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Halloween party 2013 such a fun night

Well I look forward to Halloween all year long as it really is the Transgender best holiday. It was the one day a year you can dress however you want and nobody cares. For many years Susan was my costume and now she has become so much a normal part of who I am Susan needs a costume and of course it has to be a female costume and cute. So after a couple trips to different costume shops I had my costume a Gypsy. So I thought I would start off with a couple pictures of me in my costume.

Now I started getting ready at 1:30 as even though the party didn’t start till 7 I was going over at 4 to help finish getting everything ready, mainly getting the food all put out. Now I had some thoughts on how I wanted my makeup to look and had done some research online mainly on eyebrows. One of the ideas which I chose was to use a glue stick to glue your eyebrows down and then cover with makeup so you could draw in new ones a little higher and more arched. I have never tried this so I wasn’t sure how well it would work. Well what I did was just do the outer part of my eyebrows as it was the first attempt. I spent about 45 minutes just working on my eyes and I think they turned out pretty good and with the eye shadow on you really couldn’t tell unless you looked close so I was happy and couldn’t wait for everyone to see. Once I was all dressed I put my wig on only to discover that it covers the part of my eyebrows I spent so much time and effort on although you can kind of see them in this picture.

Well anyway I was all dressed and looking pretty and ready for a fun day. Now again leaving home on a Saturday afternoon all dressed up in a cute costume like this should have been scary or at least a few years back it would have been. Today I really didn’t even think about it which just goes to show how far Susan has come in the last few years. Now it takes me almost an hour to get to Cassandra and Peggy’s home where the party is. It is so awesome of them to open their home each year for our group to have a party and they put so much effort into it. This is actually our 5 year of having a Halloween party wow how time has flown by.

Now I got there about 4 and Bobby was there watching a football game while Peggy, Cassandra, Teresa and Cristine were all upstairs getting ready. This gave me a chance to walk around and see all the decorations Peggy had put up. You cannot believe what she can do, the house was so awesome. Bats, spiders, cobwebs, orange lights paper chains it must have taken her weeks to get this all up. She decorated every room including the bathroom. I really should have gotten some pictures of the decorations but didn’t think of it. You can see some of them in the backgrounds of some of the pictures including the first one where I am standing on their dance floor, that’s right they have a portable dance floor they set up in their living room. There would be dancing and Karaoke here tonight. Well finally Peggy, Teresa and Cassandra came down in their costumes and we started getting the food set out. I also got to help Peggy make the egg casserole that those who stay the night would eat in the morning, that’s right Gypsy Susan was in the kitchen preparing food.

Once we got the food out it was time to get the cameras out and start taking pictures, one to get some pictures early while we still look our best. This is Cassandra and me. The other thing was Cassandra and I both wanted to make sure we got pictures of everyone at the party as long as they were okay with it. It is easy to miss people when you have such a big group. Well people finally started showing up about 6:30 and I could tell it was going to be a great night.

Morgan and Tauni did our Karaoke again this year. I think it is the 4th year they have done it for the party, big thanks to them for that. Now we had a lot of great costumes but my two favorites were Michelle and Christy who came as redneck hillbillies, it was such an awesome costume and they had their act down. The other awesome costume was Kim and Victoria and they came as Zombies and wow did they put some effort onto their costumes also including doing a dance to thriller for everyone. Really all the costumes were great. This is Teresa, Kim my beautiful girlfriend and me.

Now I am not sure how many people showed up but I would guess it was close to 100 as it was almost impossible to move around in the house and even with all those people there was so much food and it was all so good. There must have been 4 tables throughout the house with food on them plus stacks, and goodies on all the small tables including these delicious little cupcakes which I had several of just to make sure all were just as good.

It was funny as it seems every time I turned around there was someone new there and I tried my best to talk at least a little with everyone. Now I took 127 pictures at the party and even with all those pictures when I went through them I noticed I still missed some of the people there so hopefully Cassandra got them. Rachael was able to make it which was awesome as the last time I saw her was at last year’s party, she doesn’t get out much. I have known her for many years. We really need to get together one of these nights so we can catch up.

We even had several of the Karaoke group we met on Friday come to the party. Cassandra had invited them to come as they have been so awesome and accepted us there. It was such an awesome night it is hard to believe it is all over. I guess we will have to look forward to next year’s Halloween party. Any way I just want to thank Cassandra and Peggy for all they did and everyone who helped in any way to make this such a special night. Now here are some more pictures.

This is Heather and me. She is one of the Karaoke group that showed up with her Fiancé.


This is me with Kelli, she had a great costume. Almost didn’t recognize her.




This is me with Kathy and Danielle.










Me and Amy








Julie and me and you can kind of see my eyebrows if you look close






This is me with Mikaela.

It was such a fun night and so many wonderful memories and pictures to go with them.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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Ready for an awesome weekend and some fun Susan time.

Well it has been a long and stressful week but it is over and time for Susan to have some fun starting with Friday night out with her friends. Well to start I have been sick all week and just Thursday started to feel better which is great as tis Saturday is our big Halloween party and yes even sick I did manage to get out and find a cute costume. I usually dress up once at home just to see how it looks and make sure I know just how I want it to look and this year I did not get that chance so Saturday I will have to leave a little extra time getting ready. Any way more n tat later. Tonight is Friday and a chance to go out with my friends for a fun evening.

Well I started getting ready and as always there are things that come up. I love red lipstick but I realize it is not suitable for every occasion, it is more of an evening out color so really the only time I wear it is when we go out on Friday nights, well I was ready to do my lips and noticed I was out of my red lip liner which really helps hold the lipstick on so I had to chance to a softer color which still looks good. Well with that I decided to change my eye makeup some and of course I went with a different dress. Wow all the things we girls go through getting ready but I was happy when I was all done.

