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Friday after Thanksgiving with my friends

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It has been a long and busy week in many ways and in hind sight I had a good Thanksgiving even though I may not have thought that on Thanksgiving but now it was Friday night and time for Susan to get out with her friends and relax and have fun. It was almost 5:30 when I got home and started getting ready so I knew it would be a rush getting ready but on the bright side I knew the outfit I was going to wear which always makes it easier.

Now it was a really rainy day today so I was hoping I could park close when I got there at 7 but I actually had to park out on the street but luckily the rain had stopped briefly so I grabbed my umbrella ad walked to the door. Chris, Cristine, Victoria and Cassandra were there and it was great to see Cassandra as she has been working so much she has hardly been out for the last few weeks and she probably won’t be out again till January because of work and family coming to town. She actually have several family members staying with her and Peggy over the holiday so she hast to pack up all her Cassandra stuff and hide it as her wife Peggy knows about her and supports her all her stuff is spread out all over the house. This got me thinking about myself as I live alone ad I have stuff all over my house also. Now I won’t see her till after the first of the year but I will see her or her male self tomorrow as Cassandra in her male mode, Peggy and I in my male mode are going to see the play Mama Mia in Portland. It will be so much fun but as that is my male self it really shouldn’t be in Susan’s blog.

It always brightens my day and week when I get to see and spend time with my friends and we had a new girl named Alexis coming out tonight for her first time but she later texted me that she wouldn’t make it because of family issues and I know how that goes as we all have to deal with that when we are living double lives. Laura M. also made it and it was nice to see her again, we got a chance to sit and talk for a while which is always nice. She lives in a small town so she only goes out when she can come to Portland. Jamie Lee and her wife Kristen also made it tonight, she is one of our newer members and always good to see them out. I got to talk to both of them for a bit, I even tried to talk them into singing Karaoke with no luck. Now I am actually thinking of trying to sing by myself as I love Christmas music and I think I could do a few of them okay if I can work up my nerve.

Michelle and Christy also made it out tonight, well we knew Michelle would be here as she posted in the group she was in town for the Holiday and would be out. She moved to the Bay area of California a year ago for work and we really miss her as she was out a lot with the group so I think everyone was excited to see then again and of course I had to get a picture. They are such a cute and fun couple and I so enjoy seeing them again.

Jan and Lynn also made it out tonight which was nice, Jan works a lot this time of year, and I think we all do so it makes it nice when we can get together. We talked for a bit and we are still planning on doing Harvey’s next Saturday even though Cassandra can’t go so I will be posting that to the group tomorrow. That is always a fun night out. We had a great turnout tonight I think 12 girls in all.

Peggy even made it out tonight which was awesome and I got a chance to talk with her and of course a lot of it was about the play Mama Mia we are seeing tomorrow as we all love the movie and the songs of ABBA, yes I may be dating myself but what can I say. It was so nice to sit and chat with her and then we got into a conversation with Michelle, Christy and Victoria and we had so much fun. It still amazes me that as Susan I love to sit around and talk but that is not something my male self finds easy or fun to do. I think it is that as Susan I am more relaxed and more open and not on guard about my secret double life.

Now as we were talking this young lady came over and told me how cute my boots were and asked me where I got them. Now for the life of me I couldn’t remember but I told her I thought I got them at Sears or JC Pennies, I looked the next day in my blog and it turns out I got them at Burlington Coat Factory but I did see them at Pennies also so I was part right. Yes I wore my boots today partly because of the weather but mainly because my toes look so bad. I really need a pedicure or to redo my toenails, not something the average guy would worry about. I actually had an appointment this morning for a pedicure but had to cancel for family reasons and there was just no time for me to paint them before going out tonight. This next week I will have to get in for a pedicure or redo them myself as they really do look that bad plus I just really love getting a pedicure and who knows maybe I can get a manicure too for the holidays.

Well Karaoke started and there was a really good crowd here tonight. Chris and Lynn both sang and Lynn sang one of my favorite songs “Sitting on the dock of the bay” and she did a great job. Well I was still trying to talk a few of the girls who are just like me about singing into going up and singing. Well I told them they could sing the song “Walking around in Women’s underwear” it really is the song “Winter wonderland” with different words. I was amazed as most of them had never heard this song. Now I know a lot of people get tired of Christmas music or may not like it at all but for me I love it. One of the radio stations here in Portland went all Christmas music a week ago and I have been listening to it ever since.

