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Cristine celebration of life

Tonight Saturday February  11, 2017 our group is having a celebration of life for our dear friend Cristine who passed away on February 2 2017. She has been one of our groups longest and supportive members over the last 10 years. It will be hard but we want tonight to be a celebration for her. Cassandra and Peggy are hosting it at their home which so wonderful of them, thanks so much.

Now the celebration is from 7 to 11 but I was going to get there early to see if I can help Peggy and Cassandra set up. Now I started getting ready early so I could be on my way by 5. I got there just about 6 Peggy was finishing up getting everything out and Cassandra and Veronica were all ready. Now I am not even going to try and name everyone here tonight as we had over 30 show up to remember and celebrate Cristine life. NO I did walk around and 20170211_190449take pictures as I wanted to make sure and get a picture of everyone who was there, I did miss several people though so hopefully Cassandra got the as she was also taking pictures. I set my phone on a shelf in the dining room so I could get it easy when I saw new people come in. Now I did manage to get one selfie of myself.

Now by 7 there were a lot of people who had showed up but people would be coming all evening long, some came early and left and others later it was really wonderful to see so many friends here and even some of Bobbie’s family showed up t support him which was wonderful.

Now the food that Peggy and Cassandra had was wonderful, all finger type food, chips, dips, meat balls and of course wonderful cupcakes and brownies. It was awesome and of course I did eat more than I should have especially the desserts. Yes I have a weakness for sweets.

Now Cassandra had a bunch of pictures of Cristine on her TV, 100’s of pictures of her and of course pictures of her with us her family. In a way it was like she was with us all night long. I kept finding myself watching the pictures of her and there were a few time I got a little choked up but we didn’t want this to be a sad event.

I did get to talk with everyone here at one point or another so it was a good night. Even got to meet a few new girls that Victoria brought out. One of them Michelle will be going to Diva Las Vegas, her first time so I will see her again there. By the way we booked our rooms for Diva Las Vegas, we will be staying at the California Hotel Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, it is one of the Boyd Gaming casinos. They have 3 hotel casinos downtown. One of the things if you go to Las Vegas get a players card if you gamble as you do get some good comps. There were lots of Pictures of Cristine when we were in Las Vegas in years past for Diva Las Vegas. We really did share some wonderful times over the years, so many wonderful memories. Even though she is gone from this world she will always be with us in our hears and memories.

By 11 people were leaving and we were down to a smaller group about 15 and we were standing in the kitchen talking about all the wonderful times we had with her. I had planed on leaving at 11 but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave. I really wanted to be with my friends tonight. It will make for a short night but it is worth it. We talked for over an hour. I was looking through the pictures from last night and decided to try and list everyone I can that was there, Veronica, Bambi, Kris, Cassie, Kim, Peggy, Cassandra, Cindy and her wife Alice, Teresa, Laura M, Laura H, Lisa, Bobbie, his Sister and Partner, brother and his wife, A couple of his friends, Chris, Roxy, Melissa, Sophie and her wife Lorna, Barb, Kate, Michelle, Jan, Lynn, Marla and her girlfriend, Jamie and her girlfriend, Amber, Shadow, Victoria and a couple of t-girls she brought out for the night, and I am sure I have missed some. Thanks to all who showed up tonight, Cristine would have loved it.

It was 12:15 when I called it a night, I have a 45 minute drive home so it will be about 1 am when I get home which is the latest I have been up in a long time. On the drive home I had a chance to reflect on the evening, I was thinking about the times I had been out with Cristine and even though it would be late when I got home I was going to post the pictures of the night on our groups Facebook page. it is funny as I was about half way home when I was thinking about the pictures when I realized I had left my phone with all the pictures on the shelf at the party so I had to turn around and head back and hope Cassandra was still up. That is the one bad thing about cell phones as if you lose the or just leave them someplace you are really cut off. I couldn’t even call and let them know I was on my way back.

It was about 12:50 when I got back and luckily Cassandra and Veronica were still up cleaning the kitchen of course Cassandra had cleaned up and was back to her male self. I didn’t stay long just enough to get my phone. I was so glad they were still up and I didn’t have to wake them up to get my phone. This is the first time I have left my phone someplace, not a good feeling. Needless to say it was after 1:30 am when I got home so it really was a late night. The pictures will have to wait till Sunday now as I needed to get to bed.

