People I never would have met if it wasn’t for Susan. I will say that although living two lives, male and female and having to hide parts from people have been hard but in the long run it has been worth it and I would not change my life for anything.

Karaoke started and I stayed for a while. I was actually the last of our group to leave. It was about 11:30 when I called it a night. A great way to start the weekend. Now I am looking forward to Saturday night and going to Harvey’s as I have a new dress I bought back in October and have been waiting for Harvey’s to wear it.

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