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Shopping, Lunch and relaxing time at Starbuck’s, what a great day for Susan

I got up early this morning, well 7:30 anyway. I had the day free and decided to do a little shopping and return an item I bought. I was actually by Tigard yesterday taking care of some things as my male self and I ran into Burlington coat factory to just look. I am in need of a new nightie especially with Diva Las Vegas coming up. Well I found 2 really cute ones, a blue and ping and a pink one and couldn’t decide and as they were on sale for $10.99 I bought both. Both were the same size also. Any way yesterday when I got home I tried the blue one on and it fit it might have even been just a little big and it looks really cute. Well I tried the pink one on to see how cute it looked and wow I couldn’t even get it on. It was way too small. I guess there is no consistency in woman’s sizes. Well normally for $11 I wouldn’t bother as it is a 25 mile drive to that store from my house but there was just something about returning something as Susan. I have never done that and I figured if I was willing to shop as Susan then I should return things that didn’t fit.

I was on my way by 9 am and the weather looked sunny and warm so I worm my leggings with a long top and my heeled boots. A really cute look by the way. As I pulled out of the drive the 2 next door neighbor kids were playing in the street. Now I know their parents know about Susan but not sure if they told there kids so I have avoided leaving when I know they are out but at this point it was too late as there was nothing I could do so I just kept going driving right past them.

I got to Burlington Coat just before 10 and parked and went in. I went to the counter and told the lady that the item didn’t fit and she asked if I wanted a refund and told her I would rather have one in the right size so I went and found one in a bigger size and then went over to the dress section and looked around. While I was looking Kim called me, I had texted her I would be there as it is not far from where she lives and I wanted to know if she might be free for lunch. Any way she was but she needed time to get ready so she said she would call me back. I went to the check stand and exchanged the item and there was no problem and soon I was on my way.

I drove over to Washington Square as I wanted to run into Sears really quick as I also walked through there yesterday and saw a couple cute dresses. They were still there but just not in my size. Well I got back in my car and punched in Starbuck’s as I really didn’t want to sit in the mall Starbucks’s and there was one no far away which turned out to be just around the corner from Burlington coat where I started.

I parked and went in and they were packed, I guess Starbuck’s is the place to go on Saturday mornings. Had to stand in line behind about 10 people. I finally ordered and got my drink and looked around and there was literally 1 seat open at a tall table so I took it. I checked a few e-mails and then updated my blog for last night while I waited for Kim to call. It was about 11:30 when she called and we agreed to meet at Burlington Coat which as I said was just around the corner.

Kim showed up and we went over to Washington Square to the Portland Seafood co. for lunch. I have been here once before with her but I was in my male mode then. We had a great lunch and had a great time talking. We sat there for a good hour in a half and had a great time. It is funny though as it popped into my head I wonder if Kim likes Susan better than my male self a silly thought I guess as it really doesn’t matter I guess.

Well after lunch I drove her back to her care as she had things she had to do today. So far it has been a great day. On my way home I stopped at ULTA as I am almost out of powder and I wanted to look at their eye shadow, that little wheel got for my birthday I really like but it is only a sample and won’t last long. I found a full size pallet of browns and as I was looking one of the sales girls came up and asked if I needed any help and told me how cute my boots were. I thanked her but said I was fine. Now they had a special if you ought $20 of ULTA brands you got a free gift worth $88 and as the eye shadow was $19.99 bought another eye shadow single in the dark shimmery brown color I really liked from the gift I got so I could get the free gift. Funny as my male self would never have bought more just to get something free. I got my face powder and went to the checkout and stood in line. When it was my turn I went up and put my stuff on the counter. The lady helping me told me how cute my top was and I thanked her. Gave her my ULTA card and she also commented I had the same name as her mom. The lady next to me told me how pretty my nail color was, it was the Pompeii Purple from OPI. It really is a great summer time color which I told her and we chatted for a few minutes about nail color. Funny as a man I never get compliments from people on my shoes or clothes but this seams common for woman and I really do enjoy it t is always nice to hear you look good.

I left ULTA and my makeup still looked okay and I really didn’t want to go home yet so I headed for my favorite Starbuck’s as I figured I could write this blog and catch up on some work before heading home. I got there and they were busy also but it is a much bigger one so there was room to sit. Funny being a Saturday afternoon and sunny and warm you would think they would be slow. I got up to the counter and the man there who has waited on me several times now greeted me by name and asked what I wanted today. What great customer service, no wonder I love coming here.

Well I have spent a couple hours here now on my computer and of course people watching as I sat right by the door so I could see them coming and going. It really is amazing how many woman wear leggings. They really are a cute look although I am not ready to wear them without a long top that at least cover my rear end.

It was a fun day and I really needed it as I am not sure if I will get any time in the next 2 weeks to be Susan. I have Family coming into town again next weekend and jut lots going on right now. There is a slim chance my next Susan time will be getting my nails done on the 19 before going to Diva Las Vegas and a real slim chance I will have to cancel my trip this year to Diva Las Vegas but I am not thinking about that as it is just a slim chance.

Thanks for reading and I hope your day was as good as or better than mine.

