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Holiday party so much fun

Well tonight was our 2013 Holiday Party, Trixie and Julie opened there home tonight to host our party this year. This is me and one of our beautiful host Julie and I really want to thank them both for such an awesome night.

Well the party started at 7 so my plan was to leave home by 6 as that would give me time to get there in case I got lost so I started getting ready at 4:15 as I wanted to enjoy my time getting ready. Well it actually took me till 6:20 to be ready to leave but I think the time was worth it. Well it worked out just right as I arrived right at 7.

Now remember I have never been here before and it was dark outside so I parked on the street and walked up to the house pretty sure it was the right one but you really never know till someone opens the door. Well I rung the door bell and as I waited I thought back to the first winter gala we had when Marla and her date went to the wrong house as Kathy and Mandie’s neighbor was also having a party that night. I was so relieved when Laura opened the door.

Laura had on this beautiful full length dress she got at Nordstrom Rack. It was so pretty and she got such a good deal, I must go shopping there and see what I can find. I had to get a picture with Laura. Well I got inside and there were already a lot of people there. The house was so beautiful inside and so much wonderful food set out.

Inside I talked with Trixie and Julie our hosts for a few minutes and thanked them for hosting our party, it is nice to have parties like this as it gives us all a chance to talk and get to know each other better or catch up on what is new with our friends in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Well I walked around for a bit and talked with the girls that were there and I know I am going to miss people and I appologise now if I leave you out. Cassandra, Teresa, Petra, Sophia, Lorna, Sarah, Cristine, Bobby, Stephanie, Victoria, Peggy, Jennie Jan, Lynn, and Amber were already there. I talked with Cassandra for a little while in the kitchen before I went into the living room to sit for a while, yes I had my 4″ heels on which I love and are very cute but they are not made for being on your feet all the time and I knew if I wanted to keep my shoes on all night I would have to take breaks. Peggy was in the living room which was awesome as it gave me a chance to talk with her. She doesn’t get out as much lately so it is always good to spend time with her. Next time I need a pedicure I will have to see if she wants to go with me. Well we talked for a while and got caught up on what is new.

Mikaela showed up and brought her girlfriend Lucy, this was the first time I have met Lucy and she seems really nice and is totally accepting of Mikaela. It was nice to talk with her and get to know her. Well Mikaela, Lucy and I walked out to the garage where Julie and Trixie had a pool table set up and several girls were playing pool plus a few were watching basketball.

Well Laura was out here so we had to get a picture of the three of us, me on the left, Mikaela in the middle and Laura on the right. We actually took a lot of pictures as all three of us had camera and wanted picture so poor Lucy was handed one camera after another as we got pictures. We probably could have just taken one set and e-mailed them to each other but it was fun to pose for the pictures.

We talked for a while then I went back into the house and got some food which was so good and went over and sat on the couch and talked with Peggy, Teresa and Victoria for a while. All the girls looked so good and most of them had on Black dresses, it was almost like someone sent out an e-mail to wear black but then again a classic little black dress is hard to beat.

Well Kim showed up which was awesome and I was really looking forward to seeing her tonight one of the reasons I picked the dress I did as I wanted to look pretty for her and she also had on a black dress and heels and looked so pretty. I just had to get a picture with my sweetie what a cute picture and a cute couple we make. Well we went into the living room and sat and talked with Peggy, Chris, Roxy, Victoria & Teresa for a while it was so fun, just sitting around having good conversation. We talked about New Year’s Eve and what we should do and we decided we would go to Sweethome that night to ring in the New Year. I am looking forward to it although I probably won’t make it to Midnight. What better way to bring in the New Year then with friends. Now Kim had gotten up really early this morning so she didn’t stay late so when she was ready to leave I walked her out to her car which she had had to park down the street.

