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Entry for January 18, 2008

Well Susan got out again Friday night. My friend Alice e-mailed me she would be out in Portland at Embers so I decided to go out. It was cold that night so I wore my long sleeve Grey top and my skirt and heels. I met up with her at Embers. It was really crowded for a Friday night. We had a drink, watched the show and talked when it was not to loud. we even talked to a few GG girls and a couple other T-girls. It was a good night.

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Entry for January 05, 2008

Last night I had the opportunity to go out as Susan. A friend of mine Alice e-mailed me she was going out in Salem Oregon which is only an hour from here and asked if I wanted to meet her. I love going out and it is always better when you know someone so I jumped at the chance. We met up at Southside Speakeasy & dance pub. I have never been there but it was easy to find.

It is a really nice place and has lots of free parking in a nice big parking lot which I like. As I walked in there was a man and woman checking ID. They both treated me well the woman even said I looked really nice tonight which made me feel good. Inside I met up with Alice and we sat where we could watch the rest of the club and dance floor. It is really nice inside with high ceilings and good ventilation so if you don’t smoke (like me) you really don’t notice it which I really like. Smoke smell over powers my perfume. This is a really nice place and seems very TG friendly so I would recommend it if you are ever in the Salem area.

Alice and I had some drinks and talked and just people watched. It was a really enjoyable night. Thanks Alice for inviting me down.

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