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Day 5 the Diva Las Vegas golf tournament

Well today is our annually Diva Las Vegas golf tournament and I have been looking forward to this. The weather today is supposed to be perfect. We were all dressed and on our way downstairs by 7:45 and I was wearing my new cute pink skirt and white top.

We got to the Wild Horse golf course and there were already most of the girls there as our tee time is 9 am. We are playing a 4 person scramble which I think is Susan ready for golfingmore fun for our group as it evens it out between the really good golfers and bad as you play best ball. I hope maybe in a few years we can have a lot more girls play. Well of curse I had to get a picture before we left while I still look good.

we had 5 teams of 4 playing so it would be a fun day. Cassandra and I were in on cart and our foursome was all from Portland.  We had a great day golfing and it was sunny and warm and for the first time here golfing there was no wind.

Now we played pretty good and our team finished 1 under par but with a scramble format we new that wasn’t good enough to win but we did have one hole wear we used all 4 of my shots and got a par on the hole. I had some really good shots and I will admit that playing golf as a female is a little more challenging as certain body parts get in the way and of course the long nails. my nails weren’t as long as the first year but I could tell they were a little longer than last year as I did have a little trouble gripping the club and by the end of the day one of my fingers were a little sore but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

After we finished we went back to the club house for our lunch which was included in our cost and was awesome and of course the awards. Our group finished in 3rd place which was fine for me as I was more about being out and golfing as Susan. Cassandra did win the closest to the pin on one of the holes. it was a good day and I was glad we started a little earlier this year as we are going to Ruth Chris for dinner tonight at Harrah’s and I want to be hungry for that.

After golf we got back to the hotel and Cassandra took a nap and as I knew Peggy and Michele were down sitting by the pool I went down for a while and sat with them and we all talked and for those wondering no I did not wear a bathing suit although I did bring one. Now the funny thing about our hotel is they close the pool at 5 pm which I think is silly, also you have to be 21 to go to the pool. we were talking to them and I guess the hotel is trying to get a younger single crowd to stay here and make it a more hip hotel. Not what I thought was a good idea. I guess the Hotel we have stayed at for the last 5 years is changing now that they have renamed it the LINQ. They have gotten rid of the Dealertainers which was the biggest reason we have been coming here. One last thing is house cleaning here. past years we would leave the room by 10 am and by 2 or 3 the room would be clean, well the last 2 days are room has not been cleaned and we have had to get towels from the maids. yesterday we were gone by 9 am with the sign to make up our room on the door before 9 am and we didn’t get back to the room till almost 4 and it was still not made up. I am actually really disappointed this year. I really think we will look at a new place to stay next year. We are talking about staying downtown next year.

it was about 5:30 when we all changed for dinner and I wore a really cute short dress, I actually let Peggy pick it out again tonight and the 4” heels I got from Renee yesterday. they are really high and by the end of the night my feet were sore, they are not made for walking which we did as all these casinos are big.

It was a little after 6 when Peggy, Cassandra, Teresa and I walked through our casino and over to Harrah’s to Ruth Chris for dinner. Now my dress is tight and short so I was very aware of that fact and kept pulling it down but where it was the most noticeable was when I sat, thank god for napkins. I don’t know how girls wear dresses like this all the time as it is a lot of work. Now I thought I got a picture of me in the dress but it must not have been on my phone so I have no picture to post but trust me it was cute. we had an awesome dinner and yes it is not a cheap place to eat but every once in a while you need to splurge as life is to short not to enjoy yourself.

after dinner we walked back to our hotel and my feet were done so when we got to the blackjack table I was glad to sit down of course making sure my dress w pulled down. now tonight they had some $5 tables which I was glad for. I actually sat here from about 9:30 till after 1 am playing blackjack and had a good time talking with the other people at my table which I really enjoy. I was actually doing really well and was up but it is amazing how fast things can change.

I started betting $10 a hand and I had two hands that really hurt. I got a pair of 8’s against the dealers 4 so I split them, the 1st 8 I drew a 3 so I doubled down to $20. the next 8 I drew a 3rd 8 and split again and got a king for 18. the 3rd 8 you guessed it I got a 4th 8 and split again drawing a 2 so I doubled down for $20 and the 4th 8 I got a 10 for 18 so I had $60 on the table and feeling pretty good till the dealer turned over her hand and had a 5 and drew a 10 for 19. in the end I pushed one of the 8 and lost the other 3 for a total loss of $40.

