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This weeks outings

Well this week I made it out twice. Thursday night I got all dressed up and went to Starbucks. I had some things I needed to do on the computer and I figured why not as Susan. I didn’t want to just sit at home and I have gone to a couple different Starbucks and always been treated well. They weren’t really busy just a few other people. It was fun to be out even if only for an hour. I think I will try to get out to Starbucks once a week.
On Friday night I went out again to meet some of my friends at Embers. I was a little early and I wanted to go someplace different so I stopped at Lloyd Center and went into Nordstrom’s. I went to the cosmetic counters and looked around for a few minutes. I have found that the women who work at the cosmetic counters are very friendly and helpful. Even though I only had a few it was still fun.
I got to Embers about 7:30 and Teresa and Lisa were already there. They were having a special show Friday night so they were already busy. I joined them and we talked for a while. Cassandra showed up about 8. It was so much fun even though our group was small. Even Amy and Kitty showed up but they were both in boy mode.
Because of the earlier special there were some guest Drag queens which are always nice. I like Embers but going there so much I have gotten to know the show to well. They do a good job but it is pretty much the same each week. It would be nice to go someplace new even though there is safety in being at a place like Embers.
There was a guy named Wayne that came over to our table and seemed to take a shine to us especially Teresa. He had had way too much to drink and after a while got a little anointing. It was a little uncomfortable but we still had a great time.

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Everyone out Friday night at Embers

Well Friday night was a really fun night. We had our group all out again, about 12 of us. We All went to Embers and it was awesome. It is so fun to be out in a big group. Teresa made it out which was so good because she has been working so much during the summer I hadn’t seen her sense the first part of June, a long time. Her job is really busy during the summer months. Also Bev and Maya came out too and they are such fun. Maya has let her hair grow long and it looked so cute on her. Cassandra and Peggy were both out and they are always fun to be with. They are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. They are both trying to quit smoking and I know they will be able to do it, you go girls. Even Kelly came out and she has a broken foot and came in on a walker, wow that’s awesome. Lisa was there along with Amy who I have only met once before and Mira and Debbie who this was the first time I have met. I know I am forgetting someone sorry.
Embers was really quite and not very crowded to start but once the show started it got packed. They really do put on a good show. Our group was the biggest group there which is always nice. Sable Cities was there last night and performed, she is awesome and the best Drag Queen. She won the Oregon part of the RuPaul drag race. It was a nice night out with good friends which makes it all the more special. I am truly lucky to have such a great group of girls to hang out with.

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Made a new friend named Chrissie

Friday night I went out and started at CC Slaughters about 7:30. It was really slow there. I waited for a while to see if anyone else showed up. I had been e-mailing another T-girl from Tennessee named Chrissie who saw my profile and contacted me as she was coming to Portland for a few days and wanted to know where she could go so I recommended CC Slaughters and Embers. She showed up at CC’s about 8 and we talked for a little bit and got to know each other. She had not eaten yet so we went over to Fox and Hound. Nick was there and talked to us for a while.
We went up to Embers to see if anyone was up there. We ran into Lea as we were going in. They were busier and there were no tables available so we sat up by the pool table and played some pool and watched the show from there. The show was good and we had a fun time playing pool. It was really nice because it was not as loud up there and we could still talk. It was a great time and Chrissie was fun to hang out with. Would have been great if there had been more t-girls but it was still a wonderful time. We stayed out way too late.

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Susan’s Shopping trip

I have wanted to go out shopping for a while so I decided tonight was the night. I had a couple hours tonight so I got dressed up and went out. I started at Starbucks where I sat and took care of my e-mail I have been falling behind on and checked some things out on the internet. It is so great that Starbucks has WIFI now. I was only there about 30 minutes as I wanted to get to the mall with enough time to hit a couple stores. There were several other people in Starbucks and several came and went and no one seemed to pay any attention to me. The girls working the counter were great and never even gave me a second look. As a matter of fact over the last week I have gone to 3 different Starbucks and have been treated great and no problems. I really think that with the down turn in the economy businesses are more tolerant of anyone spending money at their establishment.
When I left Starbucks I drove down to Clackamas Town Center and started at Sears. I spent about 40 minutes there and looked at everything in their clothes section. I even found three cute tops that were marked down so I bought them, a pink, deep purple and a light purple. After Sears I went around to JC Penney’s and spent about 30 minutes looking around till they closed. I didn’t find anything that I just had to have but had a fun evening.

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Movie night for Susan

Tonight I decided to do something different. Susan got all dressed up and drove down to Clackamas and went to a movie. I have wanted to see the movie the Hangover (very funny if you haven’t seen it you should) and as it has been out several weeks would not be that crowded. It started at 7:25 so it was still light out and you really can’t park close. I had forgot about it being Saturday night so there were lots of people going in and out of the mall. I walked in and bought my ticket and went to the theater.

