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Wednesday and the Diva Las Vegas Golf Tournament, day 9 of my vacation

It is Wednesday and we are having our Diva Las Vegas Golf tournament at Wild Horse golf course. Now if you read my blog from Monday you saw I didn’t get to bed till 5:30am and then I slept till around noon on Tuesday now the problem with that is Tuesday night I was not tiered and had a hard time sleeping so when my alarm went off at 5am I was not rally excited. We need to leave for the golf course by 7as Cassandra is in charge and needs to be there early. Now in my male life I would have gone back to sleep till 6:45 as I could have been ready by 7 but not Susan she needs at least and hour and as the week has gone on I am a little slower, it really does take a lot of work to be a girl yes I will spend an hour getting ready and doing my makeup to look just perfect to go to the golf course. It was just before 7 when I was ready to leave, I met Veronica and Cassandra in the garage as they were already in the car waiting for me.

We got to the golf course and got everything unloaded and set up and waited for the other girls to show up. Now we had 12 girls playing, 3 foursome and we do a 4-person Scramble so it doesn’t matter how good you play it is all about how cute you look on the course. Ow of course I had to start on the driving range to loosen up. Now I am not a long ball hitter so for me to have a good game I just have to not try to outdrive the other girls. I did pretty well on the driving range.

We had all our girls here and were ready for are tee time at 9am. Now one of our girls who is here for her first Diva Las Vegas, she flew in on Tuesday and was really looking forward to the golf. The problem is it turns out her luggage didn’t make it so she showed up as her male self. That is really sad to think you are coming to Diva Las Vegas to be your female self and the airlines losses your luggage, now they did give her some money I guess to buy stuff she needed till they find her stuff but really would be hard to replace your girl stuff at a last minute in Las Vegas. I felt bad for her but she went a head and played and had fun.

Now as I said we had girls Cami, Treena, Tori, Lisa (team 1) Bev, Katie, Linda, Ann (team 2) Cassandra, Veronica, Renee, Susan (Me) (team 3). Now normally we play on Tuesday but there was a scheduling issue and had to play Wednesday this year and it worked out wonderful as on Tuesday it was really windy and today there is no wind and it is in the low 70’s. now of course we had to get pictures. We were the last group to tee off as we were the ones that would collect the markers for longest drive, longest put and the KP’s. yes, Cassandra had so many opportunities to win a prize and yes money. She really does a wonderful job putting on this event. Really all the girls who coordinate events do a wonderful job. They put these things together usually from out of town and they are responsible for the events including if people don’t pay so they take kind of a chance that people follow through.

We started off and had a wonderful day as I said the weather was perfect. I brought a hair clip and never needed it. For those of you who have never golfed as a female it is a lot more challenging, from the long nails, breast, and hair blowing in your face it really adds to the game.

Now this year I did a good job just focusing on my game and not on how others were playing and probably had my best game as Susan. I had some really good shots. Here is a picture of a long put I just barely missed. Now on our team as with all the teams we mixed it up, we tried to have each team with a really good player and some not so good. I kind of fall in the average range. I did really have some good shots one was from about 180 yards out from the green and I put it right on the green in high about 14 inches from the cup. Probably the best shot I have had in a long time. We had a great time.

We got done with the game and went to the club house for our lunch and awards. Now my team finished in second place which was good but as I said we only had teams. Cassandra gave out the rewards for the longest drive, put and KP’s and then we had a drawing for money. We each put in $20 and had 3 drawings. On the front 9 everyone who hit the green on a par 3 with their first shot was in the first drawing, everyone who hit the green with their first shot on a par 3 on the back 9 went into the second drawing and everyone who sunk a put from more then a flag length went into the third drawing.

The first drawing had 5 people in it and Cami’s name was drawn. The second drawing had 7 people in it and again Cami’s name was drawn. The third drawing for the longest put had 9 people in it including me as I had a ling put and I was hopeful but once again Cami’s name was drawn. She actually won all 3 drawings. With that luck I hope she has been gambling. Now there was one guy here in the club house that was a little loud and annoying while we were eating and as he had more and more to drink, he got very loud and Obnoxious and I think some of the girls were a little put off by him

We got back to the hotel about 3:30 and went to our rooms. I took an hour nap as I was really tied before I got cleaned up to go out. Cassandra was doing the bar crawl so at 7 I drove her down to met the other girls going on the bar crawl and then I went back to our hotel. I am not a bar person and I don’t drink so going to 3 different bars was not something I was interested in so I texted Veronica to see what she was up to. She was just getting ready so we agreed to meet for a late dinner at Magnolias so as I waited, I found a blackjack table and played till she came down. It was the only bad part of the day.

