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Another fun Friday night out with my friends.

Well as you all know I always go out with my friends on Friday nights to the P-Club and this week was no different. I had to be to work really early and had hoped to get a nap when I got home before going out but ended up working late so it was a really long day. Other than spending time as Susan with my friends I don’t think there is anything else that would have got me out of the house. Well as I said I had to rush to get ready, I had hoped to be to the P-Club by 7 as I knew some of the girls would be there by then but as it turns out I was lucky to make it by 7:30. It really does take longer to get Susan ready than my male self, a lot more thought goes into it from the dress, shoes, wig, even the bra, panties and nylons and of course the makeup, shade of eye shadow, and lipstick. As a guy it is pretty easy, what’s clean. Girls really do have way more choices and are able to express themselves so much better.

Well it is funny as last Saturday when we were having dinner at Henry’s and talking somehow we started talking about Shannon, she is a GG (genetic girl)that used to hang out with our group maybe 2 years ago. Well any ways Tuesday of this week we got a request from her to join the group, funny how things like that happen. Well I got to the P-Club and Teresa, Cristine, Cassandra, Chris and Shannon were all there. I joined them and we all talked for a while, it was nice to talk with Shannon again. She is still with the same boy friend, she brought him to Embers on their first date to hang out with our group, and it was his first experience with T-Girls. I remember talking to him and made the statement “Do you know what we all have in common?” then told him we all use to look just like him before we started dating Shannon, both his and Shannon’s mouth fell open.

Brooke also showed up. She has gotten out several times in the last couple weeks which is awesome as prior to that it was about 5 months she couldn’t get out which I knew was hard on her plus we all missed her. I know how I feel when I have to go a few weeks and keep Susan put away, going that long would be very hard. It is strange how much a part of my life (or any T-girl for that matter) my female side has become. It is part of me, part of who I am and what makes me who I am, male or female Susan and my male side are both there. For me I would not be a complete person without both sides of me. I think when I realized this and accepted this is when I truly became happy both male and female. It also made it so much easier to be Susan and go out as to me Susan is just as normal as my male side and I think people pick up on that and don’t challenge you very often then. The key is to be happy with you, beside life is too short to be unhappy.

Teresa was there which was really nice as she leaves Monday for Thailand for a month, she is having SRS and she is so excited about it. She has been planning and looking forward to this for a year now. We will all miss her and look forward to her safe return. It is cool her sister is going with her so she won’t be alone which is also nice, Teresa’s Sister is very supportive of her as is her whole family.

Victoria, Michelle, Jan, Lynn, Kristie, and Bobby all showed up and I know I am missing some as I think we had 15 there. It was a fun night as always but then again when you are out with friends it is always a good night. A few of the girls played pool and a few danced. For the most part the P-Club was pretty quiet and slow most of the night, I would guess it was maybe 11 before it started to get a little busy. I think being the weekend after Thanksgiving and with holiday shopping and the Christmas tree lighting in Portland people were just busy.

Well we Cassandra brought a cheese cake in honor of Teresa’s new life that will start soon, it was a caramel cheese cake and oh so good. We all had a piece and had a toast to her.

Later on Cassandra and Cristine, mostly Cassandra challenge Victoria and I to a game of shuffle board. She is so competitive in everything but of course Victoria and I could not turn down the challenge. Cassandra was the first to score, 11 points on her first turn and you only play to 21 so she was really into the game and of course she was talking as if they had already won. Well Victoria and I kept our cool and just played and soon we were up 18 to 11 and that seemed to quite Cassandra down. In the end Victoria and I won 21 to 16, it was a fun game.

The rest of the evening we sat around and talked and took some pictures, strangely the pictures I took with my camera, I m not in any of them. How could this happen, well I am sure I will be on some ones camera when they post their pictures.

Well it was getting late about 1 am when we decided to call it a night which for this girl was time as I had gotten up at 2:45 am this morning after going to bed at 11:30 Thanksgiving night. Any way turns out Shannon doesn’t have a car and got a taxi to the P-Club so I offered her a ride home. Turns out she lives about 30 minutes away from the P-Club in the opposite direction, but still happy to give her a ride as I would not want to leave anyone from our group stranded for any reason. Any way by the time I drove her home and then drove back to my place it was a little after 2 am, so by the time I got to bed I have been up for almost 24 hours which is unbelievable for this girl as I am not as young as I use to be.

