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A cold night out for the girls here in Portland.

Well it was another Friday night out for Susan, our group was meeting at the P-Club again as we all really like this place as they have so much to do and the staff is just wonderful to us. The weather has been cold with a little snow midweek which is all gone now but it is really cold out. The temperatures were going to be around 17 over night so I decided long pants and a sweater top was the way to go especially sense Susan does not have a really warm coat. I got there around 7:40 and just the walk from the parking lot around to the front door I was cold, I think it was the wind that really did it.

There was already about 10 girls already there at which point I knew we would have a good turnout. It just amazes me that we can get so many T-Girls to go out to a straight club at one time, I really think it is wonderful and gives us all a chance to interact with people who may never have a chance to meet a T-Girl. Every week now it seems someone from the club comes over and talks to us and tells us they like us being there; now I know those who don’t like us there probably will never say anything to us so we won’t know that. But the positive feedback we get is wonderful. Well I sat down nice and warm and started chatting with the girls and it wasn’t long and my feet were cold, didn’t stop to think to wear warmer shoes and I guess with the cold weather open toed heels were not the best choice but they do look cute.

There has been a lot of talk in our group, the Rose_City_T-Girls about putting a calendar together with some of our pictures on it. Maybe even trying to sell them for a charity. Not sure if anyone would really buy them but it generated a lot of posts to our group. Well Cassandra put one together just to see what it would take and how it would look. Back at super bowl we all voted on the best pictures from the group over 4,000 pictures in the group I guess we all like having our pictures taken. She used the top 12 vote getters. I was lucky enough to have one of mine in. The pictures were voted not so much how you looked but the overall look of the picture. My picture was from last Year’s Diva Las Vegas trip, I don’t normally drink but while we were in Las Vegas I promised Peggy and Cassandra I would have a couple drinks with them. The picture that made it was me at the NASCAR café with a beer in one hand and a shot in the other.

Jennifer and I got a chance to talk about her shopping trip last weekend, her and Barb went shopping for the day, her first time out shopping as Jennifer. She had so much fun.

Peggy showed up so we chatted for awhile about her new job, sounds like it is going well for her which I knew it would. She couldn’t stay long but it was great to see her again.

Melissa was there also and had a smile from ear to ear as she has a job interview this coming week and is so excited about it. She is working part time and this job will be full time and more responsibility. Just like Peggy I know she will get the job.

Later on we started to play shuffle board which is always fun and getting up on my feet warmed them up. I played several games and my team won them all. A couple from the club came over and wanted to play so they played the winners which was my team. Their names were Lori and Brian and they were so awesome. My team won again so they got back in the list to play again and we also won the second game against them. The third game Brain wanted to switch partners so he and I partnered up for the game and again we won. They were just wonderful.

We also had a new girl, her first time out in public, she drove up from Eugene. Her name is Misty and what is cool is she was looking for some place to go and came across my blog here on WordPress and read about us going to the P-Club so she just came up to join us. I started my blog as a way I could keep track of what I was doing never really thinking it would reach others. Any way I got a chance to talk with Misty and she seems really nice and we all hope she can come out with the group more. Misty if you read this in the about Susan section on the right of the main page you can find links to my yahoo, facebook page or the Rose_City_T-Girls group. Get a hold of me or the group and we will send you information on joining the group. The main rule is you have to have a picture either in a yahoo profile or the group and sense there were many pictures taken last night I am sure you will have a picture in the group.

Well I think we left around 1:30am so it was another late night, it just seems to go by so fast that you don’t realize how late it is. It was even colder out when we left then when we got there but the wind had died down so it didn’t feel as cold but I was glad when my car finally heated up and I could turn on the heat.

I hope to get out to Starbucks this week but at this point not sure which night or even if I can but if I do I will blog about it. Have a great week everyone.

One last note is that I have had almost 1700 views this month, wow I never thought my little blog would do this. Thanks to all who stop by and read and please feel free to leave a comment or ask me a question.

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Susan’s midweek outing.

Well as it worked out I did get a chance to go out this week to Starbucks on Tuesday night. I really look forward to getting time as Susan as it helps me relax. This week Melissa met me at Starbucks and we spent most of the time just talking so I am updating my blog a day late. It was a quiet night at Starbucks only a few people were there to spend time, most came in and got drinks and left.

