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Entry for May 30, 2009

Susan Miller enjoying a day out in the sun

Susan Miller enjoying a day out in the sun

Well Susan made it out again Friday night for the first time in three weeks. the weather was really warm and sunny and I discovered that my limited wardrobe is not well suited for the summer as in the past i really didn’t go out during the summer time. as a matter of fact till this year when I have been getting out on a regular basis. So I guess I will have to do some shopping and get some summer outfits. I chose to wear my little black dress, it was a little more dressy then I wanted but I thought it was the best outfit for a really hot day.

We all met up at CC Slaughters instead of Embers which was a nice change as we have been going to Embers every Friday night for a really long time and a change was nice. we met at the Rainbow room which is their little restaurant and had a nice time just talking. Some of the gurls went out front and talked a guy with a big motorcycle into letting them sit on it and take some pictures.

Latter we moved to the back room and played some pool, I only played one game and came close to winning which is a lot better then I thought I would do. I got lots of compliments on my dress and the way I looked, even one of the Drag Queens came over and told me how great I looked. it was so nice. Everyone was taking pictures so I never even took out my camera. They weren’t that busy which was really nice and we all had a great time. Some of the gurls were even out on the dance floor having a great time. I have never been a good dancer so I didn’t dance as I was worried how I would look. Ironic that I don’t mind being dressed and people seeing me as a woman but I worry about how they would see me dancing.

Any way we had a great time and it was nice to go someplace different. We have talked about maybe trying different places which I think would be a lot of fun and going as a group would make it a lot easier then going by your self, strength in numbers I guess.

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Friday May 8, 2009

Susan Miller new blue dress

Susan Miller new blue dress

Well Friday night we all went out again to Embers. We had a really big group as Teresa had some of her family there. They had gone out to dinner and then to Embers it was a night to meet Teresa and her family was really nice and supportive. Teresa is a lucky girl to have such a great family and we all had so much fun.

It was also the owner’s birthday so they had some free food and cake for everyone and did a little show just for him so the show was longer than normal. At one point we took up three tables and still had girls standing. We eventually moved up by the pool table and played pool and talked. It was so great to have so many t-girls out. I wore my Blue dress I bought a couple months ago and I really like it.

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night out at Embers May 01, 2009

Well it’s been two weeks sense I was out so I was so looking forward to it. It was so nice to be out as Susan and meet my friends at Embers. we always have such a good time and they are so much fun to be with. I wore my old wig that is longer and a lot thinker. Cassandra also wore a different wig that was a lot shorter then she normally wears and more curly. Cassandra looked so different with all the curls.

Peggy was also there and had on these really cute shoes. Peggy is so much fun and so supportive of all the t-girls. Julie also showed up which was so nice. It is always great to see her and have the chance to talk with her. They make it so much fun.

Teresa was also there and she will be bring some of her family next week. They found out about Teresa and are not only excepting but want to go out with her and meet some of her friends.

Bev and May were also there, they had both gone and got their nails done today so we spent some time talking about nails which as we all know is one of my favorite things. It was a really good time and the show was good to, even Sable was there to perform which was nice.

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