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Saturday and some Susan time and a BBQ

It is Saturday and I awoke to my beautiful nails this morning. I s love them. Now if you read my blog from Friday when I got them done I also included my going out this morning as my male self with my nails so if you are interested in that please read yesterday’s blog. I will however talk about getting my nails done, I have gone to many Nail salons over the years and really have never had a bad experience but I will admit I do have 2 favorites. One I only go to as Susan (Dream Nails) so that is the only way they know me and the other I only go as my male self (Julie’s nail & spa) so that is the only way they know me. Both do an incredible job and make a personal connection with you and make you feel not just welcome but wanted as a guest, I would highly recommend both. Now today I will be going over to Julie’s later for a BBQ, she texted me yesterday to see if I could make it. her and Trixie made a last-minute decision to host a BBQ today and invite a few of the girls from our group.

Now as I said I was out this morning and didn’t get home till a little after 12, and of course I started getting ready right away. Now I cleaned up a little and started, well finished my makeup. I had done a light makeup this morning as my male self, full mascara, eyeliner under my upper lash line and some medium browns and gold eye shadow. I started with my brows and got them done and then darkened my eye shadow for a more dramatic look and added eye liner on the lower water line and some shadow below my lower lashes. Now it was time for foundation, contour, blush, highlighter, some concealer and finally my red lipstick. I was really happy with my eye makeup today as I was able to blend it into a nice smokey eye look. I finished it off with my black and white summer dress, yes, I wear this one a lot as I really don’t have summer dresses something I need to buy before next summer. I was all ready by a about 1:30. Now I need to be to Julie’s at 5 for the BBQ so I had about 3 hours as yes, I do want to go home first and change and check my makeup before going to Julies. I decided to go to the Starbucks right by my house as it is close and they are open till 3. I figured I could sit outside and stay there till about 4 before going home to change, my battery on my computer should last that long.

I got my computer and walked out my front door to my car and drove the 2 minutes to Starbucks, yes, a few years ago I never would have gone someplace so close to home. I parked and went in, there were 6 people sitting inside and a couple ordering and 4 waiting for drinks but no one sitting outside which surprised me. The great thing about this Starbucks is the outside tables get the morning sun and the afternoon shade. I ordered my drink and waited with the other ladies for our drinks. I went and sat outside and got my computer out, as it started, I texted Julie again to see if I could bring anything she texted back she had everything so I just texted back that I would be relaxing at Starbucks then. Well she texted back she was getting ready and come early. Now I really did need to finish my blog so I texted her I would be there about 4 I wrote and posted my blog and about 3:15 I left and went home to change into my red dress and check my makeup before heading for Julie’s. I like this dress as it is just a little tight and a little low cut and I can get a little nice cleavage with it. I got to Julies just before 4, Julie was finishing getting ready and Trixie was getting food prepped, Trixie does a lot of parties and she does a wonderful job, everything is perfect. I did help a little with getting stuff ready for the table.

Now there would be 8 of us tonight, Julie, Trixie, me, Cassandra, Melissa and her wife and Claire and her wife. Julie, Trixie and I talked as we got things ready. just before 5 Melissa and her wife and Cassandra showed up so we all went out on the deck and sat down and had chis and dip and crackers and cheese, it was so good. we had a wonderful time talking and just socializing. It was about 5:30 when Claire and ger wife showed up so they joined in. it was really enjoyable.

Soon it was time for our master chef to start the BBQ, Julie is really good with the grill, tonight was salad, Baked potato, and either steak or salmon, I had the steak. The food came off the grill and it was perfect, Thanks so much Julie and Trixie. We sat and had an incredible dinner with wonderful friends. It was the perfect start to the Holiday weekend and yes, I had to show off my cute nails. Of course I got thinking about them as I did do gel polish which is not easy to remove. Now normally I would just go to the Nail salon the evening before I go back to work which would be Monday evening but there are 2 problems with this. Monday night is our zoom meeting so I need to be home and not at the nail salon. The other thing is Monday is Labor Day, a holiday so I am not sure nails salons will be open. I may have to try to remove them myself as I can not show up at work Tuesday with these nails.

We had a wonderful dinner and wonderful conversation and even a wonderful dessert, I ate way more then I should have which is nothing new although I did have a small piece of the cake and skipped the ice cream which was really hard to do. Julie and Trixie do these BBQ every so often and they have so much food and it is all so good. Julie also has a really beautiful house with a beautiful deck that overlooks the Columbia River, the perfect home for a BBQ. After dinner we sat and just talked. It was such a magical evening. It was about 10 when Cassandra called it a night and as much as I hated it, I knew the night was coming to an end. The rest of us talked a little more and about 10:30 it was so we all helped Julie and Trixie bring stuff back into the house before we all said our goodbye for the night. it is always hard when the evening comes to an end but I will see Julie, Cassandra and Claire again on Wednesday as we go to dinner at Southland Whiskey kitchen, yes it has only been a couple weeks since we were there but one of our newest members wants to make her first trip out as her female self and she is familiar with this place as the last time we came here she had dinner here as her male self and afterwards came over and met a few of us.

I want to thank Julie and Trixie for such a wonderful evening and the incredible food, you two are awesome, thanks so much. I am truly blessed to have friends like you.