Well I plan to go to Starbucks Thursday night and out with friends on Friday and may try to squeeze in a shopping trip Tuesday if things work out. Have a great week and thanks for reading.

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Out with friends on a Wednesday night.

Well tomorrow is Thanksgiving and as it turns out I have the day off so I thought this week I would go out with my friends from the group. Now I don’t get to go out with them very often during the week as I go to work really early so I was looking forward to this. We were going to meet at Fox & Hound at 7 but with weather and traffic I was running a little late. I was lucky enough to find a parking spot right on the corner between CC’s Slaughter and Fox & Hound.

When I got there Cristine, Joan, Cassandra, Chris and Roxy were already there. It was nice to be out with them. Soon Victoria and Michelle showed up. We talked for awhile and then ordered dinner. Now here is the funny part at least now. We all got salads to start and as the waiter was serving the salads, Chris who was sitting to my right was talking with Cassandra and was really using his hands while he talked, well as the waiter went to put Roxy’s salad down Chris swung his hand and knocked the waiters hand and the salad all went down Roxy’s front and into her lap. We were all so shocked and then we saw her face, well it turns out they serve the salad dressing in little cups and yes you guessed it, the cup came off the plate and hit her right in the face. She had Salad dressing all over her face. Chris felt so bad and kept apologizing. We were all passing our napkins over to her so she could wipe it off. It was only after that we all thought about cameras but by this time she had wiped it all off her face. Well Roxy went and cleaned up and when she came back you could not tell this had happened. We all enjoyed the rest of our dinner and had wonderful conversation.

After dinner we all walked around the corner to CC Slaughters and went in, there were only a couple people there but they were expecting it to be busy so they had put away the pool table. We talked for a bit and then decided to go across the street to the Boiler Room as they have a pool table. They also had karaoke going on so Chris put his name in to sing. Buffy and her girlfriend soon arrived and so did Jan & Lynn so we had a pretty big group which was nice. None of the people there seemed to really care we were there which was nice.

Chris actually sang to songs and did a pretty good job. Joan also sang a song. We were all having a fun time and it turns out none of us played pool which was why we left CC’s and came over here. We were just having a fun time talking and sinning along with the songs we knew. Cassandra put her name in to sing the song Girls Just wasn’t to have fun and talked me and Victoria into going up with her to sing. So yes I was up in front of everyone singing with a microphone in my hand, had to share it with Victoria. I don’t think the one we had was as loud as the one Cassandra had or she just sang louder, either way she managed to get almost everyone in the club singing with us. It was a really fun time.

Well they were getting really busy and crowded so we decided to walk back across the street to CC Slaughters well it turns out they were also really busy. We went inside but with the crowd we really couldn’t go very far inside without pushing through the crowd and also there were no tables open so we stayed by the front door for a while and just talked. A couple GG’s came over and talked with us for a few minutes which was nice. I guess with the Holiday tomorrow most people have it off work so they were out partying the night away. I think it was about midnight when Cassandra and I called it a night. It was a lot of fun.

Well I didn’t make it to Starbucks this week but I will be out with the group Friday night at the P-Club which I am looking forward to. Any way have a Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

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Dinner with friends at Henry’s tavern

Well Saturday night I was meeting several of my friends from the group downtown Portland at Henry’s Tavern, now I have never been there before but several of the girls from the group had been there and said it was nice. I was really looking forward to this as I love going new places. We had reservations for 10 of us at 8 pm but were planning on meeting there at 7pm. Not knowing the parking situation I got there a little early and as luck would have it someone pulled out as I came around the corner so I found a spot really easy and only 2 blocks away. Now it was really cold out about 35 and of course I wore a short skirt and heel so the 2 block walk was a little cold.

I got to Henry’s right at 7 pm and went in; they were really busy with maybe a dozen people waiting. I checked with the hostess to see if anyone had checked in yet and they hadn’t so I went to check the bar which turns out is huge and has an second floor. There were no seats in the downstairs part of the bar and only a few in the upstairs but none of our group were there so I went back and took a seat by the door and waited. It was only a few minutes when Peggy and Teresa showed up so the 3 of us went to the bar on the second floor and found the one open table. It wasn’t long and Cassandra, Victoria, Trisha, Jessica and Cassie showed up. We were having a good time just talking when they told us our table was ready so we all went down to the restaurant part. We were still waiting for Lynn and Jan so we held off ordering for a little while and just continued our conversation. We were having a fun time.

