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Easter Sunday as Susan

Happy Easter everyone, yes today is Easter and normally I would spend it with family but that is not possible this year so it will be a day spent as Susan. I got up at 8 and started getting ready. I have a peach colored dress that is the perfect Easter dress so that is what I will wear today at least for a while. I say this all the time but the time I spend getting ready, transforming myself into Susan is so enjoyable and relaxing. It took me till 9:30 to get completely ready, yes, I can do it faster if needed but when I have the time, I like to enjoy it. Now as I said I had my dress already picked out; I have worn it before to the Escape, but it was perfect for today.

Once I was already, I took some time to get a few pictures, I am pretty good at selfies but getting full body pictures by yourself is a little more difficult as you need to find a way to set the camera up by itself so they are not the best. Way easier and more fun to have a friend take your picture. Now I don’t talk a lot about my male life in my blog as I try to keep them separate but today is an exception.

I don’t talk about it much but yes; I am religious, and I have never not gone to church on Easter with my family but this year we can’t. well I called my mom and talked with her for awhile as she is having a hard time not being able to see anyone. Well I logged onto the churches web site and watch the Easter service online while my mom listened over the phone. It was kind of like being there and I was Susan for it although I was the only one who knew I was Susan. now as I said my mom is having a hard time with this as I can not go over and see her, one of the reasons I was able to get my ears pierced but I think this really helped my mom today.

Now my day at home alone as Susan starts and it started with watching a movie, Jurassic Park, Actually TNT is showing all 3 of them today so that will be my day. I got a few more pictures before the movie started. Now it is a beautiful day out and will be in the low 70’s, spring is here. I watched the first movie and then it was time for lunch. After the movie it was time for lunch and I figured I would eat out on my deck in the sunshine but I figured sitting out there in this bright, fancy dress would draw attention if one of my neighbors looked out the window so I went up and changed not a black skirt and a maroon top a more casual look but still cute. I pause TNT as I can pause it for an hour and then zap out the commercials when I watch it.

I made me a sandwich and took my computer out on the deck and had lunch and played on my computer. I set up a Zoom meeting for Wednesday night in hopes some of the other girls will want to get together for a while and video chat. It really is nice to be able to see and talk with each other even if it is online. I also caught up on some e-mails, some work, and started this blog, and just enjoyed some time in the sun. I could hear my back neighbors on their deck but with the fence the only way we can see each other is if we are both standing up or they actually come over to the fence and look over and as I was sitting down I didn’t think anything of it and just went about what I was doing. It was a beautiful day out and I was in no hurry to go back inside. I stayed out here till I herd the TV start playing meaning I had hit the end of my hour pause so I went in and watched the next movie. The movies go so much quicker when you take out the commercials.

I watched the next 2 movies and then it was time for dinner. It was about 5:30 so I decided to go to Jack in the Box and get dinner, yes, I just had to get out of the house for a little bit. It was a short trip, but it was better then nothing. I got home with my meal and decided to sit on the deck and eat s it is still nice out. spending so much time at home and in the house has really made me appreciate being able to get out. I can really understand how my Mom must feel and how hard this is for her. if you have family reach out to them so they know they are not alone same goes for friends. It is really important as we practice social distancing. Well as I sat on my deck eating dinner, I could hear my neighbors behind again, they were out on their deck BBQing again. Well they were standing at the closest end of their deck and I could see just the top of her head but he was tall enough that I could see his full head so if he looked over my way he would also be able to see my head, face well I just went about eating my dinner and playing on my computer as I figured he would not get that good of a look at me. I don’t know if he did but the next time, I looked up they were not there anymore.

Well it was about 7 when I went back inside to watch another movie, the one I will watch tonight is “the American President”. It has been a good day and a fun weekend at home as Susan. it is now how I want to spend time as Susan but for now it is the best I can do. We still have a few more weeks like this but I am sure things will get better and back to normal soon, positive thinking. Now I am looking forward to Wednesday night as I will be Susan and hopefully some of my friends will join me for our video chat. Also, next weekend I will once again spend the whole weekend as Susan and maybe try my new earrings they are small silver hoop earrings I bought when I got my ears pierced, I included a picture of them. They are really cute, and I didn’t want anything to bi to start.