When she got there, I was u $5 so I quit and we went and had a nice dinner. It was amazing how many people were there at 9pm to eat dinner. After dinner we went back to the blackjack tables and played for a while. I played till 11pm and then I was down as I was so tired. Besides we had talked about going to the Valley of fire state park in the morning as Mellissa and her wife were going and that would mean getting up early again. When I cashed in, I had won $21 so I finished the day up just a little.

It was a fun but long day. thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what in new in my life and also keep up on my Las Vegas vacation this year.

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Sunday, we finally did top golf, day 6 of my vacation

We got up a little later, yes we are sleeping in till about 9am so I took some time to write my blog from Saturday. We have not been getting ready till around noon as we hope our makeup can last the whole day that way. Well while I was writing my blog I was also talking with Casandra and we were looking for things we could go here and that is how we came up with top golf. Okay just a fun fact I found out while we were searching Las Vegas online. The city of Las Vegas actually only goes to Sahara Ave, seems back in the 50’s the city tried to annex the strip for taxes and the 5 main casinos formed an unincorporated township called paradise and that is where the Las Vegas Strip is located so if you go to the Las Vegas Strip you really are not in las Vegas. Anyway, our plan was to be ready by 1pm and on our way. I was ready just a few minutes before 1 Cassandra and Veronica were just a few minutes after.

We got to top golf about 1:30 and went in. they were not as busy as last year but we still had a wait, the lady said we could get the bottom floor in about an hour or the second or third floor about 1 ½ hours. Now they had a gigantic big screen TV with college basketball playoffs on so Casandra was fine with waiting so we signed up for the third floor and went and found a table to watch the game. Now I was hungry so I ordered food as did Cassandra and Veronica. Now our waitress was awesome, now what I noticed is all the wait staff here are woman, very petite, pretty ladies and that seems to be the standard for a lot of places here in Las Vegas. Now as we sat there another waitress stopped by our table and told me how beautiful my nails were and that are nails were the same. She held her hands to mine and I kid you not, she had the same color and shape although mine were just a little longer. I thanked her of course and after wards thought I should have gotten a picture of our nails together. It was just about 3 when our golf spot was open. Now I have really wanted to try this since Melissa first told us about it but the biggest reason is, I wanted to see if I could golf with my nails as they are lot longer than I have had before and I know the first year I had a hard time gripping the club. Well there was no problem with my nails and even though they are longer, I am thinking the narrower shape helps.

Now if you have never done Top Golf it is really just a driving range, usually 3 stories high but where it differs is there are giant holes (targets) you aim for and the golf balls all have RF chips in them that track them, speed, distance and yes where you hit in the targets and you get points for what part of the target you hit. Now there is a lot of luck involved in this but it was fun. You pay a rental fee for the golf bay you are in and it varies depending on the day, time of day and level you want, night time is always more. You can have up to 6 people at a time. We played for two hours and got 3 games in, a game is each person hits 20 balls, it does go a little slower as you watch the TV screen to see where your ball went, like an instant replay. Cassandra won the first game, I won the second game and Cassandra won third but we all had a blast.

We left here and stopped by the Flamingo to pick Robin u and then back to the Four Queens. Cassandra wanted to completely redo everything, I needed to make some minor touch ups on my makeup. We also met up with Terri, she is a girl that Casandra has known online for probably 15 years but never met. Terri’s wife has known about her dressing in private but it was more don’t talk about it and pretend it doesn’t happen. Anyway, they had a long talk a while ago and although she doesn’t understand why she needs to be Terri she is supporting it somewhat now and has even seen pictures and let her move her girl things into the house which is a big step. Well any way Terri is here for here first Diva Las Vegas. This is her first time out in such a mainstream public setting. Well Robin and Terri went and got dinner while the rest of us cleaned up.

Later we all hooked up and walked up the Freemont Experience to the D which is the casino next to ours and found a little bar to sit in and talk. It was nice as it gave me a chance to get to know Terri, she was having a lot of fun and you could see the excitement in her face. I can remember my first Diva Las Vegas back in 2010, where has the time gone. We talked for a while before going back outside. We made a quick stop in the Freemont casino and Veronica played a little blackjack as we talked more. Then it was back to our hotel, it is nice downtown as the hotel casinos are not so big and easier to get around. Cassandra

and I sat down at a table to play some blackjack. There was a man at the other side of the table and then a couple next to him and I sat next to the one guy’s wife and they were fine with us. Cassandra didn’t last long and soon I was by my self at the table with the other people. Now the couple next to me were in their early 30’s I guess and they had been drinking. The lady next to me kept telling me how pretty I was and how she loved my nails which I always love hearing even the dealers compliments me on my nails. Now I never really got a head of the $100 I bought in with but I would win some and lose some and basically just float between $50 and maybe $120. Soon they left and other came into the table and I would talk to them and it was a lot of fun. Finally, a young lady sat down a few chairs over and it turns out she is in college. Now of course one of the things everyone askes is where you are from as you get people from all over the country here. It turns out she grew up a couple miles from where I live. She was just back home to visit her family as her sister just had a baby and from the way she talked I am guessing her parents live about 2 miles from where I do and her sister less than a mile. What are the odds. Well the table finally turned cold and I lost the last of my $100 so I figured it was time for bed. I was shocked when I looked at my phone and it was almost 2am. I had played for long time and it was so much fun as pretty much every one who sat at the table was very friendly and talkative. Yes, I lost another $100 today but am still up from when I got here.

