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Wednesday night dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory.

It is Wednesday and we are doing dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory on the Willamette river. We have gone here many times before and always treated wonderful and they have the best food. I actually picked this week place so I am kind of in charge. Now the funny thing is I drive almost right by here on my way home. now dinner is at so it will be a rush as I will not have much time between work and dinner and I have to drive home, become Susan and get to the spaghetti Factory. Now when I left work my GPS said I would get home at 5:30 but luckily I got home at 5:20, I quickly programed in the spaghetti factory and it said it would take 50 minutes to get there so I figured I needed to be ready and out the door by 6 so I started getting ready. I was ready and pulling out of my garage at 6:03, 40 minutes to transform to Susan. The good news is my GPSD was now saying 40 minutes to get there and it turns out traffic was not bad and I actually got here at 6:30. All the worrying I would be late and I was actually early.

They looked a little busy so I went in to get my name on the list, I figured we would have 6 or 7 but I told them 6 to 9 just incase and they said they would set up a table for 9 which was nice. One of out new members e-mails saying she was here and outside so I went out to see if I could find her, she was sitting on a bench looking out on the river. Her name is Stacy Lee and it was nice to meet her. This is her first time out with the group but she has been out before but not for over a year. Wee went back inside to wait for others to show up.

Melissa and her wife were the first to show up followed by Christie who just joined our group. Jennifer also showed up and one other girl so we had 7. It is really nice to see our newer members getting out, as I said this is Stacy Lee’s first time out with the group and pretty much the same for Christie, she did stop by the Escape Saturday to meet a few of us but was only there a short time and Jennifer joined the group a few months ago and her first time out was when we came here the last time. We talked for a little whole before ordering dinner just incase anyone else showed up. Right after we order Kitty showed up so we actually had 8 for dinner this week. We have been doing pretty good on attendance for our Wednesday night dinner usually 7 or 8 although we still have the occasional 2 and sometimes more than 10 but I think it is becoming a steady outing for our group and it really is a nice way to get to know each other better. It really is funny as so many in the group are my best friend, more like family and a few Julie, Cassandra, Peggy, Jan and Lynn probably know almost everything about me as we have done things together when we were not our female selves.

I have come a long way over the last 10 years. We had a nice time and great conversation and got to know more about our newer members. I really want to make them feel welcome as it can be hard the first time you venture out in the world. Our dinners came I had the Chicken Parmesan which I love and the one here is awesome. There is just something special about being out with my friends at a restaurant with a bunch of other people and being treated the same as everyone else. Melissa and I joked about it that if someone had told us 15 years ago, we would be out like this we would have thought they had lost their minds as I was just trying to work up the courage to get out of my car.

After we ate, we sat and talked, it was so much fun. Turns out Stacy Lee lives a couple hours north of Portland and drove down just for dinner. We actually have several girls that come down from the North, some spend the night but a lot drive back after. Maybe this summer I will try to get down to Salem for a night with our members down there. Maybe I can get Alice out if I do go to Salem as she lives down there, she really helped me get out the first few times. She would e-mail me and let me know when she was in town going out and I would go join her at Embers.

It was a little after 9 when we all left. It really was a fun night. I really do love the Wednesday night dinners but as I work later now they are a little harder to do as it is usually 5:30 give or take 15 minutes when I get home from work and that will make it hard to be there by 7 but I could still go and just realize I will be late on occasion. Besides Julie should be back in town in a week or so and I am so looking forward to seeing her. Her and Trixie spend the winters down in Palm Springs. It was a little after 10pm when I got to bed, not a long night out but so worth it. My next night out will be Saturday and back to the Escape. It is fun but I may see if I can get tickets to Harvey’s again and see if the group wants to go.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new.

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Saturday of Easter weekend at the Escape.

It is Saturday and yes that means I get to go out as Susan and I am looking forward to it as I missed our Wednesday night dinner this past week. Now this is Easter weekend so I am not sure how many will be out but it will still be fun. I hope everyone has a Happy Easter, I will be having my Mom over for Easter dinner so I spent the day cleaning and making sure any Susan stuff is put away as she does not know about this side of me, her Daughter she doesn’t know about. It was about 4 when I started getting ready and I was really looking forward to tonight as I have another new dress to wear. I bought two new ones at JC Pennies right after Diva Las Vegas as they were having their Easter dress sale.

I got to the Escape about 5:30 and went in. I got my usual table and ordered dinner and got out my computer to pass time as I waited for others to show up, the first thing on my list was to write my blog from Last Sunday wow almost a week late. I am finding the time to be Susan and get out but having a hard time finding the time to keep my blog up. I had just finished eating and writing my blog when Christie showed up. She is one of our newer members to our group the Rose City T-Girls, she actually just joined this week. She has gone to Victoria’s Over The Rainbow for transformations, this is where she learned of our group but this was her first time out in public. It was nice to meet her and get to know her. We also had another new member Michelle, she was in boy mode but was able to get out and meet the group. it was nice to talk with her and get to know her. hopefully she will come out more.

