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Sunday and a day of Susan at home

Well it is the last Sunday of March in our new reality. That means almost all places are shut down and there really is no place to go either as my male self or as Susan and we will have this for the next month. Now I know this is necessary but I also know it will come to an end hopefully sooner than later. If we all do our part maybe we can shorten it. I know a lot of people are freaked out about this but it will end and we will go back to our normal lives. Any way I am making the best of it and will be dressing pretty much just at home for the next month, although I will do what grocery shopping, I need to do as Susan and maybe go through the fast food drive through to get something to eat, in other words I am going to try to maintain as normal of a life as I can and I encourage everyone else to do the same. I saw this cartoon online and had to pass it on.

I got up at 8 and decided to work out a little, yes, I am trying to get back into using my elliptical, I didn’t mention it in my previous blogs but I actually used it 4 times the week I was quarantined. It was about 8:45 when I took my shower and started getting ready for the day. I took my time getting ready as I have no where I have to be. I did false eye lashes again today as a matter of fact I have done them most time I have dressed up over the last few weeks as it gives me practice at doing them and I am getting better at them and they really do look great. They make my eyes pop.

I got a couple pictures and then did some work on my computer, paid some bills, balanced my checkbook you know the fun things in life. This passed the time till about 12:30 when I decided it was time for a little lunch but instead of making a sandwich I went to Jack in the Box and got something to eat and took it home my big outing for the day. Yes, it is like the old days a drive and a trip through the drive through for food. The only difference is it is during the day instead of a late-night drive. I wasn’t out long but long enough for a picture in the car.

I got home and watched a little TV as I ate my lunch, for dinner I am once again going to BBQ a steak on the grill tonight as it was good last night and I thawed 2 steaks yesterday by mistake. Yes, Susan is going to eat well this weekend. Now today on Cable BBC America is showing a Rambo marathon so that is how I will spend my day. I watched Rambo I and II and then stopped to make dinner. I partially cooked the potato in the microwave so I could finish it on the grill with my steak.

Now while I was BBQing my steak on my deck it was a little cool but at least it wasn’t raining which made it nice. Now I didn’t just stay out there as I said it was a little on the cool side but it still gave me a little time outside and yes, I had to get one last picture while I was out there. With my dinner cooked I went inside to eat and watch Rambo III. It really is a boring relaxing day and I will be so happy when I can start going out as Susan as I do really miss seeing my friends and going to Starbucks. Jennifer in our group started an e-mail thread with a picture of her at home dressed up and I replied with a couple of my pictures and so did several of the other girls so in a way we are still able to see each other and communicate, thanks Jennifer. This would be really hard without the internet as you would really feel you are cut off from everyone.

I had a nice dinner and watched my movie and then I will watch a little TV till it is time for bed. Now on to my side note, tomorrow will mark 1 week with pierced ears and I am loving them so far. To tell the truth though as all I have are small cold studs, I really don’t even notice them unless I look in the mirror as I can’t feel them and if it wasn’t for seeing them, I would never know they were there. But looking at some of my pictures if you look closely you can see them. Now I usually don’t put really close up pictures but I noticed you can see one of my earrings in this picture as well as my eye makeup which turned out really well today. I really can’t wait till I can wear some dangly earrings as I will be able to feel them move and brush against my neck and cheek and I think that will be a wonderful feeling. I am already looking at earrings I can buy. I will really have to use self-control though as there are so many cute earrings out there and I can see it would be easy to go overboard. After all, when I am not Susan it will have to be these gold studs or the clear invisible earrings for sports. Yes, I ordered some online and should have them in a couple weeks, seems shipping on non-essential items are a lot slower right now. I have herd 4 to 6 weeks before trying other earrings, for those girls out there with pierced ears what are your thoughts on how long I should wait? I have waited this long to get them pierced and I don’t want to rush it.

I how you all stay safe, happy and positive during this time and I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Please read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life and when I can change my earrings I will post o picture with the earrings I bought when I got them pierced.

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Saturday Susan time but really no place to go.