Thanks to Cassandra and Peggy for hosting such a wonderful event and opening their home to us all. and also for all those who showed up for Cristine.


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Wednesday night dinner and a loss of a dear sister.

100_4808I am writing this blog on Thursday for last night and as such I will start off about today. Early this morning my dear friend Cristine passed away peacefully. She had been in ICU for 14 days in critical condition. I did get to visit with her on Tuesday and even talk with her for a little while. I have had the privilege of knowing her for 9 years and I can say she helped me grow and changed my life. She touched so many340 peoples lives. The world is a little sadder place today but she will live on in our hearts. I am including some of my favorite memories of Cristine over the years.

It has been a tough couple weeks and it has really made me appreciate my wonderful friends. I really loo forward to spending time with them. Tonight we were going to the Old Time Pizza parlor downtown Portland. The group has been going here for a long time but I have never made it on the nights they went here so for me this will be a new place to go. I was looking forward to it. Now I know Cassandra will be there and also Bobbie. He is Cristine’s partner and has been by her side the whole time she has been in the hospital, day and night. Now I don’t make a lot 100_4691of Wednesday night dinners but I am going to try and make more. Cassandra, Julie and Cristine were always the ones you could  count on being there. Cassandra and I were talking we may start doing a sign up for dinner just so we know there will be someone else there and no one shows up and finds themselves by them selves.

I got downtown early a little after 6 so I went to fox & Hounds. I sat at the bar and had a drink as I waited to see if anyone else would show up early. It was about 6:40 when Cassandra texted me and said she was going straight to the pizza place which is just around the corner. As I was getting ready to leave Bobbie showed up so we walked over together. We were the first ones there.P1010052 Cassandra showed up about 7 and joined us.

WE talked a little about Cristine and got caught up on her condition. It was about 7:20 when we ordered dinner. It looked like it might just be the 3 of us. It was about 7:30 when Bambi, Kris and Danielle showed up. It was good to see them out. WE had a nice dinner and good conversation and yes a lot of it was about Cristine. Those of us who knew her know how big of an impact she had on our lives. She was our family as much as we were hers. Like so many in the Transgender community you can lose all your friends and family. Cassandra has done a lot the last couple weeks and we all thank her for her caring and willingness to help her.

By 9:15 all the girls had left but Cassandra and me. We sat there and kept talking, we talked till 10:15. We knew the odds were against Cristine but we were both hoping for a miracle. It was a good night out and we were hoping for the best.

As I said this morning Cristine passed away. She will be missed and I hope she knows how big of an impact she had not only on my life but so many people, she did touch so many lives. In the Transgender community we tend to stay isolated even with our closest friends. Some of my closest friends don’t know my real name and I don’t know theirs. We will have a celebration of life for Cristine on February 11th which I think will help a lot of our group. We will all miss you Cristine but you will always be with us in our hearts and thoughts.

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Out at the Escape

Saturday is here and it will be the 4th night in a row I will be out as Susan. But first a quick update on the go fund me account for Cristine, we were hoping that on January 28 we could get 28 people to donate $10. We actually got 35 and many donated more than $10. Thanks to all of you.

I started getting ready early as I wanted to be to the Escape by 6. I decided to wear my blue dress as I haven’t worn it in a while, here is a link to an old blog that has a good picture of the dress I wore. This is one of the fun things of a blog as I can go back and see what I did and pictures from my outings when I remember to take them.

I got to the Escape just before 6 and as luck would have it as I pulled into the lot someone pulled out so I got a parking spot right in front of the door. They were a little busy tonight and there was a group at the big table we try to get so I took one of the small ones. Well I turns out Brittany was already there and she was at the other big table and came over to get me. I am so use to being the first one here didn’t even notice her. I went and joined her and we had a chance to talk as we waited for other to show up. Laura M was the next to get her followed by Cassandra.

Brittany couldn’t stay long but it was great she made it out and we got to talk. Elaine also showed up and joined us. We met her a while ago and she has been coming out more with pour group on Saturdays. Kate and Melissa also showed up, It was good to see them. We talked a little about Diva Las Vegas both are thinking of going. We actually have a lot of girls thinking of going this year. Jamie also showed up, she is one of our newest members and this was her first time out with the group. It was nice to meet her and get to talk with her. Bambi, Kris and Lorie also showed up so we had a really big group tonight. It really is fun to get together and go out with your friends.

