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Wednesday Zoom meeting with my friends

Another Wednesday is here and I get to spend time with my friends again, I look forward to this all week. I got home from work and started getting ready, I took my time and tried for a more everyday look although I did go with a bold red lipstick as that really is my favorite color. It is funny as I read someplace that lipstick is the highest selling type of makeup but yet you don’t see a lot of woman wearing lipstick which is a shame as nice shade of lipstick really pulls a look together. I was all ready by 6 and got some pictures and called and talked to my mom for a while.

I started the meeting right at 7 and girls were already waiting, a few did show up late again tonight but as I always tell them better late then never. Tonight, we had 16 ladies join us, Nicole, Julie, Jennifer, Melissa, Tori, Jeanie, Maille, Jan & Lynn, Danika, Trish, Christy, Antonia, Danielle, Karla and me. It was great to see all my friends. Now one of the great things about the online meetings is people who can’t make it out or are out of town can join in, so our Portland group had 2 girls from the Seattle area, 2 from Central California, 2 from Southern California and yes 1 from Thailand as she lives there now. Now there is also a downside as some girls can’t dress at home either because their family doesn’t know or doesn’t approve and for those girls going out maybe their only alternative. I talk a lot about the supportive wives we have in the group but we do have a few members who wives are not supportive but tolerate it as long as they do it someplace else and they don’t have to see it. for these girls they usually go to Victoria’s over the Rainbow and get ready and then would go out and meet us for the night. The virus and shut down has been really hard on them the past year.

This led me to one of are topics of discussion, starting our Wednesday nights dinners again. The virus numbers are down and the number of people being vaccinated are going up and yes, a lot of our group has already got the vaccine, I was lucky enough to get mine back the end of January and fist of February. Now I don’t want to get political here but will give my 2 cents on the vaccine, first yes there are some risks with the vaccine as with all medicine but you have to weigh the risk to reward and for me the reward of the vaccine outweighed any risks, I was worried about but everyone hast to make this decision for themselves. Thee second point is it is your choice; I do not think the government has the right to demand people get it or punish them if they don’t. If I have the vaccine and you don’ I am protected and you assume the risk, just like the risk of being in car wreck if you drive. I support everyone’s right to decide for themselves. Well let’s get back to the blog. Now our group has done Wednesday night dinners out for probably 10 years and we would like to get back to that but we started doing these zoom meetings on Wednesdays one year ago because we couldn’t go out in person and this was a way to help us get through this till, we could go out again. Well as I said there is a lot of value and good that has come out of these meeting online and we don’t want to stop them but we can’t do both on the same night or you have to chose between the two and I personally want to do both so we need to come up with another night. now I figured Saturday nights were out as yes, I would like to go out on Saturday nights once things open again like to the Escape again. Sundays I spend with my mom so I kind of ruled that night out and Thursday is the night the Seattle group does their thing which really only left Monday, Tuesday and Friday so I asked the girls what their thoughts were and I was surprised as it went pretty well, the group seemed to rule out Tuesday as they felt 2 nights in a row might be hard so we settled on Monday’s at least for now. So, I will send this out to the whole group and see what their thoughts are. Now this will probably not start till May as we do want to give it a little more time and I am thinking of maybe in mid-March doing a Zoom meeting for a few weeks on both Monday and Wednesday to get the switch over going.

Well back to our group tonight, one of the highlights was Karla tonight, she actually leaves for Thailand this coming Monday for her SRS surgeries and her mother is going with her and tonight her mom was with her and joined her on the zoom meeting for a little while. Karla’s mom is awesome not only supportive of her but proud of her and is going with her to Thailand to be with her during her surgeries. Now I have often talked about how people accept or don’t accept these changes and I don’t want to get into a big debate but I can see both sides. We always look at ourselves and what we want, need but as in everything there are two sides to every coin. What I mean by that is I will use my brother. If he came out as transgender and wanted to transition yes, I would be supportive but there would still be that part of me that would mourn the loss of my brother. Yes, he/she would still be with me and I may have a better relationship with the new person he becomes but there would still be parts of the relationship we had as brothers that would be lost. For the person transition they are becoming their true self but for others there is the gaining of a new person and the loss of the old person even though they are really the same person if that makes sense. It is like the old saying If a butterfly flutters its wings in Brazil could it cause a tornado in Texas. Everything we do has an effect on things and people, just my thoughts. We need to be who we are but we also need to think about others and how it affects them and give them the time and support just like we need. Well as I said it was awesome to meet her and for a while Jennifer’s wife joined her also. It sounds like the wives/girlfriends are going to try and join us and do a breakout of just them in our meeting the first Wednesday of April which is awesome.

