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Wednesday night dinner at Who Song & Larry’s

Well another Wednesday night and that means dinner with my friends, tonight we are going to Who Song & Larry’s in Vancouver. Now I thought we had been here recently but looking back in my blog it was actually early December when we last had dinner here. Well I posted in the group and we had 8 of us say we would be there so Wednesday afternoon I called and made reservations just in case. Now I got home a little early so I had time to enjoy my getting ready which makes the night even better. I even did the false eye lashes again and they went on pretty easy and looked good. I was ready by 6 and on my way. I figured I could get there early and check in and then sit at the bar and wait for others and have some of their wonderful bean dip. It was about 6:25 when I got there and parking was easy so I knew they were not that busy. I went in and checked in and they said they could have our table ready in a few minutes but I told them I would wait in the bar till a few more of our girls showed up. I sat at the bar and ordered a sprite and their bean dip as I waited. I didn’t have to wait long as Jenifer showed up about 6:35 so we went to the table to wait for others.

It wasn’t long and Cassandra showed up and then Kimberly and her wife and also Barb. 1 of our girls’ shad to cancel so we were just waiting for one more, Alison. Well about 7:15 we all ordered and I think most of us got what we always order here. Well about 5 minutes later Alison showed up. now I think I have met her once before maybe a year ago but it was nice to talk to her again and get to know her a little better. We all sat and talked as we waited for our dinner. Now our waiter who we have had several times before was just as awesome as last time and again I think the manager came over to check on us and see if we needed anything. Now of course I had to get my nightly selfie.

We all sat and talked and as I sat to the middle, I was able to talk a little with everyone which is always nice. Cassandra and I talked a little about Diva Las Vegas which is on 5 weeks away, wow it as coming up fast. Right now, going for sure from Portland are Cassandra, Julie, Veronica, Michele, Brenda, me of course and one other girl and we are all booked at the Flamingo on the Strip. It is going to be fun again. Looking at the information they have sent out there are 163 right now signed up which I think is more then last year and we are still 5 weeks away so that number should rise but what is interesting is besides the normal USA, Mexico and Canada they also have someone from Europe and also Australia registered.

Our food came and it was wonderful as always. It was a wonderful dinner out with my friends, I really do enjoy these types of outings. It just makes our lives seem so normal and I know that may not sound right as we are normal but for years it was something I did only in my house and then only at LGBT places. The fact we are just going to pretty much any place we want and being treated like everyone else is really wonderful. We really are just like everyone else and for the mot part that is how the people around us see us.

We finished out dinners and then just sat there talking as they really were not busy tonight and I am sure they were glad tohave our group there. We stayed till after 9 actually almost 9:30 before we called it a night and I think we might have been the last to leave. It was just such a fun night we hated to see it come to an end but I did get a good chance to talk to Alison and get to know her better. She really is nice and I hoe she does come out more with the group. We all walked out to the parking lot and said our goodbyes before going our separate ways home. Now I am looking forward to Saturday night at the Escape.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life as Susan.

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Wednesday night dinner at Who Song & Larry’s

Well it is Wednesday night and I get to go out with my friends for dinner. I have missed several and will miss the next few but tonight I have free. Well last week we decided on Who Song & Larry’s for dinner and as this time of year places can be busy, I posted it to our group last Friday and said I would make reservations Monday night. now I figure we would be okay as the Christmas Ships don’t start till tomorrow and that is when they really get busy. Last year we showed up and almost didn’t get in but we lucked out and they had 1 table open upstairs. Well by Monday we had 12 say they were going including me so I called and made reservations for 12. Well y 10 that night I had 3 more post they wanted to go so I told them I would try to change the reservation on Tuesday which I was able to do so we had a group of 15 of us going. I think that is our biggest night at Who Song & Larry’s.

