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Wednesday night dinner at Podnah’s pit BBQ

This weeks Wednesday night dinner is at Podnah’s Pit BBQ, this is a new place and none of us have gone here before so we are looking forward to it. It will be a smaller turnout as it is the night before Thanksgiving. Now I can go this week because of the holiday so I am looking forward to it. Now I got home late almost 6 so it would be a rush as dinner is at 7. It took me about 40 minutes to get ready and out the door. I was parking at 7 so I was just a little late as I had about a block walk.

I got there and Melissa, her wife, Jennifer and another girl was there already so I was the last to show up but we did have 5 of us out tonight. Now it is a smaller place but very friendly. I would say it is very similar to Southland Whiskey Kitchen which we go to all the time. Our waitress came over and took our order and she was really nice but not overly nice and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Our group goes out all the time and we always get wonderful service and most of the time it seems we maybe get better service then tables around us and I often wonder if it is because we are transgender and if they are worried about maybe offending us or just really curious about us and want more interaction with us. Our waitress tonight was awesome but she really treated us no different than the other people here. We all ordered, I had the Chicken fried steak.

Our food came and it was good. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversations. It was a nice night out with friends and we had a great time. I would recommend this place if you like BBQ food. it was about 8:30 when we finished and called it a night as tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am sure we all have busy days. I got home about 9 and I wanted to do a little cleaning as I have family coming over tomorrow so I just started cleaning as Susan.

Now years ago, when I didn’t go out as Susan and big day was sitting around the house as Susan watching TV or cleaning so it was kind of reminiscing of years ago. Well anyway about 10 I had some things to take out to the recycling container so I walked out the front door still in my dress and heels and as I walked out my neighbor’s car was driving by. Well I figured it would look strange to just turn around and walk back into the house so I just kept going and didn’t look their way. N ow the one thing I didn’t think about is I live on a dead-end street so as I walked across my drive by the garage door, they actually pulled into my drive to turn around and I was caught in their headlights. I never looked their way just continued as I was and they backed out and drove off. Now the good news is the car came from my neighbors next door who does know about me but I don’t think it was my neighbor.

Well it was a good night and I enjoyed my time as Susan. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Sunday dinner at St Jack Restaurant

Okay it is Sunday and Julie; Melissa and I are having dinner at St Jack Restaurant in Portland. Now I have never heard of this restaurant so I am looking forward to going to a new place, I think Julie has been here before as her male self. Julie is in town for a couple days; she actually leaves tomorrow but said she could get out for an early dinner 5 pm. Now I am really busy right now and really hadn’t planned on going out today but I really wanted to go as Julie only gets back here a couple times during the winter and I didn’t want to miss spending time with her, she really is more like family. My goal was to get the things I had to do today done early and then start getting ready by 3 at the latest as I am picking Julie up at 4:30 so I have to leave my house by 4. I really like it when Julie and I ride together as it is way more fun and gives us a chance to talk and spend time together. Well I didn’t finish everything I needed to do today but it was time I had to start getting ready. I took my time and was out my door by 4 as planned. I got to Julies about 4:25 and Julie was just finishing getting ready. We talked for a few minutes before we were out the door on our way to meet Melissa for dinner. I did get a couple selfies in the car just in case I forgot to get pictures later which happens a lot.

The ride to the restaurant took about 25 minutes and gave Julie and I a good chance to talk and just made the drive that much more enjoyable. 10 years ago, I never would have thought I would be picking someone up and driving to dinner with them as Susan, I really have come a long way. We got downtown just a little after 5 and found a parking spot about a block away and walked to St Jacks, we walked through the door at 5:10 which was perfect as Julie had made reservations for 5:15 so we were seated right away, Melissa walked in right behind us so it really was perfect timing. Now our group does Wednesday night dinners and we go to a lot of different restaurants but we are always looking for new places to go and it is easier I think to try new places in a smaller group as you don’t know how busy they are or how big of tables they have, seams the trend now for restaurants are more what I would call boutique style. Smaller in size for more of an intimate dining experience and of course a little more expensive instead of the big restaurants that caters to big crowds.

St Jack is smaller on size but very nice and yes more expensive you are looking at $25 to $50 for a dinner but the food is wonderful. Our waitress was awesome and so friendly, I think in places like this you really do get better services as the wait staff doesn’t have as many tables to take care of. I ordered their Bavette which was awesome by the way. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversations. I would highly recommend this place if you want a nice dinner. As I said a little more expensive and not something, I would do all the time as I do have a budget but every once in a while, a girl hast to splurge on herself. I think this would be a good option for our groups Wednesday night dinners but would probably get a smaller turnout due to the price as we do try to keep most of the dinners in the $10 to $25 range.

After dinner we sat and talked and Melissa got our wonderful waitress to get a few pictures of us, I of course forgot about it, the reason I got the selfies earlier. When I was first going out it was all about getting pictures, I bet I would get 20 to 30 ever night just on my digital camera (yes pre cell phones), now thousands of pictures later I am not really thinking about it and I think part of it is I am really not thinking about the fact I am out as Susan, I am out dressed as a female. I am just out as me and really most of the time I am not even aware of how I am dressed; I am just me and that is a wonderful feeling. There are two pictures one with the flash and one without, couldn’t decide which was better so you get both.

We had a wonderful time but as always it was time to leave, it was about 7:30 when we called it a night. Julie had to get up early to get a few things done before she heads south again for the winter and I still had things I needed to do tonight that I didn’t get done earlier today. We said our good bye to Melissa and walked back to my car and I drove back to Julie’s house to drop her off and we talked the whole way. It really was such a fun night. I dropped Julie off and realized it may be several months till we can get together again.

Now I had to make a stop and get gas but I also still need to do my holiday shopping for Thanksgiving. I am having some family over and yes, I have put it off so I stopped at Fred Meyers and parked right by their main door, I was surprised how few cars there were as it was only a little after 8. I walked to the door and figured it out. Although this is their main door it is not the door closest to the grocery department and so they lock this door at 8. Now I had two choices, get back in my car and drive around the corner and park or just walk along the building which is what I did. Now they were actually pretty busy which I figured for this tome of year. Now I had planned on this and that was the reason I wore a skirt and sweater top but I did also wear my ankle boots with 3-inch heels so I still was a little over dressed for shopping although I did see a couple other woman in dresses and heels inside.