Well it is Saturday and the start of the weekend and I have 2 days of being Susan. now the reason I have the whole weekend to be Susan is because of the virus everything is closed so there really is nothing I have to do or any place I have to be and that means a weekend of being Susan. now on the bad side it also means no [place really to go so it will pretty much be at home, kind of the glass half empty or half full so I look on the bright side and that is Susan time. I got up a little after 8 and started getting ready now I have used a Braun Epilator for years to remove the hair on my legs and arms and I love it. The first few times you use one it does hurt so take a hot bath first, after that you really don’t feel it. My leg and arm hair are so fine and thing I can go weeks. Well I bring this up as after many years it gave out on me today, so sad. I will have to find a new one. I started my makeup and I did false eye lashes and a new color of lipstick. My favorite lip stick is Maybelline matte lip ink, now I am a red color girl and my favorite color is “Ruler” which is a red brick color and very pretty color and can use during the day. my other favorite color is “Pioneer” but this is a bright red and really only good for a night out and really needs the right makeup and outfit to look good. Well when I was out shopping a few weeks back I knew I was running low and bought a new one but evidently grabbed the wrong one and got a color called “Founder” which is just s little deeper red more to a wine color so I decided to try it today and I like it but might be a bit much for daytime, let me know what you think of the color.

I was all dressed and looking pretty by a little after 10am. I git a couple pictures, one inside and one on my deck to see how I looked. Now I use to dress and stay at home all the time till I started going out. Now just spending time at home is not what I really like to do as I really do want to be out in public but for now, I really can’t do that. Well I did spend 9 days on quarantine and could go anywhere so I had to eat the food I had in my house which I did but I really do need to go shopping for some a few things including fresh items like milk and produce so I decided to make a quick trip to Walmart.

I left home about 11 and was on my way but noticed I also needed some gas so I stopped by Costco and decided to go in and see if they had any toilet, I have plenty for several weeks as I don’t let this get to low but on the off chance they have some I guess better safe then sorry. Well I went in and they are still out but picked up a couple things I did need. After here I went and got some gas and then on to Walmart for my shopping.

I got to Walmart and took time to get a couple pictures in the car. Now I don’t understand but the light in the car seems to make my pictures look the best, I think. I even tried pulling back my hair to show my earring. Yes, last Monday I finally got my ears pierced. Now again this is the glass half empty or half full thing. Yes, this weekend I should be living full time as Susan in Las Vegas with my friends and having long acrylic nails for 2 weeks and I am sad I am not as I looked forward to it for the last year. But on the bright side with everything shut down my two biggest obstacles to getting my ears pierced family and my volunteer job. Well my volunteer job has been put on hold till the end of April and also by governor order the assisted living where my mom is, is locked down and only workers can be there so I can’t g over there either till the end of April and that left just my regular job and I figured who cares about what they thought. I can’t remove the earrings for 4 to 6 weeks and that gets me to the middle to end of April which is just perfect timing. For those of you wondering last week at work only 5 people noticed that I know of well they were the ones who said something. 4 woman and 1 man and all they said was did you get your ears pierced? I just said yes it was something I had always wanted to do and with everything shut down I figured why not now and that seemed to be fine with them 3 of the women told me they looked good on me. Now I am sure others noticed but they have said nothing. For the most part I don’t even think about them unless I am looking in the mirror or a touch my ear. I really can’t wait till I can wear other earrings like hoops or dangly earrings. I really wish I had done this years ago but there was just no way.

I went into Walmart and they were kind of busy but everyone was trying to keep their distances which was nice. I picked up the food I needed and a few things I really didn’t and then was on my way. It was nice to be out even for such a short time as Susan and I think that if I have to go shopping again over the next few weeks it will be as Susan so I can get at least a little Susan time out. Not as much fun as walking around the mall or going to dinner with my friends but it is something and that is better than nothing.

I got home a little after 1 and started my day of watching Movies or TV, I did start this blog also and will finish later in the day. now I did take the time to change my hair for the rest of the day and get a few more pictures. The day does go by a little slower just being at home as Susan but still nice to get some Susan time as I am guessing it will be at least a month before I can start going out places again. By the way just a question for those with pierced ears. I was reading the care broacher I got when I got my ears pierced and it said to come back in 3 to 4 weeks to have them checked and wondering why and if I need to do that? Any thoughts? Also how do you tell when they are fully healed or is that why I go back to where I had them pierced?

It was a little after 5 when I decided to make dinner, I had taken a steak out of the freezer this morning and I am going to BBQ it and have a baked potato and cord for dinner. Yes, I will be out side on my deck BBQing again as Susan although with the rainy weather I doubt my neighbors will be out. besides it really is just going out few a couple minutes at a time to turn the steak. The Bake potato took the longest and it was a little after 6 when I sat down to eat and start another movie.