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Last Friday of February with my firends

It is Friday and Susan will be going out tonight, I have really been looking forward to this as it has been a really busy week. Now I got home early today so I was able to start getting ready early with the hopes of being out of my house by 5. I like it when I have extra time to enjoy the whole transformation process. For my makeup I used my new eye shadow wheel from ULTA which is all browns and Susan in her new dressseems to blend better than the blacks. I was already and I chose one of my new dresses that I haven’t worn yet. I actually bought it back the end of October when I went out shopping and met up with Stefia and Gina for dinner. I found it at Macy’s on their clearance rack as they were clearing out their summer items so it was a really good deal. It is really cute.

I was all ready to leave by a little after 5 but the neighbor across the street who knows about Susan was talking to another neighbor at the end of her driveway and I don’t think the other neighbor knows about Susan so I waited for a couple minutes till they finished and then I was on my way. I got to Sweethome about 5:30. Chris was already there playing pool so I got out my computer to catch up on e-mails and Facebook. Now it was a smaller crowd but then it was still early.

Cristine showed up later than normal and Roxy also showed up after she got off work so we had our usual Friday night group minus Cassandra who got tickets to the blazer game tonight. We all ordered dinner and had a great time talking. Stefia and Susan ate SweethomeStefia also showed up for a while as she was out to dinner as she had some free time tonight. It was great to see her again and chat with her and find out what is new. And of course we had to get a picture of us.

Now as it got later it got a lot busier which is always nice as I got to see some of my friends from the other group. Heather was there tonight and of course she came over to talk with us, she is so awesome as are all the people here. A little after 8 a guy came in with balloons and a cakes as it turns out this week was Paul’s Birthday. Well everyone came to the bar and sang happy birthday to him. Paul has been so wonderful to our group, he invited us here after the P-club incident and made us feel welcome. I got a chance to talk with him and he thought he had kept his birthday a secret. Now the bad part of this is I had already had a piece of cheesecake and now I had to have a piece of his chocolate fudge birthday cake of course I didn’t put up to much of an objections actually I didn’t put up any resistance. Probably why I am having trouble losing weight. It was really good so I will just have to eat a little less tomorrow.

Karaoke started about 9:30 and they had a lot of people there tonight who sang. Some were better than others but they all did good, just being willing to get up and sing you have to applaud for them. Even Heather got up and sang twice. Now I still haven’t worked up the courage to sing by myself but I am working on it. I really want to try it and I have been working on a couple songs I could probably do okay at. The problem is do I sing in my normal voice or my Susan voice, neither one is great so I will have to think about this more and maybe the next time it is a slow night I will give it a try.

Rachel was also there. She just finished her first month working for herself and she did really well so she is really excited about it. I talked with her for a few minutes about it. I am so happy for her. Even Stefia is doing some work for a LGBT group in Washington so she gets to work as Stefia, actually her normal work she does a lot of it from home or in her case she goes out as Stefia to coffee shops and works from there. It is funny as a couple times I have thought it would be fun to get a part time job maybe one night a week for a little extra cash for Susan and do it as Susan so I could work that way part time. The problem is my life is so busy right now I am not sure I would be able to fit it in but it is fun to think about.

Now I did get hit on again last night by a really drunk guy. He actually came over and sat next to me and started off asking me if I was a woman or a man and when I told him I was a man he told me I sure fooled him as he could not tell. Funny as I was thinking if he could not tell why did he ask? He sat there for a couple minutes just repeating how F****** beautiful I was before he walked off. Now as I said he was really drunk and about 15 minutes later Paul the owner had to go out and pick him up as he was laying on the sidewalk outside and bring him back in and sat him in a chair so he still had way too much to drink but I still felt good about the compliment.

Well it was getting late and it was down to just Chris and I and he was getting ready to leave. I paid my bill and was ready to leave when it was Heathers turn to sing again so I couldn’t walk out. I had to stay and listen to her sing and she did great. It was about 11:40 when I left. I thought about staying later but I want to be up early tomorrow and go out in the morning for little shopping and to return something I bought. Now I have bought things before for Susan that didn’t fit and as they were not expensive I didn’t return them but I have a need to try this. I bought a nightie for Diva Las Vegas that is just too small. Funny as I actually bought 2 that are both the same size or at least that is what the label says and one fits perfectly and the other is way too small. Now I only paid $11 for it so no big deal but it is the experience of taking it back. It should be fun.

Well thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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A couple short outings as Susan

Well I did get a chance to go out a couple times this week for a couple hours. First was Thursday as I found a couple hours in the afternoon free. Now it was tight to fit this in as I had family things I had to do till 1 and I was going out to dinner at 6 but I figured I could sneak a couple hours in and as I was not sure I would get out Friday night I went for it. Now it took me about 1 hour to get ready so I was on my way by 2 pm. Now I really didn’t have any plans for today as this was really last minute so I figured a quick shopping trip and maybe a little time at Starbuck’s.

Now I started off going to Walmart as I needed some groceries but also wanted to pick up a new lipstick and of course some Pantyhose. Now Walmart is a little different place to shop but they have some good prices. I spent a little over a half hour here and got most of what I wanted including a new lipstick.

