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Prom Night 2013

Well tonight our group did a Prom Night, Kathy, Mandie and Danielle opened their home to host this party as we never got to go to Prom as a female and wear pretty dresses. I have been looking forward to tonight for weeks and spent a lot of time looking for a dress for tonight. Now I did not find a dress I liked so I did the next best thing. I changed my hair for the night and I think it looks good. I actually started getting ready early about 3:30 and spent over 2 hours getting ready making sure my makeup was perfect. I even did a Smokey eye makeup look and I think it turned out well and yes I will have lots of pictures in this blog as it was so much fun. I was ready to leave by 6 as I had a 45 minute drive to the party. The drive to the party was fun and easy and I got there the same time as Laura so we walked in together. The party started at 7 but there were already 15 girls there by the time I got there at 6:45 I guess we were all just a little excited.

The new hair worked as a couple girls didn’t recognize me from the back and everyone thought the hair was awesome and natural looking, I think the curls helped. Well the first thing I did was start taking pictures as I wanted to make sure everyone who came got their picture taken as we all know how much we all love having our pictures taken. There were so many awesome dresses I really should have looked harder for a Prom Dress.

Olivia was at the party, she does not get out much so always awesome to see her. She was so happy to be out, I remember the first time I met her at Embers she came in with Victoria Sinclair and she was so nervous just like I was the first time I went out. It was fun to talk with her again.

They also set up to take Prom pictures so all of us took turns it was just like being back in High School. They did such an awesome job setting this up and so much wonderful food. Kathy, Mandie, and Danielle did an awesome job; they even set up a dance floor. Now I can’t dance but I did have fun watching some of the girls dance.

It was so much fun just having a chance to talk with everyone and get to know some of the girl’s better we even had some girls that never come out or haven’t come out since we were excluded from the P-Club. Amy was there and she was our bartender and did an awesome job. She did get out from behind the bar a few times so of course I had to get a picture with her. Now I will admit in this picture I had her standing in the entry way and I was down one step in the living room, this way I was mot towering over her in my heels which by the way later I took off as my feet were hurting from standing all night. I was not the only one as several girl had their heels off including Cassandra and Cassandra does not take her heels off very often and yes Cassandra if you are reading this I do have a picture.

It was so much fun to see all the cute dresses and heels and the wonderful job everyone did on their hair and makeup. Everyone put so much effort into tonight as we all wanted to make our first Prom as girls special and I think we did it.

I also got to meet Melissa who just sent me a friend request on Facebook so it was fun to meet her. She was in the really cute silver dress and yes I had to get a picture with her. It was fun to talk to her and get to know her a little better. It was amazing all the pictures that were taken. Danielle and Cassandra and several others all had their cameras and I bet by the time they are all posted we will have several hundred to remember the wonderful night. Between all of us taking pictures I am sure that everyone there are in at least one picture.

It was a wonderful social event and one of the girls Bobbie from Idaho brought stuff to make corsages so several of the girls went out on the pouch and they made beautiful corsages to wear. If I had thought of it I should have got one for the party as it really was a wonderful idea. That is one of the advantages of being female, they get flowers and men don’t.

I am not sure but I would guess we had at least 40 there last night so we had a great turnout and everyone had a wonderful time. I think I got a chance to talk with everyone at some point during the night. As always the night went by so fast and soon it was almost midnight and time for me to leave which is always hard when you are having so much fun. Now this is where it gets interesting. I left and was on my way home and almost to HWY 26 when I saw the blue lights behind me, yes I was getting pulled over and I had no idea why as I was not speeding and as far as I knew I had not done anything wrong. Now getting pulled over would make anyone nervous but for some reason I was very calm. The officer came up and asked for my driver’s license and asked if I knew why he pulled me over and I replied no as I really had no idea. Well it turns out one of my headlights was out. He gave me my license back and told me to be sure and get my light fixed. He was very professional and never gave me a strange look or comment. Now I had the long drive home knowing I had a headlight out and worried I would get pulled over again maybe closer to my house. Well I made it home with no more problems. I must be sure to get that headlight fixed quickly. Even with this it was an awesome night and one I will not forget.

Well as I said I have a bunch of pictures so here they are.

Danielle and me

Christy, Me and Victoria

Christy, Me and Victoria

Kathy & Me

Kathy and me yes she changed her dresses during the party. This was her first dress.

Me and Linda she had on a tux like outfit and her husband Jamie had on a beautiful dress.

Me and Christy

Me and Linda

Me and Christy

Med and Lynn

Me at the Prom

One more close up.

Thanks for reading and sharing my special night. I hope we will do this again.

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Back at Sweet Home with friends.

Wow it is Friday night after a long short week for my male self. Being gone from work for a week in a half was wonderful but when you get back you have all the work to catch up on so even though I only had to work 3 days seemed like a week. Ad that to the fact we had so much fun, did so much during our vacation I almost needed a vacation to recover from my vacation, probably why I took Monday and Tuesday off when we got back. Any way I am so looking forward to tonight with my friends. I got home from work and started getting ready.