I will stay up till probably 11 or so tonight before going to bed and then tomorrow I will spend another day as Susan. Not the way I visioned this week going but I am making the best of it and I choose to look on the bright side of things as life is much better that way. Stay safe and stay positive.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

A few more pictures at the bottom. If you have a favorite let me know.










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Monday and my Susan time at home comes to an end

It is Monday and the last day of my Quarantine. Neither me or my Mom have shown any symptoms so hopefully when the county health department calls me today, we will be released. I got up earlier today to get back into my routine. I worked out this morning and it felt good, I haven’t done that in a while so I am hoping to do that more. I had breakfast and then started getting ready about 8:30. I was all ready and dressed by 10. I got my daily picture before going downstairs and one more at the bottom of the stairs. Once downstairs I watched a little TV. Now being my last day hopefully stuck at home I am just waiting for the health department to call and I think it will be later in the day.

I watched TV till noon and then fixed me a little lunch and as it is sunny again today which is surprising as it was supposed to rain today, I decided to eat lunch on the deck. Now even though the sun is out it is cooler out today then the last week, in the low 50’s instead of low 60’s and it does make a difference so I won’t be outside as long. I did get some pictures while I was outside. I have actually got some good pictures on my back deck this week as I can get some good natural light out here.

I went back inside and watched a little more TV today is Star Trek Deep Space nine, I have watched a lot of Star Trek this week along with a lot of movies. I have watched more TV this week then I do in a few months. You don’t realize how busy your life is and how much you do till you can’t do them and have all that free time. I have done a lot of cleaning in my house the one thing I didn’t do is clean my garage so that will be something I do over the next few weeks. One it is a lot of work and would be had to do as Susan but also, I need to have the garage door open for that and that would be very public with my neighbors. I am pretty sure they all know and I don’t hide when I go out but this is a little more then I want to do right now.

Later on, I watched the noon new which I taped as I wanted to see the governor’s new rules on what can stay open and where you can go. This has really changed the way we live. Well she is shutting down all no-essential businesses including parks, malls pretty much anyplace that doesn’t sell food and all has to be for takeout. Well this got me thinking would this effect Cemeteries as I have not gone to visit my Dad in a while and I figured that would be something I could do as it really is just a drive and there is usually no one there. Plus, this would give me a chance to see what traffic is like for tomorrow. I have taken a few short drives this week though.

It was about 3 when I left home and drove to the cemetery and I was right, there was no traffic. It is about 20 miles and took me about 25 minutes to get there. I was actually surprised how many people were here today, I am thinking others had the same thought I did that they might close them down. In all the times I have come here there was only 1 time there was someone else in the section of the cemetery my dad is at, this is a huge national cemetery. Today there were 5 groups of people in this section and one family of about 10 people that looked like they were at a grave just a few down from my dad and I have to avoid people so I sat in the car to see if they would leave. Well while I sat there, I got my call from the health department to check on me. I got the all clear to go back to work tomorrow but she encouraged me to practice social distancing. The group by my dad gave didn’t look like they were going to leave any time soon and I was thinking that as of tonight all malls would close and I am only about 10 minutes from Clackamas Town Center and I wondered how busy they would be so I thought I would drive down and look at it and then come back to visit my dad.

I got to Clackamas Town Center a little before 4 and I thought they might be closed as the parking lot was almost deserted. I did see 1 person go inside so I parked and figured I would walk in and if there were not many people maybe make a quick walk to see what was open. I got inside and the mall was empty. I saw 1-person way down the mall on the bottom floor and 2 people on the upper level so now I was wondering if any of the stores were even open. Pretty much all the stores were closed and I was thinking it would just be a quick walk but as this would be my last time to walk the mall till probably May I did. even all the little booths that try to sell you things were closed. Well I got down further and I saw 1 lady working in one of the little booths. Well as I got close, she said high to me and I stopped to ask her about the mall closing. She was really nice and I think she was happy to have someone to talk with as I still have not seen another customer. Now the funny part as I really think it was a sign for me. The booth I stopped at, the only one open was piercing Pagoda. I got talking to her about ear piercing and how long it takes to heal. Like I said you can’t take the earrings out for 3 to 4 weeks and then after that you have to keep something in the holes for 6 months so they don’t close. Now right now the 3 to 4 weeks is easy as the only issue would be work. After that I have seen clear plastic posts I could use and I wondered if I could really have pierced ears. This would be my best chance right now and in a moment of weakness I told her I wanted to get my ears pierced. The whole time I was thinking about work tomorrow as she got ready and sure enough 20 minutes later, I was on my way out with my ears pierced.

