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First Rose City T-girl golf game of the year at Wildwood golf course

Wow what a super fun and memorable day golfing. There were 8 of us meeting for golf at Wildwood golf course in Saint Helens Oregon, we went here 5 times last year and ad a blast and they treated us so wonderful we had to go back. Now they were doing a BBQ for us before we played so we had to be there by 1 but my intention was to be there between noon and 12:30 so I started getting ready to leave at 10 am as it takes about 45 minutes to get there so I wanted to leave by 11:15.

Well things don’t always go right and it was 11:30 when I was ready to go. I was all dressed and looking cute for golf and had sun screen on every bit of exposed skin I could find as it was going to be sunny and warm today. Now I was getting my purse ready and I discovered I had not planned well. I use my credit card for everything and it turns out I didn’t have any cash on me. Now I had already paid for the golf and everything but I would need cash to get snacks and drinks from the Ashley the cart girl who brings stuff around while you are on the course. Now I was all dressed so this would mean stopping at the ATM for some cash. Now I didn’t go to the bank by my house so the only other one I knew of was the main branch so that is where my first stop was.

So as I was driving down the freeway from my house I noticed a car in the right lane that was going less than the speed limit and it looked very familiar. It looked just like my parents car and as I got closer I could see it was. Now I had 2 options slow down and stay behind them or go by them. Gambled that with my new car they may not be able to tell it was me so I just looked straight ahead and went by them s all the would see is a female driving a car that looked like mine as I know they don’t know my license plate number.

I got there and there was a man at the machine outside and another one waiting so I sat in my car to wait my turn. The man finished and the other lady went up and just then anther lady came around the corner and stopped to wait for the machine so I saw where this was going as I was another woman walking across the parking lot so I got out of my car and went and stood in line to us the machine. No one said a thing and soon it was my turn and I got my money and I was on my way.

I got to the curse about 12:30 so still within my goal and as I parked I saw I had a text from Cassandra asking if anyone else was there yet so I text her back saying I just arrived and asked where they were. I got out of my car and started to walk towards the club house and I heard a horn honk and saw Cassandra and Peggy’s car they were one row back so I walked over to meet them and of course Victoria was parking just a few cars down so the foursome I was in was all there.

We went up and checked in and went out and sat on the patio to wait for the other girls, Soon Petra, Michelle, Amber and Veronica showed up. Now we were doing a BBQ first before we played so the guy came out to cook our hamburgers and he did a great job and was really nice. This is part of our group, left to right, Peggy, Susan, Michelle, Victoria and Petra.

We all ate a wonderful lunch and spent some time talking, it was such a beautiful day sunny and warm and actually when the sun was on you it was a little on the hot side. Now the lady who we set this up with came out and brought us all cupcakes what a treat. I believe her name I Jenny and she was awesome. I had to get a picture with her also. Not a great picture of me.

After lunch we got our clubs and went and hit some balls on the driving range and then it was time to tee off. Now we were playing a best ball scramble which works best as it doesn’t matter how good you are. For those not familiar with golf everyone hit a ball and then you pick the best shot and everyone then hits from there and you do this all the way through including putting.

Now we did have prizes as we each put in $4 and we had 2 closest to the flag called a KP and the longest drive, I am not a long ball hitter so that is out for me but I could win the closest to the flag. Well we got to the first par 3 which was the closest to the flag and the other group ball was on the far end of the green. I put my shot about 8 feet from the flag and then just had to wait to see if someone from my group got closer and they didn’t so I won the first KP so I was pretty happy. We plaid the front 9 and our group shot an even par which I guess with a scramble you should but what is interesting is we made par on each hole, we didn’t shoot under or over which is a little more hard to do.

Well we started the back 9 and we found out the other group was 3 over so we were ahead but then today was more about looking cute on the golf course than winning at least for me. Well we started off on the back 9 and we kept out par streak alive till the 12 hole that is right we had 11 straight pars. Hole 12 is a par 3 and you hit from up on a hill down to the green and it is only 123 yards to the green with water behind and to the right and this is the hole our par streak would end on. Victoria was the first to hit and she walked up with her driver. Now Cassandra looked at her and asked her why she was using that as it was only 123 yard downhill. Victoria said she was going to hit t soft and Cassandra reminded her there was water right behind the green. Victoria was determined to use it so she teed up and hit it soft. It only went about a third of the way down the hill in the air and then hit the ground and we watched it roll over a hump and disappear and soon we saw it still rolling at the bottom of the hill. It kept rolling and made the green and didn’t stop there. It kept rolling at the flag and just as it looked like it would stop just short it didn’t and it rolled into the cup for a hole in one. It was amazing, I have seen them on TV but never in person. I don’t even know anyone personally who has gotten a hole in 1 before. Victoria was so excited as we all were. Of course as she sunk it and it was best ball the rest of us didn’t need to hit as we couldn’t do better than her shot so we took some pictures.