Now it was a nice sunny day out so I could see the neighbor kids all 7 of them out front playing so it was going to be tricky getting out. I know both the neighbors know about Susan but I don’t think their children know so I still have to be a little careful going out. I know at some point they will find out but still why rush it. Well I was already by 6:30 and I looked outside and couldn’t see anyone so I decided to put my wig on and just go for it. Now I can see out front but if they are just down the street I would not know. Well I pulled out of my garage and the street was clear and I was on my way.

I got to Sweet Home and found a parking spot right in front and went in. there were several people sitting at the tables we usually take so the group had got a table closer to the front door which was fine the only bad part is it was right next to where they do Karaoke so not a lot of room to move around the tables but still fine. Cassandra, Cristine, Laura and Amy were already there so I joined them. It wasn’t long and more of our group started to show up. Guinn, Michelle, Little Julie, Rose, Diane and even Bobbie from Idaho was in town for the weekend. Little Julie had met a girl when she was out dancing and invited her to come meet the group so she should also be here in a little while.

I got a chance to really talk with Little Julie tonight which was nice as she does not get out much with the group at least on Friday nights. Actually we all had a good chance to talk and catch up and of course we all had to tell about our trip to Las Vegas which was so much fun. I am hoping that next year we even have more from our group go as that would be so much fun. It is still so hard to believe Diva Las Vegas has come and gone for this year. All the buildup to it and the excitement waiting for it and then like that it is over but I have such wonderful memories and pictures so all is good.

It was great to be back at Sweet Home after missing 2 Fridays in a row and see all the wonderful people we have gotten to know, Jody the bar tender, Heather, Jessica, Michelle, Victoria and several others from the Karaoke group that we have come to know and all came over and said they missed us last week so of course we had to tell them also about pour trip to Las Vegas.

Well Little Julie and Laura played pool actually several of us played pool tonight but for some reason Cassandra didn’t play. I even played a few games and won a couple. Little Julie and I were finishing up our game which I lost when another couple came up and wanted to play pool and wanted to play doubles against us, their names were Elise & Jordan so we actually played two game and won both. They were really awesome and we had a blast with them. Little Julies friend Moxie showed up and brought one of her friends with her and they were both awesome. They were both GG’s had no problems hanging out with us. I got a chance to talk with them both and they are really nice.

It was such a fun night and we met several new people again tonight. It was such an awesome night and of course went by way to fast. Soon it was after 2 and they were closing down so we had to leave. Wow how fast time goes by.

Saturday night we are having a Prom night at one of the girl’s homes, a chance for those who never got to wear a Prom dress and wanted to can. I have looked but didn’t find a Prom dress so I am going but will just wear my red dress, I know they have seen me in this dress before but I am not going to miss it over a dress. Besides I want to see the dresses the other girls found plus the most important part is being with my friends.

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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Day 12 The change back from Susan to my male self

Well all good things must come to an end and so does 12 days of being Susan. it has been an awesome vacation and had so much fun but being female all the time does take work.

I got up early today and got all dressed up for my trip to the nail salon. I went early enough to let me stop at a Starbucks not far from the nail salon (Glamorous Nails 17475 SW Farmington Rd Aloha Or.) I go to. My appointment was for 10 and I got to the Starbucks about 8:45 so I had an hour to relax and play on my computer one last time before I have my nails removed. Now this Starbucks if next to a Fred Meyer so I had to park out in the parking lot and walk in. this Starbucks was so busy I had to stand in line, there were 9 people in front of me. There was only one seat open and there must have been 30 to 40 people there so I made my way back to the seat and sat down to enjoy the next hour and catch up on e-mails I have let go for the last week. No one seemed to pay any attention to me or care I was sitting next to them. It was relaxing and fun and as always went way to fast and soon I had to leave to go to the nail salon.

I got to the nail salon right at 10 and went in. several of the ladies there greeted me by name. even yesterday when I called to make the appointment to have my nails removed the lady on the phone knew who I was and called me by my name Susan. now I have gone here twice before to have my nails removed a couple years ago and 3 or 4 times for pedicures over the last several years so I guess I am unforgettable.

It was so sad to see the red polish removed and the nails trimmed down and then to soak them to soften them. The lady who did my nails was so nice and did an awesome job. I also got a manicure to help my nails look better as having acrylics removed are hard on your nails. It also make them thin as they take the hard top layer of the nail off when they put the acrylic nails on so the she talked me into what she called a clear shellac which is hard and suppose to protect your nails. Now I have never done Shellac before but they put the polish on your nails and then you put them in a light box for 3 minutes between coats to dry, way quicker then nail polish and just a little more expensive.

While I was getting my nails done another lady sat next to me to get a manicure and she was also getting Shellac polish for the first time so we talked about it and she asked me how I liked it and I told her this was also my first time for the shellac. It was so nice to just sit there and talk with her and she seemed totally fine with me being there. It took a little over an hour and I was back to short nails the only difference is they are nice and shiny. As I left the lady next to me said maybe she would see me there again sometime. The ladies working there all said goodbye to me by name and said see you soon so they must like me coming there, of course with the economy I am sure they are happy for any customers they have but it still makes you feel good.