I stopped by the cemetery on the way home and spent about 20 minutes at my dad gave before heading home. I got home about 5:45 and went out on the deck and got a few more pictures before fixing dinner. It was getting cooler outside so I ate inside tonight while I watched TV. After I ate, I worked on my blog from today and am still wondering if anyone at work will noticed I pierced my ears or if they will say anything. Tomorrow will be an interesting day back at work, the earrings are small and subtle, the smallest they had and gold so kind of match my skin color. I think from a distance you wouldn’t even notice them it would only be up close but still a little nervous about tomorrow. I plan of being in bed early tonight and will be interesting how I sleep with my earrings in as I normally sleep on my side.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Sunday and some home Susan time

It is Sunday and my 8th full day on quarantine at home. I have made a couple short drives just to get out and also spent some time on my deck. I am planning another short drive again today. I got up at 8 am like normal and started getting ready. It is kind of fun to do different makeup looks and hair. Growing up as a boy I had the same look all the time as a matter of fact my hair style is basically the same, I had 30 years ago other than a little grey mixed in. female on the other hand are always changing their looks even if just for a night. I really do love playing with makeup and the different looks you can get.

I was all done up and dressed by 10 and on my way down stairs. I got my daily picture at the bottom of the stairs before I started my day at home. My look for the day. Now I started off the day doing some of my training. Now a little bit about my male side again, I do a lot of training some in person in class and some online. Now one thing I have wanted to do for years now is get my ears pierced, last year I thought about doing it for Diva Las Vegas and again this year. The problem is you can’t take out the earrings for 4 weeks. Now I have 3 problems with that one my family, well my mom. My work and of course the training I do. Now work is the least of the issue as I really don’t think anyone would say anything, even if they noticed. Well last week I got notice that through April all my training will be online non in person which gives me over weeks and if I could have done it last weekend weeks. The last is my mom and because of the Chinese Coronavirus the governor has limited to only necessary people at assisted living places in the state which means I can’t go over and see her for at least 30 days. This would have been a perfect year to get them pierced, if I had done it last week, I would already have a week in with them, too bad I was quarantined, as for the next month all I would have to worry about is people at work. Well a nice thought. Well I started on my training and worked on it till a little after noon, before breaking for lunch.

I fixed a sandwich and had lunch in my deck as it once again is a nice day out today. I used this to get a few pictures also. After I ate, I decided to take a short drive down by the river just to get out for a while. It was good just to get out of the house for a while but I really miss the human contact, I am actually looking forward to going back to work just to be able to see other people. I am also taking a lot of pictures while I am home. I got back home and wanted to do a little more work on my computer while on the deck but it was a little warmer now so I changed my top to one with short sleeves.

I actually spent most of the afternoon out on my deck working on my computer and even to a break to start this blog. As I worked on my computer, I could see my red nails from when I painted them last Monday, now they are short and my natural nails and the polish has held up somewhat. The edges started wearing on Tuesday and I got my first small chip on Wednesday. In truth by Friday they didn’t look good enough if I had been going out. I would really rather have acrylic nails or at least gel polish as it holds up better. I bet if I had actually been doing normal daily activities, they would look a lot worse now. I really should re do them but then again tomorrow I will have to remove the polish as Tuesday morning I go back to work.

It was about 3:30 when I came inside and decided to take a break and watch a movie, todays movie is “Hunt for Red October” I enjoyed the movie and when it was over I decided to make dinner, after yesterday when my neighbors were BBQing I decided to get my grill out and cleaned it up and cooked me a steak on the grill. I have spent a lot of time out on my deck today and have not seen any of my neighbors out today. I also cooked up some corn and mash potatoes, instant as that was all I had but still good. I think this is the first time I have BBQed on my deck as Susan, it was fun. I sat on my deck and ate it was really enjoyable and the weather was perfect. Tomorrow they are calling for rain so tomorrow will be inside but should also be my last day stuck at home. it was a little cool as it did kind of cloud up but I stuck it out till a little after 6:30 before going inside. The weather this week has been awesome wish I could have gone someplace.

