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Night out with friends

Friday night I was out again and had a great time. Again I went to Embers to meet up with some of my best friends. They were so crowded when I got there. Turns out one of the drag queens partner had died and they were having kind of a memorial for them. I had never met him but seen him there as he always there to help and I have talked to Topaz so it was a sad event. Our hearts and prayers are with her for her loss.
With all that was going on the show didn’t start till almost 11 which gave us all time to talk which I really enjoy, who doesn’t enjoy a little girl talk. We had a smaller group than usual, Cassandra, Peggy, Maya, Bev, Lisa and me, (with the smaller group I can remember everyone that was there). It was so much fun but I found myself telling Cassandra and Peggy more about my male self which is something I have never done before. I guess I am just getting comfortable with them both and now consider them really good friends. It is also a little scary as they know so much about Susan and her other side.
It was a really fun night but we didn’t stay out as late this week. I so look forward to getting out with my friends.
Well I think I have caught up on my blogs sense my last one. I hope you don’t find them boring or redundant but it helps me to try to put it down in words. I also have pictures on my flickr page if you want to get a better idea who I am.

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Wednesday night at Starbucks

Wednesday night I decided to go to Starbucks and work on my computer. It is Susan’s casual night out. This is when I try my best to just blend in and spend some time out even though its only for and hour or so. It may sound stupid to spend over an hour getting all pretty just to go out for an hour but I enjoy it and that is all that matters. I got to Starbucks about 6:30 so I actually had about an hour and a half as they star open to 8. I have found that the people at Starbucks are friendly and seem to treat me well like any other female customer. It is so nice and relaxing to sit there with my drink as I work on my computer. I may have to see if some of the other t-girls would like to meet for coffee sometime. I think I will make this a weekly outing for me.

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Friday night Sept 18 out on town

Well on Friday I went out to meet up with my friends At Embers. It is my usual outing as Susan and I so look forward to it all week. I like Embers but I wish we had more options on places we go as I have seen the show so many times.
We had a really good crowd of T-girls there and at one point we had three tables and still had girls standing, there must have been at least 20 T-girls there. Maya came out which was awesome as it has been several weeks sense I have talked to her, she is so great and fun to hang out with. Teresa was there also as she did not have to work this weekend. Cassandra and Peggy were there also with a host of others. I am very lucky to have them as friends even though I probably don’t tell them enough, You Girls rock.
Even Rachel and Penelope showed up. They are both GG’s (genetic girls) that love hanging out with us t-girls and always treat us like close friends. It is so nice to be able to spend time with people who treat you as you are with no judgments. We had an awesome time and a few had too much to drink but we made sure everyone got home safe. It was a fantastic night out again with friends. Even took some pictures (a t-girls favorite thing) I have so many pictures of Susan but have posted the best on my flickr page if you want to check them out.

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Fun Friday at Embers

Fun Friday at Embers, what a night it was. The first Friday of the month our group calls fun Friday, a night to try a different look, different style of clothes, makeup or hair. I have been looking forward to it sense I bought my new wig. I wanted to try a different color and style. I have included a picture let me know what you think. It is longer and a dark rich brown color. Several of us showed up with different looks, it was so much fun.
We had about 15 to 20 t-girls there, one of our biggest groups in a while. It was so awesome to have that many all together. I must admit it would be nice to go other places as I have seen the drag show there so many times but we have our biggest turn out of t-girls at Embers. I think everyone is comfortable there. What is important is being together with your friends and not where you are. The t-girls in this group are awesome and I am lucky to have them as friends. There are even a few genetic girls that come out with us and treat us as one of them they are really special. I really enjoyed talking to Peggy, Julie and Bev you are all so great.
We even had a new t-girl there named Jennifer, She just moved to Portland and this was her first night out. She is really nice and looks so good, I think you would have a hard time telling she is not a genetic female. I spent a little time talking to her and getting to know her, you can never have too many friends.
The show at Embers was good and if you have never been there you should go and check it out. They do a good job and it is a nice place to go. There was even a little excitement as they had to have the police come in and remove a guy who refused to leave. I am not sure why but someone told me he had been in a fight on the other side where they dance and he was sitting at the table right next to us. It all worked out and Embers really is a pretty safe place to go even for T-girls.

Susan Miller new hair style

Susan Miller new hair style

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