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Monday home from Diva Las Vegas

Well we are home from Diva Las Vegas and all sad it is over. I called and made an appointment to have my beautiful acrylic nails removed at Glamorous Nails on Farmington Road in Beaverton at 5 pm. I wanted to wait as long as I could plus we wanted to do some shopping first. I needed a long dress for the T-girl Pageant this coming Friday. I am really looking forward to it but a little nervous. Peggy and I planned to go at noon and called Maya to see if she wanted to go and she did. We went over and picked Maya up and then we were off shopping.

We started off at T.J. Maxx and found some cute things but nothing in my size. Next we stopped at Catherine’s and they didn’t have anything long. Maya suggested we try Ross Dress for less and Burlington Coat factory and Washington Square so we drove over to a shopping center by 217 and started at Ross. We went over to Kohl’s which was in the same shopping center and looked around and again found nothing. I never realized how hard it would be to find a cute long dress. We went into Burlington Coat Factory and found several cute long dresses and some were even the right size. I found this really cute black dress so I tried it on and it fit perfectly. So I had my dress for the Pageant. Maya and Peggy found another dress for me to try but it didn’t fit. It was so much fun shopping with Peggy & Maya.

Just for fun Peggy suggested we go look at shoes and I found the cutest open toed heels with 4″ heels and they fit perfect. Peggy & Maya thought they were cute too so I decided to buy them too. Peggy also found some cute shoes that fit her as well as Maya. We went up and paid for our items and then decided to go get lunch. Peggy and Maya new of a place I think it was called Hot Wings but not sure. We got a table and the waitress was so nice. We had a nice lunch and a chance to talk.

After lunch we took Maya home and went in and she showed us some of her clothes and I got some more ideas for the pageant this Friday. This is going to be so fun and I am really getting excited. Finally it was time to leave and go get my nails removed. We got to Glamorous Nails and went in. it took them about 5 minutes to get to me and soon I was soaking my nails off. The lady that did my nails was awesome and did a great job. I would recommend them if you want to get your nails done. It only took about 45 minutes and my nails were all back to normal. I really miss my long nails and can’t wait to get acrylic again.

We got back to Cassandra and Peggy’s house and I showed Cassandra my dress and shoes and she thought they were cute. So then we spent the next hour trying on different looks and dresses and working out just what I would wear for each part of the pageant. So now I am relaxed and ready as I have everything figured out and I am all ready.

Now with everything worked out I put my stuff in my car and had to say goodbye. Cassandra and Peggy were so much fun to spend the week with we had such a great time. This brings our trip to Diva Las Vegas to an end but you can check out all my pictures on my Windows Live Profile.

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Sunday the drive home after Diva Las Vegas

Well it is almost over it has been 10 days as Susan and having Acrylic nails, what a fantastic trip. It has gone by so fast and we are all sad to see it come to an end. Cassandra took the bags down and packed the car while I got dressed; she is in boy mode so was a lot quicker getting ready. It is a 15 hour ride home today and will be just a lot of sitting in a car as Susan but still I will love every minute. Even the simple things like typing on my computer with my beautiful Acrylic nail (which I will have to remove tomorrow, so sad. I have really gotten use to them now after 10 days like I always do. Now I will have to get use to not having them. Wow I really wish I could find a way to keep them but I know that just isn’t possible.

It has been an incredible trip and one we will all remember and it was so much fun to Have Cassandra and Peggy along to share it with. They were both so awesome and made the whole trip great and I was so comfortable spending the whole time as Susan. Even when Cassandra was in boy mode they made me feel totally at ease not once did I feel scared or uneasy. It was so much easier with them there. It would be so much fun to do another trip like this again in the future. We all got great pictures to remember the trip (on my profile page) and everything was so much fun. All that is left is a little shopping trip on Monday (need a dress for the T-girl Pageant Friday) and then to a nail salon to have my nails removed. I guess now I have to look forward to the next trip as Susan as she is ready to go.

All my photos are on my Windows Live Profile page.

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Saturday back to LA on way home from Diva Las Vegas

We got up and got all packed up, boy we do not travel light. I got dressed and did my makeup for the drive back to LA. I have been Susan nonstop now for 8 ½ days and loved every minute. We had the bell hop come up and get our bags and take them down to the car. Cassandra (in boy mode) has already checked out of her room and went to get the car so I went and stood in line at the desk to check out of my room. They were a little slow but finally got my receipt and went out to help load the car. I must say that the people at the Sahara have been great and treated us outstand, there were a couple little issues with select employees but the vast majority of the people were awesome and Susan would definitely come back here.