Now Jennifer’s question of the night was about our experiences of coming out to someone. It was interesting to hear about it and how it went and yes there were some bad experiences but over all the majority seemed positive which was nice. Now I have never come out to someone as far as just going up and telling them. For me I do this part time and don’t plan on going full time so I don’t feel the need to tell people and this is what is right for me. Now that being said I di remember years ago the fear of being found out and what I would say and could I lie my way out of it, convince them they were wrong. Now I bring this up as it happened back in October of 2012, two of my neighbor ladies and seen me as Susan on TV over the P-Club incident and somehow recognized me guessing they recognized the woman who had been driving my car and asked me about it, and all the time I spent thinking about how to lie my way out of it didn’t even pop in my head I just admitted to it and told them I liked to spend part of my life as a women so that was my coming out to someone even though it wasn’t planned. I still have one of them as a neighbor and we get along great so it will say it went well. I don’t know if they ever told anyone but I am sure most of my neighbors know as much as I come and go as Susan and I know they have seen me in my car. The one thing that has changed over the last few years is I don’t think about how to lie my way out of it. yes, I am not going out and telling people about me but I am not hiding it either, I am jus living my life. I now go to placed near my house instead of driving miles away and I don’t worry if people are outside when I leave, yes, I use to stand on my front room watching my neighbors outside waiting for them to go inside before I left, once I did this for over an hour. If people find out they find out but I will be who I am.

It was a great night and yes, we kept everyone online till 9 pm and we still had a lot of girls by 10pm before it dropped to just 4 of us and I thin it was about 10:20 when we finally shut the meeting down so it was one of our longer ones but a very fun night and always sad to see it end. Now I am looking forward to Saturday and spending the afternoon and evening as Susan. Sorry I went a little long tonight.

Stay safe and happy and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday as Susan in the afternoon

It is Saturday and I got up early as I have to take my car to the dealer at 8:30 and I am hoping it will be done in a couple hours. My hope was to be back home by noon at the latest. Now the oil change shouldn’t take long but not sure how long the rattle sound will take them to find and fix, so my plan is to take my computer to write my blog from Wednesday night zoom meeting. Now while I took my shower I was thinking about the day and I decided to wear some lipstick as yes, I have to wear a face mask at the dealership. I picked my brightest red lipstick for this. Now I know no one can see it so I decided to put on a light coat of mascara. Now looking in the mirror if you looked closely you would be able to tell. The last thing was my good Bra, I have one from Victoria’s Secret that is a padded push up and adds 1 ½ cups size to your bust and since I don’t have breast that is what I get. It is such a comfortable bra I can’t even tell I am wearing it; it is a shame they discontinued it although I did buy 5 of them in different colors before they were gone. Now yes in just a light shirt it is real noticeable so I put on a heavier shirt over it and still noticeable but with my coat on you really can’t tell and once I am at the dealership sitting down I can take my coat off and probably no one would be able to tell. I got to dealership and checked in and the lady asked for a phone number to call me and I told her I had planned on waiting and she said it would be most of the day as it takes a while to diagnose and usually once they fid it and fix it they sometimes find another so they got me a ride home. This was sad as I really wanted to be Susan for the day but later this afternoon I would have to go back and get my car so Susan would have to wait as they will call me when they are on the way to pick me up so I would only have 10 or 15 minutes not enough time to undo Susan.

Now at home I decided to do something different. I had the bright red lipstick on and a light coat of mascara and I decided to try a simple eye makeup look, mascara and a neutral eye shadow look but no eye liner as that will be easy to get off. I was actually happy with the way my eyes turned out, a medium brown on the outside, a shimmery light brown on the eye lid and a mauve brown on the inner corner and all blended together the look was perfect for daytime wear and yes it was noticeable. Now it was time to sit and write my blog from Wednesday night zoom meeting while watching a Christmas movie. I finished my blog and called my mom a little after 11 to talk to her for a while. Well we talked for about 20 minutes. It was about 11:30 and I got another call and when I answered it, it was the dealership and my car was ready so it looks like I will get the afternoon to be Susan after all. She said she would have the shuttle driver call me to schedule a ride and sure enough the driver called me just a couple minutes later. He said he heard my car was ready and I needed a ride and I said yes. Well it turns out he had just dropped someone off and was headed back to the dealership, so I said sure. Well it turns out he was actually just a few blocks away from my house and said he would be here in just a few minutes so I should be able to get to the dealership and back home by noon or shortly after. Well he pulled into my drive so I grabbed my facemask and was put the door to go get my car so I could get back home and spend the rest of the day as Susan.

I got to the dealership and went in and the same lady who helped me this morning and my paperwork ready and now this is the silly part, the rattle vibration noise turned out to be from my garage door opener rubbing on my visor which sounded so simple and I really wondered if they had found it. I got my car and still wasn’t sure the rattle was what they said so I decided to take a quick drive down the freeway and I needed to go to Costco so I went to the one on Airport way and sure enough no rattle or vibration noise, I feel a little silly I didn’t figure it out. I stopped and got some gas while I was at Costco and then went and parked and put my facemask on and went in to pick up a few things I needed. I picked up what I needed and then stopped and got a hot dog and drink and then stopped at customer service on my way out to cash in my rebate check for cash. Now it was time to head home so I could spend the rest of the day as Susan.

