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Monday and I am home from Diva Las Vegas

It is Monday and I am home from Diva Las Vegas; the week went but so fast but was so much fun. The girls from the Rose City T-girls that were there are, Cassandra, Julie, Susan (me), Veronica, Kate, (her girlfriend), Laura, Melissa (her wife), and Brenda so we had a good turnout. It was so much fun to spend time with them and we did so many fun things. But as with all things it must come to an end. Today I have a full day as Susan and then tomorrow, Tuesday I will have the morning and then around noon go to the nail salon to get rid of my pretty red nails.

Anyway, I didn’t have anything really planned and so I slept in as I was tired. I didn’t start getting ready till after 9 and it felt good. I took my time as I know I will soon be back to a couple times a week as Susan. Now once I was ready the first thing was grocery shopping as my fridge is empty. Now for this I did drive to a Safeway a few miles away that I don’t go to, even though I go to the Starbucks by my house that is only as Susan. Not willing to go to the grocery store near my house that I shop at as my male self. I got what I needed and then went home and put the groceries away. It is funny how even the simple everyday things are so much more fun as Susan.

Now it was time to go to Starbucks, I did pick the one at Cascade Station by the airport as I also wanted to go to a few of the stores there. I got there a little after 11am and got my computer out. Now I had several things I needed to do, write my blog from yesterday, go through all my pictures from the trip and then catch up on some work as I will have to go back to work on Wednesday and I am always behind after vacation. Now going through the pictures really took longer than I thought as I had over 100 which for 10 days is not that many. I wanted to post them to our group the but as our web site has a limit on how big the picture can be I had to open everyone and resize them and then of course save them and for this I named them with who was in them. Very time consuming but worth it and son they were uploaded to our group, I hope our members looks at them and sees how much fun we had. I set them up in a shared folder so hopefully the other girls from the trip will also post theirs. Now it was fun and people came and went as I sat there on my computer working away. I was amazed when I realized it was almost 3, where had the time went.

I left Starbucks and went over to DSW to look at shoes. Now I am not really looking for anything but just fun to look. From here I went to Staples and again it was more just to look around. My next stop was Ross dress for Less, I spent a little more time here and tried on a couple cute dresses but they were just a little small. It really was more about just being out. My next stop was Best Buy again really to just look around, I like seeing the new computers. I left here and drove over to Target and went and looked at their makeup section. I am still looking for the one lipstick I like but looking online I don’t think they make the color I like anymore, and even worse looking online they don’t sell this brand within 25 miles of me.

It was about 4:30 now and I decided to go to get something to eat and my choice was the Wendy’s I have been going to. Now with traffic it took me almost 30 minutes to get there and, on my way, I had to go by the Toyota Dealership and have free car washes there so I stopped and ran my car through the wash before going to Wendy’s. They were pretty busy as I got there just a little after 5. I went in and ordered my food and got a table where I could watch the TV as they had Baseball on, the Dodgers game so I sat and watched the game as I ate. It was a little after 6 when I left.

Now it was what I should do, getting late on a Monday night and not a lot of options but I didn’t want to go home so yes you guessed it. I stopped by the Starbucks by my house as they are open 8pm. Now when we were on our trip Cassandra, Peggy and I stopped at a Starbucks and Cassandra used her cell phone to pay for her drinks and it got me thinking as I always use gift cards. So earlier today I put the Starbucks app on my phone and linked it to my gift card. So tonight, I was going to try it and it worked really well. Just showed my phone and they scanned the code on it and that was it. My drink was paid for. A lot easier then digging out the gift card. I can’t explain why I like going to Starbucks so much anymore than I can explain why I dress, I just do.

I stayed here till 8 when they closed just catching up on news and what is going on in the world as I was kind of out of touch while I was on vacation, just too busy. It was a relaxing day and a good way to wind down before my vacation comes

to an end. I will end with a picture on my pretty nails as they will disappear tomorrow at 1pm

Thanks for reading and be following me on my Diva Las Vegas vacation and be sure and see what’s new for Susan in my most recent blog.