Diva Las Vegas is coming fast and I am looking forward to it. There are still a few girls from the group thinking of going so there is a chance that I will have someone to go with but either way I will go. It was so fun last year and even going by myself I would really only be alone on the trip down and back, once down there, there would be up to 200 others there some of which I met last year so I would have a group to do things with. The hotel I am staying at (Imperial Palace) seems like it will have the most Diva Las Vegas member at. Now I know that 200 at a hotel that has 3,000 rooms in a city that has hundreds of thousands of people at any one time is really a small amount but we do make a presence and hopefully make a good impression on the people we meet. I think these types of events are really good and gives us all a chance to interact with people who may never have any contact with transgender people.

Well I will be out again on Friday night with all my wonderful friends.

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Diva Las Vegas updates

Well I made my hotel reservations today for Diva Las Vegas. I am staying at the Imperial Palace Hotel Casino. I was able to book a room from Sunday through Friday, 6 nights for $380 total tax included which is a really good deal. I really can’t wait, as of Saturday morning they had 170 registered and we are still 6 weeks away. I really think they will have over 200 this year. I have posted to the group and so far it looks like most are staying at the Imperial palace so that will be nice. The room is for two so if someone else from the group here in Portland wants to go with me they can just share my room but at this point I think that is not very likely.

My plan at this point is to leave Friday morning and drive to Reno which is a little over half way and I am going to stay 2 nights in Reno. I got a really good deal on the room for both Friday and Saturday night. Still working out the trip home and which way I will go but I have time to figure this out.

This week I hope to get to Starbucks on Tuesday night.

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Going out in public to a club, so much fun.

Well as normal now on Friday nights our group all met at the P-club here in Portland. It really is a nice place with good parking and a wonderful staff, I can’t say enough about the girls and even the guys who work there and how wonderful they are to us. They also have so much to do there that everyone has fun and can find something to do. As I posted in one of my previous blogs there is the question to if we are affecting business well last night was one of the busiest nights I have seen there in a long time so I have to believe we are not driving away business.

We always have a fun time and Friday night we had a huge turnout, I tried to count but as I said there is so much to do we had girls all over the place so I could not get an accurate count but would guess 25, maybe a couple more.

It was really nice as Diane was in town and made it out with us. She lives in North Carolina. She gets to town maybe once a month for work and always finds time to come out with the group. She is so fun to hang out with and all the girls love her, I think that is why we had such a great turn out as everyone wanted to see her again. It is funny a girl (GG) named Evie was there, we met her and her friend Lisa back in December when we were there, you can see a picture of us on my flickr page. Any way I have seen Evie there several times and she always remembers my name but always asks where Diane is. Well when she saw Diane her and her friend came over and talked to us and then her and Diane sat for maybe an hour talking.

Melissa showed up with a new wig, long brown and she looked so cute in it. She has such a bubble personality and is so fun to hang out with, she is a GG that just loves our group and goes out with us all the time. It is so nice to have accepting people around you; it just makes you feel good.

Alicia also made it out which was nice as I can’t think of the last time we have been out on the same night so it was good to talk to her again. She brought a friend (GG) with her and I think her name was Vera, I really hope I remembered that right as I joked with her that we would have a test on all our names and she really do a good job throughout the night remembering us by names and she had a lot more of them to remember than I did. I guess I can always use the I am Blonde excuse if I got it wrong.

Christie also made it out for her first time to the P-club which in a way is strange as she lives only a couple blocks away. But she has been so busy that the time she has to get out is limited and as she works Saturday morning Friday nights are hard to get out. I really know how that goes as that is why I don’t go out with the group mid week. It was nice to get to see her again.

Any way we all had a great time and I played many shuffle board games some with Diane as my partner and a couple with Robin. Robin and I beat Cassandra and Christy which was so fun as Cassandra is so competitive so any time you can beat her it is a good night. Diane and I won several game till we lost to Cristine and Michelle. Wow this was such an upset as Diane and I were way ahead, won’t say by how much (20 to 4), well I guess I will. We only needed 1 point to win as we play to 21. Can you believe it we could not get that 1 point, we ended up losing 21 to 20. They suddenly got hot and we couldn’t score.

