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Sunday and a few hours at Starbucks.

It is Sunday afternoon and I have some free time well I have some studding to do but I can do that as Susan at Starbuck’s. I was ready a little before 3 and went down the street to the Starbuck’s by my house, they were packed the only open seats were a couple along the window at the counter in the corner or a couple at the big table which had two ladies at, one at each end on the same side so I put my computer in the middle across the table from them and then went and stood in line to get my drink. Now of course I immediately notice the one who was younger in her early 20’s at most had beautiful long red nails. They were both studding and of course I had studding to do but first I had to write my blog from Thursday when I went to the nail salon, I am actually 2 blogs behind, so we really didn’t pay any attention to each other. It was a little after 4 when the one lady left so it was just me and the girl with the pretty red nails. And as I said we really didn’t pay any attention to each other but it was nice to be sitting at a table with other people. She was reading on a tablet and taking notes, okay maybe I did pay a little attention.

Well she went up to get another drink and set her tablet down and I could see it was all about nails. Well she came back to the table and sat down and I don’t know why I asked her what she was studding and she told me she was in beauty school which I kind of already figured out. The next thing I know we were talking about her school and what she liked and didn’t like about beauty school. Any way she introduced herself, her name s Riley. For the next 30 minutes or so we would talk on and off, it was really nice but as all things soon she had to leave and I was back to just focusing on my studding. I finished up on what I had to do and then started working on my blog from Saturday night which was Saint Patrick’s Day. It was ab out 5:45 when my battery on my computer got really low so I moved to a table by the window where I could plug it in, yes by now there were only about 6 other people here. Starbuck’s really is a nice place to go for a few hours and get things done and the fact I can get Susan time just makes it that much better. I have no idea how many times I have gone to Starbuck’s as Susan but I have been going there since at least 2009.

I stayed at Starbuck’s till they closed at 6:30 before leaving. I went to Wendy’s for dinner before heading home.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new in Susan’s life on my most recent blog.


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Wednesday night dinner at the Rock Bottom Restaurant.

It is Wednesday and tonight our group is doing dinner at the Rock Bottom Restaurant downtown on Morison Street. I have eaten here a couple times before and it is really good and I was looking forward to it. I got home late so it was a rush to get ready. I was ready by 6 and on my way. I got downtown Portland by 6:30 and drove around a few blocks but didn’t see any parking. It really is luck to find a street parking spot this time of night so I went to the parking garage which is only a block away, just easier. I walked into Rock Bottom at 6:45 and Cassandra was already there waiting for a table, looks like they are busy tonight. Melissa got there a little before 7 and it turned out this is all we would have tonight.

It wasn’t long and we were showed to our table well actually a both. We could have fit one more girl in if one had shown up. We did sit and talk for a little just in case anyone else showed up. We actually had a nice conversation and we talked about nails, family, finances, and several other things it was really enjoyable.

We ordered dinner and we all got different things as we all have our favorites. Mine is their Chicken Fried Chicken which is really good. The staff here was great and our waitress was outstanding. I would defiantly recommend Rock Bottom as a place to go to eat. It is mid-priced $10 to $25 but the food is awesome.

It is amazing how fast the night went by, good food and friends and wonderful conversation. We even talked about Diva Las Vegas and our Mexican Cruise as the 3 of us are going on both. Diva Las Vegas is less than 5 weeks away, wow it got here fast. Our group has done some really fun things over the years and we are always looking for new things to do like our Cruise. I think back to when I first started going out and it was all I could do to walk into a LGBT bar now we go to different restaurants all over the city, I have traveled to Las Vegas several times living as Susan the whole time start to finish and when we got on our cruise Cassandra, Kate, Julie, Melissa and I are all planning on flying down to LA for the cruise and home afterwards as our female selves. Cassandra, Julie and I have already booked our flights and are sitting next to each other. This is going to be so much fun it is the one thing I have wanted to do since the first trip to Las Vegas as Susan.

10 years ago, I would never have thought I would go out shopping by myself, dinner with friends or even to Starbucks as Susan let along living as Susan for 12 days traveling to Las Vegas, checking in and out of hotels and soon flying on an air plane. I have really grown as Susan and it is all because of my wonderful friend well they are more like family. There is still time to sign up for Diva Las Vegas or our Mexican Cruise. Last night at dinner we were all talking about our biggest regrets and I do have a couple but one is I waited so long to accept Susan as part of who I am and going out. I really wish I had started going out when I was in my 20’s as I missed so many adventures. But on the other side had I started going out then I may never have met the friends I have now and that would have been a huge loss as they are all a big part of my life. It really is fun to look back over my blog and see some of the things I have done.

Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what’s new in Susan’s life on my most recent blog.

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A little more Susan time on Sunday

Well it is a beautiful warm sunny Sunday afternoon and I had some free time and needed to finish up on my Studying and what better way than as Susan. I was ready by 3 and wore my black skirt and my ankle boots, kind of a dressy casual look. I got to Starbucks about 3:30 and went in and sat at the big table as it was too bright and hot with the sun coming through the windows to sit right there.

I spent about an hour in a half doing my studying before taking a break to write my blog. It really was a relaxing afternoon and I got a lot done. I finished my blog a little after 6 and I had to figure out what to do as they close at 6:30 on Sundays. I needed gas so I drove to Costco and got gas and then it was what turned out to be my usual Sunday night dinner at Wendy’s. I have gone here several times as Susan and a few times as my male self and have never seen a male worker till tonight. There was one male working here tonight and the rest female.

Now they were busy and I had to stand in line, in front of me was a young couple with the most adorable little girl about 3. She was dancing around and smiling and talking with everyone in line and she kept coming back to me and looking at my boots. Any way soon it was there turn to order and the mom took the little girl over to a table and the man ordered a burger and a couple glasses of water and then pulled out a pocket full of change mostly pennies to try and pay for it. Now I felt bad so I gave him some money so he could order food for all of them. He thanked me and ordered more food. Now I felt really good it was the best money I have spent.

Now I spent about an hour here finishing my studying as I ate. It was a really good evening out. It really is nice being light later now. I got home a little after 8 and so ends my vacation. Tomorrow back to work. Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new in Susan’s life on my most recent blog.

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Another Saturday night at the Escape

It is Saturday and my vacation is coming to an end, well not a true vacation as I had time I needed to use and things I needed to do around home but it did allow me some Susan time. Of course, I am going out tonight, I was home a little before 4 and started getting ready. Cassandra was hoping to be there by 6 and that was my goal although I was hopping earlier. It still amazes me that we use to not even go out till 9 or later and close places down and now we go early so we can get home at a decent hour. Part or it I am sure is age which creeps up on everyone. But more than that I think it is the fact we are more willing to go out early. I was ready a little before 5 and took a couple quick pictures before I left as I tend to forget once I am out.

Yes, tonight I was wearing my little, tight black dress and of course my corset under it. Now I have been wearing the corset a lot more probably 80% of the time I go out and I have found it has formed more to my body. The first time I put it on it took me over 20 minutes to get it on and laced up of course there was a learning curve to this but it was also harder to lace up. I can now get it tighter and it laces a lot easier. I think it only takes about 5 minutes now and yes, it is tighter then the first times I wore it but it does give me a nice shape as it pulls my waist in and comes down over the hips which actually makes my hips look bigger. It really is quite comfortable accept for getting in and out of the car or bending over to pick something up. Here is a picture of the corset I bought. It really is cute and the one I got is actually designed to be wore on the outside of your clothes. I just don’t think that would work for me, but it also works under my clothes just a little thick and during the Summer I am sure it will be hot.

Any way I was on my way to the Escape a little before 5 and got there at 5:20 and there were all kinds of parking spots right in front. As I said getting in and out of a car in a corset is not a graceful thing if you have a small car. I went inside and I of course was the first to get there from our group although there was probably 10 other people here already most at the bar. I remember when I would sit in the car till I saw someone I knew as I didn’t want to be the first one to arrive. I ordered dinner and got out my computer.

I had just finished my dinner when Cassandra showed up right about 6. We talked for a few minutes about Diva Las Vegas, we are both looking forward to it. We both changed our reservations so we arrive in Las Vegas on April 14 and leave on the 21st. We will be going through Palm Springs to drop Peggy off and pick up Julie. It will be so fun to have 3 of us in the car the whole trip. We have 8 of us for sure going and I hope a few more will go.

