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Wednesday night dinner at Benihana in Beaverton

Benihana 9-30-2015 (6)Well it is Wednesday night and Susan was going out to dinner. Our group has been trying to pick new places to go to dinner on Wednesday nights to mix it up some. this is a picture of me at the Benihana. now we have never gone here before as a group although I think once many many years ago I had gone to Benihana, you actually sit at a table with a grill at it and they cook your dinner right at the table while you watch. each table sits 8 people and we had a good turnout of 16 so we filled 2 tables. we had Cassandra, Star, Cristine, Julie, Jan, Lynn, Rebecca, Veronica, Jennie, Amy, Chris, Roxy, Jamie, Christine, Michelle and of course me. it was going to be a really fun night.

I got there about 6:30 and went in and met the girls in the bar. turns out our reservations were not till 8 pm so we sat in the bar and talked. I got to talk with Veronica, Cass and of course Julie, Julie and I had a wonderful time talking, she is so much fun. more of the girls started showing up and soon all 16 of us were there. now what was cool is Star came tonight, she is the Bartender at the Lounge at Harvey’s. She wanted to join us tonight, she had on these really awesome false lashes. she had gone to Nordstrom’s and got them. I really have to try false lashes sometime. I talked with her for a while about them, so much Benihana 9-30-2015 (13)fun talking about things like this.

It is amazing how fast the time went by and soon it was 8 pm and time to go in to our tables for dinner. our 2 tables were next to each other separated by where the chief stood to cookBenihana 9-30-2015 (14) our dinner. now of course several of us had our camera’s out taking pictures. now of course I had to get a picture or 2 with Star. She was so much fun. of course we will see her again when we go to Harvey’s which we are planning twice in November as we are going our normal night and also when Julie Scoggins will be here as she is so awesome.

Well our waitress took our order and I ordered the Teriyaky Chicken. They had a really good menu and it all looks so wonderful. Well the chef’s came to our table with our food and started to cook what we ordered. now this is where it got really fun.

Benihana 9-30-2015 (12)Our chef was awesome, he actually made a show out of cooking our food on the grill. flipping the knives and seasoning, he made it look almost like art, it was awesome. you get dinner and a show right at your table. If you have never been to a Benihana you really need to go it is awesome. It is a little more expensive but so worth it for what all you get. most dinner options are between $19 and $35 but what is cool is you can order 1 thing and someone else ordered something else and you split them and the chef will cook it and give you each half. One tip if you want to go make reservations and it is more fun if you go as a group.

The food was awesome, the staff was awesome, and watching them cook right at the table was priceless. It was an incredible night out with my friends. we all talked and had a wonderful time.

After dinner we all got together and took a group picture, well it was actually the Benihana that took the picture and gave us several copies. This is our group scan0001out for dinner. It was after 10 when we left Benihana so it would be a late night for me as I still had a 45 minute drive home but it was so worth it. I think we will be back here for dinner again.

Thanks for reading.

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Saturday night at the Escape

Well I decided to go out Saturday night the escape Bar and Grill as I really wanted to get out again as Susan. I was really looking forward to being out with friends. I got to the Escape about 6:40 and the parking lot was full but someone left just as I got there so I got a spot right in front. Normally it is not busy this early.

I got inside and Dan and Kellie were there, turns out they had gone golfing today and stopped here for something to eat and to watch the Oregon Ducks football game. Seems that is why they were so busy. It was nice to see the both as they don’t get out as much. We sat and talked as we watched the football game which really wasn’t that good as Oregon got blown out. Actually by half time most of the people who came to watch the game had left. It was fun talking with them and catching up on what is knew in their lives.

Jamie also showed up she is one of our newer members, she moved to Portland with her wife when she transitioned a few months ago. It was nice to talk with her and get to know her better. Cristine also showed up Along with Laura and her girlfriend. Blair also showed up and brought a new girl out for her first time. It is always fun to meet new girls on their first time out, I always think back to my first times out and how scared I was and what a rush of excitement I had. Cassie, Shadow and Victoria also showed up so we had a good turnout tonight.

Karaoke started and of course with the music it was hard to keep talking but we did get a chance between songs. It was fun to watch the Karaoke. It was a fun night and as always sad to see it come to an end.