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Sunday and the drive home from Palm Springs to Portland

Well it is Sunday and we are driving hoe from Palm Springs to Portland as our wonderful vacation comes to an end. It really is sad as I know my days with my pretty nails are coming to an end. I got up at 2:30am to start getting ready, shower and full makeup all to become Susan for the ride home. Now I have gotten this question a lot why I would want to do all that do the makeup just to spend 16 hours in a car on a drive home. That is a good question and the only thing I can say is it is art of being Susan. When I first went to Diva Lasa Vegas in 2010 I decided I would be Susan, be female for the whole trip start to finish and in all my trips to Diva Las Vegas I have spent the whole trips as Susan. The only thing I take that is from my male life is my drivers license and a male credit card that matches my female credit card just in case I have an issue. This may not make sense to most butt for 12 days straight I am totally Susan, totally female. Now before you say anything no this is not leading up to me transitioning I am happy how I am in my life but for those 12 days I live as a female. That means always dressing as Susan and unfortunately for me I cannot go without makeup as I would look horrible so in this way I am at a disadvantage to females who can skip makeup and look fine. And so, I get up early and do my makeup just to ride in the car as at some point on a 16 hour drive I will have to get out of the car and then I will look my best. Now I will say I am not as fast or excited on day 11 at 2:30am getting ready as I was on the first day of the trip as it really is a lot of work to be female and look good.

I was all ready by 3:30am and Peggy, Cassandra and I were on our way. It is amazing how many cars are on the road in Palm Springs on a Sunday morning at this time. Now I did sleep a little early here and there till the sun came up but I was still tired as it has been a long, busy and fun week. I am so glad I have a couple more days off, one to rest and also to keep my nails a little longer.

We had a good drive home, Cassandra drove the whole way and I got to ride like a princess. We did stop a few times for food, gas and bathroom breaks and I got out of the car without a second thought about anything. I really wasn’t even thinking about how I looked well other than making sure my makeup was fine and not shiny. Really looking back on the whole week, I really didn’t think about being Susan or female other than when I dressed or touched up my makeup. When I was out or at the Blackjack table I was just me now yes when I bet or saw my hands I saw the pretty nails and every once in a while, my hair got in my face but I was just me. Several years back all I was thinking about when I was out, was how I was dressed, that I was out as a female. There was that excitement, fear, now I am just me and that really is a wonderful feeling. Sometimes I do miss the excitement I felt but the fact I will go any place now as Susan is a far better experience.

It was a beautiful drive home, sunshine all the way. Now this is the 7 time I have gone to Diva Las Vegas and only once I went by myself, way more fun going with Cassandra, Julie and Peggy. But if you think about it 16 hours down and 16 hours back and then the times we went through LA I figure over the last 10 years I have spent about 250 hours in a car as Susan with Cassandra. It has really given us a chance to talk and get to know each other. Susan really is a lucky lady to have such wonderful friends.

It was about 8pm when we got to Cassandra and Peggy’s house. We unloaded the car which trust me it is way easier to unload then load as it took some work to get everything in just right so we had room for all 3 of us, ladies do not travel light. My male self could have made this trip with one suitcase but Susan needed 2 big ones and a small duffle bag with makeup and changes for on the way down and back. Susan had 8 pairs of shoes with her and believe it or not I did not have the most luggage. But as a lady you never know what you might need. I also took 14 dresses (only wore 5 of them). One of the fun things of being Susan.

Once on packed I got my stuff in my car and said my goodbyes. It is sad as I have spent some wonderful time with Cassandra and Peggy over the week and I was on my way home. I got home a little after 9 and on packed all my stuff and now I make the Diva Las Vegas vacation over. All that is left is a day and a half of Susan time at home till Tuesday afternoon when I will get my nails done and then back to my male life and the first male clothes I will have put on in 12 days. From past experiences the shoes will feel heavy and the clothes ruff and boring but such is life.

Now I had to answer the big question I had, how did I do gambling. My goal is to have fun and hopefully break even, if I do that it was a good vacation. Well I counted all my money and I had $62 more than I left home with which may not seem like a lot but I spent about $200 in cash on food, golf and the Dam Tour and another $225 for my share of the gas down and back which means I won almost $500 at the tables over the week, Susan had fun.

Thanks for reading my blogs and following my Journey as Susan. Be sure and see what’s new on my most recent blog and catch up on any of my blogs you missed from Diva Las Vegas 2018.

Here is a picture from my trip.

