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Another Sunday and a little Susan time

Another Sunday is here and once again I have the afternoon free and that means Starbucks and some Susan time. I have my blog from last nights Red Dress Party which was so much fun to write and some e-mails to catch up on and even a little work. I think back several years when I would just be Susan at home and watch a little TV, and then came the late-night drives. Back then I could only dream about going out and never thought I would be able to. Now I go out and it is the most normal & natural part of me. Well as I said a had a few hours so I got ready and got to Starbucks a little before 4 which gave me about 2 ½ hours before they close. It really is a fun way to spend a couple hours doing something you have to do. I also got to people watch a little but after last nights Red Dress Party and people watching there it was a little plain here.

The time went by fast as it always does and soon it was after 6. I finished what I had to do and then it was time to leave. As usual it was a trip to Costco for gas and then across the street to Panda Express, I didn’t feel like a hamburger tonight so no Wendy’s. It was a little before 8 when I got home so it was kind of a short night out but still relaxing. Now I am looking forward to Wednesday night dinner with my friends.

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Wednesday night dinner

Just a quick note, there is still time to sign up to go on our Mexican Cruise, October 13 to 20 2018. We have 28 signed up right now let’s see if we can get 30. . For more information check out our web page or contact me.

It is Wednesday and our group is going out for dinner at McMenamines Ringlers Pub but first a side note. Today at work I was signing for a delivery and the lady making the delivery told me how nice my nails looked which made me feel good, then a few hours later I had my 6-month dental appointment and as I was checking in the young lady behind the counter told me how beautiful my nails were and asked if they were my nails or acrylic. I smiled and thanked her and told her my nails were in horrible shape and that they had acrylic on to help them look better. She said it really made a difference and they looked great. Now I have had people notice them before but it was just funny that twice in such a short time. Now I know people notice them but really very few have said anything about them. Well back to dinner tonight.

Now it was a rush to make it on time as I said earlier I had a dentist appointment at 4 and they were running late so it was about 5:30 when I got home and started getting ready. Now tonight was one of my faster times getting ready, yes, I was ready and out the door by a little after 6, might be a personal record for getting ready. I got downtown at 6:30 and found a parking spot right across the street. I got inside and Cassandra and Peggy were already there. It was wonderful to see Peggy out again and yes, she had brought aa cake as today is Cassandra’s birthday. We would have a lot of cake tonight as Melissa and I had talked about it being Cassandra’s last night for a while so we decided to get her a cake and gift card and Melissa was picking it up. Cassandra is taking a break and also stepping down from the day to day running of the group. She has put so much time and effort into the group and really made it what it is today. Now we talked and waited for others to show up.

Melissa and her wife were the next to arrive and yes, they had a big cake also, so much for my diet. Barb and Lori also showed up so we had 7 of us here tonight. Now we started off with appetizers and I ordered the Scooby Snacks and they were awesome. Scooby snacks are mini corndogs. We had a nice time chatting before we ordered dinner and for dinner I had a Caesar salad. I figured I should have something healthy before we had cake. Now our waitress was incredible tonight, well really, we have always been treated great here but our waitress was so much fun, she even took a few group pictures of us with Cassandra in the middle as tonight it really was all about Cassandra. She really has brought us all together into almost a family. It really will be different with her not coming out as much. I have made so many wonderful friends over the years and some of them are my closest friends, I really hope they know how much they mean to me.

Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what is new in Susan’s life on my most recent blog.

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Back to Starbucks for a little me time on Sunday

Just a quick note, there is still time to sign up to go on our Mexican Cruise, October 13 to 20 2018. We have 28 signed up right now let’s see if we can get 30. . For more information check out our web page or contact me.

Okay it is Sunday and I have a couple hours and needed to get some stuff done on my computer and what better way than as Susan at Starbuck. I guess it is a trade of as I get more done at Starbucks as there are no distraction like TV but then there is the hour it takes to get ready to go. I got to Starbucks around 3:30 and finished my blog from my Thursday night dinner with Charlene and her wife and posted it. Then it was on to my e-mails. I really have been behind on them not so much answering them but I get a lot that are just information and I have let them go without reading so my inbox is full. Now this really didn’t take so long but needed to be done. And then there was some other work I needed to do. I really do get more done here at Starbucks then at home and it is just way more fun.

