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Tuesday and my vacation comes to an end after 12 days

Okay the day is her, the end of my vacation, the end of 12 days a being Susan and of course 12 days of having long pretty red nails. Now I have a 1pm appointment at dream Nails. It is always sad when I have to remove my nails. Now I had no plans other than going

to the nail salon so I slept in as it is my last day of vacation. It was almost 10am when I was ready. I decided to got to Starbucks till my appointment and just play on my computer and enjoy the last couple of hours of my nails. Now I did take a couple pictures of my nails before I get them removed, if you don’t know I do have a thing about pretty nails.

I got to Starbucks and they were busy but there was an open table so I set my computer down and went up to order my drink. Now the lady who took my order told me how pretty my nails were which made me feel really good as I always like to hear this but also sad as I know in a few hours they will be gone. Now it was fun but also went by so fast and soon it was 12:45 and time to go to the nails salon.

I got to Dream nails and went in, they were not busy just one lady getting her nails done and Anna was ready for me so I sat right down Now Anna asked how my vacation was aid I told her it was great. She asked what I did and I told her I went to Las Vegas, she said that sounded like fun. The nail tech next to her said she wished she could have gone.

Anna asked me if I just wanted a fill which I really wanted to say yes but I told her I needed the red gone and shorter. She started to take the red off and the first nail was the hardest it really was sad. One by one the red disappeared from my nails till they were just the acrylic. as she worked we talked about my trip. Anna also told me a little about her family and even showed me some pictures on her phone, it was a really enjoyable time. Now it was time to shorten my nails, again I had that sad feeling as she ground them shorter. Now it was time for the fill with the new acrylic. I was thinking I have had acrylic on my nails now since March 25 of 2017, 13 months. Once the new acrylic was on she smoothed them out and shaped them. It really was a relaxing time and I really do enjoy going to the nail salon and getting my nails done.

Now it was tie to put the gel polish on and of course I went with the wedding dress color again, not the same as the red but still a nice look. I really do like going to the nail salon when they are not busy just a much more relaxing and personal experience. Anna did

a wonderful job and it was almost 2 when I left the salon with my pretty nails. Now I was on my way home to switch back to my normal boring male life. I got home and became my male self and went out and mowed my yard, not the same. Now I was looking at my nails and I noticed a couple things. One she didn’t shorten then enough, it is amazing as being so long when she shortened them I didn’t notice the length. The other thing is the fact she put tips on before I left to lengthen them which are still on and they give the ends a white look almost like a faded French nail. They really do look good but may be more noticeable then I have had in the past. I took a few pictures And so that is how my vacation comes to an end. It really was a wonderful time with wonderful friends and I am looking forward to our cruise in October and of course Diva Las Vegas next year but for now it will be back to a couple times a week to go out as Susan. Thanks for reading my blog and sharing this part of my life with me

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Friday last day of Diva Las Vegas.

It is Friday and the last full day of Diva Las Vegas 2018, wow the week has gone by so fast. Hard to believe I have had my pretty long nails for a week now. We are going golfing at Wild Horse so than means getting up early once again. I was up at 6:40 to get ready. We left at 8am and got to the golf course just before 9. It was Cassandra, Veronica, Julie, Michele and myself.

We had a great round of golf and the weather was perfect, warm and no wind. Now as there were just 5 of us we just played straight golf. I had a good round and shot a 92 which was fine with me and that put me in 3rd of 5 rights in the middle. We got back to the hotly to clean up around 2. We all cleaned up and we were going to go to Margarita Ville but decided to stay here on a Friday night and eat at Magnolia again. We went to the Blackjack tables for a while and gambled, I lost $50 before I quit and took my 2 remaining $25 chips and we went over to have dinner. Now for dinner we had all of us, Laura, Kate, Veronica, Julie, Robyn, Cassandra, Tara and myself. I ordered a Prime Rib again, it was only $16.99 tonight and it was good but I will say last nights was better, maybe not that much better. We had a nice dinner.

After dinner we went into the little pub cellar here and had a drink and just talked for a while. It was a nice time and we talked all about Diva Las Vegas and what a fun time we all had this week. It really is a wonderful event and so much fun. I have been Susan full time this week for over 7 days and it has been wonderful although I am getting a little slower at doing my makeup and getting ready. I love being Susan but will be ready for a few days of just being my male self again. We also talked about being out as females and I have said many time I really have had no problems other than so looks and that you can’t get away from as people look at each other. I look at cute girls especially when they are in pretty dresses and heels. If people have different hair or anything that makes them stand out you will at least take a second look and that goes for transgender people also. I don’t have a problem with people looking at me as I really don’t even notice it. Now when one might run into issues are almost always with drunk people (men) and that is no exception as when you are drunk you are more likely to do stupid stuff or things you wouldn’t do if you had not been drinking. I am not saying it is not who you are or drinking makes you different, we all have those things inside we think about others. 99% of people don’t act on things like that but when you have had too much to drink you will sometimes and yes, we did have a couple drunk men that made a few comments and I attribute it to how much they drank as one could hardly get out of his seat. In 10 plus years this was probably the worst thing I have dealt with and I am sure it was the alcohol and I was not going to let it ruin a wonderful vacation and tine as Susan. Off track again.