I got home and went right upstairs to shave and start my transformations. When I got upstairs and looked in the mirror I realized I had left in such a hurry I forgot about the eye shadow I had put on earlier and had gone out wearing it along with the bra and in my mind I went over where I had been and no one said a thing but most of all was when I got gas at Costco I wasn’t wearing my face mask. Well as my eyes and lips were already done, I decided to see if I could do my foundation and finish off my makeup without messing them up. It took me about 45 minutes and on my eyes all I did was my brows and a little eye liner and of course a little shadow below my lower lash line and of course I had to line my lips to fix the sharpness of my lips but it turned out well. So, when you look at the pictures the eye shadow is what people saw and the lips are what the man at the fuel station saw.

All dressed up I went with the same hair from Wednesday and got a few pictures and then I dug out another old wig and tried that one also and got a picture. It is amazing how much your hair color and style can change you look. No, it would be a quiet day at home watching more Christmas movies. I also noticed my neighbor across the street putting up Christmas lights, so I won’t be the only one on my street with lights up although I was the first. I am hoping more of my neighbors put up lights as I really do like seeing houses with lights on them. It was about 4:30 and I was hungry as all I have had today was the hot dog I got at Costco and as I wanted to go out as Susan besides I had Ham on Thanksgiving and Ham yesterday and I still have several LB’s of ham so I will be eating ham the next few days also.

I grabbed my purse and opened my garage door and walked out and got in my car. Now as I pulled out of my driveway and my neighbors across the street were still working on their lights as I drove by. Now it is dark out by this time so I really don’t think they noticed anything but years ago even at night I wouldn’t leave my house if my neighbors were out. I got to McDonalds and went through the drive through the lady who gave me my food told me she loved my bracelet. I thanked her as I always love getting compliments. It is funny as it is common for woman to get compliments but not as common for men to get compliments.

I got back home and ate dinner and watched Christmas movie till it is time for bed. This week Hallmark is not only showing Christmas movies but every night at 8 they have premier a new one so that makes it even better. It was a fun day and I still can’t
believe I went out earlier without removing my eye makeup. This was my eyeshadow from today. I scheduled our Wednesday night Zoom meeting to try and get it out a little earlier.

Stay safe and stay positive and thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Friday night dinner with friends

Well it is Friday and the end of the week and I get to see a few of my friends tonight. Julie has wanted to try Kyoto Steakhouse in Vancouver for a while and she stopped in and checked and they can do groups of 6 right now so she made a reservation and invited a few of us to join her so I was really looking forward to it. Now I always want to look my best when I go out with my friends but it is even more important now as we haven’t really gone out or gotten together in months as a matter of fact 2 weeks ago on Friday was our first small get together in 7 months. So yes, I really wanted to look my best.

I got home at 4:40 and started getting ready so I could take my time and enjoy getting ready. I really enjoy this time but getting ready for a dinner out with my friends just seem better, I guess it is kind of like when girls get ready for a special date or a dance. I took my time and yes really did a good job on my eyes including false eye lashes tonight and I was happy with how I looked when I was all done. I chose my red dress and black dress and 3″ ankle boots and yes my hip pads, the final look was awesome. I was all ready about 6:10 so yes 1 ½ hours of enjoyment getting ready. I did get a few pictures before I left. It was about 6:15 when I left home as it would only take me about 25 minutes to get there and I wanted to be a little early. Well it was a good thing I planned it this way as I think I hot every red light and a couple I sat through twice, so it was 6:55 when I pulled into the parking lot. I put my mask in and walked it without hesitation lie it was the most natural thing in the world. As I got to the Door Jeanie was walking up, so we went in together. Julie, Cassandra and Barb were already there waiting as they wouldn’t seat us till our whole group was there and we have 6 tonight so we had to wait a few minutes till Melissa got her.

Now this restaurant has a room with tables, but they also have what I call grill tables. It is a 3-sided table in the shape of a square open on one end where the chef is and has a big grill where they cook your food right in front of you. It is a nice place, mid-priced but they were packed. There were people waiting for tables and they were all full which is both good and bad. It is good to see they are busy and doing well with wat is going on but a little nervous with the virus and social distancing. I am guessing the tables were 6 feet apart but the were all full. At our grill table on one side was Cassandra, me and Julie then around the corner was Melissa, Barb and Jeanie and one the other side was a husband and wife and their little child which surprised me, now across the table was probably 8 feet. The lady came and took our orders, I picked Fillet mignon with shrimp.

Now the bring your drinks and then the chef comes out with a kart with all the food on it and then he starts grilling the food for the table and it is more of a show then just cooking. He uses fire on the grill and flips the food around and he makes it look so easy but if I tried all the food would be on the floor. He cooked up the rice and vegetables, then the meat and shrimp. All in one big batch and the divides it out on who ordered what. He was awesome and treated everyone at the table incredible. We talked to him a little and he has been doing this for 15 years. It really was a fabulous way to have dinner and you should definitely try it. The food was excellent also. Yes, you are looking at $25 to $50 per person but it is well worth it.

