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Friday night at Portsmouth

Well another week has come to an end and Susan was ready for a fun night out with her friends, I so look forward to Fridays. I got all dressed up and wore my white skirt and pink top and of course my 4″ heels. It was a nice day and still warm out but I took my jacket as it might be a little chill when we leave as we will stay till 1 or 2 am. I got to Portsmouth bar and pizza right at 7:30 and found a good parking spot. I checked my cell phone for and had a text message from Cassandra, they were running late and would not be there till 8 so I would probably be on my own for a bit as Cassandra is usually the first to arrive. Well anyway I went in and they were actually pretty busy as it looked like they had a party of some kind going on and they had taken all the tables by the pool tables. Luckily the two big round tables between the bar, pool tables and dance floor were empty so I grabbed one and sat down. A couple people gave me a quick glance but that was it and then they went back to what they were doing. I ordered a drink and then checked out the menu, I already knew what I would order but it helped pass the time.

A little after 8 Cassandra, Wilma, Michele and Diane showed up. It was so great to see Diane again, she moved out of state about a year ago so she only comes out with us when she is in Portland for business. Diane had gone and got her nails done (acrylics) at the nail salon she always goes to and that was why they were late which this girl can totally understand as I would be late to my own funeral to go to the nail salon and get acrylic nails, did I mention how much I love acrylic nails. Well the funny thing is her nail salon is not far from Portsmouth but she drove all the way out to Cassandra’s house and then road back in with them. Well we all sat and talked for a bit and then we ordered food as most of us were hungry. If you have never been to Portsmouth bar & Pizza you should as they have really good pizza and their cheesy bread is awesome and comes with a garlic ranch dipping sauce and the prices are very reasonable. Later on Jan, Lynn and Kelly showed up and I think there were a couple more who I can’t think of right now so we really did have a good group. Oh even a couple of the girls were there in boy mode and I didn’t realize it till they came over and said hi.

Later we did all play pool, I lost all 3 of my games and some of the girls were out on the dance floor. We had a really good time and a few of the customers that were there last time we were came over and talked to us, mostly the woman as it seems they are less intimidated by our group plus I think the fact a few of the girls were out dancing with them helps. As the evening wore on a few of the men did come over like Todd who was really nice and talked to us on and off most of the night.

Cassandra even played pool with a couple guy’s Phillip and I didn’t get his friends name as their English was not that good and I don’t speak Spanish. But they were very nice although not really good at pool; maybe I should have played pool against them as I might have won. Anyway Phillip seemed to have taken a shine to Cassandra, Diane and myself and spent the last couple hours talking to us and complimenting us on how we looked, very flattering but still makes me a little uneasy as I don’t think I will ever be comfortable with male attention. Don’t get me wrong what girls does not like to her how pretty she is but I know I will never be attracted to men and I don’t want to give the wrong impression.

Anyway it was a fun night and worth getting through the week for. What more could any girl want then a fun night out with her girlfriends. We stayed till a little after 1 am before heading home. Thanks to all my friends you really make Friday nights fun. Have a great week everyone. J

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Hot day at Starbucks

Well as usual I am out at Starbuck’s again and it is a beautiful day. It got to about 97 again today but will cool way down tomorrow to the low 70’s so I will not complain about the heat. Really it is not that bad outside right now unless you are in the sun so I am enjoying it as I know winter is just around the corner. Well any way I got to Starbuck’s and the lot was pretty full so I figured they would be really busy and they are, I am sitting almost all the way in the back so it is a little harder to people watch plus I am not as visible to people when they come in but I guess that is okay. The sun is shining through the windows right in my eyes if I look towards the front where the people are but it should go behind the trees in a few more minutes and I will be able to see what is going on again. It really is a peaceful place to come and relax so I really see what the draw is to these coffee shops. They are such a nice place to go to get away and relax or carry on a conversation with someone.