Cassandra started talking about Blackjack and came up with an idea. We each go to the Blackjack table and get $100 chip and bet on 1 hand but we do it as a team. We had of 5 of us that wanted to do this. Now the way it will work as we paly as a team so we all decide how the hands will be played and if I lose and Cassandra wins she will pass me the $100 chips she wins and we keep playing and we play till we decide as a group to quit. We spent 20 plus minutes talking how we would do this and how we play and we will split what we win between the 5 of us.

We were all ready and we all walked over to the $25 table and bought in and got our $100 chip, now I have bet I think as high as $40 on one hand and have split and or doubled down and had ore than $100 on the table but I have never bet $100 on a hand to start so this will be a first. Now they were putting new cards in play so we had a few minutes while the dealer shuffled and Kate took some pictures and we even got the pit boss to take a table picture of us holding up our $100 chips. Now with all the pictures and of course our excitement we did get a small crowd around our table, I looked back and there was maybe 10 or more people standing there to watch. Finally, it was time and we all putt our $100 out and the dealer dealt the hand. Robyn got an 11 and doubled down Veronica, Julie and I got low hands and Cassandra got a 19, dealer had a 110 showing. Robyn got her card face down, Veronica went bust $100 gone, Julie went bust $100 gone, I went bust $100 gone Cassandra stood on 19. Dealer turned another 10 for 20 and Cassandra’s $100 was gone. All we had left was Robyn and her card was a 3 for 14 and her $200 was gone. One hand and less then 1 Minute and $600 was gone but it was still an incredible hand and had it gone the other way we still may be playing. Don’t get me wrong as it sucks to lose $100 so fast but it was something I have never done and I shared it with my best friends and that made it special and I am sure we will talk about this again and remember it and we are already talking about doing it again next year on the last night.

Now it was getting late and everyone wanted to go up to the room and get packed for tomorrow accept for Veronica as she is here for a couple more days. She wanted to go play Blackjack so I told her I would walk over with her. We got to the table and there was only 2 people playing her table, yes, she has a favorite table that has side bets. It was a $10 table and I still had my 2 $25 chips so I sat down. Well I decided to play $25 and just see what would happen. I won the first hand, and then the second, third, fourth and fifth, I won 5 hands in a row before I lost a hand so I decided I would keep playing I played for about an hour betting $25 to $40 a hand, winning some and loosing some but still had more than I started and was having fun and the people at the table were great. Well all things must come to an end and a new dealer came in and my luck went away. I lost the next 5 hands in a row so I decided to quit. I cashed out and I had $675 my best win of the week.

I went upstairs to my room and I was feeling really good right now. Cassandra was still up so I showed her what I did it was a great feeling. I got my stuff packed and sat down and counted my money just to see where I was. I actually have almost $200 more in cash than I came down with and am sure I spent at least $200 on stuff here this week so I did really well at the tables this year. It was almost 1am when I went to bed so it will be another short night as we want to leave by 9am in the morning and that means Susan needs to be up before 8am to get ready. Cassandra and Julie are traveling back as their male selves o I am sure they will be ready way before me.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what is new on my newest blog and also be sure and read my blogs from Diva Las Vegas 2018.

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Monday and a full day of Susan

Monday is here and I plan a full day as Susan. I got up a little before 8 and started getting ready. I was really looking forward to getting ready and trying my new eye shadow. Now doing a daytime look is easier and doesn’t take as long so I was ready by a little after 9 and I thought my eyes came out great. Now I also am wearing my corset for 2 reasons today, one and most important is I like the shape I get from it and second, I want to see how long I can wear it comfortably so it is kind of a test. I was on my way by 9:30

I got to Lloyd Center and parked by Sears and went in, guess what this is one of the Sears stores they are closing everything is 10% to 50% off well everything I saw was marked 40% off. It is sad as I have loved shopping this store and I have a lot of outfits from here but I guess change happens. It is funny as the two stores I by the most from here are gone (Nordstrom’s) and soon Sears. Now I admit I don’t spend a lot at Nordstrom’s but I do like the MAC foundation Studio Fix, it’s a little spendy priced but it works so well covering up things that need covering.

I looked around Sears and they are somewhat picked over but they did have some purses but not the kind I was looking for. My purse I have is really your basic black purse but it is the perfect size and shape and fits so well on my shoulder. Of course, it maybe I am just use to it and please don’t laugh as it is the first purse I ever bought for going out, I have had it for probably 15 years and it is showing its age. Now I did find one that wasn’t bad and I was thinking of getting it so I decided to let fate decide. When I was done shopping here at the mall I would have to walk back through Sears and if it was still here I would get it. 40% off it would only be $32 for a leather purse, I will probably still look for one like mine this week but in case I don’t find one this will do. I know a lot of woman have a ton of purses for every outfit but I have always been that classic go with everything black purse. Besides that, way I don’t have to move things around. It is funny as everyone has the things they love and buy a lot of or maybe too much of, some buy heels for me it is lipstick. I really do have way too many lipsticks especially when you figure I only wear them a couple days a week.

Well I ventured out into the mall mostly just window shopping although I did go into Ulta Their prices are a little higher than the drug stores for the same items but they have such a wide selection and you can usually find things you can’t always find at the drug stores and yes the first thing I looked at were the lipsticks but I didn’t buy any. I also stopped in Torrid, Macy’s, Ross Dress for Less and spent a little time in Barnes & nobble which is a wonderful place to spend some time. I even watch some people ice skating for a while, it was just a relaxing time wondering the mall and of course people watching. This mall really wasn’t busy probably just because it was a Monday morning.

