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Shuffle board, Pool and Dancing at the P-club

Well it was another fun Friday night out with friends at the P-Club. Our group really seems to like this place because it really offers so much to do. We have such a big group going out now on Fridays it really is nice as it keeps us all busy. I got there at 7:30 and their parking lot was full, found one spot on the back end so I figured they would be busy but when I got inside there really weren’t that many people there. There were about 5 from our group already there including Melissa who brought her mom (Andrea) and one of her mom’s friends (Staci). It was amazing how much Melissa and her mom looked alike, at first I thought it was her older sister. Turns out I am older than Melissa’s mom by a few years; boy does that make someone feel older.

Any way soon more girls started to show up and we once again had 4 tables. Peggy made it tonight, she has been out of town for awhile so it was nice to see her and talk. She has a job interview Saturday and she really wants to get the job and it sounds like a great job. I really hope she gets it even though this will change our plans for Diva Las Vegas. Starting a new job I doubt if she could get over a week off to go. I still plan on going though as I had so much fun last year. We are a little over 2 months away if you are thinking of going ( )chek out their web page.

Well about 9:30 Andrea (Melissa’s, mom and Staci) were getting ready to leave they came over and sat down by Maya and I and we started talking. This was all new to them and they had few questions. Turns out Staci and I talked for about an hour more, she had some questions and soon we were just talking. They were both so awesome so of course there had to be pictures taken as you can see. God I look so pale compared to them, I really need to get out and get some more sun. Maybe we can get some warmer weather and some sun shine so I can get some much needed sun.

Alice showed up about 10 pm which was great as I have not seen her sense last spring. She doesn’t get out that often so it was great she could come join us. We talked for a bit which is always nice. Soon it was my turn to play Shuffle board and Maya was my partner in doubles. We had so much fun and the two of us were on fire. We won 5 games in a row two of which we blew the other team away. The table was in really good condition and very consistent which made it nice. Of course I had worn my 4″inch heels and by the end of the fifth game I really needed a break so we gave up the table so I could sit down. So we finished the night undefeated.

The rest of the night I sat around and talked with the girls which is also fun to do. I got a chance to talk with Penelope for a while. We both tried to figure out when the last time we saw each other and we think it was over a year. Jennifer and Brook were out on the dance floor for a bit but they said the music wasn’t as good this week. As I am not a dancer I couldn’t tell so just have to trust them. Jennifer was taking all kinds of pictures so I hope to have more to post later once she uploads them to the group.

Again Alice and I got a chance to talk again and this time I bet we talked for 45 minutes or more. I was trying to think when we first met but this old girls memory is not that good anymore but I know it has been several years. She is my oldest friend that I am still in contact with and she was the first girl that I e-mailed to. Wow will have to look back through some old pictures and see if I can figure it out. I think she is one of the girls who helped me start going out more.

Well we had a great night and I would guess 20 to 25 girls were there so we had a really good turnout. We again stayed till they were closing and then we all said our goodbyes and headed home. I think we had about 10 of us still there at closing. Such a fun night. I hope to make it out to Starbucks either Wednesday or Thursday night this week if things work out but will for sure be out with the group next Friday at the P-Club. Have a great week and thanks for reading.

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Friday 1-21-11 at the P-Club

Well Friday night came and Susan was already to get out with her friends at the P-club. This is now our regular Friday night place to go. The employees there are so wonderful to us and even the customers treat us well, as a matter of fact the more we go there the more we get to know them and most of them treat us just like any other regular there. We had a good group about 12 to 15 of us there. It seems we always have a good turnout of Friday nights but Wednesday still seems the night most of the girls get out, of course as this girl has to work early during the week Friday is my night out with the group. I was talking with Cassandra and we are amazed that Saturday is not a bigger night as you would think that would be the night everyone gets out. I guess we do things a little different here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Anyway I started off playing pool and won my first game, well actually Robin scratch on the eight ball but still it was a win. The next two games I won and yes I sunk the eight ball right where I called it. The last game I played was the closest as we were both on the eight ball and I had a really hard shot that I knew I could not make but went ahead and tried. I missed like I knew I would but in doing so I moved the eight ball out by the pocket and the cue ball was lined up so it was a straight shot in. I guess I should have just tapped the eight ball but it was fun and I had a good time.