I will be out again on Friday but not sure right now where we will all be going as no one has posted to the group. I think it will be Easy Street if we keep on rotation but where ever we go it will be in my blog at some point. I really like writing about where I go as Susan and what I do. It is my way of keeping a record and if some of you enjoy reading my blog too, that is great too and please feel free to leave a comment. Comments need not agree with me as I know there are different views and we are all entitled to our own opinion but if you want your comment to stay please be considerate and no name calling or nasty remarks as those will get deleted and so far I have not had to delete any which makes Susan happy. My goal is to help encourage other t-girls to take that first step out of the closet as the world can be a wonderful place and now that I am out in the real world there is no way I could put Susan back inside. I have had so many wonderful experiences and made some really wonderful friends along the way.

Any way on to a new topic, I am also thinking of going shopping one of these upcoming Saturday as I don’t work till the evenings on Saturday which leaves me the morning and most of the afternoon, Maybe I can get some of the girls from the group to do a group shopping trip again as I missed the last one and they had such a wonderful time. I think it would be great to get some of the girls out during the day and places other than clubs. Maybe a movie night, we could pick a movie and all go and see it. I will have to see what other ideas I can come up with as I am sure some of the girls would love new places to go. Maybe even get more to go to Diva Las Vegas next year. I had so much fun last year there and I think some of them would love it. Well I must get to my e-mails so I will sign off for now, have a great rest of the week.

Oh one last thing if you are reading my blog and have a question please feel free to ask (in the comment or e-mail me) and I will answer to the best of my ability (short of my male name and where I live or work) but anything else is open. I really do like to talk about Susan and who she is to me and what she means plus it gives me more things to blog about. Who knows maybe you will even start a blog of your own as it is really a lot of fun. Where else can you put your thoughts and feelings out for other people to read? J

There are many blog sights out there to choose from, I like wordpress as I can compose and upload right from word plus there are some other features I like here but whatever blog you choose just have fun.

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Back at Embers

Well I made it out on Friday after a really busy and long day. I wasn’t even sure I would make it out which would have been sad. I was running late so I had to hurry and get Susan ready something I hate as I really enjoy and it relaxes me to get Susan ready. I think the time getting all pretty is almost as much fun as being Susan. Having to rush so much was a little more stressful and relieving my stress is one of the best things about Susan. Anyway it was all good and I got to Embers only a little later than I usually do. I wasn’t too sure how many would be there other than Cassandra as her and I were the only two who posted in our group we would be there. I was glad to see we had a really good turnout and I bet we had 15 t-girls there; some were our regulars and some who come out a little less frequent do to other things in their lives so it was good to see them.

Embers was not real busy I think we had almost as many up at the pool table area as they did down watching the show. Jamie was here and I have only met her once or twice so I had a good chance to talk to her as it has been month’s sense she has been out on the same night as I. it was nice to catch up and get to know her better. Her wife Linda even stopped in for a while so I got to meet her for the first time. They have been out together before but it was a night Susan couldn’t make it. It is so cool her wife is so supportive of her being Jamie, we really do have some very supportive wives in our group and I hope they all know how special they are.

Maya was also there and it was so nice to see her. She has had a lot going on in her life so she has not been out as much, she use to be one of our every Friday night girls so I really enjoyed seeing her again and getting a chance to talk to her. I hope she can get out more on Friday nights with us again. Got to talk to Cassandra a bit and hear about her and Peggy’s vacation. Seems they had a great time and some good stories so I am still waiting for her to post some of the pictures as it seems they had some interesting obstacles pop up.

Jan and Lynn were also here and we got a chance to talk. Two weeks ago we ran into each other out in public (Jan and I were both in boy mode). I have seen Jan in boy mode but they have never seen me that way and I don’t know why but I went up and talked to them so they have not seen Susan looking unfeminine. I have made some really good friends in the group and as such feel so comfortable with them that I am becoming more willing to open my whole life. It started with Cassandra & Peggy when we went to Diva Las Vegas and they met the boy side of me. They are truly awesome friends and more like family (Sisters) and as time go by I am feeling that way about more of the group. This group is really more family then just friends and has made a world of difference for Susan. Two years ago I would have said I would never share both side of me with people but things change and we all grow. I hope everyone in the group and those I have met along the way know how much they mean to me. Oops I got a little carried away.

I played some pool and won the first 3 games in a row before losing, in all it was a good night as I won 4 and lost 3 so I had a better win record than loss which for me is really good. I almost stopped when I had won the first 3 just so I could say I played and never lost but it was a really fun night.

