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Family update on my Dad

On Thursday evening our Lord called me Dad home to heaven. He passed peacefully in his sleep and is now at eternal peace in heaven. He was 91 ½ .

As far as I know he never knew about Susan (his daughter). The next few weeks will be really busy and Susan will be put in the closet as my brother and other family will be around a lot and right now the focus hast to be on taking care of what needs to be done and on my Mom.


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Saturday before Diva Las Vegas, out at the Escape.

It is the Saturday before Diva Las Vegas and I am going to the Escape tonight to spend some time with my friends. I won’t be out here in Portland with them for a couple weeks. I started getting ready early as I wanted to stop at ULTA and see if they had some self-tanning lotion. Yes, I want a little more of a tan before I go to Las Vegas, something my male side could care less about. Any way I was ready by 4:45 and on my way. I got to ULTA and went in and looked around and found what I wanted. The lady at the checkout complimented me on my nails. Now it has been over 3 weeks since I got my nails done. They really do look good but they are getting pretty long at lest for my male side. I left ULTA and went to the escape and got there about 5:30 and went in and ordered dinner.

It wasn’t long and Kate and Cassandra showed up. It was great to see them again. WE sat around and talked mostly about Diva Las Vegas as we are all going. Kate will get there on Sunday and Cassandra, Julie and I will get there on Saturday. Cassandra, Peggy and I will leave early Friday morning and drive to Palm Springs to drop Peggy off and pick up Julie. It is going to be so much fun. Of course, I will have my long pretty nails. I will get my nails done on Thursday and then it will be 12 days of living as Susan. I was talking about it and Kate is also thinking of getting her nails done, it would be her first time and I know she will enjoy it. I told her when I was going and she might meet me and get her nails done with me. It really would be fun to go to the nail salon with someone. Now there were a couple of ladies and a man with them that came over and talked with us for a while before they left. I really do like meeting and talking with new people.

Jan and Lynn also showed up tonight and it was good to see them also and Michele also was there. Michele is also going to Diva Las Vegas although she will arrive on Monday and only be there till Friday. We have several girls going for their first time, Kate, Laura M. and Michele. I know they will have a fun time. Now I am not sure how many we have going from our group but I do know Melissa and her wife, Laura M, Kate, Brenda, Veronica, Michele, Keri, and of course Julie, Cassandra and myself so we will have at least 11 from Portland in Las Vegas. It really is fun when we have a big group from Portland going.

Now it got busy as it always does as Karaoke started. It was fun but it got loud and was hard to talk. Lorie showed up a little before 10 as she is our late-night girl so we had a good turnout tonight. It was nice to talk with everyone and just enjoy a fun night out with friends. As Susan I am way more social then my male self. It was a good night out. Next will be Thursday when I start my stretch of Susan. Thanks for reading and be sure to keep up with what is new in my life on my most recent blog.

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Saturday at the Escape, getting there early

It is Saturday and I am going out for the evening to the Escape, not sure who else will be there but that is okay. My plan was to get there early and do some studying before others showed up. The next couple weeks my Susan time will be limited mostly sur of the moment outings which can also be fun. It is nice though to know when you will be going out though as it gives you time to plan and think about it and plan.

Well I started getting ready about 3:30 with the plan of being ready by 5. I was right on schedule. Now if you have been following my blogs you know I bought a corset several weeks ago from Orchard Corset and I have been wearing most times I go out as I have found it really does nice me a nice shape. Well I tried putting it on a little lower as my shape is not quiet the same as the typical female and this actually works better as it gives me better hips. Also wearing it so much has made it fit better and easier to lace up as it has somewhat formed to my body. It is the last thing I put on before my dress and hair. So tonight, I got it all on and had a nice shape. Now it was time for my dress. I had several on the bed and tried a couple but my blue and black one which was the second one I tried was the one I was going for tonight. Well I put the other 4 back in the closet and had the one I was going to wear but I decided to see if I could tighten the corset a little more as I have had it on for about 10 minutes now and yes to my amazement I could. So, I guess the trick is put the corset on and move around a little and then tighten again. Looking in the mirror I would say my waist was 4 or 5 inches smaller than my hips, I had an hourglass shape that looked great. The dress was on and the hair and I looked great. Corsets really do give you a nice shape.

It was just after 5 and I got my stuff and went down to the garage to get in the car, I have a smaller car. Wow getting in was hard and I couldn’t breathe. By the time I was in the car I had to sit a moment and catch my breath. Sitting in a low car seat with a corset, especially if it is tight is not real comfortable and a little hard to breathe. It is only a short drive but I was gals when I got to the Escape, it was just as hard getting out of the car. I went in and was glad I would be sitting on a hard chair that doesn’t sink down. I put my stuff on a table and noticed Lee over at the bar. She is one of our newer members, only her 3rd time out. I went over and said hi to her and she came over and joined me at the table.