They had the shuffle board game leveled this past week so we could play it and we all did. Seems someone had spilt a drink on the table and it was cleaned up but the silicon sand on the tables some of which was damp made the table very inconsistent. Sometimes the puck would just stop like it hit a wall and other times it would slide all the way to the end so it was really hard to get it just right. Broke and I played as a team and won the first game, it was close. The second game we lost but we had so much fun.

A couple of the girls played ping pong, I was going to but the heels I wore 4″ were not good for that plus by the time I thought about it I had been on my feet for a couple hours and really wanted to sit down. Several of our girls spent a lot of time on the dance floor, they are our group’s dancers and they are really good at dancing. So funny as most of the GG’s there love dancing with them. Wilma brought her chess board so her and I sat at the table and played a couple games. I lost both but we had so much fun and it has been probably 6 to 8 years sense I played chess. After that Wilma went to dance so Maya sat down and we played a game of chess, this time I won so I felt pretty good. Funny one of the girls walked over and said, “Now that’s something you don’t see in a club”. I guess she was right as I doubt many people go to a club like this and play chess but then we are not like most people, we play by our own rules which is why we go out.

We met several new people at the bar that came over and talked to us. Cassandra I think talked to them first as she is so awesome at this. She can put people so at ease and in a few minutes they are talking like they have been friends for ever. Several of the girls that talked to us and even a couple of their boyfriends were totally okay with us. One even plans on coming again next Friday when we are there. I really think our being out so much in mainstream places is helping to make people more comfortable with us and educating them as to who we are.

Saturday night’s Cass got tickets to Harvey’s Comedy club so 6 to 8 of the girls are going. I can’t make it this time, so I am little sad about that as we always have so much fun there. I know they will have so much fun though and next time I will make it. Well I have things that need to be done which Susan can’t help me with so I will sign off. Not sure when or if I will make it out this week but if I do it will be here in my blog. Have a great week and thanks for reading.

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Thursday night at Starbuck’s

Well I made it out again this week on Thursday night for a couple hours at Starbuck’s. It has been a busy week so far and didn’t make up my mind till about 4:30 to go so it was truly a last minute decision. Melissa a GG from our group text me about 4 and asked if I was going so that really got me thinking about it so and I realized I would miss going so I text her back yes I was. Any way I had some things I had to hurry up and get done so I could get ready so it was a rush. I really like to take my time getting ready and enjoy every minute of it but I knew if I did that it would take away from my time out so I got completely ready, from shower till leaving the house in about 50 minutes which I think is a new record for me. Really I think I could do that all the time if I had to but then again the getting ready is part of the fun and experience.

I got to Starbuck’s right at 7 pm and found parking right in front, not many cars at all so I knew they would not be busy. I walked in and they were packed, I guess they all car pooled or walked. The only table was way back in the corner which I always try to avoid as no one can really see me and I can’t really people watch which is also part of the fun of my time out. Anyway I got my drink and went and sat in the back corner and turned on my computer. It was about 7:15 when in walks Melissa she came down to join me at Starbuck’s, what a nice surprise. Any way I was chatting with a couple friends on line and also carrying on a conversation with Melissa (multitasking). We had a nice time and talked about almost everything.

While we talked I was thinking about the differences between my male self and female self. On my female side I love to talk (girl talk) and will talk about just about anything. My male side can carry on a conversation but would not be one of my top choices of things to do. My female side loves jewelry, rings and bracelets; I love the bangle bracelets that are loose on the wrist. My male side does not wear jewelry except for a watch and it cannot be loose on my wrist or it drives me crazy. Now how strange is that? It simply amazes me how going from male to female changes things for me.

Anyway it was a fun night and before I knew it it was 9 and they were closing and I didn’t even get a chance to post to my blog about it so here I am Friday afternoon blogging about last night. It was a fun night though. Tonight I will be out at the P-Club with my friends so I am sure it will be a late night. Anyway thanks for reading and I will post again tomorrow about the P-club tonight.