We had a wonderful dinner and conversation, and it was just so nice to be out again. Now as I said they were busy but as it was later in the evening the crowd had thinned out if you are worried about social distancing I would make your reservations for 7 or later as they are not as busy. Now we talked a little about our group and the costs and we kind of split them up mainly between Julie, Cassandra, Melissa and me. I am covering the Zoom meetings this year, Melissa the group IO mailing list and Julie and Cassandra our web site, in all its about $600 a year which really isn’t that much, and we want to. We sat and talked till after 9, the night went by so fast.

Now Julie has the weekend free as Trixie is out of town and Cassandra’s wife Peggy is also out of town, so we talked about maybe going out to dinner Saturday night also. Julie is going to see if she can et reservations we talked about Noble Rot as we went there a couple years ago. I really didn’t think it would be hard to get a reservation after we went to Jakes Grill a couple weeks ago but after tonight how busy they were it might be harder for reservations. Well I told Julie I would go and would pick her up and drive if she could work things out. It was almost 9:30 when we left.

We stopped outside to talk briefly again about getting together Saturday night and Melissa and her wife might also join us if we go. Well as we were standing there one of the waters came out with a purse. Seems one of our girls walked out without it and left it hanging on her chair. This has always been a fear of mine especially when I first started going out as carrying a purse was new. Now it is more of a common natural thing, so I don’t think about it that much, but it did get me thinking about it. Now she would have realized it as soon as she went to get in her car but still not a good feeling and there is always the risk someone takes it. As a male I don’t have to worry about I as I keep my wallet in my pants pocket but that doesn’t work when you are in a cute dress or skirt. Well we said our goodbyes and I look forward to Saturday and another day of Susan, the only question will be how early I get ready as if we are going out for dinner I want to wait till later in the day to do my makeup so I look pretty for dinner. Yes, I forgot to get pictures with my friends again. I also get to have some Susan time on Sunday again as yes where my mom is, they are on lock down again do to a positive case.

Stay safe and positive and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.


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Wednesday night Zoom meeting with friends

Another Wednesday and I get to spend a few hours online with y friends. I got home and started getting ready. I took my time and really worked on my eyes and eyebrows which I went a little darker on them, but I think they turned out well. I wore my black dress tonight and I liked the look. I was all dressed by 6:15 so I took some time and got a few pictures and then called my mom and talked with her till 7.

I started our meeting a couple minutes before 7 and there were already 3 girls waiting and by the time, I admitted them there were 5 more so I guess tonight will be good and it was. By 7:15 we had 13 windows open with 14 girls. It was Julie, Jennifer, Melissa, Patty, Robin, Jan & Lynn, Nicole, Trish, Danika, Antonia, Jeanie, Samantha and me. What a great turnout tonight. Well we all talked for a while and caught up on what is new in our lives and yes we did talk about the places we use to go that have closed down over the years and especially the ones that have closed down in the last few months. It really is nice to catch up and be social.

Well after a while it was time for one of Jennifer’s question and tonight it was do you dream about being female. Now we all took turns and yes, we all have these dreams. Now for me when I wake up I can remember my dreams really well but it doesn’t take long for them to fade but what I can remember is I do dream a lot about being Susan, sometimes being caught and sometimes it is well and I am accepted and others not so good. I think this is my fear coming out. There is also a small amount of times I do dream I am totally female, or I was born female and how my life would be. I really think this is normal and I would not be surprised if a lot of men had dreams like this as it is your subconscious minds way of dealing with things. Now it doesn’t mean you are female or even want to be female as I have had dreams about other things, some of which I would never do or want to do. Actually, even a couple of the girls who have transitioned and are living full time as who they are and always believed they are still dream occasionally about being male. I think I will try to write down some of my dreams in the morning just to see if I can track them for a while. It was also interesting to hear some of the other girls’ thoughts on this.

Jennifer also asked about what we feel helps family, wives or significant others understand this and accept or support this side of us and for me I don’t have a lot of personal experience on this as I have not come out to anyone yet. For me this is part of my life and I don’t feel the need to tell people unless I plan t be Susan around them, that being said I am not going to deny it or try to lie my way out of it if someone finds out. I really do think the more we go out and be seen especially doing everyday things. For most people they may have never met or seen someone who is transgender other than on TV. It is always different when you meet someone in person or know them personally. The other thing I believe is you can’t judge someone based on who they are, just like w don’t want to be judges. I have heard from girls who were going to come out to family, and they had lists of who would accept them and who wouldn’t and sometimes they find out it was the opposite. I had one friend who had a very conservative family member who was very religious, and it turns out he was one of her biggest supporters. I think the key is to be honest and genuine about who you are and how you feel. Now I am not saying it is going to be easy and always end up well. I say it all the time as our actions does impact others also and I know some don’t like to hear that. I look at it this way, if I go out as Susan and run into someone I know, I am hoping it will take them time to figure it out, I am hoping the first thing they realize is I am not female, and then there is something familiar about me but they still have to place me. Now if I went out with my brother or my best friend on my male side, they may not recognize me, but they will recognize them being with a trans person. On my own side I have only gone out once as my male self with the group and I only stayed a short time, not because I am ashamed of them but if I ran into someone I know it would out me for sure. It is about me and not them as I said right now, I am not hiding this, but I am also not just telling everyone. We may be totally comfortable with who we are and how we live our lives, but others may have concerns about how it impacts their lives. I am rambling here and not sure if it is coming across the way I wanted. The main thing I want t get across is our actions can impact others also and we have to at least recognize that.