3 hands later I had a pair of 7’s against the dealers 6 and so I went for it again splitting the 7’s. the first I got a 4 and doubled down for $20. the second 7 I drew another 7 and split again. I drew a 3 so I doubled down again for $20 and the 3rd 7 I got a 4 and doubled down for $20 more. these were really great hands and I had an advantage. So with $60 on the table and feeling pretty good the dealers turned her down card which was an Ace and then drew a 10 for 17 but I had 3 hands doubled down on 11’s and a 10 so  I still felt pretty good. she turned the first card and it was an Ace for a 12 and loss, the second was a 3 for a 13 and a loss and the 3rd was another Ace and a loss. I couldn’t believe I lost all 3, that is beyond bad luck and I decided it was time to call it a  night. well I had played for about 4 hours and ended up winning $45. I wont get rich but I had fun and got some of my money I lost the last couple nights back.

I was the last of our group so I made the walk back through the casino to the elevator by myself. now as I said I really don’t think about being Susan as I feel so comfortable as Susan but I was aware of how short my dress was and how high my heels were. My feet were really feeling it and when I got off the elevator on my floor and as our room is at the far end of the hall I did stop and take the heels off for for the walk down the hall. I think this is the first time I have ever done that.

It was a great day and I had so much fun. Thanks for reading.

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Day 4 some shopping and our opening dinner at Bahama Breeze.

Well today Peggy, Michele, Teresa and I are going shopping so I had to get up early so I could drive the girls who were golfing today to the golf course so we would have the car. this meant getting up at 6:30 so it would be a long day for Susan. I was ready and we were off by 8:45 so I was back to the hotel by 9:30.

Susan at the Flamingo (1)Peggy called Michele and she was not ready yet so Peggy and I went down to meat Teresa who was at the Flamingo. I had to have a picture here so Peggy took one but it was pretty bright out so not a great picture. The 3 of us sat and talked for a while and watched the people walk by. Michele finally was ready so we went and met her about 11:15 and the we were off to the mall, this is an out door open air mall so you are walking streets and shopping so much more fun then just going into a big mall especially when it is in the 70’ and sunny. our first stop was Charming Charlie and we all looked at jewelry, yes I bought some, a couple necklaces and bracelets.

After here we were all hungry so we walked over to California Pizza for lunch. We had a nice lunch and of course I had a Caesar salad with chicken. We had a nice lunch and good conversation and spent about 45 minutes here. after lunch we had just a little time before I had to take the girls back to the hotel and g and pick the other girls up at the golf course. Teresa needed to run into Victoria’s Secret and Michele walked down to another store and so Peggy and I also went into Victoria’s Secret and looked around while we waited for Teresa. This is a fun store to shop at although  think I have only gone in there once when I was not Susan but when I am out as Susan shopping I always walk through and look.

111 (4)I finally got the girls back to the hotel and went and picked up the other girls from golfing and we all got back to the hotel and of course we started getting ready for dinner tonight. Now I decided to wear my little black dress and my new sparkly heels as we all got dressed up.

When we were all ready I drove Cassandra and Peggy over to Bahama Breeze and then came back to pick up the other girls. we were all over there by 6:30 and there was already a good crowd there. I think I herd there would be about 80 girls here tonight.

It was nice to see some of the girls I have know for several years111 (11) from coming here, Sue, Cami, Valorie, Bev and so many others. I wish I had gotten pictures with all of them but didn’t think to. Of course I had to get my yearly photo with Bev. It really is amazing how many friends I have made here even though I maybe see them just once a year and some I keep up with on Facebook but still what wonderful friends they are.

Renee and Renee were both here and it was nice to see them again. The one Renee had some shoes she bought that didn’t fit her so later in the night I tried them on and one pair fit me. not the normal open toe shoes I love but very cute so I got them from her. the other 2 pair were just a 111 (7)little to big.

Teresa also showed up for dinner. she is here in town for the week and is hanging out with us which is so fun. she had on this awesome red dress so I had to get  picture with her also. Yes I do love being in pictures.

It was time to eat and we all ordered dinner and I had this awesome Chicken breast with Broccoli and Cinnamon sweet potato’s, it was so good.

Kari also showed up as she made it here for Diva Las Vegas this year. it was great to see her and get to talk with her111 (12) for a while and of course there had to be a picture. It was so much fun here tonight and Michele had on this beautiful sequin floor length dress. now I know I was in a picture with her but it must not have been on my phone.

The Bahama Breeze is such a wonderful place and they have always treated us wonderful, the wait staff that works the night we are here actually asks to work this night as they have so much fun when we are here. Know here is the funny part, one of the employees who works here. He has only been working here for about 6 months but it turns out several years ago he did Drag for a while so he showed up tonight in Drag and hung out with our group. She goes by the 111 (2)Name Cinnamon and she was so awesome. Of course I had to get a few pictures with her. She was so awesome and we all had a wonderful time tonight

It was almost 10 by the time we got back to the hotel. Some of the girls went up to bed as we have to be up by 6 for golf. We are meeting at 7:45 but Cassandra and I will both have to get ready at the same time with one bathroom. any way I was not ready for bed so even though I had on my short, tight, low cut black dress and my new 4” heel I decided to go into the casino and do a little gambling. I ran into the 2 Renee’s and we talked for a bit. They didn’t want to gamble so they went into the bar and I went into the111 (3) casino and found a blackjack table with a couple of the other girls at.

