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Entry for September 26, 2008

Tonight I got all dressed up and even put on fake nails. I looked really good in my black skirt and purple top and of course my 4” heels. I drove into Portland and went to Embers. When I got inside there were lots of people. One of the drag queens remembered me and introduced me to Julie who is another t-girl from Portland. Turns out Alice my friend from Salem knows her and had e-mailed her I would be out so I sat and talked to her for a couple hours as we watched the show. It was a lot of fun and I stayed out till after 1 am which was later then I had planned.

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Friday night at Embers

Well on Friday night I had the chance to get out as Susan. I got all dressed up and went to Embers in Portland. I got there a little after 9 pm and got a table to watch the show. Cassandra another T-girl I know was also at Embers and we sat and talked and watched the show.

About 1030 pm three GG women Janet, Jenny and I didn’t get the third GG’s name came in and came over and asked if they could sit at our table as all the other tables were full. I think they thought we part of the show. We talked with them for awhile and explained that we were T-girls. They had never heard the term T-girl. It was fun to talk to them. They had lots of questions and Janet was talking about makeup with us. They were there for Janet’s birthday so she got a lap dance on stage. I was talking to Jenny and she asked me if I had a boy friend and I realized she thought I was gay so I explained that I was straight and that a lot of cross-dressers are straight. She was shocked by this and as she was looking at me she said but you have breasts. I got a laugh out of that and explained how I created my breasts. Jenny found this fascinating and had Janet come over so I could tell her. Janet had a camera and they took pictures with Cassandra and myself, they even had someone at the next table take a picture of all of us. Janet got Cassandra and my e-mail addresses so she could send us copies of the pictures. I don’t think she will but if she does I will post them in my blog. It was a great night and I stayed there till almost 2 am. Not sure when I will get out again but hope it will be soon.

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