I think back to that first time I went to Starbucks as Susan and hos scared I was and it really was just about being out someplace as Susan but over the years it has become so much more. It brings normalcy to my life as Susan. That is the best way I can explain it. I sit at Starbucks and I see a lot of people come in both men and woman and most come in by themselves. Even the people who are in here with their computers most are by themselves doing school work or other work or just relaxing and playing on their computers. That is what I am doing just a normal everyday thing that everyone else does. Being transgender can be hard at times, trying to figure out where you fit in. In that way I am lucky as I have always known where I fit in the transgender spectrum and I know some people hate this term but I am a crossdresser but more than that. The hard part for me was to learn to accept this part of my life, and to that I really owe a lot of it to my wonderful friends. I use that term as I am not transitioning as I like and need both my male and female side. Yes, when I am Susan I consider myself totally female and look at life as I would imagine other women do. I enjoy the makeup, nails, clothes, jeweler, hair and shoes. But I also do nit feel wrong when I am my male self. I really do have the best of both worlds and I would not change that. I think my going to Starbucks is just my way of expressing myself. It is funny though as many times as I have been to Starbucks as Susan I think it is only 5 times I have gone as my male self. It really is not something my male side wants to do so I guess there are differences between the two sides of me. I guess what I am saying is it doesn’t matter who you are what matters is that you accept yourself. Find something you like and then do it. Cassandra has her chat rooms, I have Starbucks, it doesn’t matter what it is but find what makes you happy. Pops a little off topic again.

I finished what I had to do and then just surfed the internet, our website, Facebook and so on. It was a relaxing day at Starbucks and fun people watching. I saw a few people look at me but nothing bad I think they were just figuring out things and I really can’t blame them after all I was also people watching as people came and went. It is a fun way to spend a couple hours and having a laptop makes it all possible. What did we ever do before laptops and cell phones. Well I stayed at Starbucks till they closed at 6:30 and as I was leaving Taylor one of the girls who has worked here for a long time wished me a Happy Mother’s Day. I thanked her and it actually made my night.

Now I do have a normal Sunday routine I guess, Starbuck’s till they close, down to Costco to get gas and then to Wendy’s for something to eat before going home and tonight would be the same, yes Hamburgers 3 nights in a row. I promise no more burgers till at least next weekend. I stopped and got my gas and then to Wendy’s. they were a little busier then the last few times I have been here. Now I have been coming to this Wendy’s for a while and it is almost only women who works here. I have seen a young man that works here I think twice. Now I did not get out last Sunday and so I have only been here 1 before in the last 6 weeks and this young man has never helped me till tonight. Now I placed my order and was getting ready to hand him my credit card and he looked at me and said Susan right, he knew my name which caught me off guard, as I said I have only seen him maybe twice and he has never waited on me. I guess they know me here also. It was about 7:30 when I headed for home.

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Saturday night at the Escape

It is Saturday and I am going to the Escape tonight to see my friends. I am hoping for a good turnout tonight as in a way it is a going way for Cassandra. She is taking a break from going out so much as she has gone out 3 or more times a week for more then 10 years. She is also stepping down from running our group the Rose city t-girls. I call it our group as it is but Cassandra was the one who founded it, started it, got it to grow and made it the best T-girl group around. She has a personality and a way of talking to someone for just a short time and they are a friend. She really has lived and breathed this group for over 10 years and we all understand her need to step away. Melissa, Kate, Julie and I are going to step in and do are best to run the group but we will never be able to replace her even with 4 of us. Cassandra is not going away she will still be around just not coming out as much. So, for members of our group if you have ideas please look to the Administrator page and contact one of the Admins. Trust me running a group like this is a huge thing and we will need all your help. Any way this will be Cassandras last Saturday night out and this Wednesday will be her last dinner for a while so if you are in the group please make every effort to come out to dinner this week.

Just a quick note, there is still time to sign up to go on our Mexican Cruise, October 13 to 20 2018. We have 28 signed up right now let’s see if we can get 30. . For more information check out our web page or contact me.