She was here with her Sister, yes, she has come out to her sister and she is supportive of her which is great. Now it is funny as each time she has come out she has come out with someone different, tonight being her sister, they were actually meeting 2 other women tonight and then going someplace else. Wow she has come a long way fast I still have not come out to anyone from my male side although at least 1 of my neighbors know and I am guess more do. The five of us sat and talked for about an hour till it was time for them to leave at 6:30 as they had 7 pm reservations. I told them how great it was they were supportive of Lee especially her Sister. They were all really nice. On the way out, Lee’s Sister thanked me for looking after Lee which was nice and of course made me feel good.

Now I was by my self at least as far as our group but there were some people around me at tables. I got my book out and started reading. I discovered long ago I am not a reader, some people love to read books I have always believed if a book was good enough to read it would be a movie. Anyway, reading a boring text book is not easy. This I going to be a long couple of weeks and I am not sure I will get through the whole book. I read about an hour till Kate showed up. I was glad when she got there as it gave me a reason to put my book away which probably is not the right attitude.

Kate and I talked for a while mostly about why we like to dress and we still really can’t explain it. Kates girlfriend knows she dresses but Kate just told her that she goes out as Kate and she is taking it well, but that is how we got on the topic of why we dress. I really don’t have a defining reason why, I guess it is like asking someone why they like ice cream or chocolate. The reason is they like the taste, it not like you can give a long list of reasons you just like it. I just like dressing up and being Susan. I can spend an hour getting ready to go sit at Starbucks for a few hours and do work, my blog, e-mails or just goof off on the computer. Something I could do just as easy at home or even as my male self at Starbucks so it really doesn’t make sense. When I am at Starbucks I do kind of people watch but not as much as I use to and I am not really thinking about how I am dressed or how I look, hopefully cute. There really is no reason I can come up with other then I am just being me, just being who I am. I think so many of us want to be able to point to one thing, one point in time, one event that happened to us and say this is why but I have never found that. This is just who I am and I have accepted that and I think that makes all the difference. If you can accept yourself for who you are that is all that matters.

Kate and I were beginning to think we would be the only ones tonight but then Laura M and her girlfriend showed up and shortly after Teri Lee showed up. She is one of our newer members and came down from the Seattle area. I have exchanged messages with her so it was wonderful to meet her in person. She was meeting another girl she became friends with through our group named Andi who also came out tonight. I met Andi at Diva Las Vegas last year and she joined our group. It was good to see her again and get to know more about her. She actually met Teri Lee a couple weeks ago for Teri Lee’s first time out, tonight is her second and she was doing really well. Our group the Rose City T-girls is really a wonderful social group, but what makes it so special is the help it gives to helping new t-girls come out in the world. It really is a wonderful feeling, like earlier tonight when Lee’s sister thanked me for helping Lee it made me feel good but I have to admit I really love the feeling of helping someone new come out and become themselves. I remember my first time out and the next few times and the girls who helped me. Lori the girl who tapped on my car window and asked if I was going in just as I was about to leave for the 4th time without getting out of my car. Alice who I met after going out just a couple times and mad me feel so welcome and helped me get over my sheer terror. Cassandra who formed this group that I have been part of now for years. They all has such big impacts on my life and if I can do that for just one girl then I am the lucky one.

Another girl also showed up so we had 6 of us here tonight and we all had a great time talking and yes it was a busy night as there was standing room only. It is always fun when there are so many people here but it also makes it loud and hard to talk especially when Karaoke started but it was a fun night. Even talked with a few of the regulars here not from our group which is always fun. It was a really good night out, of course I stayed out later then I planned.

It was about 11:30 when I called it a night. I had been here about 6 hours but didn’t seem like it. I paid my bill and said my goodbyes. I went and got in my car and wow as hard ass it was earlier getting into my car it was worse now. Don’t get me wrong, I love my new corset and I am thinking of getting another but the drive home was hard, sitting in the low seat sunken in I was really uncomfortable. All I could think about was getting home and taking off the corset. May have been a little on the tight side but hopefully I will get use to it as I love the look it gives me, bit only short drives when it is tight.

Little long tonight but thanks for reading and be sure and see what’s new with Susan on my most recent blog.

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Saturday at the Escape

It is Saturday and I am going to the Escape tonight; not sure how many will be there as I know a couple girls are out of town. Okay before I start this blog I want to make a side note. Last Saturday I went to the Escape and I wore an old corset that I got at one of the clothing exchanges we had, doesn’t really fit but it did make me sit up straight and gave me great posture which I liked and I mentioned I was thinking about now buying one that actually fits. I was surprised as I got several comments, e-mails and instant messages on this topic and again surprisingly every one recommended Orchard corset so on Wednesday night I decided to check out their web page. They have a wide selection and the prices were a lot less than I expected. Well I decided to measure myself and send in and see what they recommended although I had the one I liked. Thursday, I got home from work and I had an e-mail reply from them of the one they recommended and it wasn’t the one I liked. The one they reamended was the 305 well as I looked at it I decided to order one, not the one they recommended but the one I liked as they had a purple one on sale. Well any way I ordered it Thursday night and to my surprise it was actually delivered today, 2 days later so yes, I am going to wear it tonight. It really is pretty and I guess is more designed to wear over your cloths but I think for me that would be a bit much so it will go underneath.

