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Saturday and some Susan time going to the Escape

It is Saturday and yes, I am going to the Escape tonight. Now I have the night free and I am looking forward to a fun night out. I started getting ready early as I wanted some extra time out as Susan. I took my time and was ready about 3:45 and I chose my grey/white dress that is clingy in the right parts and a little thicker so warmer as we are getting into the colder weather. I didn’t get a picture of the dress tonight but found one on an old blog if you want to see what it looks like. Now I was ready but what to do, little early to go to the Escape and really a little over dressed for Starbuck’s. I decided to go to the cemetery and visit my Dad, this will be the second time Susan, the daughter he never knew visits him. The Cemetery is only about 15 minutes south of the Escape so I figured that would be perfect. There was a little traffic but I got there about 4:15, now I figured they would not be that busy as they close at 5 but there were actually a lot of people there, I forgo this is Veteran’s Day Weekend. I want to thank all the Veteran’s, past, present and future who have served and gave so much for the freedoms we have. Tomorrow, Sunday November 11th is the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI, the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour a very special date and time.

Well as I said it was a little busy but my Dad is in a newer section so where I was, I was the only one but I could see probably 20 other people in the nearby sections, really not that far as they are divided by walk ways. This is a huge cemetery as it covers 270 acres Now this is the 4th time I have been here twice as Susan and twice as my male self and I always notice dear tracks. Turns out they come in and eat the flowers people leave and they must be use to people here as they seem to not be bothered by people here. Here are a couple pictures of the section opposite of where I am and you can see the dear and someone at a gravesite on the left and the dear are between them and their car. It really is beautiful here. My dad loved the outdoors, fishing and hunting and I know he would love the fact the dear are here around him.

I stayed here for about 20 to 30 minutes and it is fitting I was here on this weekend as my dad and mom are both veteran’s. It is still hard as I miss him even though I know he is in a better place. It really hits home when there is something we use to do together. I wonder what he would think of this side of me, I really am the same person, I mean I think, act and treat people the same. Now when I left there were several people in the next section over near the walkway and I even passed two woman on the walkway as they were going in as I was going to my car. Now I will admit I was probably the only one here in a dress and heels but with my wrap on most probably wouldn’t have noticed, by the way heels on grass in a cemetery is a little tricky. I did take a couple selfies here as I wanted something to remember this by. This is not the best picture but it has my Dad’s head stone by my left shoulder. It was about 4:45 when I left the Cemetery and headed for the Escape.

I am not sure how many from our group will be at the Escape tonight but I am looking forward to being around people and having a good time. I got to the Escape and it was pretty busy, only one parking spot on the curb so I took it and went in. the big table we normally get was open so I sat down and got out my computer and then went and orered some food. It was just a little after 5 and I figured if anyone from my group showed up it would be at least 7 so I had a couple hours to kill and I knew just how, I still needed to write my blog from Thursday when I had dinner with Julie, so much fun and such a great friend, she really is just like family to me. I spent about an hour writing the blog whie eating and also watching the Oregon Duck’s football game. It was fun and relaxing and it was nice to have the people around me although most were at the bar. I also spent some tie catching up on e-mails and what some of my friends are doing on Facebook. Now I will say I have snoozed people on Facebook for 30 days which I found out you can do. I do not want to see nasty things about one side or the other on the political spectrume. I don’t mind post of what you believe or feel is right but I do not want the name calling or demanizing the other side as I feel this only makes it worse and devides our country even more. We all see the post about bulling kids in schools or online and I feel this is the same thing and I don’t want to be a part of it, I love all my friends regaurdless of who youu voted for and so in showing respect for all of you this is my way.

It was about 7 when Bobbie showed up so at least one other was here. I finished up what I was doing on my computer or more like my computer finished up as my battery went dead about 7:30. I use to get about 5 hours on my battery but tonight only a little over 2 but I am thinking it was because my computer was cold as I kept it in the trunk till I got to the Escape and it was kind of cold out tonight. Bobbie and I talked a little but we were both watching the football game. It was also getting busier as a couple groups of people came in. it is nice gettng here early and having some me time and also gives me a chance to get a table.