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Rose City Rollers

Well Saturday night our group went to watch Roller Derby at the Memorial Coliseum. One of our Members Victoria Sinclair got a bunch of tickets as her daughter plays on one of the teams. Turns out the girls on the teams pay dues and buy all their own equipment and also sell tickets to keep their league going. So about 25 of us from the group each bought tickets so we could go. It was a chance to go out in a very public place with lots of people and also support the teams. Turns out the Rose city Rollers is the league named and they have several teams, Victoria’s Daughter plays on Guns & Rollers. Now I knew nothing about Roller derby but thought it would be a fun night out.

We were all going to meet downtown Portland at 4:30 by Embers as we all know where that is and then go to the game. I left with plenty of time to get there and wouldn’t you know it there was a wreck on the freeway and I got caught in it so I ended up meeting them at the Memorial Coliseum. Cassandra said she knew a place to park for free so we met up and I followed her to where we parked. It was about 8 blocks away and walked. We got to the doors and some of the girls went in, Cassandra had tickets for a couple girls so she had to wait for them so Jan and I stayed out with Cassandra. We were all surprised how many people were there to see the games. I would guess 3 to 5 thousand so they had a good turnout. Finally the last few showed up and we went inside.

Something I had not thought about was that they checked all bags including our purses so this was a first for Susan. Inside we met up with the rest of our group and had to walk half way around the inside to get to where our seats were. The whole way no one really even paid any attention to us. We had really good seats about the midpoint of the track and maybe 30 rows up so we had a good view. Before the start Chris, Bobbie and I went to get drinks and food. They went and got the beer while I stood in the food line. Took about 10 minutes to get up and get the food, 5 hotdogs and a pop for me and no, only 1 of the hot dogs were mine. When I got back in they had already started.

Now it turns out they had 4 bouts or games and each one is 30 minutes long. Now it took me the first bout just to figure out what was going on and how they scored as I said I have never seen a Roller Derby match before. Some of the girls knew a lot about them so of course I was asking questions. By the second bout I had an understanding of it. It was pretty fun and I enjoyed it. The first bout was a blow out as it turns out the team is almost all new members who have only been playing together for a couple months. The Second bout was really pretty close and very good match. The third bout was also a blowout but we were all having a good time. During the fourth bout we decided to leave as Victoria’s daughter’s team had played both their bouts and some of the girls wanted to go out afterwards. On the way out we stopped and chatted with one of the volunteers and she was so nice. She answered all our questions. Turns out the ticket money goes to cover the cost of involved such as renting the Memorial Coliseum. The league only has one paid employee and the rest are all volunteers. Any money they have left after expenses they donate to woman’s charities, every 3 months they pick a new charity. Right now it is the YWCA. I thought this was really a good idea. We probably talked to her for 15 minutes. She even walked with us all the way to the main doors talking to us. In all it was a really fun night.

One other thing I almost forgot. When we first got there some guy from the league came over and interviewed some of us and they recorded it. He said it would be on their web page if we wanted to see it so once they post it I will put a link to it here in my blog. That is if I look okay in it.

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January 14 2011 at P-Club

Well it was Friday night and time to go out again with my friends. I really look forward to this all week so by the time Friday gets here I can hardly wait. We as a group have decided to make the P-Club our regular Friday night spot as we all like it, they have so much to do there and the staff is just so wonderful to us. Even the customers so far have been awesome and as far as we know there have been no complaints about us being there, as a matter of fact some of them know us now and even great us and come say hi to us when they see us.

I took a jacket with me as it was almost 60 when I left and really didn’t need it but thought it might be chilly at the end of the night when we left. I got there right at 7:30 and the parking lot was empty so I had my choice of parking spots. I went in and Chris and Roxy were already there so I joined them. They had remolded the inside of the P-club over the week so it took a little getting used to. They moved the shuffle board game upfront by the windows and put the pin ball machines down in the corner where the shuffle board game was. They also moved the ping pong table down by the dance floor which opened up the whole room so they put both pool tables in there. This really did give you more room when playing pool. Where the pool tables use to be they put tables which I think added tables so there is more seating area. They also put 4 big TV’s on the wall above the bar which had on all the different games going on. It also made it a little darker in the main part.