Again it was a late night and we closed down the club again leaving at 2 am. That is late for this old gal but once a week I can still handle.

Well now on to Diva Las Vegas. It is getting closer every day now and I am so looking forward to it. I have been looking at hotel rates and they have some pretty good ones. So far the cheapest (nice) hotel I have found is the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino which is just a couple blocks off the strip right now they have rates as low as $28 + tax & resort fee, for the Sunday night through Friday night (6 nights) it is $220 + tax & fee, which is really a good rate. This is where Cassandra, Peggy and I were planning on staying. It is not one of the recommended hotels but we are free to stay where we want and there may be others from Diva Las Vegas staying there. The other choice I have found is the Imperial Palace Hotel Casino, which is right on the strip. There rates are a little higher $340 + tax no resort fee for the same 6 nights. Now this is a recommended hotel for Diva Las Vegas and it has been used every year sense Diva Las Vegas started in 1997 and from the postings on the Diva Las Vegas group this looks like the place most will stay.

As it stands now it looks like I will be the only one from Portland going so I am leaning towards the Imperial Palace Hotel Casino, it may be a little more but I know there will be others there attending Diva Las Vegas so I am willing to spend a little extra for that. I still have it posted in the group and a couple have said they might go but won’t be able to confirm till the first part of March. I don’t want to wait that long to make reservations so I think that I will make my reservations this week and then if others go it will be up to them to make reservations for themselves, of course my reservation will be for 2 so if only one other wants to go they can always split the room with me.

Now originally we had planned on leaving Friday April 1 and Driving to LA and spending 2 nights there and probably one night in LA on the way home. If I go on my own I may not do that. I think I would leave Saturday and drive to Reno and spend one night there and do the same on the way home. This will add 2 more nights in Reno on a Saturday which will be a much higher rate, I have not checked those hotels yet but would guess $100 a night being Saturday night. Going through Reno is the shortest distance driving and it happens to be a little over the half way point. It is about a 9 to 10 hour drive to Reno and about 8 hours to Las Vegas from Reno, both drives I can do by myself very easy as several years ago I made the drive to Reno by myself. I am still planning on doing the whole trip as Susan as I did last year. I know it will be a fun trip though and can’t wait for it.

They have over 160 registered for Diva Las Vegas now and I am sure more will sign up. If you have ever wanted to go out in public and have fun this is the place, remember what happens on Vegas stays in Vegas unless you are in a picture with me then it will probably get posted some place unless you tell me not to. Oh yah you also may be in my blog.

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6 Weeks to Diva Las Vegas!

Well I am 6 weeks away from Diva Las Vegas; it starts on April 3 and goes through April 8. At last count they had 161 signed up to attend so I think this year will be the biggest yet. I had hoped we would have a big group from Portland going but now it looks like I may be going by myself as Peggy got a job which is great as she has been looking for a long time but she will not be able to get the time off to go and with that Cassandra may not be able to go either. The three of us had such a blast last year. Either way I plan on attending.

If you have not checked out their web page you should Diva Las Vegas and think about going, what could be more fun than spending a week in Las Vegas with a bunch of t-girls. This is not a convention but a vacation. It is not centered on one hotel but rather there are events planed all over Las Vegas, and really the whole group is never all together at one place. All the events are well planed and your only expense is what you do, and they have so many things to choose from like a limo tour, high tea, shopping and even golf. They have held a golf tournament for several years and believe it is the only yearly TG golf tournament around. It was so fun to play golf as Susan last year and I plan on doing it again this year. All you do is sign up and pay for your round of golf; I think it was $45 last year. All these events are planned by volunteers, no one gets paid for the work they do and believe me I am sure some of these events take a lot of work to put together. Everyone who attends owes a big thanks to all the volunteers.

Now I am pretty much ready to go with the exception of a few items which I will be going shopping for in the near future, just what I need an excuse to go shopping but that is also part of the fun. I also plan on getting my nails done before I go as I so love going to the nail salon and having acrylics. It will be different this year if I end up going by myself as traveling all that way as Susan by myself will be a new experience.