I started getting ready a little before 4 as I was excited to try my new corset, I got my makeup done and I started getting dressed and I knew the corset would have to be one of the last things as I can’t really bend over with it on so I put me heels on before the corset. All that was left was my dress and wig so it was time for the corset. Now I did glance at the instructions, not one of my normal things and I saw they recommended the first few times not to tighten it too much to break it in. now with the front all hooked shut it was time to lace up the back. Now this is not an easy thing to do especially as my arms are not flexible enough to reach far up my back. It took a lot more effort than I thought but it did give me a nice shape and pulled my tummy in just a little big in the hops as well I have no hips. Probably why they recommended the shorter one.

I was on my way by a little after 5 and yes, it is really hard to get into a car when you can’t bend your mid-section. Also, not as comfortable when you sit on a seat that sinks in, I would not want to drive far wearing this. It does change the way you sit, stand and walk though and that is really good. I tried a new lipstick tonight that is really more of a pink color and I liked it although red is still my favorite.

I got to the Escape about 5:30 and parked right in front of the door and went in. there were only a couple people here but this is probably the earliest I have ever gotten here. Now the one big table was reserved so I took the other one and it was a good thing I did as about 20 minutes later another big group came in and they pulled 4 of the smaller tables together for them. I ordered dinner and felt a little bad taking up such a big table when I was not sure if anyone else would show up. I caught up on some e-mails and just played on the internet. By 7:30 it was really getting busy and a couple ladies sat down at the far end of the table which was fine as I didn’t feel so bad now. Kate showed up a little before 8, I was glad to see her as it is always more fun when you have someone else with you. Somehow going to a bar by yourself is not something I am big on. Kate and I talked for a whole and we got talking about makeup. I told her one of the YouTube channel (Julia Graf) I like to watch for tips on makeup and she took a picture of my computer screen with her phone to remember it something I have done before. We had a nice time just talking.

Now one of our newer girls to the group was going to come out tonight. I met her I think at the Halloween party which was her first time out anywhere and tonight would be her first time out in public. She had a friend that was coming with her for support, that first few times out is the hardest. Well it was about 8:30 when Lee showed up with her friend, a co-worker she came out to named Anne. That is something I have never done tell a co-worker so she is ahead of me on that. Now I could see she was really nervous but she was also so happy to be out, I remember those feelings when I was first going out. I was glad she joined us. Her friend Anne was so much fun and just so happy and supportive of Lee.

Now the bad thing is Karaoke started so it was hard to talk and hear but between the songs we did our best. Now I was actually amazed how comfortable the corset was, of course being new it wasn’t laced up super tight. It does make me sit up straight and it actually gives me that little arch in the lower back females have. The only bad thing is t is thick and really keeps your midsection warm, great when it is cold out but probably not good on hot days.

Now we were talking and of course I had to ask about how Lee came out to Anne, I have often thought about who I could come out to but that is one thing I have not done. Of course, now that we were asking questions Anne asked about my breast and till she said something I hadn’t noticed but the corset had pushed some flesh up and I actually had some really nice cleavage which you can see in the picture above. I guess another bonus of the corset. That’s when I told them about the corset I had bought and was wearing. At least I know it was not noticeable I had one on, Kate also mentioned she had also noticed. Lorie showed up just before 10, seems she was here last week and I had left just before she arrived. We had a smaller group tonight but still fun and I got to know a little more about Lee and her friend Anne. Lee was also getting more relaxed as the night went on. She went up a couple times to the bar by herself and even was talking to some of the other people here. It really does get easier the more you go out.

Now normally by 10:30 I am ready to call it a night but we were having so much fun, I really do enjoy when we have girls out for the first time, makes me think back to my first times going out. Besides the bar was packed and it was hard to even move around, probably one of the busiest nights I have seen here. Any way I knew it was getting late but there was always a line at the bar. They took a break in the Karaoke and played a dance song for the group at the next table celebrating a birthday and the dance floor was packed and there were only 5 people in line at the bar so I took the opportunity to go pay my bill.

It was getting late and Lee and Anne called it a night so I was thinking I should do the same. I looked at my phone and it was almost 12:30 am, wow this is the latest I have been out in a long time. I said my goodbyes and I was out to my car, again not easy getting into the car and yes as I said I was actually pretty comfortable in the corset all night but wow getting into the car was harder and it was not easy sitting in the front seat. I do have a small car that I sink down in the seat. The other thing with a corset is it is hard to twist to look behind you, it really does limit how your midsection moves. By the time I got home I was ready to take the corset off, I have had it on for almost 8 hours, I wonder what it would be like if it was really laced up tight. Any way I took it off and picked up the box it came in and the instructions and I noticed where it talked about not lacing it too tight the first few times you wear it, it also says you should only wear it 1 to 2 hours the first times too let it get broke in, opps. Any way I am thinking now of buying the corset they recommended to me

It was a good night out. Next Saturday we are doing a dinner at the City Grill in downtown Portland which I am looking forward to. Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what’s new in my life on my most recent blog. By the way I would recommend Orchard Corset if you are looking for a corset.

