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Friday night at the P-Club

Well another Friday night and I made it out with my friends again. I look forward all week long to my time out with my friends. I say it all the time but I am really lucky to have such great friends. Being able to talk and spend time with people who accept you and share your interests.

Well I got to the P-Club about 7:15 and there was no parking either in front or the parking lot. This was a first and after two trips through the parking lot I parked on the side street so I had about a block to walk. The P-Club was really busy tonight, not sure why but there was a good crowd there. Cassandra, Chris, Robyn and Kristy were already there so I joined them. It was nice to just sit and talk for awhile. We talked about Diva Las Vegas; I am still waiting to hear if I get my vacation. I hope to hear this next week. It was so much fun and I really want to go again this year. As of today they have 110 signed up to attend so far.

Well we all ordered dinner, I had the salad which is really good and healthier for me. They have really good food and I almost ordered the ribs as they look really good. Several of the girls have had them and say they are awesome. I am just afraid I might mess up my lipstick.

Shannon showed up with her boyfriend. Turns out her birthday is this Monday so we got a picture with her, Chris, Cristine and me as we all have birthdays in January. Shannon use to hang out with us a couple years ago at Embers and it was only a month or so again she joined our group. Her boyfriend is nice but I think he is a little uneasy around us still.

Jennifer also made it out. It was her first time out to the P-Club. She went to an event at the Q-Center and then stopped by after. It was great to see her again as I have only met her once at the Halloween party. We have e-mailed each other several times and I hope she can get out more. I couldn’t stay out late last night as I Saturday I had to work.

Peggy made cupcakes and sent them with Cassandra for my Birthday, how sweet was that. She was unable to make it do to work. They were so good, Thanks so much Peggy. It was a really fun night.

Some of the girls played pool but we never did get to play shuffle board. And I managed to stay out till about 11 which was later than I planned as I had to be up at 3:30 am. It was a short night but still so worth it. There were some picture taken and I hope to post them when I get them.

Thanks for reading.

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Starbucks on a Wednesday night

Well it has been another busy week so far and my only night available for Starbucks was tonight. It is funny as when I first started coming to Starbucks it was always on Wednesday nights but somewhere along the way it became hard to get out on Wednesday and I started doing the Thursday nights. They are really busy tonight but I did find a table in the back to sit at. It is kind of nice to go out on a different night for a change.

I am still waiting to hear on my vacation for Diva Las Vegas, I hope to hear by the end of the month. I really hope I can go as was so much fun the last two years and this year if I go Cassandra plans on going and maybe a couple others. One interesting thing is a couple GG’s we met the first year e-mailed Cassandra a couple weeks back and it turns out they were planning on going to Las Vegas for one of their birthdays and wanted to know if Cassandra would be there and when. Cassandra gave them the dates of Diva Las Vegas and the hotel we plan on staying if we go so we could run into them. Cassandra taught them how to play Blackjack the first night we were there. That was such a fun trip.

I really need to go do some shopping as I can always use some new outfits, a girl can never have too many cute outfits and shoes. Plus it is just fun to be out shopping. Strange as my male self is not that fond of shopping unless it is for Susan. I could really use a few more dresses in colors as most of mine are black. Funny when I first started going out I always picked black colors as it helps hide ones size but now I want to add a little color to my wardrobe. I also am in need of casual clothes especially if I go to Diva Las Vegas.

Well I made my appointment for a manicure and pedicure. Back at the Halloween party I won a pedicure that Cassandra had as prizes. Roxy one of the girls in our group is going to beauty school at Beau Monde and needs people to practice on so Cassandra got some gift certificates to there to help her out and I have just been so busy I haven’t found time but I was looking at my toe nails and wow do I need to do something so it is time. I figured as long as I was there I might just as well get a manicure too. I am really looking forward to it as it is so relaxing. My appointment is a week from this Saturday. I was going to do it this Saturday but turns out I have to work which is both good and bad. It is overtime so extra money for Susan to shop with but the bad part is I won’t be able to stay out as late Friday night.