Victoria after the great shot with Cassandra in the background in awe.

Victoria standing beside the hole sign on her hole.

The ball in the cup when we got down to the green.

Victoria removing her ball from the cup and yes she did put the ball in her bag to keep and got a new ball out to use. I am sure she will frame that ball at least I would. This was the most exciting thing I have seen golfing and I am sure we will all remember it. Now this is where our game picked up momentum as the next hole we got a birdy, I actually sunk a 12 foot put to make it so I was excited now as it really was a good put.

We got to the 15th hole which was the longest drive and we could see the other group down the fairway so we knew how far we had to hit it. Now Cassandra and Petra are the two who really go for this as they are the ones who hit it the farthest. Now I can’t hit a driver to save my life. I can actually outdrive my driver with a 3 wood, a 5 wood and probably even a 3 iron. I teed off with my 3 wood and really got a good straight shot and was on the fairway about 20 yards short of where they were and although I didn’t win it was my best drive of the day. Cassandra ripped one but it went right and out in the trees so we used my great shot so I was happy. On the back 9 we actually got 3 birdies and the hole in 1 so we finished at 5 under.

We got back to the club house and told them about the hoe in 1 and they got Victoria’s name and a picture and I sent them a couple pictures I took and they are going to submit it to the new paper s she will probably have her name and picture in the new paper tomorrow. I was going to buy her a drink but I found out that the person who gets the hole n 1 buy a round of drinks and Victoria was excited to do it, seems strange to me as I would think it would be the other way around but who am I to disagree with tradition. We went out and sat on the patio again and Cassandra handed out the money for the 2 KP and the longest drive. Amber won one of the KP’s and I won the second. Cassandra asked them who had the longest drive in their group as they forgot to mark it and Petra told us they didn’t mark it because they were off the fairway. To win your ball not only hast to be the longest but in the fairway. This meant that my ball was the longest so I won that too. I think that is the first time I have ever won a longest drive and I did it with a 3 wood.

It was such a fun day and we all had a good time we are planning on golfing again and want to do the glow ball where you golf after dark with lighted golf balls. It was about 7:45 when we left the golf course and for the most part my makeup held up pretty good, just a little shiny. But after 7 plus hours in the sun not bad.

A lot longer blog then normal but a lot more to fit in. thanks for reading especially if you made it all the way to the end.

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Out with my friends as May comes to an end

Wow it is amazing how fast time is going by. It is the end of May already and summer is here, it was 2 months ago when we were at Diva Las Vegas. Well tonight I was once again going to Sweet Home to spend times with my wonderful friends. Now I actually only had to work a half of day so I was going to go out early as I know Chris and Cassandra get to Sweet Home sometimes as early as 4 and play on their computers and I figured why not, I have gone to Starbucks and played on my computer. Any way I started getting ready at 4:15 with the hope of being out of my house by 5:30. Now of course being a nice sunny warm day there is always a greater chance my neighbors will be outside the earlier it is.

I was ready to leave at 5:40 so not bad and it turns out one of my neighbors wasn’t even home yet and the others were all inside. Wow sunny and 80 out if I wasn’t going out tonight I would have been outside enjoying the weather, but in this case it was okay with me as I drove out through my neighborhood. I got to Sweet Home right at 6 and with my computer in had went inside. Chris, Cassandra and Cristine were all there and they all had their computers put, seems Cristine had the same idea I did so here we sit in the bar all playing on our computers. Now we knew no one else would probably show up till after 7 so we took up the whole table, 4 computers, and computer bags and of course 4 purses. The middle of the table was just this big pile. Well the first hour actually went by really fast and soon it was after 7. We had ordered dinner and knew it would be coming out soon so most of us put our computers away.

Well it wasn’t long and others started to show up and we actually had a big group tonight so to make it easier I am going to just try to name them all instead of as they come in. Jan, Lynn, Melissa, Shawna, Roxy, Julie, Cassie and her cousin, Veronica, Joan, Racheal and her friend Emmy (I hope I got that last one right) and Jerri Lynn a friend of mine from Canada who e-mails me when she is in town. Hope I didn’t miss anyone.

