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Entry for May 28, 2007


Hi All
Things worked out and Susan got out for a few hours last night. I started off with getting some dinner at Sherries. I have gone here several times now and have always been treated well and had no problems. From here I went to Washington Square and spent a couple hours browsing the stores. It’s just so much fun to be out as Susan it really doesn’t matter what I am doing.
My last stop was at Winco food to do my grocery shopping. I bought enough to last a couple weeks. I was just having so much fun I kept shopping.

This is a picture I took when I got home. I only got one, silly me forgot to buy batteries and the betteries I had were pretty much dead, I was lucky to get this one picture. Guess I will have to plan better next time.

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Entry for May 26, 2007

HI All

It’s been a while sense I last blogged. I have not had the chance to go out as Susan but if things go right I hope to go out for a few hours this Sunday night.

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