Well I got home a little early so I had time to get ready and enjoy the experience of becoming Susan. I was ready by 6, our reservations are not till 7 and it only takes me 15 minutes or less to get there so I waited till about 6:10 before leaving and just figured I would be early and could wait in the bar for others to show up and our table to be ready. It was about 6:20 when I got there and their parking lot was surprisingly empty. I parked almost right in front and started in when I herd my name. Nicole must have arrived at the same time so we walked in together. I checked in and gave the lady my name and she said our table was ready and we could be seated so Nicole and I skipped the bar and just went to our table to wait for the others. It was nice as it gave us a chance to talk. Now I am guessing people are waiting for the Christmas ships as there was only one table with 2 people at it and that was it. We ordered drinks and I got some bean dip as they have really good bean dip, I could make a meal out of it. It was about 6:50 when others started to show up, Melissa, Barb, Jan, Lynn, Jennifer, Ricki, Judy, Dawnie, Ellie May, April and then finally Trisha and Danika in all, all 15 showed up. by now the other 2 people had left so it was just us but that wouldn’t last long. A couple woman came in and were seated at a booth and then a man and woman came in and they were seated by the windows. One of the girls got a group picture which was nice as I forgot. Now with that I did get a selfie which is below.

Well we all ordered dinner, I really wasn’t that hungry as the girls really didn’t help me that much with my bean dip so I ate most of it. Our waiter was wonderful we have had him the last several times we have come here. He usually does our order by memory but we had a much bigger group then last time. We all had a wonderful time talking but with such a big group I couldn’t talk with everyone which was sad, that is the only thing bad about such a big group. I had 2 to my right and 5 to my left. I did make sure I said hi to everyone as they came in. I really do want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable when they come out with the group. Our food started coming out and it took both our waiter and another young man to bring it all out. Actually, our waiter brought the first tray out and then as he was serving us the other man kept bringing trays.

We had a wonderful dinner and it really never did get busy as a matter of fact I think it was just us and the 2 other groups of 2 tonight so I am sure. We finished eating and then sat and talked more, it was just such a nice evening. It was after 9 and a few of the girls called it a night, it was sad to see them leave but we were able to move closer so we could all talk better. One of the ladies from upfront came back to thank us for coming in, not sure if she was the manager or just in charge tonight but she was really happy we were there and she remembered we came last year. Our group was probably most of their business tonight. It was about 9:30 when we all left and went home.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life

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Wednesday night dinner at Who Song and Larry’s

It is Wednesday and once again I get to go out as Susan and have dinner with my friends. This really is a wonderful thing that 10 years ago I never would have thought possible. Now we picked Who Song and Larry’s in hopes Julie could join us one last tie before she heads south for warmer weather for the winter but she had an early flight and wouldn’t be able to make it which was sad but she will be with us in spirit. I got home late from work so I started getting ready right away as I wanted to get there a little early as they have awesome homemade chips and I love their bean dip so I figured I could get there early and get our name in for a table and have a snack. I was ready about 6:15 and since it only takes about 15 minutes to get there, I would be early. I texted Melissa to confirm how many we had, counting e-mails I figured 5 or 6. Melissa texted back that she had made reservations for 5. I got there and usually parking is bad but not tonight so I got a spot almost right in front. I went in and checked in and then went to the bar to get my drink and some chips with bean dip.

Melissa showed up about 10 minutes later and then barb. It was about 6:50 when the girl came and said our table was ready although I think we could have gotten it faster if we asked as they were not busy tonight, everyone was back in the big room and that is where our table was also. There were a lot of people back here including one big group of maybe 20, turn out it was a birthday party for a young girl about 10 or 12, all the kids were eating at the end of the table closest to us and the adults the other end of the table. Kris showed up right at 7, it was nice to see her out as this maybe one of the last times we see her for a while. She is moving up to the Seattle area for a year for schooling. The last to show was Jamie, she is a member of our group who lives in Arizona, I met here at Diva Las Vegas back in 2018. She has followed my blog for years and we e-mailed some and when we were at Diva Las Vegas we met and hot it off and she joined our group as she travels for work. Well this week she is in town working and got to join us. It was so nice to see her again and get to talk with her. now I did get a few pictures with her later in the evening, this was the best.

We all talked for a while before we ordered. Our waiter who we have had several times before was awesome as always. Now the staff came out to sing happy birthday to the young girl at the next table so we all joined in with everyone to sing to her. We went back to talking, well about 10 minutes later the birthday girl came over and gave Jamie a big cupcake as they had extra and wanted to know if she wanted it. Jamie accepted and thanked her; it was so sweet. Now besides our waiter we had another young man who would come by and see if we needed anything and I think it was even the Manager stopped by one time to see if we needed anything and if we did just let him know. Now I always joke about the wonderful service we always seem to get, any way one of the moms at the next table was standing there and after he left she smiled at me and said wow you ladies seem to get the best service so I guess it was not just my imagination.