Any way enough about the remodel, soon girls from our group started to show up and I guess we had 12 to 15 there so it was another good turnout. They also were unusually busy as they had some kind of party that took up the 3 table’s right next to us and must have had 10 woman and 3 or 4 guys there and even the rest of the place was busy. I think maybe the busiest I have seen them sense we started going there. Now for me I am fine if they are busy or not as I do like to people watch and be out in public so the more people is good but also when they are slow it’s not as loud so you can talk easier plus not as many people trying to play pool or ping pong. I guess in the end having them be busy is better as that means we are accepted at least on some point as more people are coming in even with us there so we are not hurting their business.

For the first hour or so we all just sat around and talked and I made a real effort to try to talk a little with everyone as I really want to get to know them all better. Cassandra and I talked some about Diva Las Vegas in April and we are both all set to go. We think we will be the only ones from our group going again this year so at this point we are planning on doing the same thing we did last year, driving to LA first and going out there Saturday night and probably stopping there also on the way home. I got a chance to talk with everyone except Buffy as she could not stay late so I will have to catch her next time. Even Jennifer came out after stressing over her makeup as it was the first time she has done her own makeup and then gone out and she was so worried how she looked, she is such a girl. Anyway she looked great.

Cassandra and I were the first to play pool and I did pretty good as I was having a really good game but of course so was Cassandra so in the end she won but I only had 2 balls left and really it was a short game as I think we each only took 5 or 6 turns. After that I went to get the pucks for shuffle board but found out they had not leveled the shuffle board table yet after moving it so everything would slide off the side so it was out of service which was sad as I was really looking forward to playing the game. So I went back and talked so more with the group

Cass and Maya played some ping pong and Cass won which is rare as Maya is so good at ping pong. Wilma, Barb, Jennifer and Brooke were out on the dance floor having a ball. It was so funny, before they went out to dance no one was dancing but once they got going soon there were 8 to 1o girls out there with them and even a couple men. I guess you could say they started the dancing. It really was a fun night.

At one point I was coming out of the ladies room and ran into to ladies that our group met several months back and the one girl remembered me. Not by name of course as even I didn’t remember her name but we must have stood there in the hall by the bathrooms talking for 5 minutes. She even told me my hair looked great which was so sweet of her as I was wearing my new hair which I am still getting use to.

Later on Cass was up getting a drink and started talking to one of the ladies from the party at the next table. I don’t know how Cass does it but soon she had 4 of the girls up there talking to her and she was taking pictures with them. I really need to learn how she does this. I think she is just so outgoing that she puts everyone at ease around her. Anyway when she got back to our group she was telling us that one of the reasons they kept looking at us was we were all dressed so nicely, almost all of us had dressed or skirts on and heel and makeup. One of them told her we looked better than they did and I think they were a little jealous. That was such a great compliment.

We decided next week when we come back to get the tables up by the pool tables and shuffle board as that is the main thing we do as a group. As it got later people started leaving and soon we were the only ones there as they were putting the chairs on the tables and closing down so again we stayed out way to late but it was so fun. As we left I put my jacket on which turns out I really didn’t need as it was still 56 out at 2 am so different from last week where I had to let my car warm up to melt the ice off the windshield.

Have a great day and will post again tomorrow about the roller derby game we are going to Saturday evening.

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Cold and icy night at Starbuck’s

Well I am out but it is a cold and icy night. The storm that was originally going to hit late tonight got here early and the temperature is already down to 31 and we are having snow and freezing rain mix. When I left home I had about a ¼ inch of snow on the ground. The good news is it should start to warm up around midnight so this should all be gone by the morning when I drive to work. I really thought about if I should go out tonight with the weather but as this will be my only chance this week till Friday and I really like my time here at Starbuck’s to catch up on things on my computer well you know what my decision was as I am here. The drive down was not bad just patches of ice but the way people were driving you would think it was a sunny day with dry pavement. Know I don’t mind driving in the snow and ice as I am really good at it but it is the other drivers that worry me as that is something you can’t predict and is out of your control. So the drive home in a couple hours could be a different story.