It really was a fun night and I got to see all my friends both in our group and just in the bar here in general. Well about 11 our group started to break up as girls went home. It was almost midnight and it was down to just Chris and me again when we called it a night. Now luckily again as we left it wasn’t raining so I never did need my umbrella in my purse but I was glad I had it just in case as Susan does not like getting wet, it messes my hair and destroys my makeup. It was a really great night and a great way t start the weekend.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Holiday Season.

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A rainy and windy Friday night

Well the week is over and it is Friday night and time to relax and have fun with my friends, I look forward to this all week. Now I had the chance to go out a little early which is always nice. I started getting ready at 4:30 so I could take my time and enjoy getting ready. I so love the whole transformation process I find it so relaxing. Well I was all ready by 6 and on my way and of course I had my laptop with me as I did have a little work I needed to do tonight. Now as I was driving I could see he wind was really blowing and it was raining hard two things Susan doesn’t like if she is going out. I got to Sweethome and as luck would have it the parking spot right in front of the door was open so my night was off to a good start or I thought. I reached for the emergency break which was under and wrapped up in my coat and I didn’t get a good grip. Now I know what you are all thinking and no I did not wreck my car it was worse, my hand slipped and I popped off 2 of my long nails so tomorrow I get to look through my car for my nails but for tonight I have long pretty red nails on only 8 fingers and as it was early I briefly thought about driving home to fix them. Oh well it is not the end of the world.

I went inside and Chris and Samantha were there, Samantha had driven up for the day as she had some things she had to do here in Portland and she is more relaxed as Samantha so she spent the day out as Samantha. She actually got here before 5 and Chris a little after 5 so they had both been here for a good hour before I got here. It was nice to see Samantha again, now I did break out my computer for a little bit as I had some work I had to do tonight but it only took me about 30 minutes and then I was able to enjoy talking with Chris and Samantha for a bit.

Cristine and Guinevere showed up. It was great to see Guinevere again as it has been a long time as she doesn’t get out as much with the group. She has been living full time for over a year and has fully transitioned and she seems so happy now. It was nice to talk with her and find out what is new and going on in her life. She owns her own business and just opened up a new facility which has kept her busy but it is going great for her which is awesome.

Mikaela also made it out which was nice as it has been months since she has been out with the group. It was nice to talk with here and of course there had to be a picture of us. Mikaela went through a short period of not dressing which I think we have all done at one point or another as It is hard to accept this as part of who we are and what makes us a complete person and it doesn’t matter if you are just a part time crossdresser or someone who is transitioning learning to accept yourself is the most important thing for us as that is how we become happy.

Well Mikaela and I talked and she is thinking about going to Diva Las Vegas next year. She is also seeing a young lady who she has come out to, actually Mikaela is really good about this has she always tells the girls she has gone out with about Mikaela almost right from the start which is awesome. Any ways the young lady she is seeing is okay with Mikaela and has gone out with her. Actually Mikaela has gone out with her and her sister, yes her whole family knows about Mikaela and are okay with it which is so awesome, what a lucky girl.

Roxy, Michele and Petra also showed up so we had a nice turnout for a rainy and windy night. Chris and Petra played some pool and of course at 10 Karaoke started and both Chris and Mikaela got up and sang. When Mikaela sang she had me take some pictures, I took a lot in hopes of getting s few that were good.

It was just a fun night as always and as it got later girls started to leave and by 12:15 it was just Michele, Petra and me left of our group. We talked a little more as we listened to some more Karaoke. Kelsie and Chuck also showed up late, they come here to play pool and Kelsie of course sings Karaoke. We met them one of the first nights we came here and I look forward to seeing them on Friday nights.

Well it was about 12:45 when the last of us left and luckily it wasn’t rain hard. It was a fun night and a great way to start the weekend.

Thanks for reading and as I am not sure I will be out before next Friday I will take this time to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. What a great day as we give thanks for all we have and for me it is all pf you. The friends I have met online and in person and in some way big or small you have all helped make me the person I am, a happy, self-confident and well-adjusted young lady. Thank you all.

