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Sunday and some unexpected Susan time

Well it is Sunday and I have been trying to go to Starbucks’s as Susan for a few hours to write my blogs but today I had some things I needed to do at home so that was my plan. I figured I could do a little so I went a head and put on mascara and eye shadow and a little lipstick and then it was to do some stuff around the house. Well as I was cleaning, I came across my corset which I haven’t worn in a while and I figured I would put it on and see how it affected the things was doing. So now I had my corset on and of course now I had to put on a bra. Now I got thinking as the corset is always the last thing I put on as it really does limit what you can do as far as bending over. So, I slowly changed from my male cloths to some Susan clothes and my ankle boots and yes, it is harder than you think in a corset. So, as I went back to what I was doing I was really thinking about Susan. now I have seen videos of woman who do their eye makeup first and then their foundation and the rest of their makeup and I have never tried that and as I stood there Infront of the mirror I was almost ready to go out as Susan so I decided to see if I could do my make up without messing up my eye makeup or lipstick so the challenge was on. Of course, first had to shave and bending over with the corset on was not easy. Well to my surprise I was able to do the rest of my make up and the only issue was a little on my lipstick but tat was an easy fix with just a little more lipstick. So yes, you can do your eye makeup first. So now I was all ready and looked good and suddenly doing the things around my house didn’t seem as important. It was Starbucks time, I will go early and come home earlier and finish what I started.

I grabbed my purse and computer off the couch and off I went to Starbucks. It was only 2:30 so a lot earlier than I normally go and I wondered how busy they would be. Now I was about half way there when I thought about that and looked at my computer in my bag next to me and realized I had it at the escape last night and never recharged it and I don’t take my power cord to the Escape because there is no place really to plug it in. so I turned around and went back home to get it. I backed into my drive and parked and got out and went in through my front door. I didn’t see any of my neighbors and I would be quick and besides as much as I come and go, I figure most have seen me or at least this woman driving my car. I got my power cord and walked out the front door and across the street one house to the left the lady there was also walking out to her car. She looked at me and waved and I just waved back. Now I really don’t know her as she keeps to herself as do I and it was a way off so I am thinking if she doesn’t already know she at this distance it wouldn’t make a difference.

I got to Starbucks and went in and it was packed. All the tables along the windows were taken, the one big long table was full and all of the small tables were taken as was the front counter and the back counter there was only 2 seats available. I literally had my choice of two seats. Believe it or not there was even a couple sitting at a table outside. This is the busiest I have ever seen it so I put my computer on the back counter by the door and went and stood in line to get my drink and as I did I kind of looked around and counted the people. There were 53 people in here. I got my drink and got my computer going and yes the first thing I noticed was my battery was at 16% so it could be a short day here as the only places to plug in your computer is the front counter or the 3 tables along the window or maybe the big chairs in the corner. I had to hope someone would leave.

I worked on my blog from Saturday night and kept watching my battery go down. I got the warning at 10% and it was still just as crowded. I was down to 5% and that is normally when my computer shuts down and today was no different. My screen went black. I was really looking around now and the two young girls at the table by the window looked like they were getting ready to leave so I pulled out my cell phone and used that, I figured I could kill a few minutes and see if they were leaving. It was about 5 minutes and they got up and left. Normally I wait a little before I change tables but as crowded as it was, I didn’t want to miss my chance so as they were going out the door I grabbed my purse and drink and move it over to that table and then my computer and plugged it in. and it was just in time as I had no more then moved over and another lady came in with a computer, looked around and took the seat I had just been in.

I finished my blog and got it posted and it pretty much stayed busy till about 4:30 when people started to leave well two big groups. There was a group of 9 at the big long table and 10 at 3 of the small tables they had pulled together. I spent a little time catching up on more e-mails, I still have a few girls I wanted to reach out to and see how they are doing. Now I took a selfie in my car before going inside and I took a couple inside. I don’t know what the lighting is in Starbucks but I have never gotten a picture inside a Starbucks that looked good. I held the phone at the same angle, and same distance. Ii am also looking forward to some vacation time, I have the first week of November off although I do have things both weekends, I have to do so really it is just Monday through Friday but there will be some Susan time. I don’t think I will get acrylic nails for that but I am really thinking about getting a manicure and some red polish. I have been taking care of my nails and using a nail hardener on them and they look really nice right now. About an 1/8 of an inch and if I can go two more weeks without shortening them, they should look really nice with polish.

I stayed here till about 5:30 before going and getting gas for my car and then getting something to eat. Stopped at Subway and got something to take home. it was only a few hours out as Susan but it was so relaxing.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my newest blog to see what is new in my life.


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Sunday Susan time and a much-needed pedicure.