I have gotten several e-mails asking why I would want to spend 10 days living as Susan if I am not transsexual and do not want to live full time as a woman. It really is simple, I just enjoy it. People go camping for a week or two but this does not mean they want to live in a tent for the rest of their lives; they just enjoy the time out and then go back to their regular lives. It is the same for me. I get to live as a woman for 10 day, hair, makeup, nails and the cute clothes but then it is back to my normal life. I am taking a vacation not just from work but from my normal life, for this brief time I am someone else. What could be more relaxing than that?

Well on to my night out at Starbuck’s they are really crowded tonight and all though I found a place to sit I could not plug my computer in so I am on battery power so I will get a chance to see how long it last. I really figured with the weather that people would stay home but I guess they all just wanted something hot to drink and a friendly place to go. I almost didn’t make it out this week but because of changes for me at work for the next few months I am not sure if I will be able to make my midweek trips to Starbuck’s, well I am sure I will find a way but they will be last minute outings. Now I am not complaining as I am very happy that I have a job so even though my schedule will fluctuate I am fine with it. The one down side is it may make it hard to find time to shop for my trip to Diva Las Vegas.

This Friday I will again be out with friends and we will be back at the P-club. We always have a great time there and even though we have heard the owner is watching the numbers I have to believe that we are not affecting their business that much and that everything will work out.

Well I need to take care of some e-mails before my battery dies. Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Possible issue with our group at the P-club, still a fun night.

Well Friday night we all met again at the P-club for our normal group outing. Y the time I got there several of the girls were already there and in heavy conversation. Seems the girls working there mentioned that the owner was looking at the numbers on the nights we come in to see how or if we are affecting business. So we talked about this for awhile. This kind of put a damper on the evening for a while.

I was thinking back to the first night we went there and can really see no difference in the number of people there as a matter of fact last night seemed busier than normal. It makes you wonder if with the down economy they are just looking for some reason why business is down and may have nothing to do with us. Now the employees have been just wonderful to us and always treat us great. As a matter of fact we had several people come up to our group last night and talk to us and tell us how they liked us there which made me think the girls working the bar may have told some of the other customers about it and they wanted to make us feel welcome. As far as I know there has never been any complaints, and no one has said anything to our group in a negative manner although I guess if someone did not like us there they may not say anything to us and go to the owner. Any way we plan on giving it a few weeks and see what happens. Well enough of that.

We had a good turnout probably about 12 to 15. I finally got to meet Bobbie; she belongs to our group but lives in Idaho. She comes over every once in a while but has never been on a night I could get out so that was nice. Her wife came with her but couldn’t make it out Friday, they will both be out Saturday night but of course I can’t make it so will have to wait to meet her wife.

About 9 we all moved up by the pool tables so some could play pool and shuffle board. Peggy and I played Shuffle board against Cassandra and Michelle. We lost but had a lot of fun. Later we played a second game, this one was really close but in the end we lost. A few of the other customers (Catherine and I couldn’t even begin to guess at how to spell the other two girls names) came up and asked about playing so at the end of our game we gave them the table so they could play. They were so awesome and asked me to help them as they had not played before, so I explained how the scoring worked. Two of them had me take pictures of them and even wanted pictures with me and you all know how I like to have my picture taken. We all had a blast. I even filled in for a couple of them when they had to a break. They had no problems with me or any of our group.

Later on I got pulled out on the dance floor, now I am not a dancer and feel very awkward on the dance floor and feel everyone is staring at me. Now I know this makes no sense, that I would be worried what people thought of my dancing but not the fact I am crossdressed. I can’t explain it either. Now I had on my 4″ heels so I only lasted a couple songs but it was fun and good exercise which this girl needs. It was so funny as it was Brooke, Barb, Jennifer, Wilma, Peggy and me from our group and maybe 8 other girls from the club on the dance floor. At one point one man did come out to dance but it was defiantly a girl’s dance party. Now there were pictures taken I picked out one just to prove the fact I can dance, just not well. I look so stiff but maybe in time I will get better at dancing. If I am going to dance more I need shorter heels on those nights.