Okay I have had my nails for 5 days and I am really loving them and I am getting use to them. Still small things are hard like picking up a single chip or coin or opening a ketchup packet for the hot dog I had yesterday. I did eat my hamburger today without to much trouble at least till I git down to the last few bites. I am already thinking about when I will have to remove them in a little over a week and how sad that will be, I really will miss them.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life and keep up on my Las Vegas Vacation.

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Tuesday of Diva Las Vegas our golf tournament.

It is Tuesday of Diva Las Vegas 2018 and the week is really going fast as I knew it would. Today re two big events, our golf tournament and Kates girlfriend is joining her in Las Vegas and will meet Kate as her female self for the first time. I think we are all a little excited and nervous about this. Anyway, that is just a side not so back to the events of today.

Cassandra is coordinating the golf this year again, she has done it the last couple years and there is a lot of work involved. Beverly did it for a few years before and I hope she knows how much we all appreciated her doing it. For those who didn’t realize it Diva Las Vegas is a vacation type event and not a convention and what that means is there is no cost to attend, you just pay to go to the events you want to do, for example if you want to golf today you pay for your golfing. Diva Las Vegas relies on volunteers to set up and coordinate these events, even the web page is taken care of by volunteers and paid for by someone. These volunteers put a lot of time in to make all these events happen and go off smoothly. Cassandra set this all up on the phone and e-mails from Portland as do most of the volunteers as a lot of them do not live in Las Vegas. Cassandra worked with the golf course at Sunrise who have been wonderful to our group over the years by the way. The golf tournament this year was $59 and what you got was your round of golf including a golf cart and 4 bottles of water in the cooler on the cart, a small bucket of balls for the driving range to warm up. They set up the KP and longest drives on the holes we wanted and it also included 1 free drink ticket and a lunch after which came from their menu which ranged from $6 to $15 for the food, what a great deal and I really do want to thank the golf course, the course at sunrise for all they gave us. On top of it Cassandra made goody bags for everyone with golf balls and snacks and then prizes for the longest drive, KP’s, drawing for those who got birdies and the winners of the tournament which was a 4-lady scramble so everyone could play no matter how good of a golfer you are. For those who don’t know what a scramble is you have a team of 4 and all hit then you pick the best shot and all put your ball there and hit again so you are always playing the best shot, it makes it more fun for those who are not good or in this year’s case have never played before.

Now the bad thing was as Cassandra was in charge she needed to be there by 8am and as we are riding with her that also means I had to so I had to get up at 5:45 to get ready, again male verses female, my male side could have gotten up 15 minutes before we left and made it on time. It was a short nigh because of this and as I was getting ready and doing a full makeup I thought to myself how many women get up and do a full makeup just to go to the golf course. Now I did go for the red lipstick today just because I wanted to plus it was my long wear one so it would last and look nice all day. Now it was supposed to be cool today mid 60’s and windy 30+ winds. The temperature was not normal but the wind was as I think every tournament we have played has been windy, destroys my hair and blows in my face so I have to tie it back to keep it out of my face and I can see the ball. Days like that make you understand what woman go through. Such a sexy look, see not all my pictures look great.

Cassandra set the teams and she tried to make sure all teams were equal which is no easy task as you really have no idea how well some girls golf. Although we did have 5 of the 16 today from our Portland group. I knew some of the girls from past years and got to meet some new one that this was their first Diva Las Vegas. My team was Julie who I shared a cart with and Laura and Jamie who I met for the first time today, she really is nice and I have met so many wonderful people at Diva Las Vegas over the years. I shared the cart with Julie so it gave us a lot of time to talk. We were the first group off to play so we always had the best score on every hole at least till the teams behind us played. Now I would say I am an average golfer, usually shoot in the mid to upper 90’s. over the last 10 years I have golfed maybe 50 times and I would say 90% of that was as Susan. I always tell people it is not how well you golf but how cute you look golfing, reason for the full makeup this morning.

It was time to start and we teed off, now this is the hard part as you have all the groups waiting so 15 other people there watching you as you hit the ball. I just figured they were looking at my outfit and not how well I hit the ball as that is ore important. We did get group pictures before we teed off. Now the good news is the wind died off and really there was very little wind by now which was awesome, still had to tie hair back as being long it got in the way. It also got warm, probably only upper 60’s but with n wind it was really nice but then I am from Portland where when it gets in the 60’s we put on shorts and tee shirts.