Well we talked till about 9pm before girls started to log off and yes once we lost the first it went fast and soon it was just Julie, Jan & Lynn and me. We talked a little longer and then we called it a night. It was a good night though. Now I am looing forward to the weekend and yes a few of us are gong to try to get together for dinner Friday night and I will get to spend Saturday as Susan also so it should be a fun weekend.

Stay safe and thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday at home as Susan

Well it is the last Saturday of September and I get to spend the day as Susan. I got up around 8 and had breakfast. I was just getting ready to start my makeup and something came up and I had to postpone Susan for a couple hours. I got home a little before noon and started getting Susan ready for the day. Now today I took my time getting ready as it is just a day at home. I did take time on my eyes and went with a darker color for my eyebrows, they look good but probably to dark for the light color of my hair, the color is dark brown but really looks more black.

Now as I said I really have no plans today other then cleaning my house, yes years ago when I was to afraid to go out and I just dressed at home I would either watch TV or clean my house. I put on a casual dress today and a pair of low heels and started my day cleaning the house. I spent a couple hours cleaning my house, vacuuming, doing some laundry and getting my house ready for tomorrow. Now I did take some breaks when the sun came out, yes today we had some sun breaks in between rain showers and when the sun was out it was nice outside so I sat on my deck for a while working on my blog from Wednesday Zoom meeting. Now it was a weird day as I would go outside and in 15 to 30 minutes the sun went away and it would get cold and lightly rain or a couple times we had a heavy rain so I would go back inside and clean more. I think I went outside 4 or 5 times over a few hours. I did get some pictures for today. Once I got done cleaning I relaxed and watched some TV.

It was about 6 when I decided it was time for dinner, so I decided to go to Subway and get something to eat as I really wanted to get out of the house today. I probably should have gone to Starbucks for a while but didn’t. I got there and got a quick picture in my car before putting my mask on and going in. there were 3 people in lone ahead of me so I waited my turn. I ordered my sandwich and then it was back home for the rest of the evening. Will watch TV till 11 before washing away Susan and going to bed.

A pretty quiet Saturday.

Stay safe and happy with yourself and thanks for reading m blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

More pictures below

Have a great day

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Sunday Susan time, a wonderful weekend at home

It is Sunday and I got up at 8 to start my day and the first thing I saw was my pretty nails, yes, it is only polish and not acrylics but still a wonderful feeling. I took my time getting ready as it is such a wonderful way to start my day. I went a little less dramatic on my eye makeup although I did a little more of an arch shape on my brows and tried to clean the edges up with some highlighter to make it a more crisp look and I think it turned out pretty well and also a more bold lip look with a wine color. I was ready a little before 10 and of course I had to get a few pictures. Now it is going to be hot out today, about 90 so I got thinking if I wanted to do anything outside it would have to be early in the day so I decided to have breakfast on my deck and this got me thinking so I decided I would go to the Cemetery today just to get out.

I got my purse and was on my way by 10:40 and of course the first stop was the Fred Meyers store at Johnson Creek to get some flowers. I got there about 11 and of course put my mask on to go inside. Okay my little political statement for my blog and it is on face masks so if you don’t want to hear it skip over the pink part. I am against the Governors mandatory mask law. I don’t think she has the authority under the law to do this and I also think it violates our constitutional rights. That being said I pretty much wear a mask when I am out in public because I chose to partly for my safety but mostly for others and their peace of mind. I am not against the wearing of masks I am just against it not going through the state legislature which is where laws are done. Now with my mask on I went inside and decided to look around for a little bit so I did check out their and of course what would a trip there be without checking out the makeup section. I don’t really need anything right now, but I just love looking at it. Well it was time to go to the floral section and get my flowers and be on my 5way. Now the problem with masks is I am afraid it will smudge my makeup or wear part of it off plus they are hot from your breath so it also feels like your makeup is melting not a good feeling but necessary. I guess shopping trips will be shorter so I can take breaks from the mask.