Any way Starbucks is really quiet only 5 others here and only a couple people have come in during the last 30 minutes to get drinks to go. I think the weather will keep a lot of people away so there won’t be a lot of people watching tonight which may also be good as it will give me a chance to get things I need to do done plus one of the girls (Melissa) from my group the Rose_City_T-Girls may show up around 8. It is always nice to have someone to chat with; of course it depends on the weather.

This week I will be out 2 more times, Friday night of course at the P-Club. Such a fun place. The employees and other customers are so great and treat us just wonderful. As far as I know there have not been any complaints about us being there so we are making it our every Friday night place to go. It really is nice as they have so much to do, pool, ping pong, dancing and my favorite shuffle board. They also have really good food so what more could we want?

Saturday a bunch of us are going to a roller derby game at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland. Last I heard we have about 22 going so should be a lot of fun. I can just see us all walking with all the other people. It should be so much fun. I will post about both of these this weekend.

Well Melissa just showed so I have to go. Have a great week.

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Friday at the P-club

Well it was another fun night at the P-club on Friday night. I think we had about 15 girls there maybe a few more including several from the Vancouver area. It was so much fun and Rachel even showed up which was so fun as I think the last time we saw her was at the Halloween party. For the first hour or so we all just sat and talked which as you all know I really like, Just sitting around sharing some girl talk, makeup hair, nails and even some politics mixed in. I got to meet a couple girls I have not met before which is always fun. One of the topics was learning everyone’s name and it has gotten harder as when I joined several years back I think we had at most 20 girls which was easy to remember and put faces to names. Now our group has almost 190 members and for this poor blonde girl that is a lot of information to retain. The girls we see all the time is easy but the ones who only go out once in a while is harder but we are all making an effort to remember everyone. You can see the pictures from last night on my FaceBook pictures page.

I got to talk to Jennifer who has only been in the group and going out for a couple months and she is still learning to do makeup so we sent some time talking about makeup and Cassandra, Brooke and I were sharing tips on how we do ours and encouraging her to practice as in anything that is how you learn and get better. One of the things that have helped me is YouTube as there are lots of good video’s there to watch. The one I like the best is MissChievous she does a lot of tutorials on makeup. They really are geared more for genetic woman but the techniques she uses will help anyone. If you are looking to get better with makeup, improve your skills or just looking for some fun new ideas you might want to check her videos out. She really does make it look easy.

Later on we started to play ping pong and shuffle board although I don’t think I saw any of us playing pool which is strange as that always seemed like the game most wanted to play. Maya of course dominated the ping pong table as usual although Cassandra did beat her at one game but Cassandra was really running and working hard while Maya pretty much just breezed through the game so I think she may have been taking it easy on Cassandra.

I went up to the bar to get a drink and Evie a GG we met a few weeks ago was there with one of her friends and she remembered me by name which was really nice as I must admit it took me a few seconds to recall her name. I think the fact I wrote about her in one of my previous blogs really helped me remember her name. I stayed and talked her and her friend for a few minutes.

After ping pong we all moved up by the shuffle board table and started to play and Cassandra and Maya were the team to beat. Cassandra is so competitive in everything she does you would think she was playing for money. Anyway after Cassandra and Maya had won maybe 4 or 5 games a lady came over and asked if her and her fiancé so Cassandra and Maya play them in a game. It was a really good game Kate and Rob (their names) played really good and I think Kate was almost as competitive as Cassandra. It was a really close game and right at the end Kate and Rob won. Kate’s friend and her husband came over and talked with us for well over an hour.

They were so awesome and totally okay with us. We had a good talk and they of course had questions which are always fun as I think it gives us a chance to dispel some commonly made assumptions of which the biggest is if we are gay. We really had a good conversation. They all live near the P-Club so I am sure we will see them again. It was a really fun night and I think we all made some new friends.

