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Some Susan time on Saturday and a video

Well, it is Saturday and I get to spend some time as Susan. I did have some things to do in the morning and then I took time to write my blog from Wednesday nights Zoom meeting, so it wasn’t till noon that I started getting ready. Now I took my time as I wanted to look my best today as I had something I wanted to do later today. I took extra care on my eyes and tried to do a really good black smokey eye look including false eyelashes and I was happy with the final look and yes, I went with my long blonde hair today. I was all ready by 1:30 and took a little time to get some pictures.

Now it was time to do my weekly shopping so I grabbed my purse and was off to Fred Meyers. I got there and parked and went in, there is just something about going and doing normal everyday things that everyone else do that makes it so nice. For years being Susan was something special just at home and then going out and now I live part of my life this way doing just normal daily things as Susan and that is something special and makes my life complete. Now it only takes about 30 minutes to do my shopping so this is a short outing as Susan and yes with a mask.

It was about 3pm when I got home and put my groceries away and yes, I did think about going to Starbucks for an hour or 2 but as I said earlier, I had something else I wanted to do today. Now Wednesday nights zoom meeting was a really good one and one of the things we talked briefly about at the end is what happens at the end of our lives especially if we have not told our families about this part of our lives which I have thought a lot about over the years as I am single and if something happens to me it will be my brother or nieces going through my things and finding all my female stuff. Now I have thought over the years of writing a letter for them to find in my stuff explaining about Susan and how I feel and about this part of my life but one of the girls said she was thinking of doing a video and I liked that idea. Any way I wanted to give this a try.

I spent about an hour writing different things and trying to get some thoughts to talk about and put it in some kind of outline that flows and covers what I wanted to cover. Now this was something new to try. Years ago, I think back in 2014 I did make a few videos I posted to my YouTube channel but they were just things I started talking about with no structure. They are pretty bad but I have left them up but I wanted to do better on this video for my family. Once I had it written and made sure I covered what I wanted to so I was ready to try a video.

Now I have thought about getting a stand-alone video camera and a microphone for our zoom meetings but haven’t. So, I was going to try this with the web cam and microphone on my laptop so it won’t be the best quality. If this works, I may think about doing more and maybe investing in better equipment and maybe ad a video blog to my regular blog. Now my first attempt was bad as I tried reading what I had written while recording it and it was bad. You see people giving speeches while reading off a teleprompter and they make it look so easy, its not. I stumbled through it and it didn’t turn out well, I deleted it. my next attempt while trying to look at the camera I lost my place, deleted it. My 3rd try I got through it and then tried to watch t and I didn’t loke the way I sounded, deleted it. I tried a 4th one and tried to speak in a more feminine voice and when I played it back, I sounded squeaky and deleted it. This is not as easy as I thought.

I took some time and redid what I wrote more into an outline format so it would give me talking points and then I would go from there and this seemed to work better. Now I have no way to edit these videos which also makes it harder as I have to do it in one shot. My goal was to be about 8 minutes and I just couldn’t’ get what I wanted to cover in and keep it under 10 minutes. My 5th try also deleted and I decided I would take a break and get something to eat.

It was almost 6 and yes, I broke down and made my trip to McDonalds. Now there was a line at the drive through so as I waited, I did get a couple pictures in my car including one with my eyes closed so you can see my eye look. I placed my order and the waited to get to the window to pay for it. when it was my turn the young lady at the window told me how much she liked my makeup which made me feel good and I thanked her. I also told her I liked hers as she had a really pretty pink and purple eye shadow on. She thanked me and told me she was still learning, I bet she is in her late teens, any way we talked a little about it till the car in front of me pulled forward.

I got back home and ate my dinner and then it was time to try my video again as I haven’t given up. Well, it took me 3 more tries and I finally had one I was satisfied with, although it is not great but I think with the equipment I have this is the best I could do. Now I have saved this video on my computer and a flash drive that I put in with my paperwork with all my financial information and yes, my brother knows where it is just in case. I also decided to upload my video to my YouTube channel incase you want to see my video. Now as I said there are a few more videos I did many years ago on here and they are kind of corny but it is part of my history and journey.

The rest of the night I just watched TV and worked on this blog. It was a relaxing day and some wonderful Susan time today.

Stay safe and stay happy and thanks for reading my bog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Wednesday night zoom meeting

It is another Wednesday and time to spend time with my friends. These zoom meetings have really helped our group stay in touch and get through the last year, thigs are getting better so hopefully we will be back to normal in a couple months. I got home and started getting ready as I wanted to enjoy my time getting ready. I was all ready by 6 for my night. I got a few pictures and of curse called and talked with my mom.

I started the meeting a little before 7 and girls were already waiting. Tonight, should be a good night as we are doing our second time with the significant others and letting them get together in a breakout room. Zoom allows me to set up a room within the room and assign certain people to it so they can talk between themselves. We did this a little over a month ago and it went well and the significant others wanted to do it again each month and tonight was the night they picked. It is great as it gives the wives / girlfriends and partners of our members a chance to talk with others in the same situation. Well as I said a couple girls were already waiting and 2 were the wives. It was about 7:15 and we had 21 signed on when I opened the breakout room and assigned the significant others to it. in the breakout room we had Alice, Amy, Lavonna, Lorna, Lynn, Mary, & Mary Ann. In our main room we had the following members in the same order to match their partners in the other room, Cindi, Jeanie, Melissa, Danika, Jan, Maille, Jennifer and the rest were Nicole, Trish, Tori, Kitty, Karla Danielle and me. It was a really good night

Now we don’t know what the significant others talked about as part of this is for the to be able to be totally honest with the other significant others and get advice or help with the things, they are dealing with. We always think about how we feel and what we are dealing with and going through but this also does affect others in our lives especially if you are married. Every decision we make in life has at least some small effect on others and I will give an example, I just changes how much I put into my 401k plan at work to save a little tax but that means the state and federal government get less taxes and someplace some program will get a few cents less and that will affect someone that I don’t know. Everything we do has an impact and although we need to be ourselves and do what is right and best for us, we also need to recognize it will affect others and we need to help them deal with it just like we hope they will help us and this goes for everything in life.

