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Starbucks on a sunny Wednesday evening

Well I have made it out again to Starbucks, I had hoped to go out last Saturday night but things came up and I never made it out which is okay as Several of the girls were out of town so I don’t think many were out. Still it would have been nice. I am already looking forward to this weekend as we should have a big group of us out at the Candle light again. It is such a friendly place but gets really crowded. The nice part of that is you end up close to the other people at tables near you so it makes it easy to talk. It also looks like I will be able to go out this Saturday also as I don’t have to work which is so nice. I think everyone will be at Embers so I will get to watch part of the show.

Well Starbucks was pretty empty when I first got here but it is filling up, looks like I got here just before the rush so I have a good table. I thought about sitting outside but there were already people at the tables out there plus I would have no way to plug my computer in and on battery I only get about 1 ¼ hours so that would have made my evening shorter and I would not have been able to get everything done.

Well I will post more this weekend and hopefully have some new pictures, I took my camera last week and found out only after I got there my batteries were dead. I plan on stopping at the store on my way home tonight to pick some up. 

Have a great rest of the week J

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Friday night at the candle light

Well Susan was out again of Friday night. The weather was just perfect. I got all dressed up in my white skirt I had bought for the Las Vegas trip; it is so cute and perfect for summer. I got to the candle light room about 7:30 and a couple of the other girls were just getting out of their cars, what great timing. We all met at the front door and walked in together. Cassandra, Roxy, Cristine and I talked for a bit trying to decide if we should sit inside or outside as it was so nice. We settled on going inside as there was a little bit of a wind and we didn’t want to mess up our hair, we are such girls. We found a table over by the pool tables and sat down. It wasn’t long and we all ordered some food, I skipped dinner as I really wanted their fish & chips. They are so good.

As normal on Friday others started to show up and our group grew. Amy and Mia, Peggy, Barb, Marla, Jan & Lyn, Buffy, Siobhan, & Kelly, what a fun group. We played some pool; I only played 1 game and lost but came close to winning. We were both on the 8 ball but I missed my shot and they didn’t. The Candle Light is a really friendly place and the people there are just great. I even got to meet the owner and his girlfriend. They are awesome; his girlfriend kept bringing people she knew over to introduce them to us. I met so many new people last night I wouldn’t even be able to come close to remembering their names.

Some of the girls were out dancing and having a great time while some were playing pool and the rest of us talking. Being a small place it keeps you all together as the dance floor is on 20 feet or so from the pool table. This one older lady at the table next to us kept looking at me and finally came over and told me how much she liked my top and we talked for a few minutes. She was at the table next to us with some of her family and they were all so nice. Cassandra was the first to go and talk to them, she is really good about starting up conversations with people she doesn’t know anyway soon they had us all come over so they could meet us all. They were totally cool with us. Let me see I think their names were Joel and his wife Vicki and Elisea. We talked with them on and off the whole night.

Being a smaller place it does get warm inside, there was a breeze though so with the front and back door open it wasn’t as hot as last week but I still needed to get some fresh air so Peggy and I went out back to cool off and there were all kinds of people outside and they were so nice. Several GG’s came over and talked to us and they all said how beautiful I was which made me feel great as a girl always like to be told she is beautiful. A couple were pretty hammered and I doubt they will even remember talking to me but it was still so much fun. Back inside Cassandra had found her game and had now won several games of pool in a row.

They had a different jazz group from last week; they have different ones each night so you get a good mix of music which is also nice. I still like Embers but you see pretty much the same show every time you are there so after a while you get a little board. Got a little of track there as I said they had good music but just a little louder than last week so talking was a little harder. Also being crowded several drinks got spilled as the tables are really narrow and with all our purses piled up like a mountain well those things happen. One of the girls knocked over Siobhan’s cosmopolitan and some of it went on my white skirt. As a guy this would not have fazed me but as Susan I was up and off to clean it right away. I am sure Alice knows how this is as I knocked over a wine once when I was out with her and she got some on her. Anyway It looks like I got it all out and everything is fine. She was so sorry for knocking it over I really felt bad for her as it really was no big thing as these things happen.

Well as the night wound down and people started to leave I was amazed at how many came by and said goodnight to us. I just can’t get over how friendly the people are there. Elisea the girl from the next table asked us if we would be back next week and we all said yes. It turns out this was her first time there and she said she wants to come back next week if we will be there. How cool is that. I want to thank the owner and his girlfriend for being so great; they have done a great job making the Candle Light a fun friendly place to go. A lot of the people there were the same as last week so you get to know people. I guess it kind of reminds me of the bar Cheers in then TV show, a place where everyone knows your name as several people I met last week remembered me and even my name. I am going to have to really make an effort to learn their names which will be hard as I am terrible at remembering names. Any way we are already planning on being there again next Friday night, can’t wait.