It wasn’t long and Nicole showed up. Her and her wife are down here for the weekend so she got to come out with us tonight. It is always so much fun to see her. She has been out almost as much as me this year. She started a blog but has it set to private so she can keep track of her outs. I would highly recommend this to everyone. Private or Public, transgender or not, keep a record of the things you do in life that are important to you, ad pictures, events, people you meet, places you go. Some day you will want to look back on things you did and this is a great way. When I ran into my neighbor that knows about Susan at Starbucks Friday I was able in just a couple minutes to look back and find the blog where she found out. Growing up I always thought diaries were silly but I really wish I had started my blog earlier and of course I did lose some of my blogs from GeoCities and yahoo 360 when they shut down. I now keep a lot of my blogs also on my computer just in case. Kimberly also showed up early so we have 4 of us here by a little after 6. The 4 of us talked about a lot of things as we waited for others to show up.

Next Kate, Melissa, Laura H. and Max showed up so we were up to of the local ladies at the bar came over and joined us for a while and of course she told us how nice we all looked which I never get tired of hearing. By 8 it was getting busy which is always nice to see as I do like when there is a big crowd more fun to people watch. WE all had a great time talking and of course a few of the girls played pool. By 9 Kimberly and Melissa had both left, tonight is daylight savings so we will move the clocks ahead 1 hour so we get less sleep tonight. I think a lot of us were planning on calling it an early night. About 9:30 Karaoke started and that is when it gets loud and hard to talk any more. Nicole was the next to leave, with Diva Las Vegas coming up in 5 weeks this will be her last trip down before we go so it will be a while till I see her again. She really is a good friend and has been coming out with the group pretty regular when you figure she lives 3 hours away. I still remember the first time I met her at Washington Square, that was February of 2014, wow 4 years ago. I was going out shopping and she contacted me on Facebook. She was in town and wanted to meet me. She was not dressing yet so I would meet her male side. It was a wonderful meeting and we hit it off and now she goes out as much as I do if not more. I really have met some wonderful friends as Susan and even the ones I meet now shape my life and Susan in some way.

It was almost 10 and I paid my bill as I was going to go home, after all with moving the clocks forward tonight it really is 11. Lori showed up as she is our late girl. She comes out around 10 and I guess stays till closing although I can’t say for sure as it has been a long time since I have been out that late. Well I got talking to her which was fun and of course listened to some of the karaoke and before I knew it, it was after 11. It will be a short night. I got home about 11:45 and I was ready for bed. The only problem was I had washed my sheets and blanket today so I had to make my bed first. Now I tried doing this as Susan and it was hard as 5-inch heels, and a corset are not normal stuff you wear. Strangely enough though what gave me the most trouble was my hair which kept getting in my face every time I bent over, so I removed the hair and finished making my bed before taking my heels, dress and corset off. Wow I would not want to be a maid.

It was a fun night out with my friends and I look forward to our next outing. Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what I am doing as Susan with my latest blog.

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Little Susan time on Thursday

The week has been busy, I had hoped to get out to dinner with my friends on Wednesday night but it was after 6 when I got home. So, I was setting my sights on Thursday as I have till midafternoon free. I got up Thursday morning and started getting ready. I was ready a little before 10. I was going to Lloyd Center for a little shopping. I got there about 10:15 and went in. Now Lloyd Center is not busy and has not been for a long time at least when I have gone. Nordstrom’s closed a while back and Sears will close on April 8th and there are a couple other stores that have signs in the windows everything must go so guessing they will also close plus there are several that are empty or closed. I am wondering if the mall will survive.

Any way my first stop was Sears to see what they had left which is not much but pretty much everything is 50% to 60% off I looked through the clothes and shoes and they are pretty well picked over at least in my size. From here it was out into the mall, I went into Suncoast, Macy’s, Ulta, Ross, Torrids, and a few others I can’t remember the names of. It really was more about just being out for a while. I even spent a little time in Barnes & Noble which is a good place to pass time. It was a little after 12 when I left Lloyd Center.

Now as I said I don’t have a lot of time today as I have to be someplace at 4 as my male self so I decided to get closer to home so I don’t get caught in rush hour traffic later. I decided I would go to Starbucks for a while and I decided to try a new one, turns out there is one right next to the Wendy’s I have been going to so that was where I would go.

I got there about 12:30 and went in, wow they were really busy and there was only 1 table open right by the door, and there were 3 people in line so I set my stuff down on the table and went and ordered my drink. There were also a lot of young kids who came in but they all got drinks to go. There was also a draft every time the door opened probably why this was the last table open, glad I got a hot chocolate today. I stayed here till 2:30 before heading home.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what new in my life on my most recent blog.