A little afterv8 Jan and Lynn showed up so there were 4 of us. It was so ood to see them again as I was looking forward to talking to them about the cruise. Jan bought a new wedding ring for Jan and one day on the cruise she rented a tux and surprised her by proposing again and I think they renewed their wedding vows, how special is that. Lynn was so happy with her ring and we talked about it for a while and I forgot to ask about if they did renew their vows. By the way Lynn knows both my parents and has for years, kind of a funny little side story of Susans life. It really is a small world when you tthink of it. Lynn and I discovered this probably 6 years ago give or take a year. I really am sad I missed the cruise but there was just now way this year. I am hoping the group will do it again in a coupe years.

At 9 Karaoke started and it is always fun although very hard to talk as it gets loud. Now a lot of the songs that were sung including the first 5 or 6 I have never heard before so either they are obscure songs or newer ones as I listen to the oldies station on the radio, oldies as in the 80’s, I rmember when oldies were 60’s. now 2 woman came over and told me how pretty I was and one of them really liked my dress which is a cute look be sure and check out my old blog to see the picture but remember tonight I have my corset on so I have more curves then in the picture in the old blog. I really do love it when people tell me I am pretty or they like my dress or makeup, it just makes you feel good. Laurie showed up a little after 10 and it was good to see her again, she usually gets her later and I remember the days I always went out afetr 9 or 10. I did get one selfie here at the Escape. Well I got two but one was with anoher lady and I forgot to ask if I could post the picture. I had noticed her all night trying to take selfies with her friends and struggling to hold the camera and push the button so I showed her my trick. Set yur self timer for 2 seconds and that way you can push the button and then hold it out to get the picture plus this way those in the picture can see the screen timer and know when the picture will be taken

It was a little after midnight when I left for home. It was a wonderul night out and the time at the cemetery was special. I really do like going there as Susan as in a way my dad finally knows his daughter. Thanbks for reading and be sure and check out my most rescent blog to see what is new in my life.


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Thursday night dinner at Roots

Okay it is Thursday and I am going out for dinner. I wasn’t able to make the Wednesday night dinner this week so I had texted Julie to see if she wanted to get together on another night and she had Thursday free so wee decided to go to dinner. Now the plan is for me to pick her up at 6:30 and have dinner at 7, Julie picked the place and made reservations. She picked Roots restaurant and bar in Camas WA. Now I have never herd of this place so it would be a totally new place for Susan to go which is always fun.

I got home about 4:30 so I started getting ready right away as I am a little out of practice as far as getting ready on a schedule, the good thing is I had picked out my outfit last night and new just how I wanted to do my makeup. Now I say this as there is a lot that goes into being female and it is easy to overlook something, Last Saturday when I got home from being out and was getting ready for bed, I noticed I had forgot to do my eyebrows, not a big thing but noticeable if you are looking closely. Sunday when I went to Starbucks, I made one last look before leaving home and sure enough I had forgot my eyebrows again so I quickly did them and then was out the door. When I got to Starbucks, I noticed I had forgot my ring and bracelets. Now as a male I don’t wear any jewelry not even a watch so it should be no big deal but I was aware I was missing it the whole time I was out. So tonight, I took a good look before I left to make sure every thing was right and I looked my best. It was about 5:45 when I left for Julie’s.

I got to Julie’s a little after 6 and she had just finished getting ready so we had about a half hour before we had to leave so we sat and talked and I got to hear all about the cruise and see the pictures and there were some really good pictures, I am so sad I missed it. It was so wonderful to see Julie as she is one of my best friends, her and Cassandra are more like family, Sisters. They had such a wonderful time on the cruise. Julie and Cassandra were girls from the time they left all the way till the flight home and Julie had red nails the whole time and loved it.

Soon it was time to leave for dinner and we got to the Restaurant just a few minutes before 7 and went in. now for Julie this was also a first as her and her girlfriend come here several times a year as her male self but Julie acted as if it was totally normal. It really is hard to go places as your female self that you also go as male if you are keeping the two separate. Now this is a really nice place and more on the high end but very elegant. Our waiter was wonderful and gave us time to talk before we ordered. We had a wonderful time talking. Finally, we ordered, Julie and I split an entrée and appetizer.

