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Day 3 we arrive in Las Vegas for Diva Las Vegas

Well today we leave LA and go to Las Vegas for the first day of Diva Las Vegas. We got up at 7:30 and again while Cassandra went and ran for an hour I got Susan ready to face the day. I was all ready when Cassandra got back to the motel and of course it only took her a few minutes to get her male self ready for the trip. Now we had to re-pack the car, yes the only thing bad about stopping in LA is we have to unload and reload the car of everything for just a day. It actually went pretty easy as we knew how things needed to go. We were on our way by 10:15 which was our goal. Now being as we stayed on the south side of LA we avoided a good hour in and a half of traffic.

The drive to Las Vegas was nice and easy although we did have wind and drive through a few dust storms. We got to Las Vegas and decided to drive down the Strip to get to our hotel so we could see what was new. It was interesting but the traffic was horrible on the strip, it actually took us over 35 minutes to go just a couple miles we could have walked it faster but still fun especially as Cassandra was driving so I just got to look around and see all the people and hotels.

We got to our hotel by 2 and we were able to get checked in which was nice. It did take two bell hops to get all our stuff from the car to our rooms yes as girls we do not travel lite. Our rooms are on the 17 floor and we do have a view of the Las Vegas Strip. These are looking out from our balcony.

Now as I had traveled as Susan it was easier for me as all I had to do was freshen up my makeup and put on my low heels yes I wanted my red toes to show while we were out for the night. Cassandra had to start from male mode and get ready and as it was after 4 by the time we got all our stuff unpacked for the week there was no way we would make our dinner tonight with the Diva Las Vegas group so we decided we would go to Margaretville which is right next door to our hotel. I went down to the casino while Cristine and Cassandra got ready and met up with the rest of our group, Julie, Veronica, Petra, Laura and Brenda, this is Brenda’s first time to Las Vegas and her first time out in such a public place for an extended period of time.

Julie and Veronica were at the black jack table so I watch for a while the Julie and I walked around the casino to see where things were and how they are coming on their remodel which they started before we came last year. They have a lot more of the casino open and most of the work done. Well all of our group was now together and we walked next door to Margaretville only to find they had their balcony closed so we had to wait about 20 minutes to get a table inside so here we all our standing out on the Las Vegas Strip waiting to go in with hundreds of people around which was a lot of fun.

We got inside and it turns out the do kind of a show which was really entertaining, this is me with one of the entertainers, she came over to our table and I think we all got pictures with her. You just have to love being in a picture with a really tall girl, should have worn my high heels for this picture. It really was a fun time inside so we were not disappointed we could not sit out on the balcony.

Our waitress came and took our order and of course we all had separate check as we couldn’t make it too easy on her and she did a great job. Now we sat and talked and caught up one what was new with everyone and what we wanted to do this week. Cassandra, Petra, Veronica and I are golfing in the morning to warm up for our golf tournament on Tuesday.

Now while we were talking and waiting for our dinner these two ladies came over a mother and daughter and tapped me on the shoulder. The mother told me how they both thought I was so beautiful and would I mind if the daughter got her picture taken with me and I know all of you know what my answer was. I was only too happy to get a picture with her of course I also wanted one so the mother took our pictures. These is such an ego boost and I love when it happens as it makes you feel good.

Well after dinner we went back to the hotel casino and we found our deelertainers to play black jack. They are so much fun to play with and they all remembered us from last year how col is that. Now this year they can’t perform as they relocated their pit to close to the bar so the city wants them to pay an entertainment tax for the bar now. They are going to move the pit about 30 feet to fix this but not sure if this will happen before we leave.

We gambled till about 11 maybe 3 hours and had a fun time before calling it a night as I have to be up by 6:30 to do my blog and have Susan ready for golf by 8:45 when meet the other girls.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Saturday in LA day 2 of Diva Las Vegas trip

Well it is Saturday in LA and we are getting a late start, we actually slept in till 11 am. I guess we were really tired after our long trip yesterday and going on so little sleep. Now Cassandra is still running everyday so she went off to run 10 miles while I got ready.

I got all ready with the exception of my outfit and the lipstick I was going to wear as that would depend on what we were going to do today. I was all done and worked on my blog from yesterday while I waited for Cassandra to get back. I guess I can get ready faster than she can drive to a park, run 10 miles and the n drive back. Well when Cassandra got back she started getting ready and it took her a little longer which is understandable after running that far. It was a little after 4 when we were both already. We had decided to head towards the Oxwood as it is 45 miles away and with traffic here we knew it would take a while as we had to go from south of LA to North of LA and yes the daytime traffic which on the weekend is about the same as rush hour in Portland. Anyway I went with my short black dress, 4″ heels and red lipstick for the night out.

Well we got to downtown LA area and it was only a little after 5 and we were 10 miles of where we were going so we decided to drive down Hollywood Boulevard as the T-girls really don’t start showing up at the Oxwood till about 9. There were so many people out walking down the street it was fun to people watch. This killed about 40 minutes and so we got back on the freeway and headed to the Oxwood.

We got to the Oxwood about 6:15 and there was no one there yet so we talked to the Bar Tender and the walked across the street Barone’s Italian restaurant. We have gotten pizza here to take back to the Oxwood before and last year Michelle and I walked over and had dinner here and they have really good food. Not a great picture but it shows the restaurant and my dress.

Cassandra and I decided to split a pizza for dinner and of course we both had a salad as a girl does need to eat something healthy at every meal right. Our pizza came and it was really good as all their food is. Now Cassandra and I both ate our pizza with a knife and fork as I did not want to mess up my lipstick or get grease on my hands or under my nails. Now I did try and take a self-picture and I thought it turned out nice so I just had to post it.