Stay safe and be happy and thanks for sharing this part of my life with me. Be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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July Fourth and some Susan time

Happy Fourth of July everyone, I hope you have a safe and happy one and as we celebrate today and celebrate our great country and the freedoms we have, remember those freedoms cost some people everything. We have more freedoms here than in any other country. I hope you all cherish what we have and not willing to give them up. Once you lose a freedom it is hard to get back.

Well I have today off work and am going to a BBQ at 4 but that leaves me the morning and early afternoon free so I am going to exercise some of my freedom and spend a little time as Susan. I got up a little after 7 with the hope of being ready by 9. Now for some reason I was slower today maybe because it was the morning and I really had no place I had to be so I took my time and enjoyed my time getting ready. I was ready a little after 9 and looking cute. I chose to wear my black leggings that come down to the upper calf, sandals, a maroon top and of course as this is more of a tight fit, I put on some hip pads to widen my hips and my corset to take in my mid-section. It really does give me a bice shape and other then being slightly taller I blend in well this way and yes, I did put my fake nails on to complete the look. Now as it was a little later, I decided to go right to Clackamas Town Center and do a little shopping as I think they open at 10 and that should be just about the time I get there. I was right on as I was pulling into the parking lot right at 10. I parked by JC Penny’s and went in.

I really had nothing I was looking to buy just looking but was hoping to find a nice dress. I checked out their shoe section first and then over to the clothing. They only had a couple of dresses and they were petite sizes and that just wasn’t going to fit. I guess this time of year is not a big dress time. I wondered out into the mall and did some window shopping and went into a couple other stores but more just to pass some time. Eventually I made it to the other end and Victoria Secret and I went in. I pretty much go here every time I am at the Mall as Susan but I bet I have only been in Victoria Secret 2 or 3 times as my male self and once was to get fitted for a bra. I looked around and a young lady came up and asked if I needed help. I told her I was looking for my favorite bra it is called So Obsessed and they don’t have them in the store anymore so she showed me one similar to it but it just didn’t look or fee the same. It is funny as I have bought many bras and never really gave it much thought till I found this bra and it is just so comfortable and with the padding I really don’t need anything else. I had originally bought 2 of these and back before diva Las Vegas during their buy one get one free sale I found them on line and bought 4 more so I am good for a while but as of now they are still available online. I left and walked back through the mall and left it was a little after 11 now.

Now on my way home from here I go near the Cemetery my Dad is at so I decided to stop there but first a stop at Fred Meyers to pick up some flowers. There is one just down 82nd Ave a mile or two so that is where I went as I also needed a new lipstick and some snacks; I need to bring to the BBQ later. I spent about 15 minutes here shopping and getting flowers and then I was off to put flowers on my Dad’s grave. I have come here several times with my Mom and other family but whenever I have come here by myself it is as Susan. My Dad never met me, or new about Susan the daughter he had but I like to visit his grave as Susan I guess in a way it is my way of introducing her to him.

I got to the cemetery about noon and there were a few people there but it is a big place so not really that bi of a deal. I parked and walked to his grave site and put the flowers down. There were a couple woman sitting on benches that I passed but they never even looked at me. Now it was a nice day and while I was here the 2 ladies left so I went and got my computer and sat on the bench a little way from the grave site and wrote out my blog from last Saturday night. It was a little after 1 when I left and headed for home well not home but the Starbucks by my house as I haven’t been there for a while.

It was about 1:45 when I got there and went in., they were a little busy but they had a table open by the windows so I sat my computer on it and went and ordered my drink. One of the girls behind the country greeted me by name and said it had been an asked if I had any plans for the 4th. I just told her a BBQ later and she said it was good to see me again as sit had been a while which it has. I have gone to many Starbucks over the years and have always been treated wonderful at all of them. I got my drink and sat down and posted my blog I wrote earlier and then just caught up on some e-mails and other thing I needed to do on my computer. Really nothing I couldn’t do from home or as my male self but it is just so much more fun and relaxing to do this at Starbucks as Susan. I got a couple selfies at Starbucks in the car.

Well I kind of lost track of time and soon it was a little after 3 and I need to be at the BBQ at 4, luckily, I am less than 5 minutes from home and it will only take me 5 minutes to get to the BBQ so I still had time. I got home about 3:20 and removed my nails, hair, clothes and the corset and right into the shower to wash away all traces of Susan. It was a fast turnaround and yes, it is a lot faster to be my male self then Susan. I got to my BBQ as my male self-right at 4. It was a fun day but I was sad I had to change from Susan so early and I wonder what everyone would have thought had I shown up as Susan. That won’t happen but it is fun to think about.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new with Susan.

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Saturday June 15th Portland’s Trans March

It is Saturday June 15th and today is Portland’s Trans march, this is Pride weekend in Portland and so several of us are going to the Trans march downtown today. I have never gone to Pride so this will be a first for me. The march starts at 3:30 in the park block and goes down to the waterfront. Melissa and several of the girls did this last year and said it was fun. The plan is to meet downtown at 2:30 and walk in the march. Now Julie is also going to do the march so I am going to pick her up at 1:30 so I will have to get ready early today. I started getting ready a little after 11 am with the hope of being ready by 1 yes I planned on hours to get ready, I wanted to take my time and enjoy it but also new I needed a little more care on my makeup as it not only has to last all day but I wanted something that could go from day to evening. Julie head texted me last night to see what I was going to wear and I told her my black and whit summer dress, she was going to wear a skirt and top. Well I was done with my makeup by about 12:30 and started to get dressed but I just didn’t like it for the day and went with my black skirt and maroon top. Funny how I put so much thought into what Susan wears. I was out the door a little before 1 and got to Julies about 1:15.