Our food came and we had a wonderful dinner and great conversation and I took several pictures of all f us and texted them to Julie as she missed tonight. Of course, one of the pictures had to be a selfie of me. Our food was

wonderful and we just had a wonderful night out. After we ate Jamie shared her cupcake with all of us and it was really good. We sat and talked for a while and got to hear about the group in Arizona Jamie belongs to. they go out pretty regular but not as mainstream of places as we do. Our group really has grown over the last 12 years from just one LGBT club, to a few different ones, to just picking a restaurant and going. Portland metro area really is accepting and we can pretty much go where ever we want with no problems and that is such a wonderful thing.

It was now 9 and people were leaving and the big group went by and a some of them told us goodbye and the one that I had talked with before about the service told us how nice we looked and wished us a goodnight. That made the evening. Now they are open till 10 but soon we found we were the only ones left inside just sitting there talking. It was about 9:45 when we called it a night, the lady at the front desked thanked us for coming in and told us to come back. Now we have been coming here for years, and I am not sure but this might be the one we have gone to for the longest that we still go to. The first time we went here as a group for in December of 2009 for our holiday dinner. I have even met Peggy once here for dinner years ago.

Well we all said our goodbyes which is always hard, I won’t see Jamie again till Diva Las Vegas, yes at this point I am planning on going and so is she. I would have liked to get together with her again before she left but the only night, she had open was Friday night and I had something I just couldn’t get out of. We left and went our separate ways and it was a little after 10 when I got home and washed away all the traces of Susan and went to be.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Wednesday night dinner at Who Song & Larry

It is Wednesday night and our group is having dinner at Who Song & Larry’s on the Columbia river. Last time we were here was back in December so it has been a while. Now we had 8 post they would be there and 2maybes so it should be a good turnout tonight. I got home from work late so it would be another fast transformation, I really like it more when I can take my time and enjoy getting ready. I talk to some of my female friends and a lot of them don’t like the time it takes to do full makeup and I keep wondering if I will get to that point someday. After all some of them have been doing makeup every day for 40 years so I can understand why they may not find it as fun as when they were teenagers. I just hope I never lose the enjoyment of doing my makeup and I don’t think I will. This is my 1,187th blog post so that means I have gone out as Susan that many times plus all the times early on when I just dressed or did my makeup at home and it is just as much fun today as back then. Wow it is hard to believe I have written that many blogs. Well I started getting ready at 5:30 and was ready and on my way by 6:15. Now as I was leaving it looked like it might rain so I took my coat and I was right. I got about a block from my house and the bottom fell out, it was raining so hard for a few miles that cars on the freeway were only going about 30 and there was thunder and lighting also something we don’t see around here very often. As I got close the rain slowed down which was nice and by the time, I got to the parking lot it had stopped.

I took advantage of the break in the rain and went right in. they didn’t look that busy so I went to see if we could get a table for 8 to 10 and the lady at the counter said she would go see what they had. While I was waiting Melissa and her wife walked in, I thought that was them behind me when I pulled into the parking lot. They had a table ready wo the of us went and sat down and waited for the rest to show up. It wasn’t long and Barb showed up followed by Jan & Lynn and then Kimberly and her wife so we actually had wives here tonight which was awesome. Our waiter came and took our orders, we have always had wonderful service here and tonight was just the same. Now I know some girls get caught up in how well they pass and that can be a driving force and can keep some girls from ever going out. Tonight, we all passed, not because they really believed we were female but because they accepted us as females and treated us that way. I am sure we got some looks but we were able to enjoy a dinner out as friends like everyone else and that is what it is all about.

Now Kimberly’s wife has gone out with her before I think but this was the first time meeting the group so I think it was great we had 2 other wives here tonight. Melissia’s wife was seated right across from Kimberly’s wife so they talked most of the night. of course, we all got to talk with her and learn a little about her, these dinners are great for that as they are smaller groups and, in a setting, where it is easy to talk. Of course, we also could look out the windows on the Columbia river and see the rain and lightning although it was tapering off now. Our food came and we had a wonderful dinner, the food here is really good by the way. It was nice to talk with everyone, and have a wonderful night out with my friends. Barb is getting ready for her yearly trip for the summer so it maybe a few months before she is out with the group again. I really do have some wonderful friends as Susan.