Later on Victoria Sinclair showed up with several girls she did makeovers on, she runs Over the Rainbow Transformations. She is actually doing some transformation videos for online so she also had some of the crew doing the videotaping there. This is why Kim had gotten up so early today as she is doing the hair for the video so I guess she is a movie star now. Victoria had on a really cute dress and her hair was perfect and yes my Kim did her hair. Rose, Diane, Cassie, Samantha, Sasha, Brenda and I now there are more I have missed were there.

Now I had planned on only staying till midnight and of course we all know how well that worked. I got talking with Peggy and Julie and the time just passed so fast and before I knew it, it was after 1 am. Well it was time to go and I told Samantha I would give her a ride home so she didn’t have to take a cab as she lives pretty much on my way home. Well I didn’t get home till about 2 am which is way later then I had planned to be out but it was such a fun night, I can’t thank Julie and Trixie enough for doing the party. We are lucky as we have people in the group that will do this for us such as Cassandra and Peggy, Kathy and Mandie, and now Trixie and Julie you are all awesome friends thank you.

Now I must include one more picture, Mikaela took this of me trying to look sexy Just can’t seem to pull it off but still a cute picture. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Years.

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The last Friday night of 2013 with my friends

Well the year is coming to an end and it is hard to believe it is almost 2014 and I can think of no better way than to spend some quality Susan time with my friends. So Friday night it was out to Sweethome for a fun night, tomorrow we have our Winter Gala party hosted this year by Julie and Trixie and I am really looking forward to that.

I can’t help but look back over the past year and all the wonderful people I have met as Susan who are now counted as friend or more likely family and also all the great friend I have that make up Susan’s little world. 6 years ago I would have never imagined this was possible. To be able to live part of my life as Susan is such a wonderful thing.

Well I got off work late today, yes didn’t even get home till 5:45 so I knew there was no hope of making it out by 7. Well it was right into the shower to start getting ready and start my transformation to Susan. It is amazing how the moment I start any stress I have goes away and this relaxing feeling comes over me. Well as rushed as I was I still enjoyed the getting ready, somehow the time transforming to Susan is wonderful and relaxing so by the time I was ready to leave I had this calm peaceful feeling and knew it would be a great night. It was 7:10 when I pulled out of my drive way and was off to meet my friends.

I got there and there were already a lot of cars there so it looked like it was busy which is good as a matter of fact there were 4 cars parking on the street while I was and I can’t remember seeing more than maybe one car parking when I got there. Well the car in front of me had Petra and Michelle in it, Michelle is a GG we met at 52 Sports bar while we watch Monday night Football and she loved hanging out with us and now that Monday night Football is over we won’t be there as often so she came to Sweethome to hang out with us, how awesome is that. And yes tonight I remembered pictures well actually Mikaela remembered the pictures and got me thinking so I got out my camera. This is Mikaela on the left, Michelle on the right and me right in the middle. It is nice I am not towering over them in my 4″ heels of course I did have to kind of bend my knees and a little to get down to a more feminine height.

Well inside it was busty and yes we already had two tables for our group as there were Cassandra, Chris, Amy, Kelli, Cristine, Bobby, Laura and Teresa already there. It was great to see Teresa out again as she does not come out as much as she used to. Well we sat and talked for a while and of course I ordered dinner as I was hungry not sure why as I am by no means staving. Yes I really need to lose some weight and that is my New Year’s goal, to eat better and get more exercise. I know maybe if I exercise as Susan I will have the motivation to stick with it as I know my male side has trouble keeping motivated. Well it wasn’t long and Mikaela showed up and of course she wanted picture. I think we all start out that way as it is new and we are so excited and it is a shame as over the years that excitement of just being out goes away and we become more comfortable and it almost becomes a routine part of our lives so it is great when we have girls out that still have that excitement as it gives us that feeling again, and I do love having my picture taken am just getting older and forgetful and have so much fun just being Susan that I don’t think about pictures.

