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Night before Halloween out with friends

I went out to meet some friend at Embers on Friday night October 30th. It was the night before Halloween but I didn’t wear my costume as I wanted to save it for the party on Halloween. I knew Cassandra and Lisa would be there but didn’t know if any of the other girls would show up as most are planning on going to the party. I got there about 7:30 and Cass, Lisa and Teresa were already there. It is always nice to see them as they are some of my best friends and I look forward to the time we spend together all week. Teresa and I spent time talking about all kinds of stuff from computers to going out in public. I think this is my favorite part of being out, girl talk. It gives us a chance to get to know each other better and build on our friendships.

Embers started off pretty slow but by the time the show started it was really crowded and our group of t-girls had grown. We had over 10 and we were having a great time and some even wore costumes and now I was thinking maybe I should have worn mine, next year I will. They had a costume contest and there were some good costumes. Seeing all the costumes is really making me look forward to the party. Saturday night should be so much fun. Cassandra thinks there will be lots of t-girls there although she is not sure how many will have on costumes. I am bringing a veggie tray to the party and I am still thinking of stopping on the way to pick it up just to wear my costume into the store. I think that would be fun.

Hope you all have a fun and magical Halloween


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Sitting at Starbuck’s, Susan night out

Well it is another Wednesday night for Susan. Tonight I tried on my costume and did a full makeup to see how I will look on Halloween. I think it will be a good costume and should be a lot of fun. I am going to a party at a friend’s house so I won’t be out in public so as I am bringing a veggie tray I am now thinking of stopping on the way to the party to pick it up just so I can be out in my costume. I will have to give that some thought. Then as I wanted to go out for a little while I did a quick change and off I went.

Again I went to the Starbuck’s I normally go to and they are still closed, just the drive through is open. That is the second week in a row so I went back to the Starbuck’s I went to last week and they were packed no place to even sit and as I wanted to be on my computer I went to yet another one and that is where I am at this point. There are only a couple people here now but it is still nice to be out. I have some work to catch up on and this is my way of having fun while working.

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Ready for Halloween

Well I got the last of my costume this morning and put it all together and it looks really cute. I am really happy with the way it turned out. It is just a little tight and small on me but it worked out better than I hoped. I am so excited now about Halloween next week when I get to wear my costume. It will be so much fun and I will have to get lots of pictures so I can post them on my Flickr page. Hope everyone is looking forward to Halloween and has a wonderful time.

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Friday night at Embers 10-23-2009

Well it was another fantastic Friday night out for Susan. It started off kind of slow with just Lisa, Cassandra and me but soon girls started to show up and by 9:30 we had about 20 t-girls. I got to know a few of them better as we sat up by the pool table so we could talk as well as watch the show and of course play pool. I only played a couple game and lost both but it was still fun. Susan just has to play more and work on her game.

We talked a little about other places we could go to expand our time out as girls and one place was a comedy club so I think we are going to try and make that happen. Don’t get me wrong I really like going to Embers but every week you see the same thing. I would love to go someplace new once in a while. It would be good for us and give us a chance to meet new people that may never meet a crossdresser or t-girl. I have gone to Starbuck’s and out shopping with very little problems and I think the more we get out in main stream USA the more acceptance we as a group we receive. It would also be a lot of fun. Barb and I talked for quite a while and she also thought maybe a movie night out and dinner or shopping would be fun and I agree. I have done both but by myself. It would be so much better and more fun to go with others be it other crossdressers or even GG’s (genetic girls) that accept us as who we are, men who like to express their feminine side.

Sorry got a little sidetracked, the show was really good and one of our girls (Amber) was celibrationg her birthday and Victoria worked it so she would get a lap dance. Even Alice showed up and I got to spend some time talking to her which was great. I have not seen her for a couple months and as she lives down south she won’t be out again till the end of January. She is the first t-girl I really got to know well and have been keeping in touch through e-mail. As I said it was a fun night and I hope we can plan some more outings.