There was a both right next to our table with for ladies at and soon Cassandra was chatting with them, turns out one of them was having a birthday, Betsy the other three were Holly, Ingra and Brooke. Well we all sang happy birthday to her and the next thing you know Cassandra is sitting next to Holly and Ingra getting pictures with two of them. It is amazing how Cassandra can do that. Well of course not wanting to miss out on a photo op I went and sat next to Brooke and Betsy and got some pictures. You can see all my pictures with different looks on my Flickr page. The girls were really awesome and didn’t seem to have a problem with us there.

We ordered food and everything looked good. Their prices are a little more than places we usually go but the food was awesome. I had their Macaroni and Cheese and it was awesome. Jan and Lynn finally showed up and joined us. Our waiter well he was awesome too, always referred to us as ladies and even offered to take some pictures of us so we could all be in the picture. It was a real enjoyable dinner and before we knew it, it was 10:30 pm; I don’t know where the time went. It seems every time we are out in a group the time goes by so fast. Well we spent a little time deciding where we wanted to go next and settled on Fox and Hound so off we went.

Now parking downtown Portland on a Saturday night at that time is almost impossible so several of us talked about car pooling down to make it easier so I rode with Trisha and Jessica, funny thing is everyone else just drove themselves. Any way the three of us walked the 2 blocks to their car. And it was really cold out by now especially my toes as my heels were open toe type. It was nice to have someone to walk with since it was so late out. Fox and hound is not that far away so it didn’t take long to get there.

We ordered some drinks and then just sat around and talked some more. Fox and Hound is not a really busy place and gives you a nice place to just sit and talk. It was such a fun night, just a group of ladies enjoying friends. They also have a pool table but none of us played pool which surprised me as some of the girls really love pool.

Well before we knew it, it was 1:30 am again the time went by so fast. We all walked out and said our goodbyes. Trisha and Jessica gave me a ride back to my car. Jessica had a pair of heels that were just a little too big for her and kept slipping off her heel. She also let me borrow her shawl that I liked for a bit which was really nice of her. As it turns out we wear almost the same size except that my feet are a little wider. I tried them on when I got home and the toes are tight but I had the same problem with them slipping off my heel of course I had on nylons so that may have been the reason they slip off. Maybe I will try them without nylons and see if that fit a little better.

It was such a fun night several of us talked about maybe doing a dinner once a month at a different restaurant which I think would be an awesome idea. We even talked a little about Diva Las Vegas and I think this year we may have several from the group go.

Thanks for reading

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Saturday afternoon shopping trip

Well as it turns out I had all day Saturday off and I have been wanting to do a little shopping trip for Susan so this was my chance. I had been chatting with Trisha and her and her wife Jessica were going to be in Portland to go out to dinner with our group Saturday night so they just came to town early and we agreed to meet at Lloyd Center around noon to do a girls day out shopping trip. Now I have never been a big fan of cell phone or any phone for that matter as I would much rather talk in person and I am not a big fan of texting but in this case my cell phone was awesome as it allowed up to figure out when and where we would meet and find each other really easy.

Well we met up about 12:30 by the Sears door and started our little adventure. No9w being a Saturday afternoon and not that far from Christmas the mall was pretty busy but I never gave that a thought, I really think having friends with you makes it so much easier. We made a quick trip through Sears and then right out into the mall. It really is amazing when you think about how girls shop. My male self goes in get what is needed and leaves but girl’s, Susan included loves to just walk around and look at all the pretty, cute outfits in all the colors. Even dresses I would never have a reason or ability to wear are fun to look at.

We were having a great time just walking around and talking but did check out some of the stores. We of course had to go into Torrid’s, their prices are a little higher priced but their clothes fit the bigger girls like me, actually I wear a size zero skirt from them so that is worth a little extra. They had some rally cute tops and a beautiful grey skirt but they did not have one in my size, yes they were all too big for me so not to unhappy about that. Jessica tried on a couple skirts but had the same problem to big so we all left feeling pretty good about ourselves.

We walked around some more through the mall still talking and not paying any attention to the people around us and they did the same as I really never saw anyone look twice at us but then I wasn’t really watching them either. Our next stop was Ross Dress for Less, now I don’t think the one at Lloyd Center has that good a selection or maybe they are just busy enough that their selection is picked over.

Again we were out in the mall and walking around like it was the most normal thing we could do, we of course had to stop at Fredrick’s of Hollywood. They had some of the cutest outfits, and there was one pink and black one that was awesome but their biggest size was still half of what I would need but still fun to look around.