Around 7 Melissa also showed up, she had been chatting with another new member who was going to try and make it tonight. In the end they didn’t, it was also her first time going out and well the cold feet struck as it has with all of us. It really can be so hard. I have mentioned this before in blogs but I think it is worth repeating. I started with late night drives and when finally decided I was going to go out someplace I picked Embers which I new at the time was very LGBT friendly and that other t-girls went there. I worked up my courage and got there and parked across the street and worked up my courage to get out of the car, it took a full hour and in the end I couldn’t, I drove home never leaving my car. I actually did these 3 times, drove there, sat in my car for an hour and then drove home. it was the fourth time that I was actually successful and not because of anything I did. On the 4th time after sitting in my car for an hour I was just getting ready to leave yet again when I heard a tap on my window. It was another T-girl named Lori and she asked if I was going in. I was scared but not alone and o walked in with her and it was an incredible night thanks to her. I go out all the time and it is so natural and easy now but I remember that first night. so those of you out there don’t get discouraged as it is really hard but it is so worth it. Reach out to someone if you can, if you are a member of our group of just coming to Portland and want to go out contact me, I am always willing to walk out and meet you so you don’t have to walk in alone. I have never forgotten the kindness Lori showed me and I like to pass it on when I can.

Well now the important part, I have a new dress tonight and yes, I had to get some pictures, Melissa was nice enough to take them for me. I always try to get pictures but so much more fun when I have a pretty new dress to show off. A couple other girls showed up and it was great to see them also. I really do like spending time with my friends. Lauri also showed up around 10 so we had 6 of us here tonight. Melissa and I talked about Wednesday nights dinner and we decided to go to the Spaghetti factory on the Willamette River, we have gone here several times.

It was about 11 when I called it a night. It was a fun night out. Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Sunday Susan time yes at Starbucks

It is Sunday and yes, I am going to Starbucks for a few hours. I know it may seem silly to take the time to become Susan just for a few hours at Starbuck’s but I enjoy it and that is all that matters. Besides I don’t think I will be able to get out this week for Wednesday night dinner so I have to enjoy the time I can get. As with anything we do or enjoy life sometimes gets in the way so when you have the chance to do something you like you should.

I got a late start so it was almost 5 when I got to Starbucks and yes, they were a little busy but there was 1 table open by the windows. I did get a selfie before going in. I got my drink and sat down and got my computer out. As always my first thing to do was write my blog from Saturday night. Saturday night I wore one of my new dresses which always makes the night special, if you are interested, I have pictures in my new dress on the blog. Now I have 2 more new dresses and I plan on wearing one next Saturday to the Escape and hopefully I will be able to make the Wednesday night dinner after Easter and will wear the other one. It is funny as when I get new clothes for my male self it is just that, never even think about it but when I get something new for Susan especially a dress, I can’t wait to wear it and be seen in it.

Now on a side not let’s talk about passing as this is the question, I get asked a lot. How do I manage to pass or if the person e-mailing me can pass? Now if you are talking being taken as a genetic female the simple truth is no in 90+% of the cases and yes that goes for me also, I do not pass unless it is a dark bar, the person has been drinking and lost their glasses. By this I mean if you are the average size male then you are a big female, broader shoulders, neck, bigger hand & fingers, different muscle tone and shape and so many other things that are different between the sexes. If you are only willing to go out if you can pass this way you will live in your house. That being said you can still pass and by that I mean going out and having people accept you and treat you how you present, the key to this is to smile and act like this is the most normal thing you could do and also be nice and try to present as a female in a respectful way. By this I mean if you appear to be making fun or disrespecting females you will have issues. Now I will admit I probably get some looks; I don’t even notice any more but I don’t think I have ever had an issue or someone say something directly to me that was negative. Going out and being accepted and treated as I present is passing to me. The reason I even bring this up is life is too short to not do something you want or like just because you are worried what others will think. Let’s talk sports and I will use golf as an example. If you like golf at some point you had to start and you were not good but if you never tried it because you didn’t think you could play that would be sad and you would have missed all the fun of learning and getting better and no matter how good you play there is always someone that can out play you at some point. I will never be a professional golfer but I still go golfing and still enjoy it and it is the same for dressing. Besides the ore you do it the better you will get. I still try new looks and watch makeup videos and try to better how I look and act and be a better lady.

Well back to my normally scheduled blog. After I wrote my blog and answered a few e-mails I just relaxed and played on my computer looking up things. People came and went and really no one paid any attention to me at least that I noticed. It was a relaxing evening and I stayed here till almost 8 before leaving. On my way home I made a stop at Burger Kings drive through to get something to eat. It was a relaxing evening out and that is what is important.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog.

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Saturday and going out to the Escape

It is Saturday and that means going to the Escape tonight for a little Susan time and to see some of y friends. Yes, I pretty much go to the Escape every Saturday night. Now there is good and bad about this. It is good for the group and its members to have a regular place they now others will be, someplace they feel comfortable, someplace they don’t have to wonder if others will be there. They just know if they show up here there will almost always be another member of our group here. On the bad side there is something about going to the same place all the time but then who am I to talk as I pretty much go to the same Starbucks every week but then that does make for what some may call a repetitive blog. Any ways what ever it is or what others might think it is Saturday night and that means Escape for me. Now a couple girls, Nicole and Patty said they were planning on going so I posted I would be there between 6 & 7 with the hope of being there earlier.

I didn’t get home till almost 4:30 so it would be a rush to get ready if I wanted to be there before now when I was out shopping the beginning of the week on Monday and Tuesday, I did buy 3 new dresses and that means tonight is a new dress. I decided on the black and gold one and the main reason is it is a little shorter then the other two and I figured at the bar sitting would be a good choice. Now by shorter I mean mid-thigh instead of knee length, it is also more form fitting and as I wanted to wear my corset tonight it would be perfect. I was all ready and on my way by 5:20, I got to the Escape a little before 6 and parked and of course got a selfie before going in. There are just times with the right light my makeup looks flawless in pictures. Now just to be clear I do not touch up any of my photos as I want to see and present the real me. Now for those of you who tell me my pictures always look perfect (thanks) or I never have a bad picture I can assure you I do but this is my blog and I can pick the pictures I post and I only post the nice ones.