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out and about on Wednesday night Oct. 21 2009

Well I made my usual trip to Starbucks tonight only to find them closed. They had some kind of problem and had repair men there working. I was disappointed as I had been looking forward to getting out tonight. So what is a girl to do, I drove up the street and found another Starbuck’s Seems they are all over the place. Actually I knew about this one and have been here once before. So now I am drinking my latte and catching up on my e-mails.

I have decided on my costume for Halloween and although I have not found one that fits I have some ideas on how to make it work (lose 15 LB this week). No seriously I really think I can make this costume work and it should look really cute. It is going to be a busy week for me trying to get everything together for my costume plus the fact I am working extra hours to cover another employee who is out with the flu. If I can stay healthy I think I will pick up extra hours from people calling in sick. A girl can always use extra spending cash for clothes.

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looking for a cute Halloween costume for Susan this year

Well I spent most of the day out looking for a costume for Halloween. I found several really cute costumes but none of them fit me. It is hard being a big girl. I have not given up yet, I really want a cute female costume for this year. I don’t know why they don’t make them just a little bigger. I really don’t want to go to the costume party just as Susan. Don’t get me wrong there are female costumes that will fit me but the really cute ones all seem to be for female’s size 12 and under.
I went to at least a dozen costume stores today but I have not given up. I am going to have an awesome costume this year. I will keep looking this week and next weekend till I find my perfect costume. I did not get out this weekend so I missed seeing all my friends but I plan on going out next weekend and I will go to Starbucks again on Wednesday for an hour or so. It is nice at Starbucks as I can get some of my work done on my computer there and it is fun doing it as Susan.
Halloween is coming so fast, two weeks from today. I have been so looking forward to Halloween, I can’t wait and I plan to take lots of pictures at the party and will post them on my flickr page.

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Looking for Halloween costume for this year

Well tonight I went out again for a couple hours. I went to the Starbucks I have been going to and enjoyed a quiet evening on my computer. It is so nice to get out in public as Susan. I spent the time searching on line for a Halloween costume. I am going to a party this year and I really want a cute costume. The problem is all the cute female costumes run small and I can’t find one that will fit me. I either need to lose some weight fast or come up with a costume that I make myself.
I really want a good costume this year. I go out every year as Susan but this year will be different. Any ideas please leave comment.

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Friday October 9 2009 at Embers

Well it was another fun night out Friday. We all met up at Embers about 7:30 and they were having a special show. Ciara Delarosa was hosting the show. She is running for Rose Empress 51. I have met her several times before and she is always friendly to the t-girls. They were kind of crowded so we sat up in the corner by the pool table.
We had our usual group of t-girls (Cassandra, Peggy, Maya, Bev, Lisa, Barb and of course me) there. It is so much fun to get together with them. They are my best friends and I look forward to seeing them every Friday. It is a shame I cannot go out more and spend more time with my friends. They are such a big part of my life and I am feel I could trust them with more about Susan’s other side.
It was such a fun night, Sitting up by the pool table was nice as we could still see and hear the show but it was not as loud so we could also talk which is always nice. There is something about sharing a little girl talk with friends. I even played some pool and although I am not real good at it I did win 5 games in a row before I lost. Even Victoria Sinclair showed up and she is so much fun. We stayed out till 1:30 am before we headed home. I think I will go to Starbuck’s on Wednesday for an hour or so just so Susan can get out again.

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Manicure at nail salon and than out to Starbuck’s

Well it has been almost two weeks sense Susan has been out so I had a couple hours and decided to get a manicure as my nails were looking really bad even for a guy. I called and made an appointment for 5:30 at Nails by Lily as I have gone there several times and always been treated really well. I got there right at 5:30 and they were not busy at all, just one other customer. It is so relaxing to get your nails done. I really wish I could have got acrylics but that will have to wait. I picked out a red color and it really looks cute.
After I left the nail salon I went over to Starbuck’s and I am currently sitting here with my Latte and am on the computer. I won’t be able to stay out long and as they close at 8 pm it works out good. They are a little busier than normal right now about 15 people here but no one is really paying any attention to me. It is so nice to be out and about as Susan. I plan on being out this Friday and will catch up with my friend’s downtown Portland. I will write more about that over the weekend.

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