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Wednesday 9-29 2010

Well I am out again at Starbuck’s and I was so looking forward to my Susan time as work is really busy as we are short handed. I have worked 9 days straight now and still have 2 more to go so I will be ready for the weekend and Friday night out with my friends which I massed last week. We are going to Easy Street this week which should be fun. We have gone there as a group once before and had a great time. This week they should have a band which will make the girls who dance really happy. The only drawback is that it is a smaller place and with a band and dancing there will not be a lot of room and may be hard to talk. I hope we have a really good turn out as it is always so much more fun with a big group of girls. Any way I will blog more about that on Saturday morning.

Well as I said I am at Starbuck’s and when I first got here there were about 10 other people so I found a seat in the back at a table where I can use my computer but it did not take long for it to fill up. I have only been here 20 minutes and now all the tables are taken and the table next to me asked if they could use the extra chair at my table and as I am not expecting anyone tonight I said yes. There actually is not an open seat any place, even the big chairs in the corner have people sitting on the arms of the chair and it looks like the tables outside are full but hard to tell as it is already dark outside. How sad is that just 7:30 and already dark outside. There are even a couple people standing with their drinks not sure if they are waiting for a table to open or something else but this is defiantly the busiest I have seen it here. It also makes it a little noisy here with so many people talking including a guy on his cell phone and he is pretty loud so I can hear his side of the conversation even though I am not trying to listen. There are 5 people in line to order and 3 waiting to get there drinks so it is probably a good thing they have 3 girls working here tonight. Oh by the way when I got up to order the girl remembered my drink. I think her name is Jenny but not sure. They are all great here but I do miss Katie and Shavonie as they were so much fun.

I talked to the girls and Katie still works here but mostly mornings and early afternoons so I may have to try to come in some morning (Saturday or Sunday as I work during the week) as it would be nice to talk to her again.

Well I was reading another blog I follow (link on side Tina) and found it interesting how others have the same issues with finding time for this side of their lives. I think I have a good balance with my 2 and sometimes 3 times a week but when I miss one of those days it can throw my whole week off. I so look forward to my Susan time as it is so fun and such a great stress reliever but the bad part of that is when I am really busy and miss one of my days it usually means more stress in my life which really means I need my Susan time, kind of a catch 22. I really do well though balancing the two sides of my personality which really helps keep me calm. I really hope others can find a balance in their lives as we all need that.

Well I need to get a little work done now so I will sign off. I hope you all have a great week and thanks to all who read my blog.

Wow they stayed busy all night long, at 9 one of the girls came around and started telling people they were closing and all but 1 table had people still at them. Probably 20 people still here. This was really the busiest I have seen them.

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Wednesday at Starbuck’s 9-22-2010

Well as usual I am at Starbuck’s. I had hoped to get off early enough tonight to go downtown Portland as some of the girls were meeting at 5:30 for something called Drag out. There were several Drag Queens who go out and make a bar tour and then end up at Pioneer courthouse square and mingle with the public. Sort of an outreach and there are usually lots of pictures taken and maybe even a chance the new might video tape it. It sounded so fun but as usual I was late getting off work and didn’t even get home till almost 5:30 so there was no way I could make. I hope all my friends that did make it have a wonderful time and maybe next time I can make it.

Any way it is still good as I am out at Starbuck’s, I missed last week as I had to work late last week. Seems work is getting busy and extra hours all around which is ok as it gives Susan extra money for clothes. as a matter of fact I am working extra this Friday night so I won’t be out this Friday, wow that is two of my 8 normal nights out this month I will miss. Well I guess work comes first.

Starbuck’s is a little quiet tonight, only about 8 other people here other than those who come in and get something to go. It is so strange as it is almost dark outside now (7:30) and it seems just a few weeks ago the sun was bright and in my eyes as I sat here and when I left at 9 it was still light out. I guess we are heading into fall and the shorter days. It is still enjoyable to be here working on my computer. I find if I am at home I have the TV on and that makes it hard to focus on what I need to do so this is really the best way to get things done. They have 3 girls working here tonight only one I know from past times here.