We had a wonderful dinner just two girlfriends out for a relaxing time. We talked more about the cruise and of course Diva Las Vegas which is lees than 5 months away (end of March) hard to believe how fast it is coming. We also talked about our group. Our food was wonderful a really nice place so I would recommend it but be prepared to spend some money but once in a great while it is worth it to treat yourself. Now I did get a quick selfie but I really wish I had gotten a picture with Julie.

Soon it was after 9 the night went by so fast, we were the last two in the restaurant as they close at 9 but they never said a thing as we sat and talked. It was about 9:20 when we left such a fun night. Thanks Julie it was a blast. I drove back to Julies and dropped her off before heading for home. Now I love my Susan time at Starbucks but so much more fun when you can go out with someone else. It was a little after 10 when I got home so not to late even though I get up early for work but it was so worth it as I have really missed spending time with my friends the last few months.

I am so looking forward to going out more and getting Susan back to a more normal part of my life. Be sure and ready my newest blog to see what is new in my life.

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A little Sunday Susan time

It is Sunday and I have a little time for Susan. I really have no plans other than being my female self for a few hours. I took my time getting ready as I really do enjoy it and find it so relaxing. I was ready by 4 and on my way. I went to the Starbucks I have been going to as it is open till 8:30. I got there and they were a little busy. I went and ordered my drink and then sat down and got my computer out to work on my blog from Saturday night which was so much fun.

Now I finished my blog and caught up on some work. Yes, I can’t go to work as Susan as I still keep this part of my life private but I am able to do work on my computer as Susan something 10 years ago I would never have ever thought possible. Now as I said I still keep Susan private but I am not hiding her away and by that I mean I go where and when I want as Susan and if someone finds out so be it, I am just not going out and telling people unlike 10 years ago when I would not leave home till it was dark and I couldn’t see anyone outside and would never go someplace close to where I live. The first Starbucks I started going to was at least 15 miles away and would take me almost a half hour to get there. It really is wonderful now that I go out as Susan as much as I do.

Now when I am out as Susan, I really am not thinking I am out as a female I am out as myself. No don’t get me wrong I am aware of being Susan when I see my nails or my hair falls in front of my face but I am not focused on it, I am focused on what I am doing and why I am out. It really is a wonderful feeling. Now I stayed here at Starbucks till a little after 8 before leaving. I made a quick stop to fill up my car with gas before going to Subway to get something to eat. It was a short night out as far as what I did but still fun and so worth it.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to find out what is new in my life.

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Finally, a Saturday night out.

It is Saturday and I am going out finally with my friends. My plan was to go to the Escape around 6 as I use to so I posted that in our group to see if other would show up. I was really looking forward to it. I got a message from Barb, her and Melissa were thinking of going to dinner Saturday evening and wanted to know if I wanted to join them, they were going to Full Moon Thai Restaurant at 6:30. Now I am not a fan of Thai food, well I really haven’t eaten it before as I am not a spicy food type girl but I looked at there menu online and saw some things I thought I would like so I told them I would join them. Now I really like these dinners we have as it been normally a smaller group and easier to talk between us, plus it is a little quieter. I will include a few selfie’s I took tonight.

Now I have been going out a little close to home and that really is a lot different as it is on my time schedule, in other words when I am ready and get there. It has been almost two months since I went out and met my friends, Cassandra & Peggy for dinner at Mother’s Bistro. So yes, tonight I was running late as it took longer for me to get ready. I knew Barb was going to be there early so my plan was to be there by 6 or shortly after. I started getting ready at 4 and it took longer than I planned as it was 6 by the time I was ready to leave but it was okay as by my GPS it is only 20 minutes. Well there was all kinds of traffic and I was gong slow on the freeway, at times I think it would have been quicker to walk even in my heels. At one point we came to a complete stop so I texted Barb I would be late. Things started to move again and I thought I would be okay till I got to my exit. It took me 15 minutes to get off the freeway, turns out there was a blazer game tonight and it was the exit I needed. I got to the restaurant at 6:50 and was lucky to find a parking spot just around the corner.

