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Entry for August 19, 2007

Well Friday night Susan went out again. Didn’t do much new. Got a late start so it was almost 9:30 pm before I left the house. Went and had dinner at Sheri’s, I have gone here many times and have always been treated well. After dinner I took a drive downtown Portland and then headed for home. On the way home I stopped and did my weekly grocery shopping. Stores are not real crowded at this time of night. All in all it was a good time as is anytime Susan gets out.

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Entry for August 16, 2007

Hard to believe that August is half over. I been so busy with work and going out of town but now I hope to have some Susan time. I plan to spend the evening tomorrow as Susan and maybe even go out.

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Entry for August 04, 2007

Well I have some time tonight and I need to go grocery shopping so I think Susan should go out. I am all dressed up and have my grocery list in my purse. Should be fun even if its only for an hour or so.

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