Well with this big of a group we took up out 2 normal tables and a couple were at the bar while others played pool and yes tonight I did play a couple games of pool. I won the first one against Julie and then lost the next one to Bobby. This was my bad game as I was on the 8 ball while Bobby still had 5 balls to go and I just could not sink the 8 ball, I probably had 12 shots at it and some were easy although by my shot they obviously weren’t. My last shot at the 8 ball was awesome as I had to bank it off the side and I actually sunk it but the cue ball also went in so I scratched and lost but had fun.

We talked about golf some as several of us are golfing tomorrow although Julie is golfing with some of her male friends as a male not as much fun as golfing as a girl and wearing cute outfit. It was great to see Julie out on a Friday night and spend time with her just chatting, I think we both like the girl talk as we did get on the subject of clothes and makeup a couple times.

I also got to talk with Melissa and her wife Shawna, they first came out with the group last Sunday so they got to meet more of the group tonight. They seem really nice and they are planning on going out to Harvey’s Comedy club with us which will be fun as that is such an awesome night out.

I also met Rachael and her friend Emmy for the first time, she has just moved here to Portland so it was nice to talk with her and get to know little about her. Now I notice that when we have knew people we all want them to feel welcome but what happens is we all start asking them questions, now we do find out a lot about them but I don’t think they learn that much about us so it is kind of one sided so I will have to work on this so it is more about getting to know each other and not so much like a interrogation. I learned a lot about Rachael and her friend but probably all they know about me is my name if they can remember with all the people they met. I mean I only had to remember 2 name Rachael and Emmy and I am not even 100% sure I got Emmy right where they had maybe 13 of us to remember.

There was a GG girl sitting at the bar by herself and I am not sure who in our group started talking with her but she seemed really seemed really nice and I think at one point or another all of us talked with her. Her name was Toni and Cassandra probably talked with her the most. From the sounds of it she may join our group, we were telling her about some of the things our group does and including going to Harvey’s next weekend and she thought that would be fun so she may go to that also.

The Karaoke group was there again and Heather was there. It has been several weeks since I have seen here as she has missed a few Friday nights so it was good to talk with her. I actually like the interaction we have with the other people here so it is not just our group socializing with ourselves. We have actually come to know many of the regulars and consider them friends and part of our expanded group.

Well Karaoke started and of course Chris and Lynn both sang and did great. It was a fun night but as it got later some of our group started to leave which is always sad as it points to the end of a wonderful night. I left about midnight as I am going golfing tomorrow and need to leave my house by noon which for my male self would be easy but Susan will need time. Yes I will be doing a full makeup and have to pick out just the right outfit so that will take an hour or so plus I need time to write this blog before I go plus a couple things I need to do which means I need to be up by 8 am. Boy it is tough being a girl but so much fun.

Thanks for reading


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Wednesday night out for dinner

Well I had the chance to go out for dinner with my friends and since we were trying a new place I wanted to go. We were go to a place called Ichiban for Sushi. Now I am not a big fan of Sushi but then again I have never really ate Sushi before. We were meeting at Fox & Hound first and then going to walk the 6 blocks to Ichiban.

I got to Fox & Hound about 6:30 and Chris, Amy and Cassandra were all there. Cassandra was eating as she was not going with us, she had some work to do plus I don’t think she is a big fan of Sushi. I sat next to Amy and got to talk with her for a bit which is always nice as I don’t see her as much since she moved to Seattle. It was about 6:50 when we got ready to leave. Kim showed up just was we were leaving which was awesome as we got to walk together. So Chris, Amy, Kim and I all left and had a nice walk through downtown Portland.

As we were passing Embers We ran into Julie and Cristine, Embers is almost right next door to Ichiban and it was easier for Cristine as she can’t walk as far so they met here we went in briefly which was strange as I have not been here in almost 4 years, long story and probably in my blog someplace. Well nothing has changed inside it still looks the same. Well we walked across the street to Ichiban and went in. It is a small place and was kind of busy. They have an area where they prepare the Sushi and like a bar that goes around it that you can sit at and they have a model train that goes around and you just pick what you want off of that but it was pretty full and as we already had 6 of us and were expecting 2 more we had them put a couple tables together for us. Just as our table was ready Petra and Michelle showed up.

We were seated at our table and they have little order forms you fill out and give to you waitress. Prices are based on the color of the plate which was kind of interesting. I sat between Kim and Julie and across from Amy and Michelle. Now as I said I am not a big fan of Sushi so I did order Teriyaki Chicken and Rice and also one thing of Sushi. An avocado, shrimp and rice roll, sorry don’t remember what this was called.