we played blackjack maybe an hour or so and it was no better than last night so you guessed it I lost some money so I quit. Now there were some guys that sat down and played with us and one of their friends who was standing behind us was really drunk was so funny. he stopped the cocktail waitress and wanted to buy all the lovely ladies at the table a drink and also wanted the cocktail waitresses phone number. She was so polite about it even though you could see she was irritated but I imagine she deals with this all the time. She told him he couldn’t get a drink if he wasn’t gambling but he wouldn’t let it go. I finally asked if I could get  bottle of water in hopes it would put an end to it but he just kept going and told her he wanted to buy a bottle of water for all of us. Well his friends finally lost their money and left and took him with them but the funny thing is about 5 minutes later here comes one of the cocktail waitresses with and arm full of bottled waters and everyone at the table got one.

it really was a fun night but about 11 I went up to bed to get rest for our big golf tournament tomorrow.

Thanks for reading

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Day 3 in Las Vegas

We got up late and got a late start again today. Our plan was to start off with a late lunch or early dinner at Margaritiville at 4 with all the girls that are here, even Teresa is here in Las Vegas and going to meet us. We all got ready and it was about 3:30 when we left to meet we got over to Margaritiville only to find out that the open air patio overlooking the strip is only open on Friday and Saturdays so we had to eat inside so we got a table and waited for the rest of our group to get here. Veronica, Teresa, Cassandra, Peggy, Renee, Renee yes we had 2 Renee’s and to prove it here is a picture Renee, Susan & Reneeof me between them and a couple other girls. We actually have 7 of us here this year from Portland. We all had our cameras out and took so many pictures that the waitress had to come back a couple times before we were ready to order.

we spent probably 2 hours here having a nice dinner and talking. the food here is really good and the atmosphere inside is awesome, it really is a must see in Las Vegas. after dinner we went out on Las Vegas Strip and a couple of the girls got pictures including Peggy who was so cute as she got her picture taken with Olaf from the Disney movie Frozen.

after dinner we went back to the LINQ and they did have a few $10 blackjack tables so we sat down and played some blackjack. I was up and down and at one point I was up over $100 but then the table turned cold and I should have quit but we had some really fun people at the table. 2 woman and their husbands and they were a blast to play with. it really is fun when you can interact with others people and have fun. well needless to say I lost my $100 dollars so I decided to take a break and maybe find a Pai Gow poker table which is a lot slower game and your money last longer.

Veronica and I walked around the LINQ and all their Pai Gow tables were full so we decided to walk over to the Flamingo and check out their tables. we found a table that only had one lady at it so I sat down to play $15 a hand prices have gone up for Gambling here. I did okay for a while but then started losing. Veronica even played a few hands and didn’t do well so we quit. It was almost midnight so we called it a night. a few of the girls are golfing tomorrow and Peggy, Michele, Teresa and I are going shopping and as we want the car I am getting up early to drive them to the golf course. they need to leave by 8:45 and so I need to be all ready and dressed by the time Cassandra gets back from running at 7:30 so she can have the bath room to get ready so I will be up at 6:30. I am really looking forward to shopping tomorrow, not sure I will buy anything but just fun to go and who knows maybe I will find a really cute pair of heels.

Thanks for reading..

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Day 2 the first full day in Las Vegas

Well we got up about 8:30 in the morning and Peggy and Cassandra went down to the workout room to work out for a couple hours so I used my time to catch up on my blog. It is so fun typing with my acrylic nails.

Peggy and I were all ready by noon so we went down to the casino to find Mandie while Cassandra got ready. Mandie is in town for work and wanted to go out with us so she is going to change in our room. This is the first time I have seen Mandie in her male look. We found her by the front desk and I took her up to the room then went back down to the casino while Cassandra and Mandie got dressed. Peggy and I walked around the casino for a while checking out what had changed from last year. We even talked to one of the dealers at a table about the Dealertainer’s which are gone now, she was one of them, and she is sad that they got rid of it. She was Dolly Parton last year when she dealt blackjack. I think all of us are going to leave a comment at the LINQ where we are staying about the Dealertainer’s as that really is the main reason we booked at this hotel.

Peggy and I played some slots at the bar while we got a drink, I broke even and got some free drinks, Peggy won $4 dollar and had a couple free drinks. We then went over and sat by a table that had an air hockey game on it so we played a few games. Little different using your finger on a touch screen to move and hit the puck but it was fun and we probably split the games we played. After this it was so nice we walked outside to the pedestrian mall between the LINQ and the Flamingo and checked out a few of the stores. Again I really never thought about how I was dressed, I was just out having a nice time.