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Monday and a few hours out

Monday morning and I got up and was thinking what I should do. Now I do need to go to Home Depot or Lowes as my garbage disposal quit working a while ago and that is on my to-do list for this week. I also need to go to Walmart today and pick some things up for someone else. I had planned on getting the garbage disposal Tuesday but as Lowes is right by the Walmart I am going to I decided to go as Susan and get my garbage disposal. Now I have gone to home depot a couple times as Susan but it is a store that are mostly men shopping there especially on a weekday. I got ready and was on my way a little before 10

I got to Lowes, parked and went in and sure enough it was mostly men there shopping. Don’t get me wrong woman can and do shop here but it really is more men. Now I knew what I wanted but I did take time and walk around and look at other things and yes, I did get a few second looks from some of the men but nothing was said so that was good. I did see a hand full of woman in getting things so I wasn’t the only female here but we were really in the minority. I finally made it over to the plumbing section and found what I was looking for. With my purchase in hand I headed for the checkout and to my surprise there were no lines. I got paid and was on my way.

Next stop was Walmart which is just up the street. They also were not as busy as I expected but then it is a Monday morning. I did take time to check out their makeup section as I really love looking at makeup. Then I did the shopping I needed to do. After I left here I made a quick stop at Target before heading back towards home. I wasn’t ready to go home though as it was only about 12:30 and I have till 2 or so before I have to be home and change back from Susan. I decided to go to Starbucks but instead of the one by my house I wanted to try a new one that have never gone to before. There is one just down the street from the one I go to on Mill Plain so that was where I was going.

I was trying to think of all the Starbucks I have gone to over the years in Vancouver & Portland, I am guessing I have been to at least 12 in Vancouver and probably that many or more in Portland. Starbucks really is a good place to go as most people there are by themselves or very small groups and they are usually doing something, reading, school work, on a computer or cell phone and are busy with what they are doing. It is also a good mix of people and mostly people coming and going. The one I went to is at 12101 SE Mill Plain Blvd Vancouver, WA 98684. It is a smaller one inside but it was not very busy so there was no problem getting a table. I got here just before 1 and spent about an hour here before heading home.

Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what’s new in Susan’s life on my blog.

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Some quiet time at Starbucks Sunday Night.

As I said I am actually on vacation this week although I have a lot of stuff I have to get done so won’t be as much Susan time as last vacation. Any way I had a few hours Sunday afternoon and evening and so yes it was off to Starbucks. I wanted to write my blog from Saturday night at the Escape and also catch up on e-mails and just play on my computer which yes, I could do at home just as easy but there is just something I can’t explain about being out as Susan. Even though when I am out at Starbucks as Susan I am not even thinking about how I am dressed which is a hard thing to explain. I am just out as myself like everyone else.

I got to Starbucks a little after 4 so I had a little over 2 hours as they close at 6:30 on Sunday’s. They were a little busy as the only open seats were the sofa chairs which I am not a fan of as there is no table for my computer and a couple counter seats along the window in the back corner or the big table which seats 8 and there were 2 people at one end so that was where I sat at the other end. Now I figured one of the 5 small tables along the window would open up and I could move there as I do like sitting by the window.

I went up to order my drink and the girls behind the counter welcomed me by name and asked if I wanted my hot chocolate which today I didn’t as I went for the sweetened green ice tea. These are my two drinks I get here by the way, hot chocolate when it is cold or I am cold and green tea the other times as I feel it is a little healthier and far less calories as I do want to lose some weight by Diva Las Vegas and for sure by our cruise in October. In case you don’t know I have a bad sweet tooth, actually I think all my teeth are sweet teeth.

Now as I said they were busy and it was a constant stream of people coming in and getting drinks and a family took the sofa seats so all that was open were a couple seats in the middle of the table I was at and a couple at the counter in the back corner. It really was one of the busier days I have seen here as everyone stayed and the other tables never opened at least not till about 6:15 when a few people left, as there were only a few minutes till they closed I saw no reason to move.

I got most of what I wanted to do done here before 6:30 when they closed. Now they have never told me I had to leave as a matter of fact several times they have said I could stay a little while they cleaned up which is really nice but I feel a little strange doing that so I try to finish up as close to closing as I can but sometimes I run a little late. Tonight, I finished up just before 6:30 so as I was leaving both the workers said goodbye to me by name and told me to have a good evening.