We had a really nice and relaxing dinner here, it was almost 7:45 when we paid our check and left. Our waitress was just awesome here as was all the staff for that matter. They always referred to us as ladies and on the way out the lady at the front desk again called us ladies and told us to have a wonderful evening and come back soon.

We got over to the Oxwood and there were a few people at the bar and a couple playing pool so we got our drinks and went in and got a table by the pool table. The couple that was playing has been here the last few times we have been here and they remembered us from last year so we talked with them for a while and then put our names on the list to play pool. They have a lot of people who come here for pool so later in the evening you may have 20 people in front of you.

Well I was the first up to play pool and I did okay but lost. Cassandra played next and she won so she played a few games before she lost. It was about 9:30 before it started to get busy but never did get as busy as it has been the last few time we have been here. I got to play another game of pool and this time I won, I actually had a pretty good streak as I won 3 games in a row and it looked like I would play Cassandra on my next game as I was down to the 8 ball and the guy I was playing still had 3 balls left. Well my only shot at the 8 ball was to bank the cue ball off the far end and bring it back and I should not have tried it because I missed the 8 ball and scratched the cue ball so I lost but still had a fun time.

Cassandra played and won her first game the lost so by this time they had set up the poles for the pole dancers so we went over and got a few pictures of us on the poles. The pictures didn’t turn out really well as they had the fog machine going so if you used the flash you got reflection back and without the flash they are a little dark.

We stayed for a while more and each got another turn to play pool, I lost but Cassandra won a few games in a row. It was about 1:20 when we called it a night as we still had almost an hour drive back to our motel. We had stayed south of LA this time which will work out tomorrow when we leave to got to Las Vegas as we will be an hour or maybe more closer, last year on Sunday morning we got caught in traffic and it took us about an hour and a half to get where we are staying tonight.

We got to bed about 2 and I am still not tired as I slept way too much last night, over 12 hours so I hope I can sleep tonight. We plan on leaving between 10 and 10:30 in the morning. Cassandra will go run for an hour or so while I get ready. Yes traveling as Susan I take an hour or so to get ready whereas Cassandra is traveling in boy mode she can shower and be ready in 15 minutes but she is great about waiting for me. With luck we will be in Las Vegas between 2 and 3 Sunday and meet up with the rest of our group which arrived some on Saturday and the rest on Sunday morning. This will be such a fun week.

Thanks for reading.

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Friday the drive to LA. Day 1 of Diva La Vegas trip

Well I got up today at 3 am way to short of a night as I only got 4 hours of sleep. I got ready and we were out the door by 4:15 and on our way to LA. Cassandra is in boy mode traveling and even though I know her in mal mode and her male name she is still Cassandra to me.

Now Cassandra was going to drive as she likes to do the driving and I get to be a passenger. Now normally in my male life I prefer to be the one driving but Susan likes to be chauffeured around. Now the drive down it rained. We got down to Northern California before we had to stop for gas. Cassandra filled up the car and I went inside the little store to use the girl’s room and get a snack and the funny thing is I never even thought about how I was dressed.

We left and continued south and it was still raining till we got south of Redding California and then the sun came out and from here on we had nice weather. Now I have been trying a new lipstick called Maybelline 14 hour and I really like it as it seems to stay on when I go out on Friday nights but this would be my first real test for a long time. We went through McDonalds drive through for lunch so this would be my first test of the lipstick and yes I did eat my burger carefully and the lipstick held up nicely.

The drive down was beautiful and being chauffeured was nice but it was hard to stay awake as we both got little sleep last night but I wanted to stay awake to enjoy the trip and also help keep Cassandra awake. We got south of Sacramento and I got out my computer and wrote my blog for yesterday which was tricky to do with my long nails in a moving bouncing car. We were more than half way to LA and have been driving for over 9, now I took a couple pictures with my web cam mainly to get a picture of my nails. This one turned out the best and remember my makeup has been on for a long time plus I have eaten lunch so not looking to bad I think.

Now we were making good time as our stops were few and short. We were on pace to get to LA by 6 which was our plan as I was going to go to the motel while Cassandra went and saw her family. The fact I am traveling totally as Susan I couldn’t go with Cassandra as her family does not know about this side of her just like my family has no idea about Susan. We all tend to lead secret lives.

We had to stop 3 times for fuel on the way down and I went into the stores each time like it was nothing. It is amazing how comfortable I have become as Susan. Now our motel was on the south side of LA and we got to the North side of LA just after 6 so we made go time that is till we got to LA that is when we hit rush hour traffic. The final 30 to 40 miles took us 2 hours so we didn’t get to the motel till a little after 8 so we quickly got checked and unloaded our stuff from the car as we will be here till Sunday. Now we were both hunger and Cass wanted to run real quick and get something to eat before she went to see her family but I couldn’t see her having to bring me back and as there is a Denny’s across the parking lot at the motel I told her to go and see her family and I would walk over to Denny’s, again showing how comfortable I have become as Susan.

Now I did take time to touch up my makeup mainly powder to hide the shiny look as actually my makeup held up really well. I did use the makeup primer I bought which helped and to my surprise my lipstick looked pretty good so I didn’t put any more on. Now it is dark out now but the parking lot is well lit but I did have to walk from the back side of the motel to get to Denny’s.