The drive how was sad as I knew it was all coming to an end. I got home just before noon and into the shower to make sure all traces of Susan was washed away. then it was time to start doing laundry as I have a lot of clothes ton was and put away. so now I am sitting here as my male self finishing my blog of my trip and 12 days living as Susan. it seems weird to not see my long nails on the key board and my fingers feel a little strange without the nails but just like when I got them it took a day or two to get use to them I guess it will be the same to get use to not having them.

Now I will be male till Friday night when I go out with my friends again which I will be looking forward to. Now I get asked all the time why, how I switch back and forth and why I don’t go full time. I think that is because it is hard for some to understand wanting to present and go out as female and not be full time. Even I have a hard time putting it into word but the best way I can explain it is that I am both Susan and my male self, it takes both sides to make me who I am and for me to be happy. Yes I would love to have long pretty nails all the time but I also realize that if I did have them all the time there would probably be time I would not want them as there are things my male side likes to do that I couldn’t with long nails. I could never be happy with just one side of me; I need both the male and female sides of me as that is what makes me the person I am. It is complicated but to explain how one feels about life but this is my best attempt.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 11 back home and last full day as Susan

Well we are back home now after an awesome week. I crashed at Cassandra & Peggy’s house last night as we got back so late which was awesome of them to let me do that. The long nights have caught up with me because I slept in till almost 10 so I guess I was tiered. I got up and became Susan for my last full day. I plan on doing some shopping but first something to eat and what better than a Starbucks and a chance to catch up on my computer. The last 11 days really all I have had time to do was update my blog and even that was hard to fit in. some were written while we were driving down the freeway and then when I had internet I would post them. I decided to start at the streets of Tansasbourn which is an outside mall like a little village and I know they have a Starbucks there. I got there about 11:30 and the first thing was to call and make a nail appointment at Glamorous nails on Farmington road. They do an awesome job removing Acrylic nails and that is something you want done right. I called and asked for an appointment Tuesday at 10 am and the lady replied back Susan is this you which blew me away. I have gone here maybe 5 times over the last 4 years and the last time was for a pedicure last fall. Makes you feel good. I spent about 30 minutes here at Starbucks then went across the street to check out some of the stores.

I really like the outside malls on nice sunny days as it is so much fun being outside in the sun light. I checked out several of the stores but spent most of my time at Macy’s looking at cloths. This Saturday night our group is doing a Prom night for those who never got to wear a fancy Prom dress while growing up. The dress is not required to go just a chance to wear one so I have been kind of looking for on. So far all the nice Prom dresses I have found though are strapless and I seem to be missing a key element for wearing a dress like that. I will still go even if I can’t find a new dress but so much fun looking for one.

After this I decided to go look at wigs as my one really took a beating playing golf last week in the wind, note wigs do not do well in high winds. I went to Wigland and spent about 30 minutes here trying on wigs and found two I likes not blonde in color but close so how to decide which one. Well I couldn’t so I bought both. I figured since I won some money in Las Vegas to cover most of my cost I had money left I hadn’t expected to come home with so it worked out well. I wore one of them out of the store. I like the styles and may see if I can find them online in a blond color.

I went over to Lloyd Center and spent a couple hours just going from store to store looking at stuff, cloths, shoes, jewelry, makeup and even looked again for a Prom Dress but no luck so I will be wearing one of my dresses I already have next Saturday night. It was a fun and relaxing day. The last part of my day was what I was really looking forward to. I was picking Kim up at her work and we were going out to dinner. After not seeing her for over a week I could hardly wait. We had a wonderful time and a nice dinner, the perfect way to end the day.

Tomorrow I have to get up early and get ready so I can go have my nails removed. I am sad about this as having long pretty nails is the one thing I wish I could do all the time but in my male life it would not work. I don’t think the world is ready for men to have long red nails but maybe someday.

Thanks for reading

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Day 10 the long drive home from LA

Well I rolled out of bed at 7:30 boy was that a short night. I think these late night hours are catching up with all of us. Michelle was ready and she and Cassandra were leaving for the airport so I had a little over an hour till Cassandra was back and I would need it all. I am not as quick at getting Susan ready as I was this time last week. Being a girl 24/7 takes work. Cassandra got back a little before 9 and I was almost ready. It is a good thing she is a t-girl as she knows how much time it takes to get ready so she was wonderful about waiting on me.

We left almost right on time it was 9:03 when we pulled out of the parking lot. Now we just had our 15 hour drive home and yes not that exciting just riding in the car for 15 hours as Susan but then it is the whole experience of being Susan for 12 days straight and that means not just the fun times going out but also the everyday things and some may wonder why I would take the time and spend an hour doing makeup just to sit in a car but we do make some stops for gas and bathroom breaks so I do get out and have interaction with some people although a limited amount.