My next stop was Starbuck’s and I figured midafternoon they would be slow but I was wrong. I was surprised how many people were there but I did find a table to sit at so I could catch up on e-mails. It was also a steady stream of people coming in the whole time I was there. It was a short but fun afternoon. I left Starbucks at 4 so I could get home and clean up before leaving for dinner with Kim and as it will take me an hour to get there with traffic it would be a rush and it was. I actually hit traffic on my way home so it was almost 4:30 when I got home and seeing the traffic I knew an hour would be enough to get there by 6 but luckily I can get ready as my male self a lot quicker. I was in the shower and washed all my makeup off and was dressed and out the door in 15 minutes, sometime being a male is a lot easier and I was right as I got to her place just before 6. Now I only bring this up as I was looking in the rear view mirror and noticed I still had my mascara on, I must have grabbed my waterproof mascara when I got ready but luckily Kim knows about Susan and the place we went for dinner was kind of dark inside.

No I also did get out for a couple hours Friday, I got there about 7:30 and had to Susan at Sweethome with new lipstickleave by 11 as I have family coming in tomorrow morning at 8 so I need to be ready for that. Now I did wear my new lipstick plus I wore a different hair style. That is Chris behind me photo bombing me. Now several of the regulars we have come to know, Peggy, Tony, Misty, Jessica and Tracy came over and talked to us for a while which is always nice. Tracy and Peggy told me how great I looked and they loved the hair. I have had doubts about the hair but as I have worn it a few times now I am liking it more.

Jolene also was able to get out, she is new to going out so it was nice to see here again and get to talk with her. She actually went to Sephora for a makeover the other day and she looked really good and since then she has been practicing with the makeup and is getting better at it. We actually had 5 of us out tonight so it was a smaller group but it was fun.

Karaoke started and of course Chris sang along with others. It was a fun night. Now I had planned to leave between 10 and 11 and I did okay as it was just a little after 11 when I left. It was a fun night and now I am ready for the rest of my weekend.

Thanks for reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day with my friends

Well it is Valentine’s Day and I wish all my girlfriends here a happy Valentine’s Day. Now as I said the next week or so I will not get much time for Susan unless I get lucky which I did tonight. I found I had a few hours tonight and I figured what better way than to spend it with my best friends as a couple of them were going to the Escape Bar and Grill, which is on 90 and Sandy in Portland. They were meeting there between 7 and 7:30. Now being Valentine’s Day it had to be a day of red so I got all dressed and I wore my red dress this is an old picture of me in the dress but I wore my brown wig I got for my Wonder woman costume.

I got to the Escape by 6:30 and I brought my computer so I would have something to do while I waited for the rest to show up but Cristine was already there. I did take care of some e-mails and other things waiting for my food. Michele showed up next followed by Cassandra. We weren’t sure how many would be out but it would still be a fun night. Dan and Bianca showed up, it was great to see them out again and get to talk with them. Bob and his girlfriend also made it out tonight and it has probably been 2 years since we have seen him out. We met him several years ago when we were going to Easy Street which closed several years ago. Always good to see him again.

Laura also showed up actually both Laura’s so we had 2 Laura’s and 3 Michelle’s here tonight. Cassie and Monica and a couple others girls showed up so we had a good group maybe 13 or so. Cassandra of course had her computer set up in the corner and was on Paltalk chat with her web cam going. I got to chat a little bit on it and it is fun I just have a hard time keeping track of all the conversations going on but I may set up an account and try it. Cassandra loves it and says it is a blast.

Now they had Karaoke here tonight and that is always fun and some of them that sang were really good. It was a fun way to spend an Evening even though I couldn’t stay out to late. I left about 11:30 but had a great time.

Happy Valentine’s Day! And Thanks for reading.

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Friday night and my chance to go out as Susan for a fun night.

Well I just want to start off wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. It has been a really busy week for my male side as I have not been home one evening this entire week so I was really looking forward to tonight and some Susan time. Actually the next few weeks probably all the way till Diva Las Vegas are going to be really busy as I have a lot going on in my male life so my Susan time will be limited or at the least last minutes chances to go out so I have to take advantage and enjoy my Susan time.

I started getting ready early for two reasons, fist to be able to take my time and enjoy the whole transformation to Susan and also to go out a little early. It really is amazing how much things change and how wonderful and relaxed I feel the moment I step into the shower to start becoming Susan. Now tonight while getting ready and doing my makeup I got a couple phone calls that I really had to take and as I was talking to them half made up as Susan I wondered what they would think if they could see me through the phone, of course this slowed me down a little so I really wasn’t going to get out as early as I thought I might. I was still ready by 6 though and on my way.

I got to Sweethome about 6:20 and wow there was no parking even the street parking was bad but I did find place close but was between the drive and the corner so I took it but I would worry about my car being hit as it probably wasn’t the best place to park. I guess my last accident has me thinking about things like that, by the way I take my car into the shop this week to be fixed.

It was fairly busy inside but Chris was the only one from our group here yet. Cassandra actually showed up right after I did though. I ordered diner and we talked for a while as we waited for more to show up. Now Peter was also here, he was working here when we first started to come her but him and his wife retired and moved south but he was in town visiting his children and came into night to see everyone and of course he remembered all of us. It was nice to see him again.

It is amazing the friends we have made since we started coming here, there are a lot of both men and woman who always say hi to us and ask how we are doing and several even come over and talk with us and hang out with us so in a way our group has blended with the others who come here, we are accepted which is a great feeling.