I got there about 8:15 and they were really slow. I think there were only 2 other groups there. I got a table and ordered a Turkey Swiss sandwich and fries. I had a nice dinner and then walked back to the motel room and my lipstick still looks good considering he length of time I have worn it and the fact I have eaten two meals so I would say the lipstick lives up to its name.

Well I sat down to write this blog about my day, the first full day living as Susan. Now there was another exciting thing today, about 9:10 there was a 5.1 magnitude earthquake that hit about 5 to 10 miles from our motel and I knew right away what it was. The whole room shook and it shook for maybe 40 seconds to 60 seconds or at least it seemed that long. Now in Portland I have been in earthquakes before not as strong or as long as this one. About 10 minutes later there was an aftershock that was also strong enough to feel but not as strong and didn’t last as long.

Well it is almost 11 pm now and I have had only 4 hours sleep in the last 42 hours so Susan is tired and ready for bed. I can sleep in tomorrow which I will do as we will be out late tomorrow night as Cassandra and will be going to the Oxwood in Van Nays California.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more fun from my trip.

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Thursday getting ready for Diva Las Vegas

Well it’s finally, time for Diva Las Vegas. I have so been looking forward to this week. I have an appointment to get my nails done at 5 and I am so looking forward to it. Well I actually got off work early today so when I got home I decided to start getting ready for my vacation as Susan. I had packed most of my stuff in my car on Wednesday night so all I had was one bag and my makeup to put in the car today. I was all ready and out the door by 3pm so I decided to go to the nail salon and see if I could get in early.

I went to Nails by Lily in Mill Plan. I have gone here every year for the last 10 years to get acrylic nails at least once a year. Now they are under new ownership now but still very friendly. I got there at 3:30 and they said they could fit me in if I could wait 15 minutes which I was only too happy to do so I picked out my nail color “Big Apple Red” by OPI which is a very bright and pretty color.

Now as I said this is a friendly place to go but is also a small family run place so they had their two young boys running around playing in the shop which was a little distracting. It was about 3:45 when the lady started on my nails. It is such a relaxing feeling to get your nails done, if you want to pamper yourself this is the way to go and get a pedicure while you are at it.

It took about an hour for her to do my nails and they look beautiful, a little shorter than last year but should have no trouble gripping my golf clubs when we play this year and we are actually playing on Monday with just 4 of us and then in the Diva Las Vegas tournament on Tuesday which I think we have almost 40 signed up to play. Well my nails were all done and a pretty red color and would have them for the next 12 days as I live full time as Susan. I have no male clothing with me as a matter of fact the only thing I have with me of my male self is my driers license and my male credit card as when I check into the hotel I will need both of them.

I left the nails salon at 5 and was on my way to Cassandra’s. It takes about an hour at this time of night with traffic to get there from the nail salon which gave my nails time to fully dry. And for once I made it out and into my car without messing up my pretty nails.

I got to Cassandra’s house just before 6 and unpacked my stuff into her garage and then parked back in her driveway where I would leave my new car for the next 12 day. Yes by the way I have a new car after my car wreck two weeks ago. Now I thought I brought too much, that is until I got inside and saw what Cassandra was packing. She has 3 times as much as me so I guess I haven’t fully grasped the traveling as a girl yet. I do have enough dresses to wear a new one each night and still not where all of them and my tops I brought I can wear 3 a day without running out.

It took Cassandra a while to pack as she was watching college basketball at the same time. Peggy got home so e and I talked while Cassandra finished. It was about 9:30 when we finally packed the stuff into her SUV. Now by the time we went to bed it was almost 11pm which was a lot later then we had planned as we are planning on leaving at 4 am to drive to LA. Now as a guy I could get up at 3:45 and be ready to leave by 4 but Susan needs more time so I set my alarm for 3 am to give me time to get pretty for the trip which means only 4 hours sleep tonight so I will be tired tomorrow on the trip and ready for bed early tomorrow night.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more fun as the week goes on.


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Friday before Diva Las Vegas.

It has been a long and busy week for me so I was really looking forward to tonight. If you ready my last log you saw that Susan had been in a car wreck last Saturday so my male counterpart has been dealing with that all week so there has been no Susan time.

Well I got official word on Thursday that the insurance company was in fact totaling my car which I had figured they would. So now I have the task of finding a new car which I actually have as I had kind of been looking at new cars this week in anticipation so on Thursday I went and signed papers and will pick my new car up this weekend. Anyway tonight Susan is going out with friends driving her rental car.

Now I got off work late again tonight so it was another rush to get ready. I didn’t get home till about 5:40 again so I would not be able to take my time and get ready as I wanted to be too Sweet Home by 7. Well things went right and Susan was pulling out of her garage right at 6:45. Now it is a little different driving a different car in heels as the rental car seats were lower and the peddles a little closer. I got to Sweet Home and there were a couple parking spots left so I parked and went inside. Cassandra and Chris were there, Cassandra had been here since before 4 as she came down to watch the college basketball tournament yes she is our group’s biggest sports fan.

We talked for a while to while we watched some basketball while Cassandra chatted on her computer and of course Chris was watching some YouTube videos also. I went up to the bar and ordered dinner, Paul the owner works the bar on Friday nights and he is awesome, he knows all his regular customers by name and always greets everyone personally, really all the employees here are this way, it really is a friendly excepting place to be where you can feel right at home.

Kira was the next to show up and she joined us for a bit. She is actually part of the Karaoke group and that is how we met her, she is one of two transsexuals in their group so probably why it was so easy for them to accept and welcome us here. I really think most people have someone they are close to that is transgender in some form they may just not know it and I think once you make that personal connection it is a lot easier to understand and accept transgender when it is not just some stranger you have never met.