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T-girl Mexican Cruise, yes we are doing it!

Well I have had little time to get out as Susan over the last few months and it looks like it will be a while till I can get some Susan time. I did want to write and let you know our group is doing a Mexican Riviera Cruise and it will be so much fun and we already have 7 of us who have booked rooms. I am so looking forward to this cruise. It is put together by our group but it is open to all. If you are interested please check out the link below and then Contact Cassandra for information on booking with our group. I am including her e-mail below with information. It is October of 2018 so you have time to save money for the trip. I look forward to seeing you all on the high seas.

Hi Everyone!
 Don’t miss the most EXCITING event the Rose City Tgirls have ever put together. A 7 day Mexican Riviera Cruise with ports in Cabo, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta on the Star Princess with Princess Cruises. You are the first to hear about it and you can book early to receive a great incentive! We are going to send this out to everyone we know and get as many as we can throughout the US to attend. We already have 11 total people committed with 8 of them being Tgirls and this is the very first email we have even sent to anyone in regards to it. It will only get bigger and BIGGER! You have plenty of time to save your $$$ as the cruise wont be until Sat, Oct 13th 2018 to Sat, Oct 20th 2018 leaving and finishing in Los Angeles.  I don’t have the exact cost but it is approximately $1250.00 per person based on double occupancy for BALCONY ROOMS. In other words, if you want your own room, it would be approximately $2500.00. This includes all fees and taxes. You are welcome to upgrade for more money to bigger rooms or get an interior room for less money.

If you book your room by Aug 31st and ONLY by Aug 31st, you will get free ALL YOU CAN DRINK ALCOHOL (must be drinks under $10), soda, and juice for the entire cruise!!! There will be NO exceptions for this offer after Aug 31st.

In order to book a room, you must put a $100 REFUNDABLE deposit down and pick your room. The $100 would simply go towards your cruise. You have up to 75 days prior to the cruise to pay it in full.

Since we will be on International Waters, we have already worked out bathroom issues, boarding and unboarding, and checking in as girls. It’s all GOOD!

We have one person with Princess Cruises that is handling all our bookings and questions. If you are truly interested and want to book a spot with us on this cruise, you MUST send me an email to get our code and the booking info and the person to call.

Here is the link to the cruise itself…check out the rooms, the ship, the shore excursions and more….Remember, when you see the internet pricing, rooms START at_____….those are not the best of the rooms. You all get FREE upgrades to the midship area for balcony rooms…

For those that haven’t cruised before, there is unlimited food and restaurants which is all inclusive. There is entertainment every night in the Princess Theater. There are many shore excursions and tours you can go on in the ports. There 5-10 different bars. Swimming pools, hot tubs, outdoor track, fitness center, spa, basketball court, movie theater, and so much more….It’s just endless activities for you to do….



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Monday of Diva Las Vegas

It is Monday of Diva Las Vegas and we stayed up way to late last night, it was almost 2:30 when I went to bed. I woke up today at 7:30 to the sound of the wind blowing stuff against our window and we are on the 9th floor. It is really windy outside. Well I laid there listening for about 10 minutes and was still tired so I figured I would sleep just a little longer, well the next time I looked at the clock it was 10:21, wow guess I was tired. I got up and got dressed, by the time I was ready t was almost noon. Cassandra was still finishing getting ready so I went downstairs with my computer to post yesterday’s blog, it only takes a couple minutes as I write it at night before going to bed or in some cases I write part of it during the day if I have a little time in the room between things we are doing. After that I took my computer back upstairs and then went down to find Kim as she was in the casino someplace.

I found Kim and we went over and got her a player’s card, if you go to Las Vegas and do any gambling get a card as you will at least get discount offers in the future or maybe some money off dinners. After that we went upstairs to see if Cassandra and Veronica where ready. Cassandra was but she needed to go pick up one of our girls at the airport that was flying in today and Veronica was still getting ready so Kim and I decided to walk over to the Freemont Street and look around. Now luck was on our side as the wind had died down some, wind is not a friend of a wig. We walked around and talked, Kim is having so much fun I am glad she could come down here and spend time with us. It is good for her. Kim wanted to get something to eat as it was almost 1 so we just picked a casino and went in, it was the four queens. We went to their restaurant and we ordered breakfast. We spent over an hour here and just had a wonderful time, it was great too just sit and talk with her as I have known her for several years but I got a chance to get to know a lot more about her which is always nice.

Cassandra texted us to see where we were so we told her and then we walked back to our hotel, stopping at Binions to pick up our picture, yes Kim and I got our picture taken with the Million dollars. We got back to the hotel and went up to the room and Veronica and Cassandra were ready so all 4 of us went downstairs to the casino. Being the middle of the day they didn’t have as many table games open so Cassandra sat down at the $25 table and Veronica and I found a $5 table. We played for a few hours and I was doing well as I was up when the dealer started getting hot ad since we had to leave at 6 to go to the opening dinner of Diva Las Vegas is quit. I bought in with $80 and cashed out $224 so I won back what a lost last night so I am basically even now give or take $20. I know I am not going to become rich off blackjack as I don’t bet enough but I play to have fun and hope to come out a little a head.