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Friday night on my own but not really on my own.

Well it has been a long and busy week and I was ready for some relaxing time as Susan. Now I knew Chris wouldn’t be out tonight so I wasn’t really sure who would be or even if anyone from the group would be out but that didn’t change my mind about going. My plan was to go to Sweethome and have dinner as I haven’t eaten yet and see if anyone shows up. I got all dressed and yes I took my time to enjoy the whole experience of becoming Susan. I got to Sweethome a little before 7 and went in. there were only a few people there and none from our group but as we have been coming here for several years I do know some of the regulars.

Rachel was here playing video poker, I have known her for maybe 5 years as we met when our group started going to the P-club and she is one of the reasons we come to Sweethome now. Any way we got talking about the Oregon Court of Appeals upholding our judgement against the P-Club and Chris Penner. It was a difficult thing our group went through and I have been asked by a few people why it was such a big issue and with all the places that would accept us like Sweethome, Harvey’s Comedy Club, Escape Bar and Grill and so many other why we didn’t just take our money somewhere else? The funny thing is I would have been one of those people saying that 5 years ago if this had happened to someone else. You really need to experience it and live through it. So I thought I would take a moment to explain how I felt and why I decided to get involved and before you ask no it was not about money as we all thought we would be lucky to get 5 or 10 thousand as a whole group and most of that would go to our attorney. Our main reason was to get it out there to people and businesses that there are laws that protect people and you can’t break them.

Now when I first herd we were not to come back to the P-club my first thought was why as we had never caused a problem. We went there spent money and had fun, we supported his business and him financially. Then I started feeling the guilt that I was less than everyone else that I wasn’t as important or good as other people and that is a horrible feeling. That we were maybe second class citizens and no one should feel that way. Everyone matters in life and now with the elections going on I see a lot of people attacking people on the other side and some of it is really nasty and that is wrong. People can disagree with you and your view but they still have the right to their views as long as they respect your views. It is called tolerance. Now I felt bad for a period of time about being told not to came back and eventually I started to get mad about it and don’t get me wrong it has been over 3 years and I still feel hurt and sad about being asked not to come back. What was hard is we had met some really wonderful people here and we looked forward to seeing them and playing pool and shuffle board with them on Friday nights also.

Yes we would go out as a group but there was a big part of being social and interacting with others from outside our group that made the whole thing complete. The support we get from our group and friends is wonderful and I can’t imagine no having it but when you meet people from outside your group that accepts you well that is just an incredible feeling and makes you feel you are indeed an equal part of society. Now as I said I met Rachel and Danielle here at the P-club and am still friends with them as they also go to Sweethome but there are many people I met here that I did consider friends, we would talk on Fridays and play games together but as I was still private about the other side of my life and who he was I didn’t give out a lot of information. Once I could not go back there I had no way to get ahold of these friends and so I lost some friends during this because of Chris Penner’s actions and that was really hurtful.

The main reason for fighting this as I said was to let businesses know they can’t discriminate. People say it was just one business but it really isn’t. There are many people out there that have feelings or beliefs about this and many things and they are entitled to them but they do not have the right to treat me unfairly because of them. If one business can get away with this then others will follow. Yes we will always have places we can go but we should not be limited or have to check and do research to figure out where we can and can’t go. It is not about special right but equal rights under the law and that is why I got involved. Wow a little more wordy than I planned s back to tonight.

Well I got out my computer and went on line while I waited for my dinner to arrive. Caught up on some e-mails and then went into the chat room. Now I figured I would stay till 9 in case any other girls showed up. Heather showed up, she is one of the many wonderful people I have met here at the bar so we talked for a little while, she is really awesome as she hugs everyone so I always get a hug from her which just makes you feel good inside. It is funny as woman are freer to hug people where men are not and that is a shame.

Rachel finished playing the video poker and did well so she cashed in and then came and sat with me so we could talk more. A couple of her friends also joined us, Ashley and her wife Shannon who were just awesome. The 4 of us sat and talked and I got to know Ashley and Shannon and about their lives and their daughters. Another one of Rachel’s friends came over I think his name was Jeff. It was a really fun time. Most of the time I wasn’t even aware of how I was dressed or that I was Susan verses my male self I was just me ad that is an awesome feeling.

