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Fun night with friends.

Well it is Friday again and Susan was once again out with her friends. This week has been long and hard with lots of issues at work so I was ready for a relaxing night with my friends. I got home a little earlier than normal so I had extra time to get ready which is always so enjoyable, now yes I can always take the extra time and just get to the P-Club a little later but I so like my time out that I want to enjoy every minute of it. Anyway I started getting ready at 5 pm this week giving me a full 2 hours; it is so nice and relaxing to just take your time while getting ready. It really sets the mood for the while evening.

I was ready to leave right at 7 pm so I looked out my window and saw no one and my neighbor still was not home so there is the chance I could run into her while driving down the street as she gets home anywhere from 6:45 to 7:15 but I was not willing to wait as Susan wanted out. Didn’t have to worry as I drove away and did not run into her so glad I did not wait.

I got to the P-club and went in; only Cristine and Bobby were there. Now I figured it would be a slow night as Cassandra and her wife are on vacation and it seems when she is gone the amount of the group that comes out dwindles as she really can get the group active as she has such a friendly outgoing personality that just attracts people. Well we ordered dinner while we waited to see who else would show up. About 15 minutes later Robin got there and the 4 of us ate dinner and just talked and for a while it looked like it would just be the 4 of us.

A little before 9 Kristy and Samantha showed up. Kristy is new to the group and only her second time out with the group so it was nice she could make it plus I got to talk to her more and get to know her better. One of the advantages of having a smaller turnout on a Friday. They joined us and we sat there all talking about different things. It is strange how as Susan I can just sit around and chat and have so much fun but as my male self I want to be doing something, I guess Susan is just a more laid back relaxed person which is so wonderful.

Cindy came over and asked if she could join us, she is a GG we met there when we first started coming to the P-club. She is there most Fridays as she love to dance and her husband works late so she will come there and dance. She joined right in with our conversation which at this point was on heels; turns out she does not really like to wear them. Cindy wanted to play pool so she and I played a game. Neither one of us will ever make a living shooting pool but we had fun. I won the first game and she won the second so it was a draw. Well by this time the music was playing and off she went to the dance floor. But it was nice to spend a little time with her.

I went back and joined Robin, Kristy and Samantha at the table and we continued our conversation. Kristy brought her camera and wanted some pictures so she went and posed by the pinball machines and I took a couple pictures of her. From what I could see they turned out pretty good, she will post them to the group I am sure as what t-girl does not like to have pictures of them all pretty and having fun. By now our group had got a little bigger as Jan, Lynn and Cassie had shown up so we were spread across 3 tables now.

Danielle even showed up which was so nice. She has been in town since the middle of May and is here living full time as Danielle while she thinks about transitioning. She will be leaving us this Sunday to go back home to Arizona. It was so nice to meet her and she is such a wonderful person I am sure everyone in the group will miss her. I was glad she could make it so we could all say goodbye. We all wished her the best of luck whatever she decides and told her we hope she can come back to Portland every once in a while. She gave me her e-mail address so we can keep in touch and maybe when I go to Diva Las Vegas next year we can get together as she does not live that far from Las Vegas, yes we did all talk about Diva Las Vegas again. I just had so much fun the last two years and think it would be great to have a group of us all go down for it.

So in all we had 10 from our group there which was a low turnout but still a lot of fun and when you look back a year or two we would have loved to have 10 show up on one night. It was a fun night as we were all there together. By midnight some of the group started to leave and by 12:30 we were down to just Cassie, Jan, Lynn and I and as it had been a long day we all decided it was time to call it a night. This was early for me as normally it is closer till 2 when I leave but it would be nice to get to bed a little earlier as I was really tired.

The next 2 weeks will be very busy as this coming week I work later hours so my not be able to make Starbucks and the following week I have to work many many hours so that week it will be tough to even get any Susan time so may be my last post for a while. I still hope that I will be able to find some time but will be last minute if I do so I won’t have the fun of planning it. Strange when I know I will be out as Susan the day or two before just the thinking about it has a calming effect on me that is what will truly be missing because I know I will find sometime over the next two weeks to be Susan.

Have a Great Week and thanks for reading.