We got upstairs about 5:45 and Cassandra was ready for dinner so I changed dresses to something more suited for a night out and then went to see if Kim was ready as Cassandra and Veronica had already gone downstairs. Kim had bought one of those wrap dresses that you wrap around and tie and can make many different looks just by how you do it. Well she was having trouble so I helped her, I have never had to read instructions to figure out how to put on a dress. It took us a couple tries but soon we had it looking like one of the pictures kind of and we were off to meet the girls downstairs for the drive over to Bahama Breeze our favorite dinner of Diva Las Vegas.

We got to Bahama Breeze and there were already a lot of people there. It was good to see some of my friends I have met here over the years, Beverly and Cammie and several others. It is so great to see them again as it has been two years. Others from our group were also here tonight, Melissa and her wife, Karri, Michelle, Brenda, Teresa, Trish, Jessica and a couple others. We actually have 13 here this week so far from our group, one of our better turnouts. We got lots of pictures tonight. We had a wonderful dinner as always, Bahama Breeze is a wonderful place to go and the people who work here are awesome, I can’t say enough about this place. If you are in Las Vegas and want a nice place for dinner try this place. It was a wonderful night and I really enjoyed it.

We left here about 9:30 and went back to our hotel, now Veronica and Kim went down to the casino, Cassandra went to bed and I updated my blog so I could post it in the morning before going to bed. We are golfing tomorrow and need to leave for the golf course by 7:45 which means I need to be up by 6 to get ready and have time to run downstairs and ad pictures to this log and post it before we leave. It is hard to believe it is Monday night already and I have had my nails now for 4 days. I am already thinking about next Tuesday when I must remove my nails which will be sad.

Thanks for reading.

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Finally, able to go get a manicure and pedicure and then out for the evening.

Another long busy week, it has in fact been 4 weeks since I had my nails done, just so busy. I really need to get back on a schedule and get so time as Susan as I need some things for Diva Las Vegas which is only 2 weeks away now. I got home late about 3:30 and right into the shower to start getting ready. After my shower, I called Dream Nails to see if I could get in at 5pm. Anna said that was fine so I did my makeup and got dressed. Now this was the hard part as I needed to look casual enough for a trip to the nail salon and nice enough for going out to Sweet Home after. Of course, getting a pedicure means I would be wearing flipflop not my favorite footwear but it would show off my pretty new toe nails.

I was ready to leave by 4:40 so I figured I would get to the nail salon early and have a chance to look at all the pretty colors of nail polish although I already know what I will get for my toes today and my figure nails in two weeks, Ferrari red my favorite color. I got there 5 minutes later and could park right in front of the door. They were not busy at all only 1 lady finishing up on her pedicure. I guess being sunny and 60 out, really our first day of sunshine in months’ people were out enjoying the weather. There was no time to look at the pretty nail polish as Anna had me sit right down and stared on my finger nails. Now the good point of this is I didn’t have the red polish for my toes yet so I wasn’t thinking how I wish I could put that color on my fingers too. I did get the same polish I have been getting for the last several months a clear polish with just a slight rose color to it, well depending on the light the rose is more or less visible. Here in the nail salon it really does look more clear but in sun light it does have a rose color to it. Anna did a great job on my finger nails and one of the other nail techs came over and watched a little as I said they were really slow. 6 nail techs here and by now I was the only customer. She was surprised they were my natural nails and told me how nice they looked. Soon my finger nails were done and it was time for my pedicure.

Kathy was going to do my pedicure and I have had her before and she does a really nice job also. The only thing bad about this having 2 different girls do my nails is the tip, I didn’t have small bills so I could give each a tip so I just hope at the end when I pay which I do on my credit card and give the tip in cash they each get part. It was so relaxing, yes, I love getting manicures but pedicures are just so wonderful. Now the funny part Anna commented on how long it had been since I had been in to get my nails done. I have been coming here every 2 to 3 weeks for a couple years now I think. It is nice they notice I missed for a while. Now as Kathy was finishing up on my pedicure 2 other young ladies came in to get pedicures. Now as I got the pedicure last I went and sat with my toes under a fan for about 10 minutes to let the polish dry. It was a really enjoyable time. It was about 6:15 when I left the salon and headed for Sweet Home. Of course, I had to get a picture of my pretty toes.

I got to Sweet Home about 6:30 and I had to park about 3 blocks up the street although they weren’t really busy inside. Chris, Roxy and Robyn were there as always. I joined them and we talked for a bit before I ordered dinner as I was hungry, I skipped lunch today. Dinner tonight was chicken cordon bleu and it was really good. They really do have good food here. Now I did have my computer so I caught up on some things I had to do and of course did some Facebook and e-mails, you know fun stuff. By the way I did break down and buy a new laptop but didn’t bring it tonight as it is a 17 inch and doesn’t fit in my computer bag. Guess I have something else to buy. It was a nice evening out and as my Susan time has been limited over the last couple weeks it was goo just to be out again.