It is Sunday and I get to have a little Susan time and the first thing I need is a pedicure. The polish on my toes are chipping off pretty bad and they look bad of course this time of year I don’t show them off but I see them and that is bad enough. Now I know it has been awhile so I looked back through my blog to see when I got my last pedicure and it was July 14th 3 months ago. I started getting ready early so I could get out early. I was ready by 3:15 and now I had a decision to make. Where do I go to get my pedicure? Now the last couple times I went to Natural nails and they are nice and do a great job but very quiet and they really don’t talk to you, and it just not me I have noticed it is very quiet in there. The other option is Dream nails where I was going. I went there almost every 2 to 3 weeks for over 2 years and it really is a wonderful place and all the girls knew me and talked to me. I really want to go back to Dream nails but wonder what they would think as it has been about 15 months since I was there last and I would not be going as often as I use to. well in the end I called Natural nails and made an appointment for 3:30.

I got there right at 3:30 and went in and they were ready for me. Now usually when I go to the nail salon most are getting pedicures bit not today. There were 5 women in their all getting fills on their nails and I was the only one there for a pedicure. I picked out a really pretty red and sat down. Now today I had a young man do my pedicure, this salon is actually owned by a man and there are a couple of them working here. Now I have had men do my nails before and they really do, do a good job. Now getting a pedicure is just so wonderful and relaxing it really is one of life’s simple pleasures. I got the Tropical deluxe with lavender cream. It took about an hour. Now 2 other ladies came in and they both wanted nail fills, I was almost done when a couple ladies came in to get pedicures. Now with my toes paint I just had to wait a little for them to dry before I left, of course I had to get a quick picture, such a pretty color.

I left the salon about 4:45 with my beautiful toes and headed for Starbucks. I got to Starbucks and they were not busy at all so I had my choice of parking spots right in front of the door. There were only 4 people in there so I set my computer on a table by the window and went up to order my drink. The young man at the counter remembered me from last week by name which made me feel good. I ordered my drink and I broke down and also got a cookie. Now we talked for a few minutes and he asked me about my day so I told him I had just come from getting a pedicure. He said that sounded wonderful and he should get one. I told them they really are wonderful and he asked where I went so, I told him about both places depending on if he wanted really quiet and relaxing or a little more conversation. I got my drink and sat down at my table and started on my blog from last night at the Escape. I also got a selfie in the car.

I spent about 2 hours here doing my blog, catching up on e-mails and just surfing the internet. It is one of the great things about the internet as you can take your computer any place and have something to do and even get work done and for me that means I can go and be Susan. It was almost 7 when I left and once again as I was leaving the young man wished me a good night by name. Starbucks really does have wonderful employees. I have gone to so many different ones over the years and in every one I have been treated wonderful. I stopped picked up a hamburger from Jack in the box on my way home since I didn’t have one last night. It was a relaxing fun day and my toes look awesome.

Thanks for reading my blog and check out my newest blog to see what is new in my life.

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A nice fall Sunday and some Susan time at Starbucks.

Now today was a beautiful fall day, clear skies and upper 60’s and yes I wanted some Susan time but I also had things I had to do around home to get ready for the winter one of which was my yard so I wasn’t sure I would get my Susan time. I went out to do my yard work and I really pushed it in hopes of Susan time. It was about 3 when I finished and came in dirty, and hot and so I needed a shower and I figured as long as I had to get cleaned up, I might as went get made up and go to Starbucks. It was about 4:20 when I was all cleaned up and looking pretty so off to Starbucks, I went to have some Susan time and get caught up on my blogs as I am behind on two of them. Starbucks wasn’t really busy as I think most people are out enjoying the weather. I got my drink and set up my computer and wrote my blog from last Wednesday night dinner at Rock Bottom.

Now before I started my Saturday blog I had a lot of e-mails to catch up on, a few girls I know are going to be in Portland this week and also next week and were wondering about getting together with our group so I sent them e-mails as I am sure we will do a Wednesday night dinner both weeks. I have known both for several years and they are both wonderful people and I always look forward to seeing them. One I only know from Diva Las Vegs and she couldn’t make it last year the other her and her wife comes to Portland every so often and it is always great to get together with them. As I said I have made some wonderful friends as Susan. It really is hard to believe how wonderful of a life I have with Susan in it.

Well I got through all my e-mails and that took some time. I also reached out to the girl I was hoping would make it last night as I really hope she can make it out and I really want to help her. years ago, I had a few people who really helped me when I was first going out. They showed me so much support and kindness and I don’t think I would have made it out without them. I could never repay them for their kindness but I hope by helping others I am in some way repaying them.