Well it was great to see Mikaela again and talk with her. She has really grown since we met her last spring. She has started going out on a regular basis, has a girlfriend she told about Mikaela and is accepting of her and has actually came out to pretty much everyone where she works which must be wonderful as she doesn’t have to hide so much. She was telling me that when they did the gift exchange at work she actually got makeup from several of her co-workers, how awesome is that. I don’t have that kind of courage to be so open but it would be cool to get Makeup as a gift or any feminine gift, shoe skirt, dress top or Lingerie. It is funny as a man getting clothes as a gift is not something I enjoy but not Susan.

Mikaela will also be at the Holiday party Saturday night with her girlfriend who I think I have met once. We are all looking forward to the party, I am planning on wearing my cute little black cocktail dress. It us very cute and sexy but I don’t wear it that much as I think it is a little over the top to wear to a bar on a Friday night. Plus I know all the other girls will be dressed up and a girl has to not be out done. Also Kim will be there and I want to look good for her again something my male side didn’t worry too much about but somehow Susan wants to be pretty for her.

Well Amy and Kelli were there and it was great to talk with them. Amy moved up to Seattle around Thanksgiving for Family, yes most of her family knows about Amy and are fine with it but she still gets down to Portland every couple weeks although usual in the middle of the week so I will have to make more of an effort to go out on the Wednesday nights she is here but because of the Holiday Party she came down for the weekend and so I had to get a picture with her also. Michelle is on the left, Amy the right and me in the middle and yes I am scrunching down again. I really need to get these other girls to wear heels about 8″ heels. Michelle had on these really cute boots with 4″ heels and I think even without my heels I would have still been a good 4″ taller than her. Saturday night at the party I will get a picture with Amy and hopefully the house we are at will have steps I can put her on next to me.

Well Tessa also came out and brought a friend named Dee, we met her a couple weeks back when her daughter brought her out to meet the group. Jenny her daughter actually met Laura at the Red Dress ball last spring and they hit it off. Her Father had come out to her and the family that she was Trans and since then she has transitioned and is living full time and Jenny has accepted her and goes out with her, Jenny actually showed up about 20minutes after they got here to hand out with the group for a while. Well you guessed it I had to get a picture with her also as she had on a black dress and red lipstick, we could almost be sisters of course I would be the much older one. It was nice to see her wearing red lipstick as I have noticed not many GG’s (genetic girls) like to wear lipstick especially red.

Well it was a great night, Cassandra had her laptop out for a bit chatting on a chat line she belongs to and of course she had her web cam on so we all took turns chatting online which was fun but it was more about being on camera streaming live video. But when it got to crowded she had to put it away.

Tonight I actually sat at the bar with Amy and Mikaela talking for a while. It was nice and a little easier to have a conversation with people as you are not trying to talk across a big table, it is a little more intimate and personal which I liked, well as it got later Karaoke started and as always Chris and Laura sang as well as Jenny and Mikaela. All did great and I even got some pictures of Mikaela singing and sent them to her.

Well Again Cassandra had to leave early which the group not use to as she is always one of the last ones to leave but she is working a lot right now but after tonight she should be back to her normal schedule. Several of the girls from the Karaoke group came over and talked with us and yes some of us went over and talked with them. It is as wonderful as we do have good interaction with them and pretty much all the other customers here. It is just a really friendly bar.

Well it was down to just Chris and I left from our group and it was after 1 am which is really late for Chris to stay out but we were having so much fun. Well we finally paid our bills and left. What a wonderful night. I got home and went to bed and am sleeping in late Saturday so I will be ready for the Holiday party Saturday night. I know what I will wear and am looking forward not only to the party but the time getting ready for it. As I said I gave myself a pedicure on Thursday night and so I had to include a picture as my toes just look so cute. It is such a shame that men can’t have cute pretty toes without people thinking something is wrong with them after all it is just some color on your toe nails.

Well anyway thanks for reading and I apologize if this blog was a little long winded today. Have a wonderful day and I wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year.