Now by the time Karaoke started it was really crowded seems tonight was the night everyone wanted to go out. It was an awesome night out with my friends as always. it was about 11:30 when I called it a night.

This week I hope to go to Wednesday night dinner, out on Friday and of course Harvey’s on Saturday

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Friday night out the 3rd night in a row

It is Friday night and I will be going out for the third night in a row, guess I am making up for earlier in the month when I couldn’t get out. Now a quick update on my friend Cristine, She is still in ICU but has been breathing on her own for a day now but with difficulty. Our group started a go fund me account for her to help with medical expenses and on January 28 we are trying to get 28 of her friends to each donate $10 as she has been in ICU for 10 days now. We really miss seeing her out with the group.

I started to get ready by 4 as I was looking forward to getting out as early as I could. I always enjoy my time getting ready, so relaxing. I was on my way and got to sweet Home just before 6. Chris and Robyn were already there, Robyn had been here since 5. She actually got here before Chris tonight. I ordered dinner as I was hungry and then Robyn and I talked a while about Cristine. It is good to talk with other friends about this as it helps us all process it.

It was good to be out with friends for a while. Roxy showed up a little later as did Laura H. and Lisa so we had 6 of us out tonight. Now there was a good crowd here tonight for Karaoke, Craig is sick so Betty is filling in as the KJ for Karaoke. It was nice to see her again. Don’t get me wrong I really like Craig and he does a great job but the only time I get to see Betty is when she fills in.

karaoke started and there was a long list of people to sing, a lot of the regulars here on Friday but also some new people. It is fun to listen to the singing but what makes it special is being out with my friends, out with people. It got later and soon it was just Robyn and me left of our group and I was getting ready to leave when Robyn said Diane called and was on her way. I decided to wait with her till Diane showed up. It was about a half hour till Diane showed up. It was good to see her again. I stayed for just a little while longer before calling it a night. Now I am looking forward to Saturday night and seeing more of my friends at the Escape.

Susan Miller at Clackamas Town CenterThanks for reading.

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Thursday night and out for a manicure and pedicure.

Now I really needed to go and get a manicure today. It has only been 13 days since my last manicure but I actually broke a nail really bad yesterday and another one today. I got home and got right in the shower to start getting ready. I got out of the shower at 4:30 and called the Nail salon to see if I could get in tonight. It is nice as when I call she knows it is me so I must be in her phone system now. She was able to get me in at 5:30 so I was on my way getting ready. Now going casual doesn’t take as long and I was ready by 5:10 so I decided to checkout the go fund me account we set up for cristineCristine our friend in ICU. We had raised $645 in the last 20 hours, thanks to all who have helped.

I left for the nail salon at 5:20 and was there only a couple minutes later. It is nice it is so close. Now they were not at all busy. there was one lady just finishing getting her nails done. I picked out my color for my toes and was seated right away for my pedicure. I really didn’t need a pedicure but I so enjoy it and I am trying to work out a schedule so I get a pedicure and my acrylic nails the night before I leave for Diva Las Vegas. If I go every 2 weeks it will work out perfect and I will be getting my acrylic nails on March 23, just 8 weeks away.

It is so relaxing to get a pedicure and manicure and is one of the fun things I get to do as Susan. I would encourage everyone to try it at least once. now as I said they were not busy and the once lady that was there left shortly after I got there so I was the only one there till she was almost done with my pedicure. As she was painting my toes another lady came in for a pedicure. As a matter of fact one of the nail techs were doing another nails techs nails. It was funny as 3 of the ladies working here had beautiful red nails and the 4th was getting red on her nails. they told me it was for Chinese New Year. It would have been fun to get red also on my fingers but just wouldn’t be able to pull it off at work.

Now it was time for my manicure and it is just as much fun. There is something about being pampered and having someone do your nails. It is such a fun and enjoyable way to spend some time and I have always been treated wonderful here by all the people working here. Dream nails is a wonderful salon and I would recommend them highly. It was about 6:40 when I was all done and had pretty toes and fingers.