Cassandra and I talked a bit about Diva Las Vegas and it looks now like it will just be Cassandra, Peggy and I driving down and 2 or maybe 3 others meeting us there this year. A lot smaller group than we have had the past couple years as it is just way to expensive this year with the week that was picked. As a matter of fact as of today only 122 have signed up and it is only 5 weeks away. Wow it is coming up fast and I have so much going on before it. I really do need to find a day to go out shopping as I need to pick up a few things including some new heels. I think I can squeeze at least on Susan day for shopping. Right now I am just trying to plan the things I have to do. I am planning on getting a manicure pedicure on March 12 so my toes will look awesome for the trio and then on March 19 getting my acrylic nails put on for the trip and the start of my being Susan for 11 days straight. Of course this year I am planning on going to Dream nails by my house where I have gone a few times now for manicures and pedicures as they do a wonderful job and of course I am planning on asking for Anna to do my nails.

Roxy showed up and she has a few friends coming tonight so that will be fun as I will get to meet some new people. They showed up and Roxy introduced them to everyone. She worked with both of them at one time or another. Their names were Robyn and Louie and both awesome. Actually Louie told us to remind her at 11 as she just had to leave by then which we did but the funny thing was she was still there when I left at about 12:30 and I know how that goes as you get having so much fun you just don’t want to leave.

Now I had a great time talking to both of them and getting to know them which is always a fun part of the night out as I love meeting new people. As I have said we have met some wonderful people here and you miss seeing them when they can’t make it on a Friday night but luckily most are regulars like us. Heather is one that is awesome and tonight she had on this really cute corset, she makes my night when she is there as I really enjoy talking to her. Some of the others are Craig, Shryl, Jessica, Michelle, Peggy, Paula, Kelsie, Chuck, Rachel and her wife Heather & Danielle and her wife Kelly and those were just the ones here tonight.

Yes Danielle and her wife were in town from Seattle tonight so it was great to see them again, they moved up there about a year ago and we were all sad to see them leave. It was awesome to get a chance to talk with them and Rachel and Heather for a while. Rachel was the one who talked to Paul the owner here after we were kicked out of the P-club about our group and the reason we found this place and I can’t tell you how much that meant to our group.

Mellissa also showed up out of the blue, she is a member of our group but it has been over a year maybe 2 since we have seen her. What a wonderful surprise, she use to come out every Friday but as with all of us life gets in the way. Turns out tomorrow is her birthday so we all wished her a Happy Birthday.

Cassandra had to leave early tonight which was sad to see her leave. It is funny as this is the second time in a couple weeks Cassandra has had to leave and Morgan shows up just after that. Yes Morgan and a couple other girls also showed up so we had a good turnout and as I said it was real busy here tonight.

Karaoke started and of course Chris and Morgan sang along with Robyn and Louie and all did great, even Heather sang and she did awesome. It was a really fun night and went by so fast. Before I knew it, it was almost 12:30 and I was ready to call it a night. I paid my bill and said goodbye to everyone and left for home. What a great start to the weekend. I hope to get out next Friday but as I said I have a lot going on the next week or two so this may be my last post for a bit.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

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Saturday night at Harvey’s Comedy Club with my girlfriends

Well it is Saturday night and Susan is going to Harvey’s Comedy club with her friends. I have been looking forward to tonight all week long as it is always such a fun night out. We have 18 from our group signed up to go so I know it will be a fun time.

I started getting ready at 4:30 as I really enjoy the whole transformation process and getting ready. I find it so relaxing and fun. Tonight I was wearing my purple dress and boots and I decided to try the new eye shadow wheel I got from ULTA for my birthday, it is a Smokey eye with browns so I am excited about that. I actually think my eyes turned out really nice tonight with the browns. I was all ready by a little after 6 and on my way.

Now once again I got caught in traffic a stall on the freeway but not nearly as bad as last night as it only slowed me down a little. I got downtown Portland about 6:30 and parked and wouldn’t you know it just as I parked it started to rain really hard. Now as a guy I don’t mind the rain but as Susan I don’t like it. I got my umbrella out and made my way down the street to the parking meter to buy my ticket. Purse on my arm, umbrella in my had, trying to hold my wallet while getting my credit card out to put in the machine, all while trying not to let the umbrella slip, I really could have used another hand. Well I got my ticket and got back to my car and put it in the window and then walked the block to Fox & Hound and wouldn’t you know it by the time I got there it stopped raining.

Laura was inside at the bar by herself so I joined her and we talked for a bit till Cassandra got there. Then we moved over and put 3 tables together and waited for the rest of the girls to show up. It wasn’t long and Barb showed up and then Jan & Lynn and finally Cassie. The rest of the girls we figured would go straight to Harvey’s because of the weather. We all had drinks and talked till about 8:30 before walking to Harvey’s. It is only a 7 block walk and the rain had stopped so it was a nice walk.

Now Cristine was already there and there were actually a lot of people there for as early as it was so we knew it would be a good crowd tonight. It wasn’t long and Mikaela, her girlfriend Malinda and her sister Kaela showed up. It was nice to see her again, two nights in a row wow. Julie and Trixie also showed up so we now were taking up 4 tables and there were a lot of people inside and most were standing in line so they could get in as fast as they could to get good seats of course we already had our tables reserved so we were in no hurry.

Michelle and her girlfriend Destiny showed up and also Sophie so we had everyone there. Now the funny thing was Kaela lost the ball off her lip piercing and so we were all looking on the floor for it and I am sure the people around us were trying to figure out what we were doing. It is funny though as you see some people looking at you and the moment you make eye contact with them they will look away. I wonder if they really didn’t notice they were looking at us but then again we all looked awesome as we were all in dresses and a lot of the woman who came last night were very casual so they were probably feeling a little underdressed.