Our group again will be out Friday night at the P-Club. It is so much fun to spend the night out with friends. We really do have a great group of girls and it makes it so easy to be out in public. We always have so much fun and the staff is just awesome there. Even the customers are really cool with us being there or at least I haven’t heard any comments about us. It is nice to have a place we can all go and feel safe and accepted. Some of the girls would like to try other places which would also be fun as trying new things is always good. It would also be cool if we could get things going on other nights when other girls might be able to get out. For me Fridays are the best but that may not work for others. Having more options is always better. Fridays and Wednesday night are our big nights with the group and a few even go out on Sunday night. I am not sure how late I will stay out Friday as I have to be up by 4 am Saturday, I am hoping to get to bed really early Thursday night so I can get extra sleep one of the reasons I am out tonight. If that works then I may try to make it till midnight.

The next two weeks will be busy with lots going on. Next week I hope to make it to Starbucks of course but then there will be my normal Friday night out, my manicure & pedicure Saturday and the our Super Bowl party Sunday. Lots of Susan time next week I hope. For the Super Bowl party I will bring a Vegetable tray, it gives me a chance to stop at the grocery store on my way over and pick it up. There should be a good turnout for the party as there will also be things to do for those who are not into football.

Well need to catch up on e-mails and do a little work before closing. Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Harvey’s Comedy Club with friends

Well Cassandra once again got us tickets to Harvey’s Comedy Club so a group of us planed ongoing. Once again our plan was to meet at Hamburger Mary’s at 7 pm and walk the 7 blocks to Harvey’s. That being said I wore my 2 ½ inch wedge heels as I can walk all night in them. Well I left home and drove downtown Portland and got there about 7 pm and parking was unbelievable. First the bi parking lot just across the street from Hamburger Mary’s had half of it closed for something so the lot was full. I ended up driving around for 40 minutes and could not find anything, even in the parking lots they were all full to. I was looking for any place to park. Well finally as I drove by the parking lot across from Ember a car pulled out and I didn’t even hesitate, I pulled right in and took it. It was $8 but I really didn’t care as I was tired of driving around. Now I had the 4 block walk to Hamburger Mary’s. Thinking back just a couple year I was so scared to walk across the street from this parking lot and now it was no big deal.

Well I was almost to Hamburger Mary’s when I realized I left my umbrella in the car and had to hope it didn’t rain, now as my male self rain never really bothered me, but Susan worries about her hair and makeup. It was almost 8 by the time I got inside and met up with my friends, they had just as bad of a time finding parking as they had to park way down by Fox & Hound which is about 6 blocks the other way. Some of the girls had ordered food but as we planned on leaving here at 8:30 to walk to Harvey’s I didn’t think there was time for me to eat so I just planned on waiting till we got to Harvey’s. Hamburger Mary’s was pretty busy but one of the fun things was when I came out of the ladies room another lady going in stopped me and told me how awesome I looked and gave me a hi-five which made me feel great. She even asked me if I was performing as they had a drag show going on. I told her no I would never get on stage and she just smiled and said to bad as I looked good.

Well at 8:30 we made our way out and walked the 7 block to Harvey’s and got there right at 8:45, we could pick up our tickets between 8:45 and 9:15 but the window was closed so we stood out in the cold and the wind waiting for the window to open. Again as cold as I was what bothered me most was the wind and what it was doing to my hair, such a girl. Well the window finally opened and we got our tickets and then went into the lounge to wait for the show to start. One good thing getting there early is we got the table right by the door to go into the show room. There were 9 of us including Ray; he is the son of Jan and Lynn. They couldn’t make it but there son wanted to go so he spent the evening with all of us girls.

Cassandra of course went to get a drink and the next thing you know she is talking with 2 really cute girls. I don’t know how she does it but the next thing we knew she was getting pictures with them. Well as we were standing in line I had Kristy take my picture as it has been while since I have gotten a picture.

Well soon it was time to go into the show and again we got a table close to the front, not as close as last time but still a good table. Our waiter came to the table and you could see he was a little surprised when he saw us but he did an awesome job. He treated us well and always referred to us as ladies. He took our drink orders and a few of us ordered food. I must say we have always been treated well here and never had a bad experience.

The show started and the host did a good job and the opening act was really good but the headliner he was awesome. His name is Dwight Slade and he actually is from Portland, he got his start here. His show was so funny and we never laughed so hard. A lot of his material dealt with things that had just happened so it was fresh and new. He even really picked on people in the audience. I would go back and see his show again in a heartbeat. If you get a chance to see him you should.

After the show our waiter gave us our bills and of course I had the chance to use Susan’s credit card again which is always fun. He thanked us for coming and invited us back again. I can’t say enough about the staff here they are awesome. This is really a fun night out with the group in a mainstream place.