I was chatting online with a young crossdresser who has been asking questions which I am always happy to answer but she was concerned with passing and being as realistic as possible and I told her how hard that is even for a Transsexual who has transitioned. For me passing and being realistic is what happened tonight. I was out with friends enjoying a fun night and I kept forgetting I was not out as the gender I was born into. I was me and they accepted me as me. Yes they knew the truth but it didn’t matter to them I was a person and that is what passing is all about. And am lucky to be able to do this and have such awesome friends to spend time with.

Well so much for my leaving at 9 as I was having so much fun before I knew it, it was after 10:30. Well I said my goodbyes to my friends and went to pay my bill and saw Monica and Raven at the bar so I guess some of my group came in and I just didn’t notice so I stopped and talked to them for a while before paying my bill.

While I paid my bill the lady sitting at the bar started talking to me. Her name was Leah. She said she had seen me and my friends in here several times and always wanted to talk to me so I stopped and we chatted for a few minutes. She seemed really nice. It was a good night out. Just as I was leaving Joan also came in s I chatted briefly with her before heading out.

Thanks for reading. And remember we are all different and that is okay as long as we respect each other and treat each other with dignity.

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Long awaited P-Club update.

Well this is not my normal type of post about me going out as Susan but it is still about me and my life as Susan so I guess it counts. It has been a long wait but the State appellate court ruled this morning on our case against the P-Club for discrimination, You can read about it on Oregon Live. The court ruled in our favor and rejected all of the points Chris Penner used in his appeal.

For those new to my blog our group went to this bar every Friday for a couple years till the owner left 2 voice messages telling us not to come back because his bar was not a tranny bar. You can read about when this happened on my blog from that day here and there is a link on this page to Cassandra’s YouTube page where she actually plays the 2 voice messages he left explaining that his bar was not a tranny bar and that was why he didn’t want us back.

Now from this video we were contacted by an attorney named Beth Allen who wanted to talk to us and and 6 of us went to meet here, Cassandra and her wife Peggy, Cristine, Victoria, Chris and of course me. Beth was awesome and wanted to take our case so the 6 of us signed on with her. Well it was only a week or so later and BOLI (Oregon bureau of labor and industry) who actually deals with civil rights cases also contacted Cassandra and when they herd we had talked to an attorney said they couldn’t talk to us then. well a day later Beth called us and said that BOLI wanted to meet with us so the 6 of us agreed thinking we would be going in and trying to convince them what happened. well when we met with the 3 investigators from BOLI it was clear we didn’t have to convince them. they wanted to pursue this and use us as witnesses which is what happened. We didn’t actually file a law suit or complaint. BOLI investigated and found our rights had been violated and then Brad Avakian who is the commissioner of BOLI filed the complaint in his name on our behalf. Now Beth our attorney who was awesome got appointed to a judge position and had to give up our case so she found us a new attorney named Sue-Del McCulloch and she took over our case for us and she was Awesome.

Now this was a really interesting thing to be involved in and I am glad I stepped forward and got to take part in it. Funny thing is 7 years ago I was working up the courage just to go out and now I have testified in a court hearing and been interviewed on TV as Susan.

Thanks for reading

Sue-Del McCulloch

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Escape Bar on a Saturday night

Well it has been a good weekend as I was able to get out both Friday and Saturday night which I was so ready for. My time as Susan over the last several months has been limited so I am really cherishing the time I get. I was meeting my friends at the Escape Bar and Grill at 7 I couldn’t wait. I took my time getting ready tonight and I did a purple eyeshadow tonight as I just wanted something brighter for a change.

I got there just before 7 and Cassandra was the only one there so far but it would be long before others showed up. Laura was the first followed by Cristine, Jan, Lynn Teresa, Victoria, Karen and her wife and a couple others so we had a really good turnout.

Now I sat with Karen and her wife and talked with them most of the night. It was so much fun and I got to know them a lot better, they are really a nice couple and Karen is lucky to have such a supportive wife. It is funny as there are women, wives and girlfriends out there that are not only okay with transgender significant others but very supportive of them. I was actually looking online today and found a really good YouTube video of a really supportive wife to a transgender girl, Lacey & Des.