It was time to go into the show room and all the people were trying to get through the door in the line which was moving really slow and we just sat there as I said we had our table reserved and I wonder if they were wondering why we were not trying to go in. well out comes Kim our favorite waitress and she announced for all her ladies to follow her and she took us all back through the restaurant and into the showroom so we didn’t have to wait in line. It was so nice to see here again.

I am sure some of the people coming in were wondering how we got in before they did. We all ordered drinks and dinner and waited for the rest of the people to get in and I am sure it was a sold out show. Ell the show finally started and all the comedian were really good including the MC. I wish I could remember all their names as they were all awesome but I can’t and the web page only lists the headliner which was Quinn Dahle and he was incredible. It was an awesome night all around.

After the show we got to talk with the MC for a while and also Quinn Dahle and we thanked them for such a wonderful show and how good they were. I had such a fun night out with all my girlfriends. It was sad to see the night coming to an end. We made the walk back to where we had parked and again still not raining so it was a nice walk.

Harvey’s is always a fun night out and if you have never been there you are missing out. if you live in Portland or are just visiting you really should check them out and catch a show. They are located at 436 Northwest 6 Avenue Portland Or. 503-241-0338

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Friday night with friend including Mikaela, Maya and Darla.

Finally Friday after a long and busy week and time for some girly fun s Susan. I had actually hoped to get out Wednesday or Thursday but just got to busy so I am really looking forward to tonight. Mikaela texted me today to see if I would be out as she is going to be out and is bringing her girlfriend. So I was going to get home and start getting ready so I could go out early but on the way home from work there was a 7 car wreck on the bridge and it turned my normal 30 minute commute into an over an hour so when I got home I was really ready for Susan

I did take a little time to exercise as I have been trying hard to do that a little each day as I hope to lose some weight by Diva Las Vegas as I have a couple tight dresses that I would like to wear. Then it was straight into the shower and them my relaxing time to transform into Susan and I could just feel the stress of the week and traffic tonight melt away. It was a little before 6 and I was all ready to go and luckily it only takes me 15 minutes or less to get to Sweethome so into my car and I was on my way. As I went down the freeway I saw cars stopped and I had just passed an exit when I came to a stop. Traffic was horrible and I later found out there was a man on an overpass ahead who was threatening to jump onto the freeway and kill himself and they had shut down the freeway in both directions. So once again I was stopped in traffic. It took me an hour to get to the next exit so again my 15 minute trip to Sweethome took me over an 1 ½ to get there but you know as Susan in the car I really didn’t’ t get stress just a little disappointed I would get to spend as much time with my friends.

I got to Sweethome a little after 7:30 and Susan was ready for a fun night, Cassandra and Chris were there which I knew they would be. Cassandra and I both ordered dinner as they had their pork chop special tonight which is always good. Jim showed up, he doesn’t get out much with the group mostly at the parties we have so it was nice to see him again and talk with him.

Cassandra, Jim and I sat and talked for a while which is always fun and something Susan likes to do. Well it is funny as we were talking Jim asked about Maya and Darla and if we had seen them. I have known Maya for over 8 years now too and she use to come out every Friday night but with her job now she get home too late to really come out. But it was funny because it wasn’t 10 minutes later Darla walked in and Maya right after, wow I guess we need to talk about girls we haven’t seen for a while more.

It was great to See Maya and Darla again. I got a chance to talk with them for a while and catch up which was nice, I always love reuniting with friends. Really hope they can get out more with the group. Roxy, Carolyn and Cristine also showed up so we had now spilled over to the table next to us. It is great to have a big group out but also nice when we can all fit around one table as everyone can talk to everyone.

I got a chance to talk with Carolyn some, she had seen my picture on Facebook when I went out with Stefia and Marilyn last Friday for Happy Hour as she knows them both to so we talked about that for a while. I think I really need to make more of an effort to get together with them and maybe some of the other girls for a dinner out once in a while as they are a lot of fun and a nice change. I love going to Sweethome as I have so many friends both in the group and out but it would be nice to go to some new places also and mix it up some.

Mikaela & Susan at SweethomeMikaela and her girlfriend Malinda showed up. It was nice to see her again and meet her girlfriend. Mikaela told her girlfriend shortly after they met about her dressing and she is fine with it. As a matter of fact her sister has met Mikaela and even her parents have seen pictures of her and are okay with it, how awesome is that. I so love it when Mikaela come out as it is always awesome to see her plus she always wants pictures something I seem to forget about so we had to get a couple pictures together. It is funny as a few years back I would take so many pictures very night I went out, I bet I have over 2,000 pictures of Susan on my computer where as I only have 2 of my male self. But as I have gotten more comfortable going out and Susan has become a more normal and natural part of my life I don’t think about pictures unless it is a special event or I have a nice new cute dress on.

It was nice to talk with them and of course hear how they met and what Malinda Mikaelam Malinda & Susan at Sweethomethought of Mikaela when she first found out. Malinda is okay with her dressing and even likes to go out with her. As a matter of fact Mikaela, Malinda and her sister are all going to Harvey’s Comedy club tomorrow night with the group. Right now we have 20 girls going to the show which will be so much fun, Harvey’s night is always a fun night. Aura also showed up tonight so we had a really good group of us, one of our bigger nights out which is always nice.