I got to the cemetery about 11:40 and parked now there were 5 groups of people in this section and I noticed the 4 other sections around had no one but then this is the section where the most recent passed those in the last 2 years are. Well I got out and went to my dad’s sight and put the flowers on his grave. Now I spent about 40 minutes here and yes people came and went. Now there was one older couple guessing in their 60’s and they were walking row after row and I could tell they were looking for someone and I new eventually they would get to where I was. Well the man was 2 rows away from me and I don’t know what came over me but instead of leaving or waiting I walked over to him and asked if they were looking for someone and he said yes, well they have a gave locator online for National cemetery’s which I used to find my neighbors so I pulled out my phone and helped him look up the grave site, turns out they were in the wrong section which is what I thought as he had said it had been several years since he was here and this section only opened up about 2 years ago. He thanked me and went and got his wife and headed for their car. I left shortly after that and headed for home. I stopped at Costco on the way home and got gas which was the main reason I went out today.

It was almost 2 when I got back home and decided to start this blog so I went out on my deck and sat in the shade but even in the shade it was warm so I only stayed out there about 30 minutes before retiring to my air conditioned house. I turned on the TV and yes, I went to Hallmark Chanel and watched more Christmas Movies. Now about 5:30 it was time to think of dinner and what I wanted. I like going and getting something as it gets me out of the house as Susan, but I can only take so much fast food. Now I have been going to Panda Express someplace I really only went in male mode till the last couple months and after realizing how much a mask hides I decided to do something I have never done, go to the grocery store right by my house where I have shopped for years and know several of the people as Susan and get some fried chicken for dinner. being single I don’t really do big grocery shopping, so I stop at this store at least 3 times a week or more to get stuff for dinner. I parked and put my mask back on and got out and walked into the store and back to the deli. The lady who helped me was the same one who helped last week, and I kept watching to see if I could see a sign of recognition but nothing. Now it was up to the check stand to pay and both checkers have been there for years so again I was watching to see their reaction and nothing. It was a good outing and a first although like I say with the hair and mask there is very little chance of someone recognizing me.

I got home and ate and yes watched more Christmas Movies. I worked on my blog during commercials. My last movie will get over at 10 and then I will get ready for bed and yes that means removing my pretty red nail polish. Now I have painted my nails several times for the weekends over the last couple months and I always thought I did it right, base coat, 2 coats of color and top coat but I always get a chip within the first day and by the end of the weekend my nails are looking worn. My nails look as good right now at 9:30 Sunday night as they did Friday night when I got them done. Helen really did a wonderful job as my manicures never last. It will really be sad in 30 minutes when I have to remove it. Now I am looking forward to Wednesday night when we will once again do a zoom meeting.

Stay safe and happy and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Easter Sunday as Susan

Happy Easter everyone, yes today is Easter and normally I would spend it with family but that is not possible this year so it will be a day spent as Susan. I got up at 8 and started getting ready. I have a peach colored dress that is the perfect Easter dress so that is what I will wear today at least for a while. I say this all the time but the time I spend getting ready, transforming myself into Susan is so enjoyable and relaxing. It took me till 9:30 to get completely ready, yes, I can do it faster if needed but when I have the time, I like to enjoy it. Now as I said I had my dress already picked out; I have worn it before to the Escape, but it was perfect for today.

Once I was already, I took some time to get a few pictures, I am pretty good at selfies but getting full body pictures by yourself is a little more difficult as you need to find a way to set the camera up by itself so they are not the best. Way easier and more fun to have a friend take your picture. Now I don’t talk a lot about my male life in my blog as I try to keep them separate but today is an exception.

I don’t talk about it much but yes; I am religious, and I have never not gone to church on Easter with my family but this year we can’t. well I called my mom and talked with her for awhile as she is having a hard time not being able to see anyone. Well I logged onto the churches web site and watch the Easter service online while my mom listened over the phone. It was kind of like being there and I was Susan for it although I was the only one who knew I was Susan. now as I said my mom is having a hard time with this as I can not go over and see her, one of the reasons I was able to get my ears pierced but I think this really helped my mom today.

Now my day at home alone as Susan starts and it started with watching a movie, Jurassic Park, Actually TNT is showing all 3 of them today so that will be my day. I got a few more pictures before the movie started. Now it is a beautiful day out and will be in the low 70’s, spring is here. I watched the first movie and then it was time for lunch. After the movie it was time for lunch and I figured I would eat out on my deck in the sunshine but I figured sitting out there in this bright, fancy dress would draw attention if one of my neighbors looked out the window so I went up and changed not a black skirt and a maroon top a more casual look but still cute. I pause TNT as I can pause it for an hour and then zap out the commercials when I watch it.

I made me a sandwich and took my computer out on the deck and had lunch and played on my computer. I set up a Zoom meeting for Wednesday night in hopes some of the other girls will want to get together for a while and video chat. It really is nice to be able to see and talk with each other even if it is online. I also caught up on some e-mails, some work, and started this blog, and just enjoyed some time in the sun. I could hear my back neighbors on their deck but with the fence the only way we can see each other is if we are both standing up or they actually come over to the fence and look over and as I was sitting down I didn’t think anything of it and just went about what I was doing. It was a beautiful day out and I was in no hurry to go back inside. I stayed out here till I herd the TV start playing meaning I had hit the end of my hour pause so I went in and watched the next movie. The movies go so much quicker when you take out the commercials.