It didn’t take long to load the car but still didn’t fit as well in the car as it did coming down last week. Once we had the car packed we started the drive back to LA realizing our wonderful trip was coming to an end. This week has gone by so fast but was so much fun. Cassandra has driven the whole trip except for a little I did around Las Vegas. Susan has been chauffeured around like a Princess which has been really enjoyable. It took a little over 4 hours to get back to LA but was a great drive.

We checked into our hotel room and relaxed for a bit till Cassandra started getting ready. Peggy had me wear one of Cassandra’s dresses, a black and white that came below the knees and was sleeveless. It was really cute and looked great; I even borrowed a necklace and bracelet that went with the dress.

We got to the Oxwood a little after 8 pm so we got in before the cover. There were only a few people there so we got signed up to play pool. I played two games and lost both, came close on one. Cassandra had a great run, not sure how many she won in a row but she played almost two hours straight before someone beet her. Peggy and I were hungry so we ran next door to the quick mart and got some snacks to bring back. We went upfront and watched the pole dancer, she was okay but the one last week was so much better. This one didn’t smile except when someone was giving her a tip. She really didn’t look like she was enjoying herself. At one point while she was dancing she pulled her tip money out from where people had put it and was counting it while she danced. About 12:30 Peggy and I were ready to call it a night, Peggy talked to Cassandra and she said she would get a ride back to the hotel so Peggy and I took the car and left, one of my chances to drive in LA.

When we got back to the hotel we drove around and could only find one spot again way over by the Denny’s so we parked and went in and had a piece of pie. It was our last little outing of the night. Then we had to walk the whole link of the parking lot to the elevator up to our room. I was so tired that as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out. Not sure what time Cassandra got back but I heard her knock so I got up and opened the door and then went back to bed and was out.

Pictures on my Windows Live Profile.

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Friday night end of Diva Las Vegas

We got up late again today as we were all out way to late last night. I did my makeup and put on my swim suit and a skirt over it and Peggy and I went down stairs to the pool. I wanted to get some pictures of me in my suit at the pool. The last three days has been cold and windy so we never were able to make it to the pool. We took the elevator down to the lobby and being Friday you would not believe the amount of people there all waiting to check in. it took a bit to get through all the people so I was glad I had put the skirt over my bathing suit. I am sure people were looking but at this point I really don’t even look at them anymore to see if they are looking I just go about what I am doing.

We got out to the pool and there were already about 20 people or so out there so we walked to the other end so the sun would be right for taking pictures. Peggy has been so great to take all the pictures I want, thanks Peggy. We got some of me just standing there both with the skirt on and just in the bathing suit and then I went into the pool and we took a few as I came out so in looks like I had been swimming which would have been so fun but would have ruined my makeup and hair. I am such a girl worrying about such things. After my photo shoot Peggy and I just laid there in the sun for 20 or 30 minutes. It was so nice and relaxing. We then walked back through the crowded lobby and went up to the room to see if Cassandra was ready.

We all went downstairs to the café and got breakfast (at 3 pm) as we were just starting our day. We then went over and cashed in some of the slot play vouchers at the players club and got our free spin which none of us won on. We walked around the casino for a while and played a few slot machines. Cassandra had one that she kept winning on and when she got up she quit so I played it for a while, put $5 in and when I quit I had a little over $80 which made up for most of what I lost the night before on the black jack tables.

We got in the car and went and found where the farewell dinner was so we would know how to find it. We then went over to Caesars Palace which is huge. We spent 1 ½ hours walking through the Forum shops and even got a few pictures, one of Susan’s favorite things. I am a picture girl. The shops are really hi end for the most part and more for looking then buying at least for this girl, we really only saw a couple people with bags. We then walked through the casino and looked around. Peggy played a slot machine but didn’t get one win. As we were leaving Caesar and Cleopatra walked through the casino and gave their little welcome speech and then invited guest to come up and get their picture taken with them and you guessed it, this girl was the second one up there. It was now time to head over for dinner so we left.

We got to the restaurant for the dinner and there were already lots of t-girls there so we went in and got a table. Everyone was taking pictures and so were we. I got a picture with Paula the lady who owns the Harmony spa and is a big supporter of Diva Las Vegas and I think she gets a lot of business this week because of it. She was so great though and very nice. She had a few prizes she was selling tickets for so we all bought some and wouldn’t you know it, Cassandra won one. A $125 spa gift basket. We stayed here a couple hours even went to the main part of the restaurant and took a couple pictures with 5 girls that were there from Utah and they were great and all had beautiful long nails.