Stay safe and know I am thinking of all of you and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Friday night and the start of a weekend of Susan

It is Friday and the start of a long weekend at home. Yes, with the coronavirus still going on everything is pretty much shut down and that means a weekend at home again and that also means being Susan for the weekend. Now it looks like this will be the case for at least 4 more weeks. Now again there is good and bad about everything you just must look for the good and as I am kind of the glass half full kind of girl that is what I do. Now I am lucky as I can still work as my job is deemed an essential job, so I am not affected yet but on the bright side there is no traffic now. I get off at 4 and it use to take me till 5:30 or later to get home but now I am home in a half hour, so I decided to start my weekend as Susan on Friday night.

As soon as I got home, I started getting dressed up as Susan and by 5:30 I was happily Susan and started making dinner. once again, I am BBQing a steak and bake potato tonight, now while the grill was heating up, I took the time to paint my nails for the weekend. Now this is the week I should have been in Las Vegas with long pretty, acrylic nails so this is my way of making the best of it, actually, today would be the day Cassandra and would be driving home from Las Vegas. Now we are planning on going to Las Vegas this September between September 9 & 18 and we are hoping to get several girls to go. Well back to my dinner tonight.

I precooked my baked potato part way in the microwave before finishing it on the BBQ grill. Yes, once again I am BBQing on my back deck tonight. It is not a really nice day so I doubt any of my neighbors will be out in their backyards and I am only out there a little to turn my steak as it is a little on the cool side. I really do enjoy BBQing, but this is the first year I have done it as Susan. with my steak done it was time to go inside and eat and I got lucky as I ran out of Propane just before I finished my steak but it turned out really good just a little on the rare side but still perfect.

For tonight I am going to watch James Bond while I eat, Diamonds are forever which is one of my favorite and after this one will be Man with the golden gun, yes, I am a James Bond Fan. It was a fun and relaxing Friday night at home and a good start to my weekend. I watched my movies and stayed up till about 11:30 before going to bed. Now the one sad thing is I forgot to get a picture tonight so I will post one of my favorite pictures from a week ago.

Now as I said earlier I was not able to go to Las Vegas because of everything being pretty much shut down which was sad but as such I was able to get my ears pierced something I have wanted to do for years. It has been almost 2 weeks, 9 days at work with pierced ears and so far only 5 woman and 1 male have said something and all they really said was did you get your ears pierced and I simply said yes it was something I have wanted to do for a few years and was able to do it now and that was it other then 3 of the woman also said it looked good on me. Now they are just small gold studs right now and I really can’t tell they are there unless I touch them, but I can’t wait till I can wear some dangly style earrings.

Well my plan for this weekend is to again try different makeup looks and the focus will be on my eyes specifically my eyebrows. I do a pretty good job on them but there is always room for improvement.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new

Be safe and take care of yourselves.

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Friday home alone as Susan

It is Friday and another day at home as Susan, 3 more after today. I got up at 8 and spent the next 2 hours enjoying myself getting ready. I really do love when I can take my time. Now yesterday my look was all about my eyes and I think they turned out well today it was my lips. Now I do a pretty good job on my lips but I have been watching some videos on how to make your lips look fuller and I wanted to try it. I have actually tried it before but a red lipstick does not work well when you over line your lips so I tried a different color today. It actually turned out pretty well. What I found is if you get a really close look you can tell but from a few feet away they look pretty natural. Again, this is more of a glam look and not an every day look but since I am at home it was worth the try.

It was about 10 when I went down stairs to start my day with a quick picture. Now as I said my days are pretty boring and these blogs are mainly for me to document my time as Susan and trust me being stuck in the house for my 5th day being able to spend it as Susan really does help. The sad thing is in a few days I will be able to leave but there really is no place to go as most places are closed. Other then going to a grocery store to shop pretty much ever place else is only open if they have take-out. it is our new reality for a while.

I watched my first movie of the day and today is war movies, the movies I picked for to if you are interested are “Kelly’s Heroes, Midway, Pearl Harbor, and Final countdown. After the first movie I made lunch and sat out on my deck enjoying the sun while I had lunch. It really was relaxing sitting in the sun for a while. I spent about 45 minutes outside before going in to watch my next movie. Now after this movie I decided to take a short drive just to get away from the house. Yes, I am still stuck in my car but I get a different look at things. What I really wanted was to see what traffic was like and there really wasn’t much traffic for 4:30 in the afternoon. I did change my hair for a different look.