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Saturday and we leave Las Vegas to take Julie back to Palm Springs

It is Saturday and Diva Las Vegas is over for 2018 what a fun time we had but it is sad to see it come to an end. Now I was up late again last night but luckily, I didn’t have to get up as early today. I got up at 7:30 and started getting ready for the trip to Palm Springs. Cassandra and Julie were ready before me but then as they are traveling in male mode they didn’t have to do makeup. It was almost 9 when I was ready and we went down to check out. It has been a wonderful trip and everyone here at the Four Queens have been awesome. As we got off the elevator we ran in to Chris, he was the bell Hop who took our stuff up to our rooms a week ago and of course he remembered us. He asked how our golf tournament went and how we enjoyed our stay. He was so awesome. He even asked how many stayed here and told us if we could get 10 rooms we could get a group discount. He went to the counter and got us some information and a contact name to call next year.

Julie was checking out and the lady asked if she had a player’s card which she didn’t, then she told Julie she could get a discount (over 55) so Julie went and got a player’s card. Of course, Cassandra got hers out ad got the discount and she even gave it to me even though I am only 54 how awesome is this. She even used our comp dollars we had left over. I saved about $100 on my room and between the of us it was almost $500 because of the players card. Even last nights dinner we got a 2 for 1 and used some comp dollars. Really if you go to Las Vegas take advantage of the players card, tip though the smaller casinos I think are better for this as they don’t get the big gamblers so smaller gamblers are treated better. The lady who checked us out went way beyond by letting us know this as we would have paid our bills and been just as happy as we didn’t know. I can’t say enough about her. Cassandra was getting the car and another lady came out and gave me a card for the lady in charge of sales and again she thanked us for coming and told us she hoped we would be back nest year and told me to call the number and they could do a group rate all we needed was 10 rooms and it is like the cruise we are taking. Everyone books their room and just gives them the name we set up and they will all get the group rate. They really want us back next year and that is awesome.

Soon we were in the car and on our way, it was a 4-hour trip to Palm Springs. By the way here is a picture from last night of Julie and I when we played our $100 hand that I missed in my blog yesterday. It was a nice drive and we all talked about how much fun we had. We got to Palm Springs a little after 2 and it was hot, in the 90’s. Peggy and Trixie were waiting or us and it was good to see them again tomorrow Peggy, Cassandra and I will head back to Portland and Julie & Trixie will stay a couple more weeks before they come back to Portland.

We all talked and of course we told them all about our trip and they told us about all the fun they had, we were also texting pictures with them through the week so we already knew about most of what we all did. How did we survive before cell phones and texting? We had a nice afternoon.

Trixie made dinner for us, Chicken and potato’s and it was about 7 when we ate as we let it cool off a little (into the 80’s) so we could eat out on the patio. It was a really fun time. Now we were talking about our trip home and Cassandra wants to leave at 3:30am as she hast to work on Monday and doesn’t want to get home to late. I am off so I didn’t care of course to leave that early I have to get up at2:30am as it takes Susan longer to get ready. It is hard work being a lady but so worth it although I am looking forward to a few days of no Susan as my face needs a break from all these close shaves. After dinner we had some ice cream and talked a little more. It was about pm when we went to bed as it will be a short night.

It has been a wonderful trip and made all the more special with my friends, well they are more like family. I can’t imagine my life without them and I love them all. It has gone by so fast, it is hard to believe I have been Susan for 9 days straight and have had my pretty nails all that time. It will be so sad to have to go and remove the red polish and trim them back short on Tuesday which is only 3 days away.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new in Susan’s life on my most recent blog and be sure if you missed any of my blogs from Diva Las Vegas 2018 go back and read them.

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Friday last day of Diva Las Vegas.

It is Friday and the last full day of Diva Las Vegas 2018, wow the week has gone by so fast. Hard to believe I have had my pretty long nails for a week now. We are going golfing at Wild Horse so than means getting up early once again. I was up at 6:40 to get ready. We left at 8am and got to the golf course just before 9. It was Cassandra, Veronica, Julie, Michele and myself.

We had a great round of golf and the weather was perfect, warm and no wind. Now as there were just 5 of us we just played straight golf. I had a good round and shot a 92 which was fine with me and that put me in 3rd of 5 rights in the middle. We got back to the hotly to clean up around 2. We all cleaned up and we were going to go to Margarita Ville but decided to stay here on a Friday night and eat at Magnolia again. We went to the Blackjack tables for a while and gambled, I lost $50 before I quit and took my 2 remaining $25 chips and we went over to have dinner. Now for dinner we had all of us, Laura, Kate, Veronica, Julie, Robyn, Cassandra, Tara and myself. I ordered a Prime Rib again, it was only $16.99 tonight and it was good but I will say last nights was better, maybe not that much better. We had a nice dinner.