After the show we left and started back to our cars. Now as I said earlier parking was horrible so we were all over the place. We walked as a group for about 5 blocks and then it was time to go our own ways. It was a little after midnight and I found I had about 6 blocks to walk by myself. Now even though it was late there were a lot of people on the street so I wasn’t too worried as I stayed to the well lit main streets. Next time though I think I will make a better effort to find out where the other girls are parking as it really is better and safer to walk in a group as I really don’t think any woman should walk alone. Well I made it to my car and made the drive home. What a fun night it was and great to hang out with my awesome friends.

I hope to make it to Starbucks this week and of course will be out with my friends next Friday at the P-Club. Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Friday night with friends

Well it has been a long and cold week, we have had snow and lots of rain and as such I have worked way to many hours. Tonight was the first chance I have had to even think about dressing. I was so looking forward to tonight all day as what I really needed was some Susan time with my friends. I was planning as usual to get to the P-Club by 7 or shortly thereafter but didn’t work out. I once again tried to do a Smokey eye look and just can’t seem to get it right. In the end I made it look good enough but still wasn’t what I was hoping for. Anyway it was about 7:40 when I arrived. Chris, Roxy, Amber, Jackie and Kristy were already there.

I joined them and it was nice to talk with Amber as it has been a long time since she has been out. It was nice to catch up and find out what was new in her life. We all ordered food and I once again ordered the salad as I am really trying to make an effort to eat better and hopefully lose some weight before Diva Las Vegas. Still haven’t heard if I can get the time off from work but still hopeful. At this point I am planning on going till I hear otherwise.

Also got to talk with Jackie, I think I have met her before but couldn’t remember when. She lives in Bend and was over for the weekend and thought she would join us. Either way it was nice to meet her and get to know a little about her. Talking with her I found out her wife knows about her dressing and is getting better and starting to accept it, she may even come out with her in the near future which would be good as I think it helps the wives to meet other wives in that are involved with T-girls and be able to talk. It is the same as for t-girls, once we meet others and learn we are not alone it is way easier to accept this part of our lives. Having friends that you can talk with and support you is the key to being happy.

We of course played shuffle board. Amber and I played Kelly and Bobby in a game. The table was in good shape which was nice as it made it more consistent to play. It was a close game but in the end Amber and I won. I even played a game of Pool with Darla which I won also so I was having a good night.

The highlight of the night was when Victoria and Cassandra played pool. Cassandra ran the table and was down to the 8 ball before Victoria had even sunk 1 ball. The funny thing was now with all the balls in her way Cassandra could not get a shot at the 8 ball. Well then Victoria sunk a couple balls and then on her net turn almost ran the table herself. She was down to her last 2 balls and called one in the corner and one in the side on the same shot. Everyone was watching and the first ball went in the side just like she called but the other one stopped just short of the corner and when I say just short I think the wind could have knocked it in. Cassandra let out a yell she is so competitive and told no one to move. We all looked for a moment then Cassandra stepped around to the end of the table to look at her shot and just then the ball dropped into the corner pocket. It must have hung there for a good 5 seconds or more before finally dropping in. it was an amazing shot. Well Victoria was laughing so hard no at the shot she just made she couldn’t see straight and missed the 8 ball which aloud Cassandra to shoot and she made it for the win. But truly I don’t think anyone will remember who won but we will all remember that shot for years.

It was also Chris’s Birthday so some of us brought cards or little gifts to help him celebrate. Chris is so supportive of all us girls and makes it so much fun to be out with. The gift that was the biggest hit was a little toy nerf dart gun. We all took turns playing with it.

It was a fun night all around. I would hues we had 10 to 12 of us there. Not as big a turnout but with the weather we have had it was good. I think it was about 1:30 when we finally called it a night. What a fun time. Since I didn’t make it to Starbucks this week I am going to go out Saturday night with the group to Harvey’s Comedy Club. Once again Cassandra got us tickets, Thanks Cassandra. So till my next post have a great day and thanks for reading.

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Friday night the 13th out with friends.

