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A Wednesday night out with friends

Another busy week so I was looking forward to tonight. I got home at 5:20 which was later then I had hoped so it was right into the shower. We were going to House of Louie for dinner at 7 but I wanted to meet the girls at Fox & Hounds before so I knew I would have to rush. No I really do like to take my time getting ready and enjoy it but tonight there would not be time. Normally I try to give myself an hour and a half to get ready, time to think about my makeup and how I am doing it and of course deciding on an outfit. tonight it would be a simple makeup and no second guessing my outfit. Things went well and I was downtown Portland by 6:30.

Cristine, Cassandra and Julie were already there. It was nice to be out tonight as Cassandra and Julie will be gone for almost a month so tonight will be the last time I see Cassandra for a while. I will see Julie on Saturday as her, Trixie and I are going to the Red Dress Party this Saturday. We had a nice time talking till 7. Joan Showed up just before we left to walk over to House of Louie.

The 5 of us walked the 2 blocks to House of Louie. there was a little wind so it was a little cold, I was glad I brought my sweater. When we got there we met a new girl, Sheila. She had just sent an e-mail in today to join the group. It was nice to meet her. We got our normal table, I got to sit between Julie and Sheila. We had a nice time and good conversation. Dinner showed up and we had so much food. Jamie also showed up so we squeezed her in between me and Julie so we had 7 here tonight. It was a wonderful dinner and before we knew it, it was after 9.

After dinner we walked over to CC Slaughters, now as I don’t have to get up early tomorrow I had a chance to stay out later tonight. It was not very busy when we first got there but by 10 there was a good crowd. Julie, Sheila and I got more of a chance to talk, it was nice to get to know her better. Sounds like she doesn’t get out often but hopefully we will see her out again.

Kitty also was here tonight and it is always fun to spend some time with her. We were all talking and it was funny as last Saturday we were talking about Buffy and her girlfriend who we have not seen in a long time and wouldn’t you know who walked in, Buffy and her girlfriend. it was good to see them again. It really was a fun night and I stayed out till 11 which is late as I do have to work tomorrow.

Julie and I talked more about the Red Dress Party. I am going to drive again this year. It starts at 8 and goes to whenever. I am going to be at Julies around 6:30. It was a lot of fun last year and I am sure a few others from our group will be there. Of course we will get pictures. I am looking forward to it.

Thanks for reading

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Wednesday evening out to meet with our attorney

Well I was really looking forward to tonight, although I actually had a fun day today as my male self as I did something I have always wanted to do tonight I was going to be Susan and we were meeting with our attorney Sue-Del at 7. I really wanted to be there early so I could eat before she got there to talk with us. I got all dressed and ready and was on my way by 5:30 so I got to Fox & Hound right at 6. Cassandra, Victoria, Chris, and Roxy were already there. It wasn’t long and others started showing up and by 7 almost everyone involved in the law suit was there, Jennifer, Jan, Lynn, Kelly, Wilma, Cristine, the only one who couldn’t make it was Amy as she doesn’t live in the area and just couldn’t make it down. We also had a couple more girls from the group Laura m. and Joan so it was a good turnout for a Wednesday night.

Sue-Del showed up at 7 and it was so nice to see here again. this has been a slow process as it was almost 4 years ago when we were excluded from the P-Club and this May will be 3 years since we all testified in the BOLI hearing. The last time I actually saw Sue-Del was in November of 2013 when her and Brad Avakian came out to celebrate with us after the first verdict in our favor, so it has been a long time. Sue-Del greeted each of us with a hug and got every one of our names right how awesome is that.

Well she went over what has happened and where we go from here and of course we all had questions. I won’t boar you with the details but the main part is he has used up all his appeals and lost every one of them so we won and there is nothing more he can do. This is hug as it set a precedent in the state of Oregon that you can not discriminate against anyone based on gender identity. now as for the judgment against him they search his records and he has no assets in his name at this time which really is not a surprise but what we found out is they are garnishing any money he gets and have been able to collect a little bit and will start distributing it as they get it. It will take years probably to collect the money and they may never get all of it. What they have so far doesn’t even cover the interest on half a year, yes we also found out that there is interest being charged to him on what he owes and that will also go to us. now as I have said before it was never about money and I really don’t think I will see all of what I was awarded but I do feel bad for Sue-Del as she did all this work with no guaranty we would win anything only the promise of a % of what we got and now she will get it in small amounts over probably many years if she ever get all of it and she put a lot of time and work into this for us. I can’t thank her enough as she was awesome and really helped me get through it. Testifying was a hard thing to do when you live a secret life.