It took me about 30 minutes to find everything I needed well almost everything as I did forget one thing, I should have made a list. I am sure I got some looks but really, I don’t even pay attention any more. I went to the check stand and paid for my groceries and the lady checking me out didn’t seem to react to me any different and talked to me just like anyone else. I got the groceries out to my car and then drove over and got gas before going home. it was a fun night but I didn’t get home till almost 9:45 so a later night then I planned. Now I will have the fun on thanksgiving of knowing all the food was bought as Susan and wondering what my family would think if they knew the food they were eating was bought by Susan. What ii am most thankful for is my family, both on my male side and yes, my Female side you are all very important to me. Love you all

Any way thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving every one

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Saturday night at the Escape

Well it is the Saturday before Thanksgiving and I am once again going to the Escape. I am looking forward to it as the last several weeks have been really busy and my only Susan time seems to be on Saturdays. I started getting ready early so I could have as much Susan time as possible, I really miss my 2 to 3 times a week of Susan time. Now I had my makeup done by 5 except for my lipstick which was my goal as I had something I needed to do before finishing getting ready. You see today is the day I put up my Christmas lights, now it is easy as the last couple years I bought some of those laser light projectors that you just place in your yard and they shine lights on your house. They are quick and easy to set up but the only problem is it need to be dark to adjust them so they hit your house correctly which is the issue. If I waited till 5 when it was almost dark to do that and then started getting ready, I would be late getting out. So, the alternative was to get all made up without the bright red lipstick of course and then go out and adjust my lights, takes about 15 minutes. So, at 5 pm with my face completely made up minus the lipstick in my male close I went out in my front yard to adjust my light. A few of my neighbors drove by but I don’t think they could really see anything; my fear was one of them might walk over while I was doing this which has happened in years past but I was safe tonight. I was back inside by 5:15 to do my lipstick and get dressed and on my way.

I got to the Escape a little before 6 and was able to park right in front and went in. I took one of the high tables as the tables I normally try to get one was taken and the other reserved. I ordered some food and set up my computer as I still need to write my blog from last Saturday. I was about half done with my blog when Julie arrived, she is in town for a few days and came out which was so awesome, I really miss seeing her. she goes south for the winter every year so she is only here about 6 months a year. I put away my computer so I could talk with her. I have made some wonderful friends as Susan but a few like Julie are more like family, I really am blessed with the people in Susan’s life. Michele also showed up so we sat and talked for a while till the one big table opened up and we moved to that one. Just way more comfortable sitting in a chair with a back and your feet can touch the ground then on a high bar stool.

Kris also showed up, she moved up by Seattle a few weeks ago but was in town and decided to surprise us. It was nice to see her again also. We sat and talked and watched the end or the Oregon Duck’s football game, they lost. It is funny as I watch way more sports as Susan then I do as my male self. Time went by so fast and soon it was 9 and karaoke started and with that Julie called it a night. It was sad to see her leave but I will see her tomorrow as Julie, Melissa and her wife and I are having dinner, it will be an early one as Julie heads back south on Monday. The good part is I will pick her up and we will drive together to dinner so we will get more time to talk before she leaves.

Lauri showed up about 9:25 which for Lauri is early, it was great to see her again, she hurt herself so she hasn’t been out for the last several weeks. We talked a little as we listened to karaoke. Now one of the ladies we met here a while back named Cynthia was also here and came over and talked with us and wanted to know what we were singing, Kris had a few songs she had put in and I told her I don’t sing alone so she said we should sing together so I told her I would but it had to be I’ve had the time of my life as I can do that one pretty well, I may have to find another song I can do, so she went up and put our names in to sing. Unlike last week it was only about 15 minutes and it was our turn to sing. Now she is a really good singer and very comfortable up in front of people singing so she was moving around while I just stood there and sang but it was good. Melissa another lady I have met here came in just as I was singing so she got to see me sing for the first time.

I talked with Melissa for a little but after I sang, she was here with her husband and another friend and of course she also sang. I didn’t plan on staying out to late but once again it was almost 11:30 when I paid mt bill and headed home. I am really looking forward to Sunday night dinner now. I have some things to do Sunday so it will be tight to get them done and be ready by 4. I am picking Julie up at 4:30 and our dinner reservations are for 5:15. Hopefully I can get everything done and start getting ready by 2 as I want to look extra nice.

Thanks for reading and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life and just in case I don’t get my Sunday blog written quickly, have a Happy Thanksgiving, a day we give thanks for all we have and for me it is the fact I have come to accept Susan is a part of my life and I am okay with it now and most of all my wonderful friends I have. You all make Susan’s life better.

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Saturday night at the Escape

Well once again a really busy week and no Susan time during the week and I find myself again at The Escape writing about last Saturday here at the Escape. It will probably be mid-December before I can get some free time during the week. Well as always without being able to get out as much as I was, I wanted to enjoy as much Susan time on Saturday as possible and that meant getting ready early. I got to the Escape about 5:15 and had to park on the street. I went in and got my normal big table hoping others would show up. I post in the group but usually no one post back Now as it is getting dark now by 5, I had to get my nightly selfie inside where there is some light, I think that will be the case for the next few months.

I ordered dinner, pancakes and set up my computer and wrote my blog from the previous Saturday my new normal. Now I was just finishing up my blog when Michele showed up so at least I knew I wouldn’t be alone tonight. It wasn’t long and Jan and Lynn also showed up so we had a nice small group. I put away my computer so we could talk, I really bring it to have something to do till others get here. It really is so much more fun having others here with you, for so long Susan was in the closet and it was something I did by myself at home afraid to let anyone else know. I do have more friends as Susan, now I am not saying I don’t have friends on my male side but they are more what I would call casual friends as I still don’t let anyone get to close to my male side where as Susan I am way more open and as such the friends I have as Susan are much closer.

A little later Patty also showed up, her girlfriend was out of town and she had the night free so she came out. Her girlfriend knows and supports Patty and even comes out with her which is awesome. I talked with her a little. Lee also showed up with several of her friends. Now Lee is new and doesn’t get out much but she has come out to several people she knows and they are all okay with her and come out with her which is awesome. I go out all the time and think nothing of it but just can not imagine walking up to one of my male sides friends or co-workers and telling them. Lee doesn’t get out much but she has done that. It just goes to show we are all a little different in how we handle this side of our lives.

Well Lee’s friend Mandy sat down next to me and her boyfriend was sitting next to Jan. Any way Jan and him got talking ab out cars, Jan is in to cars where I view cars as a way to get from point A to point B. well Mandy and I got talking and I asked her what she was going to sing for Karaoke, I ask everyone this and she replied she doesn’t sing and asked me what I was going to sing? I told her I don’t sing either although I will sing with other people at which point, she asked if I was asking her to sing with me. So, I said yes and the next thing I knew I was up putting in a song for us to sing, yes it was I’ve had the time of my life as that is the only one, I think I can do. Now it was really busy tonight and we had about 1 ½ hour wait till it was our turn.