Later on the girls that I helped with shuffle board came back and talked to us. They were so fun to chat. It is so nice to have some of the regulars come up to us as it made us feel welcome and part of the bigger group. If there is a problem with us being there I have to believe it is a small amount of people but as they are probably the ones who speak up. Now I did get a few pictures with Catherine before we left, and of course just have to include one. Wish I had gotten pictures with the others.

Saturday night our group is going back to Harvey’s Comedy club but unfortunately I can’t make it. So sad as we always have a wonderful time there. I think there are 12 going and I know they will have fun. Well I hope to get back to Starbuck’s Wednesday this week so that may be my next posting and of course again next Friday with my awesome friends.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome week.

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Why do I like to go out Dressed as Susan

Well it is my usual night out at Starbuck’s and I thought I would take time to answer a question I seem to get asked a lot in e-mails. Why do I go out, especially to Starbuck’s by myself? I have thought a lot about this and this is what I came up with.

For years I would dress and stay in the privacy (safety) of my own home. It was all about dressing up, seeing what I looked like. Didn’t matter what I did while at home, if I was Susan it was fun. From watching TV to cleaning the house. It was all about being Susan.

What I found was as time went by Susan grew. She wanted to experience the real world. As I started going out more and met others and made some wonderful friends. This gave me the chance to go out on a regular basis and I became more comfortable as Susan. There is something so fun and relaxing to be out and interact with other people as Susan. The more I did this the more I realized I wanted to be able to go where I wanted. Starbuck’s is a very relaxed and comfortable place to go. I have been too many different Starbuck’s and always been treated great. Now I do go to the same one when I go out each week as I have gotten to know the girls who work here and they are all so great. They always ask how I have been and if I miss a week they notice. Really a nice feeling.

The other reason is GG’s don’t only go out in groups. Most nights here at Starbuck’s it is about equal the number here alone or with others. It is fun to people watch when I am out. Starbuck’s is a really good place to do this as you get such a wide range of people from young to old. Tonight there are 3 teenage girls at the next table and they have really paid no attention. It is strange but I find it so relaxing to be out now and it really gives me a chance to catch up on my e-mails as there are none of the distractions I have at home. It really is peaceful and fun. Most of the time when I am out I forget how I am dressed and just enjoy myself. It truly is a wonderful feeling when you don’t have to think abouthow you are dressed and can just enjoy the time out.

So I guess going out as Susan is just my way of growing and experiencing new things as Susan. I have a perfect balance between Susan and my male side. I really think that is the key for me.

So I guess the reason I go out as Susan is she is as much a part of who I am as my male side and with that I can’t just leave her bottled up at home. If I did that I would only be living half of my life and that would not be healthy.

Well as I said I am at Starbucks tonight. They are not real busy tonight as there are only a few who have been here sense I got here. Most seem to get their drinks to go. So I have had a good chance to people watch. It always amazes me how fast the time goes while I am here. Well I must get on with my e-mails. I will be out tomorrow with the group so I will post again on Saturday.

Thanks for reading and have a great night.

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Super Bowl Party

Well Sunday I went to an awesome Super Bowl party. Cassandra and Peggy hosted the party for our group the Rose_City_T-Girls. It was the second year they have opened their home to for this how cool is that. They are so great to do this as it let us all go and not have to worry if someone drank too much as they could crash at their home. Big thanks to them both for being so wonderful.

Well I am not much of a football fan but I was so looking forward to this as it was a wonderful chance to get out with my friends. But the time I got there, there were already about 20 people there and Chris was making Clam Chowder, his secret recipe. He spent several hours cooking and made so much and it was so good. There was plenty of food and lots to drink and everyone had a wonderful time. I am not sure how many were there but would guess 30 to 40. Some watched the game and some of us just spent the day talking, did catch part of the game and some of the commercial which was probably what interested me most. Loved the Volks Wagon commercial.

Melissa tried on a couple of Cassandra’s wigs; the first was a long dark red wing and looked really cute on her. At half time Cassandra got her a pink wig so later on I traded with her just to see what I would look like with pink hair. You know girls must play dress up every now and then.