I always wonder why when we have lower numbers and is there something the group could do different, another reason I would like to do some new and different things. I also wonder if it is the girls just becoming more comfortable going out that they feel able to go out by themselves. I know a few years back I would be scared to death to go someplace by myself and I really needed the support of the group setting when I went out and now I am perfectly comfortable going to the mall shopping by myself. I guess it shows how much I have grown over the last few years but I also realize that without the groups help and my wonderful friends I would not be who I am today, something I will never forget.

Karaoke started and the other group was smaller tonight but still a good crowd here and of course Chris and Laura sang and did great. It is always a fun Friday night out and although not everyone who sings is good but you have to give the credit for getting up and trying. It was a fun night and soon some of the girls left. It was after midnight and it was down to just Laura and me now. We stayed till about 12:30 or so before we called it a night. What a great way to start the weekend and I am looking forward to Saturday night and seeming them again at Harvey’s.

Thanks for reading and I hope your life is as happy and filled with many wonderful friends as that is what life is all about.

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Friday afternoon with Stefi & Marilyn and then to Sweethome Friday night

Well I will pick up where I left off. I left Starbuck’s about 2 as I wanted to go to ULTA at Lloyd Center before I met Stefia and Marilyn. See I needed a new lip liner and some other makeup plus as a card member of ULTA I get special offers one of which was for a free eye shadow wheel for my birthday. A strange coupon as they sent it to my e-mail on the 28 of the month after my birthday and it was only good during the month of my birthday which really only gave me 3 days to use it but luck was with me as I was out today.

Now I always park by Nordstrom’s at Lloyd Center which I have done for years. That way I never forget where I parked but they have closed the Nordstrom’s here which is sad. Well I still parked about the same place but went in the mall entrance there. ULTA is of course at the other end of the mall so off I went strolling down the mall. It is funny as I know some people take a double look and it may be for many reasons, wondering if I am a real woman I hope but more than likely to confirm I am in fact a man dressed as a woman but very few give me that look of disapproval that I have noticed. I really believe most people don’t care how you dress or look as long as you are not causing a problem. Now I did have one lady stop me ever so briefly to tell me she loved my outfit and the way I looked which was nice and of course I thanked her.

I went into ULTA and there were 2 men coming out and they both had on as much if not more makeup then I had on but other than the makeup they were dressed as men so maybe makeup is catching on in the male population. I found my Lip Liner and a foundation yes I buy cheaper foundation to use on my neck and save my MAC foundation just for my face as this system works well for me. The lady at the counter got me my free eye shadow which is 5 shades of browns which will be wonderful for daytime look. She chatted with me for a few minutes, wishing me a happy birthday and asked how it was and what I did for my birthday which was nice.

Well I made my way back down by the old Nordstrom’s as that is where we were meeting, Stefia was running a little late but Marilyn was there so I sat with her and we talked while we waited for Stefia. We had a nice conversation which is something Susan loves to do. Stefia showed up about 2:40 and we talked about what we wanted to do. We decided to walk a couple blocks to the old New Port Bay restaurant which closed and has a new place there now and see what they had for Happy Hour. It is now called Prime Rib Chocolate Cake.

They have a really good Happy Hour menu and as we got there right at 3 they were not at all busy so we got a nice booth by the window. Stefia and I both ordered a salad and of course we all got drinks, mine was a coke. Stefia took a couple pictures Susan & Marilynof Marilyn and me so of course I gave her my phone so I could have a picture of us for my blog. now remember I left home today at 9:40 and have not touched up my makeup in over 5 hours so not looking as fresh as I should. By the way the salad was wonderful here will have to go back again. we sat here till a little after 5 just talking and of course by 5 it was getting really busy here. before we left Stefia asked our waitress who was wonderful also if she could take a picture of all of us which she did of course. Stefia, Susan and MarilynAs we were leaving we got another waitress to take our picture under their sign by the door. It was a really fun couple of hours and went by so fast.

We walked the 3 blocks back to Lloyd Center and down through the mall to by where we all parked. the  we said goodbyes and went our separate ways. now I was not really dressed for going to Sweethome as I pretty much always where a dress or skirt but as it was after 5 now I knew with rush hour traffic it would take me well over an hour to get home so I made the decision to go right to sweethome as I had my computer with me and I knew Chris gets there between 5 & 5:30. well it was the right choice as it took me till almost 6 just to get there.

Chris was inside playing pool so I sat down at our table, yes we get the same table every week. I got out my computer and caught up some e-mails. it is sad in a way that I only seem to reply to e-mails sent me so it is easy to loose touch with people so that is one of my New Years resolutions and that is to try to e-mail friends more regular even if all I have to say is hi.

Well I was finishing up on my e-mails and in walks Lilly. I haven’t seen here since the Halloween party, she has a lot going on in her life right now. it was great to see her again. well I put my computer away so we could talk. it is funny as she brought up that she is also getting a lot of friends request on Facebook from people with no information which I had just mentioned in my blog earlier. well we all talked about it and it seems we all feel the same. We are not going to approve someone we don’t know and have no information on so please if you want to send a friends request send me a message and let me know a little about you so I don’t have to feel bad for rejecting you and you don’t feel bad about being rejected. I had a great time talking with Lilly and hope she can get out more now.