Julie was ready but we talked for a little bit before we left. The plan was we would go to the march and Trixie would meet the group for dinner as she had things she had to do today. It was about 1:40 when we left. It is always more fun to have Julie with me on the drive, two girlfriends out for the day and it gave us a chance to talk. We were both so excited to do this and we talked about it. 10 years ago, if you had said we would be downtown Portland on a Saturday afternoon to march in the street as woman we both would have thought you were crazy but here, we are. Now we went straight for a parking garage which was close to where we planned on eating after and parked. It was about 10 blocks from where we were meeting so we took an UBER over. We got to the park blocks and there were a lot of people. I had figured a couple hundred at best but I would bet there were a couple thousand and most were not transgender but were out to support us and walk with us which was awesome. Julie and I talked as we waited for others to show up.

It wasn’t long and others showed up, Kimberly, Melissa and her wife, Barb, and Dana. We stood in the sea of people as we waited for the march to start. Now there were a group of people not far from us that all had their faces mostly covered which made me a little nervous as the only reason you cover your face is so know one knows who you are and I didn’t know why they didn’t want to be recognized. Hopefully they weren’t planning anything bad. That was the case as they didn’t do anything but march.

Soon it was 3;30 and the march started and the whole group started moving. It was tight for the first few blocks but then things opened up a little. We tried to stay as a group but some we weren’t all walking the same speed but we stayed pretty close. A few blocks into the march I ran into Alicia, I haven’t seen her for a year or two as she lives south or Portland. She was there marching with her wife and kid which was so awesome. I got a chance to talk with her briefly as we walked it was so wonderful. I have made some awesome friends as Susan and even though I may not see them very often they are still awesome people. A little later I also ran into Laura and her girlfriend who were also there. Now there was one thing I didn’t like about the march some of the people were chanting different things as we march and a couple of them were about police. Now I am not saying all police are good but in the same way not all are bad and I believe for the most part police are good and do a good job that is difficult. I don’t think this made the group as a whole look good as what a few people thought or changed could be taken as how the whole group is just as some were grouping all police together. Everyone on all sides needs to stop these divisive actions and we all need to learn to love one another. If we can’t treat other with respect and fairly how can we expect then to treat us that way. I don’t care who you are or what your beliefs or political views are as long as you treat me nice, I will do the same for you and here ends my little sermon, back to the march.

We got to the end which was at the pride festival on the water front, I am guessing the march was about 15 blocks long give or take a couple. We went into the festival area to look around and we ran into Betty, Summer and Shay and her wife. It was good to see them again also. So, we had a big turnout today for this march even if we didn’t all march together. Now we did get some pictures including a group picture but as I didn’t ask everyone in the picture if I could post I will have to leave that picture out of my blog but I did get Julie to take a picture of me. We walked around a little and one of Barbs friends joined us her name was Mindy and also a nice young man named Holden, he is a trans man. It was almost 5 so our attention turned to dinner and we thought about going to Mama Mia for dinner but it turned out being Saturday, Pride weekend and also Prom weekend they were booked up so Melissa called Rock Bottom and they also were booked up she then tried Hennery’s and they could get us in at 5:30 so Melissa gave them her name and said there would be 10 of us. Trixie was on her way so Julie, Kimberly and I left for Hennery’s while the rest of the girls looked around a little longer, a couple of them wanted to buy some things. It is about 14 blocks up and 3 blocks over from where we were but we decided to walk it.

On the way we ran into some people going down to the festival and one of the girls recognized me and there is always that panic of how she knows me (male or female) but it only took me a few seconds to remember her. I met her years ago at the P-Club and we played shuffle board together so it was Susan she recognized. We talked briefly and then we were on our way. It took us about 20 minutes to walk to Hennery’s about a mile. They were not busy and they had our table ready so we sat down and got some drinks as it was a warm day. it wasn’t long and the others showed up. Our timing was perfect as by 6 lots of people had come in and they were really busy. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversations and I got to talk to Holden as he sat next to me and he was such an awesome young man. He has only been in Portland for a few months. Soon it was almost 8 pm, where did the day go. We paid our bills and our waiter was so awesome. We always seem to get wonderful service but every once in a while, it is just over the top and that was the case tonight.

Now we had planned on eating down by the waterfront and that was where we parked about 13 blocks so Julie Trixie and I took an UBER back to where we had park. I drove us all back to Julies and dropped them off. It was such a wonderful day and so nice to spend so much time with Julie. Now it was a choice of what to do well really not. I briefly thought about going to the Escape but it was a little after 9 so by the time I would get there I would only have an hour plus I had been out since 1 pm and wasn’t sure my makeup was up to par for going out so I went home after a wonderful day.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Thursday and just going out with no real plan

I got up today and had no real plan for what I wanted to do. I started getting ready as all I knew was I was going out. I was ready a little after 11 and decided I was going to upgrade my phone so I was going down to Clackamas Town Center at least for a little bit. Yes, I am going as Susan to upgrade my phone and plan that is in my male name. I got to

Clackamas a little after 12 and had to take a quick selfie in the car. I walked by the store to see if the girl who helped me was there and she was but she was helping someone and there were a couple people waiting so I went into the Starbuck for a little while. I ordered my green tea and talked with a lady as we waited for our drinks. I sat there with my computer for a while, actually I lost track of time and before I knew it, it was 1:30.