It was a fun and informative evening, I only got to talk with Wilma briefly but it was good to see her after so long as she doesn’t get out much. wish I could of talked with her more but Laura and I got into a good conversation and soon we were the only 2 still there. we talked till almost midnight. we are actually getting together tomorrow and were going to figure out what we wanted to do but we talked about everything but that. So at almost midnight we decided to meet at Clackamas Town Center at 11 and do a little shopping.

It was a wonderful evening and brings a lot of closer to a really hard thing we all went through. I really want to thanks Sue-Del, Beth Allen who was our first attorney, She had to turn the case over to Sue-Del when she was appointed as a judge. she did a lot of work for us also but because she is judge now she can not receive anything. and of course Brad Avakian the head of BOLI and his wonderful staff. they were all so supportive of us. thank you all.

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Wednesday night dinner with my friends

Well I have been out all day as Susan and I am not ready to go home yet. It is funny as I am so excited about my new dress and so looking forward to wearing and showing it off, now what makes this funny is there is not one piece of my male clothes that I would get excited about or be thinking about when and where I will wear it. This really is one of the things I love about being Susan, being excited about a new dress, lipstick or a manicure, how awesome is that.

Well I hung out at Barnes and Nobble at Lloyd Center till a little after 5 and then drove downtown to Fox & Hounds. I got there at 5:30 and went in and Cassandra was there on her computer in the chat room and Cassie was also there in boy mode. I had my computer so I broke it out and went online also. It wasn’t long and Cristine showed up and we sat there and talked and played online. It was getting close to 7 and Julie showed up, I was glad to see her as she is so much fun. Roxy and Chris also showed up so we had 7 for dinner tonight. We are going to House of Louie for Chinese food tonight. Its only 2 blocks away and it is a nice night for a walk.

We got to House of Louie about 7 and Michele and Jamie were there waiting for us. Dee also showed up so we had 10 of us for dinner. Julie and I were talking about the fun I have been having out as Susan shopping the last 2 day. She asked what my plans were for tomorrow and if I wanted to go golfing which really would be fun so we are going golfing. It is funny as I have known her for years and it will be the first time we meet or see each other as our boy self. Now the only sad thing is I will have to remove my beautiful red nail polish.

We had a great dinner as we always do, being out with friends is a wonderful way to spend the evening. It was about 9 when we all headed over to CC Slaughters for a while. Now they were decorating for Halloween and didn’t have any tables out just a few chairs. A new girl showed up named Barbra and it was nice to meet her. Cassandra, Julie and I sat and talked for a while which is always nice. it is funny how as Susan I really do enjoy sitting around and talking. I think it is the social aspect of it, just the girls sitting around talking. It was almost 10 when I left and went home. I have been gone from home for 12 hours and my makeup still looked okay including my lipstick.

Now it is Thursday morning and I am sitting here at home on my computer updating my blog and loving my nails. I am totally in boy mode except for the nails and so wish I could keep them this way. it just isn’t fair that girls can have pretty nails and boys can’t. I will have to remove it soon so I can go golfing and that will be a sad moment but it really will be fun to meet Julie as her male self and we will have a blast golfing.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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Wednesday night dinner with friends

Well I had a chance to go out to dinner with my friends on Wednesday night. The group was going to House of Louie for Chinese food. They really have good Chinese food here. Now we all meet at Fox & Hound first as some of the girls get here early. I started getting ready early with hopes of getting out early. I got downtown at 6:30 and parked about a block away. Julie was getting to Fox & Hound the same time I was so we met outside and walked in together. Cassandra, Chris and Cristine were already there, Chris and Cassandra were both on their computer.

We all talked for a bit and of course Cassandra had Paltalk open and was chatting with her web cam going, so I got a chance to chat a little. We waited till 7 for others to show up. Roxy and a couple other girls made it so we had 8 of us for dinner. Cassandra, Cristine, Julie and I walked over at 7 and the rest waited a few more minutes incase anyone else showed up.

It was about 7:15 when we all got there and sat down to dinner. The ladies who work here are always glad to see us and always treat us wonderful. We had a great dinner and fun talking. It is amazing how wonderful my friends are and we always have a fun time together. The funny thing is when we are out together most of the time I don’t even think about the fact I am dressed as a girl. I am just out as myself, both my male and female side feel so right and natural.