After dinner we went into the little pub cellar here and had a drink and just talked for a while. It was a nice time and we talked all about Diva Las Vegas and what a fun time we all had this week. It really is a wonderful event and so much fun. I have been Susan full time this week for over 7 days and it has been wonderful although I am getting a little slower at doing my makeup and getting ready. I love being Susan but will be ready for a few days of just being my male self again. We also talked about being out as females and I have said many time I really have had no problems other than so looks and that you can’t get away from as people look at each other. I look at cute girls especially when they are in pretty dresses and heels. If people have different hair or anything that makes them stand out you will at least take a second look and that goes for transgender people also. I don’t have a problem with people looking at me as I really don’t even notice it. Now when one might run into issues are almost always with drunk people (men) and that is no exception as when you are drunk you are more likely to do stupid stuff or things you wouldn’t do if you had not been drinking. I am not saying it is not who you are or drinking makes you different, we all have those things inside we think about others. 99% of people don’t act on things like that but when you have had too much to drink you will sometimes and yes, we did have a couple drunk men that made a few comments and I attribute it to how much they drank as one could hardly get out of his seat. In 10 plus years this was probably the worst thing I have dealt with and I am sure it was the alcohol and I was not going to let it ruin a wonderful vacation and tine as Susan. Off track again.

Cassandra started talking about Blackjack and came up with an idea. We each go to the Blackjack table and get $100 chip and bet on 1 hand but we do it as a team. We had of 5 of us that wanted to do this. Now the way it will work as we paly as a team so we all decide how the hands will be played and if I lose and Cassandra wins she will pass me the $100 chips she wins and we keep playing and we play till we decide as a group to quit. We spent 20 plus minutes talking how we would do this and how we play and we will split what we win between the 5 of us.

We were all ready and we all walked over to the $25 table and bought in and got our $100 chip, now I have bet I think as high as $40 on one hand and have split and or doubled down and had ore than $100 on the table but I have never bet $100 on a hand to start so this will be a first. Now they were putting new cards in play so we had a few minutes while the dealer shuffled and Kate took some pictures and we even got the pit boss to take a table picture of us holding up our $100 chips. Now with all the pictures and of course our excitement we did get a small crowd around our table, I looked back and there was maybe 10 or more people standing there to watch. Finally, it was time and we all putt our $100 out and the dealer dealt the hand. Robyn got an 11 and doubled down Veronica, Julie and I got low hands and Cassandra got a 19, dealer had a 110 showing. Robyn got her card face down, Veronica went bust $100 gone, Julie went bust $100 gone, I went bust $100 gone Cassandra stood on 19. Dealer turned another 10 for 20 and Cassandra’s $100 was gone. All we had left was Robyn and her card was a 3 for 14 and her $200 was gone. One hand and less then 1 Minute and $600 was gone but it was still an incredible hand and had it gone the other way we still may be playing. Don’t get me wrong as it sucks to lose $100 so fast but it was something I have never done and I shared it with my best friends and that made it special and I am sure we will talk about this again and remember it and we are already talking about doing it again next year on the last night.

Now it was getting late and everyone wanted to go up to the room and get packed for tomorrow accept for Veronica as she is here for a couple more days. She wanted to go play Blackjack so I told her I would walk over with her. We got to the table and there was only 2 people playing her table, yes, she has a favorite table that has side bets. It was a $10 table and I still had my 2 $25 chips so I sat down. Well I decided to play $25 and just see what would happen. I won the first hand, and then the second, third, fourth and fifth, I won 5 hands in a row before I lost a hand so I decided I would keep playing I played for about an hour betting $25 to $40 a hand, winning some and loosing some but still had more than I started and was having fun and the people at the table were great. Well all things must come to an end and a new dealer came in and my luck went away. I lost the next 5 hands in a row so I decided to quit. I cashed out and I had $675 my best win of the week.

I went upstairs to my room and I was feeling really good right now. Cassandra was still up so I showed her what I did it was a great feeling. I got my stuff packed and sat down and counted my money just to see where I was. I actually have almost $200 more in cash than I came down with and am sure I spent at least $200 on stuff here this week so I did really well at the tables this year. It was almost 1am when I went to bed so it will be another short night as we want to leave by 9am in the morning and that means Susan needs to be up before 8am to get ready. Cassandra and Julie are traveling back as their male selves o I am sure they will be ready way before me.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what is new on my newest blog and also be sure and read my blogs from Diva Las Vegas 2018.

