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Rosed city T-girls go golfing, so much fun.

Well today our group went golfing, we had 8 of us golfing today Cassandra, Dan, Veronica, Kelli, Victoria, and Michelle and it was going to be hot, 95 at least. Now our tee time was noon so I wanted to be there by 11 to have some time to warm up. I started getting ready by 9 with the hopes of being on my way by 10. Now her is the funny thing as I pulled out of my garage I noticed I was almost on empty, I forgot to stop and get gas yesterday so my first stop was the gas station by my house and then I was on my way.

I got to Wildwood golf course just a little after 11 about the same time as most of the other girls had just got there and where getting their clubs out of their cars. It was going to be so much fun today. We went up and Cassandra paid as we had all given her the money for today. Now we have been coming here several times a year to golf for the past 3 years and they have always treated us awesome. I think they actually look forward to the days we come.

We all went to the driving range and hit some practice balls before we started our game. Now we are playing a 4 girl scramble. That means each group everyone hits the ball and then you pick the best ball and all hit from there. This makes it more fun as everyone has a chance to play no matter how good you are. Of course on the first tee Susan golfing (2)we had to take a few pictures. This is me by my cart before the heat got too bad.

Now it is different golfing as a girl as of course I had to have my nails on and of course the breast get in the way if you are not use to them but it is so much more fun this way. I know not many woman would do a full makeup and worry so much about how they look but for me that is all part of the fun and the experience. Now of course we did have a longest drive hole and 3 closest to the pin holes just to make it interesting.

We started play and my team was the first to go. Now it was getting hot but still only in the 80’s, by the time we would finish it would be 96 out. We all had some good shots and of course some bad ones but with a scramble you are hoping that when you have a bad shot others on your team hit a good one. I had some really good shots today. We got to the first par 3 which was a closest to the pin hole and I had a really good shot and put it about 5 feet from the flag and that turned out to be the closest ball so I won the first one.

The front nine went awesome and we were even par after 9 for our group. Actually we were really consistent as were got par on every hole and after 9 we were one stroke ahead of the other group. Now when we started the back 9 it was really getting hot and I hoped my makeup hadn’t melted off yet. Now on the back 9 we didn’t do as well as we had 3 bogies but we did have 1 birdie so we finished 2 over par. Now on the closest to the pin on the back 9 I had another really good shot and put the ball about 6 feet from the flag so I thought I might win again but Cassandra put her ball about 1 foot closer but I was still happy with my shot and how I played. Now I had drank 6 Gatorades on the course and as soon as we got back to the club house I got another one.

Now part of our golf deal we had today included a BBQ so we sat out on the patio in the shade while we ate. We had a wonderful meal, Hamburgers and chips but we were all so hungry and it was really good. Well Cassandra had prizes for the closest pin and longest drive. I won a box of golf balls of which half are pink. I can’t wait for the next time I get to golf as Susan so I can used them. The group is golfing again in August but I can’t go the day as my male side has family things I had to do. Now I also got a pair of golf shoes, Dan had a pair that didn’t fit him and he gave them to me, Thanks Dan. They are men’s shoes so I will only wear them when I golf as my male self.

It was almost 6 when we were finished eating and started to leave. Cassandra, Victoria, Dan Bianca and I were the last to leave and we walked out to our cars together. Now in the car on the drive home I had the air conditioner on 68 and it still didn’t feel that cool.

Now when I got home I was curious to see how bad my makeup looked and it actually held up pretty well. My lipstick was almost all there still just a little faded and that was after eating a piece of pizza, several candy bars, 7 Gatorades and the burger and chips. The other thing I did today different as someone told me if you spray your face lightly with hair spray after your makeup is on it helps it hold up better in the heat and it may have helped. Now that I was home the first thing was a nice shower and then several glasses of water as I write today’s blog. It was a really good day

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Friday night Susan fun

Wow another busy week so I was really looking forward to this weekend and having a little Susan time. With my busy schedule the last few months I have had a hard time getting out just once a week and I can tell how this affects me, I really need my Susan time. Well this weekend I will actually be out on Friday and Saturday as we are golfing tomorrow so that will be fun.