I drove down to Costco to get gas as I have figured out how to avoid the lines there. The store closes at 6 on Sunday but the gas station part stays open till 7. The key is to get there just before closing and you can pull right up to the pump. After getting gas I decided to get something to eat as I haven’t eaten since lunch. I drove to Wendy’s and went in to eat. Now this Wendy’s is away from where I live but that was not the reason I went to this one.

I have gone here at least 4 times before as Susan and a couple times as my male self but what is interesting in all those visits I have never seen a male employee, it has always been an all-female crew working here so I was wondering if that is all they have for employees. I got there about 7 and went in and sure enough all the workers were female. I ordered my burger meal and went and sat at a table where I could watch the big TV above a fire place which had a basketball game on. I watched a little of the game while I ate. It was kind of relaxing and not your normal fast food atmosphere, I also saw a sign in the window that they have free wi-fi.

I got home just a little after 8. Now I have to figure out what I will be doing this week. Monday, I have a few hours in the morning to early afternoon free so I will probably do something then. Tuesday I will have no chance for Susan. Wednesday maybe some time again in the morning and early afternoon. Thursday and Friday, I will have more time, and Saturday probably late afternoon and evening. But all this can change so we will just see what the week presents.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new for Susan on my most recent blog.

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Thursday night trip to the nail salon

Okay first I did get out for a few hours last Sunday evening to Starbucks to study. I spent about 3 hours at the Starbucks by my house, no computer just my books. Any way on to today. I have been going to the Nail salon on Fridays the last few times but this week I would not be able to get there till probably next Tuesday which was my plan as my nails still looked good. Well till Tuesday night. I seem to have hit my nails just right and broke off a piece of the acrylic. funny as I didn’t break the nail just some acrylic. I was able to fix with some OPI nail envy which is a nail strengthener and goes on a little thick. It kind of covered the sharp edges but just didn’t look right so I decided I needed to go get it fixed. I got home late about 4:30 and called Dream Nails to see if Anna could fit me in, she always manages as I really think most people just show up and don’t call for an appointment. Any way I had a 5:30 appointment so I had 1 hour to get ready and get there, only a couple minute drive so I would be.

I got there just before 5:30 and only had to wait a couple minutes for her to finish with someone else. I really do like my trips to the nail salon as it is so relaxing. Anna started on my nails and yes, she had to remove the acrylic on the nail I broke and redo it. She did a wonderful job as always. They were a little busy as there was a young girl sitting next to me just finishing up on her nails and 3 woman getting pedicures. Any way about 6:20 I once again had beautiful nails although shorter. Now I am already thinking about Diva Las Vegas which is coming up fast. 6 weeks from today I will once again be here at the nails salon to get my acrylic nails for the trip 11 days and yes, they will be longer and a pretty color.

After the nail salon I went across the street to Starbucks till 8 to work on my blog and do a little studding (very little). It is nice as I have been coming here so regular most of the workers know me by name and I am getting to know some of their names. I walked in and Alan the young man working tonight welcomed me by name and asked if I wanted my usual hot chocolate which I did. It really makes you feel welcome when this happens. I know it is all about customer service but it still feels good. It is funny as I never went to a Starbucks before the first time I did as Susan and even still I think I have only been there 3 or 4 times when I am not Susan, kind of my girl thing to do. But I like coming here so much last year I bought stock in Starbucks.

It was about 8 when I left and drove over to Burger King as I was hungry, I went through the drive through and then went home. Again, a funny side note about 15 to 20 years ago a big night out for me was to take a late-night drive, after 11pm and then if I could work up my courage a quick trip through burger kings drive through.

Not sure if I will make it out this weekend as I have family stuff to do but next week I am once again on vacation and hope to get out several times. I really can’t explain why I like going out as Susan but I do.

Thanks for reading and be sure and see what I am up to on my most recent blog.

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Some study time as Susan

Okay I taking a few classes for work kind of and as such I have a lot of reading to do, a book in two weeks and reading is not a favorite thing for me to do so I really need to focus and of course that is where Starbucks comes in. I went to Starbucks last Sunday evening for about 3 hours to read and the reason I am writing it now is I didn’t take my computer as I knew that would distract me. Any way the class goes 3 weeks a couple nights a week and a couple Saturdays. It was a little strange to go there without my computer as that is something I have never done before but it was fine and I did get almost all the reading done for my first class.