Now I wanted to get to the Escape early as I wanted to work on my blog from Thursday night dinner with Charlene and her wife and also my trip to the nails salon. My goal was to be there by 5, well I didn’t make it as it took a little longer getting ready. It was just before 5:30 when I got there and to my surprise Cassandra was already there. She came early and was on her computer in her favorite chat room. Now I know some may not understand why she like to go into chat rooms and that is okay as it is not for everyone, what matters is she enjoys it and that makes it wonderful. No different than my going to Starbucks for a few hours as Susan, just something I enjoy. That is what makes us all unique and wonderful. We can all be different in ways and yet be friends. Well I set up my computer and ordered dinner, a burger as they have really wonderful Burgers here. When my order came I was thinking I really didn’t think this out as I had a burger last night when I had dinner with Charlene and her wife and if I do get to go out to Starbucks tomorrow I usually go get a burger after that before I go home and that would make 3 nights in a row having a hamburger.

I was just finishing my burger and about half way through writing my blog when Charlene showed up, it was great she could make it out again tonight. Her wife didn’t make it as they had been out all-day shopping and left their dog alone all day in their RV so she didn’t want to leave the dog alone for that long, after all pets are more like family. Kate showed up and it was great to see her and I introduced Kate and Charlene and the 3 of us sat and talked. Now the interesting thing is even though Kate lives here in Portland and Charlene in Eastern Washington Kates job has her work over there sometimes and it turns out Charlene and Kate know a lot of the same people from their work. It really is a small world. It is amazing how many times you find you have people in common that do not know about this side of your life. Michelle and Bobbie also showed up so it was looking like we would have a good turnout. Now the softball team the Escape sponsors was doing a fund raiser, bingo so I bought a ticket and all of us played. Cassandra was the only on from our table to win but it was fun.

Sandy from up by Olympia showed up, she was down here working and stopped by for a little while to see Cassandra on her last Saturday night. It was really great to see her again. Last time I saw her was when we did our dinner at City Grill in early February. Same thing as she had been in town and stopped in to see us before driving home, she didn’t stay for dinner that night. Same as tonight as she hast to drive home tonight so she will not stay long but still great to see her. I really love going out with my friends but the night is just a little better when you see friends that don’t come out as often. We also had another girl from our group here tonight so it was going to be a good turnout.

Karaoke started and of course it gets loud and hard to talk but still fun. I tried to talk Charlene into singing but no luck, yes, I am the one who tries to get others to sing when I won’t do it myself. It was getting late and Charlene called it a night, it was sad to see her leave but I know we will get together again. Lauri also showed up, as I have said before she is our late-night girl as she does not make it out much before 9:30. I was talking to her and I don’t know why I turned around and Bob and his girlfriend Lori came in. I thing the last time I saw Bob was 2 or 3 years ago at one of the Halloween Parties. It was so wonderful to see him again. We met him when we went to Easy Street (which isn’t there any more) and that would have been 2010 I think. We hit it of with him and he has been in our group ever since. He is a pool player and that was how we met. He had seen in the group it was Cassandra’s last Saturday night so he also came out. I think we found the secret to getting girls out so every Saturday from now on will be Cassandra’s last night out. I got to talk with them for a while it was a really wonderful night out tonight.

I was talking with Lauri about our group and she was having trouble joining, lack of a picture which we require. Well I took her picture and we used my computer to set her up as a member and then I approved her so now all she hast to do is go to her e-mail and activate her account. Now the funny thing is setting up her account I learned I have been misspelling her name in all my blogs, funny not the name I would have thought I would miss spell, yes, she spells it Lauri. Well it was loud and we wanted to talk so once again we moved into the other room where it is a little less noisy. We spent about 30 or 40 minutes talking before we called it a night. It was 11:15pm another late night but so much fun and I got to see some of my friends I don’t see as much. As I have said many times Susan is really blessed with wonderful friend, more like family. Thanks to all of you as you really have made my life wonderful.

Thanks for reading and be sure and see what Susan is up to on my newest blog.

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Sunday and a little Susan & Starbucks time

It is Sunday and I decided I would go to Starbucks and yes that means Susan time. I had some stuff I had to do today on the computer and I figured why not do it at Starbucks. I took my time getting ready as I so enjoy the whole experience of getting ready. I was on my way and got to the Starbucks by my house at 3:30. Now there were only a few people at tables but there was a line with 6 people in it so I put my computer on one of the tables and then took my place in line. It didn’t take long and I placed my order and paid for it with my cell phone. Yes, I have the Starbucks’s app on my phone and it is so easy to use. Wow cell phones are taking over every part of our lives.