Now I went across the street to Starbucks as they are open till 8 and got a hot drink and did my blog for Last nights Dinner which was fun and we got it worked out to set up a Go Fund me account for Cristine. Now Starbucks was busy probably 18 people there but they were only 4 groups so there were tables open. I ordered a hot chocolate and enjoyed some quiet time. I actually enjoy spending time as Susan at Starbucks as I can be out and do things I would normally do at home. What did we do before laptops. I stayed there right up till 8 when they were getting ready to close. Now I have come to this Starbucks maybe 10 to 15 times over the last year or so usually after getting my nails done so I wouldn’t consider myself a regular but as I was leaving Sarah one of the ladies who works here said your name is Susan right, and I said yes. it was nice to be remembered, then she wished me a good evening. It is little things like this that make you feel good. This is wonderful customer service and really several of the Starbucks I have gone to over the years learned who I was and remembered me by name. It was a good night out even though it was short.

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Wednesday night dinner with friends.

It was Wednesday and I was looking forward to going out to dinner with my friends. The first half of January I didn’t get out because of the weather so I am going to make up for it now. We were going to House of Louie for Chinese tonight. Also I was looking forward to catching up with my friends and of course getting an update on Cristine. She is still in ICU on life support. We did set up a go fund me account for her to help with the expenses. My blogs for cristinea while will have a link to it, here is a picture of her. She has been one of our most active and supportive members and was one of the first to join our Rose City T-Girl group here in Portland. A little background on her, she was also instrumental in changing some of the laws in Oregon for the LGBT and testified in Salem Oregon before the house committee over 10 years ago to help pass some of the laws that protect everyone in the LGBT here in Oregon.

I started getting ready early as I wanted to be downtown by 6, yes a little more time for me to be out. I timed it perfect as I got there right at 6 and found a parking spot right on the corner almost in front of Fox & Hound. Now I had to walk past Fox & hound down to the middle of the block to pay for parking. I was walking back when I saw a Police officer by my car, he looked at me as I was walking back and asked if it was my car and I showed him my parking ticket and he wished me a good evening and went to the car that was 2 spaces in front of me which was parked in a loading zone and I am sure that car got a ticket. Now I know there is a lot of negativity towards the police but this officer was very professional and polite to me. I know they have a hard job and most of the time when you have interaction with them it is not the best of circumstances but just think what it would be like without them. I support our men and woman in blue.

I got inside Fox & Hounds and got a drink. I texted Cassandra to make sure she was meeting here before we go to House of Louie which is only 2 blocks away. Turns out she was caught in traffic and figured she wouldn’t make it till 7 so she would go right to House of Louie. Julie texted me she would meet me at Fox & hounds so I waited for her. She got there about 6:50 so she probably had a little traffic to deal with also. It was good to see her again as this may be the last time I see her till Diva Las Vegas as she is going on vacation till then and will be out of the area. It was nice talking with her till 7 when we headed over to House of Louie well with one detour. We were about half way when she noticed she didn’t have her phone so we walked back to her car to get it. It was funny as we were walking and talking didn’t even once think about how I was dressed, we were just two woman walking along.

WE got to House of Louie and Cassandra and another girl was there. Looks like it will be a small group tonight especially without Cristine. She went out almost every Wednesday night for dinner with us. WE talked for a little bit and then ordered as we were all hungry. Right after we ordered Bambi and Kris showed up. It was good to see them again. They are coming out a lot more regular which is nice. Also Danielle showed up. She is one of our newer members and this was her first time out with the group. It was nice to meet her and get a chance to talk with her and get to know her. Kelly also showed up a little later so we had 8 of us tonight.

Of course a lot of the conversation was about Cristine. She is still on life support although they were able to get her to breath on her own for about 3 hours before they had to put her back on the ventilator and they even got her up for a short walk which is wonderful news but she has a long way to go. Bobbie called Cassandra and we were able to talk to her somewhat as she was awake and Bobbie held the phone so we could talk to her, she can’t talk back as she still has tubes in but Bobbie said she was smiling hearing our voices.

We talked of ways we could help her and the group decided we should set up a go fund me account. This is something new to all of us but it is wonderful that the internet can allow you to do something like this. We had a nice dinner and good conversation and it was just wonderful to be out with my friends. I think we all felt a little more connected tonight as we all are thinking how precious life is now and how important friends and family are.

It was about 9 when we left. some of the girls went to CC Slaughters and I joined them for a few minutes. Just to see what was going on inside. They weren’t busy but it was still early. Well I have to get up early for work so I said my goodbyes and off I went to my car. It was a fun night out and I really enjoyed being with my friends.

Thanks for reading.