There were some really good singers tonight and Lynn went up and sang also and did great. The problem is you sit there waiting and here all the really good singers and start wondering about how you will do. Well we talked more and soon it was a little after 11 and it was our turn so we went up and sang our song. Now it was not the best but I think we did pretty well. It actually is fun to get up and sing if you can over come the terror, still won’t do it by myself but I do enjoy singing with someone else as I am not standing up there all by myself.

It was about 11:30 when I paid my bill and called it a night. I won’t get a chance to be Susan now again till next Saturday as I have a lot going on in my life right now so I really do need to enjoy my time as Susan when I get it.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life

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Saturday November 9th at the Escape

Yes, once again I am a week behind in writing my blog, busy, busy week, I am sitting at the Escape this week writing about last week. Well it was Saturday and I was able to get out as Susan and I was looking forward to it as the next few weeks will be very busy for me and that means limited Susan time. No because of this I wanted to get out early so I could have as much time as possible. I was ready and on my way by 5 and got to the Escape about 5:20 and found a parking spot right in front and went in. they were not busy so I got one of the big tables in hopes we would have a good turnout tonight. I ordered dinner, Pancakes as I am trying to eat healthier well cut out fried foods like Hamburgers. I got out my computer and passed times as I waited to see who would all show up.

It was a little before 7 and Bobbie showed up and also Danika. Bobbie has been coming pretty regular but this might be Danika’s first time here at the Escape as it is usually our Wednesday night dinners where I see her. I put away my computer so we could talk as Danika is one of our newer members so I really don’t know her all that well and this is the perfect chance to get to know her better. We actually have a lot in common, she is retired but what she did for work is the same as some of what I do now. It was really nice to talk with her and get to know her. she is married and her wife is supportive but also worried about people finding out. We talked about relationships and how being trans effects it and it does. Although I have never been married, I did come close once.

Now years ago, I told myself if I met the right lady this would all go away and I would stop and of course that never happened as I know now Susan is to much a part of who I am to go away. Now I will say it was never about Susan that the relationships didn’t work out as I never told them although it might have been part of the reason I never got really serious in some of them as I knew I wouldn’t quit being Susan and couldn’t bring myself to tell them. I also realize now that if I do get into a serious relationship, I would have to tell them about Susan as she really is a big part of my life and who I am and that makes it hard. now I did date a really nice lady for a while who I actually met as Susan but even that one didn’t work out and Susan had nothing to do with it. I will say being Trans really does make relationships complicated though. I know there are ladies out there that are okay with it but the problem is you don’t know till you talk about it and at that point you have opened yourself up as the old saying goes once you let the genie out of the bottle you can’t get him back in. Now I know one of my neighbors knows about me and probably most of my neighbors do but they have no connection to where I work or my family or friends so there is still some safety. In a relationship they will meet your family and friends and probably your co-workers at some point as they will be part of your whole life. I have some friends on my male side and they are good friends but I still keep a distance because of Susan, some of them I think would be okay with it but again till you tell them you never really know. It really is true that my friends I have made as Susan are my closest friends as I don’t have to hide who I am really. Some of the girls are really more like sisters and probably know me as well as I do and I am so lucky to have them in my life. It was nice to talk with Danika about this as I really haven’t thought about it for a while.

Well another girl from our group showed up so we had 4 of us here. Now it was really busy here tonight once Karaoke started as they did have a big party and two groups with birthdays in them, we had a great time and a little after 10 Danika called it a night as she has about a 1 ½ hour drive home. Now one of our girls was over playing pool so it was just Bobbie and me at the big tables so I told Bobbie we should move over to one of the smaller tables so one of the big groups of people standing could have the table. Now I stayed till a little after 11 before calling it a night. it was a fun night and enjoyed it as for the next several weeks my Susan time will be limited to Saturday nights and if I am lucky maybe a Sunday at Starbucks but that won’t happen this week so it will be next Saturday before I can get out again.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Friday and my vacation as Susan end’s early

Okay it is Saturday morning as I write my blog from Friday. Now my plans for Friday was simple I had some things I needed to do in the morning as my male self. Well I could have probably done them as Susan but I wanted some male time in the morning as I have said Susan although she is a big part of who I am maybe the biggest part my male part is still there and part of who I am and I need that too. Plus, I did want to do some things as my male self with my pretty nails. Now in years past I have gone out as my male self with nails but I always kept them in my pockets unless there was something, I had to do like pay for something. This week I did go out for a few hours on Monday and try to keep my nails visible and I really got no reaction so today I wanted to test it again. My goal was to be up by 5 and on my way. Find a Starbucks till 7 when a few of the stores I wanted to go to open. I need some things from Lowes which opens at 6 and also Fred Meyers which opens at 7 and is almost right across the street. Maybe get breakfast someplace and then maybe a little more shopping and try to be home by 11am to get ready as Susan with the hope of being out by 12 or 1 pm at the latest. I figured I could stay out till 9 or 10 pm tonight and that would give me 9 to 10 hours as Susan. the only thing I had not decided was my nails. Do I get them off tonight which would mean going to the nail salon around 6 pm and then finishing up the evening without nails or do it Saturday morning which because of things I need to do would almost for sure mean going in as my male self to get them removed which would be interesting but I have time to decide that. Now I do have some training I need to do this weekend on my computer, several hours I need done by Monday so that will mean I can actually do a lot of time at Starbuck if I want.

Well I actually got up a little before 5 and as my male self it is quick to get ready, 15 minutes at most so I was out the door just a little after 5 so I googled Starbuck’s near where I wanted to go that open before 6. There were a couple and one I have gone to before several times as Susan that is only 5 minutes away from Lowe’s and Fred Meyers so I figured that would be perfect. I got there about 5:15 and went in and even though they have a drive through there were about 10 people sitting inside. I went to the counter to order and it was all woman, 5 young ladies working here this morning I ordered my drink and payed and even when my drink was done, I reached out and took it from the one ladies’ hand. I did everything I could to make my nails as visible as possible and not one word was said. I know they saw them but it leaves me with the question. Did they just not care and thing it was no big deal for a male to have pretty, long red nails or did they not know what to say and were afraid if they said something I might be offended.