We had a wonderful time playing and got to know Jamie who as I said is really nice. It was a fun day on the golf course and we all had some really good shots and of course some that I don’t need to mention but it was about being out with friends and meeting new girls. We finished around 2 and went back to the club house to wait for the other teams to finish and yes, the first thing we did was head for the ladies rom to fix our makeup and hair as a girl hast to have her priorities set.

The other teams came in and we all started talking, finally everyone was there and Cassandra started with the prizes. My team came in last as we were 1 over par which when you play a scramble is not good but we had a fun time and we all looked fabulous on the course and that is what today was all about. In my mind we were all winners just for being there specially those who were at their first Diva Las Vegas. We actually have a couple girls here this year who have never been outside their house before as female. Now there were a few men at another table and I actually think they were having fun watching us as a coupe times as Cassandra announced a winner of a prize I saw them smile and nod and even once I saw them clap with us

The lady there took our orders and treated us wonderful as did all the staff here. We really have been treated wonderful here as well as at other courses we have played over the years. Really, I can’t say enough about the people down here from the restaurants, hotels, casinos or any place we have gone over the years. We have been treated with respect and just like anyone else. This year we are staying at the Four Queens and they have been wonderful to us, I would highly recommend them if you are in Las Vegas. And just for the record I am not just saying these things to be nice or polite. I really have had no problems over the years at any of the places I have gone. I really think if you act like a lady and don’t cause trouble any place you go will be happy you are there as everyone has one thing in common and that is called money. Gay straight, male, female, or what every color, race or religion if you are being nice and respectful they are happy to have you there. Now that is the business side of it but really the people themselves have been wonderful also and that is just good people skills.

I have said it many times I don’t expect everyone to fully support and embrace the way I live my life but I do expect them to recognize my right to be who I am. They don’t have to talk or interact with me at a Blackjack table but they do have to respect my right to sit there. I don’t even care if they want to get up and leave because they don’t want to sit next to me, their right but they can’t tell me to leave or not sit there, just like I won’t tell them they have to sit and play next to me. Now that being said I have never had someone get up and leave just because I sat down. My best advice is to smile, be friendly and act like this is the most normal thing you can do and 99% of people will react to you the same way.

Got a little of track there. We had a great late lunch and then it was time to go back to the hotel and get ready for tonight but I will save that for another blog as this has gotten a little long. If you read all the way to here you get a gold star. Thanks for reading and be sure to see my most recent outing on my latest blog.

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Rose City T-Girls golf tournament.

Okay I am a week behind on writing this but Last Sunday our group the Rose City T-Girls had their annual golf tournament. I have really been looking forward to this. This is one of the really fun things our group does and because I have not been able to get out much lately.

Now as I said I was really looking forward to today and wanted to enjoy it and have as much Susan time as I could. Now I needed to leave for the golf course by 10:15 so I got up early so I could stop at Starbucks for a little while. I got up early and started getting ready at 7:45 with the hopes of being to Starbucks by 9. Things were going great as I was doing my makeup but I had a new eyeliner that I wanted to try, it is waterproof and I figured being on the golf course all day in the sun and heat would be the perfect test. Now I am not sure I like this eyeliner as it dries really slow and as such I ended up getting a little smudge and as I tried to fix it, it just smeared more. I actually had to remove my make up and start over which was another issue as it takes a lot to clean this off. This put me behind but I still had time. I was still ready by 9:30 so I had 45 minutes to stop at Starbuck.

I was in my car and on my way and as I was going down the freeway I notice I was almost out of gas, this day was not going the way I wanted. I got off the freeway and found a gas station. I got out to put gas in and as I did I noticed it was windy and that’s when I realized I forgot my hair tie. I finished filling up and then turned around and headed back home to get my hair tie so I could keep my hair out of my face while we were golfing, yes, my hair was long. One of the obstacle woman must overcome. By the time I got back home and was on my way again it was a little after 10. There would be not stopping at Starbucks today.

I got to the Golf Course at 10:50 and parked. I was just getting my clubs out when Cassandra and Peggy arrived. It was so wonderful to see them, this was going to be a wonderful day. Now our Tee Time wasn’t till 1:30 so we had time to warm up and socialize. It was great as I got to sit and talk with Peggy, she is my partner today so I will get to spend the entire day with her. Now Cassandra and Peggy went all out again, they do so much for our group. They had gift bags for everyone including snacks, a bottle of water and a sleeve of golf balls, I got pink balls. They also had prizes for the closest to the pin on the par 3’s, longest drive and the longest put.

Other girls started to show up, we had 18 golfers today, our biggest turnout. We had Cassandra, Peggy, Veronica, Julie, Sophie & her brother, Laura H, Max, Victoria, Trixie, Kate, Pam, Melissa and her wife, Keli, Laura m, me and another girl. It was awesome to see them all again. We all sat around and talked and lost track of time. Soon it was almost 1 and we needed to go and warm up before we started.