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Interesting Wednesday afternoon for Susan at an Attorney’s office

Well Wednesday July 25th 2012 was a really interesting Wednesday for Susan and for reasons you will read I had to put off making this blog. First I will start with a little background. As you all know from reading my blog our group was asked not to come back to the P-Club by the owner Chris Penner, he actually called Cassandra and left two different voice mails for her about it. Well so all the group could hear what he said she posted it on her YouTube page. Well she also sent the link to this page to the State Attorney Generals office along with a couple local attorneys never really thinking anything about it.

Well one of the attorney’s Beth Allen contacted Cassandra and wanted her to call her and talk to her about it which Cassandra did; she got a free half our phone interview. From this interview Beth Allen believed the Chris Penner violated the law as well as our right under discrimination laws and offered to represent us on contingency. She wanted to meet with Cassandra and a few others that were there on a regular basis. Cassandra said she would talk to a few that were there every week and get back to her. Any way Cassandra met with me, Victoria, Chris and Cristine on Wednesday July 11 at the Rainbow Room to get our opinions and to talk about if we should go forward or not and what kind of issues we might have. We all talked for over an hour and most of the discussion was on reasons we shouldn’t and what might happen or go wrong, mainly being outed for us and possibly members of the group as our group is the main concern. After all the discussion the group came to the conclusion what Chris Penner did was wrong and to keep this from happening at other places we may wish to go we needed to at least meet with Beth Allen and talk with her face to face and get our questions answered so Cassandra set up a meeting with the 5 of us and her on August 1 at her office. Mind you we still had not said yes or no we just had questions that needed being answered and all of us were in total agreement.

Now Beth Allen contacted the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries also known as BOLI to get some information on this and how to proceed. BOLI is the state agency who investigates among other things civil rights violations. Now normally how it works is you file a complaint with BOLI and they investigate, if they find that you have a valid complaint they will file the complaint for the persons making the claim in that persons name. Any way from the information they got from Beth’s questions and the YouTube video they contacted Beth Allen and asked to meet with her and the 5 of us on Wednesday July 25th at 3 pm so Beth contacted Cassandra and asked to move our meeting up one week. So this is how we got to my interesting Wednesday afternoon, going downtown Portland in at 2 pm as Susan to meet with an Attorney and a representative for BOLI.

Now this was going to be a fast day as I got off work at 12 and it takes me ½ hour to get home and I need ½ hour to get back downtown Portland to Beth Allen’s office and that is if there is no traffic issues which left little time to get ready so I laid all my stuff out the night before. Turns out traffic was light and I was home by 12:30 and all ready to leave by 1:15 which I think is a personal record for Susan getting ready, shower, shave, makeup, cloths, jewelry and nails and I still looked pretty. Well I drove downtown and only hit a little traffic but easily made it. There is a parking garage about a block away. Now walking downtown on a nice warm day is really nice and there were so many people out. I met Chris out front of the office building about 1:45 and could see Cassandra and Cristine walk up the street so we waited for them and all went inside together. Pretty good timing so far. When the elevator opened we found Victoria who had parked in the garage under the building riding up so all 5 of us went up together. Peggy Cassandra’s wife was already in the office waiting for us.

We met with Beth Allen and her law clerk for about an hour and got to ask all kinds of questions and she told us a little about BOLI and how they wanted to proceed. Our biggest question about privacy for our group members and possibilities of being outed in public were answered and Beth assured us that was not an issue. Only those willing to be involved in the case and giving their names would be involved and the rest of the group would not be involved at all. With our questions answered we were all feeling better about this. Now it was almost 3 and we were already to meet with the representative of BOLI and answer their questions.

Now it was not one representative from BOLI but 4, an Administrator and 3 investigators so now the 6 of us were in an office with Beth Allen, her law clerk and 4 state officials from BOLI. Now to the funny part, they really didn’t have a lot of questions for us but rather told us what they wanted to do. Seems they have already started checking into Chris Penner and the P-Club. Turns out the Commissioner of BOLI feels pretty strong about this case, so much so that he wants to file the complaint in his name, he would be the plaintiff and we would be secondary, basically witnesses. Turns out the voice mail he left where he singled out us as tyranny’s they feel is incredibly strong evidence. They are actually ready to start the process all they need is a few of us which is different then what we thought. They are coming to us.

Anyway we talked with them for over an hour and a half again asking a lot of the same questions we asked Beth as I said our group is the main concern and we want to protect it above all else. Again they told us the same thing; it would only be those who were willing to be witnesses and be involved in the case, everyone else in the group would not be involved in any way.