I went in and I was the last to make it, Keren was there with her niece, Melissa and her wife, Barb, Kris and finally me. It was so wonderful to see them all again, I can’t tell you how much I have missed my friends. We chatted for a bit before we ordered and it was so nice. It really was so wonderful and great to see Keren again as she doesn’t get out much and I got to meet her Niece who is transitioning now. We had a wonderful meal and what I ordered was really good so I would recommend Full Moon Thai, the staff was also wonderful. Now as I got there late we were a little later here than I had figured as I had posted I would be at the Escape between 8 and 9 and it was about 9 when we left here. Luckily it is only about 10 minutes or less to get to the Escape from here so I got to the Escape a little after 9. Of course, there were no parking spots in the lot so it would be street parking tonight but as I has a small car I found a spot just a couple cars up from the Escape.

I got inside and Babbie was there and so was Kris, Barb showed up right after I did. The Escape war really busy and we only had half the long table we normally have but that was okay. Lura M and her girlfriend, Laura H and Max were there but they were in the other side talking. Now the Escape is a really fun place to go and the people there are wonderful and so accepting. Now tonight I had worn my little black dress which is clingy and tight and of course I had my corset under it so I really did have a nice figure tonight. A couple of the ladies here came over to tell me how pretty I looked which I always love to hear. Karaoke was going so it was kind of hard to hear when you were talking, one of the reasons I like to get here early.

When Laurie showed up, it was nice to see her again. Laura H & Laura M each sang tonight and of course they stopped by my table and we talked a little Laura H and Max got married last month so we talked about that some of course I have been following in that on her Facebook page. To my friends on Facebook, I love you all but I really want to hear about you and your life on Facebook not political stuff. Trust me, nothing you post on Facebook about the other side what ever side you are on is going to change the mind of someone on the other side. All it does is divide. It perpetuates the division and hate. I am sure if you have at least 100 friends some of them voted for the other person. I value all my friends and I accept we will not always agree on politics or religion but I will not let that come between us. As a matter of fact, at Dinner one of the girls brought up politics and I have gotten so good at this as I immediately showed Melissa my nails as I have gone back to the way I was doing them which is in my nail blog, and the conversation changed that quick. Girls it is so easy to say something without intending to offend someone as we assume everyone believes the same as we do, I think social media is the reason. Well enough of this topic and back to tonight.

One of the ladies here who always sings and I don’t think I have ever seen her here without a smile on her face got up to sing, her name is Melissa and she is really nice. A tip ladies, smile everyone looks so much better with a smile on their face. Your makeup can be perfect, your outfit perfect but a smile brings it all together. After her song she came by and said hi to me as she usually does, she had notice I had not been here for a while which really made me feel good. Well she sat down for a while and we talked. Turns out she works about a mile from where I live and at a place I have gone as my male self although it is a big place and the area she works is not the part I was in. well we talked a little longer and she asked the question all ladies hate; how old I was. I just smiled and told her older then she was at which she replied she didn’t think so as people always guess her age lower but I was still pretty sure of myself so I told her I would bet her, of course there was nothing to the bet. Turns out she is 44 so she was right as I was thinking she was in her late 30’s. well of course I won the bet as she was shocked when I told her I was 54. I guess makeup really does hide your age, that and a daily moisturizer. We talked for probably 30 minutes which was nice as up to now our conversations have been just a few minutes. I really like to get to know people better.

Now it was after 11 which is the time I leave by if not earlier but tonight we set the clocks back an hour so I get an extra hour so I was not in a hurry to leave. It was about 11:30 when Lee showed up. She joined our group and I met her I think in the early spring and she has come a long way in that time. Most of her neighbors know and even some of her co-workers, as a matter of fact she showed up here tonight with one of her co-workers, Mandie who I have met before and is really nice and one of Mandie’s friends, Marty. Both these ladies are awesome and supportive of Lee which is wonderful. It was so nice to see her again and talk with her and her friends. I had a wonderful talking with them. I lost all track of time and before I knew it, it was after 1 am, I think this is the latest Susan has been out in years but it was such a wonderful night.

I finally called it a night and said my goodbyes before leaving. By the time I got home and got in bed my clock which I had already set back an hour said 1:05 am so I really did make it till 2 am, I am so thankful for the extra hour tonight. Sorry this blog was a little longer than normal but I was just so happy to be out I didn’t want to leave anything out. That being said there were 4 men her at the Escape tonight with nail polish on, black but still polish and 3 of them had acrylic nails nicely shaped and a little long. I would love to see more men with nice nails and maybe some reds or pinks.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my most recent blog as I am hoping to get out more often.