Now the service was good but very unorganized, they would bring out plates of stuff and we had to remember what we ordered and if it was ours. I think we wound up getting a couple things we didn’t actually order and as I said you pay by the plate so if that happened we paid for them but then again we did eat them to. I also try an avocado and crab wrapped in rice which was really good and salmon, avocado wrapped in rice and that was pretty good also. It really didn’t look like that much but by the end I was full.

The bill was just as confusing as it was all on one bill and we split it 5 ways so again we had to figure out what we had got and add up the plates, just a little different way of doing things but the food was good and we had a great time so I think we will go back again. After diner we left and Cristine and Julie and Petra and Michelle drove back over to CC’ Slaughter and Chris, Kim and I walked back. Someplace along the line we lost track of Amy so I didn’t get to say good bye to her as she left after dinner. Kim had parked on the way so I walked her to her car and then went over to CC’s. I only stayed there for maybe 15 minutes till 9 and then called it a night as I had to be up early for work.

As I was walking back to my car I passed Fox & Hound and Cassandra was still in there working and so was Julie so I went in to say good night and ended up sitting down with then and talking and before I knew it, it was 10 pm. I don’t know where that hour went but I am sure I will feel it tomorrow at work.

I final left and drove home, it was almost 10:30 when I got there so I will only get about 5 hours of sleep but it was worth it. It was really a fun night out.

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Out on a Sunday night

Well I had the chance to go out on a Sunday night. A local t-girl named Melissa that contacted me on my blog places she could go in Portland with her wife e-mailed me and said her and her wife Shawna were going out to a late dinner at Fox & Hound and was wondering if I or any of the other t-girls would be out tonight. Well I thought with the 3 day weekend why not go out tonight. I e-mailed her back and told her I would be there by 7:30.

I posted to the group that I was going out to Fox & Hound at 7:30 and then over to CC Slaughters for the drag show at 9 as it has been a long time since I have gone and watched it. Julie texted me that she and Trixie have wanted to go see the show and they would be out and meet me at 8 so I knew there would be at least 5 of us tonight which would make it more fun. I was ready to leave by 7 and on my way.

I got to Fox & Hound and they were not busy but then again it is Sunday night. I got a table and only had to wait about 10 minutes before Julie and Trixie arrived. It was great to see them again, I have not seen Trixie since the Holiday party they had so it was nice to talk with her. Melissa and her wife Shawna showed up a little before 8 and joined us. We all introduced ourselves, it is always fun to meet new people. Of course with Melissa being the new girl we wanted to know a little about her as I am sure she wanted to know about us too. Well it turns out her wife actually brought up how good she would look as a female first and Melissa thought it would be fun to let her try and that is how it all started. It is funny as usually it is the man trying to tell his wife or girlfriend he wants to dress like a girl.

Well we ordered some food and drinks and spent the next hour talking and getting to know each other and Melissa and Shawna where awesome and I told them about our group the Rose City T-girls and it turns out Melissa has already requested membership and sent Cassandra a picture for the group, one of our few rules. I told her about our upcoming events, Golf next weekend, Wednesdays and Friday nights out, our day out shooting at a local gun range and Harvey’s Comedy club so I am hoping she will be out more with our group. About 8:30 Petra showed up so we were up to 6 now.

It was about 8:50 when we left and the 6 of us walked around the corner to CC Slaughters for the drag show and the club was already packed as it turns out the show starts at 8, opps my mistake. Well we made our way to the back of the bar where there was more room to stand and we could see the show. We watched for a few minutes and then Jan came over, turns out Jan and Lynn were there although they knew what time the show really started so they had a table for two down front. I introduces Melissa and Shawna to Jan as I knew they would hit it off, seems while I was talking to Melissa at Fox & Hound I found out she liked guns and car and Jan love that too.

While we were standing there talking we noticed some seats opened up right in front of the show so we made our way down there so we could sit. Now we watched the show which was really good. Now they had the 3 Drag Queens they have always had but they also had a couple that I remembered from Embers years ago. One does Cher and is really good. She is actually the one that Did Cassandras Halloween costume 2 years ago. The other one her name is Topaz and she was always awesome and always does a really sparkly lip stick. She is one of the Drag Queens Peggy (Cassandras wife loved) so I will have to tell her she missed her. I should have checked to see if they are now in the show every Sunday.