Well it has been a really busy week for my male self so I was really looking forward to Friday night and spending time with my friends. I did make it to Starbucks Thursday night but these were the only two nights I had opened this week. I was able to start getting ready just a little earlier so I was ready to leave about 6:45. One of the nice things about the P-Club is I am only 20 minutes or less away and really don’t have any bi traffic issues getting there. I got there at 7:15 and there was no street parking and only a couple spots in their parking lot so I grabbed the one closest to the door and went in. inside they were a little busier than normal but not enough to explain all the cars. Cassandra and Chris were already there so I joined them. The night was going great and even the whole day had been good. I have never figured the whole Friday the 13th thing out but then again I am not a superstitious person male or female. We sat and talked for a while and soon others T-Girls started to show up.

I went up to the bar and ordered some food; I had eaten pretty well all day so I went for the Chicken strips as I was really hungry. This also gave me a chance to talk with Nicole for a few minutes. She is one of the bar staff and just so awesome. She was all excited as she is leaving on vacation in a few days and will be gone for two weeks. She is going down to Belize to get some sunshine and warm weather. I am sure she will have a blast but we will all miss her the next couple Friday nights.

Now our group was really starting to grow, I would guess we had 20 to 25 there and had a blast. Even Jan and Lynn made it which was a surprise as they both had to work late, Jan did come in boy mode. This is something I have yet to do. Funny as easily as I go out as Susan I am still scared to go in boy mode even though I know it would be fine.

Olivia also made it out as she was in town. She also came as her male self. I have met her a few times over the last couple year. She doesn’t get out much as her wife is totally unsupportive of this side of her. It was nice to talk with her and get to know her a little better. I remember the first time I met her at Embers. It was her very first time out and she was so scared, reminded me so much of myself. I think I spent most of that night chatting with her. I really hope she can work things out as her female side is just as much who she is as her male side. I hope she comes out more with the group when she is in town.

Mindy was also there, she is a GG I met a little over a year ago. Now here is the soap opera, Mindy was there with her fiancé Andrew, his ex-wife and her boyfriend and also Mindy’s dad. Mindy is such an awesome girl and very supportive of us T-Girls. It was funny as the first night I met Mindy she had come to the P-Club with her boyfriend at that time and Maya. Now Mindy has always been a cowgirl and that night Maya had talked her into wearing a dress and heel. Turns out that was the first time she had ever worn heels and a dress so several of us spent the night helping her learn how to walk in her heels. It was such a fun night. Any way tonight she had on a really cute black dress and these awesome boots with 3″heels and she was walking around like she had been walking in them all her life. Just goes to show you can learn a lot for a T-Girl. Mindy and I even played a game of shuffle board which was nice as it gave us a good chance to talk. I won of course but then Mindy had never ever played.

After Mindy and I played shuffle board Her Fiancé’s ex-wife and her boyfriend wanted to play but didn’t know how so they asked me to explain the scoring and help them. So I was like the referee at the shuffle board game as they played. Really it didn’t take them long to figure it out but I stayed and watched the game which took a while as they also had never played and didn’t score many points at a time.

Brooke was out again which is so nice as for a long time she was unable to get out. I know firsthand how hard it is to want to dress and go out and not be able to. Just think of something you really like to do, something that make you really happy and relaxed and then imagine not being able to do that. It is the same way for t-girls. It was nice to chat with her as she is also going through a rough time. I think that is why our group is doing so well as having a support network and friends you can hang out with and talk to is so wonderful and important.

In all it was an awesome night as normal and a great way to end the week and start the weekend.

Thanks for reading and hope to be out again this week at Starbucks.

Diva Las Vegas is about 100 days away if you are thinking of going not too early to start planning. Still waiting to see if I get vacation but I am hoping as I really want to go back again this year, so much fun.

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Cold night at Starbucks

Well I wasn’t sure I would make Starbucks this week but I did which is nice as I so enjoy it.

Diva Las Vegas is only about 100 days away and they are starting to send out e-mail notices about every 2 weeks. A little timeline on the event, January 1 they opened up registration to those who have attended before, in the first week they had over 80 register. February 1 they will open registration for anyone who has signed up for the DLV announcement list. If you sign up for this it just puts you on the e-mail list and you will get all the information on events, hotels, and everything else going on. March 1 they will open registration for everyone. I think April 1 they will start doing signups for the different events. They are guessing right now that there will be 160 to 180 there would be cool if we could get more than that. It is a really fun week if you are looking to be out dressed.

Well as I said it is a cold night so going to Starbucks for something warm to drink and a little Susan time on the computer is just what I needed. It has still been really busy at work so any Susan time is great. Just a few hours out relaxing as Susan and I am calm and ready to take on the world again.