I sat down at a small table with 2 to my right and on to my left which had a young man at it. There was barely enough room between the tables for me to get through. Across from me was a table with 4 men at it and it looked like they were doing a Bible study and a few more along the window working on their computers and no one seemed to pay me any attention and my nails were clearly visible especially when took a drink, I focused on my work. About 5:30 2 state patrol officers came in and got a drink and then sat down at the big table next to the men doing the Bible study and a few minutes later more showed up. in all 7 State Patrol officers came in I guess for their morning break. Also, a young lady sat down at the table to my right still only about 2 feet away. No one seemed to care or even notice I had bright red nails. So, I got up and asked the lady next to me if she would watch my computer while I used the restroom being very sure she could see my nails. She said yes and went right back to what she was doing. I little before 6 2 young men cam in and just sat down at the end table. Turns out they were employees that started at 6. Now Lowe’s opens at 6 but I will only need about 20 minutes there so my plan was to get there about 6:45 get what I need and then over to Fred Meyers as it would be after 7 plus I still had about 30 minutes or so in the trading I was doing, they are all about an hour long. Well the two young men started working and the first thing they did was go around and clean tables and as they came by mine, they asked if they could clear my garbage off my table yes, I also had a muffin this morning so I said yes. As they cleared things 1 of them said he loved my nails, wow my first compliment on my nails as my male self. I thanked him and just said I love having them and at that point the other one said they really were nice. It was about 6:40 when I finished what I was doing and I left for Lowes.

I got to Lowe’s right on plan and went in. I looked around a little but what I needed was fertilizer, weed killer and moss killer for both my yard and drive way you know all the things you need to get your yard ready for the winter. Again, no comments on my nails even from the man at the checkout. I went over to Fred Meyers and went in and it turns out they have a big Starbucks just inside the main door. I went to the men’s section as I need some clothes mainly seat shirts for the winter as most of my shirts are short sleeves. Now they had a lot but almost all had hoods which I don’t want and the few that didn’t have hoods have logos on which by the way I find funny as you get one with a logo on so you are basically giving the company free advertising but you also pay more because it has their name on it. Well I just wanted a plain sweatshirt and couldn’t find one so I will have to keep looking. I did do some grocery shopping while I was here but nothing refrigerated as it will be a while before I get home again, I went through the checkout and the lady said nothing about my nails. It was about 7:45 when I left and took my groceries out to my car and put them in the trunk. I saw my computer and thought the Starbucks here is big, has a lot of people in it and as it is in a store it is really bright so I grabbed my computer and went back in to do another training session.

The lady at the counter who took my order said nothing about my nails. I got a small table by the front and by a lot of people. No one paid any attention to me. It was just about 8 when I started my next session and I just focused on it and didn’t look around I guess maybe a man having long nails is not that big a thing. It was just after 9 and I was almost done with this session when my phone rang and as I looked at it. It was from my Mom’s doctor’s office so I figured it was the results from the test I dropped off Monday so I answered it. Well it turns out some of the results came back bad and they had the place my mom is redo the test and they wanted to see my Mom right away. Now my Mom knew I was on Vacation this week and I had told her I was doing day trips and wouldn’t get back till late in the evenings but I did call and check on her every day, how I got away with having nails all week. Well I asked shat was wrong and it could be serious and, in my mind, I am thinking I have long acrylic nails which I can’t get off quick what am I going to do, I was so glad I didn’t do Susan this morning. It will take me about 15 minutes to get to where my mom is and another 30 minutes to get her to the doctor’s office so I told him the earliest I could get her there was about an hour maybe a little after 10 am. That is when I got lucky as he said the Doctor has an opening at 11:30 and I told him we would be there. I called my Mom to tell her about the appointment and also to check up on her.

In my mind I am figuring out time schedules, we would have to leave her place no later than 11 and it was now 9:15. I had less then 2 hours to figure out what to do about my nails. I googled nail salons near me as time was important and I believe most nail salons open at 10. Well if you ever google nail salons they are pretty much every place and it turns out there is one here at Fred Meyers just on the outside around the corner from where I am and they open at 9:30 it is called Julie’s Nails and spa. Now even though it does say spa they are about the same price ass other nails salons but at this point I really wasn’t worried about the cost, they were close, their web page said they remove acrylics and most important they open in a few minutes, plus their web page said grand opening so I figured they were new and wouldn’t be busy and I could get in fast as a walk in if I got there right when they opened. I walked my computer out to my car and walked around the corner of the building and there they were as it was just a little after 9:30 they were open I walked in and I was the first one there. Now this looks more like a spa as it has the pedicure chairs along the left wall a reception desk as you walk in the front door but instead of little tables for doing nails it is one big half circle table almost like a bar that you sit at and all done in nice dark hard wood flooring. It really is elegant inside.

The lady at the desk introduced herself as Julie the owner and asked if she could help me. I said yes, I wanted to get my nails removed and I showed her my nails. She said of course but why they are so pretty. Now I could have made up a story but I just told the truths well mostly. I told her I got them for my vacation and I needed them removed before I go back to work. She called one of the girls out and they showed me to a seat. The lady doing my nails was named Kim and she also was really nice and also asked me why I was getting them removed as they looked so nice. I told her the same thing my work place is just not ready for a man with long, pretty red acrylic nails. She told me it was $15 to take them off or $26 if I wanted a manicure also. Now I had looked at their web page so I know whew the prices and what they offer so I told her I know from previous times getting acrylic your nails are week and as I already have week nails, I wanted a gel manicure as that would strengthen my nails. She smiled and said of course that would be $36 and I said fine but I wanted them to look as natural as possible. She brought over the nail’s withy the colors on them and pointed out a few of the ones that are natural and on the nail samples they really did look natural and I thought about it but I had one chance. If I picked one and it was too noticeable, I would not have time to change so I just told her clear. Now a few more girls came out as they had about 8 people working here at this time of the morning including 1 man. Most of the woman came over and looked at my nails before Kim started and told me how lovely they looked and why I didn’t keep them which I really wanted to.

Kim started and this salon has little air filtered vacuums that go under your hands to help keep the dust down when the file and grind your nails which is nice. Kim started on my nails and the first nail was the hardest as I watched her grind off the red and then it was on to the next nail. Once the color was off, she shortened them all up and then continued to slowly grind them down. She got one hand down to where most of the acrylic was off and then had me put my hand in a bag with acetone to soak the rest off. This was a nice surprise as usually when I have had them removed, they just grind down to your natural nail and this takes more of your natural nail off or worse they pry the nail off which really damages the nail. She did a wonderful job removing my nails and you really couldn’t see any damaged to the nail or even tell I had acrylic nails. Now being their grand opening, I figured they would not be busy but that was not the case. By 10 there were 6 other women in here getting their nails done, wow 10 in the morning and there were 7 of us including me. Well I was talking with Kim and although it was their grand opening, Julie had just bought this salon 3 months ago and renamed it so there has actually been a salon her for years.