Now we talked a little with Karla, she is in Thai land and just had her SRS surgery a couple days ago and she is doing great although she is still in quarantine in the hospital because of the virus so she can’t leave her room but she has her mother with her who again joined us briefly tonight. We are all so happy for her. now this is not that path I am on as I have no plans to transition but I can understand how the ones who do feel and how great it must be for them. Soon it was time for Jennifer’s question

Tonight’s question was about our hobbies not dealing with this side of our lives and who they affect us, do we still do them and it was interesting to hear some of the lady’s answers. Some of the hobbies are just as important and some have kind of faded but it seems we all have some things we like to do. Now I don’t normally talk much about my male self in Susan’s blog but I thought tonight I would. I really have 3 hobbies that I loke although I don’t do them as mush anymore 1st is golfing which I like to do but I don’t go as often anymore and pretty much over the last 10 years my golfing has been mostly as Susan so this one really fits in well. The next is fishing and hunting and again I haven’t done much of this over the last few years and this is something not for Susan and I will explain. Yes, women do hunt and fish but the clothes you wear, male or female is really the same and it is the one time I always wear a hat which would mess up my wigs and being outside all bundled up in heavy clothes a hat and maybe sunglasses you really wouldn’t be able to tell plus I usually get dirty doing these things which again is not something Susan likes. The last one is I like to go take some hikes usually during the summer. Now again yes woman do go hiking but very rarely do you see a woman out hiking with makeup on and for me I need full makeup to at least give the appearance of femininity. Plus, it is usually dusty out hiking which again is not something that goes with makeup although I have taken a few walks along the waterfront or at the beach as Susan but not hiking a trail up in the woods. Well, this is a little about me.

It was after 9 when a few of our girls started to sign off and a few in the breakout room and it was about 9:20 when the ladies in the breakout room all signed out although Lynn did join back in the main room. By 9:30 we had just a few of us and Maille brought up about telling family and one thing she had thought about was what happens when we die which I have thought about not as I am worried about it but when my family goes through my stuff as I am still single so it would either be my brother or nieces who know nothing of this side of me and they would find all my girl clothes, wigs and makeup plus my breast forms and hip pads and pictures. Now as I said I have thought about this and I had thought about writing a letter to them to find and explain about this side of my life and why a did not tell them which I will do but one of the girls actually said she was thinking about a video where she could tell them and they could see her and I really like this idea so now I am thinking about that also. I just have to figure out what to say and how to word it. we only had about 5 of us left in the meeting at this point and thought this might be a good topic for the whole group. Even one of the married girls who has a wife that could cover for her and remove all her female stuff so her family wouldn’t fide out thought this would be unfair to her wife to have to cover up for her which I never thought of it that way so I guess the girls who are married also have the same concerns.

It was about 9:45 when we ended the meeting for the night. it was such a great evening. Now I am looking forward to Saturday and getting to spend the afternoon and evening as Susan.

Stay safe and happy and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday Susan time and yes, a different look for my eyes.

It is Saturday if Easter weekend so I want to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy Easter tomorrow. Now I slept in this morning as it has been a long week and then wrote my blog from Wednesday nights zoom meeting. It was about noon when I started getting ready. I wanted to take my time today and yes, I was going for a different look on my eye makeup. now yes, I love doing eye makeup and trying different looks and have done some smokey eye looks with browns and I have been loving the purples lately but today I wanted to try some more black colors which s harder to blend. I was happy with the look o got not as black as I hoped but it looked pretty and as it was not as dramatic would work for daytime look. I also did false lashes today. I was all ready by 1:30 to start my day and yes, I got a few pictures including of my eyes, let me know what you think of the eye makeup look I did today.

Now I was ready for my day and yes, the first thing was a trip to Fred Meyers for my weekly shopping. It was about 2 when I got to Fred Meyers and had to park way out, yes, they were busy today probably because tomorrow is Easter and everyone is doing their holiday shopping which included me as I also need an Easter dinner as I will have my mom over for the day. I did all my shopping and got dinner for tomorrow and yes, we will be having Ham, mashed potatoes and corn. I paid for my groceries and headed for home. I got home and parked in my driveway and took my groceries in and put them away. I really do love doing these everyday type things as it helps me give Susan meaning if that makes sense. For years Susan was something I did in secret and felt bad about doing and now Susan is a very important part of my life and who I am. I also think it is important for other people to see us in everyday life and not just at an LGBTQ club.

Now it was nice and sunny out and a little over 60 so I went out on my deck for a little while and called to talk to my mom. It was really nice being outside in the sun, it is a beautiful spring day. After I got off the phone it was about 3:15 so I decided to go to Starbucks again for a couple hours so I grabbed my computer and purse and walked out y front door and went to my car. My neighbors across the street were working in their yard but not sure they even noticed me.

I git to the Starbucks by my house and went in and ordered my drink, now it was really hot inside as a matter of fact a few of the employees were complaining about the heat, seems they still have their heat set for winter so I git my drink and went outside to one of the tables by the door. Now there was a young man and woman sitting inside and I was the only one outside so I sis get a quick picture at the table. Now the bad thing is at this time of year the sun doesn’t hot this side of the building so it was a little on the cool side and after about 40 minutes the breeze picked up and I moved inside. It actually felt nice and warm back inside but yes after a little while it did get warm just sitting there. Now this Starbucks has a dive through which is always busy but there was also a steady stream of people coming in. Most just came in and picked up, I am guessing they used the mobile app to order but a few did come in and order in person and then wait. For me it is not so much about the drink but being out. I needed to catch up on some things on my computer and yes, I could have done them at home just as easy but way more fun at Starbucks

I stayed at Starbucks till about 5:30 as I was getting really warm now and I was getting hungry as I haven’t eaten since breakfast. I git in my car and drove over to the fuel station and git gas as I was almost on empty. I was now on my way and I once again decided to stop at Panda Express and pick up dinner before heading for home. I got home and had a nice dinner. It turned out to be a really nice day as Susan.

Now I am going to Las Vegas in May with Cassandra and Peggy for 4 nights, Cassandra and Peggy will be there 9 nights. Well, a few girls are coming in after I leave but Veronica e-mailed today, she will be there the same as Cassandra and Peggy although she does have to fly back to Portland on Friday and then will go back to Las Vegas in Sunday. Anyway, I sent her the flight I am on Friday in case she hasn’t booked her flight yet. Now my flight is late in the day so it may not work for her but who knows.