I got inside and got our table and ordered my normal Hamburger, yes, another repetitive part of Saturday but they really do have wonderful food here and my favorite is their Hamburger. I played on my computer as I ate waiting for others to show up. It was about 6:20 when Nicole showed up, I have known her for over 5 years as we first met at Washington Square back in February of 2014, she was in boy mode at that time. Yes I looked back in my blog, one of the reasons I love keeping a blog. She has really come a long way since then but then so have I and so many of my friends. I put my computer away as I wanted to talk with her and catch up, yes Susan loves to talk unlike my male side. Yes, we talked a lot about Diva Las Vegas, I am hoping she will go one of these years.

Patty showed up a little before 7 so there were 3 of us now. Any way I of course wanted a picture of my new dress so I asked Nicole to take a couple and she did of course this started something as I was soon taking pictures of Nicole and then Patty. Again, one of the differences between my male and female sides are pictures, Susan love them and my male side avoids them. I bet I don’t have more than 2 or 3 pictures of my male self in the last 15 years. Now I liked the way the pictures turned out as you can kind of see some curves and I think I look a little more relaxed in these pictures. I still need a lot of work on my full body pictures though. Now I don’t know how girls keep their dresses down as every time I sat down this dress rode up as do all my short dresses. I saw a couple other girls with dresses that were shorter then mine and they didn’t have the problem when they say down. Must be something about the hips.

Now Nicole and I got talking about when she was here in November, yes, I looked back in my blog to find it. That night we had a couple girls that came over and talked to us and yes, they had been drinking. We were trying to remember their names and it turns out they were Melinda and Nicole. Nicole was the one who drug us out on the dance floor. Any way at the time the girl named Nicole told us she came here all the time and as I come here pretty much every Saturday night, I had never seen her here before or since. Well normally this would not have made it into my blog and I wouldn’t have looked back to find her name but as it turns out she showed up tonight about 10:15 to sing karaoke. If only my friend Nicole had stayed longer, don’t worry there was no dancing and I didn’t even get a chance to talk with her but I just find it funny that we were talking about her and then she showed up.

Another girl from our group showed up and its was good to see her, we talked about Diva Las Vegas, she has gone with us before a few times but the last two years her schedule just didn’t work out. I hope she will go next year again. Nicole left about 9:30 as it was loud now with Karaoke, it was really good to see her again and she is hoping to be back in a couple weeks for a Wednesday night dinner.

Lauri showed up a little before 10 so she just missed Nicole. It is funny as we have our early night girls and our late-night girls and our all-night girls. When I first started going out, I never went out early, I wanted to make sure it was dark out and my neighbors were inside. Depending on the time of year it was any where from 8pm to 10pm before I went out and we almost always closed down the bar (Embers) we were at which means it was usually between 2am & 2:30am when we left and on a few occasions I went and got something to eat with a few of the girls before going home. Now I like to get there between 5 and 6 and by 10 I am ready to call it a night. I like to think it is being responsible and not the fact I am getting older but in reality, it is because I have become so comfortable as Susan, I am able to go out earlier and not care if my neighbors are out. I use to look out all the windows, get in my car and open the garage and look again, then carefully pull out and make sure no one was out, if I saw someone I would back, back into my garage and close the door and wait. There were time I stood looking out my window for 30 minutes or more waiting for the coast to be clear. Now I don’t even look I just get in the car and open the garage door and go, some of the time I open the garage door before I get in the car. It really is a wonderful feeling.

Now Lauri and one of our other girls played some pool and Patty and I sat and listened to people sing Karaoke and it was fun. It was almost 11 when I went up and paid my bill and called it a night. It was a fun night out. I plan on getting out to Starbucks Sunday for a few hours and also hope to make Wednesday night dinner this week.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what Susan is up to now.

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Tuesday and the final day of my vacation and my nails are gone

It is Tuesday and the final day of my vacation as I go back to work tomorrow. My plan for the day was to do a little shopping at Clackamas Town Center in the morning and then go have my nails removed. I got up early and got ready and was on my way a little after 9, of course I got caught in traffic so I didn’t get to Clackamas till almost 10 which is when the stores start opening. I parked by JC Penny’s and went in. I decided to look around and got to the hoe section and they had a rack of marked down shoes so I started looking. There were several really cute ones and they were all less than $10 so I started trying on shoes. I tried on maybe 7 pairs and only 1 fit, black ankle boots with a heel and it was only $8.99 so I decided to buy them. I continued walking around and came to there dress section and they had a sale on dresses also 40% off. I looked at them and found a really cute salmon color dress and it was in my size so I went and tried it on and it fit. They also had a purple one in the same size so I decided on both. All together both dresses and the boots came to $90.

Now with my first purchase down I was out into the mall. Now the mall was not busy at all. I wondered into a few stores and looked around but as I have said before it really is just about being out as Susan. Of course, I had to go into Victoria’s Secret and look around, also Nordstrom’s, Macy’s to name a few. Around noon I made my way up to the food court and went to Panda Express and got lunch. Again, looking around the food court which is really big there was maybe 30 people and I am guessing a third of them were probably workers in the mall. After I ate, I made my way back to JC Penney’s and out to my car.

