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Night out November 10, 2007


I went out on Saturday night to meet up with a T-girl named Cris I met several years ago. we have kept in touch through e-mail and she was in town for the weekend. I met her at her hotel and she had another friend Named Stevie that was also going out with her and I. The three of us left to go out. Our first stop was a place called Crush on Morrison street. First time any of us had been there. We stopped in and had a couple drinks and an appetizer and talked for a while.

We then went to Hobo\’s downtown We met up with another friend of Cris named Rachael and sat at the bar for a while and talked and had another drink. We then went into the dinning area and got a table and had a late dinner. Our waitress was really great and treated us very well. We must have sat there for 3 hours just talking and getting to know each other. it was a great time. the picture is us at the table (from left to right is me Susan, Rachael, Stevie, & Cris). we left Hobo’s about 11 pm.

Cris, Stevie and myself then went over to Vancouver to a club called Northbank. they do a drag show on Saturday night but we got there to late as the show was just ending. We talked to one of the performers and she invited us back to see the show. I will have to try to get back there. In all it was a great night and got to catch up with Cris and make a couple new friends.


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Entry for November 04, 2007

I got an e-mail from another T-girl I met years ago. she is the first cross-dresser that I met for real. we had exchanged e-mails for a while and then lost touch. anyway she is going to be in Portland this weekend and she wanted to know if I could get together with her and a few other T-girls on Saturday night. I told her I would love to and now I can’t wait for next Saturday. it should be fun to go out with other T-girls for the evening. I hope to get lots of pictures.

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Entry for October 31, 2007 Halloween

I took the opportunity to go out as Susan. It was a fun night. I started off by going to Barns & Noble and looking around for about an hour. It’s nice there because you can sit and read and it’s all about being out as Susan. After this I made a quick trip into Macy’s at Tanesborn and checked out there dresses and cosmetics.
Then I went to Shari’s for dinner. I have gone to this one several time and have never had a problem. It was so nice. After dinner I drove into Portland to do a little more shopping downtown before going to Embers. But there were two major accidents on 26 going into Portland and it took me two hours to get into Portland so by the time I got there the stores were closed. so I headed right to Embers. It was pretty busy there being Halloween and everyone was in costume. I spent about and hour or so there talked with a couple people. It was a fun time but then I had to go home to bed sense I had to work early today. would have loved to stay out later but it was still a great time

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