A few more girls showed up Amber, Shadow and Michelle. This was Michelle’s first time out. She lives at the coast and came to Portland and went to Victoria Sinclair’s Over the Rainbow Transformations. Victoria has a shop you can buy stuff at, get a full makeover, a bed and breakfast to stay at and she will teach you what you need to know to be your feminine best. So if you are new to crossdressing and looking for help and in the Portland area check her out. It was nice to meet Michelle and get to know her. She was actually really calm for her first night out.

Cristine, Petra and Michelle also showed up, yes we have several Michelle’s we actually met Michelle at 52nd Sports bar when we went there for Monday night Football. She is a GG (genetic girl) and just had so much fun with our group that she has been coming out with us every once in a while, how cool is that.

Cassandra, Petra, Cristine and I talked about our upcoming Diva Las Vegas trip. Petra and Cristine are flying to Las Vegas next Sunday. Cassandra and I are driving. We are leaving next Friday morning and driving to LA to go out there on Saturday then to Las Vegas on Sunday. Coming home we will go back to LA so we can go to Hamburger Mary’s in Long Beach on Saturday this is he Saturday they have their big T-Girl night which will be so much fun. Sunday we will drive to San Francisco and we are going to the Warf for dinner and to shop and then on Monday morning we are hoping to do the Alcatraz tour before we drive home. This is going to be such a fun trip. I get my nails done Thursday night and I can’t wait, 12 days as Susan with pretty acrylic nails.

Karaoke tonight started late as one of the girls from the Karaoke group, Sabrina who is the other Transsexual in their group was an extra in the show Grimm which was on tonight so they were doing showing so everyone could see. How cool is that. Anyway Karaoke started a little after 10 tonight. Friday nights are such a fun night out as I get to spend time with my friends and we have such an awesome place to go, Sweet Home Bar & Grill, just like the TV show Cheers Where everyone knows your name. It is sad though as Susan and several other girls will miss the next two weeks here because we will be in Las Vegas of course that will be so fun but I will still miss seeing my friends here.

The last numbers I saw for Diva Las Vegas I think they had close to 200 signed up so this year could be the biggest turnout yet. You have to Wednesday March 26 to register if you still want to go. It is the most fun you will have as a girl.

Well I must go now as I have a lot of things to get done before next Thursday night as dealing with my car put me behind. Thanks for reading and have a great day and I plan to blog about my Diva Las Vegas trip and of course have lots of pictures.

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Good and Bad day shopping as it ends with a car wreck

Well as you can see from the title Susan’s day out shopping ends early as she was involved in a car wreck, a first she could have done without but she and everyone involved is okay. Now that I have your attention you will have to read the blog to find out about it as I am going to start at the beginning.

I had the day off and I needed to do a little shopping for Diva Las Vegas as I wanted a few new outfits. I had some gift cards to Kohl’s so I decided to go down to Clackamas Town Center as they have a really nice Kohl’s there. Now today I decided to wear my black skirt and high heel boots but as the skirt is just a bit short I wore black tights underneath as I have seen many woman do this, probably not a good day for me to do this.

I got to Kohl’s and being a Saturday they were busy and I had to park a ways out in the parking lot. I got inside and browsed through the shoe section and then into the interment apparel section as these are always fun sections to shop after a bit I made my way over and found some cute tops and as I was thinking of getting them when I noticed a sale rack with some skirts and there on the end was a really cute black skirt like I have been looking for so I went over and looked at them and they had the bigger sizes so I took one and off to the fitting room to try it on. What a surprise as the one I picked was just a little too big, yeah so I went back and got the next size smaller and back to try it on and it fit perfectly so I had to buy it. I went back out and found the tops I liked and I actually found 3 I liked in my size so with my items in hand I went up to the register. As I said they were a little busy so I had to stand in line for a few minutes. When it was my turn the lady rung me up and to my surprise with my gift cards I only had to pay a little over $11 what a deal, I really love getting gift cards for Christmas. Well actually my male self got the gift cards but he was only o happy to give them to Susan. So out to my car I went Happy with what I found.

I also had a $25 gift card to Burlington Coat and there is one just up 82nd Ave from where I was so that was my next stop. I got there and they were not as busy. I went in and started to look around and right at the front they had some really cute summer tops on sale for 12.99 and of course they had my size so I picked out 2 really cute ones and went up to the register and again had to stand in line. When it was my turn with my gift card I only owed .98 cents what a great day so far, a cute black skirt and 5 cute tops and after the gift cards all for under $12.

Back in my car I was thinking what to do next as it was only 2:30. Now I know I will stop and get something to eat and will end up at a Starbuck’s for a little while as I did bring my computer with me but I really wanted to do more shopping even if I didn’t buy anything else. I decided to go to Cascade Station by the airport as they have a Target, Ross Dress for less and several other store plus places to eat and of course a Starbuck’s. Now the fastest way there is over to the freeway and up but then I am in no hurry and there are more stores along 82nd Ave so I made the choice to drive up 82nd to the airport and see what other stores I could find to stop at and well this turned into a bad decision.

I was at 82nd and SE Pine Street and the traffic was stopped, there was an ambulance coming the other direction on 82nd and everyone had stopped for that. I looked in my mirror and could see the car behind me was not going to stop so I stopped about 15 feet behind the car in front of me and as I looked in my mirror again the car hit me from behind and pushed me into the car in front of me. The impact was enough to nock my wig off which landed in the back seat so I had to find it and straighten it out and put it back on before I could get out of the car. Now if there is a bright spot to this the car that hit me was driven by a young lady and the car I was pushed into was also driven by a young lady, no men involved which made it easier. The first thing I made sure no one was hurt.