Next we went to Lane Bryant and again they cater to us bigger girls so there were things that would fit me there. They were having a big sale so that is always nice. Trisha and I went over to check out their boots as I really want to find a new pair for the winter. I am looking for a mid calf boots with a 2″ or 3″ spike heel and seems this is hard to find. The ones they had with the heel I want were only ankle, the ones that went mid calf were flats so I guess I will have to keep looking. They also had dresses on sale but silly me I forgot to go look at them.

The last store we checked out was called Icing and they sell costume jewelry. Well I don’t know why I started looking at their earrings and they had some of the cutest clip on earrings and of course they were buy one get one 50% off so yes I made a purchase and bought two pairs. Jessica also bought 2 for Trisha. I of course used my Susan credit card. I was showing it to Jessica and she asked me how I got it so I told her. I think they may get one for Trisha now.

We decided to go up to the food court and get a little lunch as we were a little hungry and knew we wouldn’t be eating till late tonight as we are not meeting the group till 7 pm at Henry’s. we got our food and then went and found a table to eat at. again no one really looked at us this time I was watching as there were a lot of young people there. We had an enjoyable lunch and the whole time we spent talking. It was a really relaxing enjoyable day out shopping with the girls.

By now it was about 3:30, boy had the time gone by fast so it was time to leave. Trisha and Jessica had to go check into their hotel and get cleaned up and change for dinner tonight. On the way out we were talking about what we would wear tonight and it hit me how different my male side and female side are. My male side would never worry about this or even change clothes just to go out to dinner with friends. Susan just can’t seem to wear the same outfit for shopping and dinner plus need to redo my makeup, different shoes and even different nail color to match my outfit for tonight. Outside we said goodbye and gave hugs, girls do that sort of thing Jessica said which is true. As Susan I always give a hug when I leave something my male side never does which is a shame as a nice hug makes you feel so much better. Maybe that is the problem in the world today, not enough hugs. I walked back to my car and was thinking the whole time how comfortable I was and not the least bit nervous or scared to be out as Susan. Wow how far have I come in the last couple years as Susan? I know it is all because of my wonderful awesome friends I have made so a big thanks to all of you.

Well it is almost 5 pm so Susan needs to get a move on and get ready to go out to dinner. Thanks for reading.

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Starbucks on a cold and rainy night

Well I made it to Starbucks again this week. I got here right at 7 and there were hardly any cars here so I figured it would be a quiet evening here, that is till I walked inside. Every table was full and there were about 9 people in front of me in line ordering drinks and they all looked about High school age, 7 girls and 2 boys so this was a new experience. Young people tend to be more outspoken especially when in a group but nothing was said and only a couple glances. I think the fact the girl behind the counter said smiled and said hi to me while I was waiting in line helped. By the time I got to the counter and paid for my drink it was ready. As I said every table and chair was taken except for one of the big chairs up in the corner so that is where I had to sit. These chairs are not very good for being on a computer though. I guess the weather gave everyone the same idea I had, go someplace warm and get a hot drink. Almost all the people here tonight are young as in early 20’s or less, make this girl feel a little old. Well a table opened up so I scooped up all my things and moved to the table.

Well this week I will not be able to make it to the P-Club which is sad but sounds like not many girls will make it there this week any way. A few of us are planning on doing Dinner Saturday evening since we won’t be at the P-Club Friday so that is cool. I may even try to go shopping Saturday afternoon since I seem to have all day Saturday off this week for once which does not happen very often. I might try to find a new pair of boots as I really liked the ones Teresa had on Saturday night. Either way shopping will be fun even if I don’t buy anything as it has been a while since I have gone shopping as Susan.

For dinner we are talking about going to Henry’s, several of the girls have been there before but this would be my first time there which is always fun and exciting. I think going new places and trying new things is what makes life fun and keeps you young and that is important now at my age. Not sure what we would do after dinner maybe go to the Fox & Hound and play pool, being a Saturday night most places will be busy especially if we get there late after we eat.

Starbucks had been slowing down but now they are packed again and still all young people. I wonder what is going on in the area as I have never seen so many young people here before. The table in front of me has 6 girls at it and all look like high school age as a matter of fact I would say only one other person appears to be older than me. But it does make for some good people watching and for the most part none of them seem bothered that I am here which is cool as it is always a little intimidating around young people especially big groups of them. This hast to be the busiest night here for me so far.