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Dinner with friends

Well I had a chance to go out for dinner Wednesday night and was thinking about it all day. It would be fun as Amy was in town and was going to be there along with Julie so how could I not go especially as we were going to House of Louie for Chinese. Well I got ready early and was on my way by 6 as I wanted to get to Fox & Hound early to have a chance to chat a little before we walked over to House of Louie plus parking is easier before 7.

Chris and Amy were already there when I got there, actually Chris had been here since about 5. It was great to see Amy again as the last couple times she has been in town I was not able to meet up with her. It was great to catch up with her and find out what was new, she is having so much fun up in Seattle and goes everywhere as Amy.

Julie and Cristine showed up so I got to talk with them for a little bit before we left for House of Louie. Well as we walked up the street we saw Michele and Petra standing by CC’s waiting for us so we were going to have a good turnout for dinner. Chris joked it was because we were going for Chinese. We got there and they weren’t that busy just a few people at a couple tables.

We all ordered dinner and then sat around and talked which is always fun. I think these type of outings are nice as they give us a chance to talk and socialize. Jamie Lee and her wife Kristen also made it and had dinner with us which was nice. She is a new member and has only gone out a couple times with us so it was nice to get to know them a little better. Roxy even made it late for dinner so we had 10 of us in all.

It was a fun night and it was sad to see it come to an end as I had so much fun with my friends.

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Saturday night out at Harvey’s


Well it is a cold Saturday here in Portland but that is okay as we are going to Harvey’s Comedy Club tonight. I learned from last night and am wearing my heeled boots and of course one of my new dresses, here is a picture of it. Now I was on my way early and got downtown Portland about 6:30, a bunch of us meet at Fox & Hound for drinks before we go to the show. Laura, Jen and Tess were already there so I joined them and ordered a drink and a snack.

Now we have a big group tonight going about 20 and a few that are just coming for drinks before the show. Jamie and her wife Kristen showed up for dinner, they can’t make it to the show tonight but wanted to come and meet more of the group so when they got there we put 3 tables together so we would have seats for everyone when they arrived.

We also had a new member coming out and she was a little nervous about walking alone downtown and I can so remember that feeling, I think we have all gone through that. Now we live in opposite directions so carpooling was out but I gave her my number and told her to call me when she got there and I would walk out and meet her, her name is Rebecca and I met her at the Halloween party. Well Rebecca texted me a little before 7 so I walked out to meet her, she had parked 2 blocks away and it was really cold out so now I was thinking about our 6 block walk to Harvey’s.

More girls showed up, Laura, Michelle, Julie, Trixie, Barb, Cassie and Victoria. We had a nice time talking as we got warm before our walk to Harvey’s. Several of the girls were meeting us at Harvey’s which with the cold weather was probably smart. It was about 8:30 when we left and made the chilly walk to Harvey’s.

Cassandra, Peggy, Jan, Lynn and Cristine were all Harvey’s waiting for us when we arrived and we got there early enough that there was really no one else there but we knew it wouldn’t be long and it would be busy and with the cold weather we knew people would not be waiting outside. Sophia and Lorna so I think that gave us 19. Well we took some pictures and I got this one with Rebecca. It was a good thing we did this early as it wasn’t long and the lounge was packed.

It was finally time to go into the show room and of course our tables were all set up and from the people in line it looked like it would be a sold out show. Kim our favorite waitress was here and came right over and greeted us all with a hug, she is so awesome and of course she took our orders.

The headliner tonight is Julie Scoggins and she saw us and came over and talked to us for a while before she went through the crowd greeting people. We actually picked tonight to come as she is so much fun, this is the 3rd maybe 4th time we have seen her here at Harvey’s. The show started and the MC was good as was the opening comedian as they always have good comedians here but it was Julie who was the star.

Julie was really good, she always is so if you get a chance to go and see her you should. She is really funny and puts on a good show. It was funny as during her show there was one girl in the back that kept yelling to the stage, nothing bad but very loud. Well at one point she walked all the way to right in front of the stage and started telling Julie how good she was, yes this girl had had a lot to drink. Well she was interrupting the show and one of the waiters, I think he knew her walked up, picked her up and through her over his shoulder and carried her to the back. Julie tried to get a picture with her phone of it. It was kind of funny.