With all that done it was time to write my blog from Last night at the Escape. I got that one all done but will wait till tomorrow to post. I have a lot of people who get my blog by e-mail and I don’t want them to get them to close together as I don’t want them to feel I am spamming them. So, with that blog done and save on my computer for posting tomorrow now I have time to just relax and surf the internet and do a little people watching. As I said it is not real busy but there are people coming and going and it is funny as some people come in to get drinks to go even though they have a drive through although the drive through is really busy so it may be faster. Also, I think people order drinks online for pickup and they have to come in to get those also.

I stayed here till 7:30 and even started on my blog for today at Starbucks so I could get a head and hopefully have them all posted in a timely manner. As I left the young man who served me when I got here wished me a good night by name and that always makes you feel good. It was a relaxing few hours and just what I needed. I probably should have gone and got a pedicure as I need one. My last one was back in July and my nails are starting to look bad and getting pretty long. I stopped and got gas on my way home and then also stopped at Subway to get something to eat. It was almost closing time so I got it to go. The young lady who helped men commented on my perfume and how nice it smelled. It was wonderful outing all the way around.

I got home a little after 8., thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Sunday and a little Susan time at Starbucks

Okay it is Sunday and even though I am getting a later start I am going to go to Starbucks for a while and get caught up on my blogs which I am so far behind on. Now if you read my blog about Saturdays dinner out with Julie and Cassandra, I mentioned the weather and although I didn’t loose power in the heavy rain, I noticed that my gutters were over flowing so Sunday that was my project and I finished cleaning my gutters about 3:30 so I figured I could still get cleaned up and be to Starbucks before 5 and still have 3 hours or so to catch up on my blogs. I had my blog from last Wednesday night’s dinner and last nights dinner out plus I figured I could get a start on todays blog at Starbucks and see if I can get them all posted by tomorrow. I actually got to Starbucks a little after 4:30 so will have a little more time. I did get a selfie in the car again.

I got something to drink and sat down at a table along the window. There was a young girl at the next table, well young to me I am guessing early 20’s and I noticed her looking at me a few times and finally she spoke up and told me how nice I looked and that she loved my boots. Of course, this made my day as how doesn’t love getting compliments. I thanked her and we chatted briefly before she went back to what she was doing, looked like school work and I went back to my blog. I finished my blog from Wednesday nights dinner and posted it and then caught up on some e-mails before starting to work on my blog from inner last night at Irving Street Kitchen. As I was sitting there, I was thinking about what to do for dinner and I remembered I brought home left overs from dinner last night as Julie and Cassandra didn’t want them so I decided that is what I will have for dinner. None of us are big on left overs and I know for me if I don’t wat them tonight, I will never eat them. So that is the plan. Of course, that means I won’t stay here as late as I don’t want to get home and eat them at 9 so I decided I would only stay here till 7 but that still gives me 2 ½ hours here at Starbucks and that is fine. I remember the first times I would go to Starbucks I would drive across town so I wouldn’t run into anyone. I would spend an hour getting ready, drive 30 minutes and get there about 7:30 and of course they closed at 8:30 so I was there only an hour before driving 30 minutes back home and then the time to clean up and remove all traces of Susan.

I stayed here till 7:30 before leaving before going home and heating up the left overs from last night for dinner. It was a quick but fun and relaxing afternoon out at Starbucks.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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A rainy Sunday and some Susan time

It is Sunday and it is a rainy day as I fear more will be as we head into fall and then the winter. What better way to spend the day than as Susan at Starbuck’s writing my blog from last night at the escape, people watching and watching the rain out the window. It was a little after 3 when I got home and transformed myself into Susan, so much fun. I was out the door a little after 4 and got to Starbucks a few minutes later. It really is nice to be going to the one so close to where I live. I do see people I know occasionally but I just keep my head down as I work on my computer and pay them no attention and they don’t notice me. Now I did have to park out away as they once again look busy. I guess everyone had the same thought as me on a rainy day. I got inside and there were a lot of people, about 6 in line to order. There were several small tables in the middle but only one along the window so I put my computer on it and went and stood in line to order. The young lady at the counter remembered me although she couldn’t remember my name and felt bad. I told her my name and said it wasn’t an issue. Now with the weather I went for a hot chocolate today.

I sat down and got my computer out to start my blog from last night, instead of calling my name the young lady brought me my hot chocolate which was so nice. Now with a warm drink I sat doing my blog and watching the rain out the window. Now don’t get me wrong Susan really is a warmer, dryer weather girls but I do enjoy watching the rain and storms out the window if I don’t have to be out in them. I finished my blog and caught up on some e-mails. I looked and found Lauri’s e-mail so I could e-mail as she has missed the last 3 Saturday nights and she is probably the most regular one to show up. The Transgender world is still a pretty private place and a lot of girls don’t share a lot about themselves so it can be hard to check on each other. It was a relaxing afternoon and yes, I did want to do some shopping but being Sunday the 2 places I wanted to go to closed at 6 and I just didn’t want to leave Starbucks that early. Now I did get a couple selfie’s, one in the car and one inside Starbucks. I don’t know if it is the lightening inside (it must be) but I cannot get a good-looking picture inside. Maybe the glare from the windows or the lights they have but I have taken pictures holding the phone the same way, same angle, same distance and not one of the pictures from inside looks good. It is funny as everyone always tells me I never take a bad picture but I can assure you I do, I just don’t post them, the advantage of having a blog, you can control what you post.