So here I am as Susan in my skirt and boots standing out in the middle of 82nd Ave with 2 other young ladies with traffic all around us, talk about being on display. Well I got out my cell phone and took some pictures of how the cars were then I suggested we pull up the street to the next driveway and get out of traffic plus I wanted someplace a little more private.

We all got out of our cars and of course being the middle car in the wreck and the fact both other vehicles were bigger the one that hit me was an SUV my car took the most damage. So I have to wonder what they are thinking about me know that we are talking face to face and of course exchanging information, driver’s license and insurance. I of course make the joke when I hand the one my driver’s license that I look a little different and she smiled back and said nicer which I took as a compliment. She then asked what name I would like to be called and of course as much as I wanted to scream Susan I told her my male name was good. When we were done doing that we all took pictures of the cars, I tried to stay out of any pictures but of course there is no way to tell if they got pictures of me and I know my hair was not looking the best. I am sure this will make an interesting story when they tell people about the wreck.

This was not how I wanted my day to go and not something I wanted to have to deal with especially with Diva Las Vegas 2 weeks away. Now that we had each other’s information we all left and I was no longer in the mood to go shopping or anything but go home. So I made the 20 mile drive home thinking about the day gone bad. It is at times like this we think about things like what if this had been really bad. This is a first Susan could have done without.

Writing this now I realize it really wasn’t that bad. No one got hurt and we all have insurance so the cars will be fixed of course there is a chance mine could be totaled. What if it had been bad, what if I would have had to go to the hospital in an ambulance. That would have been interesting and hard to explain to family. I guess I was lucky and for that it was a good day after all.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a better day then mine.


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Friday night 2 weeks before Diva Las Vegas

Well Diva Las Vegas is just 2 weeks away and we are all looking forward to it. I have my nail appointment set for Thursday night and then it will be Susan for 12 days. Cassandra and I will leave early Friday morning and drive to LA so we can got out there Saturday. The rest of the girls will all fly into Las Vegas. Right now we have Julie, Cristine, Petra, Laura and Brenda all flying in on Sunday and Kim will fly in on Wednesday for the last few days and of course Veronica will also be there but she will drive in also. So we will have 9 of us for sure from our group here.

Well it has been a real busy week for my male self, got most of the issues at work fixed and trying to get a head so there won’t be as much while I am gone which will make it easier when I get back, it is a lot of work to take time off. Any way I was really looking forward to tonight, a girl’s night out with my friends. As I said busy at work so I didn’t get home till 5:40 and will probably be the same next Friday night so I was in a rush. I was right into the shower to start getting Susan ready. Well as I said before I can get Susan ready in an hour if needed so I was all ready and driving out of my garage at 6:40 of course my makeup went right tonight.

I got to Sweethome right at 7 and Cassandra, Chris and Laura were already there. Cassandra on her laptop on chat, Chris on his watching YouTube and Laura was eating dinner. Know Cassandra and Chris get there really early. It was great to see them and spend time with them. Well as I said Laura is going to Diva Las Vegas but she just decided as she can get the time off work as it has slowed down for her so we are all excited about that. Now I was really hungry as I skipped lunch and got home late so I went ahead and ordered something to eat.

Now I know Diva Las Vegas is coming up fast and I have made an effort to lose some weight. I have actually been exercising at least 20 minutes every day for the last week and so far have been able to stick with it, haven’t lost any weight yet but do feel a little better. I really need to watch what I eat as I tend to snack at work and eat not the healthiest of food so that is my goal for the next 2 weeks to quit snacking and find healthier choices to eat, oh and maybe eat a little less too.

Cristine, Roxy and Petra all showed up so we had a smaller but fun group here tonight plus all the regulars from the bar which we have come to know and become friends with. Fridays are just a fun night out. Some of the group played pool, some of us sat and talked. Cassandra and I talked about our trip to Diva Las Vegas and right now we are planning on going out to the Oxwood in Van Nuys California on Saturday March 29 on or way to Las Vegas like we did last year. On or way home we will go back to LA and are planning on going to the Hamburger Mary’s one Saturday April 5, the first Saturday of the month they do there T-Girl Saturday and I guess they get a couple hundred t-girls there. We have wanted to try this place for a few years now and we happen to be there on the right weekend this year. We will leave LA on Sunday and right now we are thinking about stopping in San Francisco on our way home, if we do we want to go see Fisherman’s Warf and would really love to do a tour of Alcatraz. There is almost no way we could make it there to make the last Sunday tour at 3:50 so we would have to do a morning tour on Monday which we could do and then we would get home between midnight and 2 am on Tuesday morning which still works as I have Tuesday off as that is the day I will go and get my nails removed. How cool would it be to take a tour of Alcatraz as girls? Any way we are still thinking and planning this part.

It was time for Karaoke and of course Chris and Laura put their names in to sing. Diane and Rose also showed up about this time. It was great to see them both as they don’t get out that much on Fridays so always a treat. We had a fun time talking and listening to the people singing Karaoke, some really good and some not so good but you have to applaud if they are willing to get up in front of everyone and sing.

It was after midnight and it was down to just Cassandra, Rose Diane and me from our group now so we sat and talked for a bit more before Cassandra called it a night, she has also been getting up at 4 am the last few weeks which I have done for many years which is the reason I don’t stay out late during the week. I stayed a little while longer as I knew I could sleep in till 9 am tomorrow morning.