When I walked in it was packed. There were almost no seats by themselves except for one on the far side almost to the top on the aisle. It was still early so they also had not dimmed the lights so I had to walk across the front of the theater and up to the seat. This was a little scary but I made it okay. As I said the movie was great. After the movie I had the long walk back out to my car with all the rest of the people leaving the theater.

It was only 9:30 and the Kohl’s across the street stays open till 10 so I went over there and did a little shopping. I had just planed on looking but found a cute little top marked way down so I bought it. It is more of a casual top which I don’t have a lot of so it worked out good. Was a fun night out.

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Starbucks and then out to the clubs

Friday night I went out again. I got all dressed up in a new black dress I bought and headed out. As it was still a little early and I knew if anyone else was out they would not show up till after 8 so I stopped at Starbucks. There is one a few miles from my home that does most of their business through their drive through window and they are usually not that busy inside. I took my laptop with me and in I went. There were only 6 people inside so I ordered my favorite drink and sat down and got on my computer. I spent about an hour there surfing the internet and checking e-mail. No one seemed to pay any attention to me.
My next stop was CC Slaughters, I got there about 8:30 and they were really dead and no T-girls. I ran into a guy named Larry who I have met before, he is a friend of Christine who belongs to the same group I do and know her pretty well. We talked for a little while and played a couple games of pool (doubles) with a couple other guys. I had a good time.
About 9:15 I decided to go up to Embers and see if any T-girls were there. Parking was really bad up there as they have several blocks just west of it closed off so I ended up parking about 3 blocks away, not too bad. I got inside and sat at the bar and had a drink while I waited to see if anyone else showed up. The show started and I watched for a little while. I was just getting ready to leave when Victoria Sinclair showed up with 3 t-girls so I joined them. Isabel is Victoria’s new makeup and voice coach and is very nice. She just moved her and was her first time out here in Portland. The other new girl was Olivia, it was the first time she had ever been out as Olivia. She came to Portland and had a transformation session with Victoria at Over the rainbow (they do a wonderful job and very friendly). She looked awesome.
Olivia was scared at first being her first time but she had a wonderful time and I think she will be back. I had a chance to talk with her and get to know her and she seems really nice. She even had a couple pictures taken so I gave her my e-mail address so she can send me the picture. It turned out to be a really fun night after a slow start.

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Quiet Sunday night out

Well I was out again on Sunday night; it was a pretty quiet night though. I started off at CC Slaughters and parking was easy. I got there just a little after 8 and there were only a few people there and no T-girls. I went a head and got a seat to watch the drag show and see if any one would show up. They put on a really good show if you have never been there you should check it out, Sunday nights 8 pm. The show started and I figured I would give it 20 minutes but they had a guest drag queen, Sable Cities and she is really good so I stayed for over an hour. By 8:30 they were packed.

About 9:20 I decided to head on up to Embers and see if any T-girls were there. Embers was deserted just 4 other people there waiting for Karaoke to start. I had only been there about 5 minutes when Eva (a T-girl from our group) showed up so we sat at the bar and talked and watched them sing Karaoke. It was nice and I got a chance to get to know her better and she seems really nice. I stayed till about 11:30 and then headed for home.

On the way home I stopped at Safeway and decided to do a little late night shopping, I really just wanted a little more Susan time and I needed some groceries. I was only in there maybe 20 minutes but it was still fun and no problems.

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Friday at the E-room

Well on Friday night I went out again and wore my new black dress. It is really cute and has a purple bow in the front which is a first for me as I have never bought a dress with a bow but it was so cute. I took my camera with me to get some pictures but was having so much fun I forgot to get a picture so I will have to wear it again soon.
I started off at Fox and Hound where I met up with Cassandra. We had a drink and played a couple games of pool and I won both. Cassandra is a really good pool player so I was pretty proud that I won. We sat and talked for a while and Nick (who is a female to male transsexual) came over and talked with us. He works at Fox and Hound and had just got off shift. He is very believable as a guy I doubt anyone would ever guess he is not a genetic male.
Another T-girl Amy showed up and joined us. It was the first time I had met her and she seemed really nice. She had one of her friends with her and we all sat and got to know each other. Later on Nick, Cassandra and I left and went over to the E-room. I had never been there but had heard a lot about it.
It is located on Division and 37th street. There are three different rooms there, one with a couple pool tables, one for dancing and one with karaoke. After checking out everything we went in and listened to some of the karaoke. Nick signed up to sing “Man I feel like a woman” and Cassandra and I went up with him as his backup singers. Mind you I have never sung karaoke and I sing really badly but I decided to try. It was a lot of fun so Cassandra decided we should sing “girls just want to have fun” so her and I went up and she got a few other genetic girls to go up with us and sing so there were probably 10 of us up there singing, it was awesome and so much easier in a big group. The girls that sang with us were great and we all had a good time.


I also have a couple pictures form a couple weeks ago when I was out dancing on my flickr page, feel free to check them out.

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