The show was good and they had a few new performers which is nice as it was something new and some of the drag queens even had some new songs. Chiffon did a couple new songs and she is really good. She was the one who did my makeup for the T-girl pageant and did an awesome job. I think she is one of the best if not the best performers as she always looks like she is having so much fun on stage.

We left about 1 am before the show was over but it was a fun night and nice to be back at Embers. We have had some issues there but you can have that anyplace you go so like anything you have to look at all things and see if the issues are more than the positive. If there are still enough positive reasons to go than you should and I think we will still be going to Embers from time to time but we still plan on rotating to the different places as change is good and one does not get board or into a routine as that is a sure way of losing interest. Any way have a great week and I will post again soon.

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Out at Starbucks again.

Well it is Wednesday and you know where Susan is. My schedule is settling back down after several weeks of odd ball shifts which is nice as I can once again plan for my Susan time. It is also nice as the weather was cooler today, we have had 5 days in a row that were 95 or higher and today it was only 79 which I like better as I can go outside and not sweat to death.

I have gotten a couple e-mails asking why I go to Starbucks all the time on Wednesday night so I thought I would address this in my blog. I can see where it seems like doing the same old thing and I guess to a point it is. The main reason is I only have a couple hours that I can be out and it is convenient for me. It also gives me the chance to catch up on e-mails and some work that I would normally just be sitting at home doing. Going out anyplace even the same place where there are other people is way better than just sitting at home. I see a few people every week but for the most part it is different people who come in so I get to also do a little people watching which is something I like to do anyway. Also there are fewer distractions here as there is no TV that I might be tempted to turn on which makes it easier to focus on what I am doing.

Now granted it would be so much fun to go over to Portland and meet up with my friends who go out every Wednesday night but I know that if I did I would stay out way too late and at my age Susan needs her beauty sleep. You see I have to get up way to early (4:30 am) to go to work. Starbuck’s closes at 9 so even if I stop to do a little shopping on the way home I am always home and in bed by 10 pm which gives me a good 6 hours. If I went to meet my friends I know they stay out to at least midnight and then so would I. I would never be able to get up for work. So Friday night is my night with friends and Wednesday is Susan’s quiet time to relax. It really is most enjoyable. Besides Starbuck’s is a really nice place to go for some alone time or just to chat with friends. A couple of the girls from my group have come over and joined me here which is always so fun as we can relax and catch up on some girl talk.

Well this Friday we are going to Embers, it has been several weeks so it will be nice to be back there. They really do put on a good show but going as often as we were it got a little old as we saw the same things over and over again. Kind of like eating the same thing every night, no matter how much you like it you want a little variety plus I like going to new places, ones that don’t necessarily cater to the GLBT crowd as I think this is a good way to meet new people who might never meet transgender people and help bridge the gap between us. I really believe once they meet us, and get to know us most will at least be tolerant if not accepting, I may be in a dream world but I can hope.

Anyway must catch up on some e-mails now so I will sign off. Hope everyone has a great week.

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Shopping downtown Portland

Well I got up early today and decided to go shopping at Pioneer Place in downtown Portland. It has been many years sense I was there so I thought it a good place to go. The other reason for going here is I wanted to ride the Max downtown and see how that was as I have never rode it before plus I didn’t want to deal with parking downtown. I got all ready and was out the door by 9:30 and my first stop was at an ATM as I figured I should have a little more cash as I would be miles from my car. There was a Fred Meyers next to the bank so I went in there to look around for a little bit and checked out their makeup section, I need some new nails and I am having a hard time finding ones that will fit me. I didn’t find any so I was out and on my way.

I drove to the Gateway Transit center and park in the parking garage. I had about a block walk to where you catch the Max Train and I bought my ticket, I bought an all day as it was only a little more than buying two one way tickets and sense I have never rode the Max I figured this was better in case I made a mistake and got off at the wrong spot or even got on the wrong train. Now I was standing on the platform with about 20 other people. The trains run every 15 minutes so I only had to wait a few minutes before one came by. The Max was not that crowded and I found a seat and I was off. It takes about 20 minutes or so to go from Gateway to Pioneer Place with several stops along the way. As the Max pulled away I knew there was no turning back. By the time we got downtown there were a lot more people on the Max car as I guess they all had the same idea I did. They have a Max stop right at Pioneer place which was nice as I got off and went right inside and didn’t have to walk in the heat as it was almost 90 by this time.

