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Entry for April 29, 2007

Well I have not been able to find time to be Susan and it looks like it will be some time till I get the chance again. I hope maybe this summer to get to spend a week as Susan again. Hope every one is doing well.

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Entry for April 21, 2007

Well today I have the chance to be Susan for the day. I got up this morning and got all dressed up. I left and went out for Breakfast at IHOP. It is the first time Susan has been there but it was fun. My next stop was Barnes & Noble. I like to go there and read. It is a great way to pass some time if you read a lot. I may try the library next time. Then it was off for a little shopping. Next I went to Lloyd Center this time. Again a first time for Susan at this mall. The mall was really busy and I left after a short time. Now I am home and yes I decided to clean my house as Susan. This took me a little longer then normal. It seems Susan is a little more fussy about how clean the house is. I thought I would update my Blog before I have to change back. It has been a fun day.

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Entry for April 19, 2007

Well I went out last night as Susan. my first stop was to get something to eat, a late supper. I stopped at Sheri’s. I like this place because they always treat me nice. I have only been there 4 times now but I have never had a problem. the one waitress even remembered me from the last time. It’s kind of like having a friend who excepts me. after I ate there wasn’t much time so I made a quick stop at the mall before it closed and did a little shopping. I tried on a couple skirts and a top but I did’t lioke the way they looked. I really need to find me a nice dress so if any one has a recomendation for a good place to go let me know.

I am also thinking of trying to sell things on E-bay or Yahoo. any advice on how this works please tell me. Thanks

Hugs to all

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Entry for April 18, 2007

I have a few hours tonight so I decided to be Susan. I don’t get the chance very often so I have to grab what ever time I can get. I am all dressed up and heading out. I should be able to get to a couple stores that are still open and do some shopping before its time to come back home.

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Entry for April 1, 2007

Well I decided to go out again as Susan. Sunday I got all dressed up and headed out mid afternoon. I went back to Kohls near Washington Square. It is a nice store with a good selection and also not real busy. I wandered around for over an hour and tried on a few skirts. It was a really good time. While I was in the store I saw someone I work with. luckly I saw them first and stayed away from them so they would really never get a good look at me. I don’t think anyone would reconize me with out getting a good look at me so I felt okay about it but that first time I saw them my heart jumped

After this I stoped at Barnes & Noble. I find this a good place to go and I feel safe there. Spent an hour or so here reading. my last stop was to get some dinner. it was still before the dinner rush so I stopped at Applebees and ate. it was a lot of fun even though I was by myself.

If you would like more information about me or some of my adventures I have more on my web page

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