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Beautiful sunny day finished at Starbucks

Well it has been a beautiful day today after some morning clouds. It is funny as I started the week with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights open for going out all I had to do was pick which one I wanted and then by Tuesday morning the only night I still had open was tonight so Susan is out. It is so funny how things can come up so fast and unexpected. Life really does come at you from all sides and that is why it is so important to have something fun that you really enjoy in your life to relax you. That is what being Susan does for me, no matter how busy, stressed out or problems I face I can always become Susan and for those few hours it all goes away. Now I am not saying everyone should crossdress but everyone should have some way to get away each week for just a few hours. I would highly recommend crossdressing though as it really is fun.

I was reading on a friend’s blog about her view of crossdressing and the different stages we go through from wondering if there is something wrong with us, to not liking being this way, trying to stop and hopefully in the end acceptance. She compared it to a disease. Now I am not sure that is the word I would chose but crossdressing does have a lot of the same characteristics of a disease. For me I know I will never be over my want, need or desire to be Susan so in that way it is the same as living with a disease with no cure, but even if there was a cure I would not want it. I like who I am, my dressing, spending time as Susan does not hurt anyone including me. Yes it does make life hard sometimes but that is also part of the fun. In a way I am like a secret agent living a double life. If you take my life and who I am either in my male life or my female life both sides have had an impact on my life and made me who I am. Without both sides of me I would not be complete. I have friends who have their hobbies and it shapes who they are just the same.

Our lives are always changing, growing and who we are today will effect who we are tomorrow. If we stop growing then we will wither away and die. There are countless studies out that say the way to stay young and healthy is to always try new things, keep learning and expanding who you are. If you have goals, something to look forward to you will always be healthier and happier. When things get me down I can think about the next time I go out and what I will wear or how I will do my makeup and before you know it I have a smile on my face. I am sure people around me wonder what I am thinking that can change my mood so fast.

If I go without having time to be Susan I find I start thinking about it more and more that is the desire I was talking about. Especially at night I find I can’t stop thinking about it and then I have a hard time clearing my mind so I can sleep. Now the nights I spend time as Susan when I get home I am so calm and relaxed I go right to sleep and sleep really great so I know the benefit for me. No matter what you face in life the key is to be happy with who you are. No matter how much money you have or don’t, no matter what job you have or don’t if you can be happy with yourself then you have everything you need. Money, friends, jobs and anything else you have can come and go or be taken away. The one thing that is truly yours and no one can change is who you are. You know the old saying, if someone gives you lemons make lemonade well if someone gives you lipstick put it on and be happy.

No I will admit when I first started dressing I thought it was a curse and would have done anything to stop and be what society calls normal. I can’t tell you how many times I prayed for that but now looking back I see all I would have missed out on. The people I have met along the way. The friends I have made, some of my best friends in the world are really friends of Susan and had it not been for her I would not know them and I that would be a huge hole in my life.

It is strange that you can meet someone maybe only once or twice and have a bond with them because you share something so unique and special. Part of the fun of being at Starbucks is chatting online with friends, some I have never even met in person and yet there is a bond. Now with all that said there are still challenges and parts of my life that are made harder with Susan in it but I think the good parts far out way the bad parts besides everything in life has good and bad. Having a car is great as you have freedom, you can go anyplace you want whenever you want but you also have to pay for the car, gas, insurance and upkeep but again the good out ways the bad. The key is to find balance, as in anything in your life. I love chocolate but if I eat too much Susan gets fatter and if I keep eating I get an upset stomach. So I limit how much chocolate I eat. Same goes for Susan. I really enjoy my time out as Susan but I also know I need my male side, work, friends of my male side, family and there are things I like to do that would not be as easy to do as Susan. So I set limits, 2 or maybe 3 times a week for me is a good balance.

The other thing I have thought about is being Susan is fun and special and part of that is I look forward to that time. If I was Susan all the time then it would not be special and would become routine and I think for me that would spoil it for me.

Wow got off on a tangent there. Well Starbucks is pretty quiet tonight, maybe 8 others here. I think everyone is out enjoying the nice evening outside. The rest of the week will be busy but I will be out on Friday again at the P-Club. This week Cassandra will not be out as her and her wife Peggy are going away for the weekend so not sure how many will come out. I hope a lot will as it would be great to have another big group. I will have to make a couple posts to our group to try and get people out. Any way I will post again this weekend, have a great rest of the week and thanks to all who stop by and read.

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P-Club on Friday night with my friends.