With that done she did my manicure trimming my cuticles. Now it was time for the Gel polish and Kim asked again if I was sure I just wanted clear and not a color. All the nail samples were still next to me and they all looked so pretty but I stayed strong and jokingly told her I would have kept the long red nails is I wanted color but I just can’t go to work with color so yes let’s go with the clear. She put a few coats of clear on and my nails look wonderful although they are the shortest, they have been since I removed them after Diva Las Vegas. I will say this is the best experience I have had with getting acrylics removed and the nails look wonderful and there was no additional damage done to my nails taking them off. I would highly recommend Julie’s nails and spa if you want to remove acrylics or any nail service. And all the staff here was wonderful and told me to come back anytime and that was as my male self. I paid the $36 on my credit card and gave Kim a $10 tip as she was wonderful and other then being shiny my nails look natural. It was 10:45 when I left here and headed to pick my mom up.

I got my Mom to her appointment and it turns out to be an infection that medicine will take care of so nothing serious which is good but it really got me thinking. Had I gone out as Susan today I would not have had time to get rid of the nails and also change back to being male. Of course, I would have chosen being my male self and keeping the nails as showing up at my mom’s as Susan without the nails would be pointless but this is a concern as it was last year with my dad.

This is one of my longest blogs I think and if you read the whole thing thank you.

Please be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is am doing now.

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Thursday and some early Susan time

Well it is Thursday and I had a wonderful time yesterday at the Oregon Coast with my friends. It was a full day of Susan. today I have things I have to do later in the afternoon and so I wanted to start my day early to get as much Susan time as possible. My goal was to do what I did Monday Morning as my male self. I got up at 5 am yes 5 am to start getting ready. Today I am wearing my leggings and my maroon sweater top that looks really cute although as it is tighter, I need a better figure then I really have so that means wearing my corset. Now with my long nails it was a little harder to lace it up the back and it put me a little behind but I have a figure that looks great. My goal was to be out the door by 6 which I didn’t make as it was about 6:15 when I left. My first stop was IHOP at Cascade station for breakfast. I went here on Monday as my male self with my acrylic nails and wondered if they would recognize me. Now with traffic I got there a little after 7 and went in. they were not busy maybe 10 other people spread around. The lady came and showed me to a table and was really nice but I didn’t see either of the two ladies that were here on Monday. I ordered the same thing I had Monday and waited for my food. I had a nice breakfast and then left a little before 8 and drove down the street to the Starbuck’s. I have gone to this one many times as Susan but again on Monday I was here as my male self for a couple hours.

I parked and went in and they were busy but there was one table by the door so I set my computer on it and went and stood in line. now looking at the workers at least 4 of them were here on Monday including the young lady who would take my order. I chatted with her as she took my order but I don’t think she recognized me after all this Starbucks is really busy and as my male self, I really didn’t stand out from any one else other then for my nails. Now I had to wait for my drink and again they had 3 people making drinks and 2 of them were here on Monday. The lady who called my name for my drink was also the one who made my drink on Monday and the same thing I don’t think she knew either like I say they are really busy. I went and sat down at my table which has 4 chairs and was next to the big table I was at on Monday. It is amazing how busy this Starbucks is on a week day morning. All the tables were full inside yes, I had a man ask if he could sit at my table and I said yes and most of the tables outside were full. Again, a nice day out sunny but mid 50’s so a little cool but that didn’t stop people from sitting outside. Most of the time there was 10 or more n line to order and probably just as many waiting for their drinks. It is a good place to people watch.

Well the first thing I did was write my blog from yesterdays trip to the Oregon Coast, we had a wonderful day and got lots of pictures so be sure and check out my blog from yesterday. I stayed here a couple hours taking care of some work I also needed to do on my computer and as it was busy people would come and go and I had a few more people ask if they could share my table and none of them seemed the least bit bothered by me or even curious as they never said a thing although a few times we did talk mostly about how busy it was here. It was a little after 10 when I left as I wanted to do a little shopping. I actually like Cascade station for shopping as they have a nice mix of stores and today with the weather it was perfect as it is an outside mall. I went over and parked by Staples and went in and looked around, I like looking at computer stuff after all my current laptop is at least 5 years old and my desktop even older so at some point I will need to get a newer one but right now they both work well.

I left Staples and walked next door to ULTA and looked around, I did pick up some face powder as I am almost out but it was fun to look at all the different makeup. From here I went next door to Nordstrom’s Rack and looked around. A lot of girls say this is a great place to shop but as much as I like it, I don’t think I have ever found something in my size I liked, but I would have to go back through all my blogs to find out for sure. From here it was down to DSW to look at shoes. Didn’t find anything here either so it was next door to Ross Dress for Less, I really like this one and have found a lot of things here but not today. I found 2 really cute dresses but they were just too small for me. From here I walked all the way to the end to best Buy and looked around checking out all their electronics. When I was done here, I had to walk all the way back down to my car just like all the other people here shopping.

I left Cascade station and it was about 12:30 so I drove down to COSTCO as I needed to pick some things up. Of course, COSTCO is busy anytime you go there. Now what is cool is I have a Susan COSCO card. I joined a couple years ago and I saw that you could have a card for another person at your address but the drawback was they had to show ID. Well about a month after I joined, I went in one night as Susan and talked to them and explained about being transgender and I live part of my life this way. Well they gave me a card with Susan’s name and picture on it and listed her and my domestic partner. So, I looked around for a little while and then went and got what I needed, shampoo, conditioner and dove bar soap. On the way out I stopped and got a hotdog and drink, $1.50 you can’t go wrong. And I sat down at the tables with all the other people and ate it. On my way out I also got some gas for my car. It was about 1:45 when I left here and headed back closer to home.

Now at 6 I have some online training I have to do and yes this is more like a chat room, it has video so I will have to be my male self so I figure I have to be home no later then 5:30 at the latest so I can clean up and remove all traces of Susan well accept for the nails of course. I will have to make sure I keep my hands on the keyboard and not reach up and scratch my face. Well I thought about what I could do so I decided to go to Starbuck’s for till about 4 then go get something to eat and be sure and be home by 5. Being a nice day, I thought it would be nice to sit outside so I wanted to find a Starbuck’s that faces the west as I might be chilly if you are not in the sunshine so I decided to go to the Starbucks by Vancouver mall. I went to this one before and it also has no drive through so it can get busy. I got there a little after 2 but they had no outside tables so I went ahead and went inside. I got a table right in front of the window as they were busy but the biggest group was at the big long table, it seats 16 and there was only 1 open chair and it was filled with men that were probably all in their late 60’s or older. I guess this is where all the retired men come. I got my drink and sat down and started on this blog. Again, it was a steady stream of people coming in to get drinks but most left.