Saturday I have some things I have to take care of in the early afternoon but may try to get out for a little shopping or something Saturday night. I would go to Embers but several of the girls are going up to Seattle Saturday afternoon so they can be there Sunday for their Pride parade so I don’t think anyone will be out tonight. Oh well will see what I can do. It is strange to have a Saturday evening free and with the holiday next week I should also have next Saturday free also.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week, bye. J

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Beautiful Wednesday, sunshine

Well we have finally had a beautiful sunny warm day. It is 83 out and the sun is shining and Susan is happy. I have been waiting for a nice day that coincides with Susan time. It is so nice to feel the sunshine on you when you are out. I have wanted to wear my black and white sleeveless top I bought for Las Vegas ever sense the trip but it just wouldn’t look good in cold rainy weather. You guessed it tonight was the night to wear it. It is so comfortable and really cute.

I made it to Starbucks just a little later than normal as traffic coming home from work was really slow and it put Susan behind getting ready. One can never rush getting pretty as I enjoy doing the makeup just as much as being all done up. I really do enjoy all of Susan time. There was only 1 other person in Starbuck when I got here so I had my pick of where to sit. Shavonie was back which is so nice as I have not seen her for 3 or 4 weeks. She is now the night manager and working with Jenny who is also just as nice, the only bad part is Katie is now a daytime manager and probably won’t be working evening so I don’t know when I will see her again. I am glad they are both staying though. There has been a steady stream of people coming in to get drinks but they all leave, I think everyone wants to enjoy the sun while we have it for fear it will go away.

It would be nice if it was sunny Friday but not too hot. We will be going to the Candle Light again and they have no air conditioning so when it gets crowded it gets hot inside. They have really good fish so this week I will not eat before I go that way when I get there I can have dinner. I think everyone is planning on being there around 7 or 7:30. They are really quiet then and parking is no problem. Last week I parked right outside the front door. The Candle Light is a small but friendly place if you have never checked them out you should. They are located at 2032 SW 5th Ave. Portland Or 503 222-3378.

Well I guess I should be going now as I have some work to catch up on and e-mails to answer. Hope you all have a great rest of the week. J

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Saturday shopping

Well I did make it out a few hours this morning for some shopping. I hit a few stores and looked around. I even went to a beauty supply on MLK Boulevard and looked at some wigs. The lady there was really nice and helpful. I then went to Starbuck on Broadway and spent an hour or so on my computer. It was a short outing but fun.

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Friday night at the Candlelight

Well Friday night Susan got all dressed up and went downtown Portland to try a new place called the Candlelight lounge. I got there about 7:30 and there was all kinds of parking right in front which is so nice. When I got inside Cassandra, Cristine, Veronica, Barb and Candy were already there having dinner. It was not very crowded yet so I sat joined them. Their food smelled so go even though I had already eaten I went ahead and ordered their 4 piece fish and chips, Barb said she would help me east it. The staff all seemed so nice and friendly they even came out and talked with us. The girls were right the fish was awesome and at a good price too. We played pool alas we ate and also had a chance to talk.

About 8:30 the band showed up and started to set up. They have a different Jazz group each night, tonight was Lisa Mann. About 9 people started to show up and as this place is small it didn’t take long to fill up and soon it was standing room only. There was a wide mix of people but mostly looked like college kids. Soon the list to play pool was 10 or more names. Everyone was so friendly and treated us great. My first game of pool I won without ever sinking a ball as Candy scratched the 8 ball, thanks Candy. I played 5 or 6 games throughout the night and won 3 which was not bad for me.

The only down side being so small it got pretty warm inside and I had to go outside a couple times to cool off. I talked with so many people way more than at Embers as they would come right up and start a conversation with you. Robin & Jackie a couple GG’s came over and talked to us a few times and were just so awesome. Jackie even dragged me out on the dance floor for a dance and then I danced with Robin. She was so nice and didn’t care how bad I danced. She even gave me some pointers on dancing not that my hips can move like hers. The music was really good and not to loud which makes for a nice atmosphere. In all it was a really fun night and I would recommend the Candlelight to everyone. It is a nice friendly neighborhood place.