On my way home I stopped and picked up some flowers and then stopped at the cemetery and put them on my Dad’s grave. I still wonder what he would have thought about me as Susan, the daughter he never knew. There were a few other people at the cemetery about 100 feet away but I kind of had my back to them. I am pretty sure they didn’t notice anything. I was here about 20 to 30 minutes before I left. Now it was the long drive to the nail salon. Now I have been going back and forth about which nail salon I was going to go to, I love Nails, I have gone here a couple times as my male self for pedicure and manicure when I get my oil changed at the dealer but they are closed on Tuesdays. Creative nails which I have been to a few times for manicures as my male self, or the place I got them done for my trip, Reflections nails & spa, all are good and have treated me well. I decided to go with the place I got them done for the trip. I got there about 1:40, 2 weeks and 1 hour from the day I got them done. Now I didn’t make an appointment as I only decided on this one about 10 minutes earlier.

I walked in and there was 1 lady getting her nails done and 1 man getting a pedicure. Ass I walked in the lady at the counter looked at me and said hi Susan glad to see you back now I know I am more memorable then the average lady but to remember my name was awesome. She asked if I was her for a fill and I told her I needed them removed or shortened and natural looking she showed me to a table and told the girl what I wanted. and grabbed a polish she said was natural. The lady removed the old bright polish and my nails looked so plain. Once that was done, she asked me how short I wanted them and I told her really short so she cut them down and filed the acrylic down and then did a fill. Now they were really short compared to what I had but probably a little longer then I should have gone. Now it was time for the gel polish and it was a clear with just a hint of pink. She put a base coat on and then the first coat of the polish and it really wasn’t noticeable. She followed with a second coat and still not that noticeable and then a top coat. They looked nice with just a hint of pink. As I left, they told me to come back. I would recommend them if you want to get your nails done as they did a great job.

I got in my car and as I pulled out the sun hit my nails and wow, they were pink, I mean pink, I think the fact she used a light pink acrylic powder made it pop. Now what to do. I thought about going back and having them redo them but felt bad about doing that as they really did a nice job. I decided to drive to Creative nails and get a color change. I got to Creative nails and went in and told them I needed a color change. I had to wait a few minutes and then I was sitting at the table. The lady removed the pink polish smoothed out my nails and put a clear coat on them. Now the funny thing is I got talking with her and the lady next to me getting her nails done and what we were talking about was College basketball. They are both fans and have been watching the games. Now 10 years ago I would never have believed I would be sitting in a nail salon getting my nails done as Susan and talking with other woman about college basketball. Now even with just a clear coat my nails have just a hint of pink from the pink acrylic but they look nice and natural other then being really shinny and a little long. Now my nails are not real long but they look longer than they are. The reason is the nail tips I had put on to make them long, with the clear polish if you look closely, you can see where that is. The red line on my nail is the end of my finger, the blue line is where the nail tip starts and it makes it look like that is the end of my finger, kind of like a light French tip. They do look nice though and yes once again I have acrylic on my nails.

After the nail salon I stopped by the Starbucks by my house for a little while before going home and changing back to my mail self. It has been a fun two weeks of living as Susan.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Monday and the day I say goodbye to my nail’s day 13 of my vacation

It is Monday and the day I have not been looking forward to. I have to remove my beautiful nails. Now I don’t really have plans as to what I will do but I will end the day at the nail salon. I have a meeting tonight at 6 so my plan is to find a nail salon about 3 and have my nails removed and that should give me time to get home and change back to my male self and make it to my meeting at 6. Now that means I want to enjoy a as much time as I can as Susan with my nails.

I got up early and got ready. I have a new shade of red lipstick I wanted to try and even tough it might be a bit bright for the day it matches my nails and that is what matters. I got all ready and was on my way. I figured I would go back to Cascade Station by the airport as they have some store I wanted to check out. My first stop was Target as they open early. I got there just before 9 and went in. now I wasn’t really looking for anything special it was more just being out shopping. I looked at clothes, shoes, electronics and of course the makeup section. In the end the only thing I bought were some makeup wipes.

I left here and went over to Ross Dress for Less and went in. I spent some time here looking at dresses and I ran into another transgender person and we talked as we shopped. She is transitioning although other than her purse and heel you would not be able to tell. I did find 1 dress that was really cute and so I bought it. It was now after 10 so all the stores were open so I went to DSW shoes and looked around, I found a few cute shoes and tried them on but they were all just too tight. My shoe size is between a 10 and an 11 depending on the toe width so I guess I am luckier then most t-girls in that fact. I also went into the Nordstrom’s Rack and looked at shoes and then a quick stop at ULTA and got some face powder. My next stop was Best Buy and again just to look around.

It was a little after 11 now and I figured I would stop at the Starbuck’s here for a break and to write my blog from yesterday. They were busy but not as busy as yesterday and there was one table open by the door so I set my computer on it and went and stood in line to get my drink. I finished my blog and then started surfing the internet. Now there is a new movie out called Shazam which I kind of want to see as I remember as a kid watching it on Saturday mornings. Now it just came out Friday so I will have to wait a while as I hate going to Movies when they first come out. Now what caught my eye was the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, I have heard how good this movie is from so many people and I really wanted to see it but thought it was out of the theaters but it is still playing at the Fox Towers downtown and they have a showing at 1:45. I looked at the time and it was 12:45 so I could make it if I hurried. I have to admit going to the movies as Susan is way more fun then as my male self. I debated it for a few minutes and decided to go as I really wanted to see it in a theater. I parked and went in it was about 1:30 so I got there just in time. I bought my ticket and went into the theater and found a seat. I figured being a Monday afternoon there wouldn’t be many people there but to my surprise it was almost full.