I went up to the food court and got something to eat at Sarku Japan, Chicken and Rice as I wanted something other than a burger. After I ate I finished walking the mall and stopped in Suncoast movies just to look and see what they had. Before heading back to Sears to see if fate had left my purse there. Sure, enough it was still there so I picked it up and as I was going to the register I saw some wallets and yes, the wallet in my purse is just as old. I found a small one that was kind of cute and what was cool is it has a detachable hand strap so I could use it as a small purse if I wanted. Wouldn’t hold much more then money, ID, keys, a lipstick and I think my cell phone would fit and it was only $5 so I couldn’t pass that up so those were my purchases for the day.

It was almost 1 now and I was trying to think what to do now. If I stay much longer in Portland I will get caught in traffic so I decided to head back closer to home. As I was going down the freeway thinking if I should just go to Starbucks it hit me. I could go to the new Casino Ilani, I have been her 5 times so far since they opened, 4 times as my male self and only once as Susan. Now of the 4 times I went as my male self I won about $50 the first time the other 3 tgimes I lost $60 the last time I was there as my male self I kid you not, $60 I played 13 hands, I pushed once and lost the other 12 and the sad thing is I only went bust once. The dealer never went bust one time, that trip I was only there about 10 minutes. Now the one time I went as Susan I also won so I was hoping Susan would be lucky.

I got there about 1:20 and parked and of course had to get a selfie before going in. I am not sure if you can take pictures inside, I may try if I get the chance. Now this is a really busy place and not far from where I live so that does make me a little nervous, last time I was here I did see a couple people I knew but thy were not people I knew well and had not seen in years. I walked through the casino to the Black Jack tables and looked around. Now for a Monday afternoon they were kind of busy, they had probably 25 tables going but only about 10 or 12 were black jack. There was one table with an open seat between a young man and a woman and there were 3 other men at the table. I stood there and watched for a few minutes and the young man asked if I wanted to play as there was an open spot. I did so I started to get my money out before sitting down as not to slow the game down and to my surprise as I was getting my money out this young man pulled the seat out for me, wow how awesome is that. Now not one person at the table gave me a second look and they we re all very nice and talkative and I was just another woman at the table.

Well as I said I have not had much luck here so I only took out $40 to see how I would do. Now it was n ever a really hot table I think the most I got up to was maybe $70 and the lowest I got down to was maybe $15 I was just up and down but having fun and talking with the people around me. Our dealer was wonderful and she was very friendly, she told us stories about some of the players she had and some of the big wins and losses and of course everyone at the table had their own stories. She went on break a few times and the replacement dealer was just as nice. A couple of the people left and others came in and again I was just another player at the table. The last time our dealer went on break the replacement got hot and people were dropping at the table was down to $25 and got a couple hands of 11 against a dealer 5 and 6 and doubled down both times and wow I lost both so I was down to my last $5, I won the next hand and then lost 2 in a row and my $40 was gone but I had a fun time. I got out my phone and looked at the time and it was almost 5:30. I had been sitting at the table for almost 4 hours straight which brings me back to my corset. Now sitting at the table, it was a little uncomfortable with the corset on now but I have been wearing it for over 8 hours so I kind of expected that. I got up and left the table and walked back through the casino and out the door to my car. The funny thing is by the time I got to the car I was not uncomfortable any more, I think if I had got up and moved some I would have been fine.

I left and drove to the Starbucks by my house and went in. They were a little busy 5 people waiting to order and a few waiting to get their drinks but there were a few tables open and I figured most would get their drinks and go. I got to the counter and the young lady said Hi Susan, right? And I said yes. She asked if I wanted my sweetened green ice tea or a hot chocolate, how is that for remembering me. I got the green ice tea as it was actually nice outside. I sat down and started this blog about today and also caught up on some e-mails. I spent about 2 hours here before leaving a little after 8.

I got in my car and notice I needed gas if I was going out tomorrow again so I drove down to Costco as they are open till 8:30 and the fuel station till 9. I pulled in the parking lot about 8:20 and as the store was still open I decided I would go in and talk to the membership people. I actually joined Costco last November and I was wondering about going there as Susan. The lady at the counter was very nice and I just explained that I live part of my life as Susan and was wondering about getting a card with my female picture on it. She talked with what I assume was her manager and then she said she could and asked for my ID and membership card to pull up my account. Then she gave me a piece of paper and asked me what name I wanted to use so I wrote down Susan Miller and from then on, she called me Susan. She put information in the computer and then took my picture and that was it. I now have a Costco card with Susan’s picture and name on it. It has been a fun day.

I got home a little after 9 and I was ready to remove my corset which I have now worn for a little over 12 hours straight. Wow another long blog, thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what I am doing on my most recent blog.

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Manicure badly needed

It has been a while since my last blog and for that matter my last time out as Susan, my time as Susan has been pretty limited the last several months. My last trip out was July 4th to also get my nails done. I has a small window of opportunity today as I didn’t have to pick up my dad till 11:30 am so Friday night I called Dream Nails to see if I could get in Saturday morning. Anna said yes and asked what time I wanted to come in and I said 9 and that was fine and asked my name. I gave it to her and she replied, “Susan it has been a while” which it has plus the last time I was there Anna was not and I had someone else do my nails. Any way Anna asked if I could come at 10:30 so she could do my nails which made me feel good, I said yes and my appointment was set. Now this would make it really tight as I would have to get home, shower and change and be over to pick up my dad and all this would happen in an hour.