Well it has been a long and busy week for this girl but didn’t realize how much till Friday. I got off work a little early because of some extra hours I have been putting in so I was home by 3 instead of my normal 4:30 which was great. I had some time to relax and watch a little TV before getting ready. Anyway I turned on the TV and sat down on the couch. Next thing I knew the national news was on and when I looked at my watch it was almost 6 pm, I guess the long hours and short nights caught up with me. Anyway I was up off the couch and on my way to get ready for my night out with my friends. I wanted to be able to leave before 7 so I would not run the chance of meeting my neighbor on the street like a couple weeks ago. I know I can get ready in an hour or less if I have too but this being a Friday night and going to a club with my friends always takes a little longer as I do more with my makeup.

Well it was just a little after 7 when I was ready to leave; I did a Smokey eye look which I have been trying to get better at. I am still not great at it but I think this was my best looking attempt so far. I looked out the window to see if my neighbor was home but she wasn’t so I knew there was the chance we would run into each other on the street. It is only about 3 blocks that I go before I can turn off as I live almost at the end of a dead-end street. Well Susan wanted to be out so I figured if we passed each other and she saw me well that was how it was meant to be so I got in my car and off I went and there were no problems as I did not run into my neighbor.

I got to the P-club just before 7:30 and the parking lot was packed but I found my parking spot on the street right in front of the door. Inside they were not that busy. Cassandra, Chris, Charlene, Melissa, Heather and Kristen were all there so I felt like I was late guess the nice weather just got everyone moving earlier. Well I went and got a drink and ordered dinner, the regular girls that work there had the night off but Isaac who has been there working Friday nights for the last few month was there and also Gina who normally works Saturday through Tuesday so it was the first time I have met her. They are both just as nice as the others who work there.

Melissa had a new dress, a long purple dress and it was gorgeous. She was so proud of the dress and showed it to everyone. She really looked pretty and was always smiling. She is a lot of fun to hang out with. Melissa joins me at Starbucks every once in a while and we have a fun night just sitting there talking. This next week I can go out almost every night so I hopefully I can pick a night Melissa can make it.

Heather who is a tall GG 5’11” but her height fits her well she wore 4″ heels which she never does because she is so tall. Well I was standing next to her and we were the same height as I chose 3″ heels for the night. It was nice to be eye to eye to a GG as it made me feel like I didn’t stand out so much. I should have gotten a picture with her. Well maybe she will wear them again and I will think to get a picture.

Maya showed up as Maya this week, turns out she didn’t get the job she interviewed for. I had really hoped she would get it as she cut her hair really short for the interview. Anyway Robin and I played against Maya and Amy in shuffle board. They took a quick lead but Robin and I never gave up and we finally took the lead. In the end Maya got a really good last shot and scored 10 points at the end to win. It was a fun game.

After that Maya and I played as partners against Cassandra and Catherine. It is always so fun to play Cassandra as she is so competitive in everything she does and she is good at most things so if you can beat her at something it is always fun. It was a really good game and close but Maya and I won.

A couple came over and wanted to play us shuffle board. Now we met them a while back. They are really nice, I can’t remember her name but his was Guy, I am sure it is in one of my previous blogs. Well we played a game and had a fun time. Maya and I won but what made it so much fun was interaction with the other customers and being treated just the same. They really are two wonderful people.

Well now it was time to sing happy birthday to Lynn. Sunday is her birthday so we all gathered around her and sang to her. Guy and his wife also joined in with us. It is always so nice to celebrate a birthday in the group as it really reflects how close we have all become like one big happy family.

Well now it was time to make sure I got to talk to everyone. The night can go by so fast and with the size of the group you can miss people. We had a new girl there; she has gone out before but first time with our group. Her name is Kristy and she just joined our group. Misty and I were talking with her and getting to know her. She is really nice and we look forward to her coming out with the group more.

For once Cassandra was not the last to leave. It was about 12:45 when she was ready to leave; I guess my nap earlier helped. The rest of us stayed till about 1:45, I think there were still 7 of us there at that time. The last hour we just sat around and talked. Kitty, Jennifer, Barb, Misty, Robin and I were all talking and Kitty was telling us about her neighbors. When she moved into her new apartment she told them all upfront. She performs as Kitty and is really good so she goes out all the time so she was totally upfront.