The rest of the evening I will watch some TV and maybe a movie. I plan to go to bed a little earlier so I can get up early tomorrow, for the last week I have been sleeping in till 8 and starting Tuesday it is back to work and getting up at 5:30 in the morning. It has been fun being Susan for the last 8 days straight and 1 more to go. Not the way I wanted to spend my vacation but Susan made it as fun as it could be. Over the next few weeks, I will get Susan time but being able to go out will be very limited.

Thanks for reading and be sure and checkout my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday home alone as Susan

It is Saturday and another day home alone as Susan. Now this completes 1 full week of isolation as it was about 4 pm last Saturday I got the call and went into county ordered quarantine through March 23rd and it has been a long week but Susan has helped me get through it. Yes, I have spent the week as Susan from when I get up in the morning till, I go to bed at night, not the same as going to Las Vegas but still something. It has also given me the opportunity to try a few different looks. I got up at 8 and started getting ready, now I allow 2 hours to get ready so I have time to enjoy the experience but today it seemed to go faster as I was all ready by about 9:40. Again I tried a new look, dramatic eyes, pinkish lipstick and different hair and I think it turned out pretty well. Now I took more pictures today so a few more pictures will be added and I even changed outfits during the day. not sure on the color of the lipstick, it seems to look better in the pictures then the mirror my just be the lighting. And yes, I am wearing my corset today again. I have found I can wear it all day the only hard part is sitting on the couch with it on. I am interested in what people think of the pictures and which one they like the best, there will be a total of 9 pictures in this blog so if you have a favorite just let me know from 1 to 9.

I got my normal picture at the bottom of the stairs which is above and then started some laundry. Yes, today will be laundry day I think. I got my fist load in the wash and then watched a little TV. I di have to get up every once in a while, as I said sitting on a soft couch in a corset is not very comfortable. Sitting in a hard chair or standing of walking I can wear the corset all day and it really doesn’t bother me. I watched TV till about noon and then made some lunch and went out on the deck to eat it and get a few more pictures. Now as I said sitting on the couch is not comfortable so I took my computer outside for a while and placed it on the railing where I could stand and work on it. I figured I have been sitting a lot this week and standing would do me some good. I caught up on some e-mails and some training I needed to finish I spent a about 2 hours outside on my deck as Susan.

Now while I was out there my neighbors behind were on their deck and I could barley see them over the fence so I guess the same went for them although they probably couldn’t get a good look at me as I had my head down working on my computer. Now the funny thought that came to my mind after a week of only talking to people on the phone and no real contact with someone I briefly thought about going over and talking to them over the fence and had I not been Susan I probably would have. They are a young couple who moved in about a year ago and they really do keep to themselves as I really haven’t seen them out much other then in their yard. Any way they didn’t stay out very long so it was back to what I was doing. Well my battery got low on my computer so I went back inside and watched some TV, today I watches the History Chanel “Ancient Aliens”, I would sit for a while and then get up and stand. I finally brough a regular chair over to sit in. I watched this till it was time for dinner.

I fixed me something to eat and again went out on the deck to eat it and again my neighbors behind were out on their deck BBQing and it smelled good. As far as I could tell they never really looked over my way or paid any attention to me. I had a nice dinner and then as it was still sunny out and probably our last nice day for a while, I once again brought my computer out onto the deck to start this blog and do some more training. Now being late in the day I had to set up on the end of my deck so I can see into the other neighbors beside me back yard and also their front yard and also 2 houses across the street and as I am standing if any of them come out they would also be able to see me but it is just such a nice day out and I want to enjoy it. I like going out as Susan as part of it is so people can see me and I guess this is just an extension of that other then it might be my neighbors that see me. I did see a couple of them out and about but it really is a distance and I don’t think they even looked my way. I was outside till about 6:30 when the sun went behind the trees and it started to get cold so then I went back inside for the rest of the night. the last picture is right before I went in from where I was standing looking at my neighbors across the street.