It was 5:45 when I got home and started getting ready, straight into the shower and then time to do my makeup which I really enjoy. I really enjoy the whole experience of getting ready and becoming Susan. Now I know some woman I have talked to don’t like the time and effort it takes to do makeup and get ready and I guess maybe if I had been doing this every day for the last 40 years I might feel that to but I doubt it. It is just something I really enjoy. Well I was ready just before 7 and on my way.

I got to Sweet Home and Chris and Samantha were there, it is good to see Samantha getting out more with our group, she has over a 2 hour drive to get here so that is a challenge for her. I ordered dinner and I got out my computer and checked my e-mails and caught up on some of the current news while we talked. Of course when my dinner came I put my computer away and never got it out again.

Karen showed up in her new dress, seems she had a rough day and when her wife came home she suppressed her with a new dress she had bought for her. How awesome is that, I mean this can be a hard thing for woman to accept about their partner but to find those who not only tolerate it but support it is awesome and Karen has a wife like that. We really do have some awesome wives in our group. Well I got to talk with Karen which is always nice. She is still getting use to going out as Karen as where they lived before there were not really a chance to go out or any place to go. Like anything the more she goes out the easier it will be but I know how she feels as we have all gone through that in our lives. Those first times out are the hardest, but it does get easier and once you get used to it you can pretty much go anyplace.

Cristine showed up a little late but it was good to see her and so did Roxy so we had 6 of us here tonight. Now as much as I enjoy my time out as Susan what really makes it special is being out with my friends. I have made so many awesome friends as Susan in fact I think I have more friends as Susan than my males self and for sure a lot closer friends even though they do not know everything about me or I them. My life really opened up and I really became who I am because of my friends, it is funny how the people you meet shape your life and who you are.

The 6 of us sat and talked and had a great time. Several of the other customers came over and said hi to us as I have said before we are totally accepted here which is a nice feeling. One lady came over and told us how great we all looked which I never get tired of hearing as I do put a lot of effort and tale a lot of pride in how I look as Susan plus I always love it when they say we look better the they do. Now I know they don’t mean we make better looking woman then they are but it is the fact we do tend to put more effort I think mainly because we need to. A woman can go out with no makeup or very little and still look amazing where if I don’t do makeup well it would not be pretty. Plus when you do this once or twice a week it is easier to get or stay excited about the getting ready where if you did it every day when you left home and then again at night if you were going out I could see it being less attractive to you.

Now it was a slow night here as the other group that comes here for Karaoke was out of town but there was still maybe 20 or so here tonight counting us. Karaoke started and it was really slow, actually Chris sang and then another girl and then back to Chris, eventually there was another guy who started singing so the rotation was only 3 people but it was good. Now I did think about singing tonight as the crowd was small and it would have been a good night to try it but still couldn’t get up my courage. It was fun though.

Now I hadn’t planned on staying out late as I said I am golfing tomorrow at noon so I really need to be to the golf course by 11 and it is almost an hour drive so Susan needs to be getting ready by 9 am and I do have some things my male self needs to do in the morning so I will be up a little early for a Saturday morning. Well we all know how that plan goes it was still almost 11:30 when we all called it a night, so it will be a short night tonight.

Tomorrow golfing will be fun as we have 8 of us going. It is going to be 95 or warmer out tomorrow so I will have to get pictures early as I am sure by the end of the round of golf I will not look my freshest. Hopefully I will have pictures to post in my next blog.

Thanks for reading.

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Last minute opportunity for a Saturday night out.

Well I had not planned on going out Saturday too much to do but in the end Susan won out. Karen sent me a message on Facebook as she was thinking of going out Saturday night and we chatted back and forth for about 30 minutes and in the end we had talked each other into going out. We were going to meet at the escape Bar and grill at 7. Any way I had to rush and get what had to be done today and the rest I would push off to Sunday which would now make Sunday a really busy day but that’s Okay as Susan time is worth it.