After we ate, we sat and talked some more, Kimberly’s wife is really nice and I hope she comes out more with the group. We actually have quiet a few wives or significant others that are supportive of their spouse and even come out with them which is so awesome. It was after 9 when we all called it a night, as we walked out it was a little cool for the end of June but at least it wasn’t raining. We said our goodbyes and made our way to our cars. It is always sad when these evening end but I know Susan will be out again and I will get to see and spend time with my friends.

I got home and got ready for bed and removed my makeup and that is when I know my evening is over, when I see my male self-looking back at me. Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is knew in my life as Susan.

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Wednesday night dinner at Who Songs and Larry’s with friends

It is Wednesday and our group is doing a Wednesday night dinner at Who Song’s and Larry’s on the Columbia river. Now our group has gone here many times over the years I have even gone here a couple times, once to meet Peggy for dinner and once to meet Peggy and Cassandra. It is also one of the first restaurants we went to as a group and our first Christmas dinner, we went here December 23rd 2009. I was looking forward to it. I am not sure how many we will have tonight as the only ones who have replied they are going is Julie, Barb, Melissa, Lauri and myself. Now dinner is at 7 but I want to get there a little early as I love their bean dip and am going to sit at the bar till my friends arrive. Some of them will have traffic and is hard to judge when they will arrive.

I took my time getting ready as I wanted to look my best plus I also love the time and experience of doing my makeup and transforming myself into Susan. It really is wonderful getting to be a female. I was ready by 6 and on my way. I got there about 6:15 and the parking lot was full with several cars circling looking for a spot. Now luck was with as a car pulled right out in front of me. I went in and there were people waiting. I got to the front and the lady asked if I had reservations which we didn’t, we have never done reservation. The lady said they were all booked up but had one table available upstairs if we wanted and asked how many we had. I said 6 to 8 and she said it was a round table that sat 6 but we could squeeze a few more chairs around it if needed so I told her we would take it at 7, she said she would get it ready and I went to the bar to wait. Seems everyone wanted to have dinner here tonight as they can watch the Christmas ships on the Columbia river. We never thought of that.

I ordered their 50/50 dip and my drink, a Sprite and waited for my friends. Now I did take a quick selfie at the bar. Now the dip I like is a bean dip that has cheese on it and before I always got here after Cassandra and she had already ordered it so I just ordered what she had. The 50/50 dip was different, but really good. Melissa was the first to show up, followed by Lauri and Barb. We sat at the bar for a little bit before going to see if our Table was ready.

Julie came in as we were waiting to be shown to our table upstairs. Now in all the times we have been here I had seen the stairs but never saw anyone going up them, turns out the upstairs is just as big as the downstairs and it was also full. We sat down and talked as we waited in case others showed up. Kris had posted late she would be there. It was a little after 7 when she got there so we had 6 for tonight’s dinner. Our waiter came over to see how we were doing and take our orders, he was awesome. Really every time we have come here, we have been treated wonderful. We all ordered, I did an appetizer as I kind of filled up on the chips and dip, I really could make a meal out of that.

Now we sat and talked which is always fun. It still amazes me as Susan I love to sit and talk with friends and people, as my male self not really big on just sitting and talking. Now there were people ever place as the restaurant was full and no one seemed to pay us any attention to us. It was so good to see Julie again and talk with her. She travels a lot this time of year so any time we can get together is special. It was a wonderful girl’s night out.

Our food showed up and we had a wonderful dinner, the food here is really good. Now as we ate the Christmas ships went by and we could kind of see them from our table. Most of the people got up from their tables and went to the windows to watch them. They are really cool but I have seen them before and we didn’t want our food to get cold. If you do want to see them this is a good place to go for dinner, just make reservations.

Now after dinner we sat and talked some more, it was so wonderful to spend the evening with my friends. 10 years ago, I would have never dreamed it possible to have such wonderful friends as Susan and be able to go out and have dinner with them, life really is wonderful for me. Now of course I had to get a picture with Julie, we talked a little about Diva Las Vegas, Cassandra and I are planning on going and I am hoping Julie will also go. Cassandra and I are talking about going the Wednesday before and leaving the last day which is a Friday, that way we still get 9 nights there but only pay for 1 weekend as they are the nights that are the most expensive. It was about 9:30 when we called it a night. Now I am looking forward to Saturday night as I will get to go out again.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Wednesday night dinner at Who Song & Larry’s

It is Wednesday and we are going to Who Song & Larry’s, this is always a fun place to go. I always look forward nit just to going out with my friends but the time I take getting ready. I really can’t explain why I so enjoy doing my makeup and getting dressed. I enjoyed my time getting ready and soon was on my way. I got to Who Song & Larry’s and it took me a little while to find a parking spot, looks like they are busy tonight. I finally found a parking spot and was on my way in when Cassandra texted me she had just parked. We went in and they were busy but luckily it was a warm day and they had their patio open and that is where most people wanted to sit so we were able to get a table inside.