I think we will be going back there more and next time I will not eat first, their fish is so good. I got home about 1:40 and went right to bed as I plan to get up and go shopping Saturday morning. Just want a little more time as Susan plus I need a few things. Have a great weekend all. J

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Quiet night at Starbuck’s

Well I have made my normal Wednesday night trip to Starbuck’s. They are really quiet tonight here as there are only 4 other people here so I had my pick of tables. Katie is working again tonight which is always nice.

Again today was rainy and cool I am ready for some warm sunny weather. Spring is over in 4 days and I think we have only had 4 days of nice weather the last 4 months. We have set another record for rain in the month of June and we are only half way through the month, it is also cooler than normal with a couple days setting records for the coolest daytime high. What is up with the weather this year? Okay I got that out so I can move on.

Well as I said in my last post I did not make it out shopping last weekend, too many things came up. I really want to go though so I will have to try to fit it in sometime soon. This Friday our group is going to the Candle Light room. Some of the girls went last Friday (I had to work and missed it) and they had a wonderful time. It sounds like a great place and being someplace new for Susan really sounds fun. I hope we have a big group as that always makes it more fun. Friday use to be the biggest night out for our group but as schedules have changed now it seems Wednesday nights at CC Slaughters is the big night. Too bad I work so early during the week. The Candle Light room is a more mainstream place which is always a good thing. I like Embers but they are a safe place as they have more of a GBLT clientele but going other places and meeting new people is a way of helping to educate people about the Gender community and let them get to know us. That way they can see who we are and hopefully learn to accept us as we are really no different.

I will have to MapQuest where it is as I hate to have to drive around looking for places. I also need to find out what the parking is like in that part of Portland. Embers I know just where to look for parking and can usually find something within a block or two.

Some of the girls are going to be in the Pride Parade on Saturday which would be so fun. I really wish I could make it but this Saturday I will be working most of the day and evening. I sometimes think I work too much but what is a girl to do. I am buying clothes for two people (Susan always gets more) as she has my male side wrapped around her finger. Well I will post al about Friday night in my next blog. Have a great rest of the week.


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Saturday June 12 2010

Well Saturday I had hoped to get out as Susan and do some shopping, maybe find a new wig but as things always seem to come up at the last minute I was unable to go out in the afternoon. I will have to try to go shopping another time. It was so nice today I was not about to give up on spending time as Susan so I decided to go out for a few hours Saturday night. There is something about being out on a warm evening.

I got downtown Portland about 7:45 and had to drive around for a while trying to find a parking spot. They still had signs up that said no parking anytime for the parade Saturday morning. I thought they had just missed them but was not willing to chance it. Last thing I need is to get ready to head home at 1 or 2 AM and find my car towed and be stranded downtown as Susan so I kept looking. Finally saw a car pull out about a block and a half from Embers so I quickly pulled in. I really like walking downtown but I knew when I got ready to leave and it was early morning, dark and less people on the street it would not be the same as when I got there. I guess this is something all women think about when they are out. I also knew that other t-girls would be leaving at the same time so I wouldn’t be totally alone even though they may not be parked by me.

Anyway I got to Embers and there was no one there. All the tables were empty which for a Saturday night I thought was strange even though I hardly ever get out on Saturdays. It wasn’t long before Teresa, Cassandra and Cristine showed up. It was so nice to see Teresa again as she only get out on Saturdays now that she is working again so our schedules are opposite. It was so nice to talk with her for a while. Amy and Mia showed up a little later and we had our little group at the table. We all sat and talked and told jokes it was so fun. It was nice to hear about the Candle Light room where they had gone last night. It sounds like such a fun place I am looking forward to going there next Friday.

A little after 9 we all moved up to the tables by the pool table in the front corner. This is a good place as we can still see the show but it is not so loud so we can still talk and also play pool. Teresa and I played the first game and Teresa was on fire. Needless to say I lost but had fun. The Saturday night host was late as she was at a pageant so the show started about an hour late. We all thought this was a little stupid as they had drag queens there ready to go but wouldn’t start without the host. We watch several people leave around 10 we assumed because the show didn’t start. The show finally started about 10:40 when Crystal got there. The show was good but I think the Friday show is better.

Any way I played a few more games of pool and finally won one against Teresa. It was a fun night and was nice to be out on a Saturday. We all played several games of pool except for Cassandra, for some reason she never played a game. I think this is the first time she has not played. We left about 12:40 and it was still nice and warm outside. In all it was a great evening.