It was about 10:30 when Melissa and Shawna called it a night, I really hope they had fun. Petra was next to leave and then about 11 Julie and Trixie left. It was about 11:30 when I called it a night. I went and told Jan and Lynn good night and then left. As I was leaving I heard someone call my female name and turned to see Dan and Bianca outside so I went over and talked with them for a while. Turns out Bianca hurt her back so she can’t golf this coming weekend which is sad as I was really looking forward to seeing them on the golf course. Turns out we had a really good turnout tonight for the show. It was a fun night.

Thanks for reading.

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Friday is here and time to go out and have fun with my friends

Well it has been another long and busy week for my male side and I am ready for the 3 day weekend. I have worked late almost every day this week even tonight it was after 5:30 when I got home which really makes it hard to be out to sweet home by 7 as it take a lot more work getting Susan ready but it is also so much more fun.

I was all ready by 6:50 and ready to leave but of course 2 of the neighbor kids were out playing in the street right in front of my house. Now I know their parents know about Susan but not sure the children do so I am always careful with kids so I waited a few minutes trying to decide if I should just get in my car and pull out and let them see me or wait in hopes they would go inside. Well it only took a couple minutes and they walked up into their garage still not out of sight but at least they would not have to move out of the street and my way for me to get out so I quickly got into my car and opened the garage and drove out. They were still in their garage and I don’t think they paid any attention to me as I left but as I got on the street their dad was just coming home in their car as we passed on the street. Now I know for certain his wife knows and I am almost 100% he knows so it really wasn’t that big of a deal and I was on my way out for the night.

I got to Sweet home about 7:15 and parked and went inside. Cristine, Bobby and Samantha were there already, today is Bobby’s birthday so we all wished him a Happy Birthday. Now I knew it would be a slow night tonight as Chris is out of town and Cassandra also couldn’t make it and the Karaoke group that comes here on Friday nights were having a Pirate weekend (they go to these camping events and all dress up in Pirate outfits). I think that is why we get along with them so well. Well I ordered dinner and the 4 of us talked. Samantha and I talked about when I had my car wreck a couple months back as Susan and she told me she never thought about something like that but now she drives extra careful which is good but like I told her in this case there was nothing I could do and sometimes those things just happen.

Petra and Michelle showed up, they have been getting out a lot more which is awesome as they are so much fun. They are both playing in our golf tournament next weekend. Michelle has never golfed but Petra took her to a driving range and taught her how to hit the ball. She is a little worried she will not be good enough but I kept telling her it is not about the score but how cute you look playing. Golfing is hard especially when you have long hair, long nails and boobs that get in the way of your swing but it is so much fun so who cares.

Silver showed up next followed by Barb, it was great they both made it out tonight. Silver doesn’t come out that much with the group so it is always nice to talk with her plus being a slow night here it was good for talking. Kelsey and Chuck were also there they are a couple I met when we first started to come to sweet home and I have even sang karaoke with Kelsey on a couple occasions, now usually they don’t get here till late so I went and talked with them for a while and it turns out they have both been laid off from work recently which is a shame.

A little later Laurie and her friend Jen showed up, they also don’t get out much, the last time I saw them was at Cassandra’s Halloween party so it was nice to chat with them and catch up. Even Monica showed up which was nice. She was out a couple weeks back but still good to see her again. It was a fun night and we had 10 of us out. Several of the girls played pool and tonight was Barbs night as she was the one to beet.

Karaoke started late but was still good. Those that sang got to sing more as here weren’t as many people there so the rotation went faster. It was still a fun night. It was about 11 when our group started to dwindle down and by 11:30 I was the last of our group there. Paul the owner came over and sat down at my table to take a break and we got a chance to talk. He takes a really personal approach to his business and knows all the regulars by name which is awesome as it really makes it have more of a family atmosphere. It was nice to get to know him a little better.

Well it was almost 12 when I decided to call it a night and went and paid my bill. It was a really fun night and a great way to start the weekend. Now having Monday off for Memorial Day I am thinking of maybe going out maybe to shop or something who knows, of course I could always find a golf driving range and go practice as Susan for the golf tournament next weekend that would be fun.

I would also like to wish everyone a Happy and safe Memorial Day weekend and to thank all the service men and woman, past, present and future for all you have done and the sacrifices you have made.

Thanks for reading.

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Mid week outing with friends

Well I have been working a lot the last few weeks and haven’t had much time for Susan so when I got the chance to go out to dinner with my friends I couldn’t resist. Now I didn’t get home till 5:30 so I knew it would be a rush to get ready. I was ready and out the door by 6:45 and on my way downtown Portland to meet my friends.