I walked over to the Sprint store and went in and the young lady remember me and welcomed me back. Her name is Cassia and she is wonderful. I told her I wanted to get a new plan and told her I was a current Sprint customer. She asked for my phone number and I gave it to her and then she asked me the name which I gave her my male name and then she asked for ID which I gave her and told her I looked a little different today. She smiles and told me I looked great. Now Cassia had my real name and yet she always called me her and she and not once slipped and referred to me in a male way at any time. She was very professional.

Now she got my phone all set up and transferred all my files over and then showed me how some of the functions work as there are some differences. Of course, I had to test the camera with one more selfie. By the way I am wearing my new lipstick, I am liking the way it looks. It was almost 3 by the time everything was transferred and set up. Cassia thanked me for coming in and said if I have any issues or questions to be sure and come back. It was a really good experience. Now the funny side note the other day when I was in here Cassia was working with another young lady who had on a really pretty red lipstick which I complimented her on but Cassia had no lipstick on. Fast forward to today she had in a really pretty coppery lipstick that looked awesome on her, of course I complimented her on how much I liked her lipstick.

I got in my car and got it synced to my car and was just leaving when Cassandra texted me to see if I wanted to meet up for the afternoon so I called her. We decided to meet at McMenamins Ringlers Pub again, we spent a few hours here yesterday before we went to dinner. It took me about a half hour to get there and parked. I went in and got a table and ordered food as I was hungry, their pretzel and cheese fondue which is awesome. I had almost finished it when Cassandra arrived a little after 4.

We both had our computers, Cassandra set up and was in the chat room while I checked just surfed the internet and had fun. We also talked while we were doing this so it was a fun time. It was amazing how fast the time pasted. We stayed there till after 8 but it seemed like only an hour or two. It was a really fun day. Tomorrow I am meeting Mikaela and Melissa at 11am for some shopping which will be a lot of fun.

Okay I just have to ask, what do you think of the lipstick I am wearing? I have never used this shade and want others honest opinion. Thanks for your help and for reading. Have a great day and be sure and keep up with my life as Susan on my most recent blog.

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T-girl Mexican Cruise, yes we are doing it!

Well I have had little time to get out as Susan over the last few months and it looks like it will be a while till I can get some Susan time. I did want to write and let you know our group is doing a Mexican Riviera Cruise and it will be so much fun and we already have 7 of us who have booked rooms. I am so looking forward to this cruise. It is put together by our group but it is open to all. If you are interested please check out the link below and then Contact Cassandra for information on booking with our group. I am including her e-mail below with information. It is October of 2018 so you have time to save money for the trip. I look forward to seeing you all on the high seas.

Hi Everyone!
 Don’t miss the most EXCITING event the Rose City Tgirls have ever put together. A 7 day Mexican Riviera Cruise with ports in Cabo, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta on the Star Princess with Princess Cruises. You are the first to hear about it and you can book early to receive a great incentive! We are going to send this out to everyone we know and get as many as we can throughout the US to attend. We already have 11 total people committed with 8 of them being Tgirls and this is the very first email we have even sent to anyone in regards to it. It will only get bigger and BIGGER! You have plenty of time to save your $$$ as the cruise wont be until Sat, Oct 13th 2018 to Sat, Oct 20th 2018 leaving and finishing in Los Angeles.  I don’t have the exact cost but it is approximately $1250.00 per person based on double occupancy for BALCONY ROOMS. In other words, if you want your own room, it would be approximately $2500.00. This includes all fees and taxes. You are welcome to upgrade for more money to bigger rooms or get an interior room for less money.

If you book your room by Aug 31st and ONLY by Aug 31st, you will get free ALL YOU CAN DRINK ALCOHOL (must be drinks under $10), soda, and juice for the entire cruise!!! There will be NO exceptions for this offer after Aug 31st.

In order to book a room, you must put a $100 REFUNDABLE deposit down and pick your room. The $100 would simply go towards your cruise. You have up to 75 days prior to the cruise to pay it in full.

Since we will be on International Waters, we have already worked out bathroom issues, boarding and unboarding, and checking in as girls. It’s all GOOD!

We have one person with Princess Cruises that is handling all our bookings and questions. If you are truly interested and want to book a spot with us on this cruise, you MUST send me an email to get our code and the booking info and the person to call.

Here is the link to the cruise itself…check out the rooms, the ship, the shore excursions and more….Remember, when you see the internet pricing, rooms START at_____….those are not the best of the rooms. You all get FREE upgrades to the midship area for balcony rooms…

For those that haven’t cruised before, there is unlimited food and restaurants which is all inclusive. There is entertainment every night in the Princess Theater. There are many shore excursions and tours you can go on in the ports. There 5-10 different bars. Swimming pools, hot tubs, outdoor track, fitness center, spa, basketball court, movie theater, and so much more….It’s just endless activities for you to do….



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Friday the last day of Diva Las Vegas and our last day in Las Vegas.