It was a little after 4 when I left to go get something to eat, now I wasn’t really hungry but I needed something. I stopped at Panda Express and got something to eat. I was right on time as I got home right at 5 so I had an hour to clean up. by the way I was ready to be done as I have worn my corset for 11 hours and although it is really pretty comfortable 11 hours is a long time. Tomorrow is Friday and I have most of the day to be Susan, some things I have to do in the morning but I am hoping to be able to go out by 10 or 11 as Susan. I am not sure what I will do but the big decision is my nails. I either have to get them removed tomorrow night or if I wait and do it on Saturday morning but would probably have to go as my male self. I have to be someplace at noon and it will take me almost an hour to get there and the nail salons don’t open till 10 so I would not have time to go as Susan and then get home and change before I go. In a way it does sound fun to go in as my male self and see what they think. Well I will make that decision tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what I am doing next.

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Wednesday and a trip to the Oregon Coast

Okay it is Wednesday and I am going to the Oregon Coast with some friends. I did this a couple years ago by myself and had fun but this year I Texted Cassandra and she said she wanted to go and I also posted in our group and Michele said she would go with us and Dawnie and April said they would meet us there so we have 5 of us going. It should be a lot of fun. Now I was meeting Cassandra at her house at 11 and my plan was to go out early and do a little shopping and maybe stop at a Starbucks but as always I got a late start and didn’t leave my house till almost 10 so if there was traffic I would be pushing it to get to Cassandra by 11. Now I wore my shorter hair as it holds up better in the wind which you always have at the beach and my new grey sweater dress with black tights and tennis shoes and as I was going to be gone all day I did takes some foundation and my hair brush as we are going out to dinner tonight with our group at Mothers Bistro and I wont have time to come home so I will have to do a touchup at Cassandra’s house. By the way this first picture to the left is in the morning shortly after I left home and the one to the right is almost 12 hours later with really no touch up other than some powder, I think my makeup held up well. I love this lipstick as it looked as good at the end of the day as it did when I left. It is Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in the color Ruler. Now I got over near Cassandra’s and still had about 20 minutes and one I forgot my lipstick which I wasn’t sure I would need but also, I noticed I was getting low on it this morning so I stopped at Fred Meyer’s to pick up more. Well they were out of this color so I went to the Target which is near by and they actually had it but I got the last one so I guess this is a pretty popular color. Now it was on to Cassandra’s house.

I got there just before 11 and Cassandra was ready so we just had to wait for Michele who got there a little after 11. It was about 11:30 when we got on the road, Cassandra drove and Michele and I got to ride like princesses. Funny as my male self I much prefer to drive but as Susan I like to be chauffeured. Now it is not that far but there was traffic so it took about 1 ½ hours to get there. Dawnie and April called me to see where we were and I told them we would get there about 1 and we decided to meet at Mo’s for lunch. We got there almost right on time just a couple minutes after 1, got to love Google Maps as it is pretty good at figuring the time to someplace. Dawnie and April had got there just before us and we actually parked almost right next to them. Now this is a smaller city on the coast so you really never know how people will react but none of us really cared we just walked in as if it was the most normal thing. They were a little busy with lunch but we got a nice table right in the corner looking out the big picture windows at the ocean, what a beautiful view for lunch. We all ordered lunch and of course I got their clam chowder. We had a wonderful lunch and great conversation. Above is Cassandra and me at Mo’s. after lunch we walked out on the peer to get some pictures. Now it was mid 50’s but sunny and if you were in the sun it was actually warm and the best part no wind. I don’t think I have ever been to the beech when there was no wind, it really was a beautiful day.

Now we all had to get pictures so I got a quick selfie and then we all took turns getting pictures of each other.

It was hard because of where the sun was so we were limited on the angles so we couldn’t really get one with the ocean behind us they were all angles with the coast line behind us. Now Dawnie and April had not got down here yet and Cassandra, Michele and I were all taking pictures of each other and a lady walked up and asked if we wanted her to take a picture of all of us and we said yes. So, she took several pictures of Cassandra, Michele and me. When she was done, she asked if we would take a few pictures of her and of course we said yes so Cassandra took her phone and got a bunch of pictures of her so she would have some. After that we talked with her briefly and she told us hoe pretty we all were and how our makeup looked awesome and she finished it with she had not done makeup in years. Of course, a lot of genetic woman can get by without makeup because they have such naturally beautiful skin and unfortunately that is not the case for us. This is the three of us.

Dawnie and April got down to where we were and so we took a bunch of pictures of them also. We probably spent 20 minutes or more taking pictures before we were done. We went back too the cars and Dawnie and April were going to head home but Cassandra, Michele and I drove down the cost a little looking for a place to get some more pictures. We had a beautiful day and we were at the coast someplace we don’t go often and we were not going to miss the opportunity.

We stopped at Boiler Bay State park I think to get more pictures. Now there were other people here and I had to wonder what they thought when they saw us get out of the car and go over to the edge to get more pictures, but we really didn’t care. We took turns getting pictures, I think Cassandra got the most. We were all having a wonderful time. And as I said the weather was perfect. We were only here for about 15 minutes before we left and our next stop was Chinook winds Casino.

We went in and looked around a little before we found the table games, Well Cassandra and me, Michele is more of a slot machine girl. There was an empty table so Cassandra and I sat down, it was only $5 which I like and well Cassandra just bet more and played 2 hands so she was happy. We played for a while and then it was tie for the dealer to shuffle and as there were 6 or 8 decks and he had to shuffle by hand Cassandra went to see how Michele was doing. Another man had sat down by this time so when the dealer had finished shuffling, we started playing even though Cassandra was not back yet. Soon it was tine for a new dealer so our male dealer left and a female dealer came in. finally Cassandra got back and started playing. Well we were not winning big but we were winning so we were happy but as in all things they changed and we started to lose more then we won. Of course, Cassandra playing 2 hands and betting more felt it first and finally she said she was done so she cashed in her chips and she was down $50 I played 1 more hand and lost so I cashed in as it was after 4 so we needed to get going. I actually finished up $50, I guess I got Cassandra’s money. We went and cashed in our chips and then headed for the exit. As we passed the table, we were playing I took a quick selfie to remember by big win well at least I left with more then I came in with. It would cover my lunch and dinner tonight and still leave me a little left over so it was a good day at the casino for me.