I was chatting with a t-girl I met last year at Diva Las Vegas; she is planning on attending again this year as am I. the last two years were so fun and I think there will be a few of us going from the Portland area this year again which will be so much fun. It is truly an awesome time and a fun way to be out. If you are thinking of going sign up for their announcement list as they send out information on events. Also when they open registration they always open to those who have attended before, then those on the announcement list and then for anyone who wants to attend. You can also check out photos of previous years.

Well must get to my e-mails and some work things now. It is funny how Susan does not mind doing work for my male side away from work. I guess that is the least she can do since my male side supports her so well. After I leave here will make my usual stop at the grocery store as I need some milk and other groceries.

Have a great night and thanks for reading.

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Harvey’s Comedy club with the group

Well Saturday night our group had tickets to Harvey’s Comedy Club for the 10 pm show. The plan was to meet at Hamburger Mary’s between 8 and 9 and then walk the 5 blocks to Harvey’s as parking by Harvey’s is limited and usually filled up for the early show.

I wore my cute little black dress and yes I wore my 4″ heels but I did take another pair of 3″ heels in my purse. The first time I have ever taken a change of shoes just in case as I knew I would be on my feet and walking a lot.

Now I have never been to Hamburger Mary’s so I was looking forward to that. There is a parking lot just a black away so I decided to park there and pay for parking as it seemed easier plus I didn’t have to spend time driving around looking for a spot. I parked about 7:40 so I wondered if I would be the first one to arrive, but when I got inside Cassandra and Teresa were already there. Hamburger Mary’s is a pretty nice place and it turns out they do a drag show on Saturday nights. We ordered some drinks and some of the girls got something to eat. Most of the girls met here and chose to walk to Harvey’s. I am guessing we had 18 of us there. Brooke was able to go and dress as Brooke which was nice as it has been a few months since she has been able to dress and go out with the group. I know this made her happy.

It was turning into a fun night and I got a chance to go around and chat with most of the girls. About 9 pm we paid our bills and then started the walk down to Harvey’s, some of the girls who had paid their bills first went in one group and I was in the second group. It was fun to be walking down the street in a group. It was Brooke, Trisha, Jessica, Teresa, Jan, Lynn and I. Now if you have never walked 5 blocks in 4″ heels you are missing something. It was a little windy and a light rains but we were all smart girls and had our umbrellas. After all did not want to take a chance on messing up my hair and makeup. It only took maybe 10 minutes to make the walk and no problems.

We got to Harvey’s and went into the lounge part of the club where you can wait till they seat you for the show. Now we stood in line talking and waiting till the show started. I think this is when my feet hurt the most as it is always the balls of my feet that hurt in 4″heels. Trisha, Jessica, Teresa and I were all standing together and have a fun time chatting. It was maybe 20 minutes before they started letting people into the show room but when your feet hurt it seems a lot longer.

This time when we went in they sat us at tables almost right up front so we have a really good view. Luckily we were not at the table’s right in front of the stage as the comic’s tend to pick on the people at the front tables. The table I was at was Victoria, Wilma, Cristine, Bobby, Sophia, Lorna, their son, Barb and me. We all ordered drinks and talked between ourselves while we waited for the show to start. I was sitting right across from Sophia and Lorna’s son and he seemed to be fine with all of us. I was joking with him so I told him we would just tell everyone he was really a girl crossdressing as a man.4

They had two comic’s an opening act and a head liner, both were really good. Harvey’s always seems to have a good show and they always treat us very well which is nice. It was a really fun time being out with my friends. The show went about 1:45 minutes and there is nothing better than a night of laughter. We did take some pictures son I will post one of me.

After the show was over most of us did not want to go home including me even though I had to get up early Sunday morning so we decided to walk to Fox & Hound which is about 8 blocks from Harvey’s so at midnight about 16 of us started the walk through down town, I kept my 4″ heels on as I love them so much but my feet were ready to sit down when we got to Fox & Hound.

A couple of the girls played pool at Fox & Hound but the rest of us just sat around and talked. It was a really fun night that went by way to fast as they always do. Teresa had the cutes boots, I think she said she got them at Payless shoes so I tried them on and they fit me perfectly. Too bad she was watching me as I might have made a run for it as they are really cute. I may have to go to Payless and see if they have another pair. Actually all the girls looked great, Jessica had a really cute dress and heels also and her coat was awesome, something I may also try to find for Susan. It is so funny how I pay attention to other woman and the first thing I notice is what there are wearing and how it would look on me.