We got back to our hotel about 10 pm and Peggy went up to the room while Cassandra and I went to the casino. Being the last night I decided to bet a little more and see how I did. We played several different tables and finally ended up at blackjack swi8tch. I8t was a fun game because you could switch cards between your hands but you had to play two hands so it was more expensive but a lot of fun. I was down about $100 when I sat down at this table and won it all back but yes we were having fun so we kept playing and in the end I lost it all back. We played till 3:30 am when I had enough (lost enough) so I left Cassandra and said goodbye to the people at the table and went upstairs to my room. It was so amazing the whole week playing at the tables not one person said anything negative or treated us bad. We even had several people (both men and women) who would come back to our tables just to play with us. It has been a truly wonderful experience and we are all sad to see it coming to an end. Tomorrow we leave to go back to LA and then Sunday we go home and Susan goes back to being a part time girl again. But for these eleven days of living just as Susan it has been awesome and I have some great friends to share it with. Cassandra and Peggy you rock.

Pictures on my Windows Live Profile.

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Thursday at Diva Las Vegas

Well we got a late start today and didn’t get out till almost 2:30. We decided to stay at our hotel and went down to find something to eat. We went to the NASCAR café to get something to eat. They were really busy as they were having a special for the NFL Draft which was going on live. We got a table and Cassandra ordered a tower of beer (180 oz) for us and then we got a party sampler tray which had a little of everything on it. Not what we had planned on when we went down for lunch. The food was okay didn’t care for everything on the platter but we had a great time and stayed there till 6 pm. They had some drawing for different things including a custom made set of golf clubs which Cassandra and I hoped we would win. In the end we didn’t win any of the drawing but had a great time. We all went up to the room and I took a little nap (I will call it) while Cassandra and Peggy went back down to play some Blackjack.

We were going to the 107 lounge at the top of the Stratosphere at 8. I woke up late and called them to tell them I would be right down. I really had to hurry to change as I wanted something a little dressier (sexy) for the lounge. I think it is the fastest I have ever changed. I wore my little black dress. I met Peggy in the lobby and we went out to the parking garage where Cassandra had the car waiting. The Stratosphere is only a block away but they are big blocks. We went in and walked over to the lounge entrance and took the elevator up to the lounge. One of the cocktail waitresses (Gloria) rode the elevator up with us and we all talked. It turned out this was her second day working there. She was so nice and it turned out she was our waitress up top.

At the top we ran into a lady who just got married and lives in southwest Washington, maybe 30 minutes from us and started chatting with her. She introduced us to her new daughter in-law who was just as nice and of course we had to take pictures with them. We all went over and met her husband and the boy friend of the daughter in-law. They were all great and we had a good time talking to them. We then walked around looking down on the city which is beautiful at night. We got a table and had some drinks. Gloria our cocktail waitress came by and took some pictures of us and even got in a few pictures with us, she was so awesome and fun and just the cutest thing. We spent a couple hours their and then went back to our hotel.

Once back at the Sahara we found our way back to the black jack tables and started to play. At 2:30 they shut the back pit and we all moved up to the main pit area. Cassandra found a table and Peggy and I walked around for a bit and then sat down at the Wheel of Fortune slots. Peggy’s machine was way better than mine as I lost $20 in about 30 minutes (better than I usually do on slots) but Peggy kept winning. She started with just $2 and was as high as $148 but then the machine turned cold so when she hit $110 she quit while she was still ahead.

We went back over to the black jack tables and there was 1 seat open so I let Peggy have it as I was not winning tonight and I stood and watched her and Cassandra play for a while. The table she was at had a couple guys playing that really didn’t understand how to play. The one tried to put more chips on his stack after he got his cards (two face cards for a 20). The dealer made him take them off and from then watched him pretty close. The guy next to him doubled down on an 18 the dealer did have a 6 showing but still not smart. The dealer asked him 4 times to make sure and he kept saying yes and you guessed it he got a 10 and went bust. Some people should not play. We finally went up to our rooms and it was a little after 4 am, way past this girl’s bedtime but it was so much fun.

It is hard to believe it has been one week sense I got my nails done and became Susan fulltime. This week has gone by so fast but has been so fun. I only have 3 more days before I have to remove my nails so sad.