My drive was only about a half hour and I did get a picture in my car at a stop light. It was a relaxing drive and then back home to cook some dinner before watching my next movie. I had a nice dinner, Chicken and rice. I really am looking forward till I can get back to work and I will still have a few days of vacation left I can use if will be several weeks at least before I can go back to Starbucks for a few hours as places like that can only do takeout through the middle of next month and I am guessing it will be at least a month till our group has another Wednesday night dinner. This really has affected almost all parts of our lives but I truly believe this will pass and by June I hope we will be getting back to normal life again. The key is to not panic and try to keep your life as normal as possible till then.

I watched the next movie and now I am watching my last movie of the day and plan to go to bed around 11 tonight so I can do the same thing again tomorrow. I really do miss seeing my friends as Susan, yes Susan is the much more social side of me.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Monday of my home alone time

It is Monday and I have a week of being home alone in my house so there will not be much I do other then spending time at home as Susan. I am thinking I will try some different looks while I am at home and see how they look. Today I will try a darker makeup look and see if I can get a good look with my dark hair. Now I got up at 8 and started getting ready. Now the good thing about this is I have all the time I need to get ready which made the morning enjoyable and I even took time to paint my nails. I figured if I was stuck in the house and can have no contact with people, I could have pretty red nails for the week, they are not the long acrylic but will have to do. With my makeup and nails done I started getting dressed.

It was about 10:30 when I was all dressed and got a quick selfie before going downstairs. I had a little breakfast and then did a little light cleaning. Now I use to do this all the time years ago before I was going out but it has been a long time. Now I have the whole week so I am just doing a little cleaning each day to pace myself, also I have on my 4″ heels and my corset which makes cleaning a little more challenging. You see the French maids in their cute outfits and heels but it really is hard to clean wearing heels.

Once I had cleaned what I wanted to get done today it was time to watch my first movie, of course that means another quick selfie. Now part of this week is to try different looks but also see how well my makeup lasts all day, when I was out shopping with Karen a couple months ago I bought a setting spray and I wanted to see how it works over a long day and yesterday my makeup held up really well. Yesterday I had my makeup done by 9 in the morning and it still looked pretty good at 10 pm last night. Today’s makeup is a little darker and a little heavier so it will be interesting to see at the end of the day.

After the first movie I decided to go out on my back deck for a few minutes as the sun is out and it is somewhat warm. I figure the point of self-quarantine is to keep me away from other people. I figure a few minutes outside won’t hurt. Of course, while I was outside, I had to get a picture, a little fresh air and a photo op helped make the day a little better. This will be a long week and the only thing that will make it bearable if being Susan.

I took a little time and started this blog before watching another movie. After that movie it was time for dinner so I made something to eat. Now I always tell people I have plenty of food to last for a while and I do but looking at it I realized it was the things I bought and didn’t eat. This will be a good week to clean out my cupboards. Now I did get one last picture today before I sat down to eat. Now it is 6 pm and I am getting ready to watch another movie.

My makeup still looks good and I still have my corset on. It is hard to sit on the couch with the corset on so I do get up and walk around every once in a while. My plan is to keep it on till I go to bed tonight around 11 and that will be my final test of my makeup and how well it held up. after today I have 7 more days like this and I am guessing Susan will be part of all of them.

Now I also need to call and cancel my nail appointment for March 26 when I was going to get my acrylic nails and I planned on doing it tomorrow but I got a call from the nail salon this evening and they have to close for 2 weeks so that actually canceled my appointment. On a side note I guess I wasn’t thinking this morning when I did my nails. I am on quarantine through next Monday meaning the next time I can go out is on Tuesday March 24th and I have to be to work that day at 7 am and that is where the problem is as the polish I have is for painting my fake nails I put on so I don’t have nail polish remover. Well I have a week to figure it out. Let me know what you think of the look today

Thanks for reading and if you want to know what is going on in my life please read my newest blog.

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Sunday and some unexpected Susan time kind of.

Well it is Sunday and I am going to have a full day as Susan kind of, but a fast update. Diva Las Vegas has been canceled and yes, we have canceled our trip to Las Vegas. Now we don’t know if they will reschedule Diva Las Vegas but several of us from Portland are planning a trip to Las Vegas in September now. The Coronavirus we have all been watching in the news has been causing issues around the country as well as the world but it is still a small fraction of people being affected. Now I am not saying we don’t have to worry about it but we can’t live in fear of it either. We need to take proper caution for it but still live our lives as normal as we can. I bring this up as I watch the runs on stores as people buy everything. Please be careful and take precautions but don’t let it change who you are. I got up today around 8 and decided to dress up for the day, it will be a relaxing day at home as Susan something I have not done in a long time as if I take the time to get ready as Susan, I want to go out someplace. Well let’s start with yesterday.