Pioneer Place Mall covers 3 city blocks and is 5 and 6 stories high. The ground floor which is really below ground lets you walk between them without having to go outside which with the heat was nice. The selection of stores I did not think was that good but then again this shopping trip was about being out and the fact I was miles away from my car with the only way back being ridding the Max Train back was fun. I browsed through several of the stores looking at shoes and clothes. I was a good girl though and didn’t buy anything, actually nothing really jumped out at me and said buy me. It was about 1:30 when I decided it was time to go and I went outside to where I got off the train and looked at the board. I discovered that this was the west bound stop and the East bound stop was one block over so I walked around the block and there were probably 40 people waiting for the train. So there we all stood trying to stay in the shade. I must have just missed the Max train as we stood there for a good 15 minutes, seems longer but then it was really hot. When the Max got there it was full but people still got on so I did the same. There were no open seats and people standing shoulder to shoulder, talk about being up-close and personal. I was a little nervous and kept a really tight grip on my purse as in a crowed like this one has to be extra careful. It stayed like this till we got to Lloyd Center as that is as far as you can go without paying, yes you can ride the Max downtown for free I found out. There were still no open seats but at least we were more spread out standing. Also with all those people on the max their air conditioning could just not keep up.

At the Lloyd Center stop I almost got off to go do some more shopping but the stop is a couple blocks away and I was already hot and didn’t want to sweat more of my face off so I just went back to the Gateway transit center. When I got in my car I went ahead and drove down to Lloyd Center and went into Sears to see if they had anything new in their mark down racks but again found nothing I really wanted. I made a quick trip though the mall and then I was off again. On the way home I was hungry so I stopped at Wendy’s for something to eat. Again I picked Wendy’s as it has been a long time sense I have been to one as they do not have one close to my house. I had my computer with me so as I eat I am typing out my blog. I will have to finish later and post as they do not have WI-FI. Well I must be on my way home now. I may try to go out tonight for a bit, Must check my group to see if any of the other girls will be out. If so I my try to meet up with them. Stay cool as it is really hot outside. The sign across from Wendy’s is reading 98 right now which is just too hot for this girl. good thing Wendy’s is air conditioned.

Well i did go down to Fox & Hound aboutb 8 and Cristine & Bobbie were there so we played some pool and had a great time. I had hoped more girls from the group would be there but it was still a lot of fun. I lost the first few games I played but then I won a few in a row so it was all good. It was a fun night.

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Back at Candlelight again

Well it was so hot on Friday and I got home from work late so my evening was a little rushed but what is a girl to do. Some of our group is out of town so I wasn’t sure how many girls would be out but it was the week we were going back to the Candlelight. It has been a 4 weeks sense we were there last so I was looking forward to it. As I said I was a little late and didn’t get there till 8 pm. Cristine, Amy and Mia were there already. We went inside and got our table. There were only a couple people there at this time.

I ordered their fish and chips as I was hungry as I hadn’t eaten most of the day and we all sat and talked. The band was already setting up. By 9:30 when the band started to play there were more people. Several of the regulars came over and talked to us a few even asked where we had been and I told them the owners had asked us to come a little less frequent. They thought that was stupid which we all agreed with.

Joan showed up a little later and joined us for a while but she didn’t stay to long. So in the end it was really just the 4 of us but we did have a good time. It was nice to be back plus it also let them know we would be back from time to time. For once Amy and Mia were the last to leave. They actually started to leave several times and then would go out on the dance floor and dance more so in the end Cristine and I left first about 12:30 am. Not as late of a night but with the long day and the hot weather it was late enough.

Saturday it turns out I have off so I am planning on going shopping and may go to Pioneer Place Mall in downtown Portland. It has been many years sense I was there last so should be fun. I will be sure and blog about this too.