I got my drink and sat down to do my work, being gone for almost two weeks put me a little behind on some things. Now people came and went, some stayed and sat at tables but most seem to get their drinks and go, this Starbucks des not have a drive through so you have to come inside. It took me till almost 5 to finish what I had to do and now t was time to catch up on e-mails and I did the serve for Diva Las Vegas, they ask for everyone’s opinion about how they liked Diva Las Vegas and ways to improve it. They are also taking pictures from everyone who attended so I uploaded my pictures. They will take pictures for a month or so and then have a period of time where anyone who went can loo at them and if they are in them they can ask to have them not posted for public view, not sure how many do that but it is nice they give that input. Hopefully the pictures will be on their webpage by mid-summer, by the way you can go and see previous years.

Once that was done I wrote my blog from Saturday night at the Escape. It really was an enjoyable time and I really didn’t think about how I was dressed I was just out as myself. It seems strange that I am not focused on being Susan. Years ago, when I would go out all I was thinking was how I was dressed and the excitement and fear that went along with it. Now it seems normal, just an everyday outing that anyone would do. It was about 6:20 when one of the workers came over and told me they would be closing in about 15 minutes and of course called me by name. Most of the staff here knows me by name as I have been coming here pretty regular for a while and I even know some of them by name which is so wonderful. I finished up what I was doing and put my computer away.

I decided to go to Wendy’s to get something to eat before going home. I drove to the one I go to as Susan and went in. now they were not as busy as it is almost 7pm. Now this Wendy’s is unique as it is almost all female’s workers. I think I have seen 1 male worker here in all the times I have come here. I got to the counter and ordered and the young lady who helped me told me home nice my nails looked which made me feel good. I thanked her and told her I liked her nails also, she had long nails in a pale orange color. She smiled and said she didn’t like the color she had, as she said it looked a lot better in the bottle. I am sure I had a smile on my face as it really was not a color I would have picked but I didn’t say anything as I didn’t want to say anything bad. By the way there are lots of colors I would put on my nails, that being said I am not saying no one should choose them. It is just my personal preference as I like the reds and pinks better, I really love red and pink. I talked with her for a little while as I waited for my meal.

I sat down and ate as I watched the big TV which had Soccer on. Now as I sat there I saw one of the workers who was male cleaning up and emptying the garbage. Now I only bring this up as I noticed his nails were painted, black but it was nail polish. Any way I finished my meal and then it was time to head home. I got home just before 8pm. It was a relaxing day and I got some things I needed to do done.

Thanks for reading and be sure and see what is new in my life on my most recent blog.

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Saturday night at the Escape

It is Saturday and I am going to the Escape tonight, it has been 3 weeks as we missed 2 Saturdays as we were at Diva Las Vegas. We had a blast there so I thought I would give a few recommendations before I go on. We stayed at the Four Queens hotel casino downtown, awesome place. We were treated wonderful and they really want us to come back next year. The Hoover Dam tour, really fun and we had a great time and were treated wonderful. PF Chang at Planet Hollywood Great food and we were treated wonderful. Bahama Breeze awesome place, a must if you are in Las Vegas. For golfing the club at Sunrise and also Wild horse golf club where awesome and a good choice for a round of golf. Now there were a lot of fun things we did and had fun at all and were treated wonderful every place we went but these stuck out in my mind.

Back to tonight, I started getting ready about 4 as I wanted to get out as early as I could. I took my time and tonight I wore my wine-colored dress and of course I did a different lipstick to match my dress. I was on my way by a little after 5 and got to the Escape at 5:30, the good thing about getting here so early is parking is not an issue and it gives me a little time on my computer as I wait for other girls to show up. I ordered dinner and got out my computer but I didn’t have long to wait. Kate was the first to show up she had been out all day and had gone to a Gem show. She is sending most of the weekend as Kate. We talked for a few minutes about Diva Las Vegas and she had a lot of fun, I think she will go again next year. Cassandra showed up next and Kimberly right after her and so did Melissa so we had 5 of us here by 6. Seems we are getting out earlier. Of course, we also go home earlier, I say it is because it gets so loud when karaoke starts and it gets busy not because we are getting older.

