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Happy New Year to all

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy and safe New Year. Please be extra careful and drive safe. There are many alternatives to driving if you want to drink, taxis, buses, carpool or ride with a friend. We all like to have a good time but the last thing anyone needs is a DUI or worst being in a wreck. Please have a safe, fun and Happy New Year.

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Movie and shopping

Well Susan wanted to get out for a few hours today and maybe do some shopping. I headed down to Clackamas Town center and could not believe how busy they were. I guess everyone had the same idea as they were packed. I decided to start off going to a movie. I have wanted to see 2012 sense it came out. Even back by the theater was busy and I had to park way out in the parking lot. I walked in and got my ticket for the 11:25 showing and went in. there were about 20 other people in the theater. It was nice to be out and the movie was really good. If you have not seen it you should check it out.
After the movie I went out and the mall was wall to wall people and I just couldn’t get myself to walk out into the mall so I left and went out to my car again walking across the parking lot. I drove around over by JC Pennies and found a parking spot about half way out so I decided to go in and look around. There were still people going in and out but not like it was inside the mall. I spent about 30 minutes looking around but didn’t find anything I liked.

From there I went to Kmart as I needed more makeup and they are the only one that sells pan stick which I need for the coverage. They were all out and only had a very limited supply of any max factor products so I was a little disappointed. But I was still having fun being out. In all it was a fun day.

When I got home I checked online for where I could find Max Factor pan stick and guess what? As of January 1 2010 Max Factor is no longer available in US so I now need to find a new makeup. That really is not good as I have not found anything that covers my beard shadow as well as Max Factor. If anyone has another type of makeup that will work please let me know as I am almost out.

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Merry Christmas Vs. Happy Holiday

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holiday

It just amazes me how this has become such an issue. I posted Merry Christmas to all my friends in a group I belong to and it started a whole discussion on Merry Christmas verses Happy Holidays. One of the post was “why do everyone assume everyone else celebrates Christmas and why should we have this shoved on us”. To be fair I also know people who are just the same the other way, to them it is Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays. I don’t get it. You never hear this at other holidays. I know people who do not celebrate Halloween but it is fine to wish them a Happy Halloween. Same goes for the rest, Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July Cinco Demayo, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or Festivs. I have friends who wish me Happy Chanukah which I do not celebrate but it does not bother me. They do and they have the right to and they also have the right of freedom of speech to say that. That is one of the great things about our country; we have the right of freedom of speech, religion and a bunch of other rights. We truly live in the greatest Country in the world.

No matter what you believe or celebrate the fact is today is Christmas and is celebrated and recognized all over the world, not by every person I agree on that. How can it be bad to wish someone a Merry Christmas? For me it is Christmas day and that includes the religious side of it and all that goes along with it. When I wish you a Merry Christmas I am not forcing my beliefs on you or trying to make you change it is just my way of greeting you on this day. As I said I have that right of freedom of speech as do you so you can wish me a Happy Holiday and I am fine with that. I will not make you wish me a Merry Christmas.

The simple fact is your rights are no more important than mine or anyone else. You have no more right to tell me what to say or how to say it than I have to tell you. Simply saying Merry Christmas is not forcing religion on you. I will continue to wish people Merry Christmas, if that is what you celebrate and or believe then fine, wish me Merry Christmas back. If not wish me Happy Holidays, Happy Festivs, Happy Santa Day or any other thing you celebrate or believe. I promise I will not take offence at your beliefs, traditions or whatever you celebrate I just ask for the same consideration. We all have differences but we are all the same too. We have taken being politically correct way too far. We all need to just lighten up.

So with that said, Merry Christmas to all and may your day be filled with family, fun and Love no matter how you choose to celebrate today.

Sorry for going off topic of my blog but I just felt Ithis was important for me to say how I feel.

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Diner out with friends

Well I went out on Wednesday night again for a couple of hours but instead of going to Starbuck’s this week I met several of the t-girls from my group for a Christmas dinner. We are trying to get out more into mainstream places. We all want to get out more and we hope to go out once a month to dinner, shopping, movies or something else.

We met at Who Song and Larry’s in Vancouver at 7 pm for dinner and we had a big table right in the middle of their main dining room. There were other people there and they really paid no attention to us. It was nice to get to talk as we ate. I think there were 12 of us there and we were treated really well. There was one guy as he left he stopped really quickly and took a picture of us. We all laughed about it, if he had only asked we would have all posed for him. We all love having our pictures taken. The food was really good and the prices were really not bad. If you like Mexican food I would recommend you give them a try.