This is Melissa and me (with the pink hair), Melissa has my wig on. I had several pictures but this was the only one I thought looked good enough to post. I think pink hair is a hard look to pull off but was fun to try.

Any way we all had a good time and I think I finally left about 9 pm as I had to get up early Monday morning for work. It was truly a fun day and I really want to thank those who made it possible. Cassandra & Peggy for hosting the party, Chris for making his Clam Chowder, and Dan and David for playing bar tenders all day. You all are awesome.

Well that is it for now, been a busy week so that is why this post is a couple days late. Hope to make it to Starbuck’s Thursday night but will definitely be out on Friday so I should have another post this weekend.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and thanks for stopping by.

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Diva Las Vegas here I come.

Well On Friday night I went out to the P-club to meet all my friends for a fun night out. I so look forward to it all week long but more on that later. I thought I would start off with Diva Las Vegas.

Diva Las Vegas starts on Sunday April 3 through Friday April 8 2011 if anyone is thinking of going. I went last year and had such a fun time, you can check out all of my photos including a ton of golf pictures on my Live profile. I spent the whole trip from start to finish as Susan so much fun. The last numbers I saw was they were up to 140 registered for this year and they are guessing between 180 and 200 this year, last year was a record attendance with I think 178. Now unlike other transgender events this is more of a vacation. Registration is free, yes you heard right free and you only pay for what you want to participate in, go out to dinner you pay for yours, go golfing (so much fun) you pay for your round of golf, go out to a club you pay for you drinks. It truly is no different than going on vacation with friends accept you can dress and go out with others as much or as little as you want. Also as this is really out in mainstream the whole group is never together all in the same spot, they have so many things that you can choose to do or you can do as little as you want and spend the time on your own or with those you went with. Wow the girls who came up with this idea were light years ahead on getting out. Also this attracts transgendered (and supporters, admirers) from all over the world. Your only real costs are for the trip, Plane fair if you fly and hotel and food. Last year we stayed at the Sahara and I think the 6 nights we were there Sunday night through Friday night was about $300, we have priced a few hotels (Gold Coast, Sahara, Imperial Palace) and it looks like somewhere between $280 and $350 for this year. I think for me last year I spent about $700 between my share of gas going down 6 nights in Las Vegas, 3 nights in LA and one show we went too plus food was in addition as I couldn’t track that expense. Well that is my little sales pitch.

Last year Cassandra, Peggy and I went and had a ball and planed on going again this year. I am defiantly going again but Peggy got a new job which is so great as she has been out of work for a long time, way to go Peggy. Well with that she will not be able to go with starting a new job, kind of hard to take a week and a half off just starting to work and with that Cassandra may not be able to go. a couple other girls in the group are thinking about going so I hope they check out the links to Diva Las Vegas and my pictures from last year. It is truly a wonderful time. Right now the plan is to leave Portland on Friday April 1 and Drive to LA and go out there on April 2 and then on April 3 drive to Las Vegas. Spend the whole week April 3 – 8 in Las Vegas and then on Saturday April 9 leave Las Vegas and head home, probably stop again in LA for Saturday night and then drive home to Portland on Sunday the 10. Now the LA part may change if I go by myself but the Las Vegas part will stay the same.

Well back to Friday night. we had a good turnout again about 15 of us from the group. Some of us had dinner including me as I didn’t get a chance to eat as I was running late when I got home from work. This was nice as we all sat around and chatted. Later on we all moved up by the pool tables and some of the girls played pool, some played shuffle board including me. I really like the shuffle board as we are all new to the game in the group so we are all pretty evenly matched so no one really has an advantage. I think I played 7 games and by the end my feet were ready for me to sit down, I wore my 4″ heels again as they are my favorite shoes really cute. Jennifer and Brooke were out on the dance floor a lot more this week so I guess the music was better for dancing than last week. Everyone had a great time and we are already looking forward to next Friday night

A couple of the regulars came over and talked with us again which is always nice as it means we are becoming more accepted there. First was Cindy, we met her a couple weeks ago, she was very nice and I even got a picture with her that night. The other was Lisa and I think we met her a couple months ago. Now I know what you are all thinking how can I remember their names and when we met, one word blog. That is part of the reason for my blog, to record for myself what I do and who I meet as Susan. A few pictures and post in a blog and there you have it, I can look back on things I have done.