Now we have a 1 ½ hour trip back to Cassandra’s without traffic and a 40-minute drive to dinner without traffic and we have a little less than 3 hours before dinner so it will be close. The drive home was nice and we all talked and had a good time. We got back to Cassandra’s house a little before 6 we all went in and freshened up, I was amazed my makeup still looked good and as I said above all I really did was put on a little powder and then we were all of to dinner in our own cars. I got to Mothers Bistro about 6:45 but I took me a while to find a parking spot so it was just before 7 when I walked in and most of the girls were there.

We had a good turnout tonight, Rickie, Judy, Melissa, April, Ellie, Patty, Kelly, Jenifer, Barb, and of course Michele, Cassandra and me, 12 in all tonight. We all ordered and tonight they had their special Chicken Parmesan so that is what I ordered. Now our waitress tonight was Anna and she was awesome. I was talking with Patty, Kelly and Ellie about my lipstick and showed it to them as I had the one, I bought today in my purse. Well Anna our waitress over heard and said she loved it to and that was what she was wearing. It is funny as a lot of woman don’t wear lipstick but it looks so good on ladies. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversation.

After dinner as we were all leaving Jennifer still hadn’t paid her bill so I sat with her while she waited and we talked. It was nice to talk with her one on one. She is newer to dressing and going out and still trying to figure out what it all means and how it fits in her life. She asked me if I could would I go full time, now there is a difference between full time and transitioning as there are girls that live full time but have not had any surgeries. Now I have though about this a lot. I have no desire to transition but I do love being Susan. so, this is how I explained how I feel about this. If I won $100 million in the lottery tomorrow. I would spend a lot more time as Susan, probably not full time but the majority of time. I would have pretty acrylic nails for sure at least most of the time. I might even try to grow my hair out. But that would be it. I would still need my male side even if only part time. I just can’t get rid of all of my male side it is a part of me and who I am. I would not be a complete person without both. It was sad to see the day come to an end but it was almost 10 when we left so I have been out as Susan for 12 hours. It was a wonderful day with friends. Sorry this was a little long but it does cover a whole day 12 plus hours

Thanks for reading ad be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new.

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Tuesday, Susan day out and lunch with Mikaela

It is Tuesday and I pretty much have the whole day today which is awesome. I am meeting Mikaela for lunch at the Olive Garden in Clackamas at 11. Now last night when I went to bed, I had my day planned out. Get up early 6:30 am and work out, get ready by 9 am and go to Clackamas promenade and look around till I meet Mikaela for lunch at 11 am then after lunch across the street to Clackamas town center for more shopping before heading back towards home and finishing up at Starbucks in the late afternoon and evening. Well it was a good plan and I did most of it. My alarm went off and I thought I hit the snooze but woke up at 7:30 so I worked out but didn’t start getting ready till after 8:30 so it was right about 10 when I left home and depending on traffic, I probably wouldn’t have much time before I met Mikaela. I got to Clackamas about 10:30 so not a lot of time, but I need have one pressing need. The bad thing about working out right before I got ready is a drank a lot of water afterwards and you can figure the rest out. I had about 20 minutes so I went to Clackamas town center and went into Barns and Noble to look around, it is a book store and a great place to go if you have time to kill as you can browse the books and read a little and of course they have a rest room. It was about 10:50 when I left and drove across the street to meet Mikaela. Now there were almost no cars at Olive Garden so I parked almost right in front of the doors. Mikaela got there about the same time as she was standing by my door when I got out of my car. Now she was working in the area so she was in boy mode but still able to meet me for lunch. It was great to see her again. We seem to get together about once a year, I think the last time was February 2018 when Mikaela, Melissa and I met for some shopping. Well the reason there was no cars as they don’t open till 11 so we stood there at the door with a couple other people for a few minutes till they opened. It really was wonderful to see her again.

We were seated at our table and our waitress was awesome her name was Christina. We ordered lunch and sat and talked and had a wonderful time. I really do like getting together like this as it really gives you a chance to talk. I found out what was new in her life and she found out what was going on in my life it was just so much fun and went by so fast. We talked a lot about being Trans and what it means at least to us. We are a lot alike but there are differences as she is transitioning and I am not but we look at life the same way. It is so wonderful to be able to be different and yet the same and respect each other for who we are. I say this in hopes some of my friends on both the left and right can realize this also works in politics. We don’t have to agree on everything or vote for the same person but we do need to respect each other’s right to believe in what they do and vote the way they feel is right. That is how our system is designed to work, we need to quit this attacking of others who vote different then us. Opps got a little political but it is important as I love all my friends even if they vote different then I do. Before we knew it, it was 12:40 we had been there talking for almost 2 hours. Well Mikaela had to get back to work as she had an appointment at 1. It was sad to see it come to an end but I will see her again hopefully not as long between. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways, her back to work and me over to Clackamas Town center for a little shopping.

I parked outside JC Pennies and went in as I wanted to look at their dresses as they usually have some good sales, the problem is finding them in my size. I looked around for a while and then went out into the mall. I stopped at one of the mall directories to see what stores were here and where I wanted to go when a young man came up to me and started talking to me. I am not sure what he wanted or if he knew I was trans, he is from Pakistan and just came to our country and was looking for a job and friend. He started by asking where around here he could go to meet people and I really didn’t have an answer other then a bar. He seemed nice so we talked a little more and then he asked about me and if I was single or seeing anyone. I told him I was single and he asked if I was looking for someone which really at this point, I am not. My life is so busy and with Susan it is complicated for a relationship. We talked a little more, he was 27 and has a girlfriend back home but is looking for someone here and he said I was very pretty. Now I am not the least bit interested in men but I will admit it gives your ergo a bust to be hit on by someone half your age. Now I don’t know how much of what he said was true but it still made me feel good. I told him I had to get going and wished him luck finding a job but I probably talked with him for 15 or 20 minutes.

I walked around the mall and stopped in a lot of stores looking around really not looking for anything special it is more about just being out as any other woman. Of course, no trip to the mall as Susan would be complete without stopping in Victoria’s Secret, this is probably the best part of being a woman. The clothing options for woman are just so much better than for a man, men’s clothing really is boring. I spent a couple hours it so it was a little after 3 when I left and head back home or actually the Starbucks by my house. It took about an hour with traffic as it was rush hour, okay rush hour traffic is slow and lanes come to a stop and then go and I have to say it doesn’t matter what lane you pick it is slow. I say this as I see people switching back and forth thinking they are going to go faster when all they are doing is cutting people off and possible causing an accident. I saw one guy switching lanes so many times all to try to go faster and he almost hit a couple cars and I point this out because I got tired of him passing me. Yes, he actually passed me 6 different times and, in the end, he was 2 cars behind me when we got across the bridge.