I am still posting most of the pictures on my Windows Live Profile check them out.

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Wednesday at Diva Las Vegas

Wednesday we all got up and Peggy & Cassandra went up to the exercise room and worked out for about an hour while I got ready and looking pretty. Cassandra is doing so good keeping up her exercising every day, you go girl. We all stayed out late last night so we really did get a late start so by the time we were all ready it was time to leave for the SO (Significant Other) lunch at Claim Jumpers. We drove down the strip past Mandalay Bay to the outlet mall; this is where Claim Jumpers is. We drove in and lucked out with a parking spot right in front which was nice as the wind is still blowing and it is not even 60 out in Sunny Las Vegas.

We were about 15 minutes early but went in anyway. There were 3 others from Diva Las Vegas already there; they were the ones who organized the lunch. They were a couple and a friend so at least I wasn’t the only one there without a SO. We went in and sat down; they had the outer room reserved for 30 as 27 signed up for the lunch. We went ahead and ordered as we didn’t all want to be ordering at the same time. By 2:30 4 more had shown up but that was all that did. I felt a little bad for the couple that organized the lunch and also for Claim Jumpers as they had set up 30 tables for us. I really thought there would be a better turnout.

After lunch Cassandra and I walked over to Victoria Secret and looked around, Cassandra bought some stuff as she likes there lip gloss and body spray. The girls working there were so nice and helpful. We were only there maybe 15 minutes and then we walked back and met Peggy. We went and looked at the discount tickets for shows and decided to buy tickets to the Divas Las Vegas show with Frank Marino. We have all wanted to see it. We left there and went back to the Sahara and spent a few hours there.

About 7 we got cleaned up and I put my skirt on for the evening out and we all headed down to the Imperial palace where the show is. We went in and cashed our vouchers for our ticket and ran into Kelly another t-girl going to the show. We talked to her for a while and asked if we could get her seat with us. The lady at the counter said she couldn’t do that but ask when we go in and they would try as there was just one open seat next to us and she didn’t think they would sell a single seat.

We still had a couple hours till show time so we went out onto the Las Vegas strip and walked the one block to Margaretville as Cassandra wanted a Margareta. I have never been there but it was really nice and busy. We got up and they ordered drinks. Peggy got a banana flavored drink which was really good so I ordered one too. The people working there were great whenever they made drinks if they had extra they poured it in ours so we actually probably got a few extra drinks. We even went out on the front walk above the strip and watched the people walk by and of course took a few pictures. A girl named Alley came over and talked to us and introduced her friends to us so we chatted for a while. She was so cute and had the cutest shoes. I even got a picture with her. We spent about 1 hour or so here and then we headed back to the Imperial Palace for the show.

We got back to the Imperial Palace and had to stand in line for about 20 minutes; Kelly came by and joined us in line. When we went in they did move her to our table. The show was awesome and is the same show he did at the Riviera for 25 years. We had great seats right in front of the stage so we got a really good view of everything. Only problem we had to keep turning and twisting as they moved. The show went about 1 ¼ hours and if you come to Las Vegas you must see it.

After the show we went back to the Sahara and Cassandra and I went into the casino to play black jack. We had no problems and everyone was great. We even were chatting with the other people at the tables. We played for a few hours and a little before 3 am I decided I needed to go to bed so I left Cassandra and cashed in what was left of my chips (Really only lost about $17) but had a great time. It has been a late night so we will probably sleep in again on Thursday.

Pictures are posted on my Windows Live Profile and a few on Flickr.

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Tuesday evening at Diva Las Vegas

Well after golf we were all a little tired so we got cleaned up and redid our makeup and went downstairs here at the Sahara. We decided to stay here so it would be easy when we wanted to go to bed. Walking through the casino Cassandra tried a slot machine but it had so many lines we really didn’t know when or why we were winning when that happened so she gave up. The casino had given us a coupon for $50 worth of chips for $40 so Peggy and I went over to the club Sahara both with our club cards (yes I got one but they wouldn’t issue with Susan’s name). We got our free chips and then we started looking for tables to play. Cassandra found a seat in the main part of the casino and started to play black jack. Peggy and I looked for a table we could sit next to each other and play. They have more tables back by the NASCAR Restaurant and we found a table that had no one at so we sat down. Sahara has lots of $1 tables which is cool because I like to play cards and I know in the long run the casino will win so for me it is the fun of playing not the money.