Now it was a fun night as Jan and Lynn were also celebrating their Anniversary. As I said there are really supportive wives out there. Well it started to get busy as Karaoke started which is always fun. Several of our group got up and sang and did great. It is fun to listen to as you really do hear a wide range of songs. It was a great night out. Even Rachel and her wife Heather were here tonight it was great to see them again.

It really is amazing how fast the time goes soon it was almost midnight. It was sad to see the evening come to an end but I can look forward to the next time I get to let Susan out.

Thanks for reading.

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fun and relaxing time as Susan

Well another week gone by and life has become so busy for my male self that it is hard to find time for Susan, but it is Friday and I am going to make it out tonight. I am really looking forward to some Susan time and seeing my friends and just being out with people in a social environment. Something we all need.

Now I do have to share funny story from last week. Now you all know how much I love getting manicures and pedicures and I have had my toes painted now for 1 years give or take maybe 20 days in that time. Well this summer I have been going outside my house a lot with just flip flops on in my yard. Well the other evening it was hot so I went out to water my front yard which most of the time I do by hand with a hose. So I am standing out alongside my drive which I have done many times when my neighbor got home. Now this is the neighbor that knows about Susan so I just kept watering besides with the edge around my drive she wouldn’t see my bright red toes unless she walked over. Well she stopped and we talked across my yard for a good 10 minutes. Well while I was talking to her I didn’t notice another neighbor who moved into the neighborhood a few months ago walking up till she was right next to me. She wanted to introduce herself to me as she saw me out and also apologize if her dog had been going in my yard, turns out her son keeps letting the dog out. So here I am standing face to face with a new neighbor talking for maybe 5 minutes with bright red toes. Now I kept good eye contact with her and I didn’t see her look down while we were talking so I know she didn’t notice my toes during our conversation but I have to wonder if while she was walking up to me she saw them. Anyway that is my funny story of the day.

Now I started getting ready early today as it was going to be a little more time consuming. You see I had family that was coming up this past Wednesday night to stay with me so I had to put away all traces of Susan. It is amazing how much stuff Susan has and how spread out it was through my house. I spent all last weekend cleaning my house and finding all the little traces of Susan and boxing them up. Well it turns out something came up and they had to cancel at the last minute so now I am looking for things in boxes and I don’t want to really unpack as they are now coming up this coming week so I will have to hide stuff again.

Well I was ready by a little after 6 and on my way. I got to Sweethome and Chris and Samantha were there. It was good to see them again as said last weekend was cleaning and putting Susan away so I didn’t get out last Friday. It was good to be out again with people. It was nice to talk with them and I had a good conversation with Samantha. We even talked about Diva Las Vegas next year, by the way they have the pictures from last year on the Diva web page. I am hoping she might go. It was a fun and enjoyable evening. Now Chris had to get up early on Saturday morning so he left a little after 9 and Samantha had a long drive home as she lives 2 hours away so she left at 9 so I was soon on my own kind of. I do know some of the other people here as have been coming here for several years plus I did have my computer with me.

I got online and went into the chat room for a while as it was too early to go home and this is a good way to pass some time. I also talked with a few of the girls here which is always fun. Jessica and I talked she is going to get her hair done with Roxy in the morning and she is so excited as she is going to try something fun, I can’t wait to see pictures as I am sure it will look great. That is one experience I have never had as my real hair is really short and all I do is go get it cut, I have to wonder what it would be like to go to a salon with long hair and get the full treatment. I am sure I would be as excited as Jessica is maybe even more.

I also talked with Heather who is just awesome, so sweet. She is one of the first people I met when we came here and we hit it off. It is funny the friendships you can make even on such a limited basis of seeing each other. I follow her on Facebook and we see each other probably every few weeks, neither one of us knows where the other lives or really much about the other one but she is still a good friend and I look forward to see her. Have come to learn over time as Susan that it really isn’t knowing everything about a person or how often you see them that determines friendship, it is the person themselves. I have so many wonderful friends as Susan actually most of them I look at more as family, sisters and although I may not know a lot about them I have such a strong bond with them, it really is a wonderful feeling and I am lucky to have them in my life as they have helped shape the lady I have become.