It is amazing how fast the night went it really didn’t seem like we had been there that long but in fact Julie had gone 10 minutes over her time. Well after the show we were standing and waiting for some of our group when the same drunk girl who had been carried away from the stage walked by us and made a point to tell us each how ugly we looked which was funny as we were all dressed nicer then she was. I wanted to tell her she should look in a mirror but I was a polite lady and just ignored her as did the rest of our group. I think this if the first time anyone here has said anything negative right to us and I have to believe it was the alcohol talking.

After the show we talked with Julie Scoggins for a little bit and she ended up going back to Fox & Hound and having a drink with us which was so awesome. We all sat at the bar and talked and she told us a lot about what is going on in her life with her career and she has a lot of new and exciting things coming up. Well again time flew and soon it was 1:30 am hard to believe we had been here for almost an hour and a half talking with her. Well it was getting late and Julie wanted pictures with us just as much as we wanted pictures with her so we went to the other side of the bar and took several pictures on about 5 smart phones and one camera. Julie is sitting in a chair in front with us around her. Left to right is Rebecca, Laura, Peggy, Susan, Cassandra, Laura, Victoria, Lynn, Jan and Cassie. What a beautiful bunch of ladies.

It was a fun night and so many wonderful people out I only wish I had got to talk more with everyone.

Well we left and as I was only a block away I drove Cassandra to her car which was 3 blocks away and Rebecca to where she had parked as it was about 25 out and windy which made it a lot colder. I have discovered that my female wardrobe is not designed for the really cold weather. Just an awesome night in all.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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A cold Friday night out with friends

Well it is Friday and I am looking forward to a fun night out. The weather has been cold and we even had a little snow and freezing rain, not much but enough to say we had it and for this area it is early for this kind of weather. Now we are nowhere near as bad as other parts of the country. Now this is one of those differences between my male and female sides. My male side loves the snow which is strange as I don’t live in a place that gets a lot of snow but Susan on the other hand doesn’t for one simple reason. Susan loves cute little dresses and open toes shoe which are not suitable for cold weather.

Well I got off early so figured I would start getting read earlier and go out. I was ready by 6 tonight and on my way. I wore my grey sweater dress as it looks cute and still is warm. I did wear my open toed heels which look cute but are not warm cold weather shoes which I found out as my feet were cold all night, every time the door opened and that cold air rushed in on the floor but I looked good.

I got there with my computer and Chris and Cassie were there, Cassie in boy mode. It was good to see Cassie again and we got a chance to talk, she has a High School reunion coming up and she is thinking of going as Cassie. None of her old classmates know about this side of her so it would be interesting if she did. I would never be able to do this but it is fun to think about it. I mean what do you think some of my friends and old school mate would think if they met Susan. I am sure some would love her and some would hate her and from others I have talked to who have come out it is not always the ones you think. A couple of my friends told me a few of the ones they counted on that that they knew would be supportive were not and a few that they knew would write them off became their biggest supporters so you never know.

Being a crossdresser and only expressing this side of myself I have missed out on a lot of the female experiences but that was made up by my male side’s experiences. My life really does have good balance and I am happy and I have had a lot of good times and fun as Susan. I eve managed to have a first date as Susan in February of 2013 when I started dating Kim, she met me as Susan and going into our date that is the only way she knew me so I decided for our first date I would go as Susan and it worked out great and yes we are still seeing each other. I really do have the best of both worlds.

Well Cristine showed up a little later and we all ordered dinner, they had two really good specials tonight, ribeye steak or BBQ ribs, I went with the steak as I thought the ribs would be to messy and mess up my lipstick. Cristine got the ribs and they were so perfect she was able to pull the meat of the bones with a fork, the steak was good but now I wish I had gone for the ribs. Of course the food is always wonderful here. This is a fun place to come.