It has been a fun day and I really enjoyed being outside, usually I don’t go out on my deck till later in the spring when my grape plants are growing and hid my deck. I planted them for privacy on my deck. I will finish off the rest of the night watching movies, fist up will be Star Trek the Wrath of Kahn. My plan is again to stay up till 11 or so and then get ready for bed. I have 2 more days at home as Susan and then I am free. I will be back at work on Tuesday but now I am wondering what I can do as Susan once I can leave the house as not many places are open. Things short term are going to be different and I know we need to keep gatherings down for a while for safety but I really do miss seeing my friends. I will be so happy when we can all get together again.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life. This week’s blogs are really for me to keep record of my Susan time so they may be a little boring but it may be a while till life gets back to normal and we can all start going out to places again. Stay safe and don’t panic as this is just a short term problem we face right now and it will soon be over and life will return to normal.

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Friday home alone as Susan

It is Friday and another day at home as Susan, 3 more after today. I got up at 8 and spent the next 2 hours enjoying myself getting ready. I really do love when I can take my time. Now yesterday my look was all about my eyes and I think they turned out well today it was my lips. Now I do a pretty good job on my lips but I have been watching some videos on how to make your lips look fuller and I wanted to try it. I have actually tried it before but a red lipstick does not work well when you over line your lips so I tried a different color today. It actually turned out pretty well. What I found is if you get a really close look you can tell but from a few feet away they look pretty natural. Again, this is more of a glam look and not an every day look but since I am at home it was worth the try.

It was about 10 when I went down stairs to start my day with a quick picture. Now as I said my days are pretty boring and these blogs are mainly for me to document my time as Susan and trust me being stuck in the house for my 5th day being able to spend it as Susan really does help. The sad thing is in a few days I will be able to leave but there really is no place to go as most places are closed. Other then going to a grocery store to shop pretty much ever place else is only open if they have take-out. it is our new reality for a while.

I watched my first movie of the day and today is war movies, the movies I picked for to if you are interested are “Kelly’s Heroes, Midway, Pearl Harbor, and Final countdown. After the first movie I made lunch and sat out on my deck enjoying the sun while I had lunch. It really was relaxing sitting in the sun for a while. I spent about 45 minutes outside before going in to watch my next movie. Now after this movie I decided to take a short drive just to get away from the house. Yes, I am still stuck in my car but I get a different look at things. What I really wanted was to see what traffic was like and there really wasn’t much traffic for 4:30 in the afternoon. I did change my hair for a different look.

My drive was only about a half hour and I did get a picture in my car at a stop light. It was a relaxing drive and then back home to cook some dinner before watching my next movie. I had a nice dinner, Chicken and rice. I really am looking forward till I can get back to work and I will still have a few days of vacation left I can use if will be several weeks at least before I can go back to Starbucks for a few hours as places like that can only do takeout through the middle of next month and I am guessing it will be at least a month till our group has another Wednesday night dinner. This really has affected almost all parts of our lives but I truly believe this will pass and by June I hope we will be getting back to normal life again. The key is to not panic and try to keep your life as normal as possible till then.

I watched the next movie and now I am watching my last movie of the day and plan to go to bed around 11 tonight so I can do the same thing again tomorrow. I really do miss seeing my friends as Susan, yes Susan is the much more social side of me.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Thursday home alone as Susan

Well it is Thursday and another day of being Susan at home. I got up at 8 again and took a nice warm shower before starting to get ready for my day at home. today I am going for a more dramatic look for my eyes and that includes doing false eye lashes today. It was almost 10 when I was dressed and I thought my eyes came out really pretty today not the typical day time look if I was going out shopping but for a day at home it worked and the false eye lashes set them off. I went downstairs for breakfast and the to start my day at home.

Now my days are pretty boring just hanging around the house. Today I am going to do a little laundry so I got the first load in and then spent a little time on my computer checking the latest news and just surfing the internet. Kind of the same thing I do when I go to Starbucks, not as much fun but still passes the time. I also did some online training I needed to do.

It was about 1 when I fixed a sandwich and went out on my deck to get some sunshine as it is a really nice day in the low 60’s, of course I took my computer out with me to finish up what I was doing. Now my deck has grape plants around it for privacy but this early in the year they have not sprouted yet so my deck is visible by my neighbors if they are out but I really don’t care if they see me. With the warm weather this week I am ready for spring and it looks like I have 2 more nice days before we have rain again. Being able to get out side for a while is nice.

It was about 3 when I went back inside and started watching Star Trek the next generation, yes, I am a trekkie I guess as far as I do like all the star trek series. I watched a few episodes before fixing a lite dinner. I am not real hungry as I don’t do much being stuck at home. I finished watching the Star Trek episodes today and now I am watching the movie Wonder woman and that is how I will finish off my day. the movie gets over at 11 and then it will be time for bed. I really did like the way my makeup turned out today.