Well as it was time to leave I went and paid my bill and by this time everyone was gone but Robin and me so we were the last 2 out. What a fun night. Hope everyone has a great week.

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Busy week but found some quiet time at Starbuck’s.

Well it has been a busy week and will stay that way for the next 3 or 4 weeks, funny how busy we become in the summer time. The weather here is still cool and not summer like, today was only 71 out and mostly cloudy with a little rain and wind. I actually wore a long sleeve top tonight to come out to Starbuck’s. Starbuck’s is slow tonight only 4 people here including me, there are more outside at the tables in the wind with coats on.

Well last week going out 3 nights in a row was so fun but wore me out. I really enjoyed the dinner I think doing more of that type of activity would be great, maybe smaller groups of 2 to 5. I may have to see if I can get something like that going in the group during the week. The only problem would be not excluding someone who really wants to go.

Well our group will once again be out the P-Club tomorrow night. Fridays have become such a fun night with lots of us out. I think the fact we have such an active fun and supportive group is what makes it so much fun. All the girls in our group are awesome they are more like sisters so you can really be yourself and have fun. I was thinking the other day about my going out and if it was not for the group I would probably still be just a couple times a year. Cassandra had such a great idea to create this group and has done a great job keeping it going and growing the membership. We are now up to 219 members I still can’t believe how fast we grew. Yahoo groups is a great way to network and you can set up groups for free. I think this is the one thing Yahoo does better than anyone else. Well must get to some of my e-mails so will close here.

Have a great week and will post again this weekend.

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Friday night at P-Club my 3rd night in a row out.

Well I made it out with my friends Friday night. This was my 3rd night in a row out as Susan and wow was I tired. Strange going out 3 nights in a row even though I really didn’t stay up much later than normal I seemed to be more tired, maybe it was just because it was a busy week. Any way I was trying to get ready and leave a little earlier than last week so I didn’t run into my neighbor and it turns out I was ready to leave about 10 minutes earlier so I didn’t run into her which was good, I must just try to leave a little earlier each week. The plus side was I got to the P-Club at 7:30 so had a few extra minutes out as Susan.

I was surprised as I thought I would be the first one there but Cassandra, Wilma and Teresa were already there so we really did have an early start. I joined them and Nicole one of the awesome bar staff brought me my drink without me even having to order it and when I did order food Turkey and cheese sandwich she already knew I wanted sourdough bread and tots with it, of course there are only 2 things I order there but it is cool she remembers as she does with all the girl. The people who work here really are awesome.

Well about 7:45 more of our group started to show up. We had one guy come over and turns out he is a T-girl (Katie) that met Cassandra a few years back. He doesn’t get out much but I think he said the hairdresser he goes to who helps him with makeup also does the Catherine’s hair who is a member of our group. She had told him about Catherine and then they ended up running into each other at the hairdresser and got talking and that is how he found out about the P-Club so he came to check it out. We talked with him for and he stayed for a few hours and played pool with the group. I think he is going to join and we will see her out more in the future.

Danielle also showed up, she is not a member of the group as she is only here for a few months. She is living full time right now and trying to figure out if she wants to go full time and transition or not. She had on a really cute skirt and top and she is very passable even her voice is pretty passable. I think she would transition without hesitation except she is a husband and father which are her biggest obstacle.

Wilma and I played partners in shuffle board again and of course we won, the table really needs to be cleaned and have new salt put on it as it was very inconsistent when you made shots which I guess did ad a lot of luck to the game last night. One shot I was going to knock off the other teams puck so I really pushed it hard or at least I thought I did but it only went about 3 feet and stopped. It didn’t even get across the center line, almost looked like someone just put out their hand and stopped it but it was still fun. Danielle and I played a game one on one which was different but fun too. I started off with a big lead but Danielle came back and made it a close game but I did manage to win.

Wilma brought her chess board and she played Jan a game, Jan is like me hasn’t played but a couple games in the last 15 years. She did pretty well but Wilma won so I sat in and played. It was a good game and we went a while before either of us took a piece. In the end Wilma won so she finished the night undefeated in chess.

Jamie also showed up with her wife Linda. Jamie has been out a few times over the last year and always nice to see her. I have met her wife once over a year ago. Her wife is so supportive of her and in a way they look alike. We were kidding them if Jamie had blonde hair they could be sisters.