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Sunday shopping trip

Well Sunday I made it out for a day of shopping. I left home about 3pm and headed out. There is a good shopping center off 185 and HWY 26 that has some store I like. My first stop was at Famous Foot wear as I wanted to look at shoes. I found a couple really cute pair but they were too small. It is sad how all the cute shoes are for smaller feet. From here I walked up to Ross and spent some time looking around. Found a few things but nothing I couldn’t live without. My next stop was Old Navy, not a big fan of them but hey they were there and so was I so I figured I could at least look after all it was about being out shopping and not what I would buy. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time here before moving on to Best Buy. A fun place to look around, I checked out all the computers, printers, cameras and even the programs. I probably spent the most time here. My next stop was at Target. I started off in the clothes section and then moved on to shoes, intimate apparel and then finally over to the cosmetic section. I spent a good 45 minutes here before leaving. Once outside I had to walk the whole length of the shopping center as I had parked at the far end but it was nice out and made for a nice walk.

It was almost 6 pm now and I was hungry so I went to Burger King and went in to eat. I was surprised how few people were inside, just 3 plus me. The drive through though always had cars in it so I guess everyone just wanted to go home and eat, but for me it was about being out.

My next stop was Barnes & Noble as I find this a nice place to spend some time. they have seating areas and you can sit and read books which is a very relaxing way to spend some time while mingling with the other people shopping. It was about 8:30 when I left Barnes & Noble and made my way towards home. I decided to make a quick trip through downtown Portland as I had seen a Starbucks by Pioneer Court House Square that is open till midnight, turns out on Sunday just to 11 pm but still worked for me.

The one reason I have not gone to this one is parking well tonight I found a spot only two blocks away so I parked and made my way there. For a Sunday they are really busy, I had to stand in line to get my drink. Most people are getting them to go so seating was okay and I found a table. So now I am enjoying a relaxing drink and playing on my computer. It has been a fun afternoon and evening.

I am so close to CC Slaughters and trying to decide if I should stop in and see what is going on. No one in the group posted they would be there and I do have to get up tomorrow at 6 am so I know if I go there and find friends from the group there I will stay so I guess it is better not to tempt myself so I think I will just tell myself no one is there and go home. My schedule this week is a little messed up but I may be able to get out Tuesday evening. If so I will Blog again then. If not then it will be Friday. I think we may go to the Candlelight again as it has been a four weeks sense we were there last. A few of the girls in the group are out of town this week so it may be a small turnout but I will try to get as many as I can to go out. Well I have a few e-mails to get to and then must get home to bed. Hope you all have a great week.

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Portsmouth Pizza & Pub

Well Friday night I made it out again, we are trying new places now so we decided to go to Portsmouth Pizza & Pub located at 5262 N Lombard St. Portland, OR 97203Phone: (503) 289-4644. It is an older building and is way bigger inside than it looks from the outside. I got there at 7:30 and went in, always a little fun and exciting walking into someplace you have never been before by yourself. Now this week I toned down my dress as last week at Easy Street I wore my red dress and felt a little over dressed so tonight I wanted to try and blend in a little so I had on my white Capri’s and a purple tank top, Of course I did wear my 4″ heels as a girl does want her shoes to stand out.

Cassandra, Wilma and Cristine were already there and had a table. Now in the back corner they have a dance floor and a DJ that plays music later in the evening. They have 2 pool tables by the bar and on the other side a ping pong table and a shuffle board table. They even have some pinball machines and a few video games, a good mix of things to do. Soon other girls started to show up and we put tables together. I think at one point we had 15 from our group there. Karen one of the GG’s we met at Candle light showed up as she live nearby and she joined us also, She was one of the people who recommender Portsmouth to us.

We all ordered food, I had the cheesy bread and it was so good, comes with a garlic ranch dip and for the money a good value. Some of the girls had pizza and said it was really good also and the prices were good. We had a nice time talking while we ate. I played a couple games of ping pong which I have not done in many many years. I lost one and won one so not too bad. It is a lot different playing in 4″ heels especially if you have to move quickly one way or the other, but I had a blast. I started to get really warm and as Susan does not like to sweat (not lady like) and ruins ones makeup I stopped playing. The only negative was how warm it was inside. As big as Portsmouth is it really was not that crowded maybe 50 to 60 people at any one time. It would be so hot there if they ever were really busy but maybe the air conditioner would come on more then also.