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Sunday and some more Susan time.

It is Sunday and I find myself with the late afternoon and evening free and so that means some Susan time. Well not totally free as I do have some work I need to do but it is on the computer and I figured Susan could do it at Starbucks. I got dressed and was ready to leave by a little after 4. Now I thought about going to the Starbuck’s by my house as I am getting out early but as I do have some work to do and they close at 7 where the other is open till 8:30 I went with the other one as it gives me an extra 1 ½ if needed. Besides I have come here enough that a few of the girls are remembering me now. I took a quick selfie in the car before going inside.

I got to Starbucks about 4:15 and went in and again they were a little busy, maybe 20 people but again 1 table along the window, I like these tables as I can plug my computer in if needed. As there were about 5 people in line I set my computer up on the table before going to stand in line. I figured most of them would be staying as this Starbucks has a drive through. Sure, enough everyone in front of me Got a drink and found a place to sit so it is pretty busy here. Now I had to stand in line to wait for my drink and yet it felt so normal. I still amazes me just a few years ago the excitement, fear and terror I felt going out even to Embers which was very TG friendly and I was meeting friend so I would be alone and now I walk into Starbucks like it is the most natural thing I could do and never give it a second thought. In some ways I do miss that feeling but the fact I pretty much go where ever I want without fear is awesome as it has opened a whole new world to me.

I got my drink, today is the sweetened green ice tea which is really good and then went and sat down and started my work. Now last night when I was here there were several women in dresses so today I did wear my black dress, nothing to sexy more of I guess a casual dress and as it had bare shoulders I decided to wear my little white knit half top. Now this little white top I actually bought probably 6 years ago but have never worn it till now as when I have worn bare shoulder dresses I was always at a bar or club and wanted the bare shoulder. It is actually a cute look, I had to get another selfie.

I sat here and did some work for about an hour before I took a break and wrote my blog for last night as I got out for a few hours, yes twice in 2 day. Then it was back to work although I am checking the score of the world series on my computer. Another reason for coming to Starbucks, if I was at home I would have the game on and be watching it while I tried to work and I know from past experience I don’t get a lot of work done with the TV on so I guess Susan is good for me as she keeps me on task.

Now by 6 the crowd had died off here and there was only 6 other people here all working on computers. Starbucks is a great place to go with a computer. It would be interesting to know for sure how many times I have come to Starbucks over the years as Susan, my blog has 191 blogs that have that in the tag lines so I am guessing it is at least that many times, although some of those time I was probably out shopping or doing other things and stopped in a Starbucks on my outing. My blog goes back to 2006 although the first few years I didn’t get out more than maybe once a month if I was lucky. This blog is my 1105 blog so I have been out at least that many times as Susan which is hard to believe. 10 years ago, I would never have imagined going out even 100 times let alone that many times in basically 10 years. I have come a long way over the years as Susan and it is because of some of the wonderful friend (family) I have met. Some of them are my closest friends and they really are more like my family. I hope they all know just how special they are to me.

I finished up my work about 7 so I still had time, I worked a little on my blog for today and then just goofed around online and figure I will finish my blog tomorrow as I am not sure what all I will do before going home. Now as I have not had my acrylic nails now for probably 3 months with all that has been going on I have gone back to the way I use to do my nails, You can read about it on my nail tip blog. This is one of the great things about a blog as you can go back and find out about things you did. I would incur age everyone to keep a blog even if you keep it private for just you to see. Now don’t get me wrong I do love getting my nails done and having nice (pretty) nails all the time but in my male life I do have to keep them shorter and a very natural color where with this I can have long pretty nails when I am out as Susan. Tuff choice nice nails all the time or pretty, long, red nails when I am Susan.

I left Starbucks about 8:15 and went over to Subway and got a sandwich to take home. It really was a relaxing afternoon and evening and I am looking forward to getting out more. Be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what’s new in my life.