Now the 4 of us talked for a while and I still find it interesting the differences in people, we all have different points of views on some things even though we are all transgender and feel the same about this. There are always things that should be avoided, politics and religion are 2 that come to mind. I try never to bring those into conversations and try my best to keep them out of my blog. In Las Vegas 1 night I was sitting between someone who supported Trump on my left and someone who hated Trump on my right and when the one started to talk bad about Trump I could see the other one getting mad and I knew just what to do. I held my pretty nails out and asked the dealer what she thought. She smiled at me and told me how pretty they were and we started talking about nails and it actually got the other 2 people off the topic of politics and every thing was good again. So, this is my advice, remember you never know what others think and before you say something (especially something that is controversial) you might want to avoid it. The one thing I do know about politics is you will not change how the other one feels by attacking them or calling them names, as a matter of fact you probably won’t change their minds even with polite talk about it so really no point. Opps a little off track again but I do have blonde hair so I can get away with it.

Michelle also showed up and she also had fun at Diva Las Vegas, yes this really was a lot of the conversations tonight as most of us out tonight just got back from there. Laura M. and her girlfriend also showed up and it was good to see them. Laura got her phone stolen in Las Vegas, well maybe she lost it and the person who found it kept it but either way it was tracked to an apartment complex in Las Vegas. Sadly, the police do nothing about this as it happens so often and hard to track down. She got a new phone but couldn’t get it to work as they gave her the wrong SIM card so for the last couple days in Las Vegas she had no phone. Now it is funny as I can remember not having a cell phone and it was not an issue but once you give yourself to the cell phone you become so dependent on it. Other then my parents and my phone number I don’t know any one else’s, same way with e-mails addresses, you start typing their name and the phone pulls it all up and completes it for you. Texting, e-mails, photos, cameras, navigation and so much more. When you lose it you really are cut off from everything. Luckily, they got it fixed right after she got home, I really hope this never happens to me.

Cassie also showed up for a while as did Kim, now I met Kim once before but it was several years back so I didn’t remember a lot about her, yes, I am Blonde and I am using that again. It was nice to talk with her again and catch up. She doesn’t get out much, seems she was out at the Escape several months ago bit on a night I missed. She had met a few of the girls that night so she knew a few of them which always makes it easier. She is really nice and I hope she comes out more. She is not actually a member of our group but we encouraged her to join.

Now about 8:30 it started getting really busy which was nice as they had the air conditioner on and it was a little chilly tonight here and I am almost always warm. Of course, my dress didn’t cover most of my shoulders, ladies’ outfits are just not as warm as men’s but way cuter and more fun to wear. As it got busier it did get a little warmer inside. Karaoke started and it did get loud and it was hard to have conversations any more but it was fun to listen to the songs and even sing along with a few I really liked.

Some of the girls left earlier but I stayed till about 10:30 before I called it a night. Wow how things have changed as we use to not go out till 8 or 9 and we stayed till they closed down. It was a fun night and it was sad to see it come to an end. This week I will be out 3 times as we have our Wednesday night dinner and then Thursday we are getting our together to work on our web site. Melissa has done a wonderful job with it and has moved it all over to our new web server and now she is going to move our e-mail server. I know Cassandra and I have e-mails addresses at and maybe Julie so once she moves it we will have to reconfigure our e-mail program. I think Melissa & Kate also want to set up an e-mail address there as I think it would be nice for all the administrator to have an e-mail address through our group. And then next Saturday night I will also be out again. Lots of Susan time which I enjoy.

Thanks for reading and be sure and follow what I am doing as Susan on my most recent blog.

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Wednesday night dinner at Bridgeport Brewing

It is Wednesday night and we are having dinner at Bridgeport Brewing. I have never been there so I was really looking forward to it. Now this makes the 14th day in a row I have been Susan, 12 days totally as Susan, a half day of Susan and then out for dinner as Susan, it has been a fun 2 weeks. I took my time getting ready as I still enjoy the time I spend becoming Susan, it is just so relaxing.