After dinner some of the girls went over to CC Slaughters but Cassandra, Cristine, Julie and I sat there for a little while longer and just talked. It was a fun evening. It was about 9 when we left and walked over to CC’s. Now I didn’t go in as it was late and I needed to get up early for work so I said my goodbye’s and walked to my car to go home.

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Wednesday night dinner with friends

Well I had the chance to go out for dinner with my friends. I was looking forward to going out so I started getting ready early so I wouldn’t be out to late. Well as always things didn’t go right as there was a car wreck on the freeway and I still didn’t get to Fox & Hound till almost 7.

Chris, Roxy and Cristine were there already. Chris and Roxy were playing on his Laptop with a flight simulator. Well we talked for a while at the bar before we moved to a table to have dinner. Julie was also caught in traffic so we waited for her before we ordered dinner.

Julie finally arrived and it was good to see her. We heard about a party she went to over the weekend and it sounds like she had a wonderful time. Well we all ordered dinner and had a nice time visiting while we waited for our food. Michelle also showed up which was nice as it has been a while since she has been out. Kitty also showed up she had gone to Fred Meyer as they had a special today on boots, half off and she got a really cute pair.

We all walked over to CC’s at 9 and even though I should have gone home I went over for a little while. Dee and Rachel were already there playing pool. Now with all the decorations they have up for Halloween and the fact they are expecting a big crowd this weekend they had most of the tables put away so they could fit more people in so we had to share one table with about 8 chairs around it.

Chris and Julie played a game of pool and Julie almost won had she not scratched the 8 ball. Now the other fun thin was a lot of girls came in tonight in costumes. I only saw one guy in a costume but there must have been at least 12 girls and they had on some really cute costumes. One was a French maid and one had on this really cute pink dress and pink wig.

Well I stayed till about 9:45 which was way later than I planed but just hard when I am out with my friends to leave, plus we were all talking about the Halloween party this weekend which we are all looking forward to.

Thanks for reading.

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Fun Saturday, night out at Harvey’s Comedy club with friends.

Well it is Saturday and tonight is Harvey’s Comedy Club and I am really looking forward to it but first things first. Last night I broke my last set of nails so this morning I need to make some new ones. It took me about an hour to file and prepare my nails and tape them on the board so I can put the nail polish on. I do it this way as I can do 8 sets of 10 nails at one time but today I only did 7 sets. It took me another 45 minutes or so to paint them with 2 coats of color and then the clear top coat for shine. I used my 3 favorite colors from OPI, 3 sets in “O’Hare and nails look great” which is my favorite bright red, 2 sets in “Pompeii Purple” which is a really pretty pinkish red and 2 sets of “got the blues for red” which is a darker wine red color. Now I had the rest of the day for them to dry before I get ready for Harvey’s tonight.

I started getting ready at 4:45 for tonight as I wanted to have extra time and maybe get downtown earlier then 7, well it took a little longer getting ready which was okay as I really enjoy this part of it. I wore my new dark blue dress I bought a few weeks back when I was out shopping. It is a really cute dress and just like the other on just one small problem. I bought them at Ross Dress for less and they were my size but as I have learned woman’s sizes very so I tried them on to make sure they fit in my shoulders and they did and that is how I determine fit and I don’t look at anything else at least till now. when I hung the dresses in my closet I noticed they were shorter then my other dresses but till I put it on tonight I didn’t realize just how short till I put it on tonight but I still wore it I would just have to be careful sitting down. I put on my new nails and they looked beautiful, I hadn’t noticed how bad my other nails looked lack of shine so I was happy.

I got downtown Portland right at 7 and parked and walked to Fox & Hound. Cassandra, Peggy, Cristine, Jan, Lynn, Laura and Petra were all there already so I knew we would have a great night. Peggy had on this really pretty red dress and looked awesome as did all the girls tonight. I sat next to Peggy and got a chance to talk with her which is always nice. We ordered drinks and a snack but I was going to wait and eat at Harvey’s.

It wasn’t long and Teresa, Laura and her friend Jeni showed up. Now the funny thing is we have 2 Laura’s both of whom came tonight and both have a friend named Jeni who have come out with the group, well I had seen the post and for who was coming tonight and had them backwards. A little later Lilly and her wife Chrissie showed up. They came out a week ago for the first time and met a few in the group but I was glad they could come out tonight and meet more of the group plus I knew they would enjoy tonight. I introduced them to all the girls and we all had a nice time talking.