It was a late night as I don’t think we left the P-Club till 2 am. It was cold outside and there was ice in the parking lots which in 4″ heels was an experience. My toes got cold really fast as I had open toed shoes but they looked really cute and the red nail polish on my toes hid the fact they were turning blue well not that bad. I had to suit in my car for about 5 minutes to let it warm up and the ice melt of the windshield so I could drive home. Such a fun night by all, can’t wait till next Friday as I am sure we will be back at the P-Club.

Looks like this week it will be Tuesday night that Susan makes her Starbucks run. Weather is calling for snow this week so we will. Hope you all have a wonderful week and thanks for reading and leaving comments.

Oh and right now it looks like just Cassandra, Peggy and I will be going to Diva Las Vegas this year from our group but I know we will have a great time.

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Well I am back at Starbucks on a Wednesday night

Well I was able to get out this week on Wednesday night so I headed off to my favorite Starbucks for a couple hours of Susan time while I catch up on my e-mails and some other things I have been putting off. Seem strange how even the normal things in life just seem more fun when I am out as Susan. Any way tonight Susan was out of the house a little faster as I was able to start getting ready earlier so I was to the Starbuck’s a little before 7. I found them really busy with only one open table and luckily it was by an electric outlet so I could plug in my computer which is good as my battery only lasts a little over an hour and I would hate to cut my night short because of a dead battery. I think the fact it is cold and rainy is why they are so busy. Any way I got my nice warm drink and took care of some of Susan’s e-mails as that is what this night is all about. I also have a lot of e-mails for my male side which I had to go through. Wonder what they would think if they saw the way I look while answering their e-mail?

Tonight I have a web cam going while I am here. I got it as a Christmas present so I can take little videos of me now. I may try to put something on Youtube if I can think of something to do. A couple of the girls in the group post to Youtube so it might be fun.

Last week was so much fun as it turned out Susan made it out a lot. I had such a great time and Friday night was such a blast, I wish I had not had to work Saturday morning as I would have loved to stay out with my friends and see the new Year come in. they all had such a fun time. I think this Friday we will be back at the P-Club as we always have such a fun time.

They are also getting a group of girls to go to a roller derby game here in Portland. The Rose City Rollers our local team have their opening game on January 15 and so far about 15 girls from our group have bought tickets. They are hoping to get 30 to go. I am not sure I can get Saturday night off but it would be so much fun. Just think about it, 30 T-girls walking around the Memorial Coliseum with all the other people there for the game. How much fun would that be? I may have to try harder to get it off. I have never even watched a roller derby game but I am sure Susan would like if it involved being out and about.

Well it is still busy here, no open tables. Tonight it is almost all women here kind of a woman’s night out. There are 2 guys on their computer in the back and then 12 women, a group of 4 at the table to my right, 3 at the table in front of me, 3 at the table next to them and the other two are at tables by themselves on their computers so I fit right in. it really is fun to come here and people watch.

Any way I must get to the stuff I need to get done so I will end it here. I will post again Saturday morning about my Friday night out with my friends. One last thing we are less than 3 months away from Diva Las Vegas. So if you are thinking of going mark your calendars for April 3 – 8 and check out their web page at

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Great idea for fast beautiful nails

Well over the last few months I have had several people ask me about how I do my nails. I try never to go out without long pretty nails as I think that is the most feminine thing you can have. Now nothing can beat going to a nail salon and getting acrylic nails, one of my favorite things to do but as most of my life I am male except for a few hours a week I had to find a new way to have long beautiful nails that was fast and easy to put on and also take off without damaging my nails or leaving traces that people might notice when I am not Susan.

The first problem was finding nails that would fit my fingers. Now I am lucky as my fingers are not really that much bigger so I started looking around. For the most part I have used the KISS brand nails and what I found was the largest 5 sizes fit each of my fingers. I was walking through Wal-Mart one day and they had a box of 200 nails in 11 sizes for $7 so I bought it. I have also seen them at Walgreens and Rite-aid stores about the same price. Now out of the 200 nails I was able to get 8 sets of nails which works out to less than $1.00 a set.