I have some work I need to do this afternoon but I can do it from my computer, well actually Susan can do it from my computer. 30 years ago, I couldn’t imagine leaving my house as Susan, 20 years ago it was late night drive, 10 years ago it was going out late at night to a LGBT club and now I am sitting in a busy Starbucks doing my work. I really wish I could have been going out like this 30 years ago. I spent a couple hours doing my work and then started on this blog from today. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to type with my pretty nails and see them on the key board. I am not looking forward to the end of the week when I have to remove them. I either have to go Friday evening to get them removed or I could go first thing Saturday morning but if I do that it would have to be as my male self most likely. I stayed here till a little after 7 before leaving. I stopped by burger king and got something to take home.

Tomorrow I will Meet Cassandra at her house at 11am and we will go to the coast for a few hours. I am really looking forward to it as I have missed seeing her as she doesn’t get out much anymore.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Monday blog my day out both as male and female with acrylic nails

I got up early and worked out as I want to get back into that. It was about 6am and I did have to do something as my male self after 9 so I couldn’t dress till then but I wanted to see what would happen if people saw my pretty nails as a male so I went to Cascade station by the airport and decided to stop at IHOP for breakfast. They weren’t busy at that time of the morning. Now I am sure both the waitress who took my order and the one who brought it saw my nails as I was not trying to hide them and they said nothing. I am thinking of going back here later in the week as Susan for breakfast now. From there I went to the Starbucks and did some work I have been putting off on my computer. Now I got to the Starbucks a little after 7 and they were not busy at all maybe 6 people all on computers so the only table by a plug in was the big corner table that sits 6 so that was where I put my computer and went and ordered a hot chocolate. Now about 7:30 it was like the flood gates opened and people started coming in. this Starbucks does not have a drive through and for a while the line was never less then 10 people. And soon all the tables were full and I had a few other people ask if they could share my table which I said yes of course. There was a lady next to me with her son, a man next to her doing some kind of work and then a lady on my other side reading a book. Again, my nails were plainly visible and they didn’t seem to pay any attention and never said a word. I sat here till about 10 and it never got slow, several other people came and shared my table and again not one said a thing about my nails. if you go to this Starbucks get there before 7:30. Now it was time to take care of what I had to do. My mom had gone to the Doctors office for some lab work on Saturday and I had to drop off one of them at the lab today. I went in and stood in line hiding my hands now. When it was my turn I went up and told the lady I was dropping off for my mom, she asked me her name and date of birth and when she looked down to put it in the computer, I quickly put it up on the counter. I don’t think she saw my nails and now I was on my way home to get ready as Susan.

It was about 1 when I was all ready and on my way. Now I really have no plans this week other then going to the coast on Wednesday with Cassandra. So, I decided to go put flowers on my Dads grave. Whenever I have gone by myself it is always as Susan the daughter he never met. I stopped at the Fred Meyer’s on Johnson Creak to pick up the flowers, of course I got a quick selfie in the car. Yes, I am wearing an older wig that I cleaned up last night, I think it looks better then the dark hair on me, I think I just look better in lighter color hair. I walked in and went to the flower section and picked out some flowers, now this is right across from the cosmetic section and they have it set up like a store within the store as there is one way in and out and they have a cashier there. I have seen a lot of stores doing this now as I guess to much was getting stolen. Well as I was walking past to go to the checkout by the doors the lady said she could ring me up if I wanted so I said sure and went over. She was very nice and the first thing she said was how much she loved my nails which made me feel good as it was my first compliment on my nails today. I walked to the door where the self-checkout is and as I walked through, I showed the lady my receipt she thanked me and also complimented me on my nails.

From here I went to the cemetery and put the flowers on my Dads grave. I always wonder what he would have thought about this side of my life. I think he would have accepted it and been proud of me. I spent about 20 minutes here and before I left, I got a couple more selfies. Now I had to figure out what I would do so I figured I could stop at Cascade Station and do a little shopping as this would get me closer to hoe so I wouldn’t have as much traffic. I got there and my first stop was of course Ross Dress for Less. I went in and looked at dresses and they had a cute grey sweater dress and I thought it would look great with my black leggings or tights so I bought it, only $14.99. I really do like Ross as you can get some good deals there. I also made a quick stop at Nordstrom’s Rack, and ULTA and even went into Staples and Best buy to look around. Really wasn’t looking for anything but it was just about being out. It was almost 4 now so I left and drove over to a Starbucks I have gone to on Mill Plain in Vancouver. It is a smaller one with a drive though so I usually is not busy and they have plugs for almost every table so you can plug in your computer. I went in and there was one man on his computer at one table and 2 women at another sitting and talking and that was it. Well first things first I had to use the little girls room actually Starbucks is good as their rest rooms are single use gender neutral. I cam out and there were two woman that had just ordered and were standing back just a little out of sight so I went up to order and as I got to the counter I could see them better and one of them I use to work with, what are the odds? well I kind of had my back to her so I went ahead and ordered and again the lady taking my order complimented me on my nails. I went over and set up my computer at the corner table and then went back up to wait for my drink. Well they called her name and she walked right by me to get it and I just looked the other way. Now to my horror they went and sat at the next table to where I set up my computer. Luckily, she sat on the same side of the table as what I had my computer set up for.

Now what do I do it would look funny to pick up my computer and leave so I went over and slid in with my back to her and sat down. Now it has been about 6 years since I have worked with her but it was wired to be sitting next to her. I was glad I wore this hair as I does hang down and hides most of my face from the side but again as like last night these tables are close and I could hear their conversation if I listened. Now they only stayed about 20 minutes or so but it seemed longer. as they got up to leave her friend told me she loved my nails and wished she could have them but with where they work now, they can’t. I thanked her and di kind of look up but the lady I knew didn’t seem to be looking at me. I sat here and worked on my blog from today. Now I did get a lot of compliments on my nails but only when I was Susan so I am thinking maybe people don’t know what to say or are afraid to say anything about a man with pretty red acrylic nails. I stayed here till about 6:30 before I left to go get something to eat. I stopped at Subway on my way home and got a sandwich. It has been a long day but so much fun.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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