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Awesome day golfing with friends

Okay it is Sunday and we are having our Rose City T-girl golf tournament at Wildwood golf course. I have been really looking forward to this. Now we are playing a best ball scramble and have 4 teams. This is a fun way to play as it really doesn’t matter how good you are as everyone hits and then you take the best hit and all hit from there. Now I was picking Julie up at 10:30 and we were riding together.

I started getting ready a little after 8 A.M. Yes I spent almost 2 hours getting ready and doing my makeup to go golfing. It really was fun just getting ready for a day on the golf course. I was ready just a little before 10 and was on my way to pick up Julie. I got to her house right on time and Julie had on the cutes golfing outfit. Of course I had to go inside and say hi to Trixie, She was there but wasn’t going golfing with us. Soon we were on our way talking the whole way, it really was a fun drive. We got there at 11:30 and Dan, Laura M, Sophie and her brother, Peggy, Cassandra and Veronica were already there.

we all went to the club house where Cassandra and Peggy had gift bags for all of us. Wow so nice of them. now the teams were as follows. Team 1 Cassandra, Veronica, Julie and Lisa. Team 2 Dee, Sophie, Michelle. Team 3 Melissa, Laura H, Laura M and Sophie’s brother. Team 4 Dan, Kelli, Peggy and me. Now Wildwood remolded their club house and deck area and it really is beautiful.

We all went up to the driving range for a while and warmed up by hitting some balls. I had some really good shots, it was a shame to waist them on the driving Julie and Susanrange. Soon it was time to get ready to golf and of course I had to get a picture with Julie. What a cute picture.

All the groups got together and we went over the rules, Cassandra and Peggy had prizes for the longest drive, Longest put, 4 KP’s (closest to the pin) and of course the winning team. They really put a lot of effort and work into setting this up and deserve a lot of thanks.

Now it was time to tee off and we all went to the 1st tee to get some pictures, both team and individual and of course I had toSusan ready to golf get one. Wow I am holding my club like a sword ready to do battle. The weather was perfect low 80’s and no wind, well it was a little hot if you were sitting in the sun.

The teams started teeing of and we were on our way. Peggy and I were in the same cart so we got a good chance to talk which was really nice, Peggy is really awesome. I really do need to get together with her for dinner. We even talked about my vacation in October and we may get together a couple of the days.

WE had a great time golfing and everyone had some really good shots and some not so good but playing a scramble evens them out. I had one hole that we used all of my shots. Now we finished the front 9 at 4 under par for our team so we new we were in the running to win. The back 9 we dig good to and in the end we finished 6 under par which was enough to win as the other teams were 4 under and the other 2 were 2 under par. So really all the teams did really well. That being said I played all 18 holes with 1 ball, That is right I didn’t lose a golf ball today. I can’t remember the last time I played 18 holes without losing at least one golf ball. I also came close on one of the par 3 for the KP. My shot was about 4 feet from the pin but my team mate Kelli put hers a little closer, I guess if I had to lose that hole I was glad it was Kelli who beat me.

It was a slow round but we never fell behind the groups in front of us. We finished golfing at a little after 6 and then went back to the club house and sat on their beautiful deck area for a BBQ and of course the prizes. It was a wonderful day and I am sure everyone had an awesome time. We had a wonderful social time while we ate. The course was wonderful, the staff awesome, I would give Wildwood a 10.

It was sad to see the day come to an end, it was a little after 8 when we left. It was nice having Julie ride with me as it made the ride home so much better. We talked about how we did golfing and of course we talked about Peggy’s beautiful nails, she had a really pretty reddish pink color on them and of course we both noticed and wished we had them. We got to Julies house and I went in for about 15 minutes so I could say hi to Trixie and we could talk a little. I left her house a little after 9 so it was about 9:30 when I got home. Almost 12 hours after I left this morning. I was amazed how well my makeup stood up. My lipstick was a little worn but the rest looked okay. Probably my hair took the worst beating today but I new that would happen.

It really was a fun day and I want to Thank Peggy and Cassandra for setting this up and of course all my wonderful friends in our group I got to spend the day with.

Thanks for reading

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First Rose City T-girl golf game of the year at Wildwood golf course

Wow what a super fun and memorable day golfing. There were 8 of us meeting for golf at Wildwood golf course in Saint Helens Oregon, we went here 5 times last year and ad a blast and they treated us so wonderful we had to go back. Now they were doing a BBQ for us before we played so we had to be there by 1 but my intention was to be there between noon and 12:30 so I started getting ready to leave at 10 am as it takes about 45 minutes to get there so I wanted to leave by 11:15.

Well things don’t always go right and it was 11:30 when I was ready to go. I was all dressed and looking cute for golf and had sun screen on every bit of exposed skin I could find as it was going to be sunny and warm today. Now I was getting my purse ready and I discovered I had not planned well. I use my credit card for everything and it turns out I didn’t have any cash on me. Now I had already paid for the golf and everything but I would need cash to get snacks and drinks from the Ashley the cart girl who brings stuff around while you are on the course. Now I was all dressed so this would mean stopping at the ATM for some cash. Now I didn’t go to the bank by my house so the only other one I knew of was the main branch so that is where my first stop was.

So as I was driving down the freeway from my house I noticed a car in the right lane that was going less than the speed limit and it looked very familiar. It looked just like my parents car and as I got closer I could see it was. Now I had 2 options slow down and stay behind them or go by them. Gambled that with my new car they may not be able to tell it was me so I just looked straight ahead and went by them s all the would see is a female driving a car that looked like mine as I know they don’t know my license plate number.