Today is the end of Diva Las Vegas, wow it went by so fast. We were up late again last night. I am going to need a vacation to recover from my vacation, one reason I took Tuesday off. We will either get back late Sunday night or at the latest Monday evening so Tuesday will be my day to relax before going back to work plus I will need a day to go to the nail salon and remove my acrylic nails that is if I don’t try to keep them which really interests me. Now a funny side note, one of our girls few out this morning at 6 am and Cassandra was going to take her to the airport which they had to get up early. Well they both over slept so they got to the airport too late for the flight but found out it had been delayed probably because of all the wind we have had here the last few days. Well not only was the flight delayed but when she tried to check in the machine was not working so everyone had to stand in one line and they could not get the people through fast enough and the plan left without a lot of people, so she was rebooked for Saturday and the airline is putting her up in a hotel one more nigh so she gets another day here and gets to spend the day with us again. I wonder if any of the other girls who were flying out today will have issues as the weather is going to be bad again today, not as bad as yesterday but windy, possible rain and below 70. Wow this is not what Las Vegas should be.

I got up and was downstairs by 11 to post my blog as Cassandra and Veronica were still getting ready. It is kind of fun to sit in a bar in a busy casino as Susan on my computer and people watch. After I finished this I was on my way back through the casino and one of the dealers called me over to talk to me she had no one at her table. She was one of our regular dealers here and she was wondering if we had gone golfing yesterday which I assured her we didn’t with the wind. We talked for about 5 minutes, I will say almost all the dealers here have been awesome and friendly.

I got upstairs and Veronica and Cassandra were ready so we went down to the casino to play some Blackjack till it was time to leave. I bought in with $190 odd amount even Cassandra asked me why and it was simple that was the total of $5, $10, & $20 I had in my purser everything else were $100 bills. It was a $5 table so I played $10 so I could play two hands at a time both Cassandra and Veronica were doing the same. I have tried this a few times this week and never did goo this way and today was no different. It didn’t take long and I was down to my last $20 two hand and I figured we would be leaving in about 10 minutes so I went ahead and played them as I was ready for a break. Well I caught a little streak and soon I was back to where I started. When I cashed in I had $195 so it was a win.

Cassandra’s friend Mechie met us at our hotel as she was going with us to watch Cassandra race a car at the Exotic Race way. I had thought about doing this but I am really not into cars and for the cost I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I think this is something someone who really likes cars would enjoy. It is between $299 and $599 depending on which car you want to drive for 7 laps. We picked up our other friend who missed her flight and had to stay another day.

We got to the race track and Cassandra got all signed in and Veronica went ahead and signed up for driving plus a couple other girls from Diva Las Vegas were there to drive. Now as a guest I got a pass to look at the cars and even sit in them if I wanted to so guess what I did. That’s right I have pictures of me in these awesome cars and it didn’t cost me a thing. So, you who are reading this blog will be the only ones who know I didn’t drive them. People I show the pictures to will think I drove them. The rest will be at the end

Now We had time to tale with the people here as we waited for Cassandra and Veronica to drive, one of the ladies who worked here was awesome and don’t think I ever saw her without a smile on her face the whole 2 ½ hours we were here so of course I had to get a picture with her she was just so cute.

Cassandra and Veronica got their chance to drive and Cassandra chose a Lamborghini, she was the first to drive and Veronica after her. I don’t know what car she or the other two drove as I know nothing about cars. The only reason I know Cassandra’s is she told me and has been talking about it for the last several days, as I said I do not know anything about cars. It was fun to watch her race around the track but it that was it.

Now after her driving she did what the call a drift ride along which was only $99 and that you get 2 laps with a professional driver who power slides the car around the corners, in other words tries to give you the ride of your life. Now this looks like a blast and I wish I had done that. I will do this next year when we come back.

We left the race track and went back to our hotel so Cassandra could change into a dress. The rest of us hit the Blackjack tables for a few minutes. II bought in with $100 and was down for a bit, it is a funny pattern as I start off losing and then seem to come back. Well by the time Cassandra got changed and was downstairs and it was time to leave I had $100 so I broke even. I seem to do that a lot.

We drove to the MGM to go to the Rainforest Café only to find it moved over to Planet Hollywood a couple years ago, so we drove over there. These casinos on the strip are so big it is a long walk where ever you go. To get to it we had to go outside and up on one of the walkway overpasses and back in so of course we had to get a couple pictures outside, the strip is behind me.

We went in and got a table. Now this is a cool place inside to eat as it looks like you are in a rainforest and they have animatronic animals in here and it gets dark every occasionally, and sound like it is raining. Very cool place to eat. We had a wonderful time and it was not that bad of price for being on the Las Vegas Strip. My credit card is getting a workout but it is vacation and I am having a great time. Hard to believe it is almost over.

After dinner, we went out the other door onto another overpass walk way and had to get some more pictures. This one shows the City Center Casino hotel complex behind me, I call it a complex as there are six towers in one casino complex, it is huge. They were just finishing it the ear before we came to our first Diva Las Vegas. I got several pictures up here and there were two I really liked especially the one with me looking away. I just thought this was cute. What a great picture with the city lights behind me.