About 8:15 Cassandra, Peggy, and Cristine headed over to Harvey’s and the rest of us talked a little more as we waited to pay our bills. It was about 8:30 when the rest of us left for Harvey’s. It was a nice warm night out and I always enjoy the 7 block walk through downtown. Tonight was also going to be fun as it is the first time Laura and her friend Jeni and also Lilly and Chrissie have been to Harvey’s. We had a nice walk and had a chance to talk more.

We got to Harvey’s and there were already people in the lounge waiting for the next show so it was probably good. We sat around some more and talked and Lilly and Chrissie got a chance to talk more with Cassandra and Peggy which I really wanted as I thought it would be good for them to meet them as Peggy has been so supportive of her husband Cassandra and really all of us girls in the group. I think that is the best thing about our group as we can talk and get support from others who are just like us. We really are more like a family. The rest of the girls going tonight showed up, Sophia, Robyn, Michel and her friend so we had 16 in all tonight.

Now as more people came in I was more aware of how short my dress was but I did see several other girls with dresses as short and maybe a couple even shorter than mine. Well it was time to go in and of course Berry the owner had our tables all set up. Normally we text Kim our favorite waitress but she is on Vacation tonight and not here and we miss her but we hope she is having a great time. The young man who waited on us was really good and treated us great which is no surprise as we are always treated great here but we did miss Kim so it will be nice next month when we see her again.

The show started and as always it was great. They only had 2 comedians tonight, the featured and the headliner no MC tonight. They both did a great job and we all laughed so hard but I think the headliner was just a little better. Both picked on people in the audience, some that were talking instead of watching the show and two girls that were on their phones texting. It was great as I think when a comedian can interact with the audience and do jokes off the cuff while on stage is great.

After the show we all walked back to Fox & hound. I was going to stay out just a little later tonight as Sandy was driving down from up north to go out in Portland, she couldn’t make it early enough for Harvey’s so I was looking forward to seeing her. We had only been at Fox & Hound for a few minutes when Sandy came in. she had been over at CC Slaughters. It was great to see her again.

We all sat and talked for a bit and then a few of the girls left. We had a great time and it was nice talking with Sandy. I really wish I could have stayed out later. It was almost 12:45 when I finally called it a night. Sandy was going to go back over to CC’s for a while before she made the drive back home. It really was a great night out.

The dates for next year’s Diva Las Vegas are final it will be March 22 to 27 2015 so mark your calendar, it is such a fun event. If you have never heard about it or know what it is check out their web page.

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Dinner out on Wednesday night

Well I had the chance to go out on Wednesday night and join my friends for dinner. Now going out during the week is fun but they are always short nights as I get up early. I started getting ready earlier so I could get out earlier and it worked I was out of the house and downtown Portland by 6:30. It is funny as when I first started going out I would drive around and look for a parking spot as close as I could so I could get from my car inside as quickly as possible, now days I actually enjoy walking around so I usually just park about a block and a half away as I always find parking there.

I got to Fox & Hound and Roxy and Chris were at the bar so I joined them. It was nice just being out for a night. Cristine showed up so we talked a little more and then went over to a table so we could eat. Cassandra was already over there catching up on so work on her computer. Well about 7:20 we ordered dinner and I ordered for Kim as she was on her way. I actually had to call her as she wanted steak the same as I did but they didn’t have it tonight.

Now tonight I wore my grey skirt and a cream color top and of course my heels. Kim showed up and she also had on a grey skirt with a black top and really looked nice as always. The funny thing is I almost wore a black top tonight.

Dinner finally came and we had a nice dinner and some great conversation. Now I had planned on leaving by 9 but we all know how that turned out. Susan was just having to much fun. it was almost 9:30 when we left, Chris, Roxy and Cristine went around the corner to CC’ Slaughters and the rest of us called it a night and went home. It was a fun night.

Thanks for reading.

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Wednesday night out with the girls for dinner

Well I had the chance to go out to dinner tonight with my friends. Now I got off work late so it was almost 5:30 before I got home so I had to rush to get Susan ready. It was straight into the shower and then getting ready and I did it in less than an hour. Well I did it and was in my car on my way by 6:20.

I got downtown Portland a little before 7 and had to park about a block away. Kim, Chris and Cassandra were already at Fox & Hound. Now we didn’t know how many girls would be out but I knew Stefia would be out as she was bringing a girl named Tina who is in town for a few days from Ohio so I was looking forward to seeing her and meeting Tina.