Cassandra and I got a table for 8 right in the middle of the room and waited for others to show up. Of course, we ordered their bean di which is awesome to go with their tortilla chips. I really could make a meal out of this alone. Barb showed up a little before 7 and Melissa and her wife a few minutes later so we had 5 of us for dinner tonight. Now our waiter, I think his name is Chris is the same waiter who waited on us last time we were here and he remembered us. We have always been treated wonderful here. Now we were ready to order or at least we thought. For as long as we have been coming here they have had daily specials and Wednesday’s were all you can eat Enchilada’s. Well turns out they don’t have them anymore so we all had to look at the menu so it took a little longer to order. I ended up ordering Chicken Fajita tonight.

We had a wonderful dinner and wonderful conversation. T was a relaxing dinner and we stayed here till almost 9:30 before calling it a night. Mow tomorrow night Cassandra, Melissa and I are meet for dinner at the Escape and we are going to work on our web page, and also change are e-mails. Since we own our own domain for the web site Cassandra and I have an e-mail through our domain and we are switching it over to be hosted on Gmail server. I think Melissa and Julie are also going to get an e-mail this way.

Thanks for reading and be sure and see my most recent blog.

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Wednesday night dinner at Who Song & Larry

Wednesday is here and again our group is going out to dinner and this week it is Who Song & Larry’s. This is always a fun night and a fun place to go. I started getting ready early taking my time doing my makeup as I think about what I can wear tonight. I think that is one of the wonderful things about being Susan is the thought about what I should wear, which heels, dress or outfit, hair, how to do my makeup and the look I want. I actually enjoy this time thinking about this this stuff.

I was all ready by 5:45 and on my way, I got to Who Song and Larry’s a little after 6 and went in. They were not as busy tonight as they were the last few times we have come here. I got inside and the man at the desk greeted me and asked if I wanted a table. I told him I was waiting for others as we had a group coming tonight. He was very accommodating and said he would set up tables and asked how many we had which I didn’t know so I texted Cassandra to get the number. Turns out she had just arrived and was in the parking lot. She came in and we told him we had 8 for dinner and he said he would get us set up. Cassandra and I went into the bar to wait for others. Cassandra and I both ordered a drink and of course tortilla chips and bean dip, they have the best fresh made chips and a cheese bean dip, I could make a meal out of this alone.

Melissa and her wife showed up next followed by Kate. They ordered drinks and we talked for a few minutes before moving to our table. Now as I said they were not busy at all tonight, one other big group of 6 and a few more tables of 2 to 4 and that was it. Our waiter came over to see if we needed anything and he was really wonderful of course we have always had wonderful service here. We told him we were waiting for a few more so he brought use more chips and salsa as we waited. Julie showed up next and then Barb so we had 7 tonight for dinner. Our waiter came back and took our orders, most of us had the special, all you can eat enchiladas which after all the chips and dip I really don’t need the all you can eat but the cost is about the same as just getting a regular dinner. Now our waiter didn’t write anything down he did it all from memory all 7 orders. We all had fun with this and he did a really good job just a couple minor mistakes that he corrected.

The food was good, if you like Mexican food this is a wonderful place to eat. We had a nice dinner and wonderful conversation. WE talked about our Mexican Cruise in October which we are all looking forward to. We also talked about Diva Las Vegas and our dinner this Saturday, we really do have a wonderful and active group here in Portland. The food was great and we even had a little desert which was awesome. A couple of the girls ordered them and shared them with all. One was the Bunuelo caramel Sunday which was really good, the other was Sopapillas which were awesome.