Cassandra and Mandie were finally ready so we met them and walked next door to Margaritaville for a late lunch. On the way over a man stopped Cassandra, Mandie and I to talk to us and he wanted a picture with us and of course we couldn’t turn down a photo opt. well as we were leaving he asked me to go have a drink with him which is always flattering but not something I am looking for, I am still not comfortable when men hit on me but I know it is part of being female. I thanked him Susan out for lunchbut politely declined as I was having lunch with my friends. Margaritaville was packed and we went up to the outdoor patio and there was a 30 minute wait and everyone was hungry so we walked back to our hotel and went to the Hash house a go go and still had a 30 minute wait as it really is busy this weekend. This is a picture of me outside the restaurant.

While we waited we all sat and talked till we were called to go in and I don’t think it took 30 minutes. We got up and started to go in and I had to remind Mandie of her purse, as she left it on the bench. That was probably one of the hardest things for me to learn when I started to go out as I was not use to having a purse with me as men just carry things in their pockets. Now when I am out having a purse just seems so normal.

It was really crowded in the restaurant but we had a really nice table. We looked over the menu and Mandie as the only one to order lunch the rest of us ordered breakfast. Our waitress was really good as she didn’t right anything down she remembered our order and got it right.

We had a wonderful a wonderful lunch and of course we all got out our phones and started taking pictures. Mandie’s wife Kathy couldn’t come as Mandie is really here on work so we were all texting her pictures and having a fun time. This is me at the table Susan at lunchwith my phone in my hand. we had a wonderful lunch and talked with several of the waitresses as they went by. everyone here was so nice as we left everyone we passed wished us a good day.

after our late lunch we were deciding what to do, Mandie wanted to go to The Paris Hotel casino just up the street. we all agreed to this and Mandie wanted to go up to the room and change so we all headed up. while she changed Cassandra was going to drive out and pick up Veronica so she didn’t have to take a taxi. well as Mandie changed Peggy decided to change also, she actually picked out one of my dresses, my short navy blue dress with lace although it was not as short on her. she put it one and she looked great, probably better than I do in it. well as now both Mandie and Peggy had changed to dresses I couldn’t be out done so I had to change.

I picked out my black and salmon color dress well actually Peggy picked it out as she thought it was cute which it was and she had never seen me in it. it’s a little short and a little tight but really cute. so once I was changed I decided I also needed a needed to touch up my makeup and change my lipstick color, one with a little more reddish pink to it.

we were all ready by about 4:30 and Mandie wanted a few pictures so Peggy and I took a few pictures f her and of course I Susan going out for the eveninghad to get a couple of me. this is my outfit for the night out. Now the is just 2 hotel casinos down the street so Peggy, Mandie and I started walking. we forgot how big these hotel casinos are and I am sure it was close to a mile walk luckily I wore lower heels tonight. it was fun walking down the sidewalk with all the other people, hundreds of people and it was a nice warm sunny day to. it took us maybe 20 minutes to make the walk.

we walked through through the casino and found a little coffee area where we sat and waited for Cassandra and Veronica and had a nice time just talking. it was about 5:50 when Cassandra showed up, she had stopped and dropped Veronica off so she could change. now a couple other girls Cassandra has met on Paltalk were also here and were going to meet us at the Paris so we waited for them. They showed up and the funny thing is they both go by the name Rachel but one was in male mode. we all sat and talked for a while and got to know everyone. it is still funny to me that as Susan I love sitting around and talking.

after a while Mandie, Peggy and I walked down the little shopping area to look at the stores. we found a really cute store with some nice shoes some of which were 75% off and really cute. Peggy found this really cute pair of spiked heels that fit her and were marked way down so she got them. we all walked back to where the others were and talked about what to do. we decided to go to the piano bar where they have dueling pianos  Mandie had been there before. by now Veronica had got there.

we went to the piano bar and had some drinks, drinks are expensive here when you are not gambling and have to buy them. we had a nice time and Peggy wanted to go back to the shoe store which was right across from the piano bar so Peggy and I and Paul (Rachel’s guy name) went over to look at shoes again. Peggy found this  really cute pair of wedges on sale and I found a cute pair but they didn’t have one in my size so I tried a couple other shoes and finally found one pair that fit me, they are really a sparkly silver color with 4” heels and they were marked down so I bought them. I should have gotten a picture of them but I am sure I will wear them again and get a picture.

we sat at the piano bar for a little over an hour and had a nice time. then we decided to go back to our hotel. Peggy, Mandie and I went up to the room. I changed shoes as I really didn’t want to be walking through the casino in my new 4” heels, Mandie had to change back to her male self and Peggy was ready to call it a night.