I got there and there was a man at the machine outside and another one waiting so I sat in my car to wait my turn. The man finished and the other lady went up and just then anther lady came around the corner and stopped to wait for the machine so I saw where this was going as I was another woman walking across the parking lot so I got out of my car and went and stood in line to us the machine. No one said a thing and soon it was my turn and I got my money and I was on my way.

I got to the curse about 12:30 so still within my goal and as I parked I saw I had a text from Cassandra asking if anyone else was there yet so I text her back saying I just arrived and asked where they were. I got out of my car and started to walk towards the club house and I heard a horn honk and saw Cassandra and Peggy’s car they were one row back so I walked over to meet them and of course Victoria was parking just a few cars down so the foursome I was in was all there.

We went up and checked in and went out and sat on the patio to wait for the other girls, Soon Petra, Michelle, Amber and Veronica showed up. Now we were doing a BBQ first before we played so the guy came out to cook our hamburgers and he did a great job and was really nice. This is part of our group, left to right, Peggy, Susan, Michelle, Victoria and Petra.

We all ate a wonderful lunch and spent some time talking, it was such a beautiful day sunny and warm and actually when the sun was on you it was a little on the hot side. Now the lady who we set this up with came out and brought us all cupcakes what a treat. I believe her name I Jenny and she was awesome. I had to get a picture with her also. Not a great picture of me.

After lunch we got our clubs and went and hit some balls on the driving range and then it was time to tee off. Now we were playing a best ball scramble which works best as it doesn’t matter how good you are. For those not familiar with golf everyone hit a ball and then you pick the best shot and everyone then hits from there and you do this all the way through including putting.

Now we did have prizes as we each put in $4 and we had 2 closest to the flag called a KP and the longest drive, I am not a long ball hitter so that is out for me but I could win the closest to the flag. Well we got to the first par 3 which was the closest to the flag and the other group ball was on the far end of the green. I put my shot about 8 feet from the flag and then just had to wait to see if someone from my group got closer and they didn’t so I won the first KP so I was pretty happy. We plaid the front 9 and our group shot an even par which I guess with a scramble you should but what is interesting is we made par on each hole, we didn’t shoot under or over which is a little more hard to do.

Well we started the back 9 and we found out the other group was 3 over so we were ahead but then today was more about looking cute on the golf course than winning at least for me. Well we started off on the back 9 and we kept out par streak alive till the 12 hole that is right we had 11 straight pars. Hole 12 is a par 3 and you hit from up on a hill down to the green and it is only 123 yards to the green with water behind and to the right and this is the hole our par streak would end on. Victoria was the first to hit and she walked up with her driver. Now Cassandra looked at her and asked her why she was using that as it was only 123 yard downhill. Victoria said she was going to hit t soft and Cassandra reminded her there was water right behind the green. Victoria was determined to use it so she teed up and hit it soft. It only went about a third of the way down the hill in the air and then hit the ground and we watched it roll over a hump and disappear and soon we saw it still rolling at the bottom of the hill. It kept rolling and made the green and didn’t stop there. It kept rolling at the flag and just as it looked like it would stop just short it didn’t and it rolled into the cup for a hole in one. It was amazing, I have seen them on TV but never in person. I don’t even know anyone personally who has gotten a hole in 1 before. Victoria was so excited as we all were. Of course as she sunk it and it was best ball the rest of us didn’t need to hit as we couldn’t do better than her shot so we took some pictures.

Victoria after the great shot with Cassandra in the background in awe.

Victoria standing beside the hole sign on her hole.

The ball in the cup when we got down to the green.

Victoria removing her ball from the cup and yes she did put the ball in her bag to keep and got a new ball out to use. I am sure she will frame that ball at least I would. This was the most exciting thing I have seen golfing and I am sure we will all remember it. Now this is where our game picked up momentum as the next hole we got a birdy, I actually sunk a 12 foot put to make it so I was excited now as it really was a good put.

We got to the 15th hole which was the longest drive and we could see the other group down the fairway so we knew how far we had to hit it. Now Cassandra and Petra are the two who really go for this as they are the ones who hit it the farthest. Now I can’t hit a driver to save my life. I can actually outdrive my driver with a 3 wood, a 5 wood and probably even a 3 iron. I teed off with my 3 wood and really got a good straight shot and was on the fairway about 20 yards short of where they were and although I didn’t win it was my best drive of the day. Cassandra ripped one but it went right and out in the trees so we used my great shot so I was happy. On the back 9 we actually got 3 birdies and the hole in 1 so we finished at 5 under.

We got back to the club house and told them about the hoe in 1 and they got Victoria’s name and a picture and I sent them a couple pictures I took and they are going to submit it to the new paper s she will probably have her name and picture in the new paper tomorrow. I was going to buy her a drink but I found out that the person who gets the hole n 1 buy a round of drinks and Victoria was excited to do it, seems strange to me as I would think it would be the other way around but who am I to disagree with tradition. We went out and sat on the patio again and Cassandra handed out the money for the 2 KP and the longest drive. Amber won one of the KP’s and I won the second. Cassandra asked them who had the longest drive in their group as they forgot to mark it and Petra told us they didn’t mark it because they were off the fairway. To win your ball not only hast to be the longest but in the fairway. This meant that my ball was the longest so I won that too. I think that is the first time I have ever won a longest drive and I did it with a 3 wood.

It was such a fun day and we all had a good time we are planning on golfing again and want to do the glow ball where you golf after dark with lighted golf balls. It was about 7:45 when we left the golf course and for the most part my makeup held up pretty good, just a little shiny. But after 7 plus hours in the sun not bad.

A lot longer blog then normal but a lot more to fit in. thanks for reading especially if you made it all the way to the end.

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