The staff was awesome and the lady who waited on us remembered most of our names which is always nice and with that many of us is pretty good as I have trouble remembering some of the names. Cassandra was talking to one of the customers at the bar and she called me over, the lady thought I was a gg, now it was dimly lighted inside and I was 20 feet away but still made me feel great. I know I will never pass but if I can at least make people wonder whether I am male or female then I am happy.

Later we all started to play pool; I did manage to win a couple games but the one that was the best I lost. Cristine broke and didn’t sink any balls. On my turn I sunk 6 in a row without missing, some were pretty hard shots as I had to bank them in. it was awesome and I was on fire. I wanted to quit right then, and should have. I did not sink another ball. Cristine actually sunk my last ball by mistake and I still could not sink the 8 ball and ended up losing, but the start of the game I will remember.

Later another regular customer came over and joined us playing pool, her name was Malory and she had on this really cute, low cute low cut blue dress. She played a few game with us and was so nice, told us all how beautiful we were. In all it was a very fun night and people seemed to accept us. Several of the female customers came over and talked to us, even leaving some of the men said good night and wished us a good night. I think the economy has really impacted business and now they are more open to people of all kinds. In any event any reason we can mingle with the general population and help bridge the gap, educate others about t-girls is a plus. Talking to one of the girls she thought we were all transsexuals, it gave us a chance to explain that not every guy dressed as a female wants to physically be a woman. Some of us myself included just like to dress up. We like the clothes, makeup and everything that goes with it but do not want to be full time. And that some of us are straight and not attracted to men. We are a diverse group of people and all have our own reason for how we live and that is what makes us so fun.

In closing I would give Portsmouth Pizza & Pub two thumbs up and highly recommend them. If you live in the Portland metro area give them a try. We stayed till closing so it was another late night but so much fun. Not sure where we will be next Friday but you can bet I will Blog again about it. I hope to get out more this week so till than have a great weekend.

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Relaxing evening at Starbucks

Well I made it out to Starbuck’s tonight. It has been a long week so far as we are short handed at work and I have worked some long hours. I was also a little nervous (stressed) at work this week after basically running into a co-worker while out Monday Shopping. I know she didn’t get a good look at me because I saw her first and turned away but it is strange how your mind works. I never saw her again in the mall after that brief encounter but the more I thought about it I pictured her following me in the mall without me seeing her so the last couple days I have waited for her to say something. I know it is all in my mind but so strange the thoughts that just pop into your head. I have talked to her several times at work and she acts no different so everything is fine. Well enough of that.

Today was such a nice day and Starbucks is pretty quiet tonight especially after Monday. None of the regular girls I have met are working tonight so it was like the first time I came here and for the first time there is a guy working here tonight. Up till now all I have ever seen were women so I really thought they had no male employee’s. But as usual they were both really nice and treated me like any other customer. Starbucks really has some great employee’s.

I had a chance to chat online with Michelle; she belongs to our t-girl group here in Portland although I have never had the chance to meet her. She does not get out much and not on the same nights I do. We had a good chat and got to know each other a little. Who know maybe we will both be able to be out the same night sometime and get to meet in person.

It looks like with my schedule messed up the next couple weeks I should actually be able to get out more as I will be working a little later in the day and not have to get up so early. I will of course be out on Friday night again. Not sure where we will be as we are looking at different places to go. The group still wants to go out as a group but we realize how that can impact a place if we suddenly go there all the time so we are planning on having several places and rotate through them so we are not such a big impact, kind of spreading the love instead of smothering one place. We have had several ideas some are GBLT clubs, some are GBLT friendly and some are just plain straight clubs. I know going to a straight club is a little more intimidating for some but I really like it as it gives us a chance to meet people who might never come in contact with us and get to know each other and help bridge the gap between us. Well where ever we end up you know it will be in my blog. Well I have some work to catch up on and e-mails to answer so I will sign off for now. Have a great rest of the week! J

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Quick little shopping trip

Well as I said my schedule is messed up for the next few weeks because of vacations at work so I found myself off today and decided it was a good day for a quick shopping trip. I went to Lloyd Center as It usually is not very crowded plus I don’t know anyone who lives in the area so less chance of running into someone I know. I got there right after 10 am and parked by Nordstrom’s as I need some more foundation and the only thing I can find that gives me good coverage is MAC Studio Fix. Now my plan was to walk the mall and do some shopping, probably mostly window shopping but still fun so I would get my foundation on the way out so I just walked through Nordstrom’s and out into the mall. As I thought it was not really that crowded.