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Relaxing night at home

Well this is an unusual blog for me tonight as I usually don’t blog about non Susan things but tonight I am just relaxing at home as my male self, but decided to give myself a pedicure. Not as much fun as going to the salon and getting one but my toes were looking pretty bad and as I have a Christmas party to go to Saturday night I wanted pretty toes for it. Now there are advantages to doing your own pedicure at home. While I was soaking my feet it gave me a chance to shave my legs and get them silky smooth also. It is funny how I can so look forward to a party like this and start getting ready days in advance and planning what to wear. Something men never do.

Well after my legs were done and my feet soft and nails trimmed it was time to paint them. I picked a Fuchsia color as I tend to like the red colors. It is funny that something as simple as painting your nails can be so relaxing and calming. It is a shame that men cannot do such things without society judging them as different. Any way I have my dress all picked out, my little black one that I love and don’t get to wear that often. I did look for a new dress when I was out Christmas shopping but didn’t find one. These are all the wonderful things that I enjoy about being Susan.

Well I spent about an hour between shaving, soaking and painting my toe nails and now they look beautiful for the weekend. Any way I am now relaxing on the couch and playing on my computer and I came across a movie about Crossdressing/transvestites. It is called Just like a woman that was made in 1992, and looks like a British movie. Now I have seen lots of movies that deal with Transsexuals, Crossdressing and gender bending but this one I just thought was done well as it shows what a lot of crossdressers go through and what they feel and yes it is specifically about crossdressing. It is 105 minutes long and believe it or not you can watch the whole thing on YouTube, it is in 10 parts though. I have included the links below in case you want to check it out, it actually might be a good movie to show someone to help explain Crossdressing. . Well my nails are dry now and all ready to go out and show them off.

Thanks for reading

Just like a woman

Gerald is a yuppie-like transvestite in his thirties. His wife arrives home earlier than expected and discovers female attire spread over their apartment. Not knowing anything about his habit, she misinterprets this and throws him (and the attire) out of their home and marriage. He rents a room in Monica’s house, recently divorced and around 50. Their relation- ship evolves from landlady/tenant over friends to lovers. Monica learns about, begins to understand and finally appreciates and supports Gerald- ine, Gerald’s alter ego. His transvestitism, a rarely filmed

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

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Christmas shopping as Susan

Well it was the night before Christmas Eve or in other words December 23 and I had the chance to go out as Susan and as I had some Christmas shopping left to do yes I am a procrastinator. I thought what better way than to go as Susan. Now I have gone shopping before as Susan by myself and even gone to the mall but this is the biggest mall in Oregon and also the busiest and it is only two days before Christmas so you know they will be packed. Now I was also planning on going out afterwards for a bit as several of the girls were going to a bar to watch Monday night football so I had to bridge the gap between casual wear suitable for shopping and something a little nicer for going out. I chose my grey sweater dress and did my makeup a little more natural. Well I was ready to leave home by 4:30 yes I got off work early. Now with rush hour traffic it took me an hour to get there, I went to Clackamas Town Center.

I got there at 5:30 and parked by Nordstrom’s and went in. I had to park a ways out and walk as there were a lot of cars there. Once inside my first thought was that I needed something to eat as I had not ate yet so could get out as Susan earlier so I went out into the mall and started down towards the food court which is right by the movie cinema. I looked around and decided to get something at Panda Express as I needed something I could eat with a fork so I didn’t mess up my lipstick. I had to stand in line with about 10 other people till I could give them my order and then stand in line again to get my food yes they were busy. I got my food and almost every table was taken so I sat at a small table on the edge of the mall which was great for people watching.

After I was done eating I went down to J.C. Penny’s which is at the far end of the mall and walked around checking out the clothes, shoes, interment apparel and dresses, they did not have many dresses though. It was fun just walking around and looking at all the wonderful things. I spent maybe 30 minutes here before heading back out into the mall, so many people were walking around. I walked back to the middle of the mall and went into Macy’s and checked out their dress selection and then browsed there cosmetic counter. Several of the ladies asked me if I needed any help which was nice but I just told them I was looking for now and they said let them know if I needed anything.