Well I am going to get off topic for a bit as over the last couple weeks I have had a question asked by a couple different people and I thought this was a good place to answer and remember the opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. The question is, “when I am out how do I want to be addressed?” now for me this is very simple. When I am out as Susan then that is who I am and how I want to be addressed, as Susan, her, she, miss or any other term that expresses the feminine gender just as any other woman would be addressed. If I am out as male (only a couple people know me both as Male and Female) then I am he, him, sir, mister or any other male term. After all for me Susan is part time even though she is a big part of who I am and what makes me me whether in my male or female roll. What I would say is a good rule of thumb is how ever the person is expressing at the time would be how to address them.

Well I guess I should get back to my work. Thanks to all who read my blog I really appreciate it and any comments you leave. Last month was my biggest visit count at 809 which still amazes me but as of right now I have had 808 visits this month and it is only the 22 so this month will be even better. Again if you wish to ask me a question please feel free to as I will answer almost anything about Susan, if you would rather it not be in my blog you can send me a message through facebook, myspace, yahoo, flickr and I will do my best to answer.

Thanks again and have a great week

Wow Starbucks is getting busy now in the last 10 minutes about 10 people have come in and sat down at tables so now there is only one open table. More time for people watching.

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Portsmouth on Friday 9/17/2010

Well it was another fun Friday night out. Our group had decided on Portsmouth on Lombard as we have gone there several times and always been treated well and had a good time. So as I got ready I was deciding on what to wear. Being a more mainstream place I didn’t want to stand out but I also really wanted to wear a dress so I picked out my grey sweater dress. It is a cute dress I think but a little on the warm side so I wasn’t sure, but sense it was rainy out I went ahead and wore it. I got all dressed and pretty and off I went. I got there right at 7:30 and Cassandra, Maya & Wilma pulled in right after me. It wasn’t raining when we got there which was nice as I hate walking in the rain as Susan, messes my hair and makeup. When I got out of the car I noticed right away it was warm and humid and when we got inside it was the same warm and humid so the dress was going to be warm.

The one bar tender (can’t remember her name but she is awesome) came over to see if we needed anything and Cassandra asked her to turn on the air which she did and it helped some. We also found out they changed the menu and no longer serve pizza which also meant no more cheese bread which I was so looking forward to as they had awesome cheesy bread. A little disappointment but I went ahead and had some tater tots which were also good. Chris, Cristine, Kelley and Samantha showed up and we were all having a good time we even played some pool. I have met Chris a couple times before but he mostly goes out on Wednesday evening to CC so it gave me a good chance to talk to him a bit and get to know him as little better. I lost which is nothing new. Some of the girls kept playing pool. Maya and I went up and played ping pong for a while, at first just hitting the ball back and forth but then we played a game. Maya did a lot better during the game; she led the whole game and won. I did tie it up twice but never did take the lead so she maybe was taking it easy on me to keep me interested but it was so fun. We played for about 20 to 30 minutes but then I was getting to warm (back to my dress) and didn’t want to sweat my makeup off so we took a break to cool off. Dan showed up and played some pool also.

A little later Wilma and I went up and played mot ping pong. Wilma and I are more evenly matched but we never really played a game just hit the ball back and forth but again it got warm so we took another break.

Kelley came over and wanted to see if any of us wanted to play shuffle board (table top) so Cristine and I went up and played against Kelley and Steve, Cristine and I won by the way. Another customer Kelly (GG) came over and explained to us how it was played and scored as none of us had played before. We started talking with her and she was just awesome.

Kelly’s friend Mallory came over who I met the first time we were at Portsmouth, we played pool that night. We played some more shuffle board and took a couple pictures, what girl doesn’t like having her picture taken especially with some cute GG’s. Kelly took us over and introduced us to her husband and Mallory’s boyfriend and they were just as nice and we all started talking. Kelly showed us pictures of her baby (7 month old) and just adorable. I gave Kelly my e0mail address so she can find me on Facebook sense she wants a copy of the pictures we took. We must have stood and talked to Kelly for over an hour, she was really interested in us and all our differences, transgender, transsexual, crossdresser, t-girl and what it all meant to us. It was a good time and I hope we answered all her questions. It was really nice to have someone who really wanted to understand us and get to know us. It was a really fun night. When it came time for Kelly, Mallory to leave they all said good bye and we took more pictures including a group picture. It was such a fun night.