We had about 15 there last night and the P-Club was pretty slow till about 10 and then they got busy. I think this was one of their busiest Friday nights which was really nice. It was also fun to people watch and interact with some of them.

As we were getting ready to leave to GG’s came over and started talking to us. They were very nice and we had a good time talking to them. We stayed till about 1:30 but it was a really fun night as it always is when I spend time with all my best friends.

This next week I will be out Friday with my friends of course but not sure I will make Starbuck’s as the only night I might have free would be Thursday and won’t know about that till Wednesday so I am glad I made it out so much this last week.

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Nice dinner out with friend

Well it turns out this week Susan will be out 3 days in a row and no trip to Starbuck’s. I really like my quiet time at Starbuck’s but it is nice to do something new or different sometimes. A while back Peggy joined me at Starbuck’s and we spent the evening just talking and one of the things we talked about was other things we could do, maybe smaller groups sometime. I had mentioned it would be nice to go out to dinner or maybe catch a movie or something like that, more of your everyday type things. Any way Peggy and I decided we should try to get together for dinner one evening so tonight was the night.

We decided on Who Song & Larry’s in Vancouver at 6:30 which was very convenient for me but Peggy had to come through all the rush hour traffic from Portland. I took her a about an hour to get there where for me it was 15 minutes so I guess I got the better end of this dinner. Well I got there and the parking lot was completely full oh there were a couple spaces where people had pulled in on the line and took 2 spots so after circling the parking lot I saw Peggy standing out front. Seems she got lucky and found a spot. Anyway I stopped to tell her I was gone up the street to park so she got in and road with me around to the over flow parking lot. Now it was a nice evening so the walk back was nice.

Now as busy as the parking lot was inside was pretty empty seems everyone was out on their deck having dinner so we had no trouble getting a table. Now about a year and a half ago about 15 of our group came here for dinner before Christmas so Susan has been here before and we were treated well that night and nothing had changed. Our waiter was great. Always referred to us as Ladies of course Peggy is a GG but it was nice that he never gave me a funny look or treated me any different than anyone else. The food was great and it was a really fun evening.

It was nice to just sit and talk for a couple hours over dinner. I think I will try to do this more often. Friday night I will be out with the group at the P-Club so that will make 3 nights in a row. What a fun week.

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Finally made it out to the Boiler Room.

Well this week I finally made it to the Boiler Room. My group has been going there every other Wednesday for the last several months and it always sounded so fun but as I work early never made it out with them. This week I didn’t have to be to work as early on Thursday so I decided to go. I wasn’t sure how bad traffic would be going back into Portland so I left plenty of time and wouldn’t you know it there was no traffic. I got there by 6:30 and they don’t open till 7 but I did find a great parking spot almost right in front. About 6:45 Chris and Robyn showed up so I joined them for a drink at Fox & Hound which is also a nice place that I have been to before several time.

A little after 7 we walked back over to the Boiler Room and Cassandra, Wilma and Melissa were already there and yes everyone was surprised to see me out on a week night with the group. A few more from our group showed up, Julie, Robin & Michelle and I think one more.

The Boiler room is smaller than I thought especially when they get busy. We all ordered dinner and had a good time. Chris and Melissa both did Karaoke, Chris did 4 songs. They both did really good and I give them credit for getting up in front of everyone and singing, something I don’t think I could do.

Well about 9:45 the group started to head across the street to CC’s for pool and as I knew if I went in with them I would stay out way to late so this was a good time for me to leave. Always hard to say goodnight when you are out with your friends having a good time. It was a lot of fun and a break from my normal outing to Starbuck’s.

Just an update in my last blog I mentioned that as I left my neighbor was just getting home and I wondered if they saw me in the car. Well Monday I was outside when she got home and she asked me if I let someone else use my car Friday. I believe her words were “was someone else using your car Friday? I was going to wave at you but wasn’t sure that was you in the car”? Well all I could think was to say yes, I let a friend use my car. Not sure if she believed it but I know I will have to be more careful now as I don’t think I can get away with that excuse to many times.

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Fantastic night at the P-Club

Well it was another fantastic Friday night at the P-Club. In my last post I had mentioned possible issues with the P-Club owner well I got to talk to a couple of our members and a couple of the staff and found out it pretty much is just rumor. The owner has not said he does not want us there although he is worried about the business the economy has affected him just like any other business. But it was nice to hear we are still welcome there. I just wanted to clear this up as I hate spreading rumors.