When I got to Starbucks not too many people were here but there was the group of ladies that seem to be here almost every week plus about 8 to 10 others. I really enjoy it when they are busy as it gives me a chance to people watch.

Tomorrow night our group will once again be out at the P-Club. It is our Friday night get together. We always have fun and usually have 10 to 20 there. The P-Club is a nice relaxing place to hang out with friends. We have talked about maybe trying another place every once in a while maybe on a Saturday night which I think could be fun. Saturdays are a little harder for me to get out on mainly because I can’t stay out as late as I can on Friday nights.

There is talk in the group about going out for dinner on a Saturday night which would be awesome as we would not be out to late. Maybe Who Songs and Larry’s or Henrys downtown Portland. We have been to both and always been to both places and always treated well. It is nice just to sit and have a relaxing dinner and good conversation with your friends.

We also have our Super Bowl Party coming up. A group of T-girls all watching football and cheering their teams on. Not something you see every day. We always have a great time though when we are together as a group. I think that is the key to being happy, having great friends.

Well must get to my e-mails and some work before Starbucks closes. I have decided I am going to really work on losing some weight as I really want to look good for Diva Las Vegas. I also need to start shopping for some new outfits not just for Diva Las Vegas but I need to expand my wardrobe. I will have to find time which may mean missing a few nights here at Starbucks.

Have a great week and thanks for reading.

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Out with friends at the P-Club

Well another week has come and gone, it is so hard to believe it is 2012 already. I was really looking forward to a fun night out with all my awesome friends. Friends are what makes life so much fun and it doesn’t matter if you have met them in person of just online, having someone who knows and understands you and accepts you for who you are is awesome.

Well I got ready to go and chose to wear a red dress I bought awhile back. I have never really worn it as it is a pretty casual dress and not something you would wear out to a club. It comes just below my knees so a little longer than I normally wear. It looks nice and is very comfortable. In case you haven’t noticed red is my favorite color followed by pink. I love red nail polish and lipstick although red lipstick is defiantly an evening color when going out clubbing. It really is funny how different colors can change your look as a guy you never notice this or think about it as men don’t wear makeup.

Anyway I got to the P-Club right at 7:30 and there was very little parking, I did find one spot on the street but it was down in front of the nail salon at the end of the building. I figured they would be real busy but they weren’t just so I don’t know where all the cars came from. Inside of course were Cassandra, Chris, Amy and a new girl and I feel really bad as I can’t remember her name, I think it was Sheryl but if you read this and I am wrong I am sorry. I joined them and we started talking. Sheryl was in town for the weekend and had contacted Cassandra about meeting us. She is married and her wife has no idea she crossdresses so this was a chance for her to get out. She seems really nice and had on this cute black skirt with a black and white polka dot top. It was nice to talk with her and get to know a little about her. She didn’t stay late as she had to be at work at 5 am, I know how that goes.

I was hungry so I went up and ordered something to eat; yes I am still trying to be good so I ordered the P-Club salad which is really good and a 7up to drink. Not sure if I have ever mentioned that but I really don’t drink as I have never really liked the taste of alcohol. I always thought it would be strange to go to a club or bar and not be a drinker but there are actually several of us in the group that don’t drink which is nice as we always have someone that can drive home if someone has a little too much. But really our group is really good about that so not very often do we need a designated driver. Anyway I talked with Nicole the one bar tender for a bit, found out how her New Years was as she didn’t work that night.

It wasn’t long and a few more girls showed up, it was a little slower night only about 12 of us, wow looking back 2 years 12 of us would have been a big night. I don’t think any of us thought we would have a big turnout after last weekend where we had a big group both Friday and Saturday night.

There were 3 GG’s playing pool next to us, it was funny as they were in jeans and tee shirts and no makeup and then there were us T-Girls in dresses and makeup. One of them kept looking over at us. Anyway a little later one of the girls came over and started talking with us; she was very nice and didn’t seem to have a problem with us being there. Now this is a highlight of my night, she looked at me and told me her friend thought I looked really cute and had awesome lips and wanted to kiss me. Her friend was smiling and looked a little embarrassed. Now I was really flattered so I waved her over and let her kiss me. It was a light kiss as I didn’t want to mess up my lipstick as it was still early. Cassandra took a picture with her cell phone but didn’t turn out to clear. Any way she was leaving but her two friends stayed and played pool with us for a while.