We started to play and soon other people started to sit down. I really think people do not like to play at a table by themselves something that has never bothered me. After a few hands the table was full 3 men & 1 woman plus Peggy and I. Peggy and I would play anywhere from $1 to $4 a hand and we were having so much fun. At one point we both left for the little girl’s room (leaving our chips on the table to save our spot) and when we came back two of the men said “welcome back ladies” and “we are glad you are back as the table has been bad sense you left”. We played at that table from about 7:30 till almost 12:30 and I only lost about $25. How fun is that. The whole time we were there no one treated me any different than any other women or even looked at me funny. It was so fun and I was totally excepted. All the dealers have been great here too. The Sahara Casino seems to be really TG friendly (not to say others are not as we really haven’t spent as much time at them to say one way or the other but from talking to the other T-girls here I have heard the same about the casinos they are at. I guess Las Vegas casinos are pretty open-minded; you know what they say, what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas (except for Susan’s Blog).

At 12:30 Peggy and I had had enough and wanted something to eat so we went to their coffee bar as they make sandwiches and we ordered a club to split. There was another T-girl their names Nicky so we talked to her for a while. They were so slow making our sandwiches but when we got them they were so good. A few more T-girls came by and we all chatted for a while, I think at one point there were 6 of us there. People would walk by and for the most part paid no attention to us. Cassandra finally joined us and we finished our sandwich and headed up for bed about 1:30. It was such a fun night. This week is going by so fast it is hard to believe it is almost half over but what a trip it has been.

I am posting my pictures on my Windows Live profile as it holds more pictures for free (I am a value girl).

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Tuesday of Diva Las Vegas golf tournament

Well we all got up early Tuesday morning at 5:30 (Cassandra was up earlier) to get ready for the Diva Las Vegas golf tournament at Desert Rose Golf course. I was so excited as I finally get to wear my cute golf outfit I bought, a White skirt with a purple top. I look so cute in it with my white and pink shoes. We got to the course at 7:30 and checked in. we didn’t tee off till 9 am so we drove back down the street to a Starbucks to get something to get us going as we did not eat breakfast. When we got back to the course most of the other girls were there and we went over to the putting green to practice. From there we went to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls. We all looked so cute.

Now I have told everyone it was not how good I would play but how cute I looked on the course. I soon discovered my beautiful Acrylic nails were little long for golf. They made it really hard to get a good grip and if I didn’t get a good grip all the way through it felt like I was ripping them off. This was going to be harder than I thought.

Cassandra and I were paired with two other girls and in the last group, we had 16 girls (4 were wives that played) and Peggy had her own golf cart and was the official photographer of the tournament so she was driving all around taking pictures. Not sure but I think she said she had over 400 pictures.

We finally teed off and we were having the time of our lives. Cassandra and I have talked about playing golf (as Susan and Cass) so many times and now we were. After 4 holes I was only 3 over par (good for me) and was ahead of Cassandra. By the 5th hole the wind started to pick up. They had been forecasting strong winds (30-45 MPH) by the afternoon but it looked like it was coming in early. You cannot imagine what that kind of wind can do to ones hair. It really made it hard to look cute (I don’t like hats so my hair was a mess). I tried to swing a little harder because of the wind but with my nails I couldn’t grip the club tight enough and my ball started going all over the place. Soon Cassandra caught and passed me and I never had the lead again. A few times I thought I was going to rip off a nail but luckily never did as I would have cried all the way to the nail salon to have them fixed. If I do this again I will definitely still have my nails and just hit the ball softer and realize this girl won’t win any tournaments. I refuse to give up my nails. By the 7th hole my hairs was so windblown I looked horrible except for my cute golf outfit.

Cassandra ended up beating me (she took her nails off) but that is okay. Cassandra is working on a YouTube video of the golf tournament so I was her camera girl. She hopes to have it up in a couple weeks so you will have you look for it. It should be really cute. She can play to the camera so well. At the end we all went in the club house for lunch and prizes. It was so fun and I met so many get t-girls.

This was an awesome group and the people of the Desert Rose golf course were so great and treated us outstanding, if you ever want to golf in Las Vegas I would recommend this course. Now we are back at the hotel getting cleaned up for a night out. 6 hours in the sun and wind Susan needs a fresh face and her hair redone.

I will be Adding pictures to my Windows Live Profile.