Now I was here for a few hours and yes, a couple people I knew came in but I just kept my head down to my computer and didn’t look at them and I don’t think they even noticed me. It really is a relaxing way to pass an afternoon and way more fun then just sitting at home. I left Starbucks a little after 7 so there was no shopping as the places, I wanted to go don’t stay open that late on Sundays so instead I decided to stop at Subway and get something to eat. The one I normally go to is going to close soon as I guess they are just not that busy. Yes, I go to this one both as my male self and Susan, probably the only place both sides of me go. My plan was to eat there but it was 7:20 when I got there and it turns out they close at 7:30 so I got my food to go.

I went home and ate before cleaning up and back to my male self. It was a relaxing afternoon. Now I am looking forward to Wednesday night dinner as we are going to Southland Whiskey Kitchen. Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what I am up to now.

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Sunday and some Susan time at Starbucks finally.

It is Sunday of Labor Day weekend and I have some free time and that means Susan gets to go to Starbucks for a few hours and catch up on her blogs. Now I have been behind on my blogs for weeks, I use to do them the very next day but I really do like writing them as Susan which can mean a few days late as I am not Susan every day. the problem with this is you can get way behind if things don’t work right. My goal is to be all caught up by the end of the Holiday weekend. It was after 3 when I started getting ready my goal was to be to Starbucks by 4:30 as the one I go to is open till 8:30 and that would give me 4 hours. I was right on time as I was ready and out the door by 4:15 and it only takes a few minutes to get there. When I got there, I had to park out a way as they seemed really busy but a lot of people were sitting out front at the tables as it was a nice day out. I went in and they were still busy inside but there was 1 table open along the windows so I set my computer on it before going up to order. I like these tables as I can plug my computer in when I need to.

The lady at the counter greeted me and said it was good to see me again, she did have to ask my name which was okay as I haven’t been coming here as regular as I was for a while, I hope to fix that and start coming here on Sundays more regular. It really is a nice relaxing way to spend time on your computer. I got my drink and sat down and started working on my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner at Mothers Bistro, With that blog done and posted I moved on to some e-mails I was behind on. You don’t realize how things can pile up. With my e-mails all caught up it was on to Last night’s blog at the Escape. It is a lot easy doing a blog the next day when it is still fresh in your mind. I got this blog done but decided I would wait till the morning to post it as some people subscribe to my blog and get an e-mail when I post and I didn’t want to hit them twice so fast. I figured I could post in the morning before I go out, yes Monday Labor Day I have off and I have the morning free and so that means a little more Susan time and some shopping.

Now it was only about 6:30 so I had some time to just spend in the internet. Now last Saturday I was talking to Nicole at the Escape and I have been looking at home security cameras but was trying to figure out how to run the wires and she told me about one called Wyze you can get at Home Depot. They run off your Wi-Fi so no wires needed you just need to plug them in, they are indoor ones but I figured I could out them inside my windows looking out so I went to Home Depot’s web page to look at them, they are $36 and looked like they were pretty good and the Home Depot at Jantzen Beech had 60 of them so I decided I was going to go get couple and try them.

I left Starbucks and drove to Home Depot and went in now as Susan this is probably the place, I have gone the least as Susan but still fun. Now I had no idea where to look and Nicole told me her story about trying to find them in Home Depot so I found the first employee I could and asked him where they were. He told me the back corer so that is where I went. I found security lights but no cameras. I saw another employee coming out of the back room so I asked her and she said she new and took me over to where I was just looking. She called someone and as she waited for an answer we walked up to the middle of the store and found the Ring doorbells and cameras but still not the Wyze. About this time the first man I asked came over, he was the one she called. He also thought they would be here. So, Marry the female employee said she would go get handheld and find out how many they had and where they were. The other man stood there for a while with me and showed me how they worked, he got one at his home to test it and said they worked really well. Marry came back and confirmed what I had told her that they had 60 of them. She said we should walk up front and see if they were up there as most are in a locked area up front as they are small and easy to steal. The lady upfront wasn’t sure what we were talking about but opened up the area for us to look and still now luck. I was explaining about them and she asked if they were really small and I said yes and that made the difference. She slid the other side open and on the floor was a 4-gallon bucket with a bunch of little square boxes about 3 inches by 3 inch and that was them. I told them I wanted 2 and as it turns out I was right next to the self-checkout so it was easy to pay for them. Now I will say the people here were great and really worked to find what I wanted especially Marry. So, now it was home to set them up.