Our group started to dwindle now as girls started to leave. In the end it was just Cassandra, Maya, Wilma, Cristine and me left. So we chatted for a little while more and then called it a night about 1:40. When we left it was still warm and humid outside. As we were leaving we ran into Brook (in boy mode) outside so we chatted for a few minutes before leaving for home.

As I went to get into my car I stepped into a puddle of water and knew it instantly as I had on open toed heels. I looked down and there was a huge puddle from the front of my car to the back and the middle looked deep. Strange as a guy I would have just wadded through the water and got in not worrying about getting my feet wet but not Susan. Susan didn’t want to get her cute shoes wet or her nylons (such a girl) so I went around the car and got in on the passenger side and wiggled my way across to the driver’s seat which is not easy in heels and a dress and definitely not very lady like or graceful but it was dark out and there was no one around to see. It was a real fun night and I hated to see it come to an end because next Friday I won’t be able to go out so it will be two Fridays before I see my friends again.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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Friday night at Candlelight

Well Friday night was fun again. It was our turn to go to the Candlelight for pool, music and dancing for those who can dance. I got there about 7:30 and Amy was already there as she had got there about 7 so I joined her. We got our usual table and ordered some food. We splint a 4 piece fish and chips as this girl needs to cut down on how much she eats as I want to lose some weight. We had been there about 15 minutes when another t-girl came in and asked if she could join us, her name was Andrea so we sat and got to know each other. She had met Cristine online and found out where we would be so she decided to come out. This was her first time ever out which we all know is hard but as we were at a regular club must have been really hard.

Andrea was really nice and we had a nice chat. Both Amy and I talked about our first time out which was a nice trip down memory lane. We also did the usual girl chat about makeup and nails and all the other girl things which I always enjoy. One of our girls was running real late as she called and said she was having makeup. issues, she had washed it of 3 times because it wasn’t right and was on her fourth time doing her makeup. We have all had that problem at one point although I don’t think I ever went a fourth round on my makeup so our group was small for awhile.

Barb showed up next and she is always so fun, she is one of our dancing girls along with Amy of course. We chatted some more and were really enjoying ourselves. Cristine showed up next so she and Andrea chatted along with the rest of us. I think Andrea was having a fun time but you could see she was a little nervous which is totally understandable. Next to show up was Maya she had on a wonderful Perfume and I asked her what it was but my memory is not as good as it use to be because I cannot remember the name so I will have to ask her again and remember to write it down. Last to show was Cassandra and Wilma (they are usually the first to be anyplace) but it was all good as it doesn’t matter when you get there as long as you do.

We all played some pool, Barb was first and won 3 games, Cassandra won 3 also before she lost to me. It was an awesome game on my part as I played perfectly leaving my balls on the table to block her and in the end I won by having 2 balls that got in her way and she scratched on the 8 ball, all part of my plan. I tried the same plan the next game against Buck (one of the regulars who is just awesome and treats us great) but I finally had to sink one of my last 2 balls and that left the 8 ball open to Buck and he sunk it and won but it was a lot of fun. Wilma (our other dancing t-girl), Barb and Amy spent a lot of time on the dance floor and they are really good of course I can’t dance so I may not be the best judge as dancing with the stars has never called me to be a judge on their show.

The music was good mostly blues but the group did a really good job. Everyone we talked with seemed to either not mined us or liked us being there. One woman told me she thought we were a breath of fresh air, wow what a complement. I really think our group does an outstanding job representing the transgender in a good light. We are always friendly and try to treat others how we ourselves would like to be treated and I think most people pick up on that, after all a smile goes a long way. Seriously I really think attitude is the difference, if you expect problems or confrontations you will probably find them but if your attitude is everything is good and fine most people will pick up on that and everything will be fine. Now I know what you are thinking, there is always exception and that is true. There will always be those people who no matter what will not like you and have an issue but you can’t let them put you down or change who you are or you attitude. Stay away from them and don’t let them ruined your fun. One last thing is always be careful no matter if you are TG or GG, one must always be aware of your surroundings. The old saying bad things happen to good people are true and one must always be careful. So go out have fun make friends and be safe.