The evening was fun and some of the girls played pool, no one played shuffle board though. We mostly sat around and talked. I got a chance to talk with Brooke as she is going through a ruff spot as her family found out about her and not everyone is happy. The best I can do is listening and tell her to give them time to adjust, as it is big news to them and probably not something they have ever thought about. It will take a little time to understand. It is hard though as we all want to be supportive and help each other but really other than being there for them and listening there isn’t a lot we can do. We even talked about Diva Las Vegas and Brooke is thinking of going. Cassandra did book 3 rooms at the Imperial Palace as the price was too good to pass up; she had to give a different name for each room so one is in her name, one in her wife’s name and one in my name. I am still trying to get the time off; my boss says he should know hopefully by the end of next week so keep your fingers crossed.

It was a fun night and got me thinking about how we met. Seems to me I met Cassandra a couple time at Embers but we really didn’t talk a lot till early 2008, I was really shy, still am so I was pretty much a wall flower. I would just sit and watch the drag show and listen to others talk. Anyway Cassandra invited me to join her T-girl group which at that point only had about 20 members and only about 8 would come out. I think it was in the summer of 2008 I joined the group and as they say that is history. I have never looked back. I went from going out a couple times a year to going out twice a week. Now the group has 230 members and on a good night we can get 30 to 40 of us out at once

I have also been going to Starbucks now every week for over 2 years. Here is a little trivia about Starbucks and me. Susan loves her time at Starbucks but as a guy the only time I have been in Starbuck was once to by a gift card. Even now when I need a gift card for Susan I can buy it at most store that have the gift card racks. Funny the differences between Susan and my male self.

Well thanks for taking the time to read. Have a great week.

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Well another busy week but found time for Starbucks.

Well it has been another incredibly busy week but was able to find a little time for Susan. It is amazing how calming and relaxing it is even if only for a couple hours. Just being able to step out of my daily male life is wonderful.

Well I didn’t get home till almost 5:30 tonight so I was not going to make my normal 7 pm start time. The funny thing is not worrying about it seemed to make getting ready easier and getting ready faster. I was headed out the garage at 6:55 and as I do go to a Starbucks about 20 minutes from my house I was there by 7:15. There were only a few cars at Starbucks when I got here so figured it would be a quiet night inside, boy was I wrong. There was only one table open and a line ordering so I skipped the line and went and put my computer at the table. Even this blonde can think ahead.

Well as I said they are busy so a good chance to do a little people watching. It is funny as I was talking to a friend about why I come to Starbucks and for me it is simple. It is more fun than just sitting at home as Susan. For many years it was all about just dressing up but once I got the courage to go out that is what I want to do. I spend a lot of time getting ready and I want to be seen just like any girls does. I can sit here and hear bits of other conversations around me and just play or do work on my computer. Tonight I actually have some work I have to do by Saturday so this is a good chance to get it done.

Well I just got done talking with Cassandra on the cell phone. She is planning on going to Diva Las Vegas this year if I do so I better start working on my boss to get that week off. We were looking online at room rates and the Imperial Palace has great rates right now. You can get a deluxe room for 6 nights through Friday night for $180 + tax which would make it about $200, be sure and click promotions as they give a 20% discount if you stay 2 or more night. That means if we share a room it would be $100 each for the week which fits into almost any ones budget. Now I stayed there last year and the hotel rooms are average but then you are just sleeping and dressing there. The only thing I would mark them down on were there slow elevators so when it is busy you can wait for an elevator. Not sure if Cassandra’s wife Peggy will go or not plus there are a couple other girls talking about going. If you are thinking of going this year to Diva Las Vegas April 22 to 27 you may want to book a room. Cassandra is booking the room; actually I think she may book 3 just in case other want to go as she can always cancel if others don’t go. I am really getting excited about it as they have opened registration for those who attended before. We are only a little over 3 months away.

Well tomorrow night I will be out with my friends at the P-Club again and Cassandra and I will talk more than about Diva Las Vegas. I hope we have a good turnout as it is always nice to have a big group plus I can work on some of them about going to Diva Las Vegas. Next week I hope to make a Starbucks night again maybe a different night. I will also have to start thinking about some serious shopping if I am going to Las Vegas. I also hope to finally use my free pedicure I won at the Halloween party as my toe nails really need help. I am thinking about a week from Saturday so I will have to talk to Roxy if she is there tomorrow.