It was about 10:30 when I called it a night, a little early but such a fun night. I am hopeful I will be able to go out tomorrow night also for a Saturday night out with my sisters.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all know how much you all mean to me.

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Septembers night out at Harvey’s Comedy Club, awesome

Saturday night is Harvey’s night and I was really looking forward to tonight as I miss last month’s Harvey’s night. Now we have a big group going tonight, 25 signed up but I am sure we will have a no show or two or someone cancel but still will a fun night. We have been coming to Harvey’s for several years and it is always a fun night. I started getting ready at 5 and enjoyed the time becoming Susan.

I got downtown to Fox & Hound right at 7 and Cassandra, Jan, Lynn, Laura and Ginny. It was good to see Ginny again, I haven’t seen her since the Red Dress party. I got to talk with Ginny for a bit, she is so supportive to Transgender people. Now Fox and Hounds was busy tonight and short staffed so we decided instead of staying here till 8:30 we would head over to Harvey’s at 7:30

A couple new girls showed up, Jamie and Debbie, they just joined our group. Both seem really nice and I hope they will come out more with the group. It was time to head for Harvey’s, there were 7 of us walking over as Ginny wasn’t going to Harvey’s. it was a nice walk and still warm enough that I didn’t need my wrap but I did bring it tonight as it will be cool at midnight when we are on the way back.

We got to Harvey’s and Cristine was there. Now being this early we were the only ones in the Lounge. Berry the owner and his wife came over and talked to us for a while, they have been so awesome to our group. Lillian also made it, she had sent me a message on Facebook saying she would be out and I was looking forward to seeing her. Turns out her wife couldn’t make it tonight but helped her pick out her outfit last night, what a wonderful wife.

Lorna, Sophie, Cassie, Diane, Michelle, Mikaela and Kayla also made it. Mikaela was in boy more tonight. It was still great to see her out again. Now we had a great time talking while we waited for the show to start. Now I know I am missing some people as we had 20 for the show, yes we did have some who canceled but still a good turnout. It was finally time to go in and there was a good crowd tonight but we had our table reserved.

Now Kim our favorite waitress was off tonight and of course we all missed her but she was going to a concert this weekend for her birthday so we were all happy for her. Now I did take another selfie with my phone and it turns out my 20150905_215605new phone takes really good selfie’s. We were ordering dinner and Ginny showed up, turns out she was able to make it tonight for the show which was awesome.

The show started and it was really good as always. The MC and the featured comedians were really good but the headliner was awesome. he was one of the best we have seen here over the years. He was so funny but what made it good was he was having as much fun as the crowd, he was really enjoying himself. his name was Kermet Apio, if you ever get a chance to see him you must.

It is amazing how fast the night went by and soon it was over. We said our goodnight to those who parked by Harvey’s and those of us who parked by Fox and Hounds had a nice walk back and it really wasn’t as cold tonight as last night. It was a lovely evening with my t-girl family.

It was after midnight when we got back to our cars and I headed home. Next month we may try to go to Harvey’s twice as our favorite comedian Julie Scoggins will be here so we of course will go that night. Berry the owner was telling us about another comedian Bob Zany and said we should come for that show too.

Thanks for reading

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Out with friends for the night

Friday is here and I am ready for a fun weekend. I am not sure how many girls will be out tonight but I am still looking forward to a night out. Now I started getting ready a little early so I could take my time and enjoy the transformation which I find really fun and relaxing. It is a great way to start the weekend.

I got to Sweet home and Chris and Laura were already there playing pool. I sat down and got out my computer. I had downloaded a new game, one I use to play years ago called Sim City and I wanted to try it. I played for a bit but I think the old version is better. I went into the Paltalk chat room for a bit and chatted with Cass while I waited for my dinner. Roxy showed up so there were 4 of us here tonight. My dinner came and I put my computer away for the night so I could have a nice dinner and conversation.

A couple of the woman came by and told me how pretty my dress was, one even said she had the same dress and loved it. The dress was really pretty, I have only worn it a few times and love it. I didn’t get any pictures tonight but you can see the dress in my blog from Memorial Day weekend. It is funny as Susan I never get tired of hearing how pretty or cute I look.