Saturday morning, I got up early and got ready as I figured I could go to Starbucks before the nail salon just for a little more time out. I got to the Starbucks by my house (across the street from the nail salon) a little before 9 am and parked. They looked a little busy but that was okay. I was getting ready to get out of my car when my dad called, he is fine but something came up and he was not going to see my mom till about 4 today and he told me to relax till then and take care of some of my things as most of my free time has been helping them. Now the good news is that gave me more time today.

I got off the phone and was getting ready to get out of my car when 3 people I know walked by my car and went in, Good thing I had that phone call. I decided to drive to another Starbucks just a little way away. I got there and they looked a little busy too, I guess Saturday morning is the time to go to Starbucks. Anyway, there was a parking spot right in front and I pulled in and as I did I noticed two police officers sitting at a table right in front of me of which I knew one. Not my lucky day. Now I was faced with that big decision, what to do. If I suddenly backed out and left that would look suspicious to them which I did not want. I decided to go for it. I got out of my car and walked around the back like I was getting my computer out of the trunk and then walked around the car to the door and this allowed me to not walk by them. I was safely inside.

I ordered my drink and then looked for a table, yes, they were busy and the only table was right next to the window right opposite the two police officers right outside. Now there was some writing displays on the window so I figured they might not be able to see me well so I sat down with my computer to check e-mails. Now I could kind of watch them and they never really looked inside they just kept talking. Either they hadn’t noticed me or they just didn’t care about me. They sat there for about 15 to 20 minutes before they left and never once looked towards me.

I spent a little over an hour it and it was so nice to just be out again. Finally, it was a little after 10 and time to head for the nail salon. I got there about 10:20 and they were busy, 6 people getting pedicures and 2 getting their nails done but Anna was ready for me so I sat down and she started working on my nails. Now of the 6 getting pedicures 2 were men, one of whom was there with his girlfriend. He got a dark blue color on his toes. It was so relaxing and fun getting my nails done. It took about 40 minutes and I was on my way. Now I needed to figure out what to do as I had a few extra hours and it was going to be Susan time.

I decided to drive out to the new Casino and check it out, On the 4tgh of July Cassandra, Julie and I talked about making a group outing here so I figured I would check it out. It is only a 15-minute drive. Now being early on a Saturday I figured they would be less busy but for a casino that is still a lot of people but the chances of running into someone I know was less. I got there and parked and had a bit of a walk to get in as there were a lot of cars there. Once inside I walked over to the blackjack area and decided to play for a while. I probably got a few looks but really nothing I noticed.

I bought in for $50 which is not a lot when the table is $10 a bet. There were 3 other people at the table and a few times someone would sit and play with us but the table was never really good. I was up about $40 at one time and a couple times I got down to my last bet. It was just up and down but it was fun though. I never saw anyone I knew really well but I did see a couple people I had worked with 20 plus years ago so I doubt they would have recognized me or even remember my name. One was checking out the tables and for a moment I thought he would sit next to me but he wondered off over to the slot machines. It would have been nice to talk with them and see what they are doing. I spent a couple hours here before leaving with $30, yes, I lost $20 but had a fun time. It was about 1:30 when I left and I decided to head for home with a stop at the Starbucks by my house.

I got there and they were still busy about 15 people inside at table more at the tables outside and a steady stream of people coming in and getting drinks to go. Saturday afternoon at Starbucks. I spent a little over an hour here writing my blog and surfing the internet. T was a wonderful day out. Now I am looking forward to tomorrow as we are having our annual Rose City T-Girls golf tournament and I can go. I am really looking forward to it as Peggy is my partner so I will get a good chance to talk with her and catch up and I will also get to see all my friends. We have 18 signed up as of yesterday and Cassandra was still trying to fill the last 2 spots. I hope to get there early so I can visit with some of my friends. We really do have a wonderful group of girls. We play a scramble so it doesn’t matter how good or bad you are which is awesome way to play.

Afterwards we will have a BBQ there and have time to sit and visit some more, it will be an awesome day.

On a side note when I got here to Starbucks the guy who took my order remembered me and made the comment that it has been a while and it was nice to see me again and 2 of the girls behind the counter also commented it was good to see me back again. I even chatted with one for a couple minutes and explained about my parents and how that took most of my time. She said she was sorry to hear that and hoped they got better soon, how nice is that. It makes you not only feel welcome but like they really want you to come back and that is awesome. Even Anna who has been doing my nails for almost 2 years makes me feel this way, asking me to come a little later so she could do my nails. Now I know it is a business and I am a paying customer but I really feel it is more than just my business they are interested in and that is wonderful..

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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Thursday of Diva Las Vegas

It is Thursday of Diva Las Vegas, wow this week is going fast. I stayed up way to late last night about 3 am. This girl is not use to these late nights. We all slept in this morning I got up around 10 and started getting ready a little slower than the first days of the trip. I was already by 11:30. Veronica must take care of some business and Cassandra was still resting being so late in the morning she didn’t want to get ready and then must redo her makeup for the evening o she isn’t going to start getting ready till 1 or so, so I figured I would have some me time. I grabbed my computer and headed downstairs, through the casino and up to the second-floor casino bar. They don’t open this bar till the evening and they have some tables I can sit at on my computer and update my blog. This is where I have been going in the morning. Here is a picture from this morning. You can see the slot machines behind me. I finished my blog from yesterday and posted it online and then just sat here for over an hour catching up on e-mails, Facebook and even some work. I wonder what some of my co-workers would think if they knew I was dressed like this sitting in a casino doing my work on my laptop with my long pretty acrylic nails. It is un and a good place to people watch as there are several shops nearby and a pedestrian bridge from our hotel (California Hotel Casino) to their sister property the Main Street Station and of course a lot of slot machines so there are lots of people going by all the time. It was a fun and relaxing way to start my day. I probably would have stayed longer but I forgot to plug my computer in and the battery was running low.