Saturday my plan was easy, go get a Pedicure, and then go to the Escape for dinner but would only stay till 8:30 or so as I wanted to leave before they got too busy as a precaution. I got to the nail salon and of course they remembered me, now this salon they only know me as my male self. I would get my pedicure and then go home and change to Susan while my toe nails dried. It really was fun and relaxing and of course the lady talked me into a manicure also which really didn’t take much. I was also talking to her about getting a full set of acrylics for my trip. She did a wonderful job and as she did my nails, I got a couple phone calls which I just let go to voice mail till she was done as I didn’t want to mess up my nails even though it was just a clear coat. She got all done and I set up my appointment for Thursday morning March 26th at 9:30 to get my acrylics and then left. It was about 4:30 so I had time to get home and still get ready and go to the Escape for a couple hours. Well I got out my phone to see who had called as I had got a few calls while I got my manicure. 1 from my brother, a couple from my mom and a couple from a number I didn’t recognized I also had a text to call my brother before I called anyone else which got me worried so I called him 1st. this prepared for the next call. The number I didn’t recognize was from the county health department. I called the number and talked to the lady.

Well the short story is when I took my mom to the doctor’s last week it seems someone else that day who had tested positive for you guessed it the Coronavirus had been there earlier and my mom was now under a quarantine for the next 9 days and yes as I took her I am also under quarantine and can’t leave my house. Now I have no symptoms and I truly believe nothing will come of this but I now have 9 days at home with nothing to do and that means a lot of Susan time, maybe I should have gotten the acrylic nails Saturday. Now for those wondering how this works after what they deem an exposer you are quarantined for 14 day but luckily for me and my mom it took them 5 days to figure this out. now I was prepared as I have food for several weeks and of course toilet paper that everyone is freaking out about so I am fine. The health department will call me everyday to see if I show any symptoms, if I show no symptoms come March 24th, I am free to leave my house. If I start to show symptoms then I get tested and I have to tell them every place I have been and who I came in contact with. So today being Sunday I would only have to go back to Friday so the only thing I am really thinking about is if I have to tell them I was at the nail salon but once Tuesday gets here I am home free as I would have been in my house without contact. So today I am Susan at home watching Movies. The worst part of this is I will have to wait till September to get my acrylic nails

So, it will be a week of being Susan and watching movies at home and maybe if I get bored enough deep cleaning my house, just think of all the money I will save not going any place. My blogs if any for a while will be pretty boring and probably more for me. Thanks for reading.

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A Saturday night dinner out with friends at Irving Street Kitchen

It is Saturday and normally I go to the Escape which is fun and I get to hang out with friends but tonight we are doing a dinner with just a couple of us. Now we have talked about maybe doing a Saturday night dinner once a month or so but that can take a little more effort as on a weekend you really need to make reservations so you need an accurate head count. Any way ate last Wednesday night dinner we talked about it a little, well Julie and I as Melissa was not able to make it this weekend so Julie and I decided to go have dinner and try someplace new, I let Julie pick as she knows more about places to eat. Now I had texted Cassandra to try to get her to come out to Wednesday dinner as it has been a while since she has been out but she couldn’t make it but she did say she might try for Saturday so I dangled the carrot in front of her that Julie and I were going to go out for dinner thinking that might give her the extra push to try to get out.

Friday night Julie texted me we had reservations at 7:15 at Irving Street Kitchen which to be honest I had never heard of, again the reason I let Julie pick. I texted her back to see what tie I should pick her up just assuming we would ride together and also mentioned I had tried to talk Cassandra into going. Well it turns out Julie had also texted Cassandra and she was going so she made reservations for 3. It was going to be an awesome knight out and like any woman I was already going through my mind as what dress I would wear and how I wanted to look. It really is so funny as when I go out as my male self, there really is little thought put onto what I wear but that is not true for Susan. I actually went through 3 dresses and finally settled on my red and black one. Now with that picked out I knew how I wanted to do my makeup. Yes, for the most part my makeup is the same other than lipstick shade and subtle changes in eyeshadow and blending of it, I kind of have my look. The main thing is instead of the bright red lipstick I love I went for a darker red more of a brick red but a very nice shade.