Well really need to get a little work done now so I will be signing off. Thanks for reading if Las Vegas sounds fun check out Diva Las Vegas web page.

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New Years 2012

Well it is a New Year now but what a fun time we had celebrating the New Year. Our group the Rose City T-Girls were going to meet at the P-Club at 7 and have a fun night. I was feeling a lot better so decided to wear my red dress as I don’t wear it that often. Was a little worried I might get cold but turns out I was fine the whole night long. I got to the P-Club about 6:30 and went in, I thought some of the girls might be early but turns out I was by myself till 7 when about 10 girls all showed up at one time. I got a couple tables as I knew we would have a good turnout. It was pretty slow at this time and one of the bar staff came over to see if I wanted anything, her name was April and she has worked a couple times on Fridays when we have been there so she kind of knows us. I was hungry so I went ahead and ordered a salad.

Several of the girls met at Cassandra’s and car pooled down so they would have designated drivers so everyone would get home safe, any way right at 7 pm about 10 of them all walked in at one time. It was almost like a parade. It is great that we do it this way as we really want to avoid anyone getting a DUI or worse having a wreck and getting hurt. Every years Cassandra makes sure we have designated drivers and it is usually easy as we have several girls who don’t drink.

Now I had to work Sunday morning but not super early so I figured I could stay till we ushered in the New Year and then leave and still get 5 hours of sleep so I was excited as last year I had to be up at 3 am so last year I only stayed till a little after 10.we had such a good turnout, I bet 30 or more from our group were there. It was so nice to see so many out at one time.

Maya was there and she had on this really cute dress so of course I had to get a picture with her. It was a black dress off the shoulder on one side and all sparkly. We had a good chance to talk which is always nice as she is working a lot now. Would be nice if she could get out more with the group but making a living must come first after all how else can a girl buy new clothes and makeup.

Teresa was there, she just got back from Thai Land, she had SRS surgery on December 6 and just got back on Dec 26 and is doing great and so happy. It is nice to see her out again and having fun. Got to talk with her about her trip and how she liked Thai Land. She pretty much stayed close to her hotel and hospital which I can understand as this was not a vacation.

Peggy was also there and it is always great to see her, she is Cassandra’s wife and so supportive of her and all of us for that matter and just a really good friend. She has met me at Starbucks a few times which is always nice. I should see if Peggy and Cassandra want to do dinner again as that is also a lot of fun.

Sophia and her wife Lorna also made it. They are also a really nice couple and fun. Lorna has some great stories and always fun to talk with her. We must have sat and talked for an hour. Seems they had a little electrical problem over Christmas and had no power which meant no heat.

We also had a new girl show up, Niky and her GG friend Bonnie. They were both so nice and easy to talk with. Bonnie is really supportive of T-Girls which is really nice. I think they met online and hit it off. Had a good chance to talk with Bonnie and Niky and get to know them a little which is always nice. It is always a little hard at first as you want to get to know them but don’t want to just ask them a bunch of questions and make them feel uncomfortable. I look forward to them coming out again so we can talk more. I should have gotten a picture with Niky as she is taller than me and I always love having my picture taken with tall girls as it makes me feel a little more petite.

I did play one game of shuffle board, Kelly and I took on Melisa and Katherine. It was a fun game and of course Kelly and I won. The shuffle board table really needs to be cleaned though as it was really sticky in some spots. In all it was a great night. The P-Club was not super busy as people would come for a while and then leave and more would come. Isaac was also working and he always works Friday so he knows us all really well, really the staff here is really awesome and they all make us feel welcome when we are there.

Brooke also made it out again which is nice. She has had a lot going on in her life lately and she really needs time out with her friends. I know how much I enjoy it so I can sympathize with her when she cannot get out. I hope she can get out more on a regular basis as we all love it when she comes out. We got a chance to talk for a while and of course one more picture after all it is New Years Eve.

We had an awesome night and at Midnight we made so many toasts to everyone and anything we could think of. The most important of all were our friendships we have made. It was about 12:30 when I finally left and went home. It would be a short night and I was tired today at work but it was so worth it and I would not have missed it for anything as I can think of no better way to start the New Year off then with good friends.

I want to wish all of you the Happiest of New Years, may your year be filled with joy, happiness and peace and may this New Year bring you all you deserve and want. I have so many wonderful friends both online and here in my group and I want you all to know how much your friendship and support means to me. Hugs to you all.

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