I went back to the room to see if Cassandra was ready and she still hadn’t started getting ready. It was about 1 and we weren’t leaving till 3:45 so I went down to the casino to play a little Blackjack. I found a $5 table and sat down, there were 5 other people at the table and it was a fun table to play at. Everyone was friendly and talkative. Now two of the players were counting cards or at least I am pretty sure they were as one would bet $5 and the other $25 but everyone in a while the one would bet between $40 and $50 and the other would bet $200 to $250 and it was always the same hand so I started watching and it was always a hand after a lot of small cards came out. The funny thing is they were not wining. Soon they left and it was just me and the couple at the other end of the table and they were awesome, they were from Ohio. We talked and had a great time. I heard about their vacation and what they had done and told them about mine and Diva Las Vegas we had a great time

It was about 3 when Cassandra came down and joined our table and they just loved her too. I played till 3:30 and then I had to quit because I needed to go change and put on a dress and heels for dinner tonight. I was also $57 a head so I wanted to leave as a winner. I told Cassandra I was going to go change and the lady at the other end of the table told me I had to come back so she could see my dress, how cool is that. I went up and changed and came back down and she complimented me on my dress and how good I looked which I always love. Even Cassandra had fun playing with them of course she also won.

We left and drove downtown and there were a lot of traffic lights out the wind today is bad, 40 MPR with gusts to 60. There were fences blown over and trees down I think this is the worst wind we have had here during any of the Diva Las Vegas. We got downtown and went into the LINQ as that s were the farewell dinner is. We were early so we decided to play a little Black Jack. I did okay for a while but then the table got cold and I lost so in the end I lost $100. It was time to go to the restaurant called off the strip at the LINQ. Now some of the girls were there and we were in their big room upstairs so it was a good time to socialize and of course take pictures.

Beverly had just bought a drink and Cassandra asked her to take a picture of her so she put her drink down on the bar and took it and so I gave her my phone and asked her to take one of me and I picked up her drink, it is such a cute picture I thought, thanks Beverly. There were lots of picture being taken by everyone as this is the farewell dinner and although not the last event I may not see many of these girls again till next year. Not sure if I mentioned in earlier blogs but we have 14 girls here from our group this year which is awesome.

Dinner was served and t was really good, they have great food here and the service was really was a nice place and so much fun. I met a few girls that were new and this was their first time here, I met some that follow my blog and of course some that I have known for years but only see once a year when I come to Las Vegas. I really look forward to this week and it is sad that it is coming to an end. Now after dinner there was more socializing and picture taking. Now there was some confusion with the bills as they did one bill for each table, I don’t know why some restaurants do that and won’t do individual bills. Now they did bring out the big bill and from that they rang up the individual amounts so we could pay individually. Beverly had to leave so she gave me her money and I paid her bill also. Now I paid my bill which included Beverly’s and I thought it was a little high but it was a nice restaurant and I gave them a good tip about 25% After we left I was talking to Cassandra and she had a copy of the total bill for our table and it turns out what I paid already included an 18% tip. I talked to some of the girls and some had been told their bill included that and some were not. I guess I should have asked before I paid.

We went into the casino and played some more Blackjack and again I lost but this time only $40. The casino we went into was so loud, it is called O’sheas casino and it is a small side casino at the LINQ. Right by the Blackjack tables they have a band that plays and people dance right behind you, very distraction and I guess I should like that as I left after a short while because of how loud it was and that probably kept me from losing more money. By the way this is Beverly, Cassandra and me before dinner.

We went back to our hotel casino and of course went down to the Blackjack tables for a while, it was about 11:30. I played till about 2:15 am and had a great time and I won $30 so I won back some of my money. It has been a fun week but is going by so fast. It was a wonderful day.

Tomorrow is the last day of Diva Las Vegas and it will be sad to see it come to an end. Have met some wonderful people here and caught up with some great friends. The internet is wonderful as it lets you meet people you wouldn’t have a chance to from all over the country and even the world. The bad part is you make friends you may never meet or only see once a year or more. On the bright side, Beverly, might be in the Portland area in a month or two and if she does she will get to hang out with us when she is there.

Friday some of the girls are doing a racing thing and we have one more dinner before the end. Saturday Cassandra and I will leave and head to LA and go out there Saturday night and then we will drive home on Sunday not sure if we will drive all the way or stop and finish on Monday I guess that depends on how late we are out Saturday night.

Thanks for reading and sharing my vacation with me.

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Friday and on our way to Las Vegas for Diva Las Vegas 2017

Friday is here and we are leaving for our long drive to Las Vegas. I got up at 1 am to get ready, it was a short night. It was just a couple minutes after 2 when Cassandra and I left for our drive to Las Vegas, our hope to be there by 6 pm. The drive down I-5 was really rainy but then this is Oregon, it never stopped and sometimes it came down hard. We got to Eugene and headed up towards the pass. Just a few miles before the pass it started to snow and snow hard. there was anywhere from slush to a couple inches of snow on the road and we had that all the way to Klamath Falls. It put us behind schedule as we were driving 4o miles an hour for over 2 hours, Cassandra may miss part of her Basketball game tonight. From Klamath Falls to almost Alturas it kept snowing but the roads were fine so we were not falling behind schedule anymore. It is good we left earlier today. Now just before Alturas I took over driving and drove all the way to Beatty. It was a good drive and I loved seeing my pretty nails. Cassandra tells me I have a nail fetish, I don’t like that term but I guess it is true as it is the first thing I notice on woman. I do love pretty nails.