Not much going on tonight but good Karaoke and a fun night out. I just enjoy being out with other people and being accepted for who I am. I am not really thinking about being a girl or Susan I am just being myself and that is a wonderful feeling. It was almost midnight when I paid my bill and called it a night.

Now walking to my car it was a little cold, the first time in months it has gotten this cold at night at least on a night Susan was out. I guess I will have to start thinking about brining my wrap again when I go out. It was a good night and a great start to the weekend. Tomorrow night our group is going to Harvey’s Comedy club which is always fun. I think we have 25 signed up to go so it will be a big group which is always more fun.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

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Saturday night out with the girls at the Escape

Well it is Saturday and I am going out again and I am really looking forward to tonight. I was chatting with Karen on Facebook and she is also going out tonight so it will be awesome to see her again. I started getting ready at 5 and I had already decided I Susan Miller Smokey eye lookwas going to try and do a Smokey eye look with black shadow again with a more dramatic look. Now with this makeup I think a darker brown hair looks better plus it is nice to mix it up a little too. Black eye shadow is hard for me to get to look right but I was pretty happy with the way it turned out tonight.  And of course I chose to wear my black and gold dress and pearls.

I was ready to leave by 6:20 so I would get to the Escape a little early which was fine with me. Now when I got there the parking lot was full but I was able to find the last spot along the curb, wow they are busy early tonight. Laura, Cristine and Cassandra were already there so I wasn’t the first one to get here tonight. seems they had a pre-season football game today and several people came to watch it. Susan Miller selfi 8-29-2015 (1)

I talked to the girls a little, Cassandra was in the corner on her computer chatting on line and Laura and Cristine at the bar. it was great to be out again. I ordered dinner and then got my computer out and joined Cassandra online chatting. it is kind of fun especially when you have a web cam. it is kind of cool as you can chat with people from all around the world.

Karen showed up and she looked awesome, she had on this really cute top and skirt and heels, so much fun to get all dressed up and go out for the evening. my food came and I put away my computer so I could eat and talk with Karen.

Lynn and Jan showed up also so we had 8 of us here tonight. It is so amazing how relaxed and happy I feel when I can be Susan and that feeling is all the better when I can spend time with my friends who are really more like family. Now later in the night I did break out my computer again and show Karen how the online chat works, she had noticed Cassandra’s computer in the corner with her web cam going. It was fun as Melissa was online so I sent her a private message and we chatted on and off for during the rest of the evening. It was fun as I was chatting online, chatting with the girls around me at the bar and listening to the girls singing Karaoke.

Susan Miller selfi 8-29-2015 (2)Kitty also showed up tonight and brought Marlaine with her, It was nice to meet her, Always fun meeting new people and she seems really nice. Well I was still online and Kitty thought it was so cool and soon we were both on web cam. Cassandra came over and she is way better at the chat part of it, I have trouble keeping up with the chat and typing at the same time. Cassandra started chatting with everyone using my profile which I think confused people till they figured it out but most of the time we had 3 to 5 of us there all on the web cam. It was a lot of fun.

Well it got late and I had such a wonderful evening, spending time with my friends, chatting online with Melissa and a chance to be Susan, what a lucky girl I am. it was about 11:30 when we called it a night. What a wonderful weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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Friday night as Susan what a wonderful feeling

Well it has been a long and busy week but things are getting back to normal in my male life and that means more time for Susan. I did go out to Dinner on Wednesday night and had a wonderful time and now being Friday I am looking forward to a fun night out at Sweet Home with my friends. The funny thing is it’s not just the going out it is the state of mind I am in just knowing I am going to get to be Susan tonight and go out, even that has a peaceful calming feeling on me and makes my whole day seem better. Susan really does bring out the best in me for some reason probably because I feel more relaxed and normal as I am not really hiding anything when I am her. What I mean by that is I know people know I am not female and I am a crossdresser and I am okay with that on my female side but I still have to hide my female side when I am my male self and that can be stressful.