Barb and Stacy both showed up which was nice, I saw them both at the Halloween party but it was nice to see them again. Roxy also made it out after work so we had 7 out for the night which with the cold weather was good. There was a good crowd here tonight and the Karaoke group had a good turnout as they are done with a lot of their weekend activities now probably for the winter. Some of the girls played pool including Barb and Stacy, they actually played a couple games of doubles against another couple I think they were boyfriend / girlfriend as she did not have a ring on and I know Barb and Stacy one at least one of the games. It was nice as it gave them a chance to interact with them and they seemed fine with all of us. This is the great thing about going out as we get to meet people who might never meet a transgender person and give them the chance to see we are no different other than the way we present.

Well 10 o’clock came Karaoke started and Chris sang a few songs. It really is a fun night out and of course everyone here is awesome. Rachel and her wife Heather were here celebrating their anniversary and I got to talk with them and of course congratulate them. It is funny as I was talking to Rachel and Heather from the Karaoke group came over to say hi for me and it turns out they have never met even though they have been coming to the same bar for years which made me feel better as I still don’t know the names of some of the people I see a lot here and some I have even talked to. Funny having two Heathers there. I also talked with Heather for a while. She is really awesome and since she doesn’t get out as much lately it was nice to see her. I really have met some wonderful people as Susan, people I would never have met had it not been for this side of me.

Maraina (I hope I spelled that right) also made it. She is a member of the Karaoke group that Cassandra and I talked with several months back for a long time, turns out she is transgender and a few months back she came out to her friends and came here dressed as Maraina. Well I have seen her a couple times over the months as her male self but she has not come out dressed for a while, well she did tonight and she looked great and so happy. It appears her friends here are just as accepting of her as they are us. I got to talk with her for a little bit which was nice. It was a fun night.

It was almost 12 when I left, it was just Chris and I by this time and we both left. Now I knew it would be cold outside and it was as it was down to about 24 out so my legs and feet were cold till I got the car warmed up and the heat on. Sometimes it is tough being a girl but it is worth it. What a fun way to start the weekend.

Thanks for reading and have a fun and warm weekend.

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First Friday of November out with my friends

Well it has been another long and busy week for my male side and tonight is the first free night I have had so Susan is going out and I have been looking forward to it all week. It is amazing as no matter how busy or ruff my week is in my male life just knowing I can go out as Susan and looking forward to it makes it easy to get through the week, being Susan is my outlet and what makes me happy and relaxed.

Well I got home late so it was right into the shower with hopes of being ready by 6:30 which almost worked. I was driving out of my garage at 6:45 in my cute new dress and on my way. Now there was a delay getting there tonight as about 3 blocks away the police had one of the intersections closed, I am not sure why as I turned off as soon as I saw the backup and took back streets and it only delayed me a few minutes. Chris was already there as he gets here around 5:30 as he comes right from work, yes he doesn’t have to go home and transform himself.

Chris was playing pool so I sat down and got out my computer so I could check my Susan e-mails and Facebook, you know the important things in life right along with cute dresses, makeup and nails. Debra brought me a drink, she is one of the awesome employees here and also helped Paul at our Halloween party. Jodi was at the bar, she also works here but was off now so I went over and said hi to her. This really is a friendly little neighborhood bar.

Well Cristine, & Julie showed up and it was nice to see them. It is not often when Julie can get out on a Friday night so it was good to talk with her as my going out on Wednesdays are not that much better than her Friday nights out. We had an enjoyable talk and it is funny as it would not have been as much fun just sitting around as guys even though I was not really aware of how I was dressed. I really think it is the mindset I have as Susan as I have said before most of the time I am out I am not even thinking about how I am dressed which in a way is a little scary. I use to get such a rush being out as Susan and now it seems so natural. I now worry what if I run into someone I know in my male life while I am out would I without thinking go up and say hi before I thought about who I was tonight. Julie and I think a lot alike, we both see no need to tell everyone about us as not everyone needs to know. This is only part of who we are. I feel if I don’t intend to be Susan around you than you really don’t need to know about Susan, right? I don’t discuss golfing with friends who don’t golf so why discuss Susan with people who will probably never meet r see Susan.