Now I was in the first group with Peggy, Trixie and Kelli, what a fun group. Now it was in the upper 80’s now so it would be hot on the course. We all teed off and the game was on. Now going first has it good points and bad points. First our group had the longest drive, closest to the flag and the longest put as we were first. The bad point is there were 4 more groups behind us all trying to do better. I had my name on two of the closest to the flag. Peggy got closest to the flag on the par 3 that we called the money hole. It is the one Victoria got a hole in one a few years back. What made it so funny is she used a driver and Cassandra gave her such a tough time for using a driver on a par 3 right up to the point the ball rolled in the hole. Well Peggy also used her driver and rolled it down the hill and right up on the green.

On the front 9 we were still warming up, we had 1 birdy, 3 bogeys’ and the rest pars. The back nine we shot straight par and finished 2 over so we figured we would not win but we had a wonderful time playing. I have said it many times, it is not how good I play but how cute I look playing. Yes, not many women do full makeup and worry how it looks while they play. But this was about spending girl time with my girlfriends and Kelli, Trixie and Peggy were awesome to play with. We all at one time or another had really good shots.

We finished a little after 5 and it was about 5:45 when the last group came in. We finished in 4 as one team was 2 under, 2 were even par, we were 2 over and one was 5 over but we all had a wonderful time. Now it was time for a BBQ the golf course did hamburger for us which was awesome. They have always treated us incredible her at Wildwood golf course (21881 NW St Helens Rd)
which is in Saint Helens. It is a wonderful course to play if you are looking for a nice golf course.

Now it was time for prizes, I ended up winning only one of the closest to the flags and Peggy did win the money hole, we all put money in on that hole. The prizes Cassandra had were awesome and we all owe her and Peggy big thanks for putting this on. I hope they know how much we all appreciate it, Thanks. We sat and talked more till it started getting late. I think it was after 8 when we finally left. It was an awesome day out with my friends. I wish I had thought to get some pictures. What a wonderful day.

Now back to the eyeliner. It did stay on really well as a matter of fact it was really hard to get off even with olive oil so I guess if you want something that will stay on and have the time to let it really dry it is good but accept for something like this it is just not practical for me.

I am not sure when I will get out again but I made the most of today. Thanks for reading.

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Tuesday of Diva Las Vegas, Golfing

Tuesday is here and today we have our Diva Las Vegas golf tournament. Now I had to get up at 6 am to get ready as we wanted to leave by 7:40 because we were picking up another girl at the Golden Nugget. Was ready by 7:20 and went downstairs for a few minutes to upload my blog from Monday. I was back upstairs by 7:30 and we grabbed our golf clubs and we were on the way. I am waring my white skirt and salmon top.

Veronica, Cassandra, Kim and I drove over and picked up the other girl and off we went to the Sunrise golf course, we have played here several years back when I was called Dessert rose. We got there and carried in all the stuff, Cassandra is in charge this year and had gift bags for everyone and prizes. Other girls started showing up, we had 12 playing today, 3 foursomes. I was in the last foursome with Cami, Trish and Stacy. Now these girls can all hit the ball far and I am not a long ball hitter but I am good close to the green. Now we are playing a 4-team scramble which means everyone hits from the tee and then you pick the best shot and everyone hits from there. This way even not so good players can play and have fun.

Now today was a really windy day but other than that it was nice, not to hot. It was a good day and the team I was on won with the lowest score. It was a good day golfing. We got back to the hotel early by 2 we decided to freshen up and walk over to Freemont Street as we were in our tennis shoes so it was easier to walk. Kim, Cassandra and I walked over and got another picture of all 3 of us with the million dollars at Binions. We met up with one of our other members by the Golden Nugget and walked around Freemont Street for a while. It was about 4 when we got back to our hotel. Cassandra went up to rest for a bit and Kim and I walked upstairs to check out the candy shop. Of course, they gave us samples and I am proud to say I didn’t give in I left without buying anything. Kim did break down and bought some chocolate for her son.

We went down stairs and Kim wanted to play a slot machine so I sat with her. A lady came over and introduced herself and said she thought her and her husband was one of us and then pointed out her husband who was playing Black Jack dressed as a female. I made the comment about being here for Diva Las Vegas and it turns out they knew nothing about Divas Las Vegas. They were just here on vacation from Canada so I told her all about Dive Las Vegas and how it worked. I gave her one of my cards with my e-mail address on it and told her to e-mail me if they had any questions about it. She went over to see if her husband wanted to come over and meet us but they didn’t come back. After a little while Kim and I went back upstairs to get ready for dinner at Ruth Chris.

It was almost 6 when I was ready and we were picking up the other girl at 6. Well it turns out unlike past years where happy hour was 6 to 7 with dinner at 7 this year dinner was at 6 so now we were rushing as we were late. We got there about 6:20 but it was a long walk from the parking garage to Ruth Chris especially in heels. Beverly, Cami, Annie, Brenda, Melissa and her wife and several other girls most of whom I have met and some new friends were there. We talked for a while before ordering.