The rest of the evening I did a little housework and laundry and watched TV till it was time for bed. I stayed up till 11pm before washing away Susan for the day and going to bed, it is always sad to see it come to an end but I know Susan will be out again soon. Now I am looking forward to this coming Wednesday night and our Zoom meeting. Stay safe and be happy with who you are as if you don’t like yourself it will be hard for others too.

Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is knew in my life.

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Wednesday night Zoom meeting and time spent with my friends

The last Wednesday of March and I get to spend some time with my friends again tonight. Now I did get home late tonight so it would be a rush to get ready. Now I do have time to get ready and enjoy my time doing my makeup but I will be ready just before 7 so I had to call and talk to my mom while I did my makeup. Now as I have said I have never really come out to anyone although some have found out and I am sure a lot more people know about this side of me then I think but as far as I know my mom and family don’t know and I see no upside to telling them. So, in a way talking to my mom while I do my makeup is kind of like spending mother daughter time together. I finished talking to my mom and got dressed and was ready by 6:55 so I got a few pictures before starting our group meeting.

There were ladies waiting when I signed on so we started just before 7. So, we had a good night as we had 15 ladies tonight, Nicole, Melissa, Julie, Jenifer, Christy, Jan & Lynn, Maille, Barb, Danika, Jeanie, Antonis, Tori, Brenda and me. It was so awesome to see Brenda join us tonight as this was her first Zoom meeting, it has been a while since I have seen or talked to Brenda. Now the funny thing is she was her male self and I have never seen her other then Brenda and until she changed her name to Brenda, we weren’t sure who she was so it just goes to show even though we are sure people will recognize us it is not always the case. Now some of the girls were interested in what she looked like as Brenda as they were trying to figure out if they had met her. well luckily, I have my blog and it was easy to go back and find a picture of us together at Diva Las Vegas back in 2014 so I will once again give my pitch that everyone does a blog about their life and experiences, you can make it private so no one can see it but this way you can go back and remember parts of your life. This is the Picture from that year, from left to right, Christine, Brenda, Me (in front a lady that wanted a picture with us), Julie and Cassandra, what a fun night.

Now we did talk a little about hopefully going out again in person soon and yes about Diva Las Vegas which has been scheduled for the end of October and a few of us are planning on going. I think we are getting more comfortable with things getting back to normal and all looking forward to life as normal. We had a nice time just talking and catching up again one of the things we really like about these zoom meeting is we can all join in and be part of the same conversation.

Now it was time for Jennifer’s question of the night and it was a good one, she actually sent it out in e-mail and wanted input from wives or significant others. The question is how you are different or what are the differences between our male and female selves and we have kind of touched on this before. Well Jenifer actually got a few wives to e-mail her their thoughts. Now it was interesting to hear other thoughts and yes there are a lot of similarities between us. It was also interesting to hear that the wives pretty much had the same views as the girls and the big thing was, we are all happier and to a degree more well-adjusted as our female self or just being able to express this side of us. It was an interesting topic and one of our girls who came out to her stepchildren found out they preferred her as her female self. I think a lot of it is twofold, first when we are hiding part of our life, we are defensive and don’t let people in and I think people pick up on this and feel we are hiding something which we are but it is hard to get close to someone you feel is being dishonest. The second thing is some of us try to overcompensate to hide this part of us and in the process become people even we don’t like, maybe more short tempered or trying to be overly masculine and that can also affect the way people view us.

For myself I will admit I don’t have a lot of close friends on my male side as I have always kept to myself for fear people would figure out my secret. As my male self I am more of an introvert and really keep to myself. The reason is I am hiding half of my life, half of who I am and that is a hard thing. As my male self I am not big on talking or conversations I say very little and feel out of place just sitting and talking. I do not like meeting new people or getting to know them as I feel I can’t be honest with them. I guess that is the biggest benefit of coming out to people for those who do. It is something we each have to decided for our selves as to what is right in coming out to people and no one can make that choice for us. Now on my female side I am more outgoing, I won’t go as far as saying I am an extrovert but I do like meeting people and being around people. I think that is why I like going to Starbuck’s. I do like talking to people and really enjoy our conversations we have as a group. Even when I am in Las Vegas Susan will talk with people at the Blackjack table. Now there are also small little things I noticed. Probably the biggest is jewelry, as my male’s self I don’t even wear a watch as it bothers me as Susan if I don’t have a ring and bracelets I feel off, even when I was sneaking out as Susan there were times, I forgot my jewelry and went back home to get them. Them main thing is I am happier as Susan as I am not hiding who I am and again this doesn’t mean I want to transition or go full time as I do enjoy my male side also.

Now the big thing is who I am inside and that really doesn’t change as it is both my female and male side that shape that part of me. I hope I treat people the same way no matter which side of me is out. My outlook on life and what shapes my life are the same and I think most of us are that way and I think that is what a lot of the wives and significant others that have accepted their spouses’ other side have figured out, both their female and male sides haled make the person they fell in love with.

The other thing that was brought up was if there was a poll that would make this all go away would we take it or would the spouses hive it to them and again we were all similar, early on yes we would have all taken it but as we have grown most of us would not change who we are and again it is because we realize the person we are is a mix of both and I would not change that or who I am. I have really grown over the last 10 to 15 years. I owe a lot of this to my wonderful family here that really helped me grow as Susan and accept myself.

We talked a little while longer and we still had a lot of us by almost 9:30. It was a little after 10 when we called it a night and yes I am always sad to see the night come to an end but I do have to be up early for work as tomorrow work starts at 5:30am. Now I am looking forward to Saturday when I will get to spend part of the day as Susan.

Take care and be happy with who you are. Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday and a little Susan time

Well, it is a beautiful Saturday, the sun is shinning and it is in the mid 60’s a perfect spring day. I got up and wrote my blog from Wednesday nights zoom meeting and posted it and then decided to mow my yard. Yes, mowing my yard is my male half job as Susan doesn’t like yard work as she might get dirty or mess her makeup up. it was about 11:30 when I was done and time for my shower and to transform into Susan for the rest of the day. I took my time today so I could enjoy every minute so it was about 1:30 when I was all done and ready for my day. Yes, I did get some pictures, the other night in our zoom meeting we did talk about pictures and I was glad to hear the other girls were like me, way more female pictures then male. Now on my desktop I have about 5 pictures of my male self and none on my laptop or cell phone. Now for Susan pictures I have no idea as I have some on flash drives, my old laptops, I have 2 different OneDrive accounts and a drop box so they are spread out but I did a quick look on my cell phones camera folder and I have 2,317 pictures. I think I need to go through them and clean them up. Now I had no plans other than my weekly shopping.