Diane, Rose and I sat and talked for a while. Rose does hair and makeup not only for T-Girls but also for TV and Films, yes you could say she is famous. Any way she was asking me how I do my nails so I was explaining it to her and even pulled up my blog about how I do my nails on my cell phone. It is funny how as Susan I love just sitting around and talking about anything really but especially girlie things like nails, makeup, shoes and so on, my male side is not a big conversationalist. It was a fun night and I think I finally left about 1:40.

No with Diva Las Vegas coming up I still need some new outfits so I am planning on going shopping I guess today, Saturday so as I needed gas I stopped at the gas station just a couple blocks from my house and filled up, it is self-serve and at this time of night I doubt if I would run into any one I know but still a couple years ago I would never have go to someplace so close to where I live. Now with a full tank of gas I am ready to go shopping Saturday and hopefully find some cute things for Diva Las Vegas.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the day.

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Saturday night out at Harvey’s Comedy Club

Well Saturday night and time for some fun at Harvey’s Comedy Club. This is always a fun night out with the girls and I have really been looking forward to it as the last time I was able to go to Harvey’s was in November. Way to long. Well earlier in the day Samantha text me to see if I was going and if so could I give her, Coley and their boyfriends a ride which I said I could. I told her I would pick them up at 6:30ish. I was actually stopping at Staples to get black in this time for my printer.

I got to Staples at Cascade Station about 6:15 and yes I realized I was overdressed for shopping but it was really just a quick stop which I could have done the next day as my male self but what would have been the fun in that. I went inside and yes I was over dressed but there was only a few people in there so who cares. I found my printer ink and went to the checkout and the girl working there told me how nice my perfume was. I love getting compliments and it seems lately when I go out I am getting them more and more so my night was off to a good start.

Well I got to Samantha & Coley place and they came out and we managed to fit everyone in my car, yes I have a small car so we were all cozy especially with 3 in the back seat. We got downtown a little before 7 so I had to pay to park on the street till 7. It is funny as I seem to do this a lot when I go downtown. I use my credit card to pay as they take credit cards and for the 15 minutes it cost me a total of .45 cents. I have to wonder if they really make any money off of me when they pay the transaction fee and the cost of processing.

We got into Fox and Hound and Cassandra and Laura were the only 2 there so far. Well it turns out the 7 of us were the only ones who went to Fox & Hound before the show. We all had a drink and snacks and talked as we didn’t need to be to Harvey’s till 8:45. Well we had a good time and about 8:20 we decided to head over to Harvey’s which is only 6 blocks away. Now it was barely raining and of course I had my pink umbrella. It really wasn’t a bad walk although there was a wind which I found out I don’t like as it messes up your hair and blows it in your face. Don’t get me wrong Susan loves longer hair but in the wind it can be a little troublesome.

We got to Harvey’s Comedy Club and Cristine was there waiting for us and the fact we came a little earlier than normal there was no one else there so we had our choice of where to sit in the lounge as we waited for the early show to get over and ours to start. Well it wasn’t long and a few more people came in including Teresa, she was going to go to the show with us but she changes her mind as she had a friend that was coming into town to meet her so she hung out with us till we went into the show.

Well about 9 a man came in and he was most likely a homeless person and wanted to get warm and dry I guess, now this is the part that is stupid on his part. Instead of going to the back corner where he would not be visible and sitting quiet he picked a table right in the middle and actually pretty close to us and put his boots up on the table and then started banging them up and down on the table making all kinds of noise. It was almost like he was trying to draw attention to himself. Well a couple of the bar staff came over and told him to leave and of course he did nothing. Next Berry the owner came over and again told him to leave and when he wouldn’t Berry called the police on his cell phone. Now I would think any normal person would have left at this point but not this guy. Well Berry the owner stood there with his hands in his pocket waiting for the police, it seems like it was a while but really only a minute or 2 when the guy got up and moved towards Berry and Berry stepped back and the guy stopped and then lunged at Berry and the next thing we knew Berry had a hold of him and was pushing him out the door. Well of course Samantha and Coley Boyfriend Michael who were closest followed him out with Cassandra right behind them, Cassandra had her cell phone out and was videotaping the whole thing.

There was a brief struggle outside before the guy pulled away from Berry and then he came back after Berry again and Samantha was right behind Berry and as the guy got close Samantha pulled out her mace and got him right in the face which slowed him down and of course by this time the police were there. So it was an exciting show before the show even started.

It was finally time to go inside and of course Kim our favorite waitress was there and had our table all reserved for us. It was great to see her again as it has been 4 months since I have been here or seen her and of course she had hugs for us all. Harvey’s Comedy Club is really such an awesome place and they have always treated our group so wonderful. Well we all ordered drinks and food and waited for the show to start. Now Cristine and I were the first of our group to get to our table and a guy came over to talk with us, turns out him and his friend go to Sweethome on Friday nights sometime and reconized us so we talked with him for a while before he went back to his date. I bet that was a good topic of conversation he had with his date.

Well the show started and as always it was awesome. All 3 of the comedians were awesome, they have like a MC who gets maybe 10 minutes on stage and he was really good. The opening act was really funny and I can’t remember either of their name and Harvey’s only puts the headliner on their web page. The headliner name was Robert Duchaine and he was awesome, so funny. We all laughed so hard, I wish more of our group could have made it as they would have loved this show. If you get a chance to see him you must and if you are ever in Portland Oregon you must check out Harvey’s, you will have a great time.