I also got my Avon order, My friend Peggy sells Avon and I ordered some lipstick and some really cute earrings. I really like Avon’s products and it is so nice to have a friend who sells it. Check out her page if you would like to try Avon.

Well I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a safe Holiday season.

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Quiet Friday at Embers

Well Friday night was rally quiet. I knew that there wouldn’t be a lot of girls as no one posted to the group they were going out but I still wanted to go out so I went to Embers just to see what was going on. I got there about 7:45 and they were doing another benefit for “Our House”. They put on a good show but there really were not many people there. Christine showed up just as the show started so we really couldn’t talk very much. Kitty was there and performed which was really nice and she did a great job. After the benefit show ended, Christine left. I decided to stay just a little longer and watch a little of the Friday night show. It was fun to be out but I only stayed till a little after 10. I felt bad for the performers as there were only 7 other people there when I left, 4 at one table 2 at another and 1 at the bar. I have never seen it that empty.

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Holiday party Susan went to

Well last night I had the chance to go to a Holiday Party. Kathy and Mandie invited a small group over and we all had a great time, Thanks so much. They even had a few of their friends who know about Mandie there and they were so nice. Their house is beautiful and Kathy showed us their closet upstairs. They took a small storage room and turned it into a walk in closet and it was so nice. I want one now for Susan, wish I had a small storage room like that. I had a good chance to talk with Mandie and Kathy and they are really nice and Kathy is so accepting of Mandie’s need to be Mandie.

Peggy, Cassandra and Teresa were also there which is always fun along. It was so nice to be able to talk with them in a more social setting. It is fun to go to Embers be doing something new is always fun. Also there was Siobhan, Danielle, Marla and Brenda. I know them all although Danielle and Brenda I do not know as well so it was nice to talk to them some and get to know them a little better.

Candy and her wife Jodi also made it to the party which was nice. Candy is so much fun and her wife is so nice and is trying to be supportive of her. Candy has been coming out pretty regular and I have gotten to know her better.  I also got a chance to talk with Jodi for a while which was really nice. It was the second time I have met her and hope she comes out more with Candy. They are both such wonderful people.

Over all the night was so much fun and as I only planned on staying till 10 or so but just couldn’t bring myself to leave so it was another late night. I really want to thank all my friends for such a fun night and especially Kathy and Mandie for inviting us all over. You are all awesome.



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A cold tuesday night

Well it is really cold out and Susan wanted something warm to drink so this week I went out on tonight to Starbuck’s. I think a lot of people had the same idea as they were busier than normal. They only had 3 tables open so I got my drink and am now sitting here getting warm and on my computer again. The lady who made my drink was very friendly and we talked the whole time about the weather and how cold it was out which was nice as I really like to interact with other people. Last weekend when a group of us went to Harvey’s Comedy Club we had such a good time now we are all thinking about other things we can do as a group and be more out in the mainstream of public. We have had several good ideas and I think if we are all willing we could maybe do one outing a month.

As you all know from my blog I do like to come to Starbuck’s as I have been to 3 different ones and always been treated really well and never had a problem. It might just be the coffee shop mentality but it works for me. not sure how well it would work with 15 to 20 t-girls all at Starbucks as they are rather small and that many would pretty much fill the place up but maybe smaller groups of 5 or 6 would work. It would be fun to have others here with me although I would not get much of my work done.

A few other ideas are going out to dinner or the movies or maybe even a shopping trip all of which would be fun. I have found the more I go out the more comfortable I am around other people and I think if you have that look about you that you are not worried or scared than other people accept you more readily. Saturday night was the first time out in a none gay club for a few of the girls and I think they really enjoyed and being in a bigger group made it a lot easier for them. I think the more we push our comfort zone and get out in everyday life I think we will become more accepted as others see us and have a chance to interact with us. They will find out we are just as normal as everyone else.

Strange I always looked at my being Susan as something I did just for myself and now that I am out more and have made so many great friends I find myself wanting to help others come out like how I was helped and also try to make it more acceptable for cross-dressers to be out in public. I guess I have really grown as Susan over the last year or so. My friends are awesome and have helped me so much. I owe them a lot and hope they all know how special you all are to me.