Michele and Petra also made it tonight. Petra talked Michele into going to Diva Las Vegas with her this year so we have 5 for sure going. I think the cost will keep some of the other girls from going this year as room rates are way to high because of March Madness, if you stay Sunday through Friday night, 6 nights you are looking at $1,100 or more for a basic room with all the fee. Yes all the hotels now charge a resort fee on top of their room rates so they can lie to you with cheaper rates and then stick it to you at the end. some are only $15 but Caesars which is in Bankruptcy now has started charging $25 per night or more depending on the hotel. what a rip off, for this you get free local phone calls, something they never charged for before plus who doesn’t have a cell phone. Free wi-fi, who is sitting in their room on a computer plus almost everyone has a data plan on their phone. Can you tell I am a little unhappy about this. Well enough of the bad I am still looking forward to Diva Las Vegas.

Dee also showed up, she changed her girl name from Jackie when she moved from Bend. She is retired and traveling now and is in Portland for a week. She bought a travel trailer and is going to travel around the country which will be fun. she is also planning on being in the Las Vegas area during Diva Las Vegas. Roxy also made it out tonight so we had a pretty good turnout

Morgan also showed up and I am not sure how long it has been since I have seen her so it was really nice. Morgan and her partner have done the Karaoke at the Halloween party for several years but this last one they couldn’t make so it may have been a year or more since we have talked. it was nice to get to talk with her and get to know her better one of the good things about smaller groups.

Karaoke started and of course Chris and Morgan both sang and did great. it was a really fun night but as always it must come to an end. It was almost midnight and it was just Morgan and me left from our group, Morgan had one more song to sing. after she sang we were going to call it a night. Morgan left and I went up and paid my bill. Well Michelle from the other group was singing and I liked the song so I sat down and listened to her and next Was Jessica who I have also got to know from their group so I stayed for her song.

I got up to leave and the man at the next table called me over to talk. Well he told me how beautiful I was which was nice as what girl doesn’t like to hear that. I thanked him and I could see where this was going but before I could say anything he asked me if I would like to go out sometime. Wow now I have had men hint at it before but this is the first time I have actually been asked out. What a boost to my ego, but the simple fact is I am nit at all interested in or attracted to men. after all I think one of the reasons I try so hard to look as pretty as possible is I really love the feminine look. I thanked him for such a wonderful compliment but explained to him I was not at all interested in men. I think he took it well as I was as honest and open about it as I could be. he wished me a goodnight and I was on my way out to the car.

now the one bad thing is when I left this morning it was sunny out and warm as it actually got up to 60 today so I didn’t think to bring my wrap. well it was now about 35 out and cold so till I got my car warm I was cold but it was still a wonderful day.

Thanks for reading.

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Relaxing day as Susan out shopping.

Well Friday morning I slept in as I had the day off, I got up at 8 and started getting ready with the hopes of being out of the house by 9. Well that didn’t work as it was about 9:40 when I left. This was kind of a last minute Susan outing but I went ahead and texted Stefia to see if she would be out today and wanted to get together. Turns out she is meeting Marilyn this afternoon and invited me to join them so I am planning on that. So with that I was out the door and on my way to Clackamas Town Center for a little shopping. I am actually looking for a new pair of heels as my favorite pair is looking kind of worn out, they are 5 years old and also a new nightie for my trip to Diva Las Vegas.

I got to Clackamas just a little after 10 and parked by Macy’s and went in. now Macy’s has a big mark down section where you can find some good deals but what I noticed is the items they are clearing out are seasonal. When I met Stefia here a couple months ago I found a few really cute things but they were summer type stuff a couple of them I haven’t worn yet and now it is all the winter stuff they are starting to clear out. Sweaters, and coats and long sleeve items not things I would want for Las Vegas in the spring when it will be in the 80’s there. So seeing nothing I ventured out into the mall and walked down to Sears. Now being a weekday and in the morning the mall was really not that busy but that didn’t bother me as I really didn’t care how busy they were.

I looked around Sears and they had a really cute ankle boot with 3” heel on sale for $24.99 so I tried it on. I got it on but it was just too tight and all they had was a 10 med, if it had been a half size bigger I would have gotten it as it really was cute. I checked out their clothing and sleepwear but didn’t see anything I liked so back out into the mall.

I stopped at H&M and looked around. I found a couple necklaces I liked and bought them, nothing big or fancy just a gold colored chain. From hear I walked through Victoria’s Secret which is always fun. One of the sales ladies came over and asked if I needed any help and I said I was just looking. She then told me about their new bra they just got in and asked if I would like to try one on. Wow I was so tempted but I passed as looking at it I realized it was designed to push a natural breast up there was not enough material in it to hold my breast form in place but it was still cool she was willing to let me try one.

I walked to the other end of the mall and went to JC Pennies and looked at their shoes and sleepwear. Looks like none of the stores have many open toed heels right now probably because it is still winter. They had some cute sleepwear but nothing I liked or at least would look good on me. Funny as I noticed that the sleepwear is either really sexy (Small, Tight and designed to show everything off) or very plain. They had a couple cute items or at least they would have been if they had been in better colors. I think they still have their winter nighties in stock.

Well it was back into the mall and back to Macy’s for one last look around before heading out to my car. They had some really cute nighties and I thought I had found the place to shop but then I looked at the sizes. All were small or medium and there was no way I was going to fit into one of them so I was still out of luck but it had been a fun day.