Roxy showed up so we moved from the bar to a table so we could order some dinner. The 5 of us sat and talked, we are trying to come up with some new ideas for our group to do to try and generate more interest in the members. We want to go to some new places and one of the plans is a dinner night out. We are planning on doing this on a Saturday night and going to different restaurants in hopes that we can start getting more girls out. We are also planning a movie night next week, we want to go see the new movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I am looking forward to this as I liked the first one.

Stefia and Tina showed up and joined us for dinner. It was nice to meet Tina and she seems really nice. We had a good time talking and getting to know a little about her. It is always nice to meet new people this way. It was amazing how fast time went and soon it was 9 pm and time to go over to CC Slaughters but before we left Fox & Hound we had to get some pictures. This is Stefia, Tine and me and I was wearing my 4″ heels so I really am not as tall as I appear in the picture. These were taken on Stefia’s camera, I was going to get mine out but both Stefia and Tina had theirs out so I just had them send them to me.

Well it was a little after 9 and Stefia, Tina, Chris and I walked next door to CC Slaughters as the rest of the girls went home. Now the one good thing about getting off late today is I also don’t have to go in as early in the morning so I could stay out a little later.

Rachel and Dee were there so we joined them and talked for a while and of course more pictures. Stefia has an app on her phone that lets her control her camera through Wi-Fi, she can actually see what her camera sees and take the picture so she can set her camera across the room and still take pictures how cool is that. Chris and Tina played pool and Stefia took some pictures, I was in this one when Chris was shooting and I just thought it was a cute picture so I had to ad it.

We had a good night and stayed out till about 10:30 before we called it a night. Tina had flown in today so she was pretty tired. It was a really fun night and I hope Tina will be able to come back to Portland again.

Thanks for reading.

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Wednesday night dinner with friends

Well I had a chance to go to dinner Wednesday night with my friends and I was looking forward to it. Now it was a really warm day so I wore my little black dress, a little much for dinner out but I really wanted to wear it. I got home a little early so I got ready and was downtown by 6 pm, parked and walked over to Fox & Hound.

Julie, Roxy and Chris were all there so I joined them for a drink while we waited for others to show up. It was nice to see Roxy out so early for a change. Now Julie and I got a chance to sit and talk for a while which was so much fun. It is funny as Susan I love to sit and talk. We talked about all kinds of thing including Julie and Trixie BBQ and lawn party they are having for the group. I am really looking forward to this.

Cassandra showed up a little before 7 which is late for her turns out she got caught in traffic. Now we were going to walk a couple blocks over to House of Louie for Chinese tonight. Chris and Roxy had already started over. Cassandra, Julie and I walked over as we talked. It was a really nice evening out so it was a pleasant walk.

Roxy, Chris and Cristine were there so we all sat down and ordered dinner and started talking. Cassandra told us about her and Peggy’s cruise although she left her phone with the pictures on it in her car but it sounds like they had an awesome time.

A little later Petra and Michele showed up so we had 8 of us. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversation. It was a fun time and as always the time went by way to fast and soon it was 9 pm and time to go over to CC Slaughters. Now I had only planned on staying for dinner but I was having fun so I decided to go in for a little while.

Dee and Rachel were inside already playing pool. Julie and I sat and talked some more what a wonderful night. I stayed till about 9:45 before calling it a night.

Thanks for reading

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Wow what a fun Saturday night, Fox & Hound first than Harvey’s Comedy Club.

Wow what a fun Saturday evening. It was our Monthly night out to Harvey’s tonight and as some of the girls went target shooting and didn’t know what time they would get to Fox & Hound I was going to do my best to get there by 6:30 as we have a few new girls coming out tonight. This mean starting to get ready by 4 as I wanted to give myself extra time so I look really good tonight. I did a brighter eye makeup tonight pinks and purples and it really turned out good as it made my eyes look brighter. I was on my way by 6 right on schedule.

I got downtown Portland and parked and went to pay for parking, there was a lady there with her 2 daughters and her husband and they were digging for change to pay the parking meter so I stood behind her and patiently waited my turn. I don’t think she noticed me but I saw her daughters looking at me but then I did have on a really cute dress and heels, they just smiled at me. I got to Fox & Hound and several of the girls were already there evidently they got done with shooting early. Cassandra, Cristine, Michelle, Jan & Lynn were all there. Over by the pool table were 4 Sailors that were in town for Rose Festival Fleet week and of course Cassandra had gone over earlier and got a picture with them which made me think about it too.