It was about 7:15 when I got there and had to park about 2 blocks away but it was a nice sunny so it was a nice walk to Fox & Hound. I got there and Chris, Cassandra, Cristine, Julie, Petra and Michelle were all there. I sat next to Julie so we could talk. We had a great time and talked about how much fun we had at Diva Las Vegas. I tried to talk her into playing golf with us but she has another golf tournament the same day. We will be golfing several more times this summer so I am sure she will be golfing as Julie with us. Sarah also showed up and it has been a while since I have seen her. It is so much fun to catch up will all my friends and spend time with them.

Kim also made it so we got to have dinner together with all our friends which was nice. It was nice to talk with her and spend some time with her. It was just a fun night. It was after 9 when we were getting ready to leave when Joan showed up. It was good to see her also. We had a good group out for the night. After we left I walked Kim to her car as she also had to park about a block away.

Now I was parked 2 blocks the other way so I had to walk back by Fox & Hound and as I got back there Roxy was just showing up so I stopped and talked with her for a couple minutes then said my good nights to my friends and walked back to my car and went home. What a fun night.

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Dinner with friends

Well Wednesday night I had a chance to go out to dinner with my friends. I don’t normally go out during the week with my friends as I can’t stay out late and of course once I am out with them the temptation is to great to stay out late but every once in a while I do, besides they were going to House of Louie for Chinese which I love.

I got down town about 6:45 so of course I had to pay to park for 15 minutes till 7. It is funny as I have done this many times and I use my credit card as it is easier but seems strange to put a .40 cent charge for this but better than a parking ticket.

I got to Fox & hound and Cassandra, Chris and Cristine were already there and of course Chris and Cassandra were on their computers. I also paid Cassandra for the golf tournament we have coming up the end of the month. So far she has 8 that have confirmed and paid and we have 4 to 8 more that are planning on golfing or at least thinking about it so we should have a good turnout, it will be so much fun.

About 7 we walked the 2 block to House of Louie for dinner, Petra was outside waiting for us. We got to House of Louie and Peggy was already there. It was so cool Peggy was able to make it tonight. It was just the 6 of us but we had a great time. It was nice to just have a quiet dinner and good conversation. It was amazing how fast the night went and before I knew it, it was 8:45 and it was time to leave. Chris, Petra and Cristine were going to CC Slaughters for pool and Cassandra, Peggy and I were all going home, yes it was easier to leave for home when you are not the only one.

Peggy and I walked together as she had parked over on the same street I had just a block closer to House of Louie. Even at almost 9 it was still over 80 out and just a nice evening to be out walking. Peggy is also golfing with us so that will be fun. I only had a block to walk after we got to Peggy’s car and you know I never even thought about the fact I was dressed while I walked it was just a normal walk no different than if I had been in male mode. It was a fun night and I was home by 9:15 so it worked out great.

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Out with friends at Sweet Home

Well it has been another long and busy week again for my male side and there was no time for Susan so I was really looking forward to tonight, a chance to get out of the house and have some fun with my friends. A girl needs a night out and that is Friday for me. I really think it is important to have something you love and can look forward to as that I think keeps you healthy and happy and for me that is my Susan time. I can put all the problems or issues in my male life behind me and for a few hours be Susan, someone who has no issues or problems.

I got there a little after 7 and their parking lot was empty except for Chris truck but then again their parking lot only holds 6 cars. Chris was the only one from our group there so far and there were maybe 10 other people there so it was a quiet start to the night. I sat down with Chris and ordered dinner and we talked for a bit.

Danielle and Kelly were there, these are friends we met back when we went to the P-club and they are awesome. They both quit smoking a little over 3 weeks ago and are still smoke free, I am so proud of them for quitting, I have friends who smoke or have quit and they all tell me how hard it but I tell them if you want it bad enough you can do it and I am sure they will be successful as this s something they want to do which I think is the key. Danielle has an app on her phone that tells her how much money she saves, most people I don’t think realize how much they spend on smoking. At a pack a day and if that pack cost you $6 that is $42 a week or $2190 a year plus all the health benefits of not smoking. Yes you may have guessed I am a non-smoker and would love to see all my friends quit as I really do care about them and want them in my life as long as possible. Kay I got off topic here so I will bring it back to my Friday night out.