It was a wonderful night as it always is when I go out with my friends for dinner. I am really looking forward to Saturdays night dinner. Now I start my vacation Friday evening and I had planned to have the whole week to be Susan but that won’t happen although I will get a good amount of tome as Susan. I was also going to get my nails done with a red gel polish Friday night, yes, I will start my vacation with a manicure and pedicure. But as I will not be able to be Susan for the whole week but I am thinking of getting my normal color Wedding Dress and then having them put regular nail polish on in a red color that I can take off with polish remover. I also plan on doing some shopping as I need a new purse, mine is probably 8 years old and starting to wear out. I plan on getting together with Peggy for lunch and shopping and maybe some other girls. It will be a fun week.

It was almost 10 when we left Who Song & Larry’s. it was sad to see the night end but I have to get up early in the morning.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new in my life as Susan in my most recent blog.

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Wednesday night dinner at Who Song & Larry

It is Wednesday night and I am going to dinner with my friends at Who Song & Larry’s. This is always a fun dinner place as the people here are awesome. Now dinner is at 7 but I know Cassandra is going to get there at 6 to watch the Baseball playoffs before dinner so that is my goal also. I started getting ready a little after 4 as I wanted to take my time and enjoy the experience of getting all pretty. I took my time on my makeup and actually tried 3 different dresses before I picked the one I wore, my blue with black on the sides. I also went with my dark brown wig tonight. Here is a picture in the car. I was on my way looking forward to a fun night.

I got to Who Song & Larry’s just before 6 and went in, Funny how I don’t even think about getting out of the car. Years ago, I use to sit in the car to build up the courage, now Susan is just a part of my life. And yes, Susan is a big part of my life and a big part of who I am. Cassandra was sitting at the barf watching the game so I joined her, it was nice to be out. We talked as we watched the game and waited for others to show up. Of course, we had some of their fresh made tortilla chips and bean dip. It is so good, I could make a meal out of just that and I almost did.

Melissa and her wife were the next to show up and they both noticed my hair, I don’t wear it that often wear it as I am not sure of dark hair on me but it does feel nice to have people notice when you change your hair. I guess in that way I am such a girl. Yes, I do love to look pretty. Kearren was the next to show up followed by Barb. I really love these dinners out with my friends.

It was a little after 7 when we went to our table and yes Cassandra could still watch the game across the room. I sat next to Melissa and her wife and across from Cassandra, Barb and Kearran. It is nice to have these smaller more intimate groups. Julie showed up and sat next to me. It was great to see her and of course I had to show her my nails as we both love getting our nails done. So yes, I am going to talk about my nails. N ow when I got my nails done Saturday Cathy put a light pink color on them and I was worried about them and I didn’t really come across as liking it when she did it. Now indoors the nails have a nice healthy color to it although you can tell there is polish on them. Outside in the sun they have a slight pale pink color and yes if you get a good look at them you can tell as you can see from the pictures in my last blog. The other day though I was out side in the sun and walked into the shade and wow my nails had a pinkish violate color that was really noticeable as you can see from this picture. These are the same nails one in shade and one in sun light. The funny thing is I really love this polish

and look on my nails. I wish I had paid attention to the polish she used as I want to get it the next time.

I know people will notice and probably already have but no one has said a thing. In a way I am a little disappointed but also glad at the same time. My nails really do look awesome. These are pictures of same nails one outside in shade and one inside, wow what a difference. It is funny how far I have come. Now I know some of my friends keep telling me I really want to transition and no I do not. I have no desire to be a woman full time but I do believe the two sides of me can be a part of me all the time. At the very least I am sure it will raise some questions but I do love nice looking nails. What do you think of my nails, is it too much for me as a male?

Well back to our dinner out. Our waitress came over, her name is Venessa and she was awesome, she made a point of learning all our names and called us by them all night and she had the nicest southern accent, she is from North Carolina. We all ordered dinner well I ordered from the appetizer menu as I really did eat to many chips earlier. We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyable conversation. It was a little after 8 when Bambi and Kris showed up so they ordered dinner as we were finishing but it was great they made it. So, we had 9 of us here tonight.

After dinner we just sat and talked for a while. Barb and Kearren were the first to leave and then Melissa and her wife. I was having too much fun just being out with friends that even though I had to get up early for work I stayed. Venessa a=our waitress came over a few times and talked with us. She really was wonderful and made us feel so welcome. She actually has a friend who dresses so I gave her one of my cards with my e-mail on it and told her to give it to her friend if she wanted to join our group. Also gave her one for her as Cassandra invited them to her Halloween party. I really hope she contacts me as it would be great if they came to the party.