Well after the show Berry came over and talked to us and thanks us for the help earlier. Then he told us that when the police took the guy down to the jail he got in a fight with the officers at the jail so there had to be a little something more going on with this guy. Any way we sat and talked with Berry and our Waitress Kim for maybe 10 minutes. What a great night.

Well we left to walk back to our cars and about a block away there were maybe 4 or 5 guys on the street and it looked like 2 of them were trying to fight and the others were trying to keep them apart. As we got closer we heard one say he would pull a knife so we turned a block early and went a different way back to our cars just to be on the safe side. Well when we got to our cars which was maybe only 5 minutes there must have been 6 police cars come screaming through the intersection by where we parked and they were heading in the direction we had just come from so we wondered if the two guys did finally get into the fight and that is where they were going. Now I only mention this to mind everyone to be careful when you go out and I am not just talking to t-girls but everyone, male, female, t-girl, young and old alike. Be aware of where you are, where you are going and who is around you as you never know what might happen.

Our group has gone out hundreds of times in downtown, walked the streets from place to place and never had a problem or seen anything like this and then tonight twice. Always think safety first. Any way we got to our cars and we all piled back into my small car and I drove Samantha, Coley, Michael and Samantha’s boyfriend, sorry I just can’t remember his name as I am blonde but he was really nice back to their place. I love being a blonde as I can always use that as an excuse for my little memory lapses.

It was such a fun night and sad to see it come to an end. We will miss next month as a lot of us will be in Las Vegas for Diva Las Vegas and we are all looking forward to it, it is such a fun week.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all had as fun of a weekend as Susan did.

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Friday night fun with friends

Well it is Friday and I am ready, it has been a busy week and Friday was a rough day at work so I am ready for a Susan night out with friends. I started getting ready at 5 so I could take my time and enjoy the transformation to Susan, yes I still love the whole getting ready and makeup thing and I don’t think that will ever change.

Well I was ready and out the door by 6:40, now I know that is 1:40 minutes to get ready but I thought I would break it down for you. This includes a 20 minute shower, yes I take a log shower but then again I am shaving my legs, arm chest and face and for my face I shave it twice. Now the next step is putting on moisturizer on my face which I let sit for about 5 minutes, I use this time to get my nails ready. Now tonight I tried a makeup primer and aging you need to give it 5 minutes to soak into your face. Now comes the makeup part and yes this does take time as I put it on slowly, remember you can always ad more if the color isn’t bright, bold or dark enough but you can’t take away. If you put too much on you wipe off and start again which I have had to do and can be fun but if you are going out it makes you late. Once the makeup is done it is time to get dressed. Now I seldom will put on an outfit only to take it off and change but I often don’t end up with the outfit I thought about wearing when I started getting ready. Maybe something looks better with how my makeup turned out or the color I chose for my lipstick or eyes that night or I just changed my mind which is a girl’s prerogative. Then you have to pick out the shoes for the outfit which I don’t have that many but still a process. Then come the purse I have to make sure I have my lipstick in the purse, phone, money and ID and I will admit woman change purses all the time so this is nothing new to them also. Once this is all done it is picking out my wig and putting it on and last putting on my nails. There is a lot to do to be a girl and pretty but it is so worth it and I so enjoy it.

I got t Sweethome at 7 and Cassandra, Chris and Samantha were there. It was good to see Samantha again as she has a 2 hour drive to come out with the group. Well the 4 of us ate dinner and chatted for a while. Chris was watching YouTube videos on his laptop and Cassandra was in a chat room on hers, they both get here early so they bring their laptops for something to do. Now while Cassandra would play pool I would chat for her online and of course she had her web cam going so people could see me which is fun. I have not really done the chat rooms that much myself but do enjoy it for a little while.

Well Petra, Little Julie, and Cristine showed up so we had a smaller group tonight but still fun and that was okay as the bar was real busy. Not only did the Karaoke group show yup earlier than normal but they had a good turnout plus there were a couple other groups 8 or so that were there and we couldn’t remember seeing them here on a Friday night so this may have been their first experience with our group but they were fine with us. At one point it was hard to move around because of all the people of course this also meant that we had more interaction with the people around us which was fun.

Cassandra and I talked about Diva Las Vegas which is only 3 weeks away. This year Cristine is flying down on Sunday to join us instead of driving with us so it will be just Cassandra and me making the drive. We are leaving on Friday morning and Driving to LA for Friday night and Saturday then over to Las Vegas for the week then back to LA the following Saturday and we are talking about going to a Dodger Baseball game on Sunday night as girls of course I will be Susan from the time I get my acrylic nails on March 27 till I have them removed on April 8. 12 days of being Susan full time, long nails, makeup, cute clothes and long hair how much fun. If we do the baseball game we would get home late Monday night. Not sure this will happen though as the Sunday night game doesn’t start till 5 pm which would be late.

Well the Karaoke started and Chris and Little Julie sang from our group and did great. There were some not so good singers and some really good ones but either way you have to applaud anyone who can get up and sing in front of others. It is fun to watch and listen to Karaoke and here the songs some people pick to sing, some are just hard to sing. It was still a fun night out and just what I needed at the end of the week and I am sure by next Friday I will once again be ready for some Susan time as the issues from work on Friday will still be effecting me till probably Wednesday next week when hopefully everything will be back to normal.