Cassandra and Cristine showed up and shortly after Petra so we had a small group there but still fun. We talked a little about our golf tournament we are having the end of the month, we have 16 signed up to play. Cassandra is collecting money for it which reminds me I need to pay her but she does this as in any group you get those who will sin up and then something comes up and well you know and as we have made reservations for tee times it is important that everyone shows up. It will be so much fun. It is a little harder golfing as a girl but way more fun.

Well we played some pool and yes this week I did play. I played a game against Cassandra and it was a good game. She broke and didn’t sink any balls so on my turn I actually almost ran the table. I sunk 5 of my 7 balls in a row but then with all her balls on the table I couldn’t get shots at my remaining balls. In the end I had a really hard shot on the 8 ball and almost made it but by missing I left Cassandra and easy shot on her last ball and then she had an easy shot on the 8 as I left it right in front of the corner pocket so she won but it was probably one of my best games so I was happy.

Some of the regulars came over and talked with us which I really like. Two of them a couple from the bar Ricky and Coleen kept coming over and talking to us, they thought we were great and pretty which every girl loves to hear, now they had been drinking but still it counts.

A little later Marla and Jamie showed up for a little while. It was cool as I think the last time I saw them was the Halloween party so it has been a while. It was great to talk with them for a while and catch up. Both of them looked great and Marla had this really cute short skirt on.

Monica and another girl showed up and I feel so bad as I can’t remember her name, another blonde moment. It was good to talk with them also and they also only stayed a little while but still good to see them.

Well Karaoke started and we were having a good time. A new girl walked in and she looked kind of familiar but it took me a while. She is one of the Karaoke group that had talked with Cassandra and me several months ago about how she felt and her desire to dress. Well in short she came out to her friends and she came out as a female tonight, I guess she also came out while we were in Las Vegas to but this was the first time I have seen her and she looked awesome. One of her female friends from her group did her makeup and did an awesome job. She looked great and so happy. I am so happy for her as she doesn’t have to hide this anymore. I talked to her for a bit and it seems all her friends are supportive of her which is great but then they have all been so wonderful to our group it is no surprise, they really are a fun and awesome group. She gave me her female name she picked out and said she was on Facebook but again being late and blonde I couldn’t remember how she spelled it so I was unable to find her so I will have to have her spell it again for me or give her my card so she can find me.

Well it was midnight and one by one all my friends left so I was the last of our group still there. I went up and paid my bill and got talking to Jessica who is one of the Karaoke group and really nice. We talked for maybe 10 minutes, it was just a really fun night out and a great way to start the weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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Harvey’s comedy club with friends

Well tonight our group was going to Harvey’s Comedy club which is always a fun night out. I bought a new dress a few weeks back just for tonight and I was really looking forward to wearing it, I love the color. I was ready and out the door a little before 7 and on my way downtown Portland to meet my friends at Fox & Hound before we went to Harvey’s.

I got there and a lot of the girls were already there. Cassandra, Victoria, Peggy, Samantha, Shadow, Laura Jen and her friend were all there. Jen and her friend were not going to Harvey’s just came down to have some food with us.

I sat by Peggy and Victoria and we had a nice time talking and having a snack before we walked over to Harvey’s. We always eat dinner at Harvey’s. It wasn’t long and Barb, Jan and Lynn showed up so we had a really good group so far. We actually had 20 of our group sign up to go but a couple had to cancel last minute.

About 8:30 we all left and walked over to Harvey’s. It is about a 7 block walk and is something I actually enjoy as it is nice just to be out walking around with all the other people. It was lightly raining so Peggy shared my umbrella, A while back I Bought a really cute pink umbrella well I guess an umbrella isn’t cute but the pink color is.

We get to Harvey’s early so we can get tables in their lounge and wait for the late show. It is also fun to be there and be able to watch the other people and interact with them. I got a chance to talk with a lady we were both standing in line for the ladies room and she just started talking with me. She had gone to the early show and was telling me all about it and how good it was, this was her first time here so I told her our group has been coming here every month for the last few years and the shows are always great. She said she would have to come again. We had a nice conversation, I love this type of interaction as it is so natural just 2 ladies talking.

Well it was time to go in for the show and as we already had tables reserved there was no need for us to fight the line to get in so we let the others go first. On the way in we got to talk to a few other ladies also in line. They told us how nice we looked and the one said she was way under dressed compared to us, I guess when you don’t go out all the time we take more time and try to dress up more plus it is just way more fun.