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Satudrday Night Harvey’s Comedy Club

Saturday night I had the chance to go out and do something new which is something Susan really likes to do. A bunch of us t-girls were going to go to Harvey’s comedy club for the late show. I had been looking forward to it for weeks now. Saturday turned out to be a bad day and it really brought me down and I thought about  not going out for the night but being Susan always seems to make me feel so good and I really wanted to spend time with my friends so I went ahead and went and I am so glad.

We all met at Embers at 7:30 so we could talk and play some pool before the show. It was nice to be around friends and always make Susan happy. It was so much fun and even with the cold weather everyone was there. Harvey’s is only about 6 blocks away so when it came time to go even with the cold weather we decided to walk so we would not have to find parking again. It was such a sight to see 16 t-girls walking down the streets of Portland.  It was a little chilly but with walking it was not bad. When we got there at 9 we got our tickets and went into the lounge to wait for the show. It was nice to be out in public and not just a gay club.

We had about 30 minutes to wait in the lounge we all the other people for the doors to open and it was fun. We had no problems and really no one even paid us any attention, either they were too busy with their own lives or really just didn’t care about all of us. We were the first ones in line as we wanted to make sure we all got to sit together. They had two performers and both were really good. The opening act was really good and I wish I could remember his name. The headliner was Dante and he was really good. His show went about an hour and at the end he did some impressions and they were really good. If you get a chance to see him someplace you should. Harvey’s was great and treated us all really well and we all had a great time. I would highly recommend Harvey’s weather you are a t-girl or not you will have a good time and I really needed a good time. I would love to go back there again sometime. Big thanks to Cassandra for making all the arrangements and coming up with the idea.

After the show we all walked back to Embers, It was a little colder as the wind was blowing a little. We all got to Embers and the show was going on. We found a table and watched some of the show. Some of the girls went up and played pool and the rest of us stayed down by the show. It was fun but I only stayed for about a ½ hour. The evening was so nice and made me feel so much better.

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Friday night Dec 4 at Embers with friends

Friday night was so cold but Susan braved the weather once again to go out. I was the first one at Embers but only had to wait a few minutes before people started to show up. Cassandra, Peggy and Teresa were the first and we thought that might be all we would have.

Embers was doing a benefit for our house in and early show and all the tips during this show went to the charity. There really weren’t many people there, the four of us and maybe 2 or 4 more the rest were all cast members and their friends and the workers at Embers. It amazes me that Embers does not do more promoting events. Our group is there every Friday and Saturday night with between 10 and 30 girls and they don’t stop to tell us “by the way next week we have something going on early”. I think they could have done a lot better and raised even more money if they got the word out. Well enough about that.

Soon more of our group started showing up and we started adding tables to our little group. By the time the main show started we had 5 tables with between 5 and 7 at each table. We must have had 30 plus there and it was so much fun. Siobhan was there and I got a picture with her (you can check it out on my flicker page), she is so cute in her dress. We also got a chance to talk some but with the show and loud music talking was a little difficult. The show was really good and they had a few new drag Queens so that was nice to see something new. All the girls in our group are awesome and make it so much fun to be out together.

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Starbuck’s and a short shopping trip

Well Susan made her normal Wednesday night out tonight. It has been a long week and I really needed to have some Susan time. I went to Starbuck’s to relax with a warm drink and spend some time on my computer. They were a little busier than normal as I think people stopped in to get warm as it is pretty cold out and will be for the next several days. I was a little cold as I do not really have winter clothes for Susan yet. This will be something I need to work on. I like going to Starbuck’s as they have always treated me really well and I have never had a problem yet. There are three different ones I have gone to (two of them more then the third but they seem to not have a problem with me so I guess that would make them t-girl friendly.

I spent over an hour there just relaxing and working (playing) on my computer. I did some work but mostly on the internet and answering e-mails. The other customers were busy with whatever they were doing and paid me no attention. It is fun to just be out in the general population and be treated like everyone else.

When I left Starbuck’s I decided to go to Kohl’s as it was just a couple blocks away and do a little shopping, see what they had in the way of clothes more suitable for the colder weather. I looked around for about 30 minutes and really found nothing I liked. I guess I still like the cute outfits and bulky clothes just aren’t as cute. I think I will see if I can find a cute coat that I can wear just when I am outside. Again I really had fun just looking and no one really even paid attention to me of course they were not real busy which surprised me with Christmas so only a few weeks away. I am sure I will buy Susan some nice Christmas presents this year.

Well now I am home and just wanted to update my blog before I put Susan to bed. I only have limited time as Susan so I really enjoy and value the time I get to spend dressed up.

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