From here I went to Sears at the other end of the mall and again checked out the clothes, Dresses, interment apparel and shoes, this was actually one of the reasons I wanted to come here as Susan. When I was here last week shopping as my male self I noticed they had a sale on leather boots with 4″ heels, now I have a pair of boots which I actually wore tonight but they are not leather and not the best quality and I thought that would be a great Christmas present for Susan but Susan would need to try them on. So I found a 10 Medium which was the biggest size they had and sat down to try them on. Now I did get my foot in them and they were only a little tight so I thought they would work but I could not get them to zip up over my ankles. Turns out I not only have big feet but big ankles. I was a little disappointed but then again I was here shopping.

Well I went back into the mall and looked around a bit and came across a gift place selling little glass shapes, now as I said I had some Christmas shopping to finish. I needed some small gifts for several ladies I work with and I thought this would be a nice gift idea so I picked out 4 of them all different but cute and bought them as gifts for my co-workers the whole time thinking to myself what would they say if they knew I had bought their gifts while out dressed as a woman.

Well with my gifts in hand I went back to Nordstrom’s and browsed their cosmetic counter also and the same thing several of the ladies working there asked if they could help me. I was tempted to say yes as I would love to go and get a makeover, I have done that twice before many years ago but I said no and just looked around. Well I left and walked back out to my car and left.

I stopped at Walmart next as I needed a new mascara and some panty hose. Panty hose are the strangest items sometimes you can wear a pair many times before you get a run and others well you look at them wrong and they run. Yes the last 5 times I have gone out I have ruined a pair of panty hose each time. Last Friday a brand new pair and somehow I got a run on the top of my upper leg. I have nit figured out how I did that but needless to say I needed some for Friday and Saturday night. Walmart was also really busy but it was still fun.

It was about 7:45 when I left there and went to meet my friends at 52 street sports bar. I got there at 8 and went in just in time to see about the last 10 minutes of the football game but then for me it as more about being out then the game. Cassandra, Jan, Lynn, Samantha, Cristine, Bobby, Chris, Roxy and Petra were all there and I even met a GG named Michele that was playing pool with the group. It was a lot of fun. I had one drink and watched the end of the game which was probably the best part, two great plays. Then we sat and talked for a bit well till about 9:30 when I had to call it a night as I had to work early the next morning, boy work cuts into my Susan time but it also is what buys Susan cute things so I guess it is a necessary thing.

Well I left and got home just before 10, what a fun night it was.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas.

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Friday before Christmas with friends

Well it is the Friday before Christmas and it has been a busy week between work and of course Christmas shopping. Yes I spent a couple evenings after work out shopping even though I had most of my shopping done I just love going to the malls and looking around. Now I know what you are all thinks but no it was not Susan that went as I went right from work. Susan will get her time shopping for the after Christmas sales. I even went to Clackamas Town Center which I have not been to since last year when I had my bad experience which I blogged about and in no way had nothing to do with me not going there. It just happens to be the mall farthest away from me but I have always gone there at Christmas. I had a great time and picked up some last minute gifts. Well anyway with all the rushing around I was looking forward to a fun night with my friends as Susan.

Well I started getting ready about 5 with hopes of being out the door by 6:30 but as Susan takes longer getting ready a part of being Susan I enjoy it was almost 7 when I left home. I got there about 7:20 and found a parking spot right in front. Cassandra, Chris, Bobby and Cristine were already there, they were talking about an issue the group had, the issue is not important here for my blog and I am not going into it except for a gentle reminder that people judge you not only on your behavior and the way you act but also on the people you associate so it is always a good idea to present yourself well and as a proper lady when out and make sure that the people you are with do the same.. In this case it was not members of our group or even the transgender community but non TG friends of our group. Well we didn’t dwell on this for long and soon we were talking about much more important things.