Now mind you the goal we all have is to tell Chris Penner and any other business out there that they cannot discriminate against transgender people, be it transsexuals, t-girls, or crossdressers. Now we realize BOLI can and will probably place a fine on him as in anything you get people’s attention when you hit them in the pocket book. We are not out to bankrupt him or put him out of business as we really do like the employee’s there as they treated us so great for the two years we went there. But like I said this type of action against transgender people cannot be tolerated so we all decided as a group we should go forward. With that all that was left were to sign onto the complaint.

Now Victoria and Cristine are full time and have legally changed their name so they were the first to Sign. Chris who is a supporter of the transgender community and most of those who know him know this also signed. Cassandra also signed, she is not out publicly as far as both sides of her. I also signed but asked that my male name be left out unless absolutely necessary as I still have kept both sides separate. Now I know that even doing it this way there is a good chance I could be outed but I feel this is worth it as discrimination is wrong in any sense and I guess I am ready to stand up.

None of us knows what will happen but we are sure that there will be media coverage as these types of cases get played up in the news plus in a way that is the point. If this does not get out to the public so they know that they cannot discriminate then this is all for nothing as I said that is our goal. For Transgender people to be able to go where they want, work where they want and not be afraid of being discriminated against.

We also agreed to have Beth Allen represent us in this as our attorney which she is doing totally on contingency. It will cost us nothing. She feels that BOLI along with fines will probably ask for attorney fees to be paid, but even so she is taking this on realizing she may get nothing off of the case. That is how strong she feels about this. Turns out she does a lot of GBLT cases in Oregon and is a big supporter of this cause. From talking to her and meeting her I would highly recommend Beth Allen if you need an attorney.

It was about 4:45 when we were all done. The people from BOLI thanked us and said they would be in touch with Beth to help write the complaint and keep us up to date on the case. Seems this is the first of this type of case in Oregon. Hard to believe that just 4 or 5 years ago I was too scared to really go out of my house and now I am involved in something this big. I am still a little scared about the future and being outed but not nearly as much as I would have thought.

Well from here we all went over to Fox & Hound which I already blogged about.

This was a little longer than my normal blog but felt it needed to be to make sure I got it just right. Thanks for reading and of course I will update as I can.

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Spent all Friday as Susan

Well on my way home from Starbucks I made a quick stop at Kohl’s and looked around for a bit as I wanted to stay out a little longer as Susan. Didn’t find anything to buy but it was all about being out. When I left Kohl’s I realized today was the last of the month and I had some work I had to get done before the end of the day. The good part was it is done online so you guessed it I stopped at another Starbucks to do my work. It took me about 3 hours but as I was Susan it was almost fun. I got home a little after 6 and had a text from Cassandra that they were going to be at the P-Club by 7 so I quickly redid my makeup and off I went again.

I got to the P-Club right at 7 and Chris, Cristine, Bobby and Norma were already there. I ordered dinner as I was hungry plus I knew it would be a short night for me anyway. Cassandra and Wilma showed up about 7:30, seem there was a wreck and they got caught up in traffic.

We had a new t-girl show up Bob he came in boy mode, seems he met Amy and she told him about our group so he came to check it out. Funny thing Amy couldn’t make it but he showed by himself anyway to meet the group. He seems really nice and he likes to play pool so he will fit right in.

Diane also made it; she is in town from North Carolina. She is so much fun, Wilma and I played Diane and Victoria in shuffle board. It was a really close game but in the end Diane and Victoria won by 1 point.

BreeAnn also showed up, she lives in LA. I met her two years ago when Cassandra, Peggy and I went to Diva Las Vegas. We stopped in LA on the way down and back and went out to the Oxwood in Van Nuys. It was nice to see her again

Sophia, Lorna and Monica also showed up a little after 9 so I got to talk with them for a bit before I had to leave. Sophia and Lorna are coming out every other Friday so I will get to see them more and even Monica is getting out more with the group

Dee also showed up. I think I have met her before but not sure. Either way it was nice to talk to her and get to know a little about her.

We had a good turnout probably 20 T-Girls showed up which was good as the P-Club was really slow. At one point it was just our group. By about 9 they started to get a little busier. It was an awesome night even if I had to leave by 9:30 I was glad I went. I wish I could have stayed later but Susan had to be up early Saturday for work. I will miss the next 3 Fridays which will be hard so I my try to join them for dinner on Wednesday night in 2 weeks. This coming week my schedule is really messed up; the only chance I might have to get out is Thursday night.