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A few hours on a Saturday evening

Okay life is getting back to a little more normal routine. It is still hard to believe my Dad has been gone for over 5 weeks but it does get a little better each day. I am hopeful to start getting out again on a more regular basis, Saturday nights and Wednesday dinners. It will be awesome to start seeing my friends on a regular basis again. Anyway, I got home Saturday a little after 5 and decided it would be a little Susan time. I got dressed and was ready by 6:30, now what to do. I thought about going to the Escape but then realized it was the Saturday before Halloween and they would be packed and of course everyone would be in costume. Halloween snuck up on me this year. Now for years Susan was my Halloween costume at least till 2009, that was the first Halloween I bought a female costume and I have had a female costume every year since then at least till this year. Well with no costume and the fact I couldn’t stay out to late I decided to go to Starbucks instead.

Now I didn’t go to the one by my house as they close at 7 instead I went to the other Starbucks I have been going to as they are open till 8:30. It is still less than 5 minutes so still close to where I live. I got there and they were actually busy for a Saturday night, never really thought of Starbucks as the place to go on a Saturday night, there was probably 18 to 20 people there although there were two groups of 6. I parked and went in, there was one table along the windows so I set my computer down and went and ordered my drink. I just relaxed and played on my computer for a while. It was good just to be out again. I really can’t explain why I find it so relaxing and fun to be out as Susan even just sitting at a Starbucks but it is to me. I stayed here till about 8:15 and it really was relaxing.

I left Starbucks and drove to Wendy’s to get something to eat before heading home. I was a little surprised even at 8:30 there was still maybe 15 people inside eating at Wendy’s. I had to stand in line. when it was my turn to order the young lady, who helped me told me she loved the way I did my makeup, I really love getting compliments on how I look. Of course, I thanked her. I got my food and went and sat with most of the other people over by the fireplace where the big TV is as it had the Oregon Ducks Football game on. I actually picked here because of the TV although I was hoping for the World Series which I kept track of on my phone. I ma not a huge sports fan but the one sport I do follow the most is Baseball. Of course, my teams didn’t make it what a surprise but still follow the playoffs. Now as I said my teams didn’t make it but I am kind of pulling for the Red Socks to win but what I really want is a good series.

I sat here and ate till a little after 9 before going home to watch the end of the world Series. Once at home I was sitting

there and decided I would get a selfie. It is funny not going out as much has made me think about pictures more. I guess in a way I am really cherishing the time I get right now as it has been so limited. Even though it was less than 3 hours out as Susan it was still worth it.

Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what’s new on my most recent blog which should be more regular now as I hope to get back to 1 or 2 times a week.

Also going to include links to previous Halloweens as I missed this year. We really have had some wonderful times and I have had some cute costumes although I do have my favorite.

Halloween 2009, Halloween 2010, Halloween 2011, Halloween 2012, Halloween 2013, Halloween 2014, Halloween 2015, Halloween 2016, Halloween 2017,

I was going through some of my Halloween pictures and I think this is my favorite ones. I loved Wonder Woman growing up and I never thought or dreamed growing up I could be her but as Susan I did get the chance

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A little Sunday Susan time

Okay it is Sunday and yes, I got out for a few hours Friday Morning and again Saturday morning and it was awesome and now I have a few hours this afternoon and early evening and guess what. Susan is going to go out again. This will make 3 days in a row. I am so loving it after so long with no Susan time. Now this week is our groups Mexican Cruise and yes about 15 of our members are now on a ship, I am sad I couldn’t go but family had to win out the last couple months but, in my heart, I am with them and look forward to hearing all about the trip and seeing pictures. Anyway, as I said I have a few hours today so I started getting ready as soon as I got home and was all ready by a little after 3. Now those who have followed my blog know I bought a corset a while back and I really love it as it gives me a really nice shape and I actually find it comfortable. Well a little over a month ago I bought a new one, just a black satin one that is not as thick. Now they say you should break in a new coreset by wearing it for only an hour or 2 at a time and slowly tighten it which I have been doing, really the only Susan time I was getting. Putting it on for an hour or so before bed. Well as I have done the amount of times they recommend I wanted to actually wear it today. I put it on and tightened it up the tightest I have done so far and it gave me really nice curves. So now I am off to Starbucks as I have some work I need to do before tomorrow when I go back to work.