It was about 1:30 when it was time to go home so we had the 4 block back to where we had parked. It was a pleasant walk back even though my feet were dead by now but I still had my 4″ heel on and had not had to change shoes. When we got back to the parking lot by Hamburger Mary’s we said our goodbyes for now. It was a fun night and I made it the whole night without changing shoes.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, this coming week I hope to make it to Starbuck’s most likely Thursday night.

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P-Club with friends

Well Friday got here and not too soon. I have been looking forward to this weekend all week as I hoped to make it out all three days but it looks like only Friday and Saturday nights now but that is still awesome as I get to have some Susan time.

We normally meet at the P-Club at 7:30 but one of the girls posted she would be there by 7 so that was my plan also if I could get Susan ready early which is way easier now that it is dark by 5. I wasn’t sure how many girls would show up tonight with the group going out Saturday night but it would still be a fun night. I T-Girl I have chatted with online a few time, Trisha Boots and her wife would be in Portland this weekend and were going to meet me at the P-Club to meet some of the girls in the group so I was looking forward to that as it is always so much fun to meet new people.

Well I got all dressed and chose to wear my grey sweater dress as it was a little cold outside tonight plus I like the way it looks. Looking back I maybe should have saved it for Saturday night as we will be walking 5 blocks to and from Harvey’s but oh well can’t wear the same outfit twice in a week, wow I am such a girl as my male self would never worry about something like that.

Got to the P-Club just a little after 7 and Cassandra, Chris, Robyn and Bobby were already there and so our fun night started. I ordered something to eat and a drink, my normal 7-up and we sat and talked for a bit. Bobby and I played a game of pool and in the end I won so that means I have not lost a pool game in over 3 months, well actually it was the only game of pool I have played in 3 months but sounds way better the other way.

Trisha and her wife Jessica showed up and after introducing myself I introduced them to the group that was there. Made me think back to when I first met the group, I think there were only 20 members at the time and the night I met them I think only 4 of them were out and that was a little overwhelming at the time so it was good that at this point the group there was small but by the end of the night there were about 25 of us there.

Talking with Trisha and Jessica this is pretty new to them, Trisha has only gone out a few times and only came out to her wife a few months ago and yet her wife, Jessica is so supportive of her which is so awesome. Turns out we had a couple wives show up last night which was good as I hoped that would make it a little easier for Jessica. We had a fun night and spent most of it just talking. They really are an awesome couple and hope they join our group. We invited them to go to Harvey’s with us tonight and they accepted so we will all get to see them again tonight and talk more. It was a shame Peggy (Cassandra’s wife) couldn’t make it as I think Jessica and her would have really hit it off. Peggy so loves when the other wives come out with the group.

It was good to see Jan and Lynn out again and spend some time talking to them, they are the ones who got the first batch of tickets for the Saturday night show, big thanks to them for that. Victoria and I played Jan and Trisha in a shuffle board game. It was a lot of fun and yes Victoria and I won but it was a close game plus I don’t think Trisha had ever played so we had a slight advantage.

Sophia and Lorna were also there, didn’t see them come in but got over to chat with them for a bit. They are also going to Harvey’s and their son is going with them. Harvey’s will be such a fun night as I think we have 21 or 22 going which will be our biggest group yet.

In all it was a fantastic night, made some new friends and spent the evening with some of my best friends in the world. What could be better? It was funny talking to Trisha and Jessica and some of the fears they had going out to meet the group were some of the same that I went through and probably every girl in the group. Just goes to show that although we are all different and dress for different reasons we all share a common bond and I think that is what makes for such good friendships.

It is just fun to get together and talk about things, why we dress and what makes us who we are. Tips on how we dress, makeup, nails as that is how we all learn. We even talked about Diva Las Vegas and I am still hoping to get a group together from Portland to go next year, April 22 to 27 so mark your calendars. It is so nice to just have friends you can be yourself with and talk.

Have a great day and thanks for reading. I will post again about Harvey’s and hope to get some pictures tonight.

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Busy week for Susan but made it to Starbucks.

Well it is a busy week for Susan but not because of work. I will be out 3 nights this week maybe 4. I had to changes my schedule around a little to make this work though. Tonight I am at Starbuck’s for my mid week outing. It has been a while since I have been here on a Tuesday night and they are pretty slow, just 4 other people here at the tables and not many coming in for takeout. The two girls working I am not sure if they have been here before when I came in but they didn’t blink an eye at me.