Now I can’t explain why I enjoy being Susan like this but there is just something so calming and relaxing about spending the day like this. I guess it is my way of making up for not being able to go to Las Vegas next week where I would have lived as Susan for days straight. Now I know some may say that it sounds like I want to transition but I really don’t. I have no desire to change my body or live full time. I will admit if money was no object, I would probably spend most of my time as Susan but there would still be times, I would want to be my male self. Also, if men could have long acrylic nails I would in a second, that id probably the one thing I would do all the time if I could. Simply put I love the long hair and makeup and the clothes and heels but I am happy with my body. It has taken me many years to figure out who I am and how Susan fits into my life and what is right for me. It is very important for anyone just starting out in the gender community to take the time and figure out who they are and don’t let others influence them. As I said I know who I am and how this fits into my life but that is all it is. My views here are just that my views and how it applies to me and my life. Now it may be the same for you or it may not and that is okay as we are not all the same. Everyone needs to find their own way and what makes them happy and if you can do that the you have won. Be happy with yourself is the best advice I can give plus smile.

Thanks for reading

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Wednesday home alone Susan time

It is Wednesday and I got up around 8 to start my day and the first thing I saw was my pretty red nails. Now again today I have no real plans as it will be just around the house but it will be spent as Susan. I took my shower and started getting ready. It is nice to have all the time I want to get ready which is nice as I can enjoy my transformation. I took my time and it was about 10 when I was all dressed and looking pretty. I made a little breakfast to get my day going and then it was time for a little work online. Now I don’t share a lot about the male side of my life here as I have always kept them separate as I don’t think they have anything to do with Susan but I thought I would share a little bit of my interest that are not part of Susan’s life. Some of my interest is Baseball as I like the Mariners and I try to watch the games when I can so I am a little sad that Baseball has been put on hold. I also follow the Stock market, something I got into about years ago and found it interesting. So, I spent a little time online checking my stocks and looking at others. I know a lot of people are freaked out about what is happening and the market going down but it will come back as it always does it is just a matter of time so I used this to buy some stocks I have wanted to buy but felt were to high priced and now they are cheap. Some of my co-workers were asking me about their 401k’s and I told them to up what they put in while the market is down.

Now it was time to go downstairs and watch my first movie of the day, 50 first dates. I got a quick picture and then settled down for the movie. After the movie I decided to go for a little drive just to get out and see what is going on, I really just wanted to see how much traffic was on the streets and there wasn’t much. I was only gone about 20 minutes but it was good to get out of the house. When I got home, I sat out on the deck for a while in the sun and played on my computer, I really am glad it is nice out and not rainy this week. I also got a few more pictures.

Now it was back inside and I decided to watch some TV as they had several episodes of Star Trek Deep space 9 on and I had recorded them. Around 6 I made some dinner and then back to watching TV. I plan to watch a movie later and go to bed around 11. My days are pretty boring but at least I am getting some Susan time and that makes it at least bearable.

The funny thing is even if I wasn’t under quarantine there really is no place I could go, restaurants are closed so are Starbucks except for take-out, bars and stores except for grocery stores. Even after my quarantine is over I really wont be able to go out, our groups Wednesday night dinners are on hold right now for probably at least 30 days and that will be the hard part not seeing my friends for so long but we will get through this and then things will get back to normal. Be safe and don’t panic as this is only temporary.

Thanks for reading.

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Tuesday and home alone as Susan

Well it is Tuesday and I have another day at home as Susan. but before today’s blog starts, I have some pictures from last night. before I went to bed, I decided to try on my new dresses I thought and get some pictures. Now the pictures on the left I got a while ago and have worn them each once the 2 on the right I bought recently and have not worn. I took 2 pictures of each dress with different hair. Io made them small as it was more about the dress and my makeup, I had worn for over 12 hours and wasn’t looking the best. I really like the red dress.

I got up this morning around 8 and again took my time doing my makeup and getting dressed. It was so nice seeing my pretty red nails when I got up and I have solved my problem as Lynn read my blog from yesterday and texted me she was going to the store today and could pick up some polish remover for me and leave it on my door step, how sweet is that, thanks Lynn. Now as I said this week’s blogs will probably be boring and are more for me but I do want to keep track of them. Now all dressed and looking pretty I went downstairs for some breakfast and some pictures. I had Breakfast and then did a little light cleaning.