Now I don’t have any big plans so I figured I would go to the Starbucks I was at Friday over by the Subway and do some work till 5 or so. I got there about 3:15 and went in, they were not busy so I had my choice of tables so I took my normal one. I went and ordered my drink a sweetened green ice tea. The lady at the counter remembered me, and asked if I was coming from work. Mow I got a kick out of that as today I was a little dressier, a skirt and top and my ankle boots with heels. I told her no I was just out running errands. Well we talked for a little bit, she is going on vacation. I got my drink and went back to my table and started doing some of my work. Now it still amazes me that I am doing some of my work now as Susan, I would never have thought that possible a few years ago.

It was about 5:30 when I left and drove the block to Subway and went n and got a sandwich. I sat at a table and ate it there, now this is a subway I have been going to for years as my male self and only the last couple months as Susan. The thing is they have a big turnover of employees so I really don’t think there is much chance of them figuring it out. I had a nice dinner before going to the Starbucks by my house. I got there a little after 6.

Now the Starbucks by my house I have been going to for a long time so even though it has been a while the young man at the counter, Zackery remember me by name and knew what I wanted to drink. How awesome is that. I got my drink and sat down at a table with my computer and posted my blog from yesterday. I then started checking things out online. It was almost 7 when Zackery told me they were getting ready to close. It has been a while but now I remember why I started going to the other one as it is open till 8:30. Well I finished my drink and packed up my computer and then headed home for the night. It was a nice time out.

Now I have not been able to get my nails done for a while so I have dug out my old nails that I use to use with the double-sided tape and it has been fun. They only take about 5 minutes to put on and even less to take off and are reusable. It is nice to be out with colorful pretty long nails. I am torn now as I so like having acrylic nails even shorter with just a slight polish on them all the time or pretty long nails when I go out. Below are pictures from the last 2 days on left and far right was the acrylic nails I had for almost a year in a half. What is a girl to do, really pretty long nails as Susan or nice nails all the time?

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Saturday morning and a little more Susan time

It is Saturday morning and I once again have a few hours, I can probably stay out till noon or so and after so long with no Susan time even that is a blessing. Now I didn’t get up as early as yesterday as it was a little after 7 when I rolled out of bed. Now I have no big plans just a little time at Starbucks and then lunch before going home to change. I figured if I could get out by 9 I would have 3 hours.

I was ready a little before 9 and on my way. I went to the Starbucks by my house and they were packed again no open seats that I could see so I drove to the one I was at yesterday and same thing. I had not thought about it being a Saturday morning. I decided I would try a new Starbuck I have never gone to before so I drove down by the mall as there is a Starbucks across the street in a shopping center but the stores are not open yet so I was hoping they would not be busy. I got there a little after 9 and went in. they were busy but there were open tables so I set my computer on one and went and ordered my hot chocolate. This one has no drive through so busy but most get theirs to go. Now there was one young man probably high school age that really looked at me a few times although the girls he was with paid no attention to me. Even after they left I saw him looking at me through the window so I just smiled at him which I think worked as he quickly looked away.

I spent a couple hours here catching up on e-mails and just relaxing and people watching. Now one thing I noticed was most of the customers were female here. I would say 70% of those who came in were female and most of the men who came in had a female with them. Just kind of a odd observation. I left a little after 11 and decided to go to Wendy’s for lunch as the one I normally go to is only a couple miles away. I got there and went in and there was just one couple in front of me and no one else inside, I guess I beet the lunch rush.

I ordered and then went and sat down to eat my lunch. As it got closer to noon more people came in and soon there was probably 15 to 20 people at about 8 different tables but no one seemed to pay any attention to me. Either they didn’t notice or just didn’t care. I had a nice lunch and took my time as I was just enjoying being out. It was about noon when I left and headed for home. I am hoping to get out more now but it will still be hard to plan to far ahead. It is amazing how relaxing and happy even a few hours as Susan can make me. I really have missed my Susan time and this side of my life. Susan is not my whole life but she is a big part of who I am and not being able to express all of you is hard.