We got to our tables and Kim our favorite waitress came over and took our orders. She was glad to see us and gave us all hugs which just makes you feel so wonderful. The comedians tonight were great, the MC was really funny and the opening comedian Susan Jones was awesome. We have seen her before and she was so funny, if you get a chance to see her you must. The headliner was really good also but I can’t remember his name. This is a picture we took after the show of our group on stage, the girl who took it for us seems to have cut a few out on the left, maybe one of the other girls got a better picture that I can swap this one out with later.

The show was awesome as always and we had such a fun night. We had a total of 17 of us here tonight including Darla and Maya who I have not seen for a long time as they don’t get out much anymore so it was great to see them and talk with them. I am hoping they start coming each month when we go to Harvey’s.

After the show a couple ladies came over to talk with us and meet us, they introduced themselves the one was Sarah and this poor blonde can’t remember the other ones name. We of course had to get pictures with them. The one was tall and I love getting pictures with tall girls. If I had not worn my heels we would have been the same height. It was such a fun night and went by so fast.

After the show we walked back to Fox & Hound for a while. The walk back was nice as it was not raining. We talked for a while and it was sad to see the night come to an end as it went so fast. It was about 12:30 when I said my goodbyes and left. Just an awesome evening out with friends. I am already looking forward to next month when we go. We also have a golf tournament the end of the month our group is doing which will be fun also.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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End to a long week what better way to start a weekend then with friends

Well it has been a long and busy week filled with short nights and not much sleep on my male side so I was really tired when I got home today and really thought about not going out tonight so you know I was tired. I got home from work and took about an hour nap and then decided to go out at least for a little while and I am glad I did. Well with the nap and a little slower getting ready it was almost 7 when I left home and again didn’t wear the dress I had set out to start with.

I got to Sweet Home about 7:15 and Cassandra, Chris and Cristine were already there and Laura showed up right after I did so we had a good group already. We all ordered dinner and sat and talked while watching the Portland Blazer play in game 6 of the NBA finals. Roxy showed up for a while and watched the game with us also. It was a great game and in the end they were down by 2 points with just .9 seconds in the game and they inbound the ball and the guy who got the ball shot a 3 pointer right at the buzzer and it went in to win the game. What a shot and way to end a game and advance to the next round of the NBA finals. The whole bar erupted into cheers and high 5’s and I even got several hugs as everyone was hugging everyone else. It was really exciting and I am not that big of a Basketball fan.

Melissa and Mikaela also made it tonight which was awesome. Melissa moved to California so we only see her when she comes up here on business. From left to right is Melissa, Susan and Mikaela what a fun night. It was great to see Melissa and get to talk with her as the last time I saw her was on our way home from Diva Las Vegas in Long Beach California when we went to Hamburger Mary’s. That was such a fun trip. We talked about how things were going for her in California and she seems to like it down there, the traffic down there would drive me crazy so I am happy where I am.

Well it was great to see Mikaela and talk with her, she is the reason I have pictures as she wanted to get some and I again didn’t think of it. I guess over the years I have gotten so many pictures of Susan (yes in the thousands) that I just don’t think about it anymore, actually I don’t even really think about the fact I am out dressed as a girl. I am just me out having fun and it doesn’t matter as Susan is such a natural part of my life and who I am as my male side. So thankful Mikaela got some picture as I really do love getting pictures. This is a close up she took of us that I thought turned out well.

We had a great time and talked about Diva Las Vegas, Mikaela was going to go but time off from her work just didn’t work with the dates this year for Diva Las Vegas although she is planning on going next year which myself and several of the other girls are planning on going again as it is so much fun. We had a great time and Mikaela and I are talking about trying to get together one day to go shopping if our work schedules ever work out.

Well after the game they got the Karaoke going and the bar was pretty packed which was nice. I like it when there are lots of people around. It is nice to be able to interact with all kinds of people and just be accepted for who I am and not for how I look or dress unless of course they are telling me I am pretty. Lauren also showed up, it has been a while since she has been out with the group. She is busy with her schooling and has just started hormones so things are good with her.

Well one more picture, from left to right Cassandra, Mikaela, Susan and Melissa. What a pretty group of ladies. So glad Mikaela remembered to get pictures of us. Well as I said I have had little sleep this week and by about 11:30 I was done so I paid my bill and called it a night. What a great way to start the weekend and of course I will be out again on Saturday night to go to Harvey’s Comedy club with my friends, I even bought a new dress a few weeks back that I have been saving for this night which was hard. Having a pretty new dress and not wearing it is hard. I do promise to get pictures Saturday night though as I have to have one in my new dress.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend

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