It was a little after noon when I got in my car and left. I got over by Lloyd Center as that is where I am meeting Stefia & Marilyn at 2:30. It was about 12:40 so I figured I would stop at a Starbuck’s a few blocks from the mall for a snack and a drink and to play on my computer. I needed to go through my friends request on Facebook.

It is funny as I get a lot of friends request on Facebook and I have been trying to figure out where to accept them or not. Most of them you cannot see any information about them or even their pictures so you really have nothing to go by as to who they are. You would think they would maybe send a message to say who they are and why I should friend them. The only thing I can go by is mutual friends and that really doesn’t tell me much. So here is my comment on this. If you want to be friends with me on Facebook please send me a message and let me know a little about you, those get approved a lot faster. If I just get a friends request and I have no information to base it on most likely you will be denied. I went through about 70 request and deleted about 60 of them as I just had nothing to base a decision on and that is a shame as you may be a wonderful person.

It is amazing how busy this little Starbucks is, it has been a steady stream of people coming in and almost every seat is taken. As a matter of fact I had to sit at a long table on a stool when I first got here. Luckily a table with chairs opened and I moved to it as it was just more comfortable then the stool. I have caught up on all my e-mails, it helped that I did most last night.

Pedicure 1-29-2015Now as I promised here are a couple pictures of my Manicure and Pedicure. It is far harder to get a good picture of the manicure as I had to use the web cam on my computer as I didn’t have an extra hand free to take the picture. The color is OPI Red very pretty color.

I so love having pretty nails and wish I could have them all the time. Maybe someday it will be common for men to have pretty painted nails. I bet if more men went to the nail salon and tried it this would happen a lot faster as everyone looks better with nice looking hands. Manicure 1-29-2015Not a great picture of me but the focus of the picture should be the nails. It is amazing how feminine they make my hands look. They were a little long to start with but he filed them even and gave them a square tip look and wow instant girl fingers. I will have to remove the nail polish tomorrow though as I work on Sunday. I will also miss the Super Bowl with my friends as I will get off work just before it starts so by the time I got home, got dressed as Susan and got to where they are watching the game it would almost be over so no football for Susan this weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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Finally time to get out and get a manicure and pedicure.

Well I finally had time to go and get a manicure and pedicure tonight. It is funny as I had planned to go every 4 to 5 weeks and that just didn’t seem to work out this time as I was looking back on my blog and it has been 8 weeks since I got my last one. I called Dram nails as soon as I got home and was able to get an appointment for 5:30 which was plenty of time as it literally takes me less than 5 minutes to get there. I started getting ready about 3:45 and I was ready to go by 5 pm so I had a little time to kill so I watched a little news.

I got to Dream nails right at 5:30 and went in. Anna the lady who did my nails last time was sitting by the door and greeted me which always make you feel welcome. I was hoping she would be doing my nails again tonight as she did a fabulous job last time and was very pleasant. Well it turns out if they take appointments in turn unless you make it with a specific nail person so I got a male nail tech who was going to do my nails tonight. Now it is funny as my first thought was not the man and then I thought wow that is not right for me to judge him just for being a man. So I went over and sat in the chair and put my feet in the water and he started working on my feet.

Pedicures are so relaxing and feel so wonderful, if you have never gotten one you really should. They massage your feet and calf muscles and then rub in lotions and oils till your skin is silky smooth. Now he did a really good job but it never really spoke to me and I wondered if he was unsure of me or not sure what to say so that was a little bit of a disappointment but I guess I could have tried to start a conversation also and didn’t so I guess I really can’t fault him for that. There were a couple other ladies that came in but they just got manicures.

Now with my toes done we moved over to the manicure table and he started on my fingers. Manicures are nice but the point of a manicure is to get your fingers looking pretty, pedicures are for relaxing and of course getting your toes pretty. Well it turns out I have tomorrow off work as I have to work Sunday so I went ahead and had the same bright red polish put on my fingers. They look so cute and he actually shaped them a little which made them look so much better even though they are short. He really did do a nice job on my nails.

Well while I sat and let the polish dry I talked a little win Anna, it is funny I probably talked more with her in the 15 minute my nails were drying, she is really nice. I will have to remember to ask for her next time when I get my nails done. I am thinking I will get a manicure and pedicure in 6 weeks as that would be about a week before I leave for Diva Las Vegas and then I will make an appointment to with her to get my acrylic nails the night before we leave. That way my toes will look awesome for the trip also.

Well it was about 6:45 when I left, Anna got my keys out of my purse for me so I wouldn’t mess up my nails and told me to come back soon which made me feel good as a matter of fact the other lady there and even the man who did my nails thanked me for coming in and wished me a nice evening. It was a fun time and my fingers look awesome. It will be sad to have to remove the nail polish, too bad I can’t keep it.

Well as I was not ready to go home yet I drove out to Starbuck’s and that is where I am not. They weren’t really busy and when I got up to the counter to order the man behind the counter asked me what I wanted tonight and called me by my female name Susan which took me by surprise as I didn’t remember telling him my name but then I realized I always pay with my Susan credit card and he must have remembered my name from that, how awesome is that. Having a nice hot drink and chatting with some friends on face book, catching up on e-mails and of course updating my blog. What a wonderful evening it has been. The simple joys of being a girl.

Tomorrow as I have the day off I think I will go out and maybe do a little shopping in the morning and early afternoon. Then of course Friday night I will be going out with my friends. What a wonderful start to a weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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