Cassandra took over driving from Beatty and I wrote my blog for yesterday as we traveled to Las Vegas and of course took a selfie, this is after 14 hours in the car. We got to our hotel the California and went in to check in. There was no line so we got right up to the front. Cassandra explained about Diva Las Vegas as she was checking in. I gave her my driver’s license and credit card. My Susan credit card without thinking so it didn’t match my ID as I jokingly told her I looked a little different then my picture. She told me I looked very pretty which after 16 hours in the car made me feel good. I realized I gave her the Susan credit card so I gave her the male one so it would match the ID. She didn’t seem the least bit bothered by it. Looked at the ID and both credit cards and asked me if I wanted to be registered as Susan and I really thought about it but then told her to use my male name just in case there were any issues later. She said fine like it was no big deal.

WE got to our rooms and settled in. Now it was early and while Cassandra watched her game she also got ready to go out. I touched up my makeup and went and picked Veronica up as she is in town for the week. Her and I are sharing a room.

We got back to the hotel and got her stuff to the room and Cassandra was almost ready, her team lost by the way. It was about 9 when the 3 of us went downstairs to get something to eat. We went to the café which is open 24 hrs. a day. We had a nice late night supper before play a little blackjack. Cassandra won some money and Veronica and I lost. Cassandra cashed in and veronica and I move to another table where I was able to win back what I lost plus $5 so I am also a winner tonight. Now Cassandra and I were tired so we called it a night a little after midnight, it has been a long day. Veronica was off to gamble a little more. On a side note our hotel room is nice nothing fancy but comfortable and since we are here to have fun and not sit in the room. We will basically be in the room to sleep, get dressed and maybe update my blog so this room is very good. The only drawback is you must pay for in room wi-fi, probably why they don’t charge a resort fee. Now they do have free guest wi-fi in the casino and hotel lobby so I have found a work around. I am writing my blog in the room and then go down to the lobby by the casino where they have some sitting areas and connect there to post these blogs. I may even write some of them from there and people watch while I do my blog. It will be my morning routine I guess.

Okay one bad thing about the hotel is the lighting for doing makeup in the bathroom is not really good. I ended up doing most of my makeup with my little mirror I brought in front of the window, wonder what to people in the other tower thought seeing me doing my makeup in the window.

We haven’t decided what we will do tomorrow but it is late so we will figure that out in the morning.

Thanks for reading and following my little vacation.

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End of the week

It is Friday and has been a long week, lots going on at work so I was ready for the weekend and really tired. No I was deciding if I should go out tonight. I still haven’t had time to do my blog from Wednesday night dinner so I thought about just staying home and doing that. But I also needed to eat dinner and in the end I figured I would go to Sweet Home for dinner at least, and I can do my blog there. I got home from work a little after 5 so it was a rush to get ready.

I was ready by a little after 6 and on my way, I got there about 6:30 the same time as last week and again I got one of the 3 parking spots. Looks like 6:30 is a good time to get here. Chris and Roxy were already here as they get here early. I ordered dinner as the special tonight was their Pork chop Special which is one of my favorite dinners here. Then I got out my computer and did my blog from Wednesday. It really is fun to look back over my blog and see the things I have done, places I have gone and the friends I have met. Wednesday blog is my 930th blog as Susan. It is hard to believe I have gone out that many times (maybe more) as Susan. I started my blog which was very basic back in November of 2006 so I have been keeping up on it for over 10 years now. It really is my diary of Susan which I keep on line so others can share. Now it doesn’t matter who you are but I would encourage everyone to write about their life and experiences in your life. It is a great way to look back on your life.

Dinner came and it was so good as always. As I said their pork chop special, chicken breast and steak specials are my 3 favorites but all their food is good. Now there was a good crowd here for as early as it was so I knew it would be busy the later it got. Chris of course was playing pool so I took the time to catch up on some work I had to do on my computer. I am starting to have a lot of issues with my computer so I am going to have to look into getting a new one. It won’t install the latest windows update and is getting slow. Besides I really want a new one that has a backlighted key board as it is hard to work on my computer here as it is kind of dark.

Now as I said it is Friday night and Diva Las Vegas is getting close, a little over 4 weeks. As a matter of fact Cassandra and I will be in Las Vegas in 4 weeks as we will leave early (4 am) on Friday March 24 and drive straight through to Las Vegas. it takes between 14 and 15 hours for the drive. That may seem long but I really am a road trip type girl. I love this drive and have made it many times over the years. By the way there is still time to sign up for Diva Las Vegas. They will start event sign up the first full week of March and remember this is not a convention it is a vacation. There is no cost to attend the event. you just pay your way for what you want to participate in, go golfing pay for your round of golf, go for dinner pay for your dinner. we have 8 for sure going from our group so it will be a lot of fun.Now I do need to do some shopping before we go to Las Vegas, just a matter of finding the time.