Chris and Roxy left before they started Karaoke at 10 pm so it was just Robyn and myself. They were starting to get busy now as they always do when Karaoke starts. Robyn left about 10:30 and I hung out for about 30 minutes more listening to some of the songs. It was a fun night out.

Now I am looking forward to tomorrow, Saturday. I need to go shopping so I plane to spend most of the day out. With luck, I will be on my way by noon. I want to see if I can find a new wig, I would like to see if I can find a pair of ankle boots, I need some foundation, and various other things so it should be a fun day and then of course I will end up at the Escape Saturday evening for a while. Must remember not to stay out to late tonight as we go back to standard time so we set our clocks ahead tonight and lose and hour of sleep.

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Cristine celebration of life

Tonight Saturday February  11, 2017 our group is having a celebration of life for our dear friend Cristine who passed away on February 2 2017. She has been one of our groups longest and supportive members over the last 10 years. It will be hard but we want tonight to be a celebration for her. Cassandra and Peggy are hosting it at their home which so wonderful of them, thanks so much.

Now the celebration is from 7 to 11 but I was going to get there early to see if I can help Peggy and Cassandra set up. Now I started getting ready early so I could be on my way by 5. I got there just about 6 Peggy was finishing up getting everything out and Cassandra and Veronica were all ready. Now I am not even going to try and name everyone here tonight as we had over 30 show up to remember and celebrate Cristine life. NO I did walk around and 20170211_190449take pictures as I wanted to make sure and get a picture of everyone who was there, I did miss several people though so hopefully Cassandra got the as she was also taking pictures. I set my phone on a shelf in the dining room so I could get it easy when I saw new people come in. Now I did manage to get one selfie of myself.

Now by 7 there were a lot of people who had showed up but people would be coming all evening long, some came early and left and others later it was really wonderful to see so many friends here and even some of Bobbie’s family showed up t support him which was wonderful.

Now the food that Peggy and Cassandra had was wonderful, all finger type food, chips, dips, meat balls and of course wonderful cupcakes and brownies. It was awesome and of course I did eat more than I should have especially the desserts. Yes I have a weakness for sweets.

Now Cassandra had a bunch of pictures of Cristine on her TV, 100’s of pictures of her and of course pictures of her with us her family. In a way it was like she was with us all night long. I kept finding myself watching the pictures of her and there were a few time I got a little choked up but we didn’t want this to be a sad event.

I did get to talk with everyone here at one point or another so it was a good night. Even got to meet a few new girls that Victoria brought out. One of them Michelle will be going to Diva Las Vegas, her first time so I will see her again there. By the way we booked our rooms for Diva Las Vegas, we will be staying at the California Hotel Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, it is one of the Boyd Gaming casinos. They have 3 hotel casinos downtown. One of the things if you go to Las Vegas get a players card if you gamble as you do get some good comps. There were lots of Pictures of Cristine when we were in Las Vegas in years past for Diva Las Vegas. We really did share some wonderful times over the years, so many wonderful memories. Even though she is gone from this world she will always be with us in our hears and memories.

By 11 people were leaving and we were down to a smaller group about 15 and we were standing in the kitchen talking about all the wonderful times we had with her. I had planed on leaving at 11 but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave. I really wanted to be with my friends tonight. It will make for a short night but it is worth it. We talked for over an hour. I was looking through the pictures from last night and decided to try and list everyone I can that was there, Veronica, Bambi, Kris, Cassie, Kim, Peggy, Cassandra, Cindy and her wife Alice, Teresa, Laura M, Laura H, Lisa, Bobbie, his Sister and Partner, brother and his wife, A couple of his friends, Chris, Roxy, Melissa, Sophie and her wife Lorna, Barb, Kate, Michelle, Jan, Lynn, Marla and her girlfriend, Jamie and her girlfriend, Amber, Shadow, Victoria and a couple of t-girls she brought out for the night, and I am sure I have missed some. Thanks to all who showed up tonight, Cristine would have loved it.

It was 12:15 when I called it a night, I have a 45 minute drive home so it will be about 1 am when I get home which is the latest I have been up in a long time. On the drive home I had a chance to reflect on the evening, I was thinking about the times I had been out with Cristine and even though it would be late when I got home I was going to post the pictures of the night on our groups Facebook page. it is funny as I was about half way home when I was thinking about the pictures when I realized I had left my phone with all the pictures on the shelf at the party so I had to turn around and head back and hope Cassandra was still up. That is the one bad thing about cell phones as if you lose the or just leave them someplace you are really cut off. I couldn’t even call and let them know I was on my way back.

It was about 12:50 when I got back and luckily Cassandra and Veronica were still up cleaning the kitchen of course Cassandra had cleaned up and was back to her male self. I didn’t stay long just enough to get my phone. I was so glad they were still up and I didn’t have to wake them up to get my phone. This is the first time I have left my phone someplace, not a good feeling. Needless to say it was after 1:30 am when I got home so it really was a late night. The pictures will have to wait till Sunday now as I needed to get to bed.

Thanks to Cassandra and Peggy for hosting such a wonderful event and opening their home to us all. and also for all those who showed up for Cristine.