Now going to a movie is one of the easier things because it really is the going in and going out where you are noticeable nice the movie starts and the lights go down you are just another body in the dark. Now I grew up n Queen songs and the movie was awesome, as good as everyone told me it was. It is long though over 2 hours but so worth it. I walked back to my car and looked at the time, it was almost 4:30. That’s when I remembered my plans for the day. I was downtown Portland at 4:30 as Susan and still have my nails and have my meeting at 6 only 1 ½ hours away. With traffic it would take me almost that long to get there. I quickly called and made an excuse as to why I wouldn’t be there tonight as I cannot show up as Susan. On the bright side I get one more day with my nails. But tomorrow I can’t make the same mistake as on Wednesday I have to be at work.

I headed for the Starbucks by my house as I figured that would be a good place to end my day before going home. I got there about 5:40 and went in, they were a little busy so I had to sit at a table in the middle by the door but my computer is fully charged so I am good for a couple hours and I am sure a table will open by the window and I can move and plug it in then. I wrote part of this blog tonight while it was still fresh in my mind and will finish it and post in the morning. I did get a couple selfies also including my nails which I get to keep 1 more day, this means I will have had them for 2 full weeks as I got them on Tuesday March 26. This is the longest I have had long red nails. By the way I measured them and they are ½ inch long past the end of my finger. I stayed here till a little after 7 before I left.

My next stop was Wendy’s for something to eat. There is a Wendy’s I go to as Susan and I first started going here a couple years ago as they had an all-female staff. It took about 15 minutes to get there and I was surprised how many cars were in the lot for almost 8 at night. Now as I said they had an all-female staff but over the last year I have seen 1 or 2 males working here but tonight it was about a 50/50 split. There were probably 7 males working here, now being a fast food restaurant most of the employees are high school age or slightly older but not one of them seemed to even noticed anything different about me and treated me just like any other customer. It was about 8:30 when I headed for home and my last night with my nails, tomorrow will be so sad.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Sunday and a relaxing day of Susan at Starbucks.

It is Sunday and I slept in till 9, I got up and didn’t know what I was going to do other then this afternoon and evening I want to go to the Starbucks near my house I have been going to. Now with that I really didn’t want to get dressed to early and yet I just didn’t want to sit at home. I decided to go to the Starbucks’s at Cascade station by the airport as my male self and see if anyone said anything about my nails. I was almost there and I drove right by an IHOP and it looked like it was not busy so I decided to stop for breakfast. I went in and got a seat. Now I wasn’t trying to hide my hands but I also wasn’t making them really visible either. The waitress came and asked what I wanted and I told her as I pointed at the menu but she was looking down writing so I don’t think she noticed. Now I must have got there at just the right time as I no more then ordered and people started coming in, they actually had a line. I ate my meal and not sure if anyone around noticed. My bill came and I handed her my credit card so I know she saw them at that point but she said nothing. It was kind of a letdown. I left here and drove around the corner to the Starbucks and went in with my computer. Wow they were busy, not an open seat and the line sent from the front all the way to the back door. Must have been 30 people in line so with no place to sit I left. I guess Sunday morning is a busy time at Starbucks.

I drove back to Vancouver and went to a Starbuck’s I have gone to a couple times that has a drive through and that was a good choice. There was only 1 man inside on his computer so I went and ordered my drink. Now I have the app on my phone but it is under Susan so I used my credit card and again the young lady at the counter was looking at my face and not my hands when I paid so I don’t think she noticed. I sat at a table and wrote my blog from Saturday. A few more people came in and 1 guy sat right next to me with his computer. I know he had to see my nails but never said a thing and seemed not to pay any attention. One of the older ladies (maybe mid 30’s) working here was walking around and she came by a couple times and asked how I was doing. I am pretty sure she noticed my nails. I finished my blog and then just played on my computer. I figured I would stay till 12:30 before going home and becoming Susan. About 12:15 a young lady sat down at the table next to me and had some books and a computer she was working on, thinking she is doing college work. She looked over at me a couple times but really paid no attention to me. I left at 12:30 and went home to change.

I was already by 2:30 and on my way. Now I didn’t want to go to the Starbuck’s by my house yet as I will probably be there till 8:30 tonight so I thought I would go there around 5 so what to do till then as it is really raining today. I decided to do something I have never done, go back to the same Starbucks I was just at a couple hours ago as my male self and see what happens. I got there just before 3 and walked in not knowing what would happen. Now the girl that was sitting next to me was still there so I put my computer on the table next to her, on the other side as I didn’t want to sit at the same table. I then went up and ordered my drink. Now earlier I had an iced green tea so this tie I went with a Hot Chocolate. There were a couple people in line so as I waited, I noticed the young lady who helped me earlier and she called the next person to her register which was me so I went over and ordered my drink. Tis time I paid with my phone and she gave no indication she recognized me. Now I went t get my drink and the lady who made it was the same lady that had asked how I was doing a couple times earlier. She was very pleasant and wished me a nice day. I am not sure she may have figured it out. The girl I sat next to really didn’t pay any attention to me but she did ask me to watch her stuff when she went to the bathroom and thanked me when she came out but I don’t think she figured it out as she was really focused on what she was doing. I stayed here till a little after 4 before leaving. The ne lady came around a couple times and asked how I was doing but she was also asking other peole the same thing. It was kind of fun to be here both as male and female only a couple hours apart.