After that we drove the one girl back to her hotel as she once again has an early flight out and we drove Mechie home before going back to our hotel to gamble. We sat down at the Blackjack table and it was not good. I either lost or pushed I don’t think I won a hand through the first deck. Even Cassandra was not doing well and gave up. I won a few finally so I kept playing but that didn’t last long and again the cards turned cold. The dealer just seemed to get every card she needed. It really has not been a good blackjack week as I don’t think I ever had a table where the dealer just got on a streak of going bust. You had to beat the dealer’s hands probably why I didn’t do so well this year. I never had that one good run. I lost $90 tonight before calling it quits for the trip.

I think I lost about $300 gambling this week which I guess is not that bad as we were here for 8 nights and I really did play a lot of Blackjack. I look at it as paying for my entertainment and fun as I do enjoy playing Blackjack. It was a fun week and I am sad to see it come to an end.

Now it was only 11 and we are leaving in the morning so instead of writing my blog I my room I decided to get my computer and go sit in the bar and write it and pot it tonight. It is a good place to people watch. Okay here is the cute picture of me looking away, I don’t know why I like this picture so much. I finished my blog and now it is time for bed.

We will be on the rod buy 10 am on our way to Long beach California to go to Hamburger Mary’s tomorrow night and Melissa is going to drive up from San Diego to meet us. It will be good to see her again.

Okay as promised here are some more pictures of me in cars.

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Cristine celebration of life

Tonight Saturday February  11, 2017 our group is having a celebration of life for our dear friend Cristine who passed away on February 2 2017. She has been one of our groups longest and supportive members over the last 10 years. It will be hard but we want tonight to be a celebration for her. Cassandra and Peggy are hosting it at their home which so wonderful of them, thanks so much.

Now the celebration is from 7 to 11 but I was going to get there early to see if I can help Peggy and Cassandra set up. Now I started getting ready early so I could be on my way by 5. I got there just about 6 Peggy was finishing up getting everything out and Cassandra and Veronica were all ready. Now I am not even going to try and name everyone here tonight as we had over 30 show up to remember and celebrate Cristine life. NO I did walk around and 20170211_190449take pictures as I wanted to make sure and get a picture of everyone who was there, I did miss several people though so hopefully Cassandra got the as she was also taking pictures. I set my phone on a shelf in the dining room so I could get it easy when I saw new people come in. Now I did manage to get one selfie of myself.

Now by 7 there were a lot of people who had showed up but people would be coming all evening long, some came early and left and others later it was really wonderful to see so many friends here and even some of Bobbie’s family showed up t support him which was wonderful.

Now the food that Peggy and Cassandra had was wonderful, all finger type food, chips, dips, meat balls and of course wonderful cupcakes and brownies. It was awesome and of course I did eat more than I should have especially the desserts. Yes I have a weakness for sweets.

Now Cassandra had a bunch of pictures of Cristine on her TV, 100’s of pictures of her and of course pictures of her with us her family. In a way it was like she was with us all night long. I kept finding myself watching the pictures of her and there were a few time I got a little choked up but we didn’t want this to be a sad event.

I did get to talk with everyone here at one point or another so it was a good night. Even got to meet a few new girls that Victoria brought out. One of them Michelle will be going to Diva Las Vegas, her first time so I will see her again there. By the way we booked our rooms for Diva Las Vegas, we will be staying at the California Hotel Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, it is one of the Boyd Gaming casinos. They have 3 hotel casinos downtown. One of the things if you go to Las Vegas get a players card if you gamble as you do get some good comps. There were lots of Pictures of Cristine when we were in Las Vegas in years past for Diva Las Vegas. We really did share some wonderful times over the years, so many wonderful memories. Even though she is gone from this world she will always be with us in our hears and memories.

By 11 people were leaving and we were down to a smaller group about 15 and we were standing in the kitchen talking about all the wonderful times we had with her. I had planed on leaving at 11 but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave. I really wanted to be with my friends tonight. It will make for a short night but it is worth it. We talked for over an hour. I was looking through the pictures from last night and decided to try and list everyone I can that was there, Veronica, Bambi, Kris, Cassie, Kim, Peggy, Cassandra, Cindy and her wife Alice, Teresa, Laura M, Laura H, Lisa, Bobbie, his Sister and Partner, brother and his wife, A couple of his friends, Chris, Roxy, Melissa, Sophie and her wife Lorna, Barb, Kate, Michelle, Jan, Lynn, Marla and her girlfriend, Jamie and her girlfriend, Amber, Shadow, Victoria and a couple of t-girls she brought out for the night, and I am sure I have missed some. Thanks to all who showed up tonight, Cristine would have loved it.

It was 12:15 when I called it a night, I have a 45 minute drive home so it will be about 1 am when I get home which is the latest I have been up in a long time. On the drive home I had a chance to reflect on the evening, I was thinking about the times I had been out with Cristine and even though it would be late when I got home I was going to post the pictures of the night on our groups Facebook page. it is funny as I was about half way home when I was thinking about the pictures when I realized I had left my phone with all the pictures on the shelf at the party so I had to turn around and head back and hope Cassandra was still up. That is the one bad thing about cell phones as if you lose the or just leave them someplace you are really cut off. I couldn’t even call and let them know I was on my way back.

It was about 12:50 when I got back and luckily Cassandra and Veronica were still up cleaning the kitchen of course Cassandra had cleaned up and was back to her male self. I didn’t stay long just enough to get my phone. I was so glad they were still up and I didn’t have to wake them up to get my phone. This is the first time I have left my phone someplace, not a good feeling. Needless to say it was after 1:30 am when I got home so it really was a late night. The pictures will have to wait till Sunday now as I needed to get to bed.