Now Cassandra likes to drive and really the only time I drove on the trip was to take Peggy to the airport and I think one night going back to our hotel as I don’t drink the rest of the time Susan gets chauffeured around like a princes. Well we were about 3 hours out of LA when I think the late nights caught up to Cassandra, we had stopped and got something to eat so Cassandra asked me to drive so she could take a little nap. I am glad she did as it is never good to drive when you are overly tiered and she realized it. So yes Susan got to drive, I actually drove about 4 ½ hours up to Redding California which is a section of road I have never driven before.

It was a fun trip back and we stopped and dropped Cristine off at her home before going to Cassandra’s house as my car was there. It was about 12:30 so I spent the night in their spare bedroom, Thanks Cassandra and Peggy for that. Tomorrow I will get up for my last full day as Susan; I will go shopping and have fun before going home tomorrow night. Than Tuesday I will be Susan in the morning as I have to go get my beautiful nails removed, must call tomorrow and make a nail appointment. Then it will be back home to change back into my male self. 12 days living as Susan. these 12 days have gone by so fast but I have my blog and many pictures to remind me of all the fun I had.

Thanks for reading and hope you have all enjoyed my adventure and maybe you can join us next year at Diva Las Vegas!

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Day 9 of Diva Las Vegas back to LA

Well Diva Las Vegas is over for the year and nit seems to have gone by so fast this year. It is Saturday morning and we are getting ready for the trip back to LA, well actually Van Nuys California where the Oxwood is. Michelle is going with us as she will fly back to Portland from LA on Sunday. This means we have an extra person in the car plus more luggage. We all took our stuff to Cassandra’s room and called a bell hope up to get it and take it to the car and it actually took two as we had about 4 bags more than he could fit on his cart.

We got all our stuff downstairs and now we had to tie several of the bags on the roof reason we went and got the rope yesterday. Now Cassandra and Michelle were both in male mode but as I took no male cloths on this trip plus the fact I have long red acrylic nails I am Susan for the whole trip but I did help them tie the bags down which I found out is not as easy with long nails. The drive was nice and we got to our motel about 4:30 and Cassandra and Michelle had to transform from male to female which took awhile as for me and Cristine we just had to freshen up, change to a dress and heels and of course a red lipstick to go with my black dress. We were all ready and on our way by 6:30 so we were going to be really early as the Oxwood doesn’t get busy till 10.

We got there and I was hungry so Michelle and I walked across the street to a little restaurant that I can’t remember the name. Now I am sure this was a sight as I had on my little black dress and spiked heels as we walked across the street. We sat and ordered dinner and chatted for a bit. The staff was wonderful and always referred to us as ladies but then they are across the street from the best T-girl place in Southern California.

Michelle and I got back over to the Oxwood around 8 and they still weren’t that busy. They were setting up the little stages for the pole dancers. We joined Cassandra and Cristine at the bar for a while. A man sat next to me and I could feel him watching me so I just kept my attention towards Cassandra, Cristine and Michelle. A few more t-girls started coming in so we moved over to a table by the pool tables which I was glad as I still find it uncomfortable to attract male attention, just not my thing. I know dressing and acting lick a lady will attract male attention but it is really the only thing about being Susan that bothers me.

We all wanted to get some pictures and we thought what better place than on the pole dancing stage so all 4 of us went over and got several pictures. We even tried to swing on the bar and trust me it is not as easy as they make it look. A couple times I thought a was going over backwards. I even got a dollar tip; yes the man at the bar that had been watching me came over and gave a dollar. I will put most of these pictures at the end.

Well now that we all had our pictures it was time for pool. We put our names up and waited for our turn. You need to get on the board early as once they get busy they can have 20 to 30 different names waiting to play. My first game I played I did really well and was down to the 8 ball and missed an easy shot and the lady I was playing against didn’t but we had fun. So I put my name up again with about 15 people ahead of me so I knew that would be my last game as it was almost 11 and the bar was getting busy. It wasn’t quite as busy as last week but still 60 to80 t-girls there.

While we waited we talked and amongst ourselves and also with some of the t-girls from the LA area. It was a fun night and yes I had another guy come over and hit on me and I politely declined and told him I wasn’t interested and he was fine with that and moved on to another t-girl. Well it was almost midnight when it was my turn to play again and I was playing a guy who plays in tournaments so I really didn’t stand much of a chance. I had on ball left and he was on the 8 ball so my shot was always to leave him no shot in case I missed m ball and it worked as he tried to make a bank shot around my ball and scratched so I won. He was not really happy about it but not that he lost to me but rather that there were now over 20 names in front of him to play again so he may not get another chance to play before the night is over. Now I got to play again because I won and I did okay but still lost but having won against him made my night as it is always fun to win against someone who is way better then you are.

We stayed way later than I think any of us planned as we wanted to be on the road by 9 am and it was almost 2 am now and as you know Susan can’t just roll out of bed and be ready she needs time to look her best. I think I got to bed a little after 2 as it was not far back to our motel. We planned on getting up at 7 and while Cristine and I get ready and do our makeup Cassandra was going to take Michelle to the airport after all Michelle is flying home as her male self and that is also how Cassandra is traveling.