Okay a quick update on my Diva Las Vegas trip. The other thing I did this morning is count my money and figure out my expenses. The good news is when I cleaned out my wallet, I found $100 bill I had hid so I came home with $369 more than I went with. My expenses were $599 for hotel, $402 for food, $190 activities and getting my nails done, $231. For gas. Total cost (minus what it will cost me to remove my nails) $1422. The money I won playing blackjack brings my cost for 10 days / 9 nights to $1053. I put this in here because a few girls asked how much it would cost to go to Diva Las Vegas and this will give them an idea. Couple things to remember though, we were there longer then Diva Las Vegas was so that would bring cost down a little but on the other hand I don’t drink alcohol and soda pop is a lot cheaper than alcohol. That being said had we stayed on the strip at the Flamingo for those same 9 nights my hotel bill would have been over $1,600 with resorts fees.

got to the Starbucks near my house about 5 and went in, they were a little busy but there were a couple tables open one by the windows where I like to sit so, I set my computer down and went and stood in line to order. Now it has been several weeks since I have been here and there were some new girls working but a few of them remembered me. I got compliments on my nails from a few of them as they really do look great. I sat down and played on my computer and just relaxed. I stayed here till about 7:30 before leaving as I wanted to stop by Subway and get something to eat and they close at 8. On the way out several of the ladies here wished me a good evening by name which always makes me feel good.

I got to Subway and there was a young man working there. He was really nice and always referred to me as Miss, actually with every question, what would you like Miss, what kind of cheese Miss, everything he said had the word Miss at the end of it. Now I got talking to him and it seems this Subway is going t close in the fall as it is not doing enough business which is a shame as I come here pretty regular both as Susan and my male self. It really is the only place I go to as both sides of me. But I will admit I have never really seen them busy. I took a couple selfies one with my nails. I will so miss my nails.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what Susan is doing now.

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Saturday and home from Las Vegas

It is Saturday and I am home from my Diva Las Vegas vacation although I still have a few more days of vacation. I don’t go back to work till Wednesday which is nice but I do have things I have to do Monday evening so I will have to remove my nails on Monday afternoon. Now I been wondering what people would think or say if they saw me as my male self with these nails. Well I decided to test it today. Now as I slept in today after getting home so late, I didn’t get out of bed till almost 10am. I got all cleaned up and made sure all traces of makeup were gone and then got dressed in my male clothes. It was different as I have been Susan for 11 days straight. Now it was time to see what happens. I drove to Starbuck’s the first one I ever went to as Susan but this time as my male self. It is about 25 minutes from where I live, I got there just about noon and with my computer in hand I went in. now I have only been in Starbucks a few times when I have not been Susan so it is a little different.

I stood in line and waited my turn. When I got to the counter, I ordered a hot chocolate and paid the young girl with cash at which point she saw my nails. She casually replied back, I love your nails, I so like the bright colors like red, I wish I could have nails like that. I thanked her and told her I loved the reds also and that was it. I got my drink and sat down at a table between a couple woman and started writing my blog from Friday’s trip home. I was here a couple hours and as far as I could tell no one even noticed my nails or at least no one said anything and I didn’t really notice anyone looking at me. I was only here for a couple hours before heading home to get ready to go to the Escape tonight.

I started getting ready a little after 3 with the hopes of being to the Escape around 5 as I wanted a little more time out as my vacation is quickly coming to an end. Now I was doing my makeup and yes, I have a couple brushes and even a beauty blender sponge but I always seem to just use my fingers as I think it works better. But what I found on vacation is with my long nails it is hard to do the foundation especially around my eyes. Now in Las Vegas I was using some old cosmetic triangle sponges but today I decided to try the beauty blender sponge again. The last time I used it I put foundation on my face and used the sponge to spread it and blend it and really couldn’t see a difference but today I did like they show in the video and put just a little foundation on the back of my hand and dabbed the sponge in it and started tapping around my face. Turns out it really does make a difference how you use it. I used way less foundation and I think my face looked better. I think I will use it the next few times and see if I can get the same results.

Now with my makeup done I picked out my black and red dress, I really like this dress but it is a heavier dress so better for winter. It is a little clingy so it is tight around the waist and just looks better when I wear my corset. Now I didn’t take my corsets to Las Vegas so I was looking forward to wearing it tonight. I put it on and started tightening the laces. Now this takes some work to reach behind you and tighten them but have gotten pretty good at it well I was. I always did this before I put my nails on but it proved a lot more challenging with my long nails. You see I can’t feel the laces with my fingers to find them and is it got tighter it was harder to garb with my nails. I didn’t want to break a nail so it took a lot more time and effort to get them all tightened. Now it was time to tie it in the back and again it is really hard to tie a bow behind your back with long nails, it took several tries before I got some what of a bow, had to be really careful as I did not want to create a knot behind my back. Normally I can put the corset on in 5 to 10 minutes but I bet a spent close to 30 minutes tonight trying to get it on right. Now this was my first time with my corset with my nails so it may get easier over time if I was able to keep my nails longer. It was a little after 5 when I was ready to go, so much for being at the Escape by 5

Now I had posted in our group I would be there between 6 & 7 in hopes others would show up but only Kris had posted she might be there between 7 & 8 so it was possible I could be the only one. I got there about 5:30 and went in, I was able to park right in front which is always nice and one of the reasons I like to get here early. I got our usual table and got out my computer and then went up and ordered dinner, my usual hamburger and fries. My dinner came and just as I was finishing it Keren showed up, what a nice surprise. Like many of our girls she does not like it when it gets loud so when she does come it is usually early as she leaves once karaoke starts and it get loud.

