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Shopping March 17, 2007

Today Susan went out again. I got all dressed up and decided to go shopping. I stopped at payless shoe store to try on some shoes. I didn’t find any I liked that would fit me. After that I went back to Barns & Nobel and looked around at the books. I spent about an hour here. Then it was time to head home. I decided to stop and get some dinner. I went to Sheri’s near wear I live. I was quite calm just being Susan and eating. It was so much fun.

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French acrylic nails March 13, 2007

This is an old picture I found from last year when I had a French manicure. It is the only time I have had my nails done without having them painted a color. I try to get them done at least once a year. My other blogs show my nails with a dark red and a bright red nail polish. I would love to hear which you like better.

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Removed my acrylic nails March 10, 2007

Well it was finally that time to remove my nails. I have had them for a week now and loved every minute. I went the nail salon and the lady soaked them off and then gave me a manicure. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it, any time I can go and get my nails done is great. I was sad to see my beautiful nails go away and my hands go back to that plan look. The bright side is I know that I will again get my nails done at some point in the future, hopefully soon.

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Out shopping March 8 – 9, 2007

Well Susan finally did it. I spent a couple days totally as Susan. I went and got my acrylic nails at French nails. They always treat me nice and do a great job. I went and bought a new wig. I went in to Wells Wigs Unlimited and spent an hour there trying on different wigs. Susie the lady who helped me was great. She was very supportive and told me I looked good and should go out. So I decided to try it. My first stop was to get a sub sandwich. The shop was empty but it was still fun to be out. This boosted my desire to be out. I drove over to Barnes and Noble by Washington Square and went in. I walked around looking at books I even went and sat down and read some. It was nice to see my long red nails on the pages. I spent about 2 hours there.

Macy’s at Tanasbourne. I had to park quite a ways from the store but decided to go in. once inside one of the sales ladies came up and greeted me and asked if I needed any help. I said I was just looking. She pointed me to the women’s department and said if I needed any help just ask. I new I didn’t pass but she never let on and treated me like any other lady which was really good customer service and made me feel at ease. I looked around for over an hour before leaving. As I was in my way home I saw a Sherrie’s restaurant just a few blocks from Macy’s and I wondered if I should get dinner. The answer was yes. They weren’t that busy so I went in. the waitress greeted me and showed me to a table. I ordered dinner and sat in there eating like any other customer. It was an incredible day and I was sad to see it end. On the way home I thought about the day, I had no problems, and ever one treated me nice so I decided to really go shopping the next day.

Nordstrom’s. I walked in and went to the second floor wear the women’s clothes are. All the sales ladies greeted me and asked if I needed anything. I said I was just looking. One sales lady and I can’t recall her name came over and introduced herself to me and asked my name. I said Susan. She said let me show you some things that would fit you the best really quickly and then I will let you look around. She took me around and showed me several different styles that would fit me and look good. She even showed me a really cute skirt. Then she said Susan (calling me by my name) feel free to look around and if you need anything let me know and I will check back with you in a little bit. I was on cloud nine. I looked around for a while then the same sales lady came by, how are you doing Susan she asked would you like to try on anything? I said no but thanks, what incredible customer service. I went back and looked at that cute skirt again. I was holding it up to me when she came by again. Susan would you like to try that on? I said yes and she took me right over to the dressing rooms and let me go in and try it on. I really wish I had brought my credit card with me but all I had was a little money so I couldn’t buy the skirt. I spent over an hour there looking around and trying on skirts and tops. The sales lady was so friendly and helpful I wish I could remember her name so I could write a letter to the company. As I left she thanked me for shopping and told me to come back any time.

Macy’s and went in and headed for the women’s clothes department. The sales ladies were nice here too asking me if I needed anything. I said no I was just looking. They said just let them know if I needed anything. Macy also has good customer service not as good as Nordstrom’s but they treated me well. I looked around for about 30 minutes and then back out to the mall. I walked down to Sears and looked at there clothes. I never saw any sales people and nobody in there said hi to me. It was a let down after the service I had at Nordstrom’s and Macy’s. I still looked around. Then I went to J.C. Penney’s. It was the same as Sears. Not much in the way of help. I was left alone to look at the clothes with no help. It was still fun but I really liked the attention and help I received at Nordstrom’s.

Bath & Body works and the ladies working in there came right over and asked if I needed anything. I said I was just looking. They pointed out the different sections and told me what there specials were and if I needed any help just ask. I looked around for a while and then went on down the mall. My next stop was Victoria’s Secret. I went in and looked at there lotions and perfumes. Again the sales lady was over and asked if I needed anything. I said I was just looking. She asked if I had tried any of there perfumes before. I said no. she showed me several of their scents and let me smell them. Then said if I needed anything just ask her. From here I went back to Nordstrom’s and looked over there cosmetic section. Again the women there were friendly and helpful and treated me as any other women. I can not say enough about the great customer service Nordstrom has. I went out to my car and realized I had been in the mall for almost 4 hours. There was still time so I drove on to South center mall to do it all again. Again I started with Nordstrom’s and went in. again the sales ladies in the woman’s department were there to help me. The one introduced herself and pointed out all the sections that would have clothes that would fit me. She told me just let her know if I needed anything or wanted to try something on. I looked around for awhile and she came over to me to see how I was doing. She also show
ed me a nice pair of pants that had a seam that could be let out. Sense I was taller. She was really nice too. I can not get over the customer service at Nordstrom’s. They do such a great job. Again I walked the mall and stopped at all the other stores. I spent some times in Macy’s looking around. They have really good service to but Nordstrom’s is just over the top. My feet were getting tired so I only spent about 2 ½ hours here.

ULTA and looked around. It is a beauty store that sells every kind of makeup you can think of. It was incredible to walk through and compare all the different kinds of makeup. The ladies working inside were also very friendly and asked if they could help me in any way. I bought some new mascara because mine was old. The day had been a dream and I was sad to see it end. I will defiantly do it again really soon. I would defiantly recommend you go shopping at Nordstrom’s if you want to feel great. Both Macy’s and Nordstrom’s treat you well and I will shop them both but Nordstrom’s is my favorite because of there helpfully friendly sincere customer service.

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