Once you have your nails you need to paint them. Right now I have 5 set done in 4 different colors, my favorite color I have to sets. Now there are two ways to paint them, the easiest and fastest is to get a piece or ½ dowel, which you can get at Home Depot or Lowes. You can attach the nails to the dowel with mounting clay from any craft store. Works good as you can line up 4 sets at a time down the length of the dowel, this way you can paint one color, roll the dowel and do the next color and by the time you get back to the first set you can start the second coat or top coat. Now the best way but slower is to put the nails on (see how I do this below). Once you have them on you can paint them on your fingers while watching TV or a movie. This is a really fun way to spend an evening. Once you have several sets in different colors you are all set and you can easily change nail color depending on your outfit or look.

Now there are many ways to attach nails glue being the easiest and the way most do them but this is really hard on your nails especially if only for a couple hours and can damage your nails really bad if you do this a few times a week. What I use is really simple and allows me to put my nails on or take them off in less than 5 minutes and I can reuse the nails many times. Now I would love to take credit for this idea but I think it was Barb (member in our group) who came up with it and told Cassandra who in turn told me. We use Scotch 1 inch indoor outdoor mounting tape which you can buy at Home Depot, yes girl beauty supplies now available at Home Depot. The tape is a little think so it leaves a little gap on the edges but unless someone looks really close they won’t even notice and it really holds the nails on tight. You cut little squares about and place on each nail, peel the tape off and stick to your nails. It is just that simple. The tape holds really well even in water. The one drawback is if the nail comes off the tape won’t stick again so you need a new piece of tape. Now I have been using this method twice a week sense March and only once have I lost a nail, Cassandra has lost a couple but it works really well. When you want to remove the nails just pull down on the tip and while slipping a wood cuticle stick in from the base of the nail and gently lift up till the nails come off. Once off scrape the tape off and put your nails away for the next time you want to use them. If you buy the big roll of tape, about $15 for 37 feet it will last you over a year and sense you can reuse the nails many many time. What a great way to have long beautiful nails that any girl would love. Have fun and I hope you find this helpful. Will not work on French nails or really light color nail polish as the tape is gray and will show through, Reds and darker colors work really well, Pinks if you put on several coats.

Should be back out at Starbuck’s on Wednesday night so will post again then.
Big Thanks to Cassandra for telling me about this and for Barb with coming up with the idea.

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New Years Eve with friends

Well Susan did go out for a few hours Friday night for New Years but I was a good girls and left right at 10 pm like I said. Well it was really about 10:15 as it took so long to say goodnight to everyone and wish them a Happy New Years. I cannot believe how many from our group was out last night. We had girls all over the place playing pool, ping pong and shuffle board it was hard to count but would guess more than 30. There were several new girls out for the first time and it was nice to meet them and I really did try to at least talk with everyone at some point but I think I missed a couple as we were all moving around so much. It was way too much fun and even though I am dead tired tonight but it was so worth going out last night. Besides I have gone out the last two years and spent it with my best friends and it would not have been the same. I played a couple games of shuffle board, Peggy and I were partners and we won the first game and then we lost the second but we had a fun time.

I also wanted to show off my new wig. My other blonde wig is several years old and starting to look a little ragged so I tried to get a new on but as it turns out they don’t make it which is sad as I really liked it. My new wig I like the style and it is a lot longer but looks good just a little more blonde so it may take a little getting used to the color. I thought about wearing my red dress but thought it might be a little too much so I went with my white skirt and pink top but some of the girls were really dressed up in beautiful dresses so I wish I had wore the red dress. I will have to remember that for next New Years Eve. There were lots of pictures taken all night long as we all love to have our picture taken. I thought I would include two of the pictures. The first is just me. The second is me with Jennifer. She had on this beautiful strapless dress.

It was a really fun night but it went way to fast. It was time to go home so I had to say bye to everyone. It was strange to be leaving before anyone else as I am usually in the last group to leave. We had enough girls there that were not drinking to make sure everyone got home safe. I hope they know how much the group appreciates them being designated drivers and making sure everyone got home safe.

Now we start a new year and I know it will be a good one. I wish you all the best and hope this is your best year ever.

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