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Entry for July 04, 2007

Susan finally got a chance to be herself and go out. Yesterday I got up and got all dressed up in my black skirt, pink top and two inch heels and went out. I started off going to IHOP for some breakfast about 9 am. they were not real busy which is always nice. My next stop was downtown Portland. I have gone shopping at malls before were you can park close to a door and go in but I wanted to be out and about so I thought what better place then downtown.
I started with Pioneer Place and parked in a parking garage about three blocks away. I sat in my car for about 10 minutes working up the courage to walk the three block to Pioneer Place. Finally I got out of my car and off I went. it was a beautiful day and I was really enjoying myself till I hit the first intersection and had to wait for the light with about 7 other people but they seemed to pay no attention to me so I was ready.
When I got inside I was pretty calm and spent a couple hours looking around all the stores. I spent some time in Trade Secret, and bath and body works. I really love looking at all the make up and body lotions. After this I walked around some more and wound up in Victoria’s Secret. I looked around in there for a good 20 minutes and the women that worked there asked if I needed any help and treated me just like every one else. my last stop was Saks I looked around at all the cloths and then the makeup counter. I was having such a great time and it was only about 1 pm so I decided to walk up to Nordstrom’s sense it was only about 4 more blocks so out I went.
Again I was out on the streets of Portland walking around just like every one else and it was great. When I go9t inside I went right to the cloths section and started looking at all there skirts and tops. the sales ladies were really helpful and told me if I needed anything or wanted to try something on to go right ahead so I did. I must have tried on at least a dozen outfits. Then it was down to the makeup counter to look things over. I was having so much fun I even broke down and bought a new lipstick. I was having so much fun I had lost track of time and it was now after 3 pm and I new I should be going. As I headed for the door I realized that I had parked 3 blocks the other side of Pioneer Place so I was now 10 blocks from my car. As I left you could not believe a all the people out on the streets. they must have been leaving work early for the 4Th of July holiday. It took about 20 minutes to walk back to my car and I loved it. It was an incredible day. I am so looking forward to the next time I can go out.

One last thought, my you all have a happy and safe fourth of July. And please remember all our service men, past present and future that we owe our thanks to for this great land and the freedoms we enjoy. So if you know one thank them.

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