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Friday of a long week

It has been a long week as our group loss a deer family member. We are all healing from the loss and as part of that spending time with friends is important. I was looking forward to gong out even though I was really tired. Now I got home and started getting ready about 5 so I would not be out as early tonight.

I got to Sweet Home about 7. I had to park on the street but was closer than the last few weeks. Robyn and Chris were there as usual. It was good to see them again. I ordered dinner right away as I was hungry. Robyn and I talked for a while as I waited for my food. Now it really wasn’t busy tonight.

Roxy also showed up and Cassandra and Laura H. for a little while. Cassandra and I talked a little about Cristine as we are both missing her. She was one we could count on being out almost all the time, Wednesday night dinners she almost never missed and also Saturdays at the Escape and of course Harvey’s Comedy Club where we will be tomorrow night. She was always there at Harvey’s when we showed up. Saturday night will be a little different at Harvey’s. I don’t think I have ever been at Harvey’s when Cristine wasn’t there.

We also talked about Diva Las Vegas we need to make our hotel reservations soon. We are both looking forward to it. Robyn was playing one of the video lottery machines so I went over and watched. I am not a fan of slot machines I just can’t get excited about playing them. She did play for about 30 minutes before giving up. Cassandra then played for a little bit and Robyn and I watched. Cassandra didn’t do as well and her money went almost as fast as mine would have gone if I played. I can not win at these games. Well When Cassandra was done Robyn put another $20 in the machine and just a few spins later she won, she walked away with a little over $280

Karaoke started and we listened to some of the songs. It was a fun night and we were talking about how we use to come out about the time we are not thinking of leaving. I can remember a few years ago where I wouldn’t even leave home till 9:30 or 10 to go out. I think it is because we have grown and become more comfortable with going out. I like that idea better than the fact we are getting older.

Well it was about 10:30 when we called it a night. Now we are looking forward to Saturday night and going to Harvey’s Comedy Club. I am really lucky to have such wonderful friends in my life that I can share this side of me with.

Thanks for reading.


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