I grabbed my purse and was on my way, as I pulled out of my garage the neighbor across the street was mowing his yard as I drove by. Well as I went down the street my gas light came on so first things was to stop and get gas so I headed for Costco as they are .30 cheaper than everyone else, they are still under $3.00 a gallon. I got there and there was a long line so as I waited, I got my usual picture in my car. I finally got to the pump and got out and filled up my car. Now I was off and today I decided to go to Walmart as I have a couple gift cards for them, yes back at Christmas my one credit card gave me 5% off everything I bought at Walmart co I bought a few gift cards. I got there and they were busy so I had to park a way out. Now I have 2 stories today about people I saw and I hate to pock on people but I just have to especially the first one. The guy who went in in front of me grabbed one of the little sanitizer wipes to wipe his cart down and then needed to dry his hands, they have a little paper towel dispenser with one towel sticking out that you grab but he didn’t do that. He just pulled it down a little more and wiped his hand on it and left it there. I so wanted to say something but Susan doesn’t like to make a scene. I went in and did my shopping and picked up a few extra things I needed and then went up and paid for them and was on my way home which brings me to my second story. I pulled up to a red light and noticed the man in the car next to me. He was all by himself in the car and was wearing a face mask which I personally don’t think you need when you are by yourself my opinion for what it worth. That is not the point though. His drivers side window was fully open as it was a nice day but he was also smoking. He would pull his mask down, take a puff and blow the smoke out and then pull his mask up. I watched him do this 3 times at the light before it turned green and we were on our way.

I got home and parked in my driveway and got my groceries out and went into my house. It was a beautiful day out and I got thinking Starbucks as I could sit outside. I got my computer and was on my way, now I could only stay a little while as I didn’t plug my computer in so I only have about an hour or less but it was better then nothing. Now as I walked out to my car in my driveway the couple across the street were also going outside, I think they were taking a walk but they stopped at the end of their driveway right by the road. I just got in my car and drove past them. I went to the Starbucks right by my house but they were busy at least at the tables outside. They have 5 of them all full and there was maybe 20 people there at them. I decided to drive over to the other one I usually go to and I got there and all their tables were open so I parked, put my mask on and went in.

The lady at the counter greeted me before I even got up there and said it was great to see me back. I thanked her and told her it just hasn’t been nice enough to sit outside. Well, it turns out 2 days ago they opened indoor seating, every other table. I ordered my drink and a cookie and then stood there and we talked as I waited for my drink. I decided to sit inside for a while at least long enough to charge up my computer. Another girl came in with her computer and sat a few tables down from me. This Starbucks has a drive through which had a pretty steady stream of cars but also a lot of people who came in for mobile orders or just to get something to go. It was about 4pm and my computer was fully charged so I got anther drink and moved outside so I could keep my mask off.

Now it was a little colder outside as the tables were in the shade but still comfortable enough. Spent about 2 ½ hours here (1 hour inside and the rest outside) catching up on some work, e-mails and just playing on my computer. I sat right outside the door facing the parking lot so I could watch the people come and go. It was such a relaxing afternoon and I can’t tell you how much I have missed coming to Starbucks, I think the last time I was able to come here was November 9th 2020 as after that they shut down indoor dining again. By 5 there were a few other people sitting outside now but they seemed to pay no attention to me. I went through a bunch of pictures on my computer cleaning them up, in other words getting rid of the ones I didn’t like, the ones I didn’t post, yes, I do have some bad pictures. It was almost 5:30 and had gotten hazy out and got a little colder so I decided it was time to leave Starbuck’s but I will be back.

Now it was getting late and I needed to get dinner and as I have not had McDonalds in over a week, yes, I have been eating better but I really had a craving for a burger and fries so that was my plan. I went through the drive through on my way home. The rest of the night I just spent at home watching TV. It was a good day and so relaxing. Now I am looking forward to Wednesday nights zoom meeting with my friends. Now it has been a little over a year since I got my ears pierced March 23rd of 2020 to be precise and I love it. Susan always wears earrings now something I hardly ever did before as I couldn’t take the clip on ones very long, best thing I could have done, and yes I love the hoop earrings.

Stay safe and be happy. Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Wednesday Zoom meeting with my friends

Another Wednesday is here and I get to spend time with my friends again, I look forward to this all week. I got home from work and started getting ready, I took my time and tried for a more everyday look although I did go with a bold red lipstick as that really is my favorite color. It is funny as I read someplace that lipstick is the highest selling type of makeup but yet you don’t see a lot of woman wearing lipstick which is a shame as nice shade of lipstick really pulls a look together. I was all ready by 6 and got some pictures and called and talked to my mom for a while.

I started the meeting right at 7 and girls were already waiting, a few did show up late again tonight but as I always tell them better late then never. Tonight, we had 16 ladies join us, Nicole, Julie, Jennifer, Melissa, Tori, Jeanie, Maille, Jan & Lynn, Danika, Trish, Christy, Antonia, Danielle, Karla and me. It was great to see all my friends. Now one of the great things about the online meetings is people who can’t make it out or are out of town can join in, so our Portland group had 2 girls from the Seattle area, 2 from Central California, 2 from Southern California and yes 1 from Thailand as she lives there now. Now there is also a downside as some girls can’t dress at home either because their family doesn’t know or doesn’t approve and for those girls going out maybe their only alternative. I talk a lot about the supportive wives we have in the group but we do have a few members who wives are not supportive but tolerate it as long as they do it someplace else and they don’t have to see it. for these girls they usually go to Victoria’s over the Rainbow and get ready and then would go out and meet us for the night. The virus and shut down has been really hard on them the past year.