They were slow till about 11:30 before they really got busy and even after that it was not as busy as it had been the first few time we were there. I really don’t believe we are the reason their business is off as we only go there once a month now, I think it is just the economy. As I said earlier I have never had a negative comment to me. Well we all had a great time and stayed till about 1:30 before leaving. On the way out we ran into Brook (in boy mode) so we stood outside and chatted for a while. It really was a great night and so much fun to spend times with your best friends, what a way to end a week. Everyone have a great week and I will see you all again next Friday.


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Stormy night at Starbucks

Well it is another Wednesday night out at Starbuck’s. The weather the last couple days have been rainy sand even a couple thunder storms which I enjoy, there is something about the thunder and lightning as the song say “I love the thunder and lightning when it lights up the ski”. I actually got here a little earlier than normal for once which worked out well as about 5 minutes after I got here it really rained and lasted for about 20 minutes so I would have got soaked had I got here at my normal time. Right now I am sitting here and can see the flashes of light to the West but as of yet have not heard any thunder.

When I got inside the one lady remember what I like and had already had the other lady making it for me which was nice. It is nice to be remembered and treated like a regular but I guess coming here almost every Wednesday for 9 months has something to do with it. They again are not real busy maybe 8 other people here but it is more than last week. There are 3 girls working tonight instead of 2, but I think the one is new and being trained. All the girls who work here are just so nice and treat everyone great which goes to show what a good job Starbuck’s does in training and hiring.

It has been a long week and the group I belong to has been really active for the last few days, seems there was an incident at Embers Wednesday night with a charity auction they had for Camp Starlight that got all the girls in the group upset. Now we have had issues with Embers before but nothing like this. Now I won’t say what happened as I was not there and have no firsthand knowledge of what happened so I would feel like I am spreading rumors which I try never to do. But it sounds like most of the girls in the group are so unhappy they may not go back and one is planning on meeting with the owner or manager about it. It is a shame as some of the employees and Drag Queens are really nice and do a wonderful job.

Other than this not much to blog about, I will stop at Safeway on the way home as I need to pick up a few things tonight. I will again be out this Friday and I believe we will be at the Candlelight again but not sure. It should be posted in the group tomorrow where we will be so look for my next blog about Friday night.

A few more people have come in now which is nice as I like it here better when there are more people. There is one couple in the corner that come in almost every Wednesday (maybe other night too) just like me but they get here about 8 pm so I guess that makes them regulars too. Have a great rest of the week.

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How I create Cleavage

Well I have had several people ask about my cleavage and how I do it so I thought I would take a moment and explain. Now for crossdressers there are many things that can help you look good and more passable but I think the biggest advantage is your breasts and how they look. If you ask any number of t-girls you will get different answers as to how to do this. Several of my friends have the silicone breasts that you can buy. They range from $100 to several hundred depending on what you are looking for. These do have real advantages as the weight and feel are the same as a woman’s real breast so if it is the feel you are looking for these are the way to go.

For me it is more about the look than feel. What I want is a realistic look even in low cut tops. I want the cleavage that woman have as for me that is what really says feminine. Now there are garments you can buy online that will help but some can be very expensive. The other option and one I tried several time is tapping which is done by placing tape over your chest and pulling the extra skin on your chest inwards. I found this fairly easy to do and the look is really good but the tape pulls your skin and is uncomfortable and after just a couple hours I found I would get blisters on my chest. Now a couple web pages I checked said I wasn’t using the right kind of medical tape but I must have tried 8 or 10 different types and never found one that didn’t cause blisters. It would take weeks after for the skin to heel on my chest and I was afraid I would end up with scars which was not what I wanted as what girl wants scars on her chest so I had to find another way.