It is so hard to believe that I have been Susan nonstop now for 10 days; I guess time does fly when you are having fun. But as our trip comes to an end it is sad as I know on Tuesday I have to have my beautiful nails removed and then Susan goes away till next Friday. I still have the trip home on Sunday and Monday which I am not sure what I will do probably go shopping.

See I am not a graceful dancer but I tried.

Way harder than it looks

Maybe my best attempt

Just posing.

I got down and then leaned back in the next picture not easy

Almost slipped here and though I was going down.

My tip

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Day 7 of Diva Las Vegas the last day Diva Las Vegas

It is the final full day of Diva Las Vegas and it is so hard to believe how fast the week has gone by. We were still up by 10 am even after getting to bed after 5 am, these short nights are catching up to me so I guess Susan is not as young as she use to be. We were all up and ready and on our way by 1 pm. We really didn’t have any plans till the big Farwell dinner tonight at Bahamas Breeze but we did need to get some rope to tie some stuff on the roof of the car as Michelle is going back to LA with us and we will have extra bags also. We found an Ace Hardware and Peggy and I went in to find some rope, now I have done a lot of shopping as Susan but this is my first trip as Susan to a hardware store.

After this we went back to the hotel and Cassandra and Cristine went to the room as Cassandra wanted to get her stuff packed as she had a lot of stuff, she does not travel light but than none of us do. I could do this same trip as my male self with just my one bag but Susan needed 3 bags one just for hair and makeup. Oh the simple joys of being a girl.

Peggy and I took the car and went back over to the mall at Planet Hollywood as Peggy has never been there and we wanted to shop. It is really a nice mall even though most of the shops are higher end but still fun to look around. We checked out some clothing stores that had some really cute dresses but they would not look the same on me as they are really designed for smaller ladies but still fun to look plus just being out wandering around with someone else makes for a fun day.

We also spent some time in a jewelry store and they had a lot of beautiful things. I found a really beautiful necklace but it is one that just slips over your head and you guessed it, it was to small fur me but Peggy bought it and I am sure it will look awesome. They also had a huge selection of earrings but all for pierced ears, it really is a shame I don’t have pierced as they have so many cute earrings. We spent about an hour and a half wandering around before we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We were all so looking forward to tonight even though we know it means the end to a wonderful week and now we have to wait till next year which I am already looking forward to.

I really didn’t need much time to get ready as I knew exactly what I was going to wear which I think is the first time this week I have worn what I planned on without changing my mind. I wore my maroon dress, high heels and my long wig and of course had to change my lipstick to match my dress, it is a girl thing. Plus it is so much fun walking through the hotel.

We got to the Bahamas Breeze around 6 for the social hour before dinner and it was so much fun to see the friends I have made over the last few years plus meet some new ones. The other cool things is everyone had cameras and there were so many pictures taken. As I have so many they will be at the end of this blog. I even got some pictures with the wait staff including Autumn who I met two years ago here and she had told me that the waits staff that works the Diva Las Vegas dinner all request to work this night as they think we are such a fun group. It is just a super fun night.

After we left the dinner we went back to the hotel and down to the casino, now it is a little different being in the casino in a nice dress and high heels and I was a little worried I would stand out but there were a lot of woman walking around the casino all dressed up but then tonight is a Friday night. We had a couple people walk by and next thing you know Cassandra is talking to them and got a picture with the husband than the wife wanted a picture with both Cassandra and me. We talked to them for quite a while and we were talking about gambling and I asked him if he knew what happened when you lose too much and he said no so I told him he was looking at it and I pointed to myself and the wife broke up laughing. They really were a lot of fun.

We sat around and talked for a while and then we all wanted to do a little gambling for our last night here. I was only going to gamble a little as I was going to drive Peggy to the airport Saturday morning as she had to be there at 5:30 am so we had to leave the hotel by 5 am. Well I went back to the Pai Gow table and sat down to play, I like this game as it is a lot slower pace than blackjack. Cristine went with me and I was explaining how it is played to her. another seat opened at the end of the table so Cristine sat down and also played, the guy next to her was nice and was helping her. well before I knew it, it was a little after midnight; wow does the time go by fast when you are having fun. I quit and was up so I walked away a winner but I know it will be a short night.

Now as I was driving Peggy really early in the morning I slept in my full makeup so all I would have to do is a quick fix in the morning to make it at least passable enough to walk through the hotel at 5 am, I figured anyone seeing me would just think it was a late night for me. Well I got up and through on some cloths, remember I have no male cloths so I had no choice but to be Susan. Well doing this half asleep and in the dark so I didn’t wake up Cristine was also a challenge. I even knocked over my purse. I met Peggy outside her room and took her to the airport and was back to the hotel by 6 so I could get a little more sleep before getting up. Anyway I got to the room and went to get my room key out of my purse and my wallet was not there, it turns out when I knocked over my purse it fell out onto the floor of the room. So now I am locked out and have no ID on me so I can’t go to the front desk so I had to knock on the door till I woke Cristine up. Well I finally got back into the room and into bed.