Well now it is Friday night and I need to do some more studding as from the classes this week we will probably only cover half the book in class and yet the test will be on all of it. So that means Starbucks again tonight. I am taking my computer though as I will need to make some notes I will need to take and of course I need to write up some stuff for class. I was ready a little before 5 and was on my way. I went to the Starbucks just down the street from my house which is open till 8 so I figured I would start with that and see how far I get. They were about average for how busy they were so I had no problem finding a table and working.

Well I actually only stayed here till about 6:30 as I saw I was going to need way more time and I knew the Starbucks on Mill Plain is open till midnight so I left and headed up there. I got there about 7 and they were a little busier but also a bigger Starbucks. I was able to get a table away from the window to do my work which included a workbook as I went through the chapters. It was not really how I wanted to spend a Friday night but at least I got to do it as Susan and yes, I got way more down than I would have at home. I got through 6 chapters before I was having trouble focusing, after all I have been working on this since 5 and it was just before 11 when I decided that was enough for tonight. I will try and finish it tomorrow.

Now it was time to het out my computer and just have some fun on the internet. Of course, it would only be a short while as they close at midnight but I won’t make it that late as I have a busy day tomorrow. I have some things I have to do in the morning, class from 11 to 3 and then Susan time tomorrow night. Now the whole time I was here doing my class work I really didn’t think about how I was dressed I was just doing my work a great feeling. Well I picked the right time to stop as they now close at 11. I was only able to spend a little time on my computer before they started closing up. I got home about 11:15 but it was a fun night.

Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what’s new on my most recent blog.

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Sunday afternoon and the end of my vacation.

It is Sunday afternoon and my vacation officially ends and I am back at work tomorrow. Now the big questions are my nails, they look great and I have been wearing this same color polish wedding dress for several months now so that is not my concern it is the length. When I got them done for my vacation on February 2nd I didn’t have the shorten them so it has in fact been almost 4 weeks since they were shortened and even then they were a little long for a man as I got them done on January 17. If I don’t file them down myself and wait till my next nails salon visit which will be this coming Friday they will be pretty long and that will draw attention. Right now, that is my plan though.

Any way I really didn’t have plans for today as I had things I had to do but I got done early except for some work I had to do on the computer. Well you guessed it Starbucks as Susan won out. Now I find if I stay at home to do work I get side tracked to easy as there are too many distractions (TV). I have found I can actually take an hour to get ready and drive to Starbucks and still get more done then if I sit at home. Now I have been asked many times what I do for work that I can go to Starbucks as Susan and work, well without going into details to much it does not have to do with my regular job but other things I am involved with.

It was earlier than normal when I started getting ready so I was on my way by 2:30 so I had 4 hours I could be at the Starbucks by where I live as they are open till 6:30 on Sunday evenings. I got there and parked and went in, they were actually busy for a Sunday afternoon. I ordered my drink and then put my computer down on the big long table as all the other tables were taken and there were 2 other people at this table. I would eventually have to move to another table as my computer battery is at half as I forgot to plug it in last night so I am good for about 2 hours maybe.

I started my work and as I said it is way easier to focus on it here. I had been here about a half hour when one of the tables next to the window opened up so I moved over and plugged my computer in. I kept working and till about 4 when I took a break and wrote my blog from last nights outing at the Escape. Okay yes there are also distractions here at Starbucks too but I did work for 1 ½ hours straight. I finished my blog a little after 5 and it was right back to work as I still have some to do. I was all finished by 5:30 and n ow I am just going to play around on my computer for a little while till they close and then grab something to eat before going home.

People ask me why I go to Starbucks so much and I really have no answer for them. When I am here I am not really focused on anyone else, I do notice people but just as I would anyplace I go no matter how I am dressed. I am not really even thinking about how I am dressed or that I am out as Susan. I am just out being myself. There is something about being able to go out as Susan and just be another person out. Now I will say I have gone to many different Starbucks and never had a problem and always been treated wonderful so it is kind of a safe place to go as most people here are to busy with what they are doing or they are in and out that they don’t even notice you or if they do I didn’t notice them although I am sure I have gotten some looks I just didn’t notice. As a matter of fact, today 3 women as they went by said hi to me which is nice.

I stayed here till about 6:30 before going to Costco for gas and then a quick trip to Wendy’s for dinner. Now I did go in and eat there. The funny thing was it was an all-female crew working. It was a relaxing afternoon and evening and I got a lot done. Here are a couple pictures of my nails as they are now. They are a little long but cute.

Thanks for reading my blogs and keeping up with my life as Susan, be sure and check out my most recent blog.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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