Pictures from Diva Las Vegas 2011 have been posted on their page check them out.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Fun night with friends.

Well it was another awesome Friday night, I so look forward to them as I get to spend time with some of my best friends. I have said it before but to me it is not really where we are or what we are doing as long as I am with friends. Well I started getting ready at 5 pm as I wanted a little extra time to get ready and enjoy myself. I really enjoy the whole art of being Susan and that includes the getting ready as well as the getting undone at the end of the night although that part is always a little sad. I don’t want to be Susan all the time but I do wish I could be her a little more than I do at times especially when I have to miss one of my chances. Well I left my house a little after 7 and was to the P-Club before 7:30.

Well there were no parking spots in their lot and I found one on the street at the end of the block. I went in and they were packed, it turns out one of their regulars was having her 50th birthday party. Now I was a little over dressed compared to the other woman there as I worn one of my favorite black dresses, 4″ heels and my red lipstick. Well I walked through the club up to our normal tables which 2 were still open and sat down; I was the first one there. I was also very careful to walk as feminine as I could in my heels as I am sure people were watching. I waited about 10 minutes and still no one else had arrived so I walked back through the crowd and stood in line at the bar to order a drink and food again very careful of my walk. Now what I means about my walk is you can walk in heels but woman can do that walk where they place one foot in front of the other with a little swing to their hips which does take practice in 4″ heels and I can do it but I have to be thinking about it as it does not come naturally to me. While standing in line Michelle a GG I met here a while back came over and gave me a hug and said how nice I looked tonight. We chatted while I got my drink and then I was back to my table.

Soon other started showing up, Cassandra, Bobby, Cristine, Robin, Amy, Samantha, Sophie and her wife Lorna, and even Monica, sorry if I missed someone. We all ate dinner and had a great time. The lady celebrating her 50 birthday brought over some cake she had left over for us which was very nice, we all wished her a happy birthday and chatted for a bit.

Amy and I played a game of shuffle board and this week I won which made up for her winning last week. Some of the girls would dance and a few played pool but I was just having fun sitting and talking with my friends which is funny as my male self is not that big on just sitting and having a conversation. Veronica and I talked for a bit and I got to hear about her job as a truck driver and what she has been doing.

Robin and I also talked and got to find out about her transitioning to full time. She has told a few key people where she works and will go full time the end of the month. She is also changing her name and she has chosen Victoria which is very lovely but will take time to get use to calling her Victoria.

Soon I was at the table with Victoria, Monica, Sophie and Lorna and we were all talking. Lorna and I are not dancers so we really got a chance to talk as the other 3 kept going out to dance. Lorna has some great stories and so wonderful that she is supportive of Sophie.

This lady came over and wanted to compare heels as she was worried w3e may have hotter heels then she did. She was really fun and really had these bluish 5″ heels with platforms, they were really cute. We talked a bit before she left to join her friends.

A young girl came over and started talking, she thought I was so beautiful which again made me feel great, what girl does not love hearing that. We chatted for a bit and I could tell she thought we were all gay so I worked it into the conversation that we weren’t and that for me I just like to be Susan sometime but most times I am my male self. She thought that was great and I even got a picture with her. I really loved he eyes as she has the little wings that give that cat eye look that I just can’t seem to get the hang of.

Another couple came over Lisa and Frank, Lisa had been dancing with Robin, and Amy and sat and talked with us. Frank wanted to play some pool so Robin played him first and he won than Cassandra played him and won 3 games in as row. They were both really nice but Lisa had had a lot to drink so I think she may not even remember us being there last night.

A little later this guy came up and wanted to know if we would take a picture with him and well you all know how I and most T-girls feel about our pictures being taken. We could not get out of are chairs fast enough and pose with him. His girlfriend took a couple pictures and he thanked us and they left.

It was getting late and Tawny came back to say goodbye and gave me a hug and asked if we could get a group picture so again out came my camera and several of us posed with her, Veronica, Susan, Tawny, Robin and Cristine. This was great as it gave me a chance to take a couple pictures which I have not done for a while. It was a really fun night and We left the P-club about 1:30.