I was on my way to Julie’s a few minutes before 6, I did get a couple selfies in the car just in case I forget to get pictures later. Again, it is funny as when I first started going out everyone had their cameras and we all took so many pictures. Now I don’t even think about it. I think it is because Susan is such a normal part of my life and who I am. Now the funny story as the weather was bad today, we had a couple thunder storms go through. While I was getting ready, I could hear the thunder and see the flashes of lightning and hear the rain pounding on the roof and a couple times my lights flickered. Well it turns out both Julie and Cassandra lost power, Cassandra for just a little while but Julie had to get ready and do most of her makeup with flashlights and a small mirror Infront of the window. Julie’s power came on abut 10 minutes before I got there so she was able to finish up and double check everything with lights on. It was almost 6:30 when we left for dinner.

We got downtown and we were wondering about parking as this part of town is busy and it is a weekend night but luck was with us as we parked right across the street from the front door. We walked in and Julie checked on our reservation as we were about 15 minutes early so we sat at the bar and waited for Cassandra. Cassandra showed up about 5 minutes later and it was great to see her again, I really do have wonderful friends and Julie and Cassandra are probably my best friends. We have done things together both as our female selves and also our male selves. They really know the most about who I am in all sides of my life, I never would have thought this possible 10 years ago. Now Irving street kitchen is a nice place, looks like it was built in an old warehouse very open but very nice inside. It is a cool place to go.

We were shown to our table and our waitress was awesome as really everyone here. We looked over the menu to see what we wanted. now the menu is a little limited and it is higher priced than we normally go to so not sure it would be good for the whole group. Any way they had several things that talking to our waitress she said could be more of a family style well enough to share so that is what we did, we got their beef ribs which was a lot of food and a few side dishes to share and we really had more food then we could eat. We had a wonderful dinner and even got in a conversation with a couple next to us, they were visiting from Austin Texas. Julie talked with the wife for a while and Cassandra and I talked with the husband. It really was fun.

Again, the night went by so fast and soon it was 9:30. I just can’t believe how fast time goes when I am Susan. we paid or bills yes, the waitress split it up and let each of us put a 1/3 on our credit cards which was nice as I don’t carry cash very often. Now it was time to say goodbye and leave but as Julie and I rode together our night was not over yet. We got back to Julie’s a little after 10 and she said she had some ice cream inside if I wanted to come in and as it was Saturday night and I love ice cream and I got to spend more time with Julie how could I say no. we went inside and Julie dished up some ice cream and we just sat and talked. It didn’t seem like that long but tie did get way from us as before we knew it, it was mid night. wow the night went so fast. I thanked Julie for the ice cream and it was time to leave, it was a late night. it was after 12:30 when I got home and after 1 am by the time I was cleaned up and in bed but what a wonderful evening we had. And yes, I forgot about getting pictures so the selfies I took was all I had. I really wish we had got a picture of the 3 of us at the restaurant. I really hope we can do this again.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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July Fourth and some Susan time

Happy Fourth of July everyone, I hope you have a safe and happy one and as we celebrate today and celebrate our great country and the freedoms we have, remember those freedoms cost some people everything. We have more freedoms here than in any other country. I hope you all cherish what we have and not willing to give them up. Once you lose a freedom it is hard to get back.

Well I have today off work and am going to a BBQ at 4 but that leaves me the morning and early afternoon free so I am going to exercise some of my freedom and spend a little time as Susan. I got up a little after 7 with the hope of being ready by 9. Now for some reason I was slower today maybe because it was the morning and I really had no place I had to be so I took my time and enjoyed my time getting ready. I was ready a little after 9 and looking cute. I chose to wear my black leggings that come down to the upper calf, sandals, a maroon top and of course as this is more of a tight fit, I put on some hip pads to widen my hips and my corset to take in my mid-section. It really does give me a bice shape and other then being slightly taller I blend in well this way and yes, I did put my fake nails on to complete the look. Now as it was a little later, I decided to go right to Clackamas Town Center and do a little shopping as I think they open at 10 and that should be just about the time I get there. I was right on as I was pulling into the parking lot right at 10. I parked by JC Penny’s and went in.

