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Harvey’s Comedy Club, Susan’s first night out of 2016

Well the year is off to a good start for Susan as tonight is Harvey’s night, the night we go to the Harvey’s Comedy club and have a good laugh. This really is a fun night out as it is one of those normal everyday type things I like to do. I know what you are thinking how can something we do every month be a normal everyday thing. I will explain what I  mean by this. yes we go here all the time but most people don’t, for most people this is a one time thing so the people we meat or interact with here or who see us it tends to be new to them. this is a mainstream place where we come in contact with new people all the time. Sweethome, the Escape and a lot of the other places we go we tend to see the same people all the time which is good, don’t get me wrong as I have made some really good friends at these places. But I really like being out and having contact with new people as I think this really helps people understand us and see there is really no difference between us other than how we chose to present ourselves.

I started getting ready at 4, yes I still love the idea and time of getting Susan ready to go out, kind of like how a girl would look forward to a first date, prom or some other big event. for me anytime I can be Susan is a big deal and I enjoy every minute of the experience. Now one of the fun things of being Susan is trying different looks with makeup and it is amazing how just subtle changes in the way you do things can really have a big change in how you look. I have been trying different ways of lining my lips trying to get just the right look and Susan selfie at Harvey's Jan 2016 (13)tonight turned out pretty good I think. Yes I love red lipstick although I know it is not a good choice for daytime but for a night out you can’t beat it.

It is funny as I do get a lot of compliments on my makeup and how I do it. If they only new how much practice and time I put in doing my makeup. I watch a lot of YouTube videos, one of my favorites is Julia Graf. now yes this is geared more towards woman but her technique can be used by anyone. the other thing that has helped me is I like to experiment and try different looks. I have found a lot of girls in the transgender community get good at doing their makeup but usually stop at one way of doing it same goes with hair hey have their one style and stay with it. now don’t get me wrong as there is nothing wrong with this, I have my go to makeup I do and my favorite hair but it is also so much fun to try new looks, new makeup styles, colors and different hair. it really is amazing how much you can change the way you look with different hair or makeup. it really is a fun part of being a girl.  My male side looks the same as he did 30 years ago, hair style the same, color the same well maybe a little grey sneaking in but for men you really have on look where woman change how they look all the time.

Eyes (1)So what I am saying don’t be afraid to try new looks. one of the ones I have been working on is a Smokey eye look using dark colors including black which is hard to getEyes (2) to look right. I have done this many times and only a few I thought turned out really well and tonight was one Eyes (3)of them so here are a few pictures. I also like doing this look with the browns which is easier to blend I think. It still amazes me that I can get excited aboutEyes (4) such a simple thing as how my eye makeup looks, not something men would think about and I imagine even some woman don’t get excited when they think they got their makeup just right as they do it so often it is not as special anymore.

Now I had my makeup all done and had to chose my dress for the night. I was looking at my dresses and I had 2 I really thought would go well with my look tonight, my blue and black one and my red and black one. I couldn’t decide and so for the first time Susan let her male self pick her dress, well at least how my male self would decide. I flipped a coin and the red and black dress won. As it was a cold night I decided to wear my boots, I think it is a cute look.

Susan at Harvey's Jan 2016Well I was already by 6:15 and on my way. I got downtown and parked about a block from Fox & Hound and got out of my car, wow was it cold. it was 29 out and there was a wind. One of the bad things about being a girl is woman’s clothes at least dresses are not really warm. I felt the cold wind hit my legs and right up my dress and I walked as fast as I could to fox and hound the whole time hoping the wind would not mess up my hair. I have built a nice collection of clothes for Susan but as I do not spend a lot of time outside as Susan I really have no winter time stuff like warm coats. One of the sacrifices being part time.

Cassandra was already at Fox & Hounds. It wasn’t long and Julie showed up. This Julie I have only met a couple times so it was good to see her again and I got a chance to talk with her for a while. she is still new to going out and a little nervous about it. Her girlfriend wasn’t feeling well tonight so Julie came out on her own and I am not sure if she has done that before. She had me take a couple pictures of her, I even got one of the two of use together of course I won’t post that one as she is still getting use to being out so this picture is just for us. Laura and her friend Lisa showed up and also another one of her friends Paula. Laura just came out to her a few weeks back although Paula says she had some idea about it before hand. I think so many of us feel we hide it so well and no one could possible know.

well it was time to head over to Harvey’s and we decided to drive as it really was cold out. Cassandra and Julie caught a ride with a couple of girls who just came to Fox & hound to hang out with us and I drove Laura, Lisa and Paula over. now being a cold night there wasn’t a lot of people out and so not a lot of cars parked downtown and as luck would have it I was able to park right in the small lot next to Harvey’s. now it is amazing just walking to the corner which was about 100 feet and paying for parking and back to the car to put the ticket in it and then another 10 feet or so to the door of Harvey’s I was freezing and it really was because of the wind. we made the right choice to drive and not walk the 7 blocks, I think we would have been popsicles when we got there.

Now we have a good group tonight Cassie, Cristine, Jan, Lynn and they brought 3 friends with them, Mikaela, and her wife also made it tonight Mikaela & Susan at Harvey'sand it was great to see them again. of course I had to get a picture of us. In all we had 17 tonight for the show.

It was time for the show to start and we all went in, Kim had our table all ready, she is our favorite waitress and I look forward to seeing her. Kim was telling me about a bar she goes to and she is friends with the owner and told them about our group. Now it is not far from where I live so I may go check it out with her one night. Well I ordered dinner and we waited for the show to start. Now it was a big crowd tonight which being so cold out and a Holiday weekend I was a little surprised.

Now the show started and as always it was really good. I don’t think we have ever had a bad show here but sometimes the shows are exceptional like tonight. the featured comedian was Amanda Arnold she was really good and we have actually seen her here before. if you get a chance to see her you should.

the headliner was Tony Baker and he was awesome. we all laughed so hard it was such a good show. This really is one of our groups more fun things to do. After the show on the way out we stopped and told the comedians how good they were. Both Tony and Amanda thanked us for coming. Amanda even remembered we had come to one of her shows before. it really was a fun night. I gave Laura, Lisa and Paula a ride back to Fox & Hounds where they parked before heading home.

Now I always do my blog the next day as I get home so late. Now I was telling you how cold it was last night, any way I started my blog today as it started snowing so I have to include a couple pictures of the snow I have gotten this morning.

20160103_090225  20160103_110221

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day

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