This led me to one of are topics of discussion, starting our Wednesday nights dinners again. The virus numbers are down and the number of people being vaccinated are going up and yes, a lot of our group has already got the vaccine, I was lucky enough to get mine back the end of January and fist of February. Now I don’t want to get political here but will give my 2 cents on the vaccine, first yes there are some risks with the vaccine as with all medicine but you have to weigh the risk to reward and for me the reward of the vaccine outweighed any risks, I was worried about but everyone hast to make this decision for themselves. Thee second point is it is your choice; I do not think the government has the right to demand people get it or punish them if they don’t. If I have the vaccine and you don’ I am protected and you assume the risk, just like the risk of being in car wreck if you drive. I support everyone’s right to decide for themselves. Well let’s get back to the blog. Now our group has done Wednesday night dinners out for probably 10 years and we would like to get back to that but we started doing these zoom meetings on Wednesdays one year ago because we couldn’t go out in person and this was a way to help us get through this till, we could go out again. Well as I said there is a lot of value and good that has come out of these meeting online and we don’t want to stop them but we can’t do both on the same night or you have to chose between the two and I personally want to do both so we need to come up with another night. now I figured Saturday nights were out as yes, I would like to go out on Saturday nights once things open again like to the Escape again. Sundays I spend with my mom so I kind of ruled that night out and Thursday is the night the Seattle group does their thing which really only left Monday, Tuesday and Friday so I asked the girls what their thoughts were and I was surprised as it went pretty well, the group seemed to rule out Tuesday as they felt 2 nights in a row might be hard so we settled on Monday’s at least for now. So, I will send this out to the whole group and see what their thoughts are. Now this will probably not start till May as we do want to give it a little more time and I am thinking of maybe in mid-March doing a Zoom meeting for a few weeks on both Monday and Wednesday to get the switch over going.

Well back to our group tonight, one of the highlights was Karla tonight, she actually leaves for Thailand this coming Monday for her SRS surgeries and her mother is going with her and tonight her mom was with her and joined her on the zoom meeting for a little while. Karla’s mom is awesome not only supportive of her but proud of her and is going with her to Thailand to be with her during her surgeries. Now I have often talked about how people accept or don’t accept these changes and I don’t want to get into a big debate but I can see both sides. We always look at ourselves and what we want, need but as in everything there are two sides to every coin. What I mean by that is I will use my brother. If he came out as transgender and wanted to transition yes, I would be supportive but there would still be that part of me that would mourn the loss of my brother. Yes, he/she would still be with me and I may have a better relationship with the new person he becomes but there would still be parts of the relationship we had as brothers that would be lost. For the person transition they are becoming their true self but for others there is the gaining of a new person and the loss of the old person even though they are really the same person if that makes sense. It is like the old saying If a butterfly flutters its wings in Brazil could it cause a tornado in Texas. Everything we do has an effect on things and people, just my thoughts. We need to be who we are but we also need to think about others and how it affects them and give them the time and support just like we need. Well as I said it was awesome to meet her and for a while Jennifer’s wife joined her also. It sounds like the wives/girlfriends are going to try and join us and do a breakout of just them in our meeting the first Wednesday of April which is awesome.

Now Jennifer’s question of the night was about our experiences of coming out to someone. It was interesting to hear about it and how it went and yes there were some bad experiences but over all the majority seemed positive which was nice. Now I have never come out to someone as far as just going up and telling them. For me I do this part time and don’t plan on going full time so I don’t feel the need to tell people and this is what is right for me. Now that being said I di remember years ago the fear of being found out and what I would say and could I lie my way out of it, convince them they were wrong. Now I bring this up as it happened back in October of 2012, two of my neighbor ladies and seen me as Susan on TV over the P-Club incident and somehow recognized me guessing they recognized the woman who had been driving my car and asked me about it, and all the time I spent thinking about how to lie my way out of it didn’t even pop in my head I just admitted to it and told them I liked to spend part of my life as a women so that was my coming out to someone even though it wasn’t planned. I still have one of them as a neighbor and we get along great so it will say it went well. I don’t know if they ever told anyone but I am sure most of my neighbors know as much as I come and go as Susan and I know they have seen me in my car. The one thing that has changed over the last few years is I don’t think about how to lie my way out of it. yes, I am not going out and telling people about me but I am not hiding it either, I am jus living my life. I now go to placed near my house instead of driving miles away and I don’t worry if people are outside when I leave, yes, I use to stand on my front room watching my neighbors outside waiting for them to go inside before I left, once I did this for over an hour. If people find out they find out but I will be who I am.

It was a great night and yes, we kept everyone online till 9 pm and we still had a lot of girls by 10pm before it dropped to just 4 of us and I thin it was about 10:20 when we finally shut the meeting down so it was one of our longer ones but a very fun night and always sad to see it end. Now I am looking forward to Saturday and spending the afternoon and evening as Susan. Sorry I went a little long tonight.

Stay safe and happy and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday and some Susan time

Saturday and the end of my vacation at least the Susan part as Sunday I will spend with my mom. Now I did have a Zoom meeting at 10am on my mail side. Now I have done these as Susan before just kept my video off and I figured I would do the same today so I got up and started getting ready a little before 9am. I did take my time and tried for a good daytime look and even toned my eyebrows some with a different shape. I also wore the other earrings I bought on Thursday when I went shopping with Jennifer. It was a nice look but I still like the look from last night’s dinner with my friend’s better. Now at 10 when my meeting started, I was just finishing getting ready. Now I have done these before and there are usually a few without video on but today all 6 of the others had their video in so I was the only one. The meetinwg lasted till noon so when I got done, I made a quick lunch and then it was time to get a few pictures. Now the only thing I really need to do today was my weekly grocery shopping.

I watched a little TV for a while and about 1:30 I looked out and the sun was shining and it looked really nice so I decided to take a drive down by the waterfront and take a walk as Susan. I got my purse and was on my way, it only took me 15 minutes to get downtown but by this time it was raining really hard but there were people out walking with umbrellas. I was out so I drove along the water front and then over by Who Song & Larry’s where we had dinner last night as there is also a path about a mile long along then river and there were just a few people over here. Now the rain was easing up so I parked along the road for a few minutes and decided the rain had slowed just enough to get out quickly and get a few pictures. I only spent a few minutes outside before getting back in my car and driving off.

Now since I was already out, I drove to Fred Meyers to do my shopping. I got there abut 2:30 and had to park a way out as they looked really busy. It had stopped raining by now ad the sun had come back out so maybe I should have waited a little longer down by the river. I put my mask on and went in and did my shopping and I was right they were really busy so it took a little longer to get around the store. Now as I was ready to leave it was really raining hard so I stood there for a little while with other people waiting for the rain to slow down. It slowed down a little so a few of us headed for our cars and normally in my male life I would have ran but Susan just walked fast so I did get a little wet but my makeup survived.