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Thursday evening of Diva Las Vegas

We got back from the Hoover Dam at 1 so we were rushed as we needed to be to Top Golf at 2 so we were in a rush. We went to our rooms just long enough to make a quick change and we were on our way. We got to Top Golf at 1:45 and they were packed. Now being so busy they would not take reservation without a huge deposit so we took our chances and as in all things in Las Vegas the odds were not with us. They said it would be at least a 2 hour wait so now we had an issue as the farewell dinner started at 6. We decided to go to the bar and have a snack as we have not eaten yet today and see if something opened early.

There were about 12 of us so we had a few tables put together so we could all sit together and talk. Now we had a nice time and stayed here till after 3 but nothing opened up. Cassandra, Julie, Veronica and I talked and we decided to skip the farewell dinner and go get a nice steak dinner. Veronica wanted to try Gordon Ramsay pub and grill at Caesars Palace. We went back to our hotel and cleaned up and changed as I wanted a dress for tonight. Cassandra had made reservation for 7 so we ad to rush a little as it was not just the getting to Caesars Palace but parking and then walking to where the restaurant is as the resorts on the strip are huge. We got there right at 7 and went in. now I have never herd of this place but it is kind of like Ruth’s Chris.

We all ordered and I went with the Prime rib ($55) as I love Prim Rib. Now I don’t go to place like this, high end but every once in a while, it is worth it. Our food came and I will say it was a really good dinner and I would say it was every bit as good as Ruth Chris and not as expensive so I would give then a better rating. We really did have a nice dinner and great conversation. After dinner we had to walk through the casino so to keep my players card active I put it in a slot machine with $5, I am not a fan of slot machines but it works. Luckily for my $5 I walked away with almost $25 it was a good night

We got back to the hotel and we all went into the casino to play a little Blackjack. I got to sit at a table with anther T-girl and her wife, the funny thing is she was not here for Diva Las Vegas. They were just on vacation and saw Cassandra in the casino last night and she decided to come to the casino today as her female self, Candy. They were both really nice and I enjoyed talking with them and we played for several hours. And I only lost $40 so it was a good night.

It was about midnight when I stopped playing and went over to see how Veronica was doing as Julie and Cassandra had already gone up to bed. Veronica has her favorite table and she was easy to find. She was doing okay so I stood behind her and we talked a little as she played. Now I was on my black and gold dress and my flat sandals and just standing there when a man came by and asked if he could by me a drink. I thanked him but said no. Wow this is twice this week, still not comfortable with this. It was almost 1 am when I got to bed, another late night. We are going golfing again in the morning so it will mean getting up at 6:45am again. I am going to need a vacation to recover from my vacation.

Thanks for reading and be sure to keep up with what’s new in Susan’s life on my most recent blog and also my blog for Diva Las Vegas 2018. Here is one of my favorite pictures from this week.

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Thursday and we are going to tour the Hoover Dam

Our big thing today is going to the Hoover Dam for a tour and of course pictures. Over the years I have come to Las Vegas many times and have gone and looked at the Hoover Dam and always wanted to take the tour, well this year we are going to do it. Julie, Cassandra and I are going to meet Melissa and her wife at the Hoover Dam at 9am so that means getting up early again. A fun vacation but late nights and early mornings. We were ready and in the car by 8am and on our way, takes about 40 minutes to get there.

As we were getting close Cassandra saw a sign so of course we had to stop and get pictures, have to wonder what the cars going by thought. We each took several pictures here and I really liked the way this one turned out, I actually have a cute pose. We were only about 10 minutes from the Dam here.

We got to the Hoover Dam and parked, Melissa and her wife arrived as we were getting out of the car so perfect timing. We had to wait a little as they don’t open till 9 so we looked around a little from the outside. It was also a little windy. I really think the wind is the thing I hate most about being female as it messes up my hair.