I got downtown Portland at 6:30 and found a parking spot a half block away. I go inside and Cassandra and Kate were already there. It was good to see them again, we had an awesome time in Las Vegas. We talked for a while and waited to see who else would show up. Barb showed up just before 7 so there were 4 of us for dinner. We had a nice dinner and talked about or trip to Diva Las Vegas, Kate had a video of our group playing our big hand of Blackjack, if you are not sure what I am talking about you should read my blog from our last night in Last Vegas. We all showed Barb some of our pictures, it was a fun night.

The food was really good and the staff was wonderful it really was a nice place to go and eat, I would recommend it for a nice night out. Now Kate took a few pictures so I had to post this of our group. Now I also got to hear about Kates trip home, she flew as Kate from Las Vegas to Portland and even had a picture of her on the plane. How fun is that. I have never flown as Susan but it is on my list of things to do and I am planning of Flying as Susan to LA when we go on our cruise in October, actually most of our girls are planning on flying down. It will be so much fun. It was after 9 when we called it a night. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoy my time out with my friends.

Now a little side note, I went to Panda Express Friday night to get dinner as my male self and the young lady who helped me noticed my nails when I paid. She told me I had beautiful nails and I thanked her. She then showed me her nails and told me she couldn’t have her nails done and work there. I told her that was to bad and then she said at least she new her toes were pretty which I thought was a funny comment. Any way I told her that evened it out as my fingers may look better but I bet she had prettier feet but all the time I was thinking about my pretty pink toe nails. Any way I just thought this was an interesting conversation.

Thanks for reading and be sure and see what’s new on my most recent blog.

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Tuesday and my vacation comes to an end after 12 days

Okay the day is her, the end of my vacation, the end of 12 days a being Susan and of course 12 days of having long pretty red nails. Now I have a 1pm appointment at dream Nails. It is always sad when I have to remove my nails. Now I had no plans other than going

to the nail salon so I slept in as it is my last day of vacation. It was almost 10am when I was ready. I decided to got to Starbucks till my appointment and just play on my computer and enjoy the last couple of hours of my nails. Now I did take a couple pictures of my nails before I get them removed, if you don’t know I do have a thing about pretty nails.

I got to Starbucks and they were busy but there was an open table so I set my computer down and went up to order my drink. Now the lady who took my order told me how pretty my nails were which made me feel really good as I always like to hear this but also sad as I know in a few hours they will be gone. Now it was fun but also went by so fast and soon it was 12:45 and time to go to the nails salon.

I got to Dream nails and went in, they were not busy just one lady getting her nails done and Anna was ready for me so I sat right down Now Anna asked how my vacation was aid I told her it was great. She asked what I did and I told her I went to Las Vegas, she said that sounded like fun. The nail tech next to her said she wished she could have gone.

Anna asked me if I just wanted a fill which I really wanted to say yes but I told her I needed the red gone and shorter. She started to take the red off and the first nail was the hardest it really was sad. One by one the red disappeared from my nails till they were just the acrylic. as she worked we talked about my trip. Anna also told me a little about her family and even showed me some pictures on her phone, it was a really enjoyable time. Now it was time to shorten my nails, again I had that sad feeling as she ground them shorter. Now it was time for the fill with the new acrylic. I was thinking I have had acrylic on my nails now since March 25 of 2017, 13 months. Once the new acrylic was on she smoothed them out and shaped them. It really was a relaxing time and I really do enjoy going to the nail salon and getting my nails done.

Now it was tie to put the gel polish on and of course I went with the wedding dress color again, not the same as the red but still a nice look. I really do like going to the nail salon when they are not busy just a much more relaxing and personal experience. Anna did

a wonderful job and it was almost 2 when I left the salon with my pretty nails. Now I was on my way home to switch back to my normal boring male life. I got home and became my male self and went out and mowed my yard, not the same. Now I was looking at my nails and I noticed a couple things. One she didn’t shorten then enough, it is amazing as being so long when she shortened them I didn’t notice the length. The other thing is the fact she put tips on before I left to lengthen them which are still on and they give the ends a white look almost like a faded French nail. They really do look good but may be more noticeable then I have had in the past. I took a few pictures And so that is how my vacation comes to an end. It really was a wonderful time with wonderful friends and I am looking forward to our cruise in October and of course Diva Las Vegas next year but for now it will be back to a couple times a week to go out as Susan. Thanks for reading my blog and sharing this part of my life with me

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Monday and I am home from Diva Las Vegas

It is Monday and I am home from Diva Las Vegas; the week went but so fast but was so much fun. The girls from the Rose City T-girls that were there are, Cassandra, Julie, Susan (me), Veronica, Kate, (her girlfriend), Laura, Melissa (her wife), and Brenda so we had a good turnout. It was so much fun to spend time with them and we did so many fun things. But as with all things it must come to an end. Today I have a full day as Susan and then tomorrow, Tuesday I will have the morning and then around noon go to the nail salon to get rid of my pretty red nails.