Well I got home from work and started getting ready a little after 5 you know all the girl prep stuff, shower shaving and trust me there is a lot more shaving for Susan than my male self and then time to do my makeup. Now tonight I tried something different doing my makeup as I saw this on a video. I actually did my eye makeup first before I did my foundation. It actually worked pretty well and only messed up a little of the eye makeup putting my foundation on. Not sure which is better so I will have to try I a few more times. There are advantages to both ways so I guess it will come down to which I like better. Again tonight I didn’t pay attention to the time as I wanted to enjoy myself getting ready. I was ready by 6:20 and out the door so even without rushing it was a little over an hour getting ready.

I got to Sweet Home about 6:40 and Chris was there already. It was kind of slow but always gets busier around 9 or so. I got to talk with Chris a little and then got out my computer and caught up on some e-mails. It is just so nice to be out as Susan and funny when I say that as I really am not aware or thinking about the fact I am out as Susan I am just out as myself so I don’t know why it should feel any different other then as I said I don’t feel I am hiding anything and that is a wonderful feeling. I went into a chat room and talked with a few people including Cassandra and talked her into coming down for the evening.

It was about 8:30 when Cassandra got here and also Kira, Now Kira has been out before but she was going by a different name before. She changed it as she liked Kira better. It is funny how many girls do this, I think some pick a name when they first go out as they are unsure about it and if they will be going out more and once they do then they put more thought into their name later. This is one of the wonderful advantages to being transgender as we get to pick our names. Think about it when you were born your parents picked your name and that was it that was who you were but as transgender when we embrace our other side we then get to choose who we are and what we want as a name and that is wonderful. Everyone has a different reason for the name hey have and why they picked it so I figured I would tell you how I came up with Susan, I may have already done this in an earlier blog so if I did you can skip to the next paragraph. There was this really cute girl named Susan and we were kind of friends but I was shy and too afraid to ask her out especially as at this time I really didn’t understand about my feelings of crossdressing. Well I figured if I couldn’t go out with her I could share her name and that is how I came up with Susan. Now my last name was kind of an accident. When I was 18 I got a PO Box so I could order things through the mail and get information, without dating myself this was before computers and the internet. Well I got the PO Box in my mail name but really didn’t want to use my mail name for ordering girl things so I stood in line to find out what I needed to do to add a name on my box. I had only had it a week or so and had a few pieces of junk e-mail from the last owner of the box. Well I got to the counter and asked and the man just asked me for the name so I said Susan real proud of myself. Then he asked for her last name something I had not even thought about. Well looking at the junk mail in my had the last people who had the box had the last name of Miller and without thinking that is what I told him so Miller was an accident but it worked out wonderfully though and I would not change my name now for anything because that is who I am on my female Side, Susan Miller.

Roxy showed up in a really cute dress tonight, it was good to see her also. Cassandra and I talked for a while which was nice. Eventually the conversation turned to stocks and the stock market. I actually like following stocks and the stock market and although I am no expert I feel I am well versed in it. I have been investing for years and I spend a little time each day checking the stock market and the stocks I own and follow, kind of my little hobby also. So there is a little bit about my male side I am willing to share that most may not know. Funny how over the years the line between Susan and my male side has blurred I am more willing as Susan to talk about my male side, where in my male life I cannot see myself talking with people about Susan. Any way we sat there as girls and discussed stocks and the economy again not something I would have thought 7 years ago I would be doing. It is funny as some people think because you are transgender or a crossdresser that you are somehow different but in truth we are not. I could have been sitting there with any of my family or friends and if they had been blind folded they would have had no idea I was Susan well they would have smelled my perfume. What I am saying is I really am the same person male or female. I think if people realized this then there would be way more acceptance of the transgender community.

Karaoke started and of course that is always fun but hard to carry on a conversation with the music and singing. We talked between songs and listened to the singers. It was a fun night. Cassandra left a little before 11 and there was a good crowd here by now, it was hard to move around. Monica and Raven showed up, it was nice to see them again. It was about 11:30 and I was getting tired so I was thinking about leaving but the people standing at the bar was huge and I needed to pay my bill yet so I stayed a little longer. Finally just before midnight the bar line died down so I went and paid my bill and called it a night saying good night to my friends with hugs. It is so wonderful how woman are so free to give hugs and men feel less at ease with hugging. This is a shame as a hug really makes you feel good.

Thanks for reading and please male or female it doesn’t matter give a hug to someone you care about today, you will both feel better.

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