I really had nothing I was looking to buy just looking but was hoping to find a nice dress. I checked out their shoe section first and then over to the clothing. They only had a couple of dresses and they were petite sizes and that just wasn’t going to fit. I guess this time of year is not a big dress time. I wondered out into the mall and did some window shopping and went into a couple other stores but more just to pass some time. Eventually I made it to the other end and Victoria Secret and I went in. I pretty much go here every time I am at the Mall as Susan but I bet I have only been in Victoria Secret 2 or 3 times as my male self and once was to get fitted for a bra. I looked around and a young lady came up and asked if I needed help. I told her I was looking for my favorite bra it is called So Obsessed and they don’t have them in the store anymore so she showed me one similar to it but it just didn’t look or fee the same. It is funny as I have bought many bras and never really gave it much thought till I found this bra and it is just so comfortable and with the padding I really don’t need anything else. I had originally bought 2 of these and back before diva Las Vegas during their buy one get one free sale I found them on line and bought 4 more so I am good for a while but as of now they are still available online. I left and walked back through the mall and left it was a little after 11 now.

Now on my way home from here I go near the Cemetery my Dad is at so I decided to stop there but first a stop at Fred Meyers to pick up some flowers. There is one just down 82nd Ave a mile or two so that is where I went as I also needed a new lipstick and some snacks; I need to bring to the BBQ later. I spent about 15 minutes here shopping and getting flowers and then I was off to put flowers on my Dad’s grave. I have come here several times with my Mom and other family but whenever I have come here by myself it is as Susan. My Dad never met me, or new about Susan the daughter he had but I like to visit his grave as Susan I guess in a way it is my way of introducing her to him.

I got to the cemetery about noon and there were a few people there but it is a big place so not really that bi of a deal. I parked and walked to his grave site and put the flowers down. There were a couple woman sitting on benches that I passed but they never even looked at me. Now it was a nice day and while I was here the 2 ladies left so I went and got my computer and sat on the bench a little way from the grave site and wrote out my blog from last Saturday night. It was a little after 1 when I left and headed for home well not home but the Starbucks by my house as I haven’t been there for a while.

It was about 1:45 when I got there and went in., they were a little busy but they had a table open by the windows so I sat my computer on it and went and ordered my drink. One of the girls behind the country greeted me by name and said it had been an asked if I had any plans for the 4th. I just told her a BBQ later and she said it was good to see me again as sit had been a while which it has. I have gone to many Starbucks over the years and have always been treated wonderful at all of them. I got my drink and sat down and posted my blog I wrote earlier and then just caught up on some e-mails and other thing I needed to do on my computer. Really nothing I couldn’t do from home or as my male self but it is just so much more fun and relaxing to do this at Starbucks as Susan. I got a couple selfies at Starbucks in the car.

Well I kind of lost track of time and soon it was a little after 3 and I need to be at the BBQ at 4, luckily, I am less than 5 minutes from home and it will only take me 5 minutes to get to the BBQ so I still had time. I got home about 3:20 and removed my nails, hair, clothes and the corset and right into the shower to wash away all traces of Susan. It was a fast turnaround and yes, it is a lot faster to be my male self then Susan. I got to my BBQ as my male self-right at 4. It was a fun day but I was sad I had to change from Susan so early and I wonder what everyone would have thought had I shown up as Susan. That won’t happen but it is fun to think about.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new with Susan.

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Saturday night out at Escape, getting back into the routine.

It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I hope and pray you all had a wonderful one. Mine was good a little quiet, I had my mom over for the day and cooked dinner. It was a little different this year as I did the same thing last year for both my parents. It has been 9 weeks since my Dad passed away and it does get easier but there are certain things that you remember, things you did together and those can be hard. it was a good day though. Any way as I said it is Saturday night and I am going out to the Escape for a few hours. I had hoped to be there by 5pm but I didn’t get home till after 4:30 so I set my sights on 6 and started getting ready. I knew the dress I was going to wear. It was about 5:45 when I was ready and went to the closet for my dress and of course changed my mind and went with my black and gold dress instead. Got my nails on and was out the door. I got to the Escape just after 6 and parked right in front and went in.