It is funny as I was talking to a t-girl the other day and she couldn’t figure out why I like to come to Starbuck’s. She likes to dress and go to clubs or dress around home. For me when I am Susan I want to be out even if only going to Starbuck’s, for me I can’t get that excited about getting all dressed up to sit at home. I guess that is what makes us all a little different.

Well as I said this week will be busy for Susan as I will once again be out at the P-Club on Friday night. It is always a fun night anytime I can be out with my friends. It is funny as I really don’t care where we go as a group as long as it is time with my friends. The P-Club is also a very comfortable place to go as the staff and other customers seem to really like us there.

Saturday night a bunch of us are going to Harvey’s Comedy Club. It started when Jan & Lynn got 16 free tickets and posted to the group, now we have 14 girls going and Cassandra has got 8 more tickets so we still have 12 tickets and hoping to get more girls to go. It would be so much fun to have 26 of us go to the show. We seem to go to Harvey’s a couple times a year and always have a blast. This could be one of our biggest group yet to go. If you have never been to a comedy show or club you really should check it out and Harvey’s is a really good one. Prices are reasonable (even better when the tickets are free) but even if we had to pay I would still go as it really is a fun evening.

The plan is to meet at Hamburger Mary’s first and spend an hour or so there. Then walk the 4 blocks to Harvey’s for the show. We have done this every time and always fun to walk downtown Portland and as we will have a big group it is safe. Not sure I would make the walk at that time of night by myself even in male mode. I have not figured out what I will wear yet. I am thinking a skirt and top and heels. I have a really cute outfit that goes well with my 4″ heels but 4 blocks down and than 4 blocks back plus however far I have to park away from Hamburger Mary’s that may be a bit much in heels like that so I may go with my 3″ heels. Will make that call Saturday night I guess.

On Sunday one of the girls has arranged a makeup class taught by a MAC technician at Nordstrom’s, this is the third class and I would really like to go just not sure I can work it into my schedule. They have a room they use for the class and then afterwards we can all go shop the cosmetic counter which is always more fun as Susan. The class will review foundation and then cover multi color eye shadow and false eye lashes. I have never tried false eye lashes but have always wanted to and I think if I could get the training it might be fun to do. Some of the girls in our group always wear false eye lashes and say it is the best way to go. It would be so much fun as the class is from 2 to 4 so it would be the middle of the day on a weekend and should be busy.

If I can work it out it would mean 4 days this week and 3 days in a row. Wouldn’t leave me much time this weekend to get things my males self needs to do though. Any way I will of course blog all about it.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week.

One more thing, another T-Girl (Trisha) I met on line through my blog will be in town this weekend with her wife and they are planning on coming to the P-Club Friday night so I will get to meet someone new again which is always fun. She is going to start her own blog Trishaboots if you want to check it out.

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Friday night at P-Club after missing 4 Fridays

Well Friday came and I was so glad as I have wanted to get out with my friends for a long time. It is hard to believe I have missed the last 4 Friday nights out, hope they remember my name? Just kidding as I saw them all at the fantastic Halloween party but there is just something fun about being out in public with them.

I started getting ready a little after 5 so I could try to get to the P-Club by 7 as Cassandra said she would be there early but as normal Susan takes a little time to get ready so it was almost 7 when I left home but as I only have a 20 minute drive I was there by 7:15. I found a parking spot right outside the door on the street which was nice as it was raining and Susan does not like her hair or makeup to get wet, she is such a girly girl. Cassandra and Chris were already there so I joined them and our night was off to a good start. Nicole the one bar tender brought me a drink before I could even order which was nice, I guess I am still remembered; actually the staff at the P-Club is awesome.

I was hungry so I ordered some dinner; they have a good menu and reasonable prices something every girl on a budget likes. Soon others from our group started to show up. Not sure how many we had as I am blonde after all but I think it was around 10 maybe a couple more, a smaller group but still a lot of fun.

Victoria was there and told us all about how things were going now that she is out and living full time. She came out at work about 6 weeks ago and has just legally changed her name now. We are all so proud of her as she is living her life the way she wants’ to live it’. She is the first person at her company to go through this so she is a real pioneer and the company so far is doing a good job with this.

Kristy also made it which is nice as she lives a ways a way so she doesn’t stay out too late. It was good to see her again and talk with her. She has also told some of the people she works with that she likes to dress which takes guts.