I got home and parked in my drive as I plan to go get dinner in a little while and it had stopped raining. I put my groceries away and sat down and watched a little TV till about 5:30. Now it was time for dinner and I decided to skip McDonalds this week and go to Panda Express which I believe is a little healthier. I walked out to my car and there were 2 kids (a boy and girl) probably high school age playing basketball next door but I jus walked to my car and got in and drove off.

I got to Panda Express and went in and there was just one other person there so I was able to walk right up and order my dinner. Now I have my favorite and always order the same and the girl helping me must have remembered as she asked if I wanted sauce on the rice also which I always do. I got my dinner and left and drove back home and normally I would have pilled into the garage but the kids next door were still out shooting baskets so I just parked in my drive and got out and walked into my house. Now they were the other side of my car so probably didn’t get a good look at me but I was fine with it.

The rest of the night I just watched TV and relaxed. I did set up a zoom meeting for Wednesday night for our groups get together. It was a little after 11 when I called it a night and went up and washed away my makeup for bed. It is sad when this happen and I do look so plain without makeup and long hair. Men really have no way to express themselves that stand out. Females are just luckier as they have so many ways to express who they are and I get to share that when I am Susan.

Now I am looking forward to Wednesday night Zoom meeting. One thing I want to talk about is our dinners out as a few girls have expressed interest in getting together for dinners and want to go back to Wednesday nights the same night we do our zoom meetings. I am wondering if the ladies would mind switching or Zoom meetings to another night, I will probably send out an e-mail about this as I really want both to happen but I want to participate in both. Besides this would give me a 3rd night as Susan. I think we have time as I am guessing it would be May when we start the dinners. Something for us to talk about.

Stay safe and happy and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Friday dinner with my friends at Who Song and Larry’s

Friday is here and my vacation is coming to an end. I did have things to do today including going over and visiting my mom this afternoon so Susan would have to wait till this evening but it was worth it as there are 5 of us going out to dinner at Who Song & Larry’s. Now this morning I did need to remove my pretty nail polish I got yesterday and I did put a couple coats of clear OPI nail envy nail strengthening formula on and my nails still look nice. I was really looking forward to tonight’s dinner as I bought a new dress and earrings yesterday when I was shopping with Jennifer and I plan to wear both tonight. I got home about 5 and started getting ready.

Now I took my time doing my makeup as I had a specific look, I wanted for going out. darker eyebrows, my purple eye shadow, false eye lashed and my bright red lipstick to match my dress. Yes, it is funny how excited I get for a new outfit for Susan or a new look. I was all ready by 6 and really liked how I looked; I will have to get one of the girls tonight to get a picture of me so I can show off my mew dress. Cassandra had texted me to see what time I was going to get to Who Song & Larry’s, our reservations are for 7 but I texted her I wanted to get there at 6:30 and have some of their cheese bean dip at the bar.

I was on my way by 6:10. As I drove, I got a text from Cassandra that traffic headed north on I-5 was at a standstill and I got caught going South at SR 500 so I am thinking they opened the bridge but I was able to get off the freeway and avoid the traffic and still get there but it was about 6:40 when I got there. The parking lot was full but I got lucky and someone pulled out as I drove in. I texted Cassandra I was there and walked in. Now there were people waiting to be seated and I went and checked in and they told me it would be 20 to 30 minutes and the sad thing was the bar area was closed due to covid-19 restrictions. Now this is the part I have trouble with. The bar area was closed because of social distancing but there were 2 groups of 4, 4 groups of 2 and me and now Cassandra plus the 3 workers at the desk standing in an area maybe 20 by 20 feet big. Now they did take a couple of the small groups in but by now Amy, Jeanie and Barb had shown up plus a few more small groups. Now we were all wearing our masks but there was no social distancing as we waited. Now Amy complimented me on my earrings so she noticed them and I will admit they do stand out but are so cute and I love getting compliments so I thanked her.

It was about 7:15 when our table was ready and we were shown in, it was right in the middle of the room but close to the fireplace. It was so wonderful to be out with my friends again and I am really looking forward to doing this more and yes, the tables were all spaced out. Our waitress came and took our drink order and I ordered some cheese bean dip as I am not a fan of salsa, when you eat here, they give you their fresh made chips and salsa to eat and I love their chips and dip and could make a meal out of that. We all talked and caught up and had a nice time. Now it was time to order dinner and I got their chicken enchilada dinner but as I kept eating the chips and dip, I really could have skipped dinner

Our food came and we had a wonderful dinner and great conversation. We talked about a lot of things, the virus and how we are handling it and feel about it and yes, we are all tired of it and can’t wait for things to be back to normal and the masks to go away. We also talked about going on a cruise again, Cassandra got a message from the cruise coordinator who set up our groups last cruise and she is offering our group a really good deal, a free drink package, unlimited Wi-Fi, a special dinner and all gratuities included free if we take a cruise in 2021 or 2022 so we are really thinking about next year. I don’t think any of us want to do it this year as we want to make sure it is safe and yes, the mask rules are gone as we really want to be seen. We talked a little about it and we are thinking an Alaskan Cruise in the summer of 2022.

We also talked about doing dinners again and we are thinking we should start them up again in small groups for those who want to go out but her lies the issue, the thought is starting the dinners up on Wednesday nights. For almost 10 years we have done Wednesday night dinners but for the last year we have been doing our zoom meetings also on Wednesday nights since we couldn’t go out. So, do we change the nights of the dinner or the zoom meetings as I think both are good for our group. Probably the easiest to change would be the Zoom meetings and as I thought about it there really is 3 options, Monday, Tuesday or Friday nights as the Seattle groups do their meetings on Thursday nights and some of them join our meetings, and I would like to start going back to the Escape on Saturday nights. Well, something to think about and maybe get the zoom groups thought and switching nights.