I thought how could I get the same effect but without tape, it would have to be something that didn’t stick to the skin but would still grip and hold it. I came up with the idea of an elastic band around the chest. I found everything I needed at Joann fabric. The whole thing cost less than $10 and took less than 30 minutes to put together. It is comfortable even when I wear it all day long, as a matter of fact when I took my Las Vegas trip I wore it 16 hours a day for 11 days straight and never had any discomfort or problems. Like I said the look is incredible and allows me to wear some very nice low cut dresses and tops.

If you would like to know more detail I have it on my web page so I won’t go into all the details on what you need and how to put it together. I also have some links to some pictures that show the look of how the cleavage looks.

Pink top

Black dress picture

Red dress picture

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Fun Friday at Embers

Well I made it out again on Friday night. The first Friday of the month is what our group calls fun Friday and is a night for you to try a new or different look. It can be anything from different hair style or makeup to a complete new look, wild to sexy. It is a lot of fun, so tonight I made an attempt to recreate the look Chiffon did for me at the t-girl pageant, you can see my picture on my flickr page and is right next to the picture from the pageant. I guess it has been a while sense I uploaded a picture. I really focused on the eyes as I think that is the hardest part. I came close but still need more practice, and it also took longer to do my makeup than normal so I was a little late and by the time I got to Embers but I bet there were 10 girls already there.

There is still a little tension between our group and Embers but I think it is getting better. We had a really good group as there were 8 of us that sat down and watched the show and probably 10 up at the pool table playing pool. It was so nice to have a big group out again. I think during the summer people get busy and don’t come out as much.

Amy showed up in boy mode and several of the girls did not recognize her, I did but I think hearing her voice helped. Half way through the night she went out and changed into her girl clothes and came back in. boy I remember years ago when I would change in my car because I had some roommates which made it impossible to get dressed at home. I got pretty good at it to but so much nicer now that I can get all pretty at home and then go out.

Peggy was also there which was nice as I have not seen her in about 6 weeks or more. It was nice to get a chance to sit and talk with her before the show started. Her friend Julie was also going to come out tonight but never made it which was a shame as I think it has been sense May sense I saw her last.

Maya was also there which is nice as she is always fun and being our schedules are opposite she is usually out on Saturday or Wednesday while I am out on Fridays. She use to be part of our Friday night group which last winter was the night with the most t-girls out and I am hoping that as we move into fall Friday nights will again become our groups big night again.

Cassandra was also there as she is the one person you can count on being out all the time as she is our group leader and brought us all together. She founder our group “the Rose City T-girls” and in less than a 3 year time she has grown our group to 161 members of which most are active in the group and I would say 40% get out on a regular basis which is really good. She has a talent for this kind of thing.

The show was good and there were some new things in it. One of the Drag Queens (Topaz) that left last fall is back from Texas and performing again which was nice to see as she was really good. Chiffon is still there and does an awesome job and I am not just saying that because she helped me during the pageant and did my makeup. She always looks like she is having so much fun on the stage, some of the Drag Queens are really good performers but they just don’t look like they are enjoying themselves. I think if you really enjoy what you are doing it shows and gives you that little edge. They had some new songs; it may just be more noticeable as we are not going to Embers every week.

The crowed was pretty small most of the night but there was about an hour that they had a good crowd. The show at one point got a little, well more sexual than I thought was expectable as they brought a couple guys up on stage and had them take their shirts off which is fine but then they had one moon the crowd and were touching the other one. People do strange things when they drink too much. At one point the manager came down and told one of the Drag Queens to tone it down which I thought showed some good judgment on his part.

It was a fun night and most of us stayed till 1:30. We were just leaving when the show ended so it was another late night for this girl. Have a great week and stay pretty all.

Oh one last note, Cassandra & Peggy are once again opening their home to our group for a Halloween party. It was so much fun last year and I am already looking forward to it. They are so great to do this, you two really are awesome. Now I have to come up with a costume for the party and only have 7 weeks. Any ideas please let me know, but it must be cute or sexy.

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What triggers my crossdressing?

Hi all I am at Starbucks for my normal Wednesday night out and I thought I would write about more than just my being out this week. I have gotten a few e-mails asking me what triggers my need to crossdress so I thought I would see what I could come up with as I really haven’t thought of it that way. I have done some thinking about it and please remember this is only my view and how it is for me, I cannot answer for anyone else.