I walked all the way to the other end to Sears as this way I could shop my way back. Sears always has clearance racks and you can usually find some good deals. As I was browsing the racks there were several other women also looking for deals and they seemed to pay me no attention. I found some cute tops but none in my size and also a really cute skirt but the same problem so I went over and started checking out the regular racks, a little more money but hey it doesn’t hurt to look. I turned to look at another rack and I saw a lady I work with and her Sister (who I don’t know as well) looking at the clothes. I quickly turned the other way and went to the next rack over. I don’t know if I was really scared or just startled by them but either way I kept my distance. After about 5 minutes they moved off and left Sears and I had the chance to look around some more. When I was done and ready to walk back down the mall I thought again that I know they are someplace in the mall so I would have to really pay attention as I did not want to be surprised again and maybe walk right into them.

I walked back down the mall to Torrid’s which I have shopped before, they tend to cater to the plus size women and so most things will fit me. I spent about 10 minutes in here mostly looking at their jewelry as the last time I was there they had the bangle bracelets I like. The sales lady Asked if I needed any help and I said no but we ended up talking about the bracelets. I picked out a really nice set of gold ones to buy. The sales lady told me they were a buy one get one half price so I went ahead and bought a second set of silver bracelets.

Once again I was out in the mall and still on the lookout for the lady I work with. I made it back down to Nordstrom’s and went to the MAC counter to get my foundation. The sales lady was very nice and even gave me some advice; she told me I could go a little darker foundation during the summer if I wanted. I thought about it but went with what I know works for me. Who knows I may go back and get a little darker at some point in the future? It was almost noon by now and I had been there for almost two hours so I decided to leave. I never did see the lady I work with and I am almost positive she never looked at me so I am okay but what a rush. Who would have thought I would run into someone I know on a Monday.

Well on my way home I was not ready to be all done so I stopped at the Starbuck’s I go to on Wednesday evenings so I can update my blog. I was shocked how busy they are. There is only one table inside, right by the window in the sun which is where I am sitting now and 5 of the six tables outside are full. I am guessing 20 people outside and at least that many inside. Again who would think on a Monday afternoon they would be this busy. But it is still a fun way to pass a couple hours. Well I need to catch up on my e-mails. I will be out this Wednesday again here at Starbuck’s and I will post more than. Have a great week. J

Oh my God I cannot believe my luck. A lady I use to work with and her husband just walked into the Starbucks and are at the counter 5 feet from me. She quit about 3 months ago so I haven’t seen her sense then but I know them both pretty well as I have been to several parties at their house. I never even thought about it but they only live about 4 miles from here. Luckily they are facing the counter and not me. I am okay as with the way I am sitting my hair covers most of my face. I felt so much better once they left till they sat at the only open table right outside the door and our facing the door. I am stuck as I would have to walk right towards them to leave which would give them a pretty good look at me so I guess I will spend a little more time here than I planned. The good thing is the windows are a little tinted so I can see out better than they can see in. Well I guess I will get another drink and get back to my e-mails.

Well Katie came into work today which was so nice as I have not seen her in over a month. She really startled me as I did not see her walk up just heard her say how nice I looked today. As I looked up I thought it was going to be the lady I worked with, my heart almost stopped till I saw it was Katie. She is working some evenings again so hopefully I will see her more. I asked about Shavonie and she told me she had left, she moved over to Beaverton as her dad was needing help. Well it has been almost an hour and the lady I worked with and her husband just left so I can now safely leave and head home. What a fun day and to run into people I know at two different places miles apart. What are the odds on that, it may be a while before I try going out on a Monday again but then it is really rare I have one off work.

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