We had a chance to talk of course some of it was about Diva Las Vegas and how I enjoyed my trip. We also talked about the group and some of our friends. It wasn’t long and Laura M showed up. It was great to see her also. She went to Diva Las Vegas last year but was not able to go this year. Now Laura just came out at work and is going full time now. She posted a video on her Facebook page when she told all her co-workers about her change and so far, it is going really well. I took a lot of courage to face them all at one time but I really think it was the best way to do it as it shows them all this is who she is and she is not ashamed of it, still a lot of courage. She also linked her two Facebook pages so everyone knows now.

We took a little time and got some pictures. It was so wonderful to see them both tonight. While we were taking pictures Jan and Lynn showed up so of course I had to get a picture with them also, everyone said I could use the pictures in my blog whish is nice. Next to Cassandra, Jan & Lynn I have known the longest. Not sure when I met them without going back through my blog but I know it was before 2010 that I met them.

Back in 2010 when the group was still going to Embers Jan and I did a T-girl Pageant they had. Neither of us won but it was a lot of fun. One of the Drag Queens did my makeup that night and I wore a dark wig. I look a lot different in the picture from that night

Well a little later Kris showed up so we had 6 of us here tonight. Now they were doing a fund raiser here tonight for the Escape Softball team so I bought some raffle tickets. Karaoke started and as usual it got loud and became hard to talk. It wasn’t long after and Keren left. I really think this is why I like the Wednesday night dinners better as it is a nice chance to just talk but they are shorter nights out.

About 10 Lauri showed up so total we had 7 tonight. Now they were doing the drawing at midnight so I ended up staying for that as I am still on vacation. Actually, Cassandra and I had talked about maybe staying in Las Vegas till Sunday so as far as everyone knows I don’t get home till then. Now of course I didn’t win the raffle which I really didn’t think I would but it was a fun night. It was about 12:20am when I left for home.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what I am doing now.

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Friday and we leave Las Vegas for home, day 11 of my vacation.

It is Friday and the day I have been dreading Diva Las Vegas is over and we make the long drive home. I wrote my blog for Thursday before bed last night but posted it this morning as I have been trying to post them all in the morning. Now originally, we were going to leave around 10 as we didn’t want to get to Cassandra’s house to early and she has family staying Friday night and she will go home in boy mode but I will be Susan. Well it turns out there was some confusion and the family member is leaving Friday and as it will be late Friday night or early Saturday morning when we get there, we are fine, so we could leave earlier.

I got up and posted my blog from yesterday and then started packing. My goal was to have everything packed accept what I needed for that day. I have a small bag that carries my makeup and stuff so that is what I will carry down and I will send all my other luggage down with Cassandras as we have a lot of stuff and just easier to have the bellhops do it. I was just finishing my makeup when they took our luggage so I was pretty close to being right on time. I would get dressed and Cassandra would go get the car and load it. Yes, one of the nice things about being a lady is having someone do things for you.

Now a funny story, my first Diva Las Vegas in 2010 when I went with Cassandra and her wife Peggy, we had a wonderful time. Now that was my first all-girl trip, in other words that was the Start of going on vacation totally as Susan. Now I took way more clothes than I needed, probably enough to change 3 to 4 times each day, the one thing I didn’t take a lot of was pantyhose. I think I only took 6 pairs as I figured 2 to 3 days each. Well that year I think by the 5 day I had gone through all of them, yes I was having trouble getting use to the acrylic nails I had for that trip and I had to borrow a pair from Peggy and then buy a few more the next day so now I always take way more then I need. I buy them online and get them cheaper so I bought a lot. I actually took about 20 pairs this year to be safe. Now over the 10 days so far, I had only gone through 2 pairs. Well I left 2 pairs out in my small bag and sent all the rest with my suitcases. I got all dressed and bad my bracelets on when I was putting on my sandals and as I was fastening the last one, I caught the bracelet on my pantyhose and there was a run, a brand-new pair that I haven’t even worn. Glad I kept 2 pairs.

I took off the bracelets as I learned and then off with the pantyhose and put the second pair on and put my putt the sandals and bracelets back on. I was happy now a quick look around to make sure I wasn’t leaving anything and a last look in the room safe. Yes, each of the rooms here have a safe under the night stand. Now this required me to get down on my knees and yes, I had got everything out as I stood up the sandals, I was wearing which fasten with Velcro, well the one rubbed up against the other leg and yes you guessed it. Another run in my pantyhose. 10 days to go through the first 2 pairs and less than 10 minutes to go through the next 2 pairs. Now I had an issue I had a small run and nothing to change to. Well I hoped it would not be that noticeable.

I grabbed my stuff and went down to the front desk to check out. My finally bill was just under $600 for the 9 nights. I went out and Cassandra was in the garage with the bellhop loading the car and as luck would have it, they had not got to my suitcase so I opened it up and snagged a fresh pair of pantyhose and went back inside to the restroom and made a quick change. Another first as I have heard of woman doing this but it is the first time, I have had to do this. I felt so much better now. The car was all loaded and we were on the road by 8:30am for our 16-hour drive home. Now Cassandra travels as her male self and I know it may seem silly to get dressed up and become Susan for a 16-hour drive but I look at it as the experience. As for this trip the 12 days I am being Susan full time, the only thing I had that was male with me was my driver’s license and my male credit card, yes I always take the credit card with the same account number as my Susan card just incase they ask for ID and usually at least one place want a credit card that matches the driver’s license. Other than those 2 things there is nothing I have with me from my male side of my life.