They were not as busy as last week and I was able to get my usual table in hopes others would show up, I posted in our group I would be here between 6 & 7. I went to the bar and ordered dinner and my drink, Sprite as I don’t drink. It is funny as when I first started going out, I think I was the only girl that didn’t drink, now I would say it is 30% to 40% and some of those who do drink have one or two and then switch to pop. There was a young lady at the bar that came over and talked to me, her name was Nicole and she thought I looked beautiful, now she had been drinking but I still took it as a compliment. I really do love being complimented on how I look as Susan, in my male life never really give this much thought. I stood there and talked with her for 5 to 10 minutes before going to my table. I no more than got my computer out and my dinner came so I ate it while responding to an E-mail. A few weeks back I went through some of my friends I have not heard from in a while and sent them an e-mail. I got a reply from Kendra who I have not seen in probably 6 years. She is still doing well and took a break from being Kendra but it is coming back again. I have learned this from myself. I could probably stop dressing if it was a life or death issue but Susan would always be with me, a part of me and I would think about her and dressing all the time. I am hoping one of the times she gets to Portland she will have some Kendra tine and we can get together. It is so easy to lose touch with people especially when you only know one side, or part of them.

Well as I finished my e-mail Nicole showed up, she came down from the Seattle area to go out with us. She gets down here 4 to 6 times a year and I always look forward to seeing her. I remember the first time I met her at Washington Square mall. It was February of 2014, yes, I cheated and looked it up in my blog. Wow I have known her for almost 5 years and she goes out almost twice a week now. I really have made some wonderful friends. She ordered dinner also. Bobbie also showed up so there were 3 of us. We ate and talked and it was so much fun. She was telling me how she brought several dresses down for tonight as she was not sure what she would feel like wearing and of course I told her how I changed my mind on what I was going to wear tonight and also my first Diva Las Vegas in which I too almost everything. I had enough dresses on that trip to wear 2 every day plus and several skirts and capri and enough tops to also have 2 a day just to be safe. It is so much fun being a girl. Nicole also has a blog that is private and that is okay, I would encourage everyone to have some kind of record of your life for later on, she writes what she ore and where she went and puts pictures of her outfits. I look Back on my blog all the time, how I found when I met Nicole. Now I did take a selfie when I first got here should have gotten a picture with Nicole.

Now the girl I met at the bar when I first got here came over again so I got to introduce Nicole to Nicole, how cute. We talked for a few minutes and another girl name Melinda came over. I have never met either of them before but they wanted up to dance with them, yes, they have both been drinking. Well I explained I was not a dancer but this didn’t seem to register with them as they took hold of my hand and pretty much pulled me to the floor, well I wasn’t fighting to hard. so now Nicole and Melinda, and Bobbie, Nicole and I were out dancing the best I could. Now I know my body does not bend the way theirs does but I tried as I could, of course I had my corset on which also limited my movement. We probably only dance 5 or 10 minutes before we went back to our table and I was a little out of breath, yes, the corset does limit your breathing. Melinda talked with us a little more before she went back and joined her friend.

Robyn also showed up as did another girl from our group. There was also another transgendered woman here with I assume her wife but they sat together at a small table. I did wave at them but wasn’t sure if I should go over as they seemed to be on their own and I didn’t want to interrupt them. 9 pm came and Karaoke started so it got a little loud and hard to talk but it was still fun. Nicole stayed later tonight as she made it till a little after 10pm, she usually leaves at 9 when Karaoke starts. She might make it down in December but if not, she will be down in January. It was sad to see her leave but it was a great night, I did tell her the Starbucks I am going to now a she did pop in on me once at the Starbucks by my house as her male self of course. Would be so fun if she could meet me at Starbucks as Nicole.

Laurie also showed up just before 10 so we actually had 5 of us tonight, a smaller group but a lot of fun. I stayed till a little after 11 before paying my bill and heading home. It was a fun night out a I got to see my friends. It is hard when you don’t see your friends as they are a big part of one’s life. Cassandra has not been out much and with the holidays, she is really busy so I am guessing it will be after the first of the year before we can get together again and Julie is out of town for a few months although she may come back for a few days from time to time and I am hoping we can get together. I did talk with Cassandra on the phone the other night for almost an hour as we are planning on Diva Las Vegas next March as we both want to go that is if I can get the time off. The week they picked is not good for me at work but I am hoping to work it out. We are talking about going earlier and then leaving the Friday it ends so we only have 1 weekend in Las Vegas s it has gotten expensive. 5 years ago, we went for 9-night, 2 weekend and stayed on the strip and we paid lees than $400. Looking quickly online for the next Diva Las Vegas we are looking at $650 to $900 for 9 night and 1 weekend if we stay downtown and $1400 to $1900 if we stay on the Strip. I actually like the downtown more as the hotel casinos are no as big and massive so easier to get around and go between casinos plus you can find $5 blackjack. On the strip it is $10 on a weekday, $15 in the evenings and who knows about weekend. I like to play for fun so much rather have a cheep table. It was a wonderful night out though.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in Susan’s life.