It was good to see Cassandra out as this is her busy time of year so it is hard for her to fit Cassandra in and we all know how hard that is when you can’t be who you are. Well we all ordered dinner and had great time talking. It wasn’t long and more of our group showed up, Samantha, Cloe, Roxy, Kim, Jan, Lynn, Sasha, Diane Rose and a few others that I can’t remember their name sorry. I promise I will talk with you more nest time and get to know you better. It was good to see some of the girls out that don’t get out much. Actually it was pretty busy here last night so it was going to be a fun night as we have really good interaction with all the people who come here which is one of the things I love about this place. They all look at us as just another customer and friend and not transgender, we are accepted as a person. What a great group of people that come here if only everyone was like this what a wonderful world it would be.

It was so great to see Kim out with the group again, we had a chance to talk, funny as I love spending time with her as Susan just as much as I do as my male self. It was such a wonderful night. It was getting close to time for Karaoke so we were all looking forward to that but this also meant it was getting late and so Kim had to leave which was sad so I walked her out to her car.

Rachael also was able to come out for a little while although she did come as her male self. This is the first time I have ever met her as her male self, I didn’t recognize her at first till she told me. Now getting a close look at her I could see Rachael but just running into her I wouldn’t have known, now I guess if we spent some time together I would have noticed something familiar about her and wondered where I knew her from but I am not sure I would have been able to make the connection. This is what I hope would be the same for me.

Well Karaoke started and yes I did seriously think about singing tonight as I really love Christmas music and I know most of the songs so I think I could sing some of them okay I still just couldn’t get past the fear of singing in front of people which makes no sense as I am not afraid to be Susan in front of them. The two songs I thought about singing were “White Christmas” and “There is no place like home for the Holiday’s” which are two of my favorite songs. Any way the Karaoke was great and Chris, Lynn, Samantha, Cloe and Sasha all sang and did great and yes there were a lot of Christmas songs sang so was happy.

Well Cassandra had to leave early which is unusual for her when she is out as her and I are usually the last to leave but again this is a busy time of year so we all understood. Actually most stayed till after midnight so that was pretty good. Well by then our group started to wide down but there were actually more people showing up so I think the amount of people here actually grew which is good as it is always nice to see the place busy for a couple reasons. One we want Paul to be successful as it is a great place to come but also it shows that our group does not keep people away or affect business.

Well it was late now Chris had left and it was just Rose, Diane, Sasha and me left. I had paid my bill but sat and talked with them for a whole as it gave me a good chance to talk with them. I love when we have big groups out but it is also nice in smaller groups as you can talk easier. It was just a really fun night. I think it was about 1:30 when the 4 of us left. What a fun night.

Thanks for reading and as it is my blog I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Years and the best of all Holiday Season.

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Relaxing Friday night for Susan

Well it has been a long busy week and as always I was looking forward to tonight and some Susan time out with my friends. Now I got home late so I didn’t even start getting ready till 5:45, now I can get ready in an hour if I have to but I am rushed and it is not as enjoyable so I went ahead and took my time. As a man give me 15 minutes and I am good but Susan does take more effort and time. After all there is a shower and a nice clean, moisturizing my skin, makeup, nails, hair and clothes and then if you don’t like the outfit you change. A lot to do but so much fun, luckily I only live about 15 minutes from sweethome. I got there about 7:20 and I knew tonight would be a smaller group with the Holidays coming up and the fact our group has a couple activities tomorrow they are doing pus a few of the girls that go out every week couldn’t make it. Getting here little later I did have to park on the street and walk a bit but nothing I am not use to. The key to this is to be aware of who and what is around you and that goes where ever you are no matter if you are male or female, safety always first.

Well it was pretty quiet inside, not many people yet but Chris, Jennifer and her friend Tessa were there. I first met Jennifer (a GG) a couple months back as she came to Harvey’s night with us. She had met Laura at the Red Dress Ball and they became friends so she came to hang out with us and to bring Tessa who is TG to meet us. It is always nice to meet someone new. So we all ordered some food and got a chance to talk and get to know each other. Tessa is from Astoria and she full time and out to everyone there which takes a lot of courage in a small town like that. Well Tessa played Chris a game of pool which gave me a Jennifer a chance to talk and she is very supportive of Transgender people which is so cool. Turns out she also sings in a band and she has practice on Friday nights so she would have to leave before the rest of us which I knew as the night she went to Harvey’s she didn’t stay for the show.