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Susan is out again

Well it is Wednesday night by now you should all know where Susan is, yes at Starbuck’s. I was trying to remember how long I have been coming to this particular Starbuck’s. Seems I came here a couple time back in the fall of 2009 when the one I had been going to was doing a remodel and seemed to like this one better. I think mainly because I got to know the girls who work here, who by the way are great. Looking back through my blogs seems I started to come to this one every week sometime in November and have been here almost every week sense. Katie is still here but she is going to an earlier shift soon so I probably won’t see her (or at least as often). Shavonie I guess is staying but has been working different days, but when Katie goes to the earlier shift Shavonie will be back on Wednesday nights. The new girl that is working now on Wednesday nights name is Jenny and she is also really nice. They are all so great with all the customers. I really hope Starbuck’s knows how great their employees are. They are the main reason I come back every week.

Well any way when I got here tonight they were again busy with only a couple tables open. I got my drink and set up my computer. I had a lot of e-mails to catch up on and even though it is work doing it here as Susan almost seems like play. It is so strange as I really don’t mind doing extra work as long as I am Susan. It took me almost an hour to get through all my e-mails and answer the ones I needed to take care of so now I am taking a little break and updating my blog before I start my work. It should not take that long tonight though.

I am hoping to go out shopping again Saturday afternoon if things work out. I won’t be out Friday night as I have to work. A bunch of the girls from the group I belong to are going to try a new place Friday night instead of Embers, widening our list of places we can go. A couple of them went there for dinner last Friday and it seemed really positive so I really look forward to hearing all about it and if we start going there from time to time I hope to get the chance. It is called the Candlelight Room and has a pool table and a band after 9 and no cover charge. It will be nice to have a new place to go, don’t get me wrong as I like Embers but a girl needs a little change every once in a while.

I am not sure where I will go shopping but I would like to hit a couple wig shops as I would like to find a wig like the one I wore in the Pageant that Maya loaned me. Who knows I may even buy a second wig with a different look and color. Change can be good. Other than that I think I will just be out and about looking, of course if I find something cute and priced right you know I will have to buy it. Well I should get back to work now. Hope everyone has a great week.


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Embers with friends

Well I made it out this Friday. The weather was nice and the sun was even out which is a big change as it has rained for 20 days straight. It made it nice to walk the block to Embers in the warm weather. There was no body at Embers when I got there so I picked out a table and sat down. I was only there about 10 minutes before the girls started to show up. I wasn’t sure how many would be out but we had a good group again. We sat and talked for a while before we moved up by the pool table.

Now this is the ship week of Rose Festival so there are Navy ships in town and Sailors walking around. Some of the girls thought this was so great and wanted to meet some of the sailors. When they would walk by they would run out and talk to them. The strange part is they were almost always the shore patrol. They always stopped and talked too. None of the sailors came in though.

I played a couple games of pool but didn’t win any, came close one. I got a chance to meet a new t-girl, Katie. She came in and came up where we were to play pool. I got a chance to talk to her for a while and she seems really nice. It was nice to get to know her and I hope she comes out again. She also won several games of pool while she was there.

We also watched some of the Drag show and it was good, there was a pretty good crowd there till about 11 when it started to thin out a little. They had some new drag queens there which was nice to see some new performances. We even played a few games of 3 ball which I have never, didn’t win this either. Later a couple GG’s came up and played pool with us for a while and we had a chance to talk with them. They were really nice and not bad at pool. In all it was a fun night and we didn’t leave till after 1:30.

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Out again at Starbucks

Well I made it to Starbucks just a little later than normal as I got off work late. They were pretty busy tonight and there was only one table open, the disabled table which I try never to take but as I had no choice I did. I guess I can move to another table at some point if one opens. I have a lot of work and e-mails to catch up on tonight so I will keep my post brief.

It has been a long week and I so need my Susan time. I can’t tell you how relaxing it is to get away from my normal life and just be Susan. I never get tired of it. I plan on being out again this Friday as these are the two days a week I can get out and I know as the summer gets busier it will be harder and harder to get out. Just too many things going on during the summer. I did have fun last Saturday going out in the morning and early afternoon shopping. I hope to do that again in a couple weeks if things work out. I may try going to Washington Square or Clackamas Town Center. It would be fun to shop the mall. I also want to go see a movie again and there are a few coming out that I am wanting to see. It is strange how the most simple, normal things are so much more fun and enjoyable as Susan. Even sitting here doing work I am enjoying it.

The weather has been so rainy and cool for so long Susan is wishing for some nice summer weather soon. I would also like to spend time outside. This has to be the worst spring we have had. Everyone hope for some sun shine and warm weather.

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