I don’t know if I really have a trigger as such as I get out on a pretty regular basis. What I can tell you is my time as Susan is a great stress reliever. It is how I deal with my stress in my life, my escape from the day to day things that build up in people. It allows me to step outside of my normal life and be someone else for awhile. So I guess that would be my trigger as if I go long periods without being Susan I can feel the stress build. I tend to have more trouble falling asleep as when I go to bed and try to relax my mind I suddenly find myself thinking about makeup, dresses, high heels and of course beautiful nails. So I guess in a way not being Susan adds a little to my stress level.

For me the whole part of being Susan is just so relaxing to me from the time getting ready, doing my makeup and picking out which outfit to wear to the actual going out and even when I get home and have to remove the makeup and clothes. It is just something I really enjoy like you might enjoy one of your hobbies.

I have also made some wonderful friends as Susan and I love spending time with them. I think the fact that they are separate from my male side also helps as we don’t find ourselves talking about work or anything else other than the Susan side. When I get together with friends from work no matter how hard we try we always end up talking about work, same with family we talk about family so you really don’t get away from your problems or stress. As Susan we talk about clothes, makeup, shoes, wigs and anything else going on in the world but work does not come up and I think that is one of the hardest things for people to do is get away from work for awhile.

As I said many times my dressing is a way for me to relax, it is not sexual for me. I do not feel I am a woman trapped in a man’s body and do not want to change my sex. I like my male side just as much and would never let it go. The last thing and what most people have the hardest time with is the fact I am not attracted to men. Many times I get e-mails asking how I can put so much time and effort into how I look and not be attracted to men. I can’t really give a good explanation other than I am not. I guess the best I could say is just because one watches football does not mean they want to play football, just because you like to fish does not mean you are going to quit your job and leave your family to go fishing all the time, just because you might like ice cream does not mean you want it for every meal every day for the rest of your life. You can like something without having it consume your life. I will close with a couple questions for you to think about. First for the woman out there, when you get dressed in the morning do you pick out your clothes, do your hair and makeup with the thought that this is for someone else and you get no pleasure out of it? Now for the men, when you go to the gym and work out is it fo9or someone else and you get no enjoyment out of it? We all do things we enjoy for no other reason than the enjoyment of I, and that is what my crossdrressing is for me.

People try to read too much into things sometime. Now again this is me and how I feel, if you ask 100 crossdresser, t-girls, transgender or transsexuals you will get 100 different answers and that is good as we are all different. If everyone was the same life would be very boring.

Well that is my thoughts on this. Now for my normal update on Susan. Starbucks is really slow tonight. When I got here there were only 3 people at the outside tables and 4 inside. By 7:30 everyone inside had left and I have had the place to myself except for maybe a dozen people who have come in to get something to go. The girls who work here usually don’t start cleaning the floors and tables till 8:30 or so had it all done before 8. I have been able to get a lot done as there have been no distraction (people watching) which is good as I have everything I needed to do done but it wasn’t the same as part of the fun is being out with other people. It did give me a chance to talk a little with the girls working tonight. I do miss Katie and Shavonie as they were so much fun and always so talkative.

Well I guess that is enough for tonight, I will be out again Friday night and I believe our group is all going to Embers and it sounds like we should have a pretty good turnout so I will post again after Friday about it. Have a great week and thanks for reading my blog.


See what’s new with Susan on my most recent blog

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My Blog

Well it is Wednesday night and I am again at Starbuck’s. I was checking my blog stats earlier today and noticed some things. I have had my blog here at wordpress for a little over a year now and have had over 8,000 views, now when I started my blog it was for me to keep a record of my time as Susan and I never really thought others would read it but I also noticed I have 6 subscribers to my blog who get e-mail updates when I post something new. I want to thank you for following me as Susan. Also the last few months my views have grown and in August I had my most views in one month with 807. This just really surprised me in a happy way.

I will continue to post about my time out as Susan and also my friends who are a big part of who I am and how far I have come. I will also try from time to time to add more information on cross-dressing at least from my point of view. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question as I really do like the input.

Thanks so much for reading my Blog!

Susan J

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