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Monday at Diva Las Vegas

Well I got up this morning about 9 am and went over to see if Cassandra and Peggy were up. Peggy was up but not Cassandra, she had played black jack at that table all night and only got back to the room about 7 am so she was sound asleep. Peggy and I decided to check things out so we both got ready and off we went.

We decided to take the monorail down the strip to Harrah’s so off we went. The monorail is $5 a trip or $14 for all day so that is what we did. If you are ever in Las Vegas this is the only way to go. We got off at Harrah’s and walked through the casino looking at things. From here we went out onto the strip and started to make our way down to Wynn’s Casino. We had to walk by the Venetian and took a few pictures. If you have never been here you cannot imagine how long these blocks are. It was so fun just strolling along the strip with all the other people. We finally got to the Wynn and they have a really cool waterfall over rocks out front so I was going to take a picture of Peggy when a really nice lady asked if I wanted to be in the picture and offered to take it so I handed her my camera and she took our picture.

Peggy and I strolled through Wynn’s looking at all the shops and décor. It is so amazing what they have done inside although it is way out of this poor girl’s budget. We browsed through a shoe store that had the cutest shoes but nothing under $500. These casinos are a city unto themselves. From here we strolled back down the strip to Harrah’s and caught the monorail and went down to MGM.

AT MGM we walked around and checked out their shops. We were hungry so we went to their Rainforest Café and had lunch. This is such a cute café as it has a forest theme and animated animals that come alive every 15 minutes and they even simulate a rains storm. I took some pictures but it was pretty dark so they are not too good. We enjoyed a nice lunch and girl talk so much fun.

From here we took the monorail to the Imperial Place / Paris station and went to the Paris. We wanted to go up to the top of the Eiffel tower so we could get a good look at the strip. It only cost $10 but so worth it. It is ½ the size of the real Eiffel tower in Paris. We rode the elevator up to the top and it was so windy up there that it messed up my hair poor Susan. We got some great pictures of the strip. We stopped at their gift shop and then back on the monorail and back to the Sahara where we are staying.

It was almost 4:30 and Cassandra was just about ready so I touched up my makeup after a day on the strip and then the three of us went downtown to the Union Plaza for dinner with the Diva Las Vegas group. This was one of the big get together of the week and there must have been at least 100 t-girls there. We ate at the Firefly and the food was really good and the staff was Awesome. They treated us so well and I even got a picture with the bar tender. This is where they took the group photo for Diva Las Vegas.

We came back to the hotel and Cassandra was ready for bed as she stayed out the night before and then when she did get up she went and worked out running 10 miles in the hotels exercise room. She is so good as she is still working out almost every day, way to go Cassandra. This is why she didn’t get her nails done before we came. Cassandra and Peggy went up to their room and I walked through the casino just to see what was going on. I found a $1 blackjack table so decided to sit and play for a bit. I bought in with $20 and played for maybe 45 minutes. It was fun but the dealer started to get hot and as I was up about $25 I figured I should quit while I was still ahead. Maybe I will do some more gambling tomorrow night. I cashed in my chips and went up to my room for bed.

Be sure and see what is new on my most recent blog

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Sunday of Diva Las Vegas

We got up this morning and as I got dressed Cassandra packed the car. Once I was ready Cassandra got ready as Peggy and I went to Target. When we got back Cassandra was all ready and we left, three ladies. It took about 4 hours to drive to Las Vegas. We got to our hotel Sahara and checked in. no one even gave us a second look.

Cassandra and I went to the Flamingo for the first of Diva Las Vegas, the buffet. Peggy stayed at the hotel to rest and unpack. We got there and found the group and checked in. we spent an hour chatting mostly with Marisa and Mindy. We even took some pictures at the courtyard of the Flamingo. Mindy Cassandra and I headed off to the buffet but decided to go to one of their cafes instead and had a nice meal and just talked with Mindy. It was very nice.

Cassandra and I got back to our hotel and went up and Got Peggy and the three of us went down to the casino. Cassandra found a black jack table and started play while Peggy and I walked around and got the lay of the casino. We even played a few slots and I lost $10. About eleven I went and joined Cassandra at the black jack table as a seat opened next to her. The people at the table were great and we were all chatting as we played. It was almost like a party at the table. We played several hours and a little after 1 am I called it a night as I was tired and wanted to leave the table up, only $22 but had a great time. I left Cassandra at the table and made my way up to my room. Now I am looking forward to tomorrow, our first full day in Las Vegas. 

I will post most of the pictures to my Windows Live Profile

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