Roxy, Petra and Michelle all showed up. It has been a while since Petra and Michelle have been out so it was great to see them. Michelle is always smiling and laughing and always has a good time. Jamie Lee also came out tonight in boy mode with her wife Christine, she just joined our group the Rose city T-girls but was having trouble logging in. the changes they have made to the Yahoo groups the last couple years to make it more compatible with cell phones really make it not as good. Well I got out my computer and we spent about 10 minutes and I got her so she can get into the group now so hopefully she will be able to see where and when we go out and join us out as Jamie. Well we got to talk with Jamie and Christine for a while and they seem nice. They didn’t stay late as they were on their way home and just stopped in to meet a few of us.

Maya and Darla made it out tonight which was a wonderful surprise. It has been so long since they have been able to get out with us. They are really awesome people and I wish they could get out more. And of course we gave each other hugs. That is probably the most enjoyable part of Susan and females are free to give each other hugs. If you see two woman out in public and they hug no one thinks anything of it but f two men hug there are all kinds of remarks. As Susan I am free to hug anyone and I always do. In our group almost all of us give hugs when we meet and leave which is nice as it is proven that hugs reduce stress and help you live longer.

Well Rachel, Heather and Kelsie showed up which was nice as it has been a while since they have been here. They are friends of the group and as a matter of fact it was Rachel who recommended this place after we were kicked out of the P-club, she talked to Paul the owner about our group and he invited us to his place and we have been coming here on Friday night since. It was nice to see them again and talk with them. Kelsie is the first person I sang Karaoke here with, Kelsie loves singing karaoke and is good at it but most of all she has fun. While I was talking to Kelsie Michelle grabbed my hand and I lost a nail which I found on the floor. Kelsie said something about nail glue and I told her I didn’t use glue instead I used a double sided indoor outdoor mounting tape so I can reuse my nails. The ones I have on tonight I have worn maybe 20 time or more. She liked the idea as where she works she can’t have long nails or even wear nail polish how sad. Anyway I told her about how I do my nails so I thought I would put a link to my blog “Tips for beautiful nails“. I really have met some wonderful people going out as Susan which is awesome. Kelsie’s boyfriend Chuck also made it tonight so I got to talk with him for a while too. I really like the social part of going out, in my male life I keep kind of to myself for fear people will find out about my secret life but as Susan I feel free to go out and meet people.

Well Karaoke got going and of course Chris sang and did great. Rachel, Kelsie and even Heather sand tonight and all of them did great. It was a really fun evening and of course as it got later and girls started to leave there were more hugs as this is how girls say goodbye and how I get my weekly dose of hugs.

It was a smaller crowd here tonight as the other big group that comes here on Friday nights had something else going on this weekend but it was still a fun crowd. It was almost 12:30 and Chris and I were the last of our group to leave.

Thanks for reading and have a great week and remember to be happy have good friends and love ones, and have something in your life you love to do and can look forward to, that is what makes a happy life, all the other things in life are second.

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Halloween party 2014 at Cassandra and Peggy’s house, awesome

Well Saturday night November 1 and we are having our annual Halloween party at Cassandra & Peggy’s house. They host it every year and do an awesome job. Now I wasn’t thrilled with my costume but it would still be a fun night. This is me with Trixie and Julie, one of many pictures I will include.

Now I was going to pick Samantha, Cloe and her boyfriend for the party as they needed a ride plus it was nice to have someone else in the car with me to talk with. I picked them up at the Escape bar at 6 pm and we were on our way. It took about 45 minutes to get to Cassandra and Peggy’s house where the party was.

The part started at 7 but there were already people there when we got there. The first person I saw was Dan and he was disappointed I recognized him as he really did have a great costume. Now it was made easier as there really would not be a lot of men here tonight. Had I ran into him someplace else I wouldn’t have recognized him. This is me with Dan and Bianca, she had a great costume on also.

Now the house was incredibly decorated as always, Peggy did a great job as she always does. She starts the beginning of October getting the house already and puts in many hours and we all appreciate it. Peggy and Cassandra are so awesome for doing this every year. They cater the whole thing, food, drink, DJ, and prizes for costumes and ask nothing in return. They just want us to have a good time which we always do. They even had Paul the owner of Sweethome and one of his employee’s Debra here tonight to serve drinks. They are both really awesome. I didn’t think to get a Picture with Paul but I did with Debra.