Now it was time to watch my first movie. I have decided to watch the Star Wars Movies today. After the first movie I decided to go out on my deck for a little while and caught up on my e-mails as I sat in the sun and of course got a few more pictures. Now my neighbors could see me out there if they looked out their windows but I really don’t care as I wanted out of the house for little while. Now it was time for a quick snack as I am not eating much at lunch as I am not doing a whole lot right now, and now it was time for my second movie.

Lynn dropped my polish remover off and milk, I had pick that up for me also. She left it on my porch and I had left the money in my paper box for her. This really was so nice of her, thanks so much. Later in the afternoon I got my daily call from the county health department checking up on me. I did check with them and I can actually leave my house, I just can’t have contact with people so I may take a drive tomorrow just to get out. wow kind of like 15 years ago, dressing at home and maybe a drive.

Around 5:30 I made dinner and watched a little regular TV and actually caught the news and the governor of Nevada has shut down all n on essential businesses and that includes all the casinos for 30 days. Looks like we made the right decision to cancel our trip. We will instead go in September instead. I will stay up till about 10 tonight.

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Monday of my home alone time

It is Monday and I have a week of being home alone in my house so there will not be much I do other then spending time at home as Susan. I am thinking I will try some different looks while I am at home and see how they look. Today I will try a darker makeup look and see if I can get a good look with my dark hair. Now I got up at 8 and started getting ready. Now the good thing about this is I have all the time I need to get ready which made the morning enjoyable and I even took time to paint my nails. I figured if I was stuck in the house and can have no contact with people, I could have pretty red nails for the week, they are not the long acrylic but will have to do. With my makeup and nails done I started getting dressed.

It was about 10:30 when I was all dressed and got a quick selfie before going downstairs. I had a little breakfast and then did a little light cleaning. Now I use to do this all the time years ago before I was going out but it has been a long time. Now I have the whole week so I am just doing a little cleaning each day to pace myself, also I have on my 4″ heels and my corset which makes cleaning a little more challenging. You see the French maids in their cute outfits and heels but it really is hard to clean wearing heels.

Once I had cleaned what I wanted to get done today it was time to watch my first movie, of course that means another quick selfie. Now part of this week is to try different looks but also see how well my makeup lasts all day, when I was out shopping with Karen a couple months ago I bought a setting spray and I wanted to see how it works over a long day and yesterday my makeup held up really well. Yesterday I had my makeup done by 9 in the morning and it still looked pretty good at 10 pm last night. Today’s makeup is a little darker and a little heavier so it will be interesting to see at the end of the day.

After the first movie I decided to go out on my back deck for a few minutes as the sun is out and it is somewhat warm. I figure the point of self-quarantine is to keep me away from other people. I figure a few minutes outside won’t hurt. Of course, while I was outside, I had to get a picture, a little fresh air and a photo op helped make the day a little better. This will be a long week and the only thing that will make it bearable if being Susan.

I took a little time and started this blog before watching another movie. After that movie it was time for dinner so I made something to eat. Now I always tell people I have plenty of food to last for a while and I do but looking at it I realized it was the things I bought and didn’t eat. This will be a good week to clean out my cupboards. Now I did get one last picture today before I sat down to eat. Now it is 6 pm and I am getting ready to watch another movie.

My makeup still looks good and I still have my corset on. It is hard to sit on the couch with the corset on so I do get up and walk around every once in a while. My plan is to keep it on till I go to bed tonight around 11 and that will be my final test of my makeup and how well it held up. after today I have 7 more days like this and I am guessing Susan will be part of all of them.

Now I also need to call and cancel my nail appointment for March 26 when I was going to get my acrylic nails and I planned on doing it tomorrow but I got a call from the nail salon this evening and they have to close for 2 weeks so that actually canceled my appointment. On a side note I guess I wasn’t thinking this morning when I did my nails. I am on quarantine through next Monday meaning the next time I can go out is on Tuesday March 24th and I have to be to work that day at 7 am and that is where the problem is as the polish I have is for painting my fake nails I put on so I don’t have nail polish remover. Well I have a week to figure it out. Let me know what you think of the look today

Thanks for reading and if you want to know what is going on in my life please read my newest blog.

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