Well as I was ready to leave I did my normal look out the front window to see if anyone way out, my neighbors were gone so this would be easy. Went into the garage and got in car, put seat belt on and started it up. Opened the door and pulled out and turned on to my street to leave, how easy this was till I saw my neighbors car. She was just getting home and only two houses down driving right at me. There was nothing I could do at this point but keep going. I was driving right into the sun so I could not see very well but with the sun coming through my windshield it was like I was in a spot light. Low cut dress with my cleavage showing. Long blonde wig, long read nails on the steering wheel. And face all made up with bright red lipstick. I don’t talk to her that often but next time will be interesting what or if she says anything. I may never know if she saw and realized it was me unless she says something.

Well as it was nice out I chose to wear my little black dress. It is probably my favorite as it really shows my cleavage when I do it right and with my new suntan I got the other day it really works. Plus I knew Melissa had bought a new dress so I wanted to look my best. I got there right at 7:30 and I was the first one there so I got a table and sat down. Strange a couple years back I would have sat in the car and waited till I saw someone else go in now it does not matter.

I was only there for a few minutes when Michelle (a GG) I met several months ago there came over to talk to me, she is so nice and usually always stops and says hi when we are there. She told me how great I looked and we chatted a few minutes. She called the guy she was with over and introduced him to me. She said she wanted him to meet the hottest girl there wow what a compliment, I felt great and the night was off to a wonderful start. I failed to get any pictures last night but I have a picture of Michelle and me in a blog I wrote a while back.

Soon others started to show up, Cassandra, Melissa and Wilma were the first to show. Melissa (who is a GG) had on a really cute dress she had just bought and some 5″ heels again, reason I wore the dress I did. She looked great. I was teasing her that we were making her more of a girly girl hanging out with us.

Wilma was back in town and made it out with us. It has been maybe 3 months or so since she has been out so it was great to see her again and catch up on things you know a little girl talk. Of course we did this while we ate. Later on we played partners in shuffle board. In all we played 2 games and we won both. Wilma has not lost her touch at shuffle board.

Petra and Victoria also were there. Petra has been out a couple times over the last several months but it has been many months since I have seen Victoria. Victoria is Petra’s wife and she has her own transformation business for transgender people here in the Portland area. I have never used her service but know many who do and they all look great and have nothing but wonderful things to say about her. If you are ever in the Portland area and want a makeover check her out at over the rainbow. They are both awesome people.

Julie was also out and I bet it has been almost a year since I have seen her. She doesn’t get out often and not usually on the weekend so this was an awesome treat. She is married and only gets out when her wife is away, wife has no idea. She is one of our groups little dancers as she loves to dance.

Later on another GG, Cindy who we met several months ago came over and sat with us for a while. She likes to dance and has been going to the P-Club for 18 years. She is another of the regulars that like us there and always stops and talks to us. We had a great time and she is so nice.

Wilma brought her chess board so I played a game against Jan. now I have only played a couple games in the last 15 years so very rusty and Jan has not played much either so it was a pretty even match. Victoria came over and thought it was great, not that I won but the fact you don’t see two blonde T-Girls playing chess (or a thinking game) in a bar very often. I was happy as I won, not bad for a blonde girl. The next game was against Wilma who plays a lot on her computer so I was out matched. I started off good and then made a bad move. Towards the end I was down to just my Queen, Bishop and some pawns and Wilma still had her Queen, both her Rooks, a bishop and a horse. I got lucky and managed to put her in check and then things just went my way. She had to keep moving to get out of check so she could not come after me and in the end I put her in check mate with just my Queen and bishop.

Well it was an awesome night again and I Think we were there till 2 am this week. Just a fun night out with the girls and so glad to hear that things are still cool with our group at the P-Club.

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Cozy little night at Starbuck’s

Well I made it out to Starbuck’s this week. Was not sure I would. Tonight I came the closest I have to being caught by my neighbor. I was ready to leave and looked out front and it was clear so I went to my garage and got in my car, started it up and opened the garage door to pull out and there out front was my neighbor. One of her friends had pulled up out front and she had gone out to talk to them. I panicked, she could not see me in the garage but whoever was in the car could. I knew it would look suspicious if I shut the garage door and I couldn’t just sit in my car so I got out and went back inside hoping they would just think I forgot something and at the angle they could not get a good look at me because of the car door. I only had to wait a few minutes for them to leave but then I had to walk back out to my car with the garage door open. This is going to be more of an issue with the sunny weather now.