I went back down to the casino to see if I could find a blackjack table for less then $15 per hand. I walked through the LINQ and found Cassandra playing and talked with her for a bit then I decided to walk over to the Flamingo and see if they had cheaper tables and the didn’t so I sat down at a $15 table and figured I would play a few hands and see how I did.  I actually played for about 2 hours and in the end I was $11 up and had a fun time. it was a good first day here in Las Vegas. Veronica found me and sat down and we talked and she even played a hand or 2. it was after midnight when we called it a night. Veronica and I walked back to the LINQ even though she is staying at the Flamingo, she wanted to check out the pedestrian mall and I was heading up for bed. it is amazing how comfortable and at ease I am walking around Las Vegas as Susan, as I said before most of the time I don’t even think about how I am dressed, it is just me being out and who I am.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 1 the drive to Las Vegas for Diva Las Vegas 2015

Wow I got up at 3 am which is really early but I was excited so it was easy to get up. I was into the shower and getting ready as fast as I could but I also needed to do a good job as we would be traveling all day to get to Las Vegas, 17 hours in the car. Well I kept on schedule and I was all ready to go by 3:56. Peggy, Cassandra and I were in the car an on our way by 4:07.

Now I know some may think why dress just to drive in a car for 17 hours but it is all about the experience of living full time as Susan for 12 days and that even means just the routine daily stuff all women go through. No I will admit they probably wouldn’t have done a full makeup for a drive like this but then they also look better and more feminine without makeup.

We did make several stops for gas, food and other necessary things and it seemed so natural and most of the time I didn’t even think about how I was dressed. It is funny how natural I feel as Susan, now I am not saying I want to transition as my male side feels just as natural but I can slip into being Susan so easily.

Well we got to our hotel at 8:30 tonight so even with stops we made the trip in less than 17 hours. We checked into the hotel and while Cassandra and Peggy got settled I walked down and checked out the casino. The hotel is sold out this weekend so the casino was full. All the tables were full and I didn’t see a table that was less than $15 so it will be a little more expensive to gamble. I hope after the weekend they lower the limits. Now the one reason we picked this hotel casino was for the Dealertainer which they no longer have so I guess next year we will pick our hotel based on price. Plus we can walk next door to the other casinos and also gamble as they maybe a little lesser.

Susan's acrylic nails for DIva Las Vegas (1)Well as I said I must include a picture of my beautiful nails I will have for the next 11 day. So sad men can’t have nails like this as I really would love to have them all the time. It will be sad when I have to remove them on Tuesday, I already have an appointment set up for that.





Thanks for reading

Susan's acrylic nails for DIva Las Vegas (2)

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A challenging start to my trip but I got my acrylic nails

It is Thursday afternoon and I am on vacation for the next 12 days and will be Susan 24/7 while at Diva Las Vegas. I was so excited and rushed home to change and start my time as Susan and that is when I ran into the first challenge of my trip. As I pulled into my drive and opened my garage or should I say try to open it and didn’t work. Turns out I have a broken spring so my garage door opener wouldn’t work so I would have to park outside which would mean walking out the front door in the middle of the afternoon to my car. Now I always try to find the bright side of things so as I was getting ready I was thinking how bad this was when I realized it could have been worse. It could have broken when my car was in the garage and then when I was Susan I could have gone to leave and not been able to get the door opened.

I put most of my stuff in the trunk with the exception of what I was wearing and of course my makeup supplies. I got all dressed and looked out the window and just saw one neighbor a couple houses up working in her yard so I grabbed my stuff and walked out the door and got in as quick as I could, it was only 3:30 but I decided to go to the nail salon and see if maybe she could start a little early. I got there and they had 4 pedicures going including one man who was there with his girlfriend and her friend, it was her birthday and this was her birthday present. Of course he was getting a clear coat on his toes. Well I had to wait till 4, but that was okay.

Anna got done and started on my nails. It is so relaxing to get your nails done and I so love getting acrylic nails. They just look so beautiful and I really would love to keep my nails long and pretty, it really is one thing I would do as Susan all the time if I could. It took Anna about 50 minutes to do my nails and they are. I sat and let my nails dry and for the first time I got out of the salon and into my car without messing up my nails.

I was on my way to Cassandra and Peggy’s for dinner and then I would spend the night there so we could leave at 4 am in the morning which would mean I would be up at 3 as I would need an hour to get ready. It took a little over an hour to get there. Cassandra in male mode of course helped me unload my car and we packed it all in her Peggy’s vehicle as that is what we are driving to Las Vegas Friday morning.

Cristine and Bobby were also there as they are watching their house while we are gone. Then we had relaxing dinner and talked for a while. We are all excited about going, I just know Cassandra, Peggy and I are going to have a wonderful time. It was a little after 9 when we went to bed so it would be another short night for me. Tomorrow will be my first full day Susan.

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Last Saturday before Diva Las Vegas and I got to go out for a couple hours.