We went inside the visitor center and had to go through a security check and medal detector. Another new experience for Susan but it is just like it is at the airport so good practice for when we take our cruise this fall. We got tickets for the 10:15 tour so we had a little time to watch a short movie about the building of the Dam and go through their exhibits. Now they were really busy and so many people but I really didn’t think about how I was dressed, as a matter of fact we were all just being ourselves and not thinking about anything else, how wonderful is that. None of us even noticed if people were watching us. We actually did two tours as there is the powerhouse tour and the Dam tour, each takes about 30 minutes. Now the tour is informative and I would say if you get the chance to go you should. That being said once you have gone on it you don’t need to go again as you really don’t see anything from inside. This is a selfie of me inside the tunnel in the Dam but they do give you some history and information that is kind of fun. I think the best pictures were outside in the wind of course.

You really do get some great views from the Dam so by al means you need to go and walk the top of the Dam and look at everything. We were her a few hours as it was almost noon when we left. Now they built a new Bridge about 10 years ago to get traffic off the top of the Dam and you can walk out on the bridge and look down on the Dam, wonderful views. It is hard to find this but I have been here a couple times as my male self so I knew where it was. I told Cassandra where to turn and she was convinced it was just a parking lot which really is what it looks like. We did park and climbed the hill and walked out on the bridge and the view was spectacular. Of course, we got some wonderful pictures. This is Susan with the wind-blown look. There were lots of people here also doing the same thing we were, getting pictures and no one seemed to give us a second look.

We didn’t spend a lot of time here but the view was wonderful and worth the stop. We left here about 12:30 and we got back to our hotel right about 1 pm and had to rush to get ready as we are doing top golf at 2 and it will take aboutv30 minutes to get there but that will be the next blog. There are a few more pictures below.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what is knew with Susan on her most recent blog and also what I did at Diva Las Vegas 2018.

Yes, it has been a great week but is coming to an end way to fast as I knew it would. I have had my beautiful long red nails now for a full week and now I am already starting to think about Tuesday when I will have to have the shortened and the red removed, it will be so sad.

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Wednesday of Diva Las Vegas 2018

It is Wednesday of Diva Las Vegas 2018 and we are having a blast although we are getting a latter start today as it was a late night again last night. I slept in a little so it was a late start getting ready I texted the girls and most were not getting ready yet. Laura and I agreed to meet at 1 and figure something out went casual with leggings and a cute top and was downstairs right at 1 and met Laura. It was a nice day so we walked out onto the Freemont street. We just strolled around talking and being out with the people and the warm weather and of course taking pictures. It was amazing how fast the tome went as we really didn’t do anything.

We got back to our hotel and had a quick snack as we waited for Veronica and Cassandra. We had time before we had to leave for dinner so into the casino we went. I did better today as I actually got to play for over an hour and only lost $45 so compared to the other day it was a big win, all kidding aside it was fun though as I got to meet some nice people and have a good time.

We were leaving for dinner at 5 so about 4:45 we all went upstairs, I wanted t touch up my makeup and put my black skirt on for dinner. We left right at 5 for dinner at PF Changs. There were 6 of us going and we all squeezed into Cassandras car so we were a little cozy. We got to Planet Hollywood which is where PF Chang was and Cassandra dropped us off out front and went to park. This is one of the bigger hotel casinos on the strip so it was nice not to have to walk so far although I did have flats on today.

We were early so we went to aa bar in the casino for a while to wait and to give Cassandra a chance to catch up with us. It is funny how comfortable we have all gotten. A few years back we would have all stayed in a group but Cassandra was fine walking in by herself and it is a long walk. We talked for a while before going over to the restaurant a little after 5. We were the first to arrive. Which was surprising as we were meeting at 5 with dinner at 6. Now we had 20 I think signed up but 11 were from our group. A smaller turnout which was strange as this has always been one of the better dinner turnouts at Diva Las Vegas. It was closer to 6 when more girls showed up and of course we were all taking pictures. This is me trying to make a cute pose which for some reason is harder then it looks when other girls do it.

Other girls started to show up and of course some were new and on there first Diva Las Vegas and others had been to several. It was good to talk with some of the girls I met in years past as this is the only time I get to see them and talk to them. We all ordered dinner and of course talked and took way too many pictures. It was a lot of fun.

Dinner arrived and we all had to sit back down to eat. Now the food here is really good and kind of a group style as the plates you order are way more than one person can eat. So, we all picked out things we wanted and ordered them and then we passed them around with others to share. It worked out really well.

Kate showed up and had her girlfriend with her. Now her girlfriend has known about Kate and even seen pictures but today was her first-time meeting Kate. Now that would be hard enough now ad to it going out to