Anyway, I didn’t have anything really planned and so I slept in as I was tired. I didn’t start getting ready till after 9 and it felt good. I took my time as I know I will soon be back to a couple times a week as Susan. Now once I was ready the first thing was grocery shopping as my fridge is empty. Now for this I did drive to a Safeway a few miles away that I don’t go to, even though I go to the Starbucks by my house that is only as Susan. Not willing to go to the grocery store near my house that I shop at as my male self. I got what I needed and then went home and put the groceries away. It is funny how even the simple everyday things are so much more fun as Susan.

Now it was time to go to Starbucks, I did pick the one at Cascade Station by the airport as I also wanted to go to a few of the stores there. I got there a little after 11am and got my computer out. Now I had several things I needed to do, write my blog from yesterday, go through all my pictures from the trip and then catch up on some work as I will have to go back to work on Wednesday and I am always behind after vacation. Now going through the pictures really took longer than I thought as I had over 100 which for 10 days is not that many. I wanted to post them to our group the but as our web site has a limit on how big the picture can be I had to open everyone and resize them and then of course save them and for this I named them with who was in them. Very time consuming but worth it and son they were uploaded to our group, I hope our members looks at them and sees how much fun we had. I set them up in a shared folder so hopefully the other girls from the trip will also post theirs. Now it was fun and people came and went as I sat there on my computer working away. I was amazed when I realized it was almost 3, where had the time went.

I left Starbucks and went over to DSW to look at shoes. Now I am not really looking for anything but just fun to look. From here I went to Staples and again it was more just to look around. My next stop was Ross dress for Less, I spent a little more time here and tried on a couple cute dresses but they were just a little small. It really was more about just being out. My next stop was Best Buy again really to just look around, I like seeing the new computers. I left here and drove over to Target and went and looked at their makeup section. I am still looking for the one lipstick I like but looking online I don’t think they make the color I like anymore, and even worse looking online they don’t sell this brand within 25 miles of me.

It was about 4:30 now and I decided to go to get something to eat and my choice was the Wendy’s I have been going to. Now with traffic it took me almost 30 minutes to get there and, on my way, I had to go by the Toyota Dealership and have free car washes there so I stopped and ran my car through the wash before going to Wendy’s. They were pretty busy as I got there just a little after 5. I went in and ordered my food and got a table where I could watch the TV as they had Baseball on, the Dodgers game so I sat and watched the game as I ate. It was a little after 6 when I left.

Now it was what I should do, getting late on a Monday night and not a lot of options but I didn’t want to go home so yes you guessed it. I stopped by the Starbucks by my house as they are open 8pm. Now when we were on our trip Cassandra, Peggy and I stopped at a Starbucks and Cassandra used her cell phone to pay for her drinks and it got me thinking as I always use gift cards. So earlier today I put the Starbucks app on my phone and linked it to my gift card. So tonight, I was going to try it and it worked really well. Just showed my phone and they scanned the code on it and that was it. My drink was paid for. A lot easier then digging out the gift card. I can’t explain why I like going to Starbucks so much anymore than I can explain why I dress, I just do.

I stayed here till 8 when they closed just catching up on news and what is going on in the world as I was kind of out of touch while I was on vacation, just too busy. It was a relaxing day and a good way to wind down before my vacation comes

to an end. I will end with a picture on my pretty nails as they will disappear tomorrow at 1pm

Thanks for reading and be following me on my Diva Las Vegas vacation and be sure and see what’s new for Susan in my most recent blog.