Wow it has been a busy few weeks and it is hard to believe Diva Las Vegas is a week away. Now I really didn’t think I would get a chance to get out as Susan but I got home a little after 7 on Saturday night and even though I had to be up by 7 on Sunday I decided to get all dressed up and go out for a couple hours to the Escape as I knew a lot of the girls would be out and after missing 2 Fridays in a row and I will miss the next 2 for Diva Las Vegas I just had to go out. Now I was ready to leave a little before 8 so I really got ready in a hurry.

I got to the Escape about 8:20 and went in. they were not really busy but we had a good group there already. Cassandra, Laura H, Laura m, Cristine, Jan, Lynn, Jamie Lee and Kristie and a few others were there so it would be a good crowd and I was glad I made it. I also needed to talk with Cassandra about Diva Las Vegas so we are both on the same page. Cassandra, Peggy and I are driving down and we are actually driving from Portland straight through to Las Vegas on Friday, wow that will be a long day. We will leave at 4 AM and hope to be in Las Vegas between 9 or 10 PM. Now Cassandra is traveling in boy mode so she will not take much time getting ready in the morning but I will need at least an hour to get Susan ready so I am planning on getting up at 3 am. Now I am staying at Cassandra and Peggy’s house Thursday night, I will actually go over there right from the nail salon. Hopefully we can get the car packed and be in bed by 9.

Any way I had a fun time out with my friends as always, played on Paltalk for a little as Cassandra had her computer there so while she played pool I chatted for her. It is kind of fun and I think once I get back from Diva Las Vegas I might set up an account and try it. Also got to talk with my friends and find out what is going on and of course listen to some Karaoke, Lynn and Laura both sang and did great. I stayed till 11 before I headed for home as I have so much to do in the next 4 days so there will be no Susan time.

Today I packed some of Susan’s stuff for Diva Las Vegas and I am so excited about it. I will get my nails done, Acrylic nails on Thursday March 19 at 4 pm and then I will be Susan 24/7 and live full time till I get home From Diva Las Vegas and have my nails removed on March 31, 12 days totally as Susan. I am so looking forward to this trip.

Thanks for reading and my next post will come from sunny Las Vegas. Smile

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Finally a chance for a couple hours of Susan and a manicure pedicure.

Wow it has been almost 2 weeks with no chance of being Susan. My male life is so busy right now so much going on and I leave for Diva Las Vegas in a week and a day. I had hoped to get some time as Susan as I really wanted to do a little shopping but no luck. As a matter of fact I wanted to go get a manicure and pedicure last week or early this week and just couldn’t fit it in till today. Turns out I had a couple hours this afternoon and evening that I could break free so when I got home from work I called and got an appointment for 5 at Dream nails with Anna. It was a rush to get ready so it is a good thing it’s only a couple blocks from my house.

I got there right at 5 and Anna was just finishing up another lady so I got to soak my feet a little longer which was nice. It was about 5:15 when Anna started on my pedicure and it was amazing how busy they got. By 5:30 there were 4 other woman getting pedicures and one soaking her feet waiting and one at the table waiting to get her finger nails done. One reason I always call and make an appointment.

It was so relaxing and Anna did a great job, actually all the girls and guy who work here are great they remember their customers by name, as a matter of fact when I called to make the appointment Anna knew who I was before I gave her my name. My feet look awesome, I have OPI red on my toes and my fingers just a clear coat for now.

Anna finished my feet and then did my fingers and they still had woman coming in to get there nails done. I think this is the busiest I have seen them. This is actually the fourth time I have gone here in the last 6 months, not the every month thing I was hoping for but close. I guess it is a little expensive to go so often but I really enjoy it and so I am willing to spend the money. When Anna finished with my manicure I went ahead and set up an appointment for next Thursday at 4 pm to make sure I would be able to get my acrylic nails for my trip to Diva Las Vegas. I even gave Anna my phone number so she can call me to remind me, I guess that makes me a regular customer here now.

Well that all done I left and as my nails still need a little time to make sure they are dry I decided to go to Starbucks for an hour or so to catch up on some e-mails and write a blog about tonight as it has been a couple weeks since my last blog. I also need to stop by Walmart tonight as I was going through my stuff for Diva Las Vegas and the one thing I need are pantyhose. I like to take extra as you never know how long they will last. Funny story, my first trip to Diva Las Vegas I took 5 pairs and needed more by the 4rth day. Last year I took 11 pairs one for each day to be safe and came home with 8 unopened ones. Any way I think I should have enough for every day as I will eventually use them. So when I leave Starbucks I will run to Walmart which is just up the street.

Most likely my next blog will be from Diva Las Vegas and I will be typing with my pretty, long acrylic nails and right now I am thinking the same red I have on my toes.