Well Chris won at pool so Jennifer played the next game which gave me a chance to talk with Tessa. Well of course I had to ask some questions like how it was going in a small town like Astoria with her transitioning and how she met Jennifer who lives here in Portland. Well it turns out that Tessa is Jennifer’s dad, she came out to her and the family a year ago and has been Tessa ever since and Jennifer has been very supportive of her which is so awesome.

Well it wasn’t long and Cristine, Bobby, Alicia, Kelly and Silver showed up but that would be it for our group tonight. Still I think back to when I was first going out and if we had 8 to 10 on a night that was incredible. Funny how your perspectives change over the years as you grow. 8 to 10 is a small group now the same way dressing at home is not that big of a deal for me where now if I dress I want to go out someplace even just to spend time at a Starbucks doing work which I could have just as easily done at home. Life is a journey that never stops and we never stop growing until the end of our lives. No one knows what the future will hold for us so we need to be who we are today and live lives how we want and not let others dictate to us how we should be. Talking with Tessa was nice as for her transitioning and becoming female is what is right for her and she has embraced it. For me transitioning is not right, as much as I love Susan and being female, yes they have all the cute clothes, shoes and of course makeup I also love and need my male side. I have often joked that if I ever did transition which I won’t I would still be a crossdresser as I would still have the need to be male. The key here is to figure out what is right for you and not let others influence you into being what they think is right for you, after all it is your life and you have to live it and I am lucky as I know who I need to be although it did take some time to get here. I also got a chance to talk with Alicia for a bit, she doesn’t get out as much so it is always nice to see her and catch up on things.

Well it got later and Jennifer left but Tessa stayed for a while. By the time Karaoke started the place was packed as the Karaoke group had a good turnout tonight. The Karaoke group is great and they have accepted us here and we have actually become god friends with a lot of them which is nice as they come over and talk with us and we play pool together. Michelle and Jessica from there group was there and Michelle had brought a couple of her co-workers tonight and one of them came over and sat with us for a while and talked to us and her name was Jessica also. I really like the interaction we have here as most people I think don’t even pay attention to the fact we are Transgender her any more they see us just as other customers and react to us as who we are and not how we look. It would be so great if everyone could do this.

Well by midnight it was down to just Chris and myself. We stayed a little longer then I went up and paid my bill while Chris left. I was ready to leave but they were singing a couple songs I like yes they were Christmas songs which I love so I stayed just a little longer to listen. It was probably 12:45 when I left. It was a great evening and a great way to start a weekend.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Holiday Season.

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Another night out to Starbuck’s

Well it has been a really busy week for my male self. This is the first night I have had free all week and so I took the opportunity to go to Starbucks for a couple hours. It was a last minute decision but I wanted to get out and not just sit at home. The weather here has been cold and snowy but today it got above freezing for the first time in 7 days.

I got to the Starbucks early and they were not at all busy, as a matter of fact I was the only one there. I got my drink and had my choice of tables. A few people came in and got drinks to go but I was the only one that stayed for about 40 minutes. Finally a few more people came in and got tables so I didn’t feel I was all by myself. I was busy with some work on my computer but still nicer to have other people here. It is a relaxing way to spend a couple hours.

Well it was fun and I stayed till 9 when they closed. There is just something about being out. I so much more enjoy being Susan when I go out. Just staying at home is not the same. If I take the time and effort to become Susan I want to go out. It is funny as years ago dressing as Susan at home was so great it is funny how things change. I guess I have grown as Susan.

Well I guess that is it, short but sweet. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week.