I watched the next 2 movies and then it was time for dinner. It was about 5:30 so I decided to go to Jack in the Box and get dinner, yes, I just had to get out of the house for a little bit. It was a short trip, but it was better then nothing. I got home with my meal and decided to sit on the deck and eat s it is still nice out. spending so much time at home and in the house has really made me appreciate being able to get out. I can really understand how my Mom must feel and how hard this is for her. if you have family reach out to them so they know they are not alone same goes for friends. It is really important as we practice social distancing. Well as I sat on my deck eating dinner, I could hear my neighbors behind again, they were out on their deck BBQing again. Well they were standing at the closest end of their deck and I could see just the top of her head but he was tall enough that I could see his full head so if he looked over my way he would also be able to see my head, face well I just went about eating my dinner and playing on my computer as I figured he would not get that good of a look at me. I don’t know if he did but the next time, I looked up they were not there anymore.

Well it was about 7 when I went back inside to watch another movie, the one I will watch tonight is “the American President”. It has been a good day and a fun weekend at home as Susan. it is now how I want to spend time as Susan but for now it is the best I can do. We still have a few more weeks like this but I am sure things will get better and back to normal soon, positive thinking. Now I am looking forward to Wednesday night as I will be Susan and hopefully some of my friends will join me for our video chat. Also, next weekend I will once again spend the whole weekend as Susan and maybe try my new earrings they are small silver hoop earrings I bought when I got my ears pierced, I included a picture of them. They are really cute, and I didn’t want anything to bi to start.

Stay safe and know I am thinking of all of you and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Friday night and the start of a weekend of Susan

It is Friday and the start of a long weekend at home. Yes, with the coronavirus still going on everything is pretty much shut down and that means a weekend at home again and that also means being Susan for the weekend. Now it looks like this will be the case for at least 4 more weeks. Now again there is good and bad about everything you just must look for the good and as I am kind of the glass half full kind of girl that is what I do. Now I am lucky as I can still work as my job is deemed an essential job, so I am not affected yet but on the bright side there is no traffic now. I get off at 4 and it use to take me till 5:30 or later to get home but now I am home in a half hour, so I decided to start my weekend as Susan on Friday night.

As soon as I got home, I started getting dressed up as Susan and by 5:30 I was happily Susan and started making dinner. once again, I am BBQing a steak and bake potato tonight, now while the grill was heating up, I took the time to paint my nails for the weekend. Now this is the week I should have been in Las Vegas with long pretty, acrylic nails so this is my way of making the best of it, actually, today would be the day Cassandra and would be driving home from Las Vegas. Now we are planning on going to Las Vegas this September between September 9 & 18 and we are hoping to get several girls to go. Well back to my dinner tonight.

I precooked my baked potato part way in the microwave before finishing it on the BBQ grill. Yes, once again I am BBQing on my back deck tonight. It is not a really nice day so I doubt any of my neighbors will be out in their backyards and I am only out there a little to turn my steak as it is a little on the cool side. I really do enjoy BBQing, but this is the first year I have done it as Susan. with my steak done it was time to go inside and eat and I got lucky as I ran out of Propane just before I finished my steak but it turned out really good just a little on the rare side but still perfect.

For tonight I am going to watch James Bond while I eat, Diamonds are forever which is one of my favorite and after this one will be Man with the golden gun, yes, I am a James Bond Fan. It was a fun and relaxing Friday night at home and a good start to my weekend. I watched my movies and stayed up till about 11:30 before going to bed. Now the one sad thing is I forgot to get a picture tonight so I will post one of my favorite pictures from a week ago.

Now as I said earlier I was not able to go to Las Vegas because of everything being pretty much shut down which was sad but as such I was able to get my ears pierced something I have wanted to do for years. It has been almost 2 weeks, 9 days at work with pierced ears and so far only 5 woman and 1 male have said something and all they really said was did you get your ears pierced and I simply said yes it was something I have wanted to do for a few years and was able to do it now and that was it other then 3 of the woman also said it looked good on me. Now they are just small gold studs right now and I really can’t tell they are there unless I touch them, but I can’t wait till I can wear some dangly style earrings.

Well my plan for this weekend is to again try different makeup looks and the focus will be on my eyes specifically my eyebrows. I do a pretty good job on them but there is always room for improvement.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new

Be safe and take care of yourselves.

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Friday home alone as Susan

It is Friday and another day at home as Susan, 3 more after today. I got up at 8 and spent the next 2 hours enjoying myself getting ready. I really do love when I can take my time. Now yesterday my look was all about my eyes and I think they turned out well today it was my lips. Now I do a pretty good job on my lips but I have been watching some videos on how to make your lips look fuller and I wanted to try it. I have actually tried it before but a red lipstick does not work well when you over line your lips so I tried a different color today. It actually turned out pretty well. What I found is if you get a really close look you can tell but from a few feet away they look pretty natural. Again, this is more of a glam look and not an every day look but since I am at home it was worth the try.