Now I did stand by the fire next t our table long enough to have Cassandra take a couple pictures of me in my new dress, let me know what you think of my outfit and earrings? I wish I had thought to have our waitress get a picture of our group but forgot that. Our waitress brought our bills and we paid them but we sat there and talked after dinner till almost 9:30 before we called it a night. By the way our waitress was wonderful and treated us great but then we have always gotten really good service here. It was such a wonderful night out and such a good feeling to be out with my friends. It was sad to see the evening come to an end but I am sure we will do it again soon.

Now I am looking forward to Saturday and spending most of the day as Susan, not sure what I will do as it is supposed to rain tomorrow so it may just be at home.

Stay safe and happy and no we are getting close to being back to normal. Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Thursday Susan time and shopping with Jennifer.

It is Thursday and I have a fun day planned. I am going to meet Jennifer at Clackamas Town Center for some shopping and food. Now we were going to meet at 2pm but Jennifer scheduled herself a manicure at 1pm at Prim Nail Salon so yes, I called and scheduled myself a manicure also as it has been a while and yes, I plan to get color even though I will have to remove the color either Friday or Saturday at the latest. I started getting ready a little before 11 as I wanted to be ready no later then 12:15. I took my time doing my makeup especially on my eyes. Now I also do my contouring a little different now days, later in the day Jennifer and I were talking about it so I thought I would explain here. I use Maybelline Superstay stick foundation in Mocha shade (I see it is being discontinued which is sad) but any dark stick foundation will work. I don’t just put it on from the stick but use a cosmetic sponge and dab it on in a line from the top of my ear ¾ of the way down towards the corner of my mouth and blend it in. If it’s not dark enough I can put more on if it is too dark, I can blend out with a little more foundation. I do the same thing from the bottom of my ear down to my jaw line and along the lower side of my jaw and it works really well. I was all ready by noon and got a few pictures and then was on my way.

I got to Clackamas Town Center by 12:45 and parked by JC Penney’s and went in. was I walked in the door and saw other people in their masks I realized I left mine in the car and had to go back and get it really fast. Now Prim Nails Spa was at the opposite end of the mall from where I was so I had to hurry to get there by 1pm. I got there right before 1and Jennifer was already at the counter. Well, the lady told Jennifer it would be 20 to 30 minutes which was strange as she had made her appointment 2 days ago and the same for me so Jennifer gave the lady her phone number and we walked back down the mall to check out the other nail salon and it was busy also. Now I have never been to a nail salon on a mall before and I am guessing the bulk of their business is walk ins. We walked back down by Prim Nail spa and got there about 1:20 so we got a few pictures and sat on the bench outside waiting for them to call. At 1:45 we walked in to see how long it would be and the lady at the desk said it would be another 5 minutes so we picked out our color. Jennifer got seated at 1:55 and it was about 10 minutes later when I got seated, more than an hour after my appointment and the young lady at the desk didn’t seem bothered, we had to wait at all. The lady at the desk checking people in really seemed non interested in any of the customers that came up.

Now I was looking forward to this as I really do need a manicure. I told the lady what I wanted and she trimmed my nails and then got a bowl of water for me to put my hand in and it was cold water, normally when I have gotten a manicure it is warm. She filed my nails on the one hand which only took a couple minutes and then had me switch hands. Then she trimmed my cuticles did not push them back just used the clippers and again this was done in maybe 5 minutes. This was followed with a small dab of hand lotion on each hand and I bat she didn’t spend 30 seconds rubbing the lotion in before having me wash my hands, as I walked to the sink, I finished rubbing the hand lotion in myself. Now it was time for the nail polish and she did a good job on the polish. In all a sat down at 1:05 and my manicure was done at 1:19 a total of 14 minutes and the cost was $22. My nails looked pretty but so not worth the money and not the relaxing experience I was looking for, as sad as it is, I would not recommend this salon. When I have gone to Dream Nails of Julies nails in Vancouver it is about a ½ for a manicure and its $20.

It was now time to go get something to eat so we went to California Pizza for a late lunch, on the way my mom called so I took the call and messed up 2 of my nails getting my phone out which was sad but I will have to remove tomorrow and unless you look closely you won’t notice. Now California Pizza was not busy so we got a booth, our waitress came and took our order and yes, I had a Chicken Caesar salad to try to eat better. We had a wonderful lunch and talked the whole time. it was so nice. I had Jennifer take a picture of me at the table and I took a few of her we even got one of the waiters to get a picture of us before we put our masks back on and left.

We walked across to a store called Loft and looked around, the sizes were a little on the small size but Jennifer did find a top She wanted to try on so I waited and as I did saw a reddish cranberry sweater dress and they had a large size so I tried it on and it was just a little big. As I came out the lady asked me how it fit so I told her and checked the rest of the ones on the rack and they were all small or extra small so I was out of luck but the lady there looked around on another rack and found a medium and for $14 I couldn’t pass it up so I bought it.

We left here and walked over to ULTA and went in as Jennifer was looking for a beauty blender type sponge and yes, I love looking at cosmetics. Jennifer got what she was looking for so we walked on down to the MAC store to check things out. A really nice lady helped us even though we didn’t but anything she showed us some of there new items one being a cream shimmery gold eyeshadow which I love. During the holidays and thing, a brown eyeshadow with a shimmery gold on the lid and inner corner of the eye looks awesome and had it been back in November I probably would have bought it but not a look for summer for me but if it is still around next fall (maybe earlier) I will get one.

We walked done the mall and went into a store called Aldo which sells shoes but again most were size 7 to 9 but fu to look a. Well, they also had some jewelry and it was a buy one gets one free so I looked and fund a really cute dangly earring for $8.95 so I found a big gold hoop earring I liked and bought them. I really have too many earrings as with these I have 14 pairs so if I wear a different pair twice a week it takes me 7 weeks to wear all of them. So, my plan is to wear my new sweater dress and earrings for tomorrow’s night dinner. We walked down to Penney’s and looked at dresses and Jennifer found a couple she liked so she tried them on but they were too short. It really is hard to find dresses that fit right.