Just a quick add on. the staff here ay my favorite Starbucks is awesome, I got here a little earlier than normal so the guy who calls me by name wasn’t here when I ordered but he came in later and as he walked by he asked how my night was going and called me by name so he remembers who I am even without seeing my credit card.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Shopping, Lunch and relaxing time at Starbuck’s, what a great day for Susan

I got up early this morning, well 7:30 anyway. I had the day free and decided to do a little shopping and return an item I bought. I was actually by Tigard yesterday taking care of some things as my male self and I ran into Burlington coat factory to just look. I am in need of a new nightie especially with Diva Las Vegas coming up. Well I found 2 really cute ones, a blue and ping and a pink one and couldn’t decide and as they were on sale for $10.99 I bought both. Both were the same size also. Any way yesterday when I got home I tried the blue one on and it fit it might have even been just a little big and it looks really cute. Well I tried the pink one on to see how cute it looked and wow I couldn’t even get it on. It was way too small. I guess there is no consistency in woman’s sizes. Well normally for $11 I wouldn’t bother as it is a 25 mile drive to that store from my house but there was just something about returning something as Susan. I have never done that and I figured if I was willing to shop as Susan then I should return things that didn’t fit.

I was on my way by 9 am and the weather looked sunny and warm so I worm my leggings with a long top and my heeled boots. A really cute look by the way. As I pulled out of the drive the 2 next door neighbor kids were playing in the street. Now I know their parents know about Susan but not sure if they told there kids so I have avoided leaving when I know they are out but at this point it was too late as there was nothing I could do so I just kept going driving right past them.

I got to Burlington Coat just before 10 and parked and went in. I went to the counter and told the lady that the item didn’t fit and she asked if I wanted a refund and told her I would rather have one in the right size so I went and found one in a bigger size and then went over to the dress section and looked around. While I was looking Kim called me, I had texted her I would be there as it is not far from where she lives and I wanted to know if she might be free for lunch. Any way she was but she needed time to get ready so she said she would call me back. I went to the check stand and exchanged the item and there was no problem and soon I was on my way.

I drove over to Washington Square as I wanted to run into Sears really quick as I also walked through there yesterday and saw a couple cute dresses. They were still there but just not in my size. Well I got back in my car and punched in Starbuck’s as I really didn’t want to sit in the mall Starbucks’s and there was one no far away which turned out to be just around the corner from Burlington coat where I started.

I parked and went in and they were packed, I guess Starbuck’s is the place to go on Saturday mornings. Had to stand in line behind about 10 people. I finally ordered and got my drink and looked around and there was literally 1 seat open at a tall table so I took it. I checked a few e-mails and then updated my blog for last night while I waited for Kim to call. It was about 11:30 when she called and we agreed to meet at Burlington Coat which as I said was just around the corner.

Kim showed up and we went over to Washington Square to the Portland Seafood co. for lunch. I have been here once before with her but I was in my male mode then. We had a great lunch and had a great time talking. We sat there for a good hour in a half and had a great time. It is funny though as it popped into my head I wonder if Kim likes Susan better than my male self a silly thought I guess as it really doesn’t matter I guess.

Well after lunch I drove her back to her care as she had things she had to do today. So far it has been a great day. On my way home I stopped at ULTA as I am almost out of powder and I wanted to look at their eye shadow, that little wheel got for my birthday I really like but it is only a sample and won’t last long. I found a full size pallet of browns and as I was looking one of the sales girls came up and asked if I needed any help and told me how cute my boots were. I thanked her but said I was fine. Now they had a special if you ought $20 of ULTA brands you got a free gift worth $88 and as the eye shadow was $19.99 bought another eye shadow single in the dark shimmery brown color I really liked from the gift I got so I could get the free gift. Funny as my male self would never have bought more just to get something free. I got my face powder and went to the checkout and stood in line. When it was my turn I went up and put my stuff on the counter. The lady helping me told me how cute my top was and I thanked her. Gave her my ULTA card and she also commented I had the same name as her mom. The lady next to me told me how pretty my nail color was, it was the Pompeii Purple from OPI. It really is a great summer time color which I told her and we chatted for a few minutes about nail color. Funny as a man I never get compliments from people on my shoes or clothes but this seams common for woman and I really do enjoy it t is always nice to hear you look good.

I left ULTA and my makeup still looked okay and I really didn’t want to go home yet so I headed for my favorite Starbuck’s as I figured I could write this blog and catch up on some work before heading home. I got there and they were busy also but it is a much bigger one so there was room to sit. Funny being a Saturday afternoon and sunny and warm you would think they would be slow. I got up to the counter and the man there who has waited on me several times now greeted me by name and asked what I wanted today. What great customer service, no wonder I love coming here.

Well I have spent a couple hours here now on my computer and of course people watching as I sat right by the door so I could see them coming and going. It really is amazing how many woman wear leggings. They really are a cute look although I am not ready to wear them without a long top that at least cover my rear end.