Well I got everything done and started getting ready at 5. It is amazing how wonderful I feel just starting my transformation to Susan. Now I knew what I was going to wear and how I was doing my makeup and things went perfect and I was ready by 6 and on my way. I got to the Escape by 6:30 and went in.

I got inside and I was the only one other than the Bartender and the cook so I had my choice of where I wanted to sit. I ordered a drink and some food as I have not eaten today and then got out my computer. I spent the half hour catching up on e-mails which I have fallen behind on. It was about 7 when Karen got there and her wife met her here tonight. Now I have known Karen for a few years now but she just moved to the Portland Area a few months ago. It was awesome to see her again and meet her wife who is totally supportive of her.

The 3 of us sat and talked for a while and it gave me a chance to get caught up with Karen and get to know her wife, they are an awesome couple. We were the only 3 in the bar for a while but finally a couple others came in. it is nice to just sit and talk which is something Susan likes to do more than my male self.

Jan and Lynn showed up so we had a nice small group. It was nice they could make it as it has been a while since I have seen them. We all ordered dinner yes I had more food. Now I had only planned on being out a couple hours maybe till 10 but we all know how that goes. T was about 9:30 when more people came in as they started karaoke. It was still a slow night here but there was maybe 20 to 25 people here now. Karen’s wife got up a few times and sang Karaoke along with Lynn and even Jan sang tonight. It was a fun night.

Now here is a funny thing as we were sitting there talking a girl came over to me and leaned in and said I have something I need to tell you. Now my mind was wondering what she was going to say as I had just came back from the little girl’s room. She leaned in closer and whispered in my ear “you are so f*** beautiful, if I didn’t have a boyfriend right now I would ask you for your phone number”. Wow this made me feel awesome, now I did have on my really tight white and black dress and 4” heels so I was going for that look. I thanked her and she went back to playing her video poker machine, but it still made my night. You can see the dress I wore in my bog from Memorial Day.

Laura M also showed up about 10 so we had 6 of us here tonight. She even got up and sang once. It was a really fun night and went by so fast. It was 11:30 when I decided to call it a night, actually we all called it a night. We all paid our bills and said our goodbye’s knowing we will see each other again soon. I really enjoy my time as Susan and going out with my friends and I am lucky to have really awesome friends..

Thanks for reading.

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Out after 2 weeks for a fun Friday night

Well it is Friday night and I had the chance to go out and I was really looking forward to it as I have not had a chance to be Susan for 2 weeks now and I really miss my Susan time, Actually I need my Susan time to be happy. I really believe it is the combination of both my female and male self that keeps me happy, healthy and relaxed. I got home late almost 5 so it was straight into the shower to start my transformation. I took my time as I wanted to enjoy the getting ready so it was almost 7 before I was ready to leave the house.

I got there about 7:15, Chris and Samantha were already there. It was good to see them again, funny how just missing 1 week can make you feel. It was so wonderful to be out again. It was nice to talk with them over dinner. Samantha is getting up to Portland more often which is nice, it is amazing how the more we get out the more comfortable we get and then the more we want to go out. Roxy also made t for a little while so we had 4 of us tonight.

One of the nice things about Sweet Home is the regulars here have totally accepted us and look forward to seeing us as much as we do them. Tony and Misty who come in and play video poker and always stop and talk with us. Tonight they had a couple friends with them and they were just as nice and came over and talked to us. It really is nice as it is so normal I forget how I am dressed, I am just me out having fun. I hear t-girls talking about passing when out and for me passing is simple being out and being accepted as female to the point I don’t even think about it and that is a wonderful feeling I wish everyone could experience.

Angie always stops by our table and tells me how nice I look which always makes me feel good. It is amazing in my male life I could care less what people think about how I dress or look but as Susan I love it. There is also Jessica, Mareinna, Dawni, and so many others we have met here.

Karaoke started and as always it was fun. Some are really good at singing and others not so much but everyone has fun and that’s what counts. It really is a fun night out and a great way to start the weekend. It was about 11:30 when I called it a night as I have to get up early on Saturday as I have a busy day in my male life.

Thanks for reading.

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