Well I was off to meet my friends and got there just a little after 7. Now with the big party tomorrow night one can never be sure who or how many will come out as a lot can only get out once a week and they would for sure choose the Halloween party. Well I got inside and Chris and Amy were there. We talked for a bit and then ordered dinner. I did the special which was BBQ ribs which normally Susan would not do as it is just too messy for this lady but it just sounded so good and it was and it was so tender that I could pull it off the bone with my fork so I did not mess up my lipstick at all, I can’t say the same for my dress as somehow I got some BBQ sauce on it, luckily it is somewhat dark in there and no one noticed except for Amy as she saw me frantically trying to get as much off as I could before people noticed again something my male side would not have cared about.

Well it wasn’t long and others showed up, Cristine, Bobby (in female mode), Laura, Melissa, Roxy, Michelle, Petra, Silver and Lauren so we had a good turnout. I have only met Lauren once before a couple months ago so it was good to see her again. She moved here over the summer to go to school and found our group I think through Silver, any way it was nice to talk to her again.

Lorraine even showed up for a little bit which was nice. She couldn’t stay long but we had a nice little talk and of course she wanted to know about our costumes for the party as she can’t make it Saturday night. I whispered to her what my costume was as I want it to be a surprise at the party as that is most of the fun. It is funny as I put way more effort and thought into my Halloween costumes for Susan than I ever have for my male self. But who can blame me just go to a costume store and look at the costumes for men and women the female costumes are just so much better and way cuter. I just wish they had a better selection in the bigger sizes.

It was actually a really busy night there last night and a lot of people I have not seen before which is nice. Soon Karaoke started and of course Laura and Chris both got up and sang and did great as always. It really is a great way to end the week and start the weekend out with your friends. Well as always the night went fast and as we all have a big night tomorrow none of us planed on staying out late. I think by 11:30 it was just Melissa, Laura and me left from our group and as I am not sure how long it will take to get my costume just right I didn’t want to be out t late so I went and paid my bill and said goodnight. I think Laura and Melissa were just about ready to leave also. Well I got in my car at 11:45 and was ready to leave when I saw a car pull into Walgreens across the street and go in, they were still open and as I said I need a new lip liner so I drove across the street and went in, turns out they are actually open till midnight on Friday nights. So I looked around and they had one of my lip liners in the color I like so I bought it.

Well I was on my way home when I started really thinking about the party Saturday night and how much fun it will be. Peggy and Cassandra are so awesome for opening their home for this. They spend so much time, effort and money on this party and do it all just because they want to. I hope they know how much we all appreciate what they do as for some parties like this is their only chance to get out. I am really lucky to have them as friends and count them as some of my best friend in both my male and female lives, yes they have both met my more plain boring male self also. Any way I am really looking forward to seeing all the great costumes Saturday night including Kim’s as she has not told me what she is dressing as but then again I have not told her what my costume is either but I know she will look awesome as she always does.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend and if you are going to a Halloween party have a spooky good time. Please check back as I will of course be posting about the party and I should have some pictures also.

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Finally some Susan time yea.

Well it seems like forever since I have posted on my blog. In fact it has been exactly 3 weeks since I have even had the chance to be Susan. It is strange how things come up that interfere with your regular routine. It is funny as even as busy as I was I still had that need, desire to be Susan especially when I saw another woman in a cute dress or heels. Now when I do talk of need I will admit I do have a definite need to be Susan as most crossdressers do. They need to be pretty, wear makeup, heels, nails and all the other wonderful things that woman take for granted and there is a need to express myself as female but think that is the line between crosdressers and transsexuals crossdressers need to express our feminine side and transsexuals need to be female. Now I do not want you to think I am saying one is better than the other as we are all different and need different things in our lives and what is right for me is not right for everyone there is no right or wrong we all just need to be who we are and except everyone else for who they are on the inside.

Well as I said going 3 weeks without being Susan had caught up with me and I was so ready for a fun night. I actually started getting ready at 4:30 so I could enjoy the time transforming into Susan as I find this so much fun and relaxing. Now as any girl does I did change my mind several times about the dress I would wear, one of the many joys of being female. Men never really stress over their outfit. Well I was already and out the door, I got there just before 7 and Cassandra, Laura and Michelle were already there watching the Baseball game. That is correct even crossdressers like their sports teams. We all ate dinner and watched the game which was good depending on which team you wanted to win. Jodi was bar tending at least when we got there which was awesome as we don’t get to see her as much and she is such an awesome person and always makes our group feel welcome.

Well it wasn’t long and others started to show up, Cristine, Bobby, Michelle LV, Jan, Lynn Melissa, and I know there are a few more I can’t remember but we had a good turnout. It was also really busy last night as the Karaoke group was having a theme night “Disney” and they had a really good turnout, probably 50 or so and almost all in costumes and a lot of them were really good. It was a really fun night.

Well the night went by fast and as I am getting over a cold I was a little well maybe more than a little tired I only made it till about midnight before I called it a night. It is strange as normally I am one of the last people to leave so leaving when most of our group is still there just didn’t feel right but I guess one night early to get better is worth it in the long run.

Saturday I really need to go shopping as our Halloween party is only a week away and I still have no costume at least not one I have not worn before so that is how I will spend my Saturday. I am really looking forward to the party and it is funny as I look back, Halloween was all about dressing as a girl for a costume. Now Susan has become such a normal part of my life I need a female costume to wear, just being Susan is no longer a costume for me, I guess I have really grown over the last several years and that is all because of you my awesome friends. So here is wishing you all the happiness you deserve and a happy healthy life

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