I included a few pictures, 2 from my car and one inside Wendy’s. I think not being out I am more into taking pictures as I feel I missed the last few months.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new and also my blog from yesterday, I went to the cemetery and introduced Susan to my Dad in a manner of speaking.

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Finally, a chance for a little Susan time.

Okay it has been almost a month since I have had a chance for a little Susan time. Things are still busy with my family and things I need to do after my Dad’s passing but Friday morning I had free and I just had to take the time for Susan. Now part of it is the fact I have never told my parents or any family member about Susan and I got thinking about my Dad and the daughter he never knew. I have thought a lot about this over the last week and so I decided Susan should go visit his grave and introduce herself. It may sound silly but it was something I needed to do.

I got up early 5:30am to start getting ready, I took my time as I wanted to look my best and as I have not been able to keep my nails looking pretty with the acrylic I dug out my old nail tips which I attach with double sided tape. I haven’t used these in a year in a half, I picked the red ones and got them all ready. I did my makeup and got dressed and then put on my nails and they looked so petty. It was just before 7 when I was ready and on my way. Now being a national cemetery, they open at 7am so I was right on time as it would take about 30 minutes to get there. This will be a first for Susan, going to a cemetery. I got close and decided to stop at Fred Meyers and pick up some flowers as I wanted my Dads daughter to make a good impression. Now this early Fred Myers was not busy and as luck would have it the door I went in was near the floral section so I picked out a nice bouquet and paid for it and was on my way.

I got to the cemetery about 7:45 and parked and walked to my Dad’s grave site. It is a couple hundred yards butt there is a nice walkway and then his site is only 4 away from the walk way so it really was easy to get to. I place the flowers on his gave and then I stood there for a few minutes before introducing myself although I know he knows now as I am sure he was looking down. I told him a little about myself as his daughter and how much I loved him. In a strange way it really did help me feel better. I stayed there about 30 minutes just talking with my dad and in a way, I got to share Susan with him. I know he was proud of me as his son and I think (hope) he is proud of me as his daughter. It was a really peaceful relaxing time. Now I will be taking my mom to visit him and that will be my male self but I am thinking I will be coming here as Susan when I come by myself. It was about 8:20 when I said goodbye and walked back to my car.

The drive home gave me time to think and I was so glad I came here as his daughter to visit him. I decided to go to Starbucks for a little while as I have till noon to be Susan. I went to the Starbucks by my house and got there at 9am and they were packed. I walked in with my computer and there was not an open seat anywhere and probably 10 people in line, this Starbucks does not have a drive through. With no place to sit I decided to go to the other one I have been going to as they have a drive through and shouldn’t be as busy. Its only a couple minutes away. I got there and there were probably 20 cars in line in the dive through and no parking close so I parked out in the parking lot and walked in and they were even busier. There were a couple seats at the big long table and on small table by the window open so I quickly put my computer on that table and went and took my place in line. there were only 3 people in front of me to order but there must have been 20 people waiting on their drinks. 9am on a Friday and they were this busy. I ordered my hot chocolate and then went and set up my computer an got it online before going and standing I line for my drink which took about 5 to 10 minutes. And there was still a line behind me. This is by far the busiest I have seen them here. I got my drink and sat down and started replying to e-mails as I have fallen behind on them with everything going on.

It also gave me time to think about my friend’s, they leave on their 7-day Mexican cruise tomorrow and several of them flew to LA yesterday and they flew as ladies. Peggy, Casandra, Julie and Trixie flew out yesterday, Julie sent me pictures of her and Cassandra on the plane, they looked so awesome. I really wished I could have gone but there was just no way with everything going on. I am really hoping our group does another one of these cruises in a year or two and I so want to be Susan for one and fly as Susan. I will be thinking a lot about my sisters on the cruise and the fun they are having. These ladies really are my family and I am so lucky o haver them in my life. It really has been a great morning.

I stayed here at Starbucks till 11 before I went over to Subway for lunch.

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Dad’s funeral

On Tuesday was my Dad’s funeral, it was with full military honors as he served in the Navy. It was very emotional and very special. The military honors, 21-gun salute, playing of taps and finally the presenting of the flag to my mom was so incredible. It has been a long few weeks and I still have things to take care of but I am hoping to get back to somewhat normal and get some Susan time.

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