On the way home I did stop by the Subway by my house and got a sandwich to take home as I have not eaten yet. I got home and went to set them up. Now the instructions you get with it are not that good but you can go to YouTube and there is a 2 minute video that walks you through it and yes it really is that easy. You can view live on your smartphone and you get 14 days’ worth of cloud storage plus they have a memory chip in them also that you can go back and look at. They really are great little cameras and even have night vision and 2-way audio so you can hear people in your house and talk to them. Have not had time to figure that out yet but so far, I am impressed. I can now see what is out front of my house before I come home. Thanks, Nicole, for the tip. You can also take this with you and set up anyplace you have Wi-Fi so I am thinking you could take it on vacation and set up in your hotel room.

It was a fun relaxing Sunday for Susan. thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new.

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Sunday Susan time

It is Sunday and I have a little free time. I got home a little after 3 and had the rest of the day free, the only thing I really wanted to do was write my blog from Saturday night as I really a trying to get back into posting my blogs quicker. By the way this is my 1,202 blog I have written, I never would have thought I would write that many blogs or go out that much. I have really grown as Susan and who I am over the last 10 years. Well I figured why not go to Starbucks as Susan and write my blog and catch up on other things.

I got to Starbucks about 4:30 and they were not busy at all, thinking the nice hot weather people were either outside enjoying it or in their homes trying to stay cool, it is 93 here today which for this area is hot. Now I like to sit along the windows at one of the tables as I can look outside and also, I can plug my computer in as my battery doesn’t last long enough if I am here till 8:30. Now they have 3 tables along the window and yes all 3 were taken and what was sad I there were only 3 people inside. I had to take a table in the middle which is okay as my battery will last a few hours and I am sure one of them will leave before my battery goes dead.

I got my drink and sat down and worked on my blog from Saturday night. I was about halfway done with it when one of the people along the widow left so I moved over to that table. People came and went very few stayed inside, on the other hand the drive through was busy. It really was a relaxing time at Starbucks, I don’t know why I enjoy my time here, but I do. Everything I did I could have done from home but there is just something about becoming Susan and going to Starbucks. I remember the first times I went to Starbuck, I would spend an hour or more getting ready, drive almost 15 miles to get away from where I lived to spend an hour or so there and then drive all the way home and remove all traces of Susan. I still take the time to become Susan, but I go to one less than a mile from my house. Susan is a part of me, and I need to be able to express her on a regular basis.

I stayed her till about 7:30 and then decided it was time to leave. I stopped by the Subway on the way home to get something g to eat. I went in and it turns out their credit card machine was down and yes, I am one of those people who don’t carry cash, I live off my credit card as I get rebates. Before you get worried though I pay it off every month, so I do not have credit card debt. I want my money to go for Susan not interest on a credit card. So, I left her and was thinking where else I can go for dinner. I was going to go to Panda Express by my house. I pulled in and I did decide not to go in. I eat at this one pretty regular as in at least once a week and I always get the same thing the same way and as several of the girls have worked here for a while they actually know what I want when I come in including the extra sauce on the rice. I figured it would be to easy to figure it out as I could see both the girls who regularly help me were working so I went over to the other Subway and went in and ordered a sandwich to go.

It was a relaxing fun day out and I always feel better after having some Susan time. Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what in new in my life.

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Sunday Susan time at Starbucks but first a badly needed pedicure

It is Sunday and I have some free time and that means Susan time. My plan was to go to Starbucks and write my Blog from Saturday night, I am going to make an effort to post them quicker. I started getting ready about 2:30 so it was a little earlier. I got my makeup done and got dressed, I went casual as my time at Starbucks is to blend in the best I can. Now don’t get me wrong I know I don’t pass but when I go out the goal is to be accepted and treated as a lady and to me that is passing and that does mean dressing appropriate for where I am going. Now I wore my black leggings that come mid-calf, a nice top and sandals and yes that also means hip pads to fill out my hips and my corset to suck everything else in and give me a nice shape. I was all ready and it was about 3:45 and I looked at my toes and I really do need a pedicure. I think I have been putting it off as I am not sure where to go. I went to Dream Nails for several years and I really do like them and they treated me so wonderful but it has been over a year since I was there and I feel a little off just going in there now as I was going there every 2 to 3 weeks for a few years so I debated about going there but in the end I went to Natural nails which is just a few blocks further. This is where I got my pedicure before Diva Las Vegas and they did a wonderful job, as a matter of fact it held up really well. It has grown out and I did get one chip on a toe by I filed the nails down and they still looked good other then the grow out as it was March 20th almost 4 months.