We had a wonderful dinner as always. This is such a wonderful place to eat and they treat us so wonderful. The food was awesome and of course I ate to much. The bills came and kim grabbed both Cassandras and mine and wanted to pay part of it. We told her no but she would not accept that and in the end she won, Thanks Kim for that but it was not nesesary. We talked little more and thanks the staff here again before leaving.

We got back to our hotel and went to the Blackjack table to pay for a while. We played for a while maybe 3 hours and were up and down. I was the last one left at the table, I played till almost 1 am and in the end, I won about $20 but I had fun. It was fun to sit in the casino at the Blackjack table in my short black dress and heel. It was a good day and we had lots of fun. Tomorrow we are golfing again which will be fun, the sad part is Kim leaves as she only came for a couple day. She flies out a little after 11 am, It will not be the same without her as she had so much fun and it was fun to see her having so much fun. Don’t get me wrong as we all have fun but she had a blast here with us. Thanks Kim for coming to hang out with us in Las Vegas.

Well it is late so I am finishing up the blog and going to bed. Will post in the morning before we leave to take Kim to the Airport and then on to golf.

Thanks for reading

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Rosed city T-girls go golfing, so much fun.

Well today our group went golfing, we had 8 of us golfing today Cassandra, Dan, Veronica, Kelli, Victoria, and Michelle and it was going to be hot, 95 at least. Now our tee time was noon so I wanted to be there by 11 to have some time to warm up. I started getting ready by 9 with the hopes of being on my way by 10. Now her is the funny thing as I pulled out of my garage I noticed I was almost on empty, I forgot to stop and get gas yesterday so my first stop was the gas station by my house and then I was on my way.

I got to Wildwood golf course just a little after 11 about the same time as most of the other girls had just got there and where getting their clubs out of their cars. It was going to be so much fun today. We went up and Cassandra paid as we had all given her the money for today. Now we have been coming here several times a year to golf for the past 3 years and they have always treated us awesome. I think they actually look forward to the days we come.

We all went to the driving range and hit some practice balls before we started our game. Now we are playing a 4 girl scramble. That means each group everyone hits the ball and then you pick the best ball and all hit from there. This makes it more fun as everyone has a chance to play no matter how good you are. Of course on the first tee Susan golfing (2)we had to take a few pictures. This is me by my cart before the heat got too bad.

Now it is different golfing as a girl as of course I had to have my nails on and of course the breast get in the way if you are not use to them but it is so much more fun this way. I know not many woman would do a full makeup and worry so much about how they look but for me that is all part of the fun and the experience. Now of course we did have a longest drive hole and 3 closest to the pin holes just to make it interesting.

We started play and my team was the first to go. Now it was getting hot but still only in the 80’s, by the time we would finish it would be 96 out. We all had some good shots and of course some bad ones but with a scramble you are hoping that when you have a bad shot others on your team hit a good one. I had some really good shots today. We got to the first par 3 which was a closest to the pin hole and I had a really good shot and put it about 5 feet from the flag and that turned out to be the closest ball so I won the first one.

The front nine went awesome and we were even par after 9 for our group. Actually we were really consistent as were got par on every hole and after 9 we were one stroke ahead of the other group. Now when we started the back 9 it was really getting hot and I hoped my makeup hadn’t melted off yet. Now on the back 9 we didn’t do as well as we had 3 bogies but we did have 1 birdie so we finished 2 over par. Now on the closest to the pin on the back 9 I had another really good shot and put the ball about 6 feet from the flag so I thought I might win again but Cassandra put her ball about 1 foot closer but I was still happy with my shot and how I played. Now I had drank 6 Gatorades on the course and as soon as we got back to the club house I got another one.

Now part of our golf deal we had today included a BBQ so we sat out on the patio in the shade while we ate. We had a wonderful meal, Hamburgers and chips but we were all so hungry and it was really good. Well Cassandra had prizes for the closest pin and longest drive. I won a box of golf balls of which half are pink. I can’t wait for the next time I get to golf as Susan so I can used them. The group is golfing again in August but I can’t go the day as my male side has family things I had to do. Now I also got a pair of golf shoes, Dan had a pair that didn’t fit him and he gave them to me, Thanks Dan. They are men’s shoes so I will only wear them when I golf as my male self.

It was almost 6 when we were finished eating and started to leave. Cassandra, Victoria, Dan Bianca and I were the last to leave and we walked out to our cars together. Now in the car on the drive home I had the air conditioner on 68 and it still didn’t feel that cool.