Okay I am going to point out the differences between my male and female side again. It is strange as a male I have no interest in doing a blog (diary), don’t know what I would write or say and it just seems such a waste of time. Now Susan loves to post to her blog (diary). As a matter of fact even before I started a blog I kept a dairy on my computer of times I dressed up as Susan, then when Yahoo 360 came along I started there. I really liked yahoo 360 and when they closed it was sad but now I think it was good as it forced me to look around for a new blog and I found WordPress. I really like WordPress, and I did try a few others but WordPress just seemed better to me for what I wanted on a blog. If you have never tried doing a blog I would recommend you give it a try. It is a great way to express yourself.

Well must get ready for work now. I will post again soon as Susan has a Super bowl party tomorrow to go to. I will updaste my blog when I get a chance and let you know how the party was. Have a great week.

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Passing in public

Well I am out at Starbucks again for my normal night out. The last week I have seen a couple posts and received a few e-mails about how a crossdresser passes in public and so I thought I would give my view on this. I have been going out regularly every week now for over a year now and I know that I do not pass; at best I hope I can cause people enough doubt that they wonder about it but don’t say anything. I have to be honest as I stand 6 foot tall with no shoes and weight, well let’s just say it is more than a normal woman would weigh. As a guy I have broader shoulders and narrow hips. In short not much I can really do other than pad my hips. There are many other differences too such as woman having narrower wrists and men have Adam Apples. So many differences that it is almost impossible to completely pass all the time.

Now being out and having no one figure out I am a man would be the ultimate in passing but for me it is more being accepted when I am out. If I can go out and have people accept me for how I am dressed and not my physical gender then to me that is passing. As I said I am at Starbucks again tonight and they are really busy again and yet when I came in nobody stopped what they were doing and stared at me. They all just went on with what they were doing. Some of them I am sure noticed but was no big deal and the rest are caught up in what they are doing, working on the computer, reading or chatting and never noticed. To me this is passing.

I have found that being out and being accepted (passing) has a lot more to do with your confidence and how you act then how you look. I know a few women that never wear makeup, short hair and really dress casual and yet no one questions them on whether they are male or female. The reason is they know they are female and that is how they come across. They also act feminine from their walk, talk sit and so many more things. When I am out as Susan I try my best to act just like a lady, smaller steps, sit with my legs together and anything else I can think of. I think if you try to emulate female and do it in a positive way it really helps people accept you. After all imitation is the greatest form of flattery. But if you come across as making fun of woman or femininity by the way you dress I think you will have some problems as no one like to be made fun of.

As I said there are probably 20 other people here at Starbucks and only 2 of them I recognize from being here before when I was here and yet no one is distracted by me or have left. My being here has changed nothing. Starbucks is a really cool place to go. Now I also know it might be different if 15 or 20 of us all came in at once. Well that is my view on passing. I am sure there are others that have their own views and stories and would love to hear them as I think the exchanging of ideas helps everyone.

Well as I said Starbucks has stayed busy most of the night. There are still about 12 people here all of which were here when I got here. When I got here the girl remembered my drink and even brought it out to me. So nice I must give her a good tip tonight.

Well it is less than 2 months to Diva Las Vegas and I am ready. Need to do a little shopping as I need a new pair of shoes (flats) for walking around and maybe a couple new outfits. According to the last e-mail they were up to 140 registered and so far all they are registering are those who went before and those who subscribe to their announcement list. They will open it to everyone in another week or so. Last year they had just under 180 which was a record, I think they might beet that this year. It was so much fun last year and I am sure it will be better this year.

Well I guess I will close my blog. I have been checking my views on my blog and January was my best month, just over 1500 views. Wow this girl is honored that so many people have stopped by. I really started this as a way for me to keep track of my life as Susan never thinking others would read. I also love all the comments that have been left. I love reading them and don’t care if you agree with me or even approve of how I live as long as your comment is respectful I will add it to my blog.

Have a great week and will blog again this weekend after going out Friday night.

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