As it got later it did get busier and the other main group that comes here on Friday started to show up. Robyn showed up late but she did make it which was good. She said Diane was also coming later but I am really getting tired so I am not sure I will make it late enough to see her. Just before Karaoke started Chris left so it was just Robyn and me and we talked a little. One lady came over and told me how much she liked my sweater dress and asked where I got it as she had been looking for one. I thanked her and told her I got it on line at Fashion bug but they were bought out a few years ago and no longer on line.

karaoke was going and that made it hard to talk. I stayed a little longer listening to the singing but  was really getting tired and was afraid I might fall asleep at the table. wow it was only a little after 10 and I was worried about this, I guess I am getting older. 8 years ago I didn’t even go out till 10. I stuck it out till about 10:30 before calling it a night.

Now I am looking forward to Saturday night out with my friends. Next week I am not sure if I will make it out as I have family coming to town. I know I will not be out next Friday and Saturday is not for sure and I may not even make it for Wednesday night dinner so it may be 2 weeks before I get a chance to go out again.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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End of the week fun with friends

Wow it is the middle of January already and as it is Friday night it is time for a girl’s night out with my friends, what better way to start he weekend. I think it is so important to have things you look forward to and the support of awesome friends as that is what keeps you going when things get hard and Susan is blessed with so many wonderful friend both online here that I have yet to meet and those I have met.

Well first thing first a couple updates for me. I am all registered for Diva Las Vegas and I have my hotel room all booked at The Quad where my friends are also staying. Right now from our group besides me we have Cassandra, Cristine, Melissa, Julie, Petra and Veronica going for sure and in the maybe column and I hope will go are Kelli, Mikaela, Laura, Michelle, and Brenda, how much fun would it be if we all were in Las Vegas the week of March 30 to April 4 for Diva Las Vegas. It is so much fun you really should check it out and think about joining us.

Well if you have read my blog you know our group was kicked out of a club in June of 2012 and we filed a complaint with the state and won and we are now waiting for the owner Chris Penner to appeal it. Well it turns out this was not his first run in with the state and in his other case the Oregon state Supreme court ruled on Thursday against him yes this case went all the way to the Oregon Supreme Court and it was all over $7,000 in back wages.

Well back to tonight and the fun Susan will have. I have been so looking forward to tonight and could not wait so I started getting ready at 5 to give myself time to enjoy the transformation to Susan, I find this whole process relaxing and fun. Well tonight I took about an hour and 40 minutes to get ready and enjoyed every minute. I was looking good and ready to leave and again I opened the garage door on the way out to my car and soon I was off to meet my friends. I got to Sweethome and the parking lot was full and so were the close street parking so I had to park about a block up, it has been a while since I had to park this far away and of course it was a cold night but at least dry.

Inside Cassandra, Chris, Laura and Silver were already there and the bar was pretty busy, I guess a lot of people came down to watch the Blazer Basketball game which they won which of course made everyone happy. There was a guy at the bar with his girlfriend who comes in occasionally and as I went by he told me how pretty I looked tonight and his girlfriend agreed which really makes a girls night so I stopped and talked to them for a few minutes. This is what makes being out with all types of people so special. Paul the owner came over to see if I wanted anything so I ordered dinner, this really is an awesome friendly place to go.

More girls started to show up. Bobby and Julie and Julie brought me a little gift which was so sweet of her, thanks Julie. It was great Julie could make it, turns out Trixie her girlfriend was out of town with her girlfriends so Julie went out with hers, by the way Trixie is awesome and knows all about Julie and is very supportive of her. It is amazing when I first started going out in 2008 I only know one person who had a supportive wife/girlfriend now I know so many, Julie & Trixie, Cassandra & Peggy, Jan & Lynn, Michelle & Christy, Mandy & Kathy, Mikaela & her girlfriend, Melissa & her girlfriend, Roxy & Chris, and of course the most important Me & Kim and I am sure there are more my poor blonde head can’t remember. Cristine and Diane also showed up. It was great to see Diane again as she usually didn’t get out much but lately she has been and that is awesome. Roxy, Bianca and Dan also made it out tonight.

Carolyn also was able to join us which was awesome. I usually only see her at parties so it was great to get a chance to talk with her. I got a chance to talk with her for a while at the bar and get to know her better. It is funny as I have known her for several years but tonight we had the chance to talk one on one which I really enjoy. I hope she can come out more with the group.

We also met another new girl who we have seen here a couple time, her name was Tyra. She came out two years ago and has been living full time since. I got a chance to talk with her and she seems really nice but little shy which I can understand. We talked for a while and had fun. She was interested in our group so I gave her a card with my e-mail address on it and told her to e-mail me and I would invite her to join our group. Our group has really grown as we have almost 300 members now.

Kelsey and her boyfriend Chuck also came in, our group met them not long after we started coming here and they are awesome and always happy to see us and always have a hug for us. They really are good friends we have met here. This bar really does have that family feeling to it.