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Sunday and the drive home from Palm Springs to Portland

Well it is Sunday and we are driving hoe from Palm Springs to Portland as our wonderful vacation comes to an end. It really is sad as I know my days with my pretty nails are coming to an end. I got up at 2:30am to start getting ready, shower and full makeup all to become Susan for the ride home. Now I have gotten this question a lot why I would want to do all that do the makeup just to spend 16 hours in a car on a drive home. That is a good question and the only thing I can say is it is art of being Susan. When I first went to Diva Lasa Vegas in 2010 I decided I would be Susan, be female for the whole trip start to finish and in all my trips to Diva Las Vegas I have spent the whole trips as Susan. The only thing I take that is from my male life is my drivers license and a male credit card that matches my female credit card just in case I have an issue. This may not make sense to most butt for 12 days straight I am totally Susan, totally female. Now before you say anything no this is not leading up to me transitioning I am happy how I am in my life but for those 12 days I live as a female. That means always dressing as Susan and unfortunately for me I cannot go without makeup as I would look horrible so in this way I am at a disadvantage to females who can skip makeup and look fine. And so, I get up early and do my makeup just to ride in the car as at some point on a 16 hour drive I will have to get out of the car and then I will look my best. Now I will say I am not as fast or excited on day 11 at 2:30am getting ready as I was on the first day of the trip as it really is a lot of work to be female and look good.

I was all ready by 3:30am and Peggy, Cassandra and I were on our way. It is amazing how many cars are on the road in Palm Springs on a Sunday morning at this time. Now I did sleep a little early here and there till the sun came up but I was still tired as it has been a long, busy and fun week. I am so glad I have a couple more days off, one to rest and also to keep my nails a little longer.

We had a good drive home, Cassandra drove the whole way and I got to ride like a princess. We did stop a few times for food, gas and bathroom breaks and I got out of the car without a second thought about anything. I really wasn’t even thinking about how I looked well other than making sure my makeup was fine and not shiny. Really looking back on the whole week, I really didn’t think about being Susan or female other than when I dressed or touched up my makeup. When I was out or at the Blackjack table I was just me now yes when I bet or saw my hands I saw the pretty nails and every once in a while, my hair got in my face but I was just me. Several years back all I was thinking about when I was out, was how I was dressed, that I was out as a female. There was that excitement, fear, now I am just me and that really is a wonderful feeling. Sometimes I do miss the excitement I felt but the fact I will go any place now as Susan is a far better experience.

It was a beautiful drive home, sunshine all the way. Now this is the 7 time I have gone to Diva Las Vegas and only once I went by myself, way more fun going with Cassandra, Julie and Peggy. But if you think about it 16 hours down and 16 hours back and then the times we went through LA I figure over the last 10 years I have spent about 250 hours in a car as Susan with Cassandra. It has really given us a chance to talk and get to know each other. Susan really is a lucky lady to have such wonderful friends.

It was about 8pm when we got to Cassandra and Peggy’s house. We unloaded the car which trust me it is way easier to unload then load as it took some work to get everything in just right so we had room for all 3 of us, ladies do not travel light. My male self could have made this trip with one suitcase but Susan needed 2 big ones and a small duffle bag with makeup and changes for on the way down and back. Susan had 8 pairs of shoes with her and believe it or not I did not have the most luggage. But as a lady you never know what you might need. I also took 14 dresses (only wore 5 of them). One of the fun things of being Susan.

Once on packed I got my stuff in my car and said my goodbyes. It is sad as I have spent some wonderful time with Cassandra and Peggy over the week and I was on my way home. I got home a little after 9 and on packed all my stuff and now I make the Diva Las Vegas vacation over. All that is left is a day and a half of Susan time at home till Tuesday afternoon when I will get my nails done and then back to my male life and the first male clothes I will have put on in 12 days. From past experiences the shoes will feel heavy and the clothes ruff and boring but such is life.

Now I had to answer the big question I had, how did I do gambling. My goal is to have fun and hopefully break even, if I do that it was a good vacation. Well I counted all my money and I had $62 more than I left home with which may not seem like a lot but I spent about $200 in cash on food, golf and the Dam Tour and another $225 for my share of the gas down and back which means I won almost $500 at the tables over the week, Susan had fun.

Thanks for reading my blogs and following my Journey as Susan. Be sure and see what’s new on my most recent blog and catch up on any of my blogs you missed from Diva Las Vegas 2018.

Here is a picture from my trip.

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