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Entry for October 12, 2008

Well I made it out to Embers again last night. It was really crowded and really warm inside. I ran into another T-girl named Cheri from Eugene. I have met up with her on other occasions when she has e-mailed me she would be in Portland. It was great to see her again and catch up on things.

I also met four GG’s that were there for the ones 21st birthday. Their names were Katie (the birthday girl) her best friend Whitney, Her mom Teresa and the fourth I think was Dawn. They were really nice and we talked for almost two hours while we watched the show. They treated me like other girl. I also talked to a couple other GG’s that were there and one was named Susan. She thought it was great we had the same name.

It was a fun night and I really enjoyed myself. I look forward to the next time I get out.

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