It was a fun day and I really needed it as I am not sure if I will get any time in the next 2 weeks to be Susan. I have Family coming into town again next weekend and jut lots going on right now. There is a slim chance my next Susan time will be getting my nails done on the 19 before going to Diva Las Vegas and a real slim chance I will have to cancel my trip this year to Diva Las Vegas but I am not thinking about that as it is just a slim chance.

Thanks for reading and I hope your day was as good as or better than mine.

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Last Friday of February with my firends

It is Friday and Susan will be going out tonight, I have really been looking forward to this as it has been a really busy week. Now I got home early today so I was able to start getting ready early with the hopes of being out of my house by 5. I like it when I have extra time to enjoy the whole transformation process. For my makeup I used my new eye shadow wheel from ULTA which is all browns and Susan in her new dressseems to blend better than the blacks. I was already and I chose one of my new dresses that I haven’t worn yet. I actually bought it back the end of October when I went out shopping and met up with Stefia and Gina for dinner. I found it at Macy’s on their clearance rack as they were clearing out their summer items so it was a really good deal. It is really cute.

I was all ready to leave by a little after 5 but the neighbor across the street who knows about Susan was talking to another neighbor at the end of her driveway and I don’t think the other neighbor knows about Susan so I waited for a couple minutes till they finished and then I was on my way. I got to Sweethome about 5:30. Chris was already there playing pool so I got out my computer to catch up on e-mails and Facebook. Now it was a smaller crowd but then it was still early.

Cristine showed up later than normal and Roxy also showed up after she got off work so we had our usual Friday night group minus Cassandra who got tickets to the blazer game tonight. We all ordered dinner and had a great time talking. Stefia and Susan ate SweethomeStefia also showed up for a while as she was out to dinner as she had some free time tonight. It was great to see her again and chat with her and find out what is new. And of course we had to get a picture of us.

Now as it got later it got a lot busier which is always nice as I got to see some of my friends from the other group. Heather was there tonight and of course she came over to talk with us, she is so awesome as are all the people here. A little after 8 a guy came in with balloons and a cakes as it turns out this week was Paul’s Birthday. Well everyone came to the bar and sang happy birthday to him. Paul has been so wonderful to our group, he invited us here after the P-club incident and made us feel welcome. I got a chance to talk with him and he thought he had kept his birthday a secret. Now the bad part of this is I had already had a piece of cheesecake and now I had to have a piece of his chocolate fudge birthday cake of course I didn’t put up to much of an objections actually I didn’t put up any resistance. Probably why I am having trouble losing weight. It was really good so I will just have to eat a little less tomorrow.

Karaoke started about 9:30 and they had a lot of people there tonight who sang. Some were better than others but they all did good, just being willing to get up and sing you have to applaud for them. Even Heather got up and sang twice. Now I still haven’t worked up the courage to sing by myself but I am working on it. I really want to try it and I have been working on a couple songs I could probably do okay at. The problem is do I sing in my normal voice or my Susan voice, neither one is great so I will have to think about this more and maybe the next time it is a slow night I will give it a try.

Rachel was also there. She just finished her first month working for herself and she did really well so she is really excited about it. I talked with her for a few minutes about it. I am so happy for her. Even Stefia is doing some work for a LGBT group in Washington so she gets to work as Stefia, actually her normal work she does a lot of it from home or in her case she goes out as Stefia to coffee shops and works from there. It is funny as a couple times I have thought it would be fun to get a part time job maybe one night a week for a little extra cash for Susan and do it as Susan so I could work that way part time. The problem is my life is so busy right now I am not sure I would be able to fit it in but it is fun to think about.

Now I did get hit on again last night by a really drunk guy. He actually came over and sat next to me and started off asking me if I was a woman or a man and when I told him I was a man he told me I sure fooled him as he could not tell. Funny as I was thinking if he could not tell why did he ask? He sat there for a couple minutes just repeating how F****** beautiful I was before he walked off. Now as I said he was really drunk and about 15 minutes later Paul the owner had to go out and pick him up as he was laying on the sidewalk outside and bring him back in and sat him in a chair so he still had way too much to drink but I still felt good about the compliment.

Well it was getting late and it was down to just Chris and I and he was getting ready to leave. I paid my bill and was ready to leave when it was Heathers turn to sing again so I couldn’t walk out. I had to stay and listen to her sing and she did great. It was about 11:40 when I left. I thought about staying later but I want to be up early tomorrow and go out in the morning for little shopping and to return something I bought. Now I have bought things before for Susan that didn’t fit and as they were not expensive I didn’t return them but I have a need to try this. I bought a nightie for Diva Las Vegas that is just too small. Funny as I actually bought 2 that are both the same size or at least that is what the label says and one fits perfectly and the other is way too small. Now I only paid $11 for it so no big deal but it is the experience of taking it back. It should be fun.

Well thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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