Amy also made it and brought a guy with her she met at the Qcenter. He is also a t-girl named Trisha but was in boy mode. He use to belong to our little group so hopefully he will join again. He seemed really nice and has beautiful long hair that any girl would love to have. He showed us a couple pictures of him dressed and just beautiful. Any way Amy and Trisha played Victoria and me in shuffle board, Trisha had never played so we gave her a quick overview of the game. He did pretty well but Victoria and I won both games we played.

One of the highlights of the evening was when one of the regular ladies came over to talk to us, I think she said her name was Rachel, remember I am blonde and don’t always get names right. She told us they, her and her friends were glad to see us back and that they had missed us last week. Because of the Halloween party everyone stayed home Friday to get ready for the party Saturday. She said when we didn’t show up last week they went and asked the bar staff where we were, the staff told them we had a big Halloween party but how awesome is that. They liked us enough to find out why we weren’t there on the first Friday we missed. We talked with her for a few minutes and thanked her before she went back and joined her friends but this really made our night.

The night was fun and some played pool and shuffle board. I think that is what is nice about the P-Club, lots of things to do. Well by 11 pm the club was really busy and at one point there was a huge crowed up by us playing pool and shuffle board which is always nice as we can people watch. The club started to slow down about 1 Am but a few of us were not ready for the night to come to an end so a couple of the girls started playing pool again while the rest of us watched and kept chatting.

The night ended with Cassandra and Cristine challenging Victoria and myself to a shuffle board game. Cassandra is so competitive and good at everything so if you can win against her your night is complete. They took the lead and at one point were winning 19 to 10 (we play to 21). That is when Victoria and I stepped up our game. In the end we won 22 to 19 (we scored 4 on the last shot), what a fun time and a fun night.

We all paid our bills and said our goodbyes till next Friday. I think we left a little after 2 Am which is a little later than we normal stay but we were having such a good time. It was a little chilly outside when we left, I guess fall is in the air but with that it also get dark earlier in the evening so hopefully more of our group will be able to get out as some really don’t like going out when it is light out. I remember when I use to wait till 10 pm and sneak out for fear one of my neighbors would see me. Funny how far I have come, still don’t want them to find out but have come to realize that at some point they will as I will not stop going out and now don’t care what time it is or how light it is out when I leave.

Well thanks for stopping by and reading and have a great week.

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Busy week but made it to Starbuck’s

Well it has been another busy week for my male side which cuts into my Susan time but I did make it to Starbucks tonight. They were slow when I first got her but now they are pretty busy, all the tables full and people standing in line. I was checking the group I belong to for pictures from the Halloween party, they are all so awesome, over 200 at this point and of course I found one of me I like. You can see my nails in this picture. It really was an awesome party.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow night at the P-club as I have missed the last 4. Hard to believe it has been that long since I have been there. The girls behind the bar will have probably forgotten me. It will be fun to see all my friends again and have some fun. I guess I did see a lot of them at the Halloween party. I hope we have a good turnout.

I have been trying to think of some new things the group can do, we can always go out to dinner or a movie but would probably need to keep it to a smaller group. I think 5 to 8 T-girls dropping in to a restaurant or Movie Theater would be okay verses 20 to 30. I think the trick is to be part of the group on something like this instead of a group so big we take over. Especially if we are going to a main stream place.

One of the girls has also arranged for another makeup class at Nordstrom’s. She has arranged 2 so far, and I have heard they were a lot of fun. They get a room at the store to use and one of the MAC makeup people put on the class, the first time they charged $35 but gave you a credit at the MAC counter. The last class they didn’t charge because all the girls spent more than that. I really want to go to this as I think it would be so much fun and it is all about eye makeup, plus I am getting low on my foundation which of course is MAC Studio Fix so I could buy some while I am there plus do a little shopping.

I also think I may try to find a day I can go shopping, maybe even see if some of the other girls want to go. Might be fun to have a girl’s day out. There really are a lot of things we could do as a group or part of the group. The problem is finding a day and time that works and my schedule is such it is hard to get days off. Evenings work best for me and that means a short shopping trip.

Well I have been working on getting some of the girls to go to Diva Las Vegas next year. I have a couple that are planning on it right now and several others that want to go if they can work it out, of course it is still 6 months away so lots of time to change their minds. It would be so cool to have 10 of us from Portland go down to Las Vegas for the week. It is the end of April 2012 if anyone out there is thinking of going.

Well I have some e-mails to get to and a little work to do so I will end here. Thanks for reading.

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