Now when I got home I was curious to see how bad my makeup looked and it actually held up pretty well. My lipstick was almost all there still just a little faded and that was after eating a piece of pizza, several candy bars, 7 Gatorades and the burger and chips. The other thing I did today different as someone told me if you spray your face lightly with hair spray after your makeup is on it helps it hold up better in the heat and it may have helped. Now that I was home the first thing was a nice shower and then several glasses of water as I write today’s blog. It was a really good day

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Day 5 the Diva Las Vegas golf tournament

Well today is our annually Diva Las Vegas golf tournament and I have been looking forward to this. The weather today is supposed to be perfect. We were all dressed and on our way downstairs by 7:45 and I was wearing my new cute pink skirt and white top.

We got to the Wild Horse golf course and there were already most of the girls there as our tee time is 9 am. We are playing a 4 person scramble which I think is Susan ready for golfingmore fun for our group as it evens it out between the really good golfers and bad as you play best ball. I hope maybe in a few years we can have a lot more girls play. Well of curse I had to get a picture before we left while I still look good.

we had 5 teams of 4 playing so it would be a fun day. Cassandra and I were in on cart and our foursome was all from Portland.  We had a great day golfing and it was sunny and warm and for the first time here golfing there was no wind.

Now we played pretty good and our team finished 1 under par but with a scramble format we new that wasn’t good enough to win but we did have one hole wear we used all 4 of my shots and got a par on the hole. I had some really good shots and I will admit that playing golf as a female is a little more challenging as certain body parts get in the way and of course the long nails. my nails weren’t as long as the first year but I could tell they were a little longer than last year as I did have a little trouble gripping the club and by the end of the day one of my fingers were a little sore but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

After we finished we went back to the club house for our lunch which was included in our cost and was awesome and of course the awards. Our group finished in 3rd place which was fine for me as I was more about being out and golfing as Susan. Cassandra did win the closest to the pin on one of the holes. it was a good day and I was glad we started a little earlier this year as we are going to Ruth Chris for dinner tonight at Harrah’s and I want to be hungry for that.

After golf we got back to the hotel and Cassandra took a nap and as I knew Peggy and Michele were down sitting by the pool I went down for a while and sat with them and we all talked and for those wondering no I did not wear a bathing suit although I did bring one. Now the funny thing about our hotel is they close the pool at 5 pm which I think is silly, also you have to be 21 to go to the pool. we were talking to them and I guess the hotel is trying to get a younger single crowd to stay here and make it a more hip hotel. Not what I thought was a good idea. I guess the Hotel we have stayed at for the last 5 years is changing now that they have renamed it the LINQ. They have gotten rid of the Dealertainers which was the biggest reason we have been coming here. One last thing is house cleaning here. past years we would leave the room by 10 am and by 2 or 3 the room would be clean, well the last 2 days are room has not been cleaned and we have had to get towels from the maids. yesterday we were gone by 9 am with the sign to make up our room on the door before 9 am and we didn’t get back to the room till almost 4 and it was still not made up. I am actually really disappointed this year. I really think we will look at a new place to stay next year. We are talking about staying downtown next year.

it was about 5:30 when we all changed for dinner and I wore a really cute short dress, I actually let Peggy pick it out again tonight and the 4” heels I got from Renee yesterday. they are really high and by the end of the night my feet were sore, they are not made for walking which we did as all these casinos are big.

It was a little after 6 when Peggy, Cassandra, Teresa and I walked through our casino and over to Harrah’s to Ruth Chris for dinner. Now my dress is tight and short so I was very aware of that fact and kept pulling it down but where it was the most noticeable was when I sat, thank god for napkins. I don’t know how girls wear dresses like this all the time as it is a lot of work. Now I thought I got a picture of me in the dress but it must not have been on my phone so I have no picture to post but trust me it was cute. we had an awesome dinner and yes it is not a cheap place to eat but every once in a while you need to splurge as life is to short not to enjoy yourself.

after dinner we walked back to our hotel and my feet were done so when we got to the blackjack table I was glad to sit down of course making sure my dress w pulled down. now tonight they had some $5 tables which I was glad for. I actually sat here from about 9:30 till after 1 am playing blackjack and had a good time talking with the other people at my table which I really enjoy. I was actually doing really well and was up but it is amazing how fast things can change.

I started betting $10 a hand and I had two hands that really hurt. I got a pair of 8’s against the dealers 4 so I split them, the 1st 8 I drew a 3 so I doubled down to $20. the next 8 I drew a 3rd 8 and split again and got a king for 18. the 3rd 8 you guessed it I got a 4th 8 and split again drawing a 2 so I doubled down for $20 and the 4th 8 I got a 10 for 18 so I had $60 on the table and feeling pretty good till the dealer turned over her hand and had a 5 and drew a 10 for 19. in the end I pushed one of the 8 and lost the other 3 for a total loss of $40.