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A cold Friday night with friends

Well it has been another long week and this week has been cold, the last few days our highs have been right around freezing or just a little above with night time temperatures in the low 20’s and today we got snow. I have about 3 inches at my house and tonight the temperatures should be into the teens. Now for you not familiar with Portland Oregon snow here in the valley is not a common thing, I think this is the most we have got for several years and the cold is just as rare. Now normally for me this is not a big thing as I love snow well my male side, he would just put on boots, hat and a heavy coat ad he is fine. Susan now is a different story, she likes dresses and heels and well a heavy coat hides the outfit, so yes I am going out in a sweater dress and heels, open toed heels so not thrilled about the cold and snow but what is a girl to do.

Well I got all ready and was ready to leave, now I had to drive a couple miles on side street that were covered with snow and ice again not a big concern for my male self but it is for Susan. One the risk of an accident goes up in this kind of weather not to mention getting stuck or sliding off the road. I can just see myself walking back home in the snow in a dress and heels if I got stuck, needless to say I was extra careful. I got to Sweet Home and there was one spot left in the parking lot which was nice as the lot was mostly clear. I only had to walk on a little snow that was packed down. Had I had to park on the street I would have had to walk through some snow about an inch or so deep and my poor pretty toes would have been frozen.

Well inside were Chris and Roxy, looks like the weather may keep people away. Well it didn’t matter as I was out and looking forward to a fun night. Now I knew it was cold as Chris had on blue jeans and he almost always wear shorts, as a matter of fact I am not sure I have ever seen him in blue jeans. Of course inside it was nice and warm except when the door would open and you could feel the rush of cold air which dropped to the floor and found my feet, yes open toed heels are not warm but they sure look cute and that is what counts. Well I ordered dinner from Jodi, she only works a couple hours on Friday nights which is sad as she really is awesome as is all the employees here and Paul the owner, such a great place to come to.

Well Samantha and Cloe showed up and they brought dates which was cool. Now I am really bad at name so I tried really hard to remember their name one was David and the other I can’t remember, blonde moment I guess. I love being blonde as that is such a better excuse when I forget something then blaming it on my age.

Laura and Petra also showed up so we had a pretty good turnout. It was great to see them both as it has been a few weeks since they have been out on a Friday night and I have not been able to make it out during the week. Cristine and Bobby also showed up so we had about 10 from our group there. A little later Monica and Raven showed up and it has been a while since they have been out on a Friday night so it was good to see them and talk to them. For a cold snowy night we had a better turnout than I thought we would.

Also Rachel and her partner Heather showed up, Rachel is the one that got us coming here as she talked to Paul about our group being kicked out of the P-Club and he invited us here, and then she contacted me on Facebook about this place. Now we have been coming here since August of 2012 so about 15 months and yes I did look back through my blog to find out when we first came here one of the many advantages of keeping a blog. It was nice to talk with the for a bit and it turns out they don’t live that far from me and actually Heather works really close to where I live. Danielle was also there with her partner Kelly. It is funny as I had met them all first at the P-Club so even with what happened at the P-Club I did manage to keep some friends I met there. It was great to chat with them for a bit.

Well it got later and it was time for Karaoke and yes Laura, Chris and Samantha all got up and sang and did great. Karaoke is always fun but tonight well I liked it just a little more as several of the people sang Christmas songs and yes I love Christmas music, I will admit it. Now they also sang a couple fun more none traditional Christmas songs like “Walking round in woman’s underwear” and “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” now if you have not heard these songs they are really cute. Now Chris had never hear I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas and he loved it and I sang along with it from the table of course as I know the words to that song. I put links to them so you can listen to them. Some more cute songs they didn’t sing is that I love are “I yust go nuts at Christmas” & “Grandma got run over by a Reindeer“. It really was a fun night.

Well it got late and as it has been a long week I was ready to call it a night, now my need to go home to bed was at odds with the fact I was going to have to go out to a cold car. Well I finally paid my bill and put my wrap on and braved the cold weather. It was about 12:30 and was about 25 degrees out so it took a little while to get my car warm so by the time I got home my feet weren’t frozen anymore. Maybe the open toed heels were not the right choice tonight.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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