We had a nice drive home and yes me did stop several places for gas and bathroom breaks and there were no issues. Our first stop was the Death Valley nut & candy co in Beatty Nevada. It really is a tourist attraction but a great pace to get gas and stretch your legs and we did get sub sandwiches here to eat on the way. Most of the time we would stop at gas stations that had little stores so we could get snacks and drinks as we ate as we drove. The weather was perfect for driving partly over cast and we only hit a light sprinkle maybe 5 minutes near Reno and then a good rainstorm for about 20 minutes in Northern California. Other then that it was a wonderful drive and Cassandra drove the whole way so I got to sit in the passenger seat lie a princess and be chauffeured home. Cassandra is like me she likes to drive. When I travel with friends, I would much rather be the person driving and as my male self I try to do most of the driving. Susan likes to drive but she is also willing to let someone else drive, one of the small differences between my male and female side. On the way down I did get to drive for a few hours. And I did do a lot of the driving around Las Vegas, Cassandra is really good about not driving after she has had a beer and as I don’t drink, I am the designated driver on these trips.

We got to Cassandra’s house about 1:30am exactly 16 hours after we left Las Vegas, GPS had it right down to almost the minute, you have to love technology. We figured out our expenses for gas as Cassandra paid it all and then we split. My share was $231 and that did include two stops for food so really my share of the gas was about $210. Now we did look into fights down this year and the cheapest tickets were a little over $400 each and that was only 1 bag so we would have had additional cost for our luggage so driving was the better way to go plus we had a car to use when we were down there. Plus, I live road trips. I would rather drive than fly if I had the time.

We got the car unpacked and my stuff in my car and I was on my way home. I have stayed here before when we got home so late but I have something I need to do in the morning so I wanted to get home. I got home a little after 2am and went right to bed as I was tired. Now I didn’t think of getting a picture today so I will include the picture from the trip down and of course my beautiful nails which will have to go away on Monday, Monday will be a sad day for Susan. This week has gone by so fast.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new and my Diva Las Vegas Blogs from 2019, and remember although Diva Las Vegas is over I still have two more days of my vacation so there is still more to come.


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Thursday the last day of Diva Las Vegas day 10 of my vacation.

It is Thursday and the last full day of Diva Las Vegas, Friday we will leave for home. Cassandra knocked on my door about 8:30 to see if I wanted to go to the Valley of Fire State park which is about an hour north of Las Vegas. Melissa and her wife told us about it and they are going today. Now I was interested as it is something new, we have not done before and gives us a break from Las Vegas. I told Cassandra I needed an hour to get ready yes Susan takes a little time. I was ready by 9:35 and we were on our way. The plan was to meet at the Visitor Center. We had just got on the freeway and Melissa called us, she had a dead battery so instead we went over and met them at their hotel so we could jumpstart their car so we got a later start then we panned.

We got to the visitor center about noon and looked around. Now this is a different crowd then you see in Las Vegas and in the casinos, a lot more young kids. We looked around the visitor center and then we drove to the vista points to look at the scenery, very beautiful. I am so glad Mellissa and her wife found this it is so worth the drive. If you come to Las Vegas and have a car you really should take a few hours and go see the Valley of fire state park.

There are all kinds of pullouts to stop at and sight see and get pictures, yes it was a little windy but still an awesome place for pictures. We spent a few hours here driving around and looking. Yes, we took a lot of pictures here. I have a lot of pictures in restaurants, casinos and even a few on the strip but I really don’t have a lot at places like this as I don’t normally go places like this as Susan. Actually, I think last year when we did the Hoover Dam tour was the first time, I did what I would call a touristy thing as Susan. That was also a lot of fun. I really do like doing the everyday things that people do. It was a little windy so these are my windblown hair look

We headed back for our hotel about 2:30 as we needed time to get cleaned up and redo our makeup for tonight’s closing dinner which is at a restaurant called off the strip between the LINQ and the Flamingo. I got all cleaned up and we were off to the restaurant to meet up with everyone. We parked at the LINQ and walked in. Cassandra and I were talking about how easily we do this now but 10 years ago neither one of us would ever imagine we would never have thought it possible we would be walking around Las Vegas going in and out of casinos as ladies. Now we got here a little after 6 and dinner didn’t start till 7 so we had time to socialize with everyone. Meet a few new people and catch up with those we met during the week. Of course, I had to get my yearly picture with Beverly, we met in 2010 as it was both our first time to Diva Las Vegas.

Soon it was time to sit down for dinner, now they have rally good food here but a little on the higher end but it is our farewell dinner and the end of this years Diva Las Vegas. The week has gone by so fast as it always does. It is hard to believe I have had my nails now for 9 full days and all I am thinking about now is I only have 3 more days with them and yes, I am loving them. I have gotten use to the shape and length and I may do them this way again in the future. I do like the square better but I think this shape makes my fingers look narrower and more feminine.

Dinner was really wonderful and it really was great the only issue I had was who ever set this up and worked out the details with the restaurant agreed to have 1 check per table, 10 people at each table. Now I can understand this may be the only way but that should have been communicated as someone had to pay it and then collect the money from others and figure out what everyone owes. Several of the girls had to run to ATM’s to get money as they had planned on putting it on their credit cards and a couple had no cash and no ATM card and there was a lot of work to get this right. Would have been nice to know this before.

We got back to our hotel and Veronica and I decided to play a little Blackjack before bed. We had fun and played about an hour and both lost so I lost $100 tonight. I got up to my room about 11:45 and did a quick check. I have $267 more cash then I came with so it was a winning week for me.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what Susan is up to now and also my blogs from this years Diva Las Vegas. Below are a few more pictures from the Valley of fire state park.

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