I called them when I was leaving to see if they could fit me in and they could so t told them I would be there in about 10 minutes. I parked and went in and they were a little busy, 5 people getting pedicures and 1 getting her nails filled so I had to wait a few minutes. I picked out my color and yes, I love red but for summer I wanted something a little brighter so I picked a color called That’s Berry Daring pink. I was seated and they started on my pedicure. There were 2 women to my right and 2 woman and a man to my left. Now it is really relaxing in here as they place really soft mellow music and there really is no talking and it wasn’t just me. The ladies doing the pedicures just did the pedicures and most of the people were on their cell phones. That is one of the things I miss about Dream nails as the women there all talked to the people and it just felt more welcoming. Don’t get me wrong they do a wonderful job but I think as Susan I like the more social aspect of it. Now it was a little warm inside here of course I probably didn’t help I was wearing a corset underneath. The girl did a wonderful job on my feet and they look and feel so much better. Now they were busy and people kept coming in and they all seemed to be just walk-ins. Probably why I was able to get in.

A man brought an older man in for a pedicure as I am guessing he was unable to cut his own toenails. I actually thought about doing this for my dad before he passed away but as he didn’t know about Susan I didn’t. there were also 2 high school boys that came in, I am guessing 16 or so and they wanted to get pedicures. I have seen men getting pedicures but this is the first time I have seen boys that young. I am taking this as a good sign that maybe men going to nails salons is becoming more acceptable. I was there a little over an hour before I was done and on may way. I kind of wanted to wait a little and see if the young boys got a color put on but it was a little after 5 and I needed to get to Starbucks and write my blog from last night and start on this one so I can have this one done and posted by tomorrow.

It was about 5:15 when I got to Starbucks and they were a little busy but most were sitting out front at the tables outside which I thought about as it is a beautiful day, about 82 out but in the shade it is perfect. But as I said all the tables outside were taken o I went in and got one by the window and went and ordered my drink. One of the girls behind the counter making the drinks greeted me by name and asked how my day was going. That just make you feel wonderful inside and I know it is part of their job to learn the regular’s names but still an awesome feeling. This is what I was talking about as far as passing in public. I know she knows I was not born female but still she treated me as if I was. Girl if you can go out and have this happen to you, you have passed, I have gone to many different Starbucks over the years and I have always been treated this way at all of them. Yes, I have gotten a couple looks at first at a couple but once they realize who I am then everything is good.

I caught up on some e-mails and wrote my blog from last night and then started on this one. Now I was going to write today about my first time really going out somewhere but as I did the pedicure and that took up part of this blog and I don’t want to go to long as I feel that is a lot to ask for you to read a book, I try to keep my blogs around 1,000 words so I think I will make that its own blog post about my first time out so you can look for that hopefully in the next few days.

I stayed here till almost 8 before leaving and heading for home. I made a quick stop for gas and something to eat on the way. thanks for reading and be sure and check out my newest blog for what is new in my life.

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Sunday and finally a little time back at Starbucks as Susan

It is Sunday and I finally have some free time and can go to Starbucks as Susan. Now I know it has been a while so I looked back in my blogs and wow it really has been a while. My last time at Starbucks on a Sunday was April 14 2019 almost 3 months ago. I really do like my quiet time at Starbucks as I can get a lot of things done and it is just way more fun as Susan. I took a little over an hour getting ready for my trip to Starbucks and enjoyed every moment. There is just something fun and relaxing about doing my makeup and transforming into Susan. I got to Starbucks a little after 4 and went in. they were a little busy but a few tables open including one along the window where I like to sit as I can plug my computer in if needed. I set my computer down and went up to order my drink. Now I was here on last Thursday for a little while but as I said above it has been a long time since I was here on a Sunday. One of the girls behind the counter said Hi Susan it has been awhile, goo to see you again which made me feel good. Well the young lady at the register took my drink order and I paid and instead of asking me my name for the order She just said it is nice to meet you Susan my name is Ellie. Now I don’t know if she got my name from hearing the other girl say it or if she got it when I paid with my phone app but either way it made me feel good.

I sat down at the table and started with my computer. I have been very slow at getting my blogs posted as I have been so busy in the evenings, one reason I always like coming to Starbucks as it gives me a chance to catch up on my blogs. I use to do them either the same day or the very next day and now it can be a week later which sometimes makes it hard to remember everything I wanted to put in them so today was my day to get all caught up. I wrote my blog from Thursday the Fourth of July when I was out and posted it. I then wrote my blog from Saturday when I went to Julie’s for a BBQ and then even started on this blog with the hope of finishing it tonight when I get home. now I will post Saturdays blog on Monday and todays on Tuesday as I don’t want to post to many at once to give you all time to read them.