Thanks for reading and here are the pictures

Beverly and Me at dinner, I met her the first year when Cassandra, Peggy and I came to Diva Las Vegas.

This is Cami and I we met two years ago while playing golf.

This is Sue and me and I am blonde and can’t remember but I think I met her at the first Diva Las Vegas I went too.

This is Laura, Me and her wife Laura. I met them for the first time last Monday night but we did exchange messages on facebook as they saw I was also going to Diva Las Vegas. They are an awesome couple.

This is another one of the wonderful waitresses we had but she really need high heels as I towered over her.

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Day 7 of Diva Las Vegas out on the Las Vegas Strip

Wow it is hard to believe how fast this week is going. I got up and got ready a lot slower as the late nights are catching up to us all. I got to bed last night a little after 3 am again and was up by 10 to get ready. It was about 12:30 when Cristime and I went down to get something to eat. We had sent Cassandra a text and hadn’t heard back from her. We got a quick snack and then went to the casino to see if any of the girls were there. we didn’t see any so I sat down at a blackjack table as the dealertainer (Beth Middler) was one that was here 2 years ago when I was here and I had played a lot with her than and she actually remembered me. I started off good but soon my luck changed but I was having fun. The next dealertainer was Shakira and she also remembered me. Well my luck didn’t change and so when the money I bought in with ran out I stopped and went to find Cristine. She had found Kelli at the slot machines so we talked about what we wanted to do. The problem is we could not get a hold of Cassandra and she was the one who had everyone’s phone numbers and was coordinating between us all.

Kelli wanted to do a little shopping so we walked next door to Harrah’s and checked out their shops. It was the nicest day so far we have had here in Las Vegas low 70’s and no wind. So we decided to walk up the Las Vegas Strip and check out some of the other casinos as it has been many years since Kelli has been to Las Vegas and we all wanted some sun shine.

The next hotel casino was the Venetian which is huge and very upscale but very beautiful from the outside. We ran into Veronica and she was on her way back to the Quad so we exchanged numbers so we could stay in contact and I also got Michelle’s number so now we were all in contact except for Julie and I texted Cassandra a few more times and still nothing. This is such a fun day as we are out walking with hundreds if not thousands of people and yes we did get a few strange looks but no one said anything to us nor did we have any problems. We were just a group of ladies out enjoying the day and the sights. We actually took many pictures here. This is where we met up with Michelle; this is a picture of Michelle and me by the fountain out front. This is also one of my new outfits I bought for this trip; I just love the color of my Capri’s.

Now we all had our cameras out as t-girls love getting pictures taken. We moved over by the canals and took more. This is the best of the 3 I think but since the other 2 are good they will be at the end of the blog. I am so glad I wore my low heels today because we were doing a lot of walking today.

Michelle wanted to go to the Fashion Mall which is right on the Las Vegas Strip and just a block down but are they big blocks. We got to the mall a little before 5 and started looking around. It was so funny as we finally got a text from Cassandra, her and Peggy had just gotten up at 5 pm. We were all going to meet up at 6:30 and go down town Las Vegas to the Fremont Experience and spend some time down there which I was really looking forward to as Susan has not been there yet.

Michelle wanted some ne eye shadow so we went into Macy’s and down to the cosmetic counter where Michelle was helped by a very friendly lady. She did her eye makeup and showed her how to do it and helped her pick out a great color pallet for her eyes and we were treated awesome here. Kelli and I wanted to get back to the hotel as we wanted to freshen up before going out for the night so we caught a cab back. I am getting good at freshening up so it didn’t take me long.

We drown downtown to the Golden Nugget to park. I think this is the biggest and nicest hotel casino downtown. We were all hungry so we went to their buffet which was a little expensive but oh so good. Going to a buffet is fun but as Susan I had limited choices as I love BBQ ribs but there was no way I was going to eat them as I would have had BBQ sauce all over my face and ruined my makeup and lipstick not to mention having it under my long pretty nails.

After dinner we walked down Fremont Street and it was wall to wall people and they have people who dress up as different stars, superheroes and so on and you can get a picture with them, they can’t charge but they expect a tip. Several of us got so pictures and I think the big one was the two showgirls. I think we all took several pictures with them.

From here we went to a place called Drink & Drag which is the biggest LGBT bar anyplace or will be when they are all done. They have 6 pool tables 8 to 10 lane bowling alley. Game room and bar and dance floor and they plan to add another 65,000 sq feet on the floors above. They really weren’t busy but it was the middle of the week.

After this we went out and watched a couple of the light shows which are awesome. All the casinos turn off their outside lights during the show which is pretty cool. The shows last 10 minutes or so and they do them every hour.