It was after 10 when we called it a night. Julie and I are going out both Friday and Saturday night. I am looking forward to going out again this weekend. Thanks for reading

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Wednesday night dinner at Who Song & Larry

Wednesday is here and I am going out to dinner with my friends, we are going to Who Song & Larry. We have gone here several times and it is always a fun night with good food. I was looking forward to dinner. Now I started getting ready taking my time and I had my Red and Black dress all set out to wear. I started doing my make up and it turned out really well. Now it was time to get dressed and of course I changed my mind and went with my black and gold dress instead.

I got to Who Song and Larry by 6:20 so I was early as we were not meeting till 7. Well early or not I decided to go inside and wait for others to show up. now as I entered there was a group of about 8 young ladies guessing early 20’s there waiting for a table and they were all in dresses and heels. I really love it when I see other girls all dressed up. As I walked by them I saw Jan and Lynn sitting in the bar so I went and joined them. Now Cassandra called me about 6:35 as she was caught in traffic. I checked with the host and turns out they were really busy with a couple big parties. I told her we had 8 tonight coming and she told me it would be about an hour. I told her that was fine as our girls were caught in traffic.

I went back and joined Jan & Lynn in the bar. The group of girls came up to get drinks while they waited for there table. Now as I said they were all dressed really nice but the one had pink hair and it really looked cute on her so I just had to tell her how cute her hair was, she thanked me and we chatted for just a moment. It was just about 7 when Cassandra showed up. Now the 4 of us talked in the bar as we waited, both for the rest of our group to show up and also our table. Bambi and Kris showed up so we were up to 6 now. The lady came over and told us they had a group just leaving and would clean the table and get it set up for us as soon as they could and thanked us for being so nice about the wait. I really didn’t think anything about the wait as we were having a good time talking. Our table was finally ready and we were shown to it. It was a little before 8, wow it didn’t seem like were waited that long.

Joan showed up right after we sat down and it wasn’t long and Kim showed up. Kim is our favorite waitress from Harvey’s and have come out with us before to Who Song and Larry’s. It was good to see her here in a social setting as at Susan at Who Song & LarryHarvey’s she is working but tonight we can talk more. It was a really fun night with good food and conversation. Now as I said we have come here several times before and we always get the same waiter but tonight he was working a big party in the back room so we got another waitress named Leah and she was really nice and treated us well.

Now I really did eat to much as they have the best chips and salsa as they make them fresh here so the chips are warm when they bring them to the table. I could make a meal out of them. For dinner I had the all you can eat Enchilada’s, really good.

After dinner we sat and talked for so more. The night went by so fast, it was hard to believe. soon it was after 10. As we were getting ready to go I took the opportunity to get a couple quick selfie’s. As we were leaving Leah our waitress wished us a good evening and called me by my name which was nice.

Susan at Who Song & LarryIt was 10:20 when we left. it was a fun night out with good friends. I stayed out a lot later then I planned but it was worth it although in the morning I may not feel the same way.

Now my little advice to all, be happy with yourself and who you are. If you cant’s find joy and happiness in yourself other people will not change that. Also find supportive friends that you can get together with, talk and go places. The more you go out the easier it becomes and it will open a whole new world to you.

Thanks for reading.

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Diner out with friends

Well I went out on Wednesday night again for a couple of hours but instead of going to Starbuck’s this week I met several of the t-girls from my group for a Christmas dinner. We are trying to get out more into mainstream places. We all want to get out more and we hope to go out once a month to dinner, shopping, movies or something else.

We met at Who Song and Larry’s in Vancouver at 7 pm for dinner and we had a big table right in the middle of their main dining room. There were other people there and they really paid no attention to us. It was nice to get to talk as we ate. I think there were 12 of us there and we were treated really well. There was one guy as he left he stopped really quickly and took a picture of us. We all laughed about it, if he had only asked we would have all posed for him. We all love having our pictures taken. The food was really good and the prices were really not bad. If you like Mexican food I would recommend you give them a try.

I also got my Avon order, My friend Peggy sells Avon and I ordered some lipstick and some really cute earrings. I really like Avon’s products and it is so nice to have a friend who sells it. Check out her page if you would like to try Avon.

Well I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a safe Holiday season.

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