It was almost 6 now so we decided to call it a night, now Nicole brought down some clothes for me to look at and I did find a couple things that fit and I liked that I kept but now it was time to pass them on to Jennifer to look through. We moved them from my car to hers and then it was time to say goodbye, it was such a fun day, thanks Jennifer for inviting me. It took me over an hour to get home so it was 7:20 when I got there so I made a quick bite to eat and turned on my computer. The Seattle group Emerald City is having their St Patty’s day Zoom meeting at 7 and Maille invited our group to join so I decided to log in for a while. Several of their members have been joining our Wednesday night Zoom meetings so I wanted to join them. I actually know several of the girls from online. Now we had a high of 24 girls on their meeting but there were a few that logged off early and some came late so I am guessing total was 28 to 30 but they did have 3 of our group from Portland, (Jennifer, Trish and me) a few from Canada and a few from the bay Area of California. It was a fun night and I ended up staying on the meeting till 10pm. It was nice to get to know a few of those girls better and maybe once things open up again, we can get the groups together.

I also worked on my blog from today and will post first thing in the morning after I re-read it. now I am looking forward to tomorrow night’s dinner and yes, I need to go over and see my mom before so I will have to remove my pretty nail polish midafternoon. I did get one picture showing my nails, I would so love to have pretty nails all the time. Jennifer also sent me one of her pictures to post in my blog. It was a wonderful day.

Stay safe and happy and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Wednesday Susan time and zoom meeting with friends

It is Wednesday and that means later tonight I get to spend some time in a video meeting with my friends but I also get the day as Susan or at least I thought. Well, I have been having issues with my internet and it has been getting worse and today it was bad so I decided to take my modem in to comcast and get a new one as mine is almost 6 years old so that would delay my being Susan a little bit. I also had a few other things I needed to do so I took care of them also. I got home with my new modem a little after noon. Now first of all the instructions for hooking up the new modem was horrible. I actually got it set up pretty quick but renaming it and changing the password I just had trouble figuring it out and had o go through the online help to find it. probably why when I pull up my wi-fi connection from home I see 6 that say XFINITY networks. Well, I it renamed and password changed but then there were the things I hadn’t thought about, yes, my computers were easy but I had to reconnect my Alexa Dot, my heat pump and my WYZE camera’s

It was after 2 when I started getting ready for my day as Susan. I took my time doing my makeup today as I wanted to try something new a black smokey eye look. I have done dark browns but not blacks as I think that is a hard look to pull off but today, I was going to try. For the last few weeks, I have been doing my eyebrow first and then my eye makeup and then I do my foundation and the rest of my makeup and yes, I have been using tape to get the clean crisp line for my eye shadow like in this picture. The first few times I tried this it was hard and took longer but I am getting better at it and it really takes no more time now. Now black eye shadow is a little harder to blend and get to look good but I was happy with how it turned out but I think it is more of an evening look.

I was all ready by 4pm so I had a few hours before my video meeting with my friends. Now Cassandra and I have been talking about getting together for dinner Friday evening so I called Who Song & Larry’s to see what their rules were, they do have indoor as well as outdoor dinning but groups of 6 or less so I made reservations for 6 and posted to our group to see if anyone else was interested. I got an e-mail from Jeanie saying she and Amy wanted to join us and also Barb e-mailed me so it looks like we will have 5 of us Friday night and it will be fun to get out again. Now I know a lot of people have strong views on the virus and how we deal with it but it basically comes down to 2 personal freedoms and the fact my choices and beliefs are just as important and relevant as others. If you feel you should not go out don’t if you feel that you can go out safely go out. this is how we should look at everything. If there is a movie or book you don’t like then don’t read or watch them but don’t impose your will on others. Sorry for the political statement but I am totally against cancel culture and believe everyone has a right to their views and beliefs but they also need to respect other beliefs and views. If we can all do that this country (and world) would be a better place.

I go a few pictures and then it was tome to get dinner and yes, I wanted to go out so I made a quick trip to McDonald’s to get some food and yes got a picture in my car. I really do need to cut down on my fast food and I am hoping we can start going out in small groups again now. Any way that is my goal to eat healthier and hopefully lose some weight as the last year has been hard with not being able to do things. Now I did call and talk to my Mom for a while before starting the meeting with my friends

I started the meeting just before 7 and there were a couple girls waiting, we did have a smaller group tonight and a few joined late s today is Saint Patrick’s Day and some people love this day. It was about 7:40 when everyone who would join today had signed on. We had a total of 12 tonight, Melissa, Nicole, Jeanie, Patty, Danika, Antonia, Kea, Andi, Julie, Jennifer, Danielle and me. It was nice to see all my friends again and especially Kea and Andi as they don’t get to join us that often. We all talked for a while and got caught up and had a nice time. Jennifer was one of the ladies that joined late so it was a little slow getting started. I may host these meetings but Jennifer really keeps the meetings going and gives them structure especially with her questions which we all look forward to. Now as she started late, she didn’t have a question ready but she came up with one and that was about dreams, do we dream as female or male of both.

For me I tend to dream more as Susan about being Susan and being female probably about 60% of the time. Now yes when I am dreaming, I do sometimes dream of being completely feminine in every way, other times being caught as Susan, pr being totally accepted as Susan by everyone. The one thing that sticks out in my mind is I do sleep better when I dream about Susan or being female so I guess even in my dreams being Susan is relaxing for me. Now some of the girls said they really don’t dream although we know we all do just don’t remember it. I know for me I can wake up in the night and fully remember my dream but in the morning, I can remember waking up during the night but not what my dream was about so I guess maybe it is higher than 60% I dream as Susan or maybe less but the female dreams are more memorable.

We talked a little more and got onto Drinking and for those who don’t know from my blog I don’t drink alcohol I just never cared for it or how it made me feel so it is strange I go to bars but another thing is I don’t drink coffee, I love the smell but can’t stand the taste and yet I go to Starbucks. Now I new some of the girls didn’t drink alcohol but I was sure I was the only one who didn’t drink coffee, just like I use to think I was the only male who liked to dress as a female. Well, we did a show of hands and for the ladies here tonight 6 of the 12 don’t drink alcohol and to my surprise 5 of the 1 don’t like coffee.

We all talked till after 9 before girls started signing off and we still had ½ the girls by 9:30 and tonight Jennifer stayed on late she was in the final 4 of us till almost 10pm. It came down to just Julie and I at the end and we talked a little while. Julie will be back in Portland in May and I am looking forward to seeing her as I have really missed her. We ended the meeting about 10:15 so it was a late night but still sad to see it come to an end.

Now I am Looking forward to Thursday and shopping with Jennifer and Friday and dinner with some of my friends. It has been a wonderful week so far.

Stay safe and happy and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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