Well we all sat and talked for a while and soon a few more girls showed up, Laura, Barb, Petra and Keri. It was great to see Keri out with the group. I usually only see her when we go to Diva Las Vegas as she live a ways away. Well I finally decided I would go over and thank them all for their Service, I am still not good about walking up to people I don’t know and starting a conversation.

I got over to their group and thanked them and before I could ask if they would take a picture with me one of the Sailors Girlfriend asked if they could get pictures with me and some of the other girls and you know how much I and all the other girls like having pictures taken. This is our group photo. I will have more pictures in this blog.

We spent most of the next hour talking with them, they are actually support staff for the USS Nimitz and came down from Everett to help out with the fleet that was in town for Rose Festival. It was fun to learn more about them, where they are from and a little bit about the ships. Several of the group are former members of the military and I have family that were in the Navy.

Petra and Michelle even played doubles against them in pool and one, actually they scratched on the 8 ball and lost but it was a lot of fun. We even tried and almost had them talked into going to Harvey’s Comedy club with us tonight but one of them had the early watch in the morning.

It was about 8pm when Cassandra and Cristine left to walk over to Harvey’s the rest of us hung out with the Sailors for another half hour. Well it was time to leave, it wasn’t cold out but I wasn’t sure what it would be like at midnight so I stopped by my car to get my wrap. And then we started the 7 block walk to Harvey’s. now tonight I wore my 4″ heels, they look so good with the dress I was wearing and believe it or not before I left home I could not decide if I should wear them or my 3″ wedge, Style or comfort and so I flipped a coin and style won out. Not sure if girls would ever do this or not. This is me with 3 of the Sailors.

Well after walking 7 block to get to Harvey’s I realized the coin flip was not a good idea and I should have gone with the lower heels. We went into the lounge at Harvey’s to wait for the early show to get over and Melissa and her wife Shawna, Sophia and her Wife Lorna were there so I joined them at their table. It has been a long while since I have seen Sophia and Lorna so it was nice to talk with them.

Julie and Trixie also showed up for the show so we all crowded around a small table and talked while we waited. Now usually it is so crowded in here by 9 there is standing room only so I didn’t think there would be that big of a crowd tonight as when they opened the door to the show room there was no line at all so we got right in, which is something we really never worry about as we always let our favorite waitress Kim know how many are coming and she reserves tables for us.

This is a picture of me with one of the Sailors and his girlfriend. Well we got inside to our tables and Kim came over and talked to us, she had heard about the fun we had at Fox & Hound with the sailors so I had to show her my pictures, yes Susan loves to show off pictures of her. By now the rest of our group was in and Kim took our orders.

Now the showroom filled up and was packed so I guess a lot of the people were waiting outside as it really was a nice warm summers evening. Well the MC for the show came up on the stage and his act was to change the lyrics to some of the popular songs and make them funny which he did. He was really good although I can’t remember his name.

The featured comedian was Alex Falcone, he is not only a comedian but also writes for the TV show Portlandia which I have not actually seen and he also does a talk show and he also lives here in Portland. He was really good and we laughed so hard, I wondered how the headliner would be able to top him. If you get a chance to see him you should.

The headliner was Steven McFarlin and he came on stage and was awesome also and yes I think he did out do Alex. We laughed the whole night long, it was hard to eat or drink as we were laughing so much and that makes it such an awesome night out. I think everyone needs a night where they laugh so hard the side hurts. The show was almost 2 hours long and it did not seem like it. It went by so fast as it always does when you are having fun.

This is a picture of me with the cute Sailor and she let me try on her hat, I think I look good in the hat. Well after the show as we were walking out we got to meet all the comedians and I told them how good they all were and they thanked us for coming to the show. Harvey’s is such a fun night out and tonight we had 16 in our group for the show.

Now we had the 7 block walk back to Fox & Hound as that is where most of us parked. My feet were already sore and tired from the walk here and the couple hours I sat inside for the show only helped a little. Next time we got to Harvey’s I will go with a lower heel although I am sure I looked great in them. I actually had a hard time keeping up with the group except for Cassandra as she also wore the high heels. It was still warm out so I never actually put my wrap on I just carried it so I should have left it in the car.

It was such a fun night and I got some really good pictures to remember it. I am already looking forward to next month. Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a great weekend.


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