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Wednesday night dinner with my friends.

Okay I have been out all day shopping and having fun. I had texted Cassandra and she was already at Fox & Hound so I figured I would go down there early. It was a little after 4:30 when I got there and I found a parking spot right in front. Cassandra was inside on her computer in a chat room. Seems n Wednesday she usually gets here about 2 and plays on her computer. It is funny how we all have our things we enjoy. Me I enjoy going to Starbucks for a couple hours and playing n my computer. I think being out just makes us feel more part of everyday living. Of course I also had my computer so Cassandra was on chat and I was catching up on things on mine as we chatted. We are talking about Diva Las Vegas and how we want to do the trip, we are both planning on going though and the dates are final March 26 – 31.

At 5:30 Cassandra went up by the bar to watch the baseball playoff’s she is a huge LA Dodgers fan. I am kind of hoping the Chicago Cub’s win. It was funny as every so often I would walk up and see how the game was going and during commercials she would walk back to chat on her computer. Now tonight we are going to Alexis Restaurant which s a Greek food place. The group has gone here a few times before but I was never able to make it those night. Any way They are closing in a few weeks as the owner wants to retire and he was unable to sell it. I don’t think I have ever had Greek food so I am kind of looking forward to it even though I am some what of a picky eater.

Cristine showed up and also Julie, the are the regular Wednesday night girls. It was good to see them again and Julie was wearing a black skirt with a sweater type top which looked cute and I only mention this is I also had on a black skirt with a sweater type top. We kind of looked like we coordinated our outfits. We talked for a while as we weren’t going for dinner till 7 and it is only 3 blocks away. Of course the one draw back of getting here early is it is only 2 hour parking so at 6:45 I had to go out and pay for more parking. I was unwilling to gamble on the 15 minutes as with my luck I would get a ticket. Now the funny thing is the parking meters her in Portland take debit or credit cards so I put my credit card in to charge .45 for that last 15 minutes. Seems silly but I have done that many times before as I usually get downtown between 6:30 and 6:45 when I meet my friends so I end up with all these small charges on my credit card.

Well at 7 it was just the 4 of us so we left and I put my computer in my car and grabbed my umbrella as it was raining, not real hard but Susan does not like getting wet. We walked the 3 blocks to Alexis and Jan was there waiting for us so we had 5 for dinner tonight. Seems Wednesday nights are not as popular any more. I think the more our girls in our group go out the more comfortable they become and that may have something to do with it. years ago the only place I went was with the group now I go where ever I want which is a wonderful thing.

Well they were really busy the owner said ever since he said he was closing down they have been packed every night I guess lots of people did what we did and wanted one last meal here. We had to wait about 20 minutes so we stood at the bar yes they were that busy that it was standing room only. We got our table and and we had a couple extra chairs just incase someone else showed up which no one did. Joan ordered some appetizers for the table and they were all good well I wasn’t fond of the calamari but the flaming cheese was awesome. We ordered dinner and Cassandra recommended the Greek potatoes over the rice so that is what I did and it was really good. We ad a wonderful time and after we ate we sat and talked. it was almost 10 when we left.

We walked back and Cassandra, and Joan headed home but Cristine, Julie and I went into CC Slaughters to see what was going on, well actually Cristine had to wait for her ride which would pick her up between 10:15 and 10:45. They were not very busy and Julie and I had fun with our nails. seems the gel polish glows 20161019_215958under the black lights they have in here. the first picture was taken with the flash on and you can see they are red the next 2 were taken with no flash just the lights in the20161019_220018 bar and they have a pinkish glow to them. Julie and I were having so much fun, we seem to be amused with the simple things. Of course we both love pretty nails.

Julie and I talked about getting together, we had hoped to go shopping one day this week and maybe look at wigs but tomorrow she has 2 appointments so she wont be able to even start getting ready till 20161019_2201004 so we are going to meet for dinner which will be fun.

I am not sure what I will do but I will be out during the day as Susan and probably do some more shopping before meeting up with Julie. Okay I also am including this last picture whish is Julies nails under the black light. where mine were a red color hers is just a very neutral color maybe a champagne it really has almost no color.

It was a fun night out and about 10:30 Julie and I20161019_220042 called it a night. Now to plan for tomorrow. wow this week is going fast and soon it will be over and I will go back to plain old nails with no color, how sad is that.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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A fun Wednesday night out

Well Wednesday night and I had the opportunity to go out with my friends and I was really looking forward to it. Now I got home about 5:15 so I had to hurry so I had already decided what I was going to wear, my salmon color top and my short tight black skirt I bout a while ago and still have not worn. I was straight into the shower and then onto my makeup. Now having everything planned out, way to do my makeup and my outfit made it a lot easier as I was ready and out the door by 6:10. Now as I was leaving I thought the skirt may be a little on the short side hut then it was a really nice day and a lot of girls were wearing shorts so I figured I could get away with it.