Well this made me a little late to Starbuck’s. Now I have been coming to this Starbucks almost every week for about two years now and I must say this is a first. They are so busy tonight that every table and chair was taken accept for one of the big chairs in the front corner so that is where I am sitting with 3 other people right around me. I had to walk right between the others to get to the one open chair. So now I am sitting with my computer in my lap, not the most comfortable way to be on a computer. I have a man sitting to my right and his wife right across from me and then another man on my left, wow that is boy girl boy girl. The man on my right has already talked to me; he asked me what the time was. And then went on and told me he was waiting for his friend to come pick him up and that he was late. I have never seen it this busy. I also have no way to plug in my computer so my night may end early. I have it set on power save and it says I have one hour left on battery so it looks like I might go dead about 10 minutes before they close. I also shut down all extra programs to see if I can extend it a few more minutes.

I was looking through my closet tonight getting ready; wow I really need to go shopping for some more outfits, maybe even a few new dresses. I need to expand Susan’s options for dress. Plus it would be so much fun to do a shopping trip. I have gone shopping as Susan before and always had fun and never a problem. I don’t know why I don’t go shopping more. I know Melissa and Barb would both go with me, it could be a girls day shopping. I think a small group of us would be okay and not raise too much attention.

Wow still busy here at 8:15, a couple that usually comes in every night came in and was only here a few moments and then left as there are still no seats. Actually I am in one of the seats they usually sit in as they like the big cushy chairs up front. It is strange to see it this busy. The girls working tonight have been going nonstop all night even some of the tables out front are full which is where I almost had to sit but I would not have lasted long as it is about 65 out and a little windy and as I planned on being inside I did not bring a coat so I would have gotten cold and probably left by now.

Tomorrow night the group I belong to will once again be at the P-Club. It is always a fun night but I have heard from a couple of the girls the owner would like us to stop coming. He thinks we are affecting his business. Now this is just a rumor at this point as he has not said anything to the group so I feel till he does say something we should go on as we have and not worry about what may or may not happen in the future. Now they are just as busy most Friday nights as the first time we went there but what I think he is thinking is his business has picked up a little on the other night and not Fridays. Now I have talked to the workers there and they all love us (I think we are bigger tippers than the regular customers). They have told us they really don’t want us to leave. Now this rumor has been going around on and off for several months and so far that is all it is he has not come to any of us directly and said anything so we will just half to wait and see. I personally like it there and the customers I have met and the workers are all great and like us there. If there are customers who do not like us they have not said anything to our

Well I must go will blog again this weekend about the P-Club. Have a great week.


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Creating Cleavage tips I use

Well this will be just a quick post; a while back I did a blog about how I create my cleavage. Actually I have had it on my web page for several years if you want to read about it with pictures. The cost is not much and it does a really good job at least for me. It pulls some of my chest skin up and makes it look like I have breast.

Too really make this work and look great is adding a little contour to the middle and highlight the tops to give it that three dimensional look. Now getting the makeup on my chest just right has always been hard for me so one trick I have used during the summer is tan lines. Yes several years back I bought a bikini and no there are no pictures of me in it. My body does not look good in a two piece but what I found is if I get just a light tan just enough to show the hint of a tan line it really helps the look.

Well the last 2 days I have had to go into work extra early so today I found myself home from work at noon and the weathers is beautiful out. Now I have a pretty private back deck and as it was so early I decide to get a little sun. Now we are talking light tan lines so only need 20 to 30 minutes plus the sun feels so nice as we have had unusually cold and rainy weather this year.

Well I lay out on the deck and well I guess the short nights caught up with me. With the fireworks going off the last few nights I could not get to sleep till after midnight and had to be up by 3 am for work so I have had very little sleep. Bet you all know where this is going, I accidently fell asleep on my deck and woke up 2 hours later. Now it is not quite a sun burn but pretty close, very dark and a bit red and very noticeable without a top on not that I go around without a shirt on. I guess I should have been more careful. I also thought afterwards that usually I do this later in the day so the sun is at more of an angle instead of right overhead. Well lessons learned.

Well I debated about posting this but in the end my blog is about Susan and everything she does so here it is.

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