Thanks to Cassandra and Peggy for hosting such a wonderful event and opening their home to us all. and also for all those who showed up for Cristine.

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Wednesday night dinner and a loss of a dear sister.

100_4808I am writing this blog on Thursday for last night and as such I will start off about today. Early this morning my dear friend Cristine passed away peacefully. She had been in ICU for 14 days in critical condition. I did get to visit with her on Tuesday and even talk with her for a little while. I have had the privilege of knowing her for 9 years and I can say she helped me grow and changed my life. She touched so many340 peoples lives. The world is a little sadder place today but she will live on in our hearts. I am including some of my favorite memories of Cristine over the years.

It has been a tough couple weeks and it has really made me appreciate my wonderful friends. I really loo forward to spending time with them. Tonight we were going to the Old Time Pizza parlor downtown Portland. The group has been going here for a long time but I have never made it on the nights they went here so for me this will be a new place to go. I was looking forward to it. Now I know Cassandra will be there and also Bobbie. He is Cristine’s partner and has been by her side the whole time she has been in the hospital, day and night. Now I don’t make a lot 100_4691of Wednesday night dinners but I am going to try and make more. Cassandra, Julie and Cristine were always the ones you could  count on being there. Cassandra and I were talking we may start doing a sign up for dinner just so we know there will be someone else there and no one shows up and finds themselves by them selves.

I got downtown early a little after 6 so I went to fox & Hounds. I sat at the bar and had a drink as I waited to see if anyone else would show up early. It was about 6:40 when Cassandra texted me and said she was going straight to the pizza place which is just around the corner. As I was getting ready to leave Bobbie showed up so we walked over together. We were the first ones there.P1010052 Cassandra showed up about 7 and joined us.

WE talked a little about Cristine and got caught up on her condition. It was about 7:20 when we ordered dinner. It looked like it might just be the 3 of us. It was about 7:30 when Bambi, Kris and Danielle showed up. It was good to see them out. WE had a nice dinner and good conversation and yes a lot of it was about Cristine. Those of us who knew her know how big of an impact she had on our lives. She was our family as much as we were hers. Like so many in the Transgender community you can lose all your friends and family. Cassandra has done a lot the last couple weeks and we all thank her for her caring and willingness to help her.

By 9:15 all the girls had left but Cassandra and me. We sat there and kept talking, we talked till 10:15. We knew the odds were against Cristine but we were both hoping for a miracle. It was a good night out and we were hoping for the best.

As I said this morning Cristine passed away. She will be missed and I hope she knows how big of an impact she had not only on my life but so many people, she did touch so many lives. In the Transgender community we tend to stay isolated even with our closest friends. Some of my closest friends don’t know my real name and I don’t know theirs. We will have a celebration of life for Cristine on February 11th which I think will help a lot of our group. We will all miss you Cristine but you will always be with us in our hearts and thoughts.

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Wednesday night dinner with my friends.

Okay I have been out all day shopping and having fun. I had texted Cassandra and she was already at Fox & Hound so I figured I would go down there early. It was a little after 4:30 when I got there and I found a parking spot right in front. Cassandra was inside on her computer in a chat room. Seems n Wednesday she usually gets here about 2 and plays on her computer. It is funny how we all have our things we enjoy. Me I enjoy going to Starbucks for a couple hours and playing n my computer. I think being out just makes us feel more part of everyday living. Of course I also had my computer so Cassandra was on chat and I was catching up on things on mine as we chatted. We are talking about Diva Las Vegas and how we want to do the trip, we are both planning on going though and the dates are final March 26 – 31.

At 5:30 Cassandra went up by the bar to watch the baseball playoff’s she is a huge LA Dodgers fan. I am kind of hoping the Chicago Cub’s win. It was funny as every so often I would walk up and see how the game was going and during commercials she would walk back to chat on her computer. Now tonight we are going to Alexis Restaurant which s a Greek food place. The group has gone here a few times before but I was never able to make it those night. Any way They are closing in a few weeks as the owner wants to retire and he was unable to sell it. I don’t think I have ever had Greek food so I am kind of looking forward to it even though I am some what of a picky eater.

Cristine showed up and also Julie, the are the regular Wednesday night girls. It was good to see them again and Julie was wearing a black skirt with a sweater type top which looked cute and I only mention this is I also had on a black skirt with a sweater type top. We kind of looked like we coordinated our outfits. We talked for a while as we weren’t going for dinner till 7 and it is only 3 blocks away. Of course the one draw back of getting here early is it is only 2 hour parking so at 6:45 I had to go out and pay for more parking. I was unwilling to gamble on the 15 minutes as with my luck I would get a ticket. Now the funny thing is the parking meters her in Portland take debit or credit cards so I put my credit card in to charge .45 for that last 15 minutes. Seems silly but I have done that many times before as I usually get downtown between 6:30 and 6:45 when I meet my friends so I end up with all these small charges on my credit card.