Blue and her Sister Red also showed up. Now I am not sure if these are their real name but that is what people there call them and they answer to so it is good enough for me and yes their hair matches names. It is funny as they showed me a picture of their mom and she has Purple hair but they told me she that is not her name. Anyway Blue put in a song to sing “Drift away” and wanted me to sing with her so I said I would. I will sing with other people but just can’t seem to do it by myself. It was a really fun night, it was almost 1 am when the last of us left, Cassandra, Julie, Laura and me. Now it was cold outside and I did have a wrap but I was wearing a short black dress and my open toed heels and trust me that does not keep you warm so the walk to my car was a little chilly and then of course I had frost on the windows so it was a cool ride home at least about half way till the car warned up enough to get some heat. It can be tough being a girl sometime but that is the price we pay for looking cute.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Tuesday night out at Starbuck’s

Well this week it was Tuesday night I could make it out. I cannot believe how busy I have been the last few weeks. Christmas Is almost here and I have not even started my shopping. I guess this weekend I will have to get busy. I thought about going tonight but by the time I would have gotten to the mall I wouldn’t have had much time plus as Susan I would probably spend more time looking for me than others on my list. I guess I will have to do my shopping in boy mode so I can keep focused. Anyway I got to Starbucks right at 7 and their parking lot was pretty full but not as busy as I thought it would be about 10 people here. It again this week is raining really hard so roads are really wet so I chose to park at the end of the building, a little farther to walk but all covered so Susan won’t get her hair wet.

Last week was so fun as I went out three nights in a row and the last night at the Holiday gala was way too much fun. I was looking at some of the pictures others in the group took and they were so great. I guess the party went till after 3 and everyone had such a wonderful time. Kathy and Mandie did an awesome job and it is so wonderful that they and Cassandra and Peggy both open their houses to host these fun get together. I really hope they know how special they are. So many of us keep this side of our lives a secret and even though they try to keep a low profile they still do these parties.

Well Diva Las Vegas has posted their recommended hotels for 2011 event and for the first time the Sahara is not on their list. Now this does not mean you can’t stay there it is just not in their top 5. Cassandra, Peggy and I are going for sure again this coming year and we have talked about trying a different hotel even before they posted their list. We are thinking about the Gold Coast which is also not on their list but Cassandra and Peggy have stayed there before and really liked it. It is not on the strip but still close enough and sense we will have a car it should be fine. Come the first of the year I will have to do some more shopping for Susan for the trip. I am already looking forward to I even though it is still 3 months away. There are a couple girls in our group that are thinking of going this year and several girls in our group that would love to go but just can’t this year but they are planning on 2012. It looks like 2012 we could have a really good turn out from the Rose_City_T-Girls. It really is a fun vacation for Transgender people and we had so much fun last year. If you are looking for a good place to go, check out their web page if you would like more information and be sure and check out the pictures from previous years.

Well it is still pretty quiet here but a few more people have come in. it is really kind of fun to just sit here and people watch while catching up on my e-mail and blog, so much better than just sitting at home. I will again be out Friday night but not sure where we will be going. There is talk of trying someplace new which would be fun. There is comfort in going to the same places but new experiences are always so much fun and help increase our group to more people helping to build tolerance. I really think that is what makes going out so much fun. Any way with the holidays coming up this will be my last Friday night out this year as I have family things going on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve I will be home in bed as I have to work New Years day early. Hope to get out during the week though if only to come here to Starbuck’s for a couple hours. There is just something about being Susan even if only for a couple hours. It is almost therapeutic for me.

Have a great rest of the week and thanks so much for reading my blog. Please feel free to ask questions if you like and I will do my best to answer them all.

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Tuesday evening at Diva Las Vegas

Well after golf we were all a little tired so we got cleaned up and redid our makeup and went downstairs here at the Sahara. We decided to stay here so it would be easy when we wanted to go to bed. Walking through the casino Cassandra tried a slot machine but it had so many lines we really didn’t know when or why we were winning when that happened so she gave up. The casino had given us a coupon for $50 worth of chips for $40 so Peggy and I went over to the club Sahara both with our club cards (yes I got one but they wouldn’t issue with Susan’s name). We got our free chips and then we started looking for tables to play. Cassandra found a seat in the main part of the casino and started to play black jack. Peggy and I looked for a table we could sit next to each other and play. They have more tables back by the NASCAR Restaurant and we found a table that had no one at so we sat down. Sahara has lots of $1 tables which is cool because I like to play cards and I know in the long run the casino will win so for me it is the fun of playing not the money.

We started to play and soon other people started to sit down. I really think people do not like to play at a table by themselves something that has never bothered me. After a few hands the table was full 3 men & 1 woman plus Peggy and I. Peggy and I would play anywhere from $1 to $4 a hand and we were having so much fun. At one point we both left for the little girl’s room (leaving our chips on the table to save our spot) and when we came back two of the men said “welcome back ladies” and “we are glad you are back as the table has been bad sense you left”. We played at that table from about 7:30 till almost 12:30 and I only lost about $25. How fun is that. The whole time we were there no one treated me any different than any other women or even looked at me funny. It was so fun and I was totally excepted. All the dealers have been great here too. The Sahara Casino seems to be really TG friendly (not to say others are not as we really haven’t spent as much time at them to say one way or the other but from talking to the other T-girls here I have heard the same about the casinos they are at. I guess Las Vegas casinos are pretty open-minded; you know what they say, what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas (except for Susan’s Blog).

At 12:30 Peggy and I had had enough and wanted something to eat so we went to their coffee bar as they make sandwiches and we ordered a club to split. There was another T-girl their names Nicky so we talked to her for a while. They were so slow making our sandwiches but when we got them they were so good. A few more T-girls came by and we all chatted for a while, I think at one point there were 6 of us there. People would walk by and for the most part paid no attention to us. Cassandra finally joined us and we finished our sandwich and headed up for bed about 1:30. It was such a fun night. This week is going by so fast it is hard to believe it is almost half over but what a trip it has been.

I am posting my pictures on my Windows Live profile as it holds more pictures for free (I am a value girl).

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