Now it was after midnight so we went back to the casino for the rest of the night. I played a little blackjack and did okay but when the table went cold I stopped and went over to the Pai Gow table as it is a lot slower game. I love blackjack but at $10 a hand if you are losing it doesn’t take long to go through your money. I did well at Pai Gow and when I stopped I had won back all I had lost that day plus some. I went over to check on Cassandra and checked my phone to see how late it was and it was after 5 am so I went up to bed. I think this is the latest I have been up in a long time but it was so much fun.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 6 of Diva Las Vegas the half way point in the trip

Well we got up and we are all moving a little slower as the late nights are catching up to us. I think we were in bed about 3 am and I actually got up about 9:30 and started getting ready and it took me longer today. This is me at the elevator. We were meeting at the dealertainers before we head out our first stop is Planet Hollywood hotel casino as we are going to the Nathan Burton magic show at 4 and need to get our tickets. As I said all are moving slower and it was just Cassandra, Cristine, Kellie and me that were going and we were going to get Julie’s ticket.

We drove over to Planet Hollywood and went into their mall yes a lot of these casinos have big malls in them they are actually small cities with everything you need and they do that in hopes you won’t leave. Well as luck would be we walked right into the information booth and we could get our tickets right there and the theater the show is in is just down the mall. We bought our tickets $44 and got a 45 minute pre show with another magician so we had to be at the theater by 3 now. We were hunger so we had lunch.

After lunch Cassandra and Kellie went back to our hotel to get Julie and Cristine and in took the chance to walk the mall. There was a young lady in an awesome costume passing out coupons so we stopped so I could get a picture with her. It was funny as she asked if Cristine was my mom, Cristine was flattered by this so I guess I would make a pretty good daughter. If I had thought I should have got a picture with all 3 of us.

We continued around the mall and walked into the casino. It was really nice inside and the female dealers all had on these really cute outfits but the tables were all at least $15 a hand, gambling is getting expensive for this girl as I gamble for fun so the cheaper the better. Well we went back into the mall and continued on around as the mall is in the shape of a circle. We did take time to go into one store and I bet most can guess which one, yes Victoria’s Secret. We had several of the girls working there ask if they could help us and if we needed anything to just ask. One young lady even talked to us for a while, they made us feel just as welcome as anyone else. We got back to where we started and met up with Cassandra, Julie & Kellie and went into the pre show.

The first magician was Armando Vera and his show was close up and only about 25 people and he had great interaction with us. He did a lot of card tricks and boy was he good. He could move cards around and find any card in the deck. It was an awesome show and if you like this type of magic you should check him out. His show goes about 45 minutes and then we went down to our seats for the main show.

The main show was Nathan Burton and he won the Americas got talent a while back and how he got started. His is a comedy magic show and it is awesome and worth every penny of our tickets. If you are in Las Vegas and looking for a fun show that really isn’t that expensive you should check this show out. We all laughed so hard and the magic tricks were awesome.

After the show we walked back through the mall and casino and met up with others from Diva Las Vegas for dinner at PF Chang. It was so nice and we had a great time and of course got a few more pictures. I thought this was a cute picture of me and Julie before dinner. We were upstairs and had a bunch of tables all put together so we could talk and interact with each other. The food was awesome and it was just a fun night. I got to talk with many girls I have met before and met some new friends.

We stayed here till after 8 and then we had to go as Cassandra had to be to the airport at 9 to pick her wife Peggy up as she flew in tonight to spend the next few nights here with us which will be so much fun. Also tonight Michelle is flying in but she won’t get in till around 10. I made a quick trip to the room to make sure my makeup was still looking good and then back down to the casino.

I was the first bone down there so I sat down at a blackjack table and started playing and I did okay which means I didn’t lose money. Cassandra and Peggy got back and it was so awesome to see Peggy again now we just have to wait for Michelle to show up. Julie wanted to play Craps and I know how so we went over to a table. They were busy but we found a place the bad thing is it was a $5 table and as you have to have more than one bet to really have a chance to win it gets spendy. Peggy was with us so Peggy and I pooled our money and Julie played on her own and I just told her where and how to bet. The table was a little cold and soon it was Julie’s turn to throw the dice and she did awesome. She threw for about 15 minutes or more before she threw a 7 and lost. She was doing so well the whole table was cheering for her and the people at our end were high fiving her and me when she hit her points. We all made money and we should have walked away after she was done as we were up but we kept playing. In the end I think we all finished just a little up but had a blast.

Michelle finally got there and we all went back over to the blackjack tables and found a table we could all sit at and played for quite a while. We gambled for a good 5 to 6 hours and in the end I think I finished with $10n more than I started with. It was a supper fun night. It was about 3 am when I was done, Cassandra was still playing so I cashed in and off to my room for some sleep that I really need now as we have had some really short nights.

One final picture from dinner tonight. Thanks for reading

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Day 5 of Diva Las Vegas Golfing as Susan

Well today is the golf tournament at Desert Rose Golf Course. We were meeting at 7:30 to head to the golf course now my male self could have gotten up at 7:15 and been ready but not Susan. I got up at 6 am to start getting ready band even then I was pushing it to be downstairs to meet the group on time. Yes that is correct I have to do my makeup to go golfing, doesn’t every woman? After all it is all about how you look right. We got to the golf course and got signed in and down to warm up at the driving range. My nails were a little on the long side for golf but I could still grip the club so I was good although I did have to take my ring off but left my bracelets on.