Well it was after midnight and Samantha, Petra and Cristine had all left. One of the girls from the Karaoke group was celebrating her 41st birthday tonight and had a big box of cupcakes which she brought some over to our table and gave us some which was very sweet of her so we all wished her a happy birthday. It was about 12:30 and now Chris was leaving so it was just Cassandra, Julie and I left from our group but the bar was still packed. Cassandra and I talked a little more and then we paid our bills, we left at about 1 am and Little Julie was hanging out with the group at the table next to us, she loves to dance and had been dancing with a couple girls from their group, the energy she has.

It was a fun night and a great way to start the weekend and this makes 2 nights in a row Susan was out and it won’t be the last. Tonight several of us are going to Harvey’s Comedy club. It has been a while for me as I couldn’t go in December and in January we took a month off and then we were all set to go in February when we had the freak snow storm and Harvey’s shut down for the weekend because of the snow so it has been 4 months which is way too long. It is such a fun night out and Harvey’s is so wonderful to our group and treats us so awesome. Tonight’s headliner is Robert Duchaine so we are looking forward to it and I have already picked out my dress, shoes and wig and know how I want to do my makeup and as long as I don’t change my mind so I should be all set and be able to get ready easily.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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Thursday night out for a little shopping

Well I had some free time Thursday night so I thought I would take the opportunity and do a little shopping, not just for Susan though. It is funny as for so many years my male self would go shopping for Susan, then in the past 6 years Susan started going shopping for herself and now I find I just enjoy shopping for anything more as Susan so I guess I have come full circle.

I needed some ink for my printer, the ink cartridges are not that expensive but they really don’t last long either. So I was off to get some and as I was out I went to both Stapes and Best Buy, I bought them at Staples but still went to Best Buy and looked around. Always fun to look at the new computers and all the latest electronic stuff, not really girly but still fun.

From here I went across the parking lot to ULTA they are a store that sells pretty much just makeup and hair care products. I shopped there last Friday and actually joined their rewards program so they sent me a coupon by e-mail and as I wanted to try a makeup primer I figured why not stop in and buy it there plus it is a fun store to look around if you like makeup. Well as I was looking at makeup I got a call from my brother now normally when I am out as Susan I would just let it go to voice mail but I answered it so her I am out dressed as Susan shopping in a makeups store while talking to my brother on the phone. Good thing he couldn’t see me through the phone. Well we talked for about 10 minutes as I was wondering around. After I got off the phone I went over and found the makeup primer I came in to get and went up to the checkout and had to stand in line. Now there were a couple men in the store with their girlfriends or wives but as I passed them I had to wonder if they were looking at things for themselves or wishing they could try on some of the makeup as one can never tell just by looking at someone

It was only 6 now and I still wanted to have more fun as Susan so I drove to Cascade Station by the airport as they have some store, restaurants and a Starbucks all in one area. Now I was hoping for a Subway Sandwich but they didn’t have one here so I settled for Panda Express. I had to park a little ways out and walk in which now days doesn’t bother me. The lady who took my order told me how much she liked my lipstick color and that it looked good on me which I thanked her for. We spent the next couple minutes while she was getting my food ready talking about lipstick, the guy just ahead of me gave us a quick look but I think he was more surprised we were talking about lipstick brands and colors then the fact I was a guy in a dress. She also complimented me on my nails. What a great night so far.

I went over and sat down to eat. No one really paid any attention to me as they were busy with what they were doing. The lady at the next table got done eating and as she was walking back by she stopped and told me how much she liked my hair, wow I was on a roll tonight, compliments on my lipstick, nails and now hair. I thanked her and we started talking. She is a flight attendant for American Airlines. She actually just started a few weeks ago and has been flying into Portland and loves it here so we talked for maybe 15 minutes about Portland, where she lives, Oklahoma and the places she has got to fly to, just normal everyday conversation. It was nice and while we talked I really didn’t even think about the fact I was Susan or how I was dressed, it was just a couple people talking. Well after she left I finished my dinner and as I was leaving several of the employees told me to have a good night and come back again which I am sure they say to everyone but still makes you feel good.

I drove across to where DSW and Ross Dress for less is and parked kind of in between. I went to DSW first to look at shoes. They have so many pretty shoes but there prices weren’t as low as I thought they would be at least till I found their closeout section in the back. They had some really cute shoes and they go all the way up to size 11. I found 2 I really liked but even with being 70% off they were more then I wanted to pay as the regular price was $149, they were really cute half boots with 4″ heels and gold studs all over them. Well I looked around for a while and then walked next door to Ross Dress for less.

I spent about 20 minutes here looking at dresses. I think this Ross has the biggest dress section I have seen but just couldn’t find one I really liked at least in my size. Beside right now I need to find some casual wear for my trip to Diva Las Vegas which is coming up fast. I have been looking forward to it since I got back last year and now it is hard to believe that 3 weeks from tonight I will get my nails done, Acrylics and then I will be Susan for 12 days straight. It will be here before I know it. Well I didn’t buy anything here either so back out to my car and down the parking lot to Starbuck’s.

I have been to this Starbucks only a couple times before, the first time was last spring when I came here on one of the days I had taken off work for our hearing on our discrimination case against the P-club. It is bigger than the one I normally go to but not any busier. Well I spent a couple hours here and caught work and e-mails. It was just a relaxing night out.

I also solved a mystery, it is my one set of bracelets that are snagging my panty hose. I have a set of silver bagel bracelets that I don’t wear that often well they seem to have some edges on them and that is how I snag my panty hose on the top of my leg mid-thigh as it happened tonight at Starbuck’s. I will have to be more careful when I wear these bracelets. Such a shame as they were a brand new pair, but at least I figured it out. Only took this blonde a couple dozen pair first.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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