Now sitting at Starbucks as Susan is relaxing and really I didn’t notice anyone give me a second look and for the most part I really don’t even think about being Susan while I am here, yes I know it as I can see my pretty long red nails as I type, I put my fake nails on today and every once in a while a wisp of hair falls in front of my face but I am not just focusing on the fact I am out as Susan. I am just out as who I am and at times that is Susan a female. I was thinking about my journey as Susan and how I have progressed and grown over the years.

I knew when I was 5 or 6, I realized I liked to put on my mom’s lipstick and even then, I knew this was not something boys did so I kept it hid. By the time I was 14 I had managed to get some makeup, eye shadow and mascara that I hid in my room and would where at night but I still didn’t understand it. When I was in high school and I would be left home alone by myself I would occasionally put on one of my moms’ dresses, she had a beautiful floor length black and white dress that at that age fit me perfectly. This is also the age I was trying to find information in the library about why I did these things and as this was before the internet there was not a lot of information. I found stuff on Transsexuals and how they felt they were born in the wrong body but I didn’t feel that way. I also found information on being gay but again I was not attracted to boys it was girls. It was probably my senior year I herd the term crossdresser and realized that was what I most likely was but still didn’t understand it. I kept telling myself it would go away; I would meet the right girl and this would all disappear but it didn’t. the girls I dated I was always envious of how they got to dress and the makeup and nails they got to have. When I moved out on my own, I would dress at home. I did have a roommate but I was lucky as he worked days and I worked grave yard so I was getting home about the time he was leaving for work so I could dress around the house for a few hours.

From there it grew into wanting to go out but for a long time it was just late-night drives and maybe the drive through at Burger king. I would love the time I could dress but after word feel regret and shame as I still didn’t fully understand why and I could just not accept this is who I was. When I got into my early ‘s a few of the woman I worked with had acrylic nails and I would hear them talking about how nice it was to get them done and I so wanted to so I broke down and got a motel room for a Friday and Saturday night and went and got my nails done for a couple days and loved it. For a few years I did this once or twice a year. It is funny as one of the ladies I worked with made the comment one day that I had no idea how expensive it was to have acrylic nails and I almost laughed as just a couple weeks earlier I had gotten them for a long weekend. I had spent $30 plus tip to get my nails done, three nights in a motel over a weekend which was about $200 and then Sunday another $15 plus tip to get them removed. About $250 for 3 days of having acrylic nails so I knew the cost and you know what, it was worth the money.

Now I finally worked up the courage to go out for the first time, it was on the 4th try but I made it with a little help from another T-girl named Lorie, she saw me sitting in my car trying to work up the courage to get out and came over. She was the first t-girl I ever met and I realized I was not alone. From that I met Alice another T-girl who came to Portland every few months, we had met online and she would e-mail me when she was in town and I would meet her at Embers. She also had a big impact on my life s Susan as she helped me realize there was nothing wrong with who I was or what I was doing. It was Halloween of 2007 when I met Cassandra and I joined her group in early 2008 and suddenly I knew there would be others out every weekend and I started going out every Friday night. Susan was becoming a regular part of my life. It was probably a year later when I accepted this was who I was and there was nothing wrong with me and that this part of me would not go away. Once I accepted that my life changed. Susan truly was a part of who I am and I made some wonderful friends. I thought I would put this in a blog to show this truly is a journey and it takes some time. I go out all the time now and I get some people who e-mail me and tell me they are struggling and they wish they were like me; trust me you are. We all go through a journey to get to where we are or end up. The key is to not think you are damaged or doing something wrong you are not you are just being who you are. Talk to others and find out how they feel and think but don’t and I mean don’t let them tell you who you are, how you should feel or who you should be. Figure out who you are and be that person. If that means gay, straight, transsexual or crossdresser it is okay. How I feel or who I am is just that it is about me. You may or may not feel the same. It is about being true to yourself.

Wow a little longer than I wanted but I felt it important. Back to my outing at Starbucks. I stayed at Starbucks till about 8 before going home. It was a relaxing afternoon and I always feel better after my time out as Susan. It is like my little vacation form my male life and all that is going on in it.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Tuesday and a day of Susan

It is Tuesday and I have the day off, my reward for working on Saturday. Now I really have no set plans other than a few things I need to do and as luck has it, they are all things Susan can do. I got up about 7am to start my day, I took my time getting ready as I figured out what I would do. It was about 9 when I was ready, yes, I took extra time as today is a casual day. I am wearing my marron top, black leggings and sandals something a lot of woman wear so I should blend in nicely. The only problem is with this outfit I need more curves to my body and that means my hip pads to give me a little more width in the hips and of course my corset to pull my waist in. 1 final look in the mirror and I was ready to leave.