Well at 7 it was just the 4 of us so we left and I put my computer in my car and grabbed my umbrella as it was raining, not real hard but Susan does not like getting wet. We walked the 3 blocks to Alexis and Jan was there waiting for us so we had 5 for dinner tonight. Seems Wednesday nights are not as popular any more. I think the more our girls in our group go out the more comfortable they become and that may have something to do with it. years ago the only place I went was with the group now I go where ever I want which is a wonderful thing.

Well they were really busy the owner said ever since he said he was closing down they have been packed every night I guess lots of people did what we did and wanted one last meal here. We had to wait about 20 minutes so we stood at the bar yes they were that busy that it was standing room only. We got our table and and we had a couple extra chairs just incase someone else showed up which no one did. Joan ordered some appetizers for the table and they were all good well I wasn’t fond of the calamari but the flaming cheese was awesome. We ordered dinner and Cassandra recommended the Greek potatoes over the rice so that is what I did and it was really good. We ad a wonderful time and after we ate we sat and talked. it was almost 10 when we left.

We walked back and Cassandra, and Joan headed home but Cristine, Julie and I went into CC Slaughters to see what was going on, well actually Cristine had to wait for her ride which would pick her up between 10:15 and 10:45. They were not very busy and Julie and I had fun with our nails. seems the gel polish glows 20161019_215958under the black lights they have in here. the first picture was taken with the flash on and you can see they are red the next 2 were taken with no flash just the lights in the20161019_220018 bar and they have a pinkish glow to them. Julie and I were having so much fun, we seem to be amused with the simple things. Of course we both love pretty nails.

Julie and I talked about getting together, we had hoped to go shopping one day this week and maybe look at wigs but tomorrow she has 2 appointments so she wont be able to even start getting ready till 20161019_2201004 so we are going to meet for dinner which will be fun.

I am not sure what I will do but I will be out during the day as Susan and probably do some more shopping before meeting up with Julie. Okay I also am including this last picture whish is Julies nails under the black light. where mine were a red color hers is just a very neutral color maybe a champagne it really has almost no color.

It was a fun night out and about 10:30 Julie and I20161019_220042 called it a night. Now to plan for tomorrow. wow this week is going fast and soon it will be over and I will go back to plain old nails with no color, how sad is that.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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A wonderful Saturday

Okay lets start of with my friend. she had her surgery today 3 hours and it went well and she is back in her room recovering and doing great. I will refer to them as my friend and her wife as I don’t want to infringe on their privacy.

Now I had asked her to let me know when her surgery was as I had the weekend free and told her I would come keep her company so she wasn’t there by herself.  Now my friends wife sent me a message Saturday morning on Facebook that she would be going in for surgery between 11 and noon. It was early enough that it would allow me time to be Susan although I would have gone as my male self if needed.

Now so much of my Susan time is spent doing the same thing Dinner, shopping, going to bars with my friends, Harvey’s and even Diva Las Vegas and I do really enjoy all of this but what I really like is the is the everyday experiences. In my male life I have this, for those who have transitioned they have this but for a lot of crossdressers this is something that we miss out on because we have to hide this part of our lives. Today I got to do something that was special, although I was Susan it was not about being Susan or what I was doing it was about being there and supporting a friend as Susan, it gives me some normalcy in my life as Susan. This may be hard for some to understand as we are all a little different in what we like and need out of our time as the opposite gender but as I have said before this is about my experiences and what I want and need from being Susan.

Now I got ready and tried to keep it casual in both clothing and makeup. Now I do have casual clothes for the summer but not a lot for winter so I went with a knee length black skirt and black top and boots which I see a lot of woman wearing this time of year although my boots did have heels and my makeup was somewhat neutral although my lipstick may have been a little much as it looked a lot brighter in day light then it did in the bathroom under florescent light.

Susan Miller January 10 2016 (4)I got to the hospital by 10:30 and parked. now I did take one quick selfie before going in. Now I had sent her a message on Facebook I was there and she was out getting something from her car so we met in the parking lot and walked in together. I was glad I got there a little early as it gave me a chance to see my friend before she went into surgery. we had over an hour to talk before they came in and started getting her ready for surgery. It was just before noon when they took her to Surgery and her wife and I followed her down. They took her into the OR and her wife and I went and sat in the waiting room and talked for a little bit just incase the surgeon came out before the surgery to talk with her.

About 12:30 we walked down to the cafeteria to get something to eat as I am sure she has not been eating well. we had a nice lunch and talked and I tried to keep her mind off the surgery. It was about 1:30 when we got back to the OR waiting room and sat and talked more. her daughter was texting her so I got to hear a lot about her daughters and even her family. I really got a chance to get to know her and her family better and helped pass the time.

It was about 3:30 when the Surgeon came out and told us the surgery was a success and she was doing well and would be in recover for about an hour before being moved back to her room. We were both relieved and I could see my friends wife was now able to relax a little. we talked some more while we waited for her while she was in recovery.

It was about 4:45 when they brought her out and we all went back to her room. It was wonderful to see her again and my friends wife was so relived to see her, I know how hard this was on her. Back in the room she was looking good but still under the anesthetic. About 6 she started to come out from under the Anesthetic and was even able to talk a little which was so wonderful. I got to talk to her a little before I left.

It was about 6:20 when I told them goodbye and left. It was truly a wonderful day and I am so glad my friend is doing so well. Now it may sound selfish but what I got from today was something I will remember always as it wasn’t about being female or being Susan it was about me being there as me as any other woman would.

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