I got downtown to Fox & Hound and found my parking spot by 6:30. Chris, Roxy, Julie, Cassandra and Cristine were all there so I joined them. Julie, Cassandra and I talked about how we wanted to do our Saturday night dinners. We are planning to start them next month and we have decided the third Saturday of the month as we do the first Saturday at Harvey’s. After this was settled Julie and I talked about my day Monday out shopping as she had read my blog we had a nice conversation. Soon it was 7 and time to walk the couple blocks to House of Louie for dinner, yes we were doing Chinese tonight which is always good. We got there and Kim was already there waiting for us so we had 7 for dinner tonight.

We talked for a little bit to see if any other girls would show up but none did. Cassandra came up with the idea that thought was good that we should post more in the group about helping others come out. Our core group has become so comfortable and relaxed in going out that we may have forgotten about what it was like when we first started going out, even places we knew catered to T-girls and we knew other T-girls would be at we still had the fear of walking in alone so it must be hard to go to some of the places we go now that are just mainstream. We really need to get back to helping everyone become more comfortable in getting out so with that if you are reading my blog and want to go out in Portland and need some help please feel free to contact me. Well we finally ordered dinner and had a nice conversation while we ate. It was just a fun night. It is amazing how fast it went by and soon it was after 9 and they were closing.

We left House of Louie and of course Kim had to leave so we said our goodbyes. The rest of us walked back to CC Slaughters. Julie wanted to stop at the Escape Lounge on Sandy (9004 sandy) as a few of the girls went here the other week and as I had not been there before I told her I would go with her. The rest of the group went into CC Slaughters so we said our goodbyes. Now I knew where 90th and sandy was I just wasn’t 1005 sure how the best way to get to Sandy from downtown was and of course I did not have my GPS so I made a guess and only made 1 wrong turn which only took me a few blocks out of my way so Julie was already there when I got there.

I went in and Julie was at the bar so I joined her. There were maybe 10 other people here. The bartender came over and got me a drink and Julie and I sat and talked. Now this place is bigger than Sweethome and does have a pool table which a few of the customers were using as a runway for their remote controlled helicopters, well really quadcopters as they had 4 propellers. Even the bartender was flying his around the bar. One was really small and fast and when I first saw it I thought there was a bird in the bar. Well I was fascinated by them so I went over and talked with the guys flying them and found out more about them.

Julie and I got back to talking and of course we talked about makeup and nails especially about getting our nails done, Manicures and Pedicures. Turns out we both love doing this. Julie actually has Shellac on her nails all the time and then just put red nail color on when she wants to go out. She even goes to the nail salon as her male self and has them put color on. Anyway I would love to get pedicures and maybe manicures more often but the salon I love and have been going to is about 45 minutes away and that is with no traffic which means I can only do it on Saturdays or if I get lucky and have a day off during the weeks as I would have a hard time after work getting home, dressed and getting to the salon. Now I have found one well actually they are everyplace but I found one that gets great reviews that is less than a ½ mile from my house so it would be very convenient to go to. Now I have always had the rule of never going someplace within 5 miles of where I live but I have been stopping at the gas station right by my house, as a matter of fact will stop there tonight on the way home and no problems. And the nail salon is just across the street. Now I will admit that stopping at a gas station and going into a salon for 45 minutes to an hour is a little different. There is a lot greater risk of running into someone I know here but I am to the point I really don’t care as much. That is not to say I am going to go out to my neighbors and friends and say here I am but I am going to live my life how I want and the way it makes me feel happy. So I think when I am ready for a new pedicure probably in a month or so I am going to try them out.

Well Julie and I were talking when this man came over and asked if we wanted to play pool so I said I would play and Julie would play the winner, his name I think was Michael. Now I had on my 4 inch heels and my short tight black skirt so I was suddenly very conscious when I would bend over to shoot so I was constantly adjusting the skirt hem which I have seen girls do also. Well the first game I made some really good shots including banking the 8 ball in to win. So Julie racked the balls and I played her and I won again. Now 2 games on my feet in the heels and I could feel it besides they were a little sore already from the walking to Fox & Hound, then dinner then back to Fox & Hound and the to the car as all together this was between 6 and 7 blocks of walking.

The 3rd game I again played Michael and it was a good game and again I won by cutting the 8 ball into the side pocket and leaving the cue ball just short of going in the corner pocket, I actually thought I was going to scratch. So I played yet a 4th game against Julie. Now throughout this game the 8 ball was right in front of one of the corner pockets and we both had to get a couple of our balls away from it. Finally Julie and I were both down to our last ball and we knew who ever sunk their first would win as the 8 ball was just balancing on the edge of the pocket so as we shot at our ball the goal was to not leave the other a good shot at their ball. Well it was Julie’s turn and she made a real good shot and cut her ball into the pocket. Well she shot the 8 ball in and as it was just balancing in the edge there was nothing to stop the cue ball and as she hit it straight the cue ball followed it in so I actually won 4 games in a row.

It was a really fun night and the Escape Lounge was a nice place to go. I guess they do Karaoke her on Saturday nights and from what we herd the place is really busy then so maybe we will have to check it out one of these Saturday night. It was almost midnight when Julie and I called it a night. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the one on one time with Julie.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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