Now there was so much food and it was all so wonderful and of course I had to have a little of everything well maybe not everything but it sure felt like I did as I ate to much as always. Peggy had these awesome meat balls and of course little Halloween cupcakes.

By 8 a lot of people had shown up and there is no way I could remember all of them so I am not going to even try. I did try to talk with everyone at one point or another and I think I got pictures of everyone that attended the party as I took 8o pictures plus Cassandra was also taking pictures so I am sure between the 2 of us no one was missed I hope.

Lilly also made it she is one of our newer members, her wife got sick and couldn’t make it so she brought a friend who knows about Lilly so I had to get a picture with them, this is me with Lilly and Mike. I joked with her and told her everyone thought Mike was her wife in costume.

We actually had several new members here tonight, a few of them this was their first time out which really make these parties fun as it gives them a safe place to go and get their feet wet in going out and hopefully they will go out more. One of the new girls was named Rebecca and she had a great costume. I got a chance to talk with her for a while, she wants to go out more but is nervous about getting out of her car and walking in someplace by herself and we have all been there. I told her about my first times going out and sitting in my car for an hour before I chickened out and went home. Kristy and Trish were also new members although Kristy did come out last night also.

Now no party would be complete without getting a picture with Kathy, she was dressed as a good witch. Well it was time for the Costume contest and we had some really good costumes. Some put some real thought and effort into their costumes. I think I liked Chris costume best as it was really original. He was the Land-o-lakes lady, Google it and look at the images. I should have gotten a picture with him and he did win most original costume.

They even had a dance contest and had prizes for that. I only saw a few of the people who danced and they all did great. Julie and Trixie won a prize for dancing. It was a really fun party, I am not sure how many people showed up but I would guess at least 70 and they all seemed to have a good time we even had some people there I had never met and I think I got a chance to talk with most of them. I love meeting new people.

Kim also made it tonight and she had on this really awesome Pirate costume. The funny thing is I got several pictures of her but I didn’t get one of the two of us. I am hoping someone else did as she really looked Cute

Now luckily tonight we set the clocks back an hour as daylight savings time ends so we get an extra hour of sleep which is good as I got up early today because I had to work and I had hoped to get off early enough to take a nap which didn’t happen. So I was getting tired. Here is my last picture. This is Mandy, Victoria and me.

It was about 12:45 when I left well Me, Samantha, Cloe and her boyfriend so I was thankful for the extra hour we get tonight as it will be an hour or more till I get home. They were all ready to leave by now too. It is always hard to leave and of course I had to go around and say goodbye to everyone.

It was just an awesome night and I want to Thank Cassandra and Peggy for all they did. They are two awesome people and do so much for our group, I have made so many wonderful friend here and I love them all.

Happy Halloween and thanks for reading.

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Halloween night 2014

Well Halloween fell on Friday night this year and I just had to go out even though I couldn’t stay out late. Now I wanted to go out and of course I got to wear one of my old costumes and of course I chose my Wonder Woman Costume. I have always been a fan of Wonder Woman and I love the chance to be her.

I started getting ready early so I could go out early and tonight it worked. I got there by 6 pm and brought my computer. Chris was there and he had his computer also and was playing with his flight simulator. Chris also wore his costume which as really good. It is the one he is wearing to the Halloween party Saturday night so I won’t say what it is but it is original and that makes it really good. We are all looking forward to the party.

Well I ordered dinner early tonight as I wouldn’t be out that late. They had a Steak dinner as the special tonight and I ordered it and it was awesome. Rachael showed up she had contacted me to see if I would be out and that was the other reason I just had to make it tonight. I have known Rachael for many years, I met her when I first started going out and since she doesn’t get out often I had to make it out to see her and of course get a picture with her. We had a chance to talk and catch up which was really nice.

Cristine also made it tonight and she had on a cute costume also. We had a small group tonight which I figured as we have our big party tomorrow night and we will have a lot of our group out, we usually have 70 to 100 out for this party.

There were lots of people here tonight in costumes which was also fun as I loved to see all the great costumes. Even Paul the owner was in a costume. Besides me as Wonder Woman there was a Superman and a Batman here tonight.

It was a fun night and I was sad when I had to leave but I kept to my plan and left at 9 pm. Here is one last picture from the night. Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween !

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