We were the 4th group off the tee which I like as I really hate having to be the first to hit, too much pressure. This is a picture I took after playing golf so not great but still after 5 hours in the wind playing golf I looked better than I thought. Now I knew it would be cool out only the upper 60’s but that is nice weather in Portland this time of year but with the wind always blowing and when the sun was behind the clouds which was most of the time it got cold especially when we were driving the cart between holes.

In my group was Cassandra, Julie, Veronica and me, Petra was in the group behind us. Now I knew it would be windy from previous years so I did bring 2 hair clips which helped but still had hair blowing in my face. This is the only thing bad about long hair but one of the things you have to put up with to be cute.

It took about almost 6 hours for all 5 of our groups to play which is a little slower than normal but we were having fun and looking good and that is what the day was all about. Plus the course was not busy at all so have to wonder about it as the greens were really in bad shape and so were a lot of the fairways, but t5he staff here are wonderful and always treat us great. We did get a few looks from other golfers on the course but I am sure they were just jealous of how we looked.

Now Susan did have her 3rd best round of golf ever today but then again this is only the 3rd time I have played golf as Susan, but as I said all day long it was not about the score but how cute I looked. Now I know what everyone wants to know what Susan’s score was. She shot a 106 today my goal was to be under 100 as my male self usually shoots between the low and upper 90. I never said I was great at golf I just like it and playing as Susan is way more fun.

After the round of golf we had lunch and prizes and a small gift exchange. Actually today was not that expensive as for $50 dollars we got our round of golf, cart, bucket of balls for the driving range and lunch. It was after 4 when we left the golf course and went back to the airport to put our clubs on Julie’s plane.

It was almost 6 when we got back to the hotel so we all went upstairs to get cleaned up, fresh makeup and new outfits for the evening. We were going to meet in the casino at 6:30 and decide what we were going to do. Now today Kellie flew in for the rest of the week so she met us downstairs.

Jen and Mary also got in today; Cassandra and I met them the first year we were here in 2010. They are two GG’s from Utah. They come to Las Vegas in April to celebrate one of their birthdays and they had so much fun with us they plan their trip so they can hang out and gamble with us. Jen got there but Mary had a little too much fun earlier in the day after they got in and stayed at their hotel to rest.

I went and sat down at a blackjack table that was empty and I no more than sat down and a guy came over and sat next to me. He was really drunk; actually the dealer was waving off the cocktail waitress from serving him. Well he started hitting on me and I have to wonder if he realized I was a t-girl or not. I was so glad when Veronica, Cassandra and Kellie came over to play. Well I was losing and the guy next to me was starting to play stupid so I stopped and left the table.

Now we wanted to get something to eat so we walked next door to Harrah’s and went to Toby Keith’s restaurant. The food was good but the music was a little loud and the tables were big so it was hard to talk except for the person next to you. Tonight I did have a salad as I wanted to eat a little healthier.

Now it was after 10 and we went back to play blackjack at the casino. Now the other night I could do nothing wrong and wo9n big but that was not the case tonight. I tried several tables and dealer and they were all hot. I probably lost a little over half of what I had won but I am still up for the trip and having fun. Cassandra did well tonight so she went to cash some of her chips in and me we all went with her. I walked over to the crap table to check it out as they have a computerized on here. You still throw the dice but other than that it is all computerized. Two guys sitting there tried to get me to sit down and play but I had lost enough for the night so I just talked with them and they explained how the table worked. They finally left and Julie came over and wanted to know more about playing it. She has played before but didn’t understand the odds. Now I am by no means an expert but I was able to explain some more to her.

We must have been there 15 minutes when one of the guy’s earlier came back to talk to us. He told us he admired our courage for being out as female and as we talked more with him we found out he is a crossdresser. He paints his nails but as he was here with his parents he had taken the color off but he and his wife go get manicures and pedicures together. So we talked with him for maybe 20 to 30 minutes and told him all about Diva Las Vegas. I even gave him one of my little cards I had made up for Susan with my e-mail and a link to my blog as I have a link to the Diva Las Vegas web page there. I think he may check it out and maybe plan to go to one of the future Diva Las Vegas.

Well Julie and I went to look and see if any of the other girls were still in the casino. We saw Cassandra and Jen still playing so headed over to see how they were doing. As we passed one of the tables that were empty the dealertainer that was there was Brittney Spears and she had on this really cute pink skirt so I asked for a picture with her and she was only too happy to. I love this look but it would not look the same on me.

It was a really fun night and I think it was about 2:30 when we went upstairs for bed. It has been a long and fun day and as I was getting ready for bed I realized that today was Tuesday and by this time next week I will have had to remove my beautiful nails and be back to my male self which is sad but I think by then I will also be a little relieved as it takes a lot of work to be a female.

Well tomorrow is day 6 of my trip and the start of the second half. It has been such a fun week and having so many good friends here with me from Portland has made it awesome. Wednesday morning Petra flies home but Wednesday evening Peggy (Cassandra’s wife) and Michelle flies in.

Thanks for reading.

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