My first stop would be Home Depot as I need some stuff for my yard, now it was amazing how much traffic there still was, what should have been a 15-minute trip took me a little over a ½ hour but I got to Home Depot and parked and went in. I still remember my first time going out to Embers, and LGBT club that was very open and TG friendly and did Drag Shows several nights and how scared I was. Now I just parked and walked right into Home Depot where you would go to find other Transgender girls. I got a cart and walked around looking before heading over to the garden center area, I got my fertilized, moss killer, bug killer and some grass seed to patch a few bare spots in my yard and then it was up to the checkout. As far as I could tell there no one gave me a second look although I am sure they did and I just didn’t notice as I really don’t pay attention anymore.

After here I went over to Best Buy, I need to update my Quicken software as I can no longer download data but I am unhappy as you just can’t buy the program anymore. It is a subscription base now so you pay every year. I use to buy it for $59 and it was good for 3 years now it is $49 per year. I didn’t buy it at least not today but I know I will soon. I also looked at their Speaker bars for flat screen TV as I need to get one. I also looked at laptops and dash cams and just kind of walked around. I left here and my next stop was Clackamas Town Center.

This was just a sour of the moment as I really didn’t need anything here just wanted o look around. I parked and went in through JC Penny’s and looked at their dresses and heels. They had a couple cute dresses but nothing in my size so it was out into the mall. I spent about 1 ½ hours here looking around before leaving. My next stop was Fred Meyers on 82nd Ave and that was just to pick up some flowers as my next stop was the Cemetery to put flowers on my Dads grave. I will bring my Mom here in a couple weeks but I wanted to go as Susan. My Dad never met Susan or new about her but I just have a need to go there as Susan now. Now there were a lot of people here today but it is a big Cemetery so no one really close to where I was going except for some workers. There were 5 men digging a new grave site about 30 feet behind me and to the right but they were busy working and other then walking up to my Dads grave, my back was to them so I figured they would notice anything. I spent about 30 minutes here before leaving.

My last stop was Costco, I wanted to get some towels and look around. Now a little over a year ago I actually went into Costco as Susan to see if I could get a Costco card under Susan’s name and they did, they listed me as my males significant other so I have a Costco card with Susan name and picture but I have not used it till today. I got there and was amazed at home many cars were there so I parked in my normal place, way out but easy to get out of the parking lot but it left me with a long walk in butt that was okay. Now I haven’t eaten all day yet so my first stop was to get something to eat, yes, I love their hot dogs and drink, I get one most of the times I go here.

Now they were rally busy guess lots of people had today off. I got my food and there really was no open tables so I went and asked a lady at a table if anyone was sitting on the other side and she said no help yourself so I sat down to eat. She didn’t seem bothered by me and we even had a little conversation about the weather and how busy they were. Before she finished and left. I finished eating and then went in to look for some towels. I found them and they have a big selection and a really good price $7.99 for a big bath towel so I picked out a couple and then walked around looking. They also have a big selection of pillows and I really need some new ones as mine are well I won’t say how old they are but they need to be replaced. So now with my pillows and towels it was up to the front to stand in line and they were all at least 7 deep. I just got in the first line behind a lady to wait my turn. I ended up talking with her also about how nice it was outside today, mid 70’s and sunny and also about how busy they were. I got to the checkout and gave her my card and paid for my stuff and was on my way.

Really Costco and Home Depot were the only things I needed to do today and it really was just everyday things I did that I could have just as easily done in male mode but it was just more fun as Susan. It was about 2pm now and I have till 4 or 4:30 before I have to be home and switch back to my male self so I figured I would end it by gong to the Starbucks I usually go to and write my blog from Saturday at the Escape. I use to write my blog the very next day if not the same day but lately it is taking me several days and in some cases a week to get time to write it, I really need to work on this.

I got to the Starbucks about 2:20 and went in, they were busy and all the tables were full but they had one outside and it was a nice day. I made a quick stop in the rest room before going up and ordering my drink. With my order in I was going to go set up my computer on the table outside but it was taken now so I waited in line for my drink and was looking at the counter by the window as there were 2 seats there. Now it really was my lucky day as with my drink in hand I stopped to grab a straw, yes, I use straws, don’t hate me. Any way a young man got up from the second table along the window and left leaving me a seat along the window at a table so I quickly grabbed it. Now this Starbucks has a drive through and it is 1 car after another and yet the inside is also really busy.

I sat here and wrote my blog from Saturday night and caught up on some e-mails and just played on the internet, again all things I could do from home or as my male self but just so much more fun and relaxing as Susan here at Starbucks. I think of all the times I have come to Starbucks as Susan over the years and it is hard to imagine I had never been in a Starbucks till I came as Susan and even now it is probably only 3 or 4 times I have gone to a Starbucks not as Susan and those were times to see if they would figure it out. I stayed her till 4:30 before going home to switch back to my male self as I have things, I have to do tonight that can’t be done as Susan.

I am now looking forward to Wednesday night dinner with my friends. Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what is new in my life on my most recent blog.

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