It was about 10 when I went down stairs to start my day with a quick picture. Now as I said my days are pretty boring and these blogs are mainly for me to document my time as Susan and trust me being stuck in the house for my 5th day being able to spend it as Susan really does help. The sad thing is in a few days I will be able to leave but there really is no place to go as most places are closed. Other then going to a grocery store to shop pretty much ever place else is only open if they have take-out. it is our new reality for a while.

I watched my first movie of the day and today is war movies, the movies I picked for to if you are interested are “Kelly’s Heroes, Midway, Pearl Harbor, and Final countdown. After the first movie I made lunch and sat out on my deck enjoying the sun while I had lunch. It really was relaxing sitting in the sun for a while. I spent about 45 minutes outside before going in to watch my next movie. Now after this movie I decided to take a short drive just to get away from the house. Yes, I am still stuck in my car but I get a different look at things. What I really wanted was to see what traffic was like and there really wasn’t much traffic for 4:30 in the afternoon. I did change my hair for a different look.

My drive was only about a half hour and I did get a picture in my car at a stop light. It was a relaxing drive and then back home to cook some dinner before watching my next movie. I had a nice dinner, Chicken and rice. I really am looking forward till I can get back to work and I will still have a few days of vacation left I can use if will be several weeks at least before I can go back to Starbucks for a few hours as places like that can only do takeout through the middle of next month and I am guessing it will be at least a month till our group has another Wednesday night dinner. This really has affected almost all parts of our lives but I truly believe this will pass and by June I hope we will be getting back to normal life again. The key is to not panic and try to keep your life as normal as possible till then.

I watched the next movie and now I am watching my last movie of the day and plan to go to bed around 11 tonight so I can do the same thing again tomorrow. I really do miss seeing my friends as Susan, yes Susan is the much more social side of me.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Monday of my home alone time

It is Monday and I have a week of being home alone in my house so there will not be much I do other then spending time at home as Susan. I am thinking I will try some different looks while I am at home and see how they look. Today I will try a darker makeup look and see if I can get a good look with my dark hair. Now I got up at 8 and started getting ready. Now the good thing about this is I have all the time I need to get ready which made the morning enjoyable and I even took time to paint my nails. I figured if I was stuck in the house and can have no contact with people, I could have pretty red nails for the week, they are not the long acrylic but will have to do. With my makeup and nails done I started getting dressed.

It was about 10:30 when I was all dressed and got a quick selfie before going downstairs. I had a little breakfast and then did a little light cleaning. Now I use to do this all the time years ago before I was going out but it has been a long time. Now I have the whole week so I am just doing a little cleaning each day to pace myself, also I have on my 4″ heels and my corset which makes cleaning a little more challenging. You see the French maids in their cute outfits and heels but it really is hard to clean wearing heels.

Once I had cleaned what I wanted to get done today it was time to watch my first movie, of course that means another quick selfie. Now part of this week is to try different looks but also see how well my makeup lasts all day, when I was out shopping with Karen a couple months ago I bought a setting spray and I wanted to see how it works over a long day and yesterday my makeup held up really well. Yesterday I had my makeup done by 9 in the morning and it still looked pretty good at 10 pm last night. Today’s makeup is a little darker and a little heavier so it will be interesting to see at the end of the day.

After the first movie I decided to go out on my back deck for a few minutes as the sun is out and it is somewhat warm. I figure the point of self-quarantine is to keep me away from other people. I figure a few minutes outside won’t hurt. Of course, while I was outside, I had to get a picture, a little fresh air and a photo op helped make the day a little better. This will be a long week and the only thing that will make it bearable if being Susan.

I took a little time and started this blog before watching another movie. After that movie it was time for dinner so I made something to eat. Now I always tell people I have plenty of food to last for a while and I do but looking at it I realized it was the things I bought and didn’t eat. This will be a good week to clean out my cupboards. Now I did get one last picture today before I sat down to eat. Now it is 6 pm and I am getting ready to watch another movie.

My makeup still looks good and I still have my corset on. It is hard to sit on the couch with the corset on so I do get up and walk around every once in a while. My plan is to keep it on till I go to bed tonight around 11 and that will be my final test of my makeup and how well it held up. after today I have 7 more days like this and I am guessing Susan will be part of all of them.

Now I also need to call and cancel my nail appointment for March 26 when I was going to get my acrylic nails and I planned on doing it tomorrow but I got a call from the nail salon this evening and they have to close for 2 weeks so that actually canceled my appointment. On a side note I guess I wasn’t thinking this morning when I did my nails. I am on quarantine through next Monday meaning the next time I can go out is on Tuesday March 24th and I have to be to work that day at 7 am and that is where the problem is as the polish I have is for painting my fake nails I put on so I don’t have nail polish remover. Well I have a week to figure it out. Let me know what you think of the look today

Thanks for reading and if you want to know what is going on in my life please read my newest blog.

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