3 hands later I had a pair of 7’s against the dealers 6 and so I went for it again splitting the 7’s. the first I got a 4 and doubled down for $20. the second 7 I drew another 7 and split again. I drew a 3 so I doubled down again for $20 and the 3rd 7 I got a 4 and doubled down for $20 more. these were really great hands and I had an advantage. So with $60 on the table and feeling pretty good the dealers turned her down card which was an Ace and then drew a 10 for 17 but I had 3 hands doubled down on 11’s and a 10 so  I still felt pretty good. she turned the first card and it was an Ace for a 12 and loss, the second was a 3 for a 13 and a loss and the 3rd was another Ace and a loss. I couldn’t believe I lost all 3, that is beyond bad luck and I decided it was time to call it a  night. well I had played for about 4 hours and ended up winning $45. I wont get rich but I had fun and got some of my money I lost the last couple nights back.

I was the last of our group so I made the walk back through the casino to the elevator by myself. now as I said I really don’t think about being Susan as I feel so comfortable as Susan but I was aware of how short my dress was and how high my heels were. My feet were really feeling it and when I got off the elevator on my floor and as our room is at the far end of the hall I did stop and take the heels off for for the walk down the hall. I think this is the first time I have ever done that.

It was a great day and I had so much fun. Thanks for reading.

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A long day golfing

Well Saturday the Rose City T-girls went golfing at Wildwood Golf course. We were having a mini tournament, a 4 girl scramble which is fun and as it really is not important how good you are more girls can get out. Now our tee time was at 2 pm for our first 18 holes and then around 8:30 we would start our 9 holes of our glow ball tournament. I started getting ready at 10:30 am with plans of being on my way by noon so I could be there by 12:30 or so. Well I was on my way right on time but wouldn’t you know it I hit traffic so I didn’t arrive till 1 which still left me time to hit some practice balls before our tee off time.

Cassandra, Peggy, Victoria and Veronica were already there. It was already getting warm but we were going to have a fun day. Brenda and Carolyn showed up so we got our range balls and went to the Driving Range, It wasn’t long and Petra, Michelle, Robin and Amber showed up so all but one of our group was there. We all hit a small bucket of balls and of course took some pictures.

It was finally tee time so we got to the first tee and of course we had to take some more pictures of our team. The first team was Petra, Michelle, Amber and Carolyn, the second team was Victoria, Brenda, Peggy and me and the last team was Cassandra, Veronica, Robin, and Robyn who showed up just as we were teeing off. Here is a picture of my team.

Now I started off good one the first hole and as we were playing a best ball scramble makes it a lot easier but by the second hole I started to have trouble with my drive and between the 2nd and 8th hole I lost 5 balls before I got my swing back. In all I lost a total of 6 balls through 27 holes but I did find 7 in the weeds so I actually came out ahead and of course the biggest thing was I didn’t lose one nail which was the most important thing.

Now as I said it was really warm especially out in the sunshine, I think I drank 5 bottles of Gatorade and 2 bottles of water plus several candy bars. Thank god for Ashley the drink cart girl. She is awesome and loves when we come out and play. She actually told us she asks to work the days we are there. I didn’t get a picture with her this time but here is one from when we played here before.

Our group finished with a +5 so you guessed it we came in last but we had fun and looked great doing it. after we finished the first 18 it was almost 7 and we were all tired and hot and I was scared to look at my makeup as I was sure it had all melted off but I got out my compact and put a little powder on to cover the shine and to my surprise I still looked pretty good.

Well at 7:30 they started the BBQ and this was for everyone that was playing Glow ball. You get balls that light up when you hit them and they put glow sticks on the fairway and the flag pole. They had 10 teams of 4 playing including our 3 teams so at 8:30 we all went out to the holes we were starting on. We played the front 9 with two teams going to holes 1,2,3,4 and 9 our team started on 9. Now there was still just a little light when we teed off of 9 but by the time we got to hole 1 it was dark as there was no moonlight. Luckily we had each brought a small flashlight so we could see the ground while we walked.

It is really challenging to play golf in the dark especially when you are just hitting down the fairway and a glowing stick. It was still warm out too, probably mid 70’s and of course being dark you had to walk and pull your clubs on a pull cart and this course has a lot of hills so we were really going to get some good exercise. Now I had some really good shots and on one hole we were on our second shot and we could see the light on the flag. It is hard to judge distance in the dark but it looked like about 160 yards out so I got out my 4 iron and took a nice easy swing and the ball flew right at the glow stick and it stopped about a foot from it and we were all excited till we got up to it and discovered this was a par 5 and what we had thought was the flag was actually the 100 yard marker but it was still a good shot.

It was almost midnight when we finished and got back to the club house. I had been out for 12 hours now as Susan in the heat and sun and I was ready for the day to be over. It only took me 30 minutes to get home and I was afraid to look in the mirror. To my surprise I didn’t look that bad after all that time. It was so much fun and I hope we get to go golfing again before the weather turns bad.

Thanks for reading

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