Veronica had taken a cab to the club as she had planned on drinking and didn’t want to drive which is very responsible. I think all the girls in our group are very good about not drinking and driving which is awesome and I have always told them I would drive them home if they needed as I don’t drink. Anyway I gave Veronica a ride back to her hotel and we stopped at Shari’s as Veronica was hungry plus I thought it would be fun to stop there and it gave us a chance to chat some more. It was also fun for us to walk into Shari’s in our short dresses and high heels. We did get some looks but no one said anything. I had a piece of pie and Veronica had breakfast and we sat and talked for maybe 40 minutes before leaving. Veronica’s hotel was just the other side of the parking lot so I dropped her off and then went home.

It was a really fun night and all because of my awesome friends. I am one blessed girl that way. Any way have a wonderful week and I am sure I will make it to Starbuck’s this week but probably Wednesday or Thursday night.

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Portsmouth Pizza & Pub

Well Friday night I made it out again, we are trying new places now so we decided to go to Portsmouth Pizza & Pub located at 5262 N Lombard St. Portland, OR 97203Phone: (503) 289-4644. It is an older building and is way bigger inside than it looks from the outside. I got there at 7:30 and went in, always a little fun and exciting walking into someplace you have never been before by yourself. Now this week I toned down my dress as last week at Easy Street I wore my red dress and felt a little over dressed so tonight I wanted to try and blend in a little so I had on my white Capri’s and a purple tank top, Of course I did wear my 4″ heels as a girl does want her shoes to stand out.

Cassandra, Wilma and Cristine were already there and had a table. Now in the back corner they have a dance floor and a DJ that plays music later in the evening. They have 2 pool tables by the bar and on the other side a ping pong table and a shuffle board table. They even have some pinball machines and a few video games, a good mix of things to do. Soon other girls started to show up and we put tables together. I think at one point we had 15 from our group there. Karen one of the GG’s we met at Candle light showed up as she live nearby and she joined us also, She was one of the people who recommender Portsmouth to us.

We all ordered food, I had the cheesy bread and it was so good, comes with a garlic ranch dip and for the money a good value. Some of the girls had pizza and said it was really good also and the prices were good. We had a nice time talking while we ate. I played a couple games of ping pong which I have not done in many many years. I lost one and won one so not too bad. It is a lot different playing in 4″ heels especially if you have to move quickly one way or the other, but I had a blast. I started to get really warm and as Susan does not like to sweat (not lady like) and ruins ones makeup I stopped playing. The only negative was how warm it was inside. As big as Portsmouth is it really was not that crowded maybe 50 to 60 people at any one time. It would be so hot there if they ever were really busy but maybe the air conditioner would come on more then also.

The staff was awesome and the lady who waited on us remembered most of our names which is always nice and with that many of us is pretty good as I have trouble remembering some of the names. Cassandra was talking to one of the customers at the bar and she called me over, the lady thought I was a gg, now it was dimly lighted inside and I was 20 feet away but still made me feel great. I know I will never pass but if I can at least make people wonder whether I am male or female then I am happy.

Later we all started to play pool; I did manage to win a couple games but the one that was the best I lost. Cristine broke and didn’t sink any balls. On my turn I sunk 6 in a row without missing, some were pretty hard shots as I had to bank them in. it was awesome and I was on fire. I wanted to quit right then, and should have. I did not sink another ball. Cristine actually sunk my last ball by mistake and I still could not sink the 8 ball and ended up losing, but the start of the game I will remember.

Later another regular customer came over and joined us playing pool, her name was Malory and she had on this really cute, low cute low cut blue dress. She played a few game with us and was so nice, told us all how beautiful we were. In all it was a very fun night and people seemed to accept us. Several of the female customers came over and talked to us, even leaving some of the men said good night and wished us a good night. I think the economy has really impacted business and now they are more open to people of all kinds. In any event any reason we can mingle with the general population and help bridge the gap, educate others about t-girls is a plus. Talking to one of the girls she thought we were all transsexuals, it gave us a chance to explain that not every guy dressed as a female wants to physically be a woman. Some of us myself included just like to dress up. We like the clothes, makeup and everything that goes with it but do not want to be full time. And that some of us are straight and not attracted to men. We are a diverse group of people and all have our own reason for how we live and that is what makes us so fun.

In closing I would give Portsmouth Pizza & Pub two thumbs up and highly recommend them. If you live in the Portland metro area give them a try. We stayed till closing so it was another late night but so much fun. Not sure where we will be next Friday but you can bet I will Blog again about it. I hope to get out more this week so till than have a great weekend.

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