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Sunday and some more Susan time.

It is Sunday and I find myself with the late afternoon and evening free and so that means some Susan time. Well not totally free as I do have some work I need to do but it is on the computer and I figured Susan could do it at Starbucks. I got dressed and was ready to leave by a little after 4. Now I thought about going to the Starbuck’s by my house as I am getting out early but as I do have some work to do and they close at 7 where the other is open till 8:30 I went with the other one as it gives me an extra 1 ½ if needed. Besides I have come here enough that a few of the girls are remembering me now. I took a quick selfie in the car before going inside.

I got to Starbucks about 4:15 and went in and again they were a little busy, maybe 20 people but again 1 table along the window, I like these tables as I can plug my computer in if needed. As there were about 5 people in line I set my computer up on the table before going to stand in line. I figured most of them would be staying as this Starbucks has a drive through. Sure, enough everyone in front of me Got a drink and found a place to sit so it is pretty busy here. Now I had to stand in line to wait for my drink and yet it felt so normal. I still amazes me just a few years ago the excitement, fear and terror I felt going out even to Embers which was very TG friendly and I was meeting friend so I would be alone and now I walk into Starbucks like it is the most natural thing I could do and never give it a second thought. In some ways I do miss that feeling but the fact I pretty much go where ever I want without fear is awesome as it has opened a whole new world to me.

I got my drink, today is the sweetened green ice tea which is really good and then went and sat down and started my work. Now last night when I was here there were several women in dresses so today I did wear my black dress, nothing to sexy more of I guess a casual dress and as it had bare shoulders I decided to wear my little white knit half top. Now this little white top I actually bought probably 6 years ago but have never worn it till now as when I have worn bare shoulder dresses I was always at a bar or club and wanted the bare shoulder. It is actually a cute look, I had to get another selfie.

I sat here and did some work for about an hour before I took a break and wrote my blog for last night as I got out for a few hours, yes twice in 2 day. Then it was back to work although I am checking the score of the world series on my computer. Another reason for coming to Starbucks, if I was at home I would have the game on and be watching it while I tried to work and I know from past experience I don’t get a lot of work done with the TV on so I guess Susan is good for me as she keeps me on task.

Now by 6 the crowd had died off here and there was only 6 other people here all working on computers. Starbucks is a great place to go with a computer. It would be interesting to know for sure how many times I have come to Starbucks over the years as Susan, my blog has 191 blogs that have that in the tag lines so I am guessing it is at least that many times, although some of those time I was probably out shopping or doing other things and stopped in a Starbucks on my outing. My blog goes back to 2006 although the first few years I didn’t get out more than maybe once a month if I was lucky. This blog is my 1105 blog so I have been out at least that many times as Susan which is hard to believe. 10 years ago, I would never have imagined going out even 100 times let alone that many times in basically 10 years. I have come a long way over the years as Susan and it is because of some of the wonderful friend (family) I have met. Some of them are my closest friends and they really are more like my family. I hope they all know just how special they are to me.

I finished up my work about 7 so I still had time, I worked a little on my blog for today and then just goofed around online and figure I will finish my blog tomorrow as I am not sure what all I will do before going home. Now as I have not had my acrylic nails now for probably 3 months with all that has been going on I have gone back to the way I use to do my nails, You can read about it on my nail tip blog. This is one of the great things about a blog as you can go back and find out about things you did. I would incur age everyone to keep a blog even if you keep it private for just you to see. Now don’t get me wrong I do love getting my nails done and having nice (pretty) nails all the time but in my male life I do have to keep them shorter and a very natural color where with this I can have long pretty nails when I am out as Susan. Tuff choice nice nails all the time or pretty, long, red nails when I am Susan.

I left Starbucks about 8:15 and went over to Subway and got a sandwich to take home. It really was a relaxing afternoon and evening and I am looking forward to getting out more. Be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what’s new in my life.

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Family update on my Dad

On Thursday evening our Lord called me Dad home to heaven. He passed peacefully in his sleep and is now at eternal peace in heaven. He was 91 ½ .

As far as I know he never knew about Susan (his daughter). The next few weeks will be really busy and Susan will be put in the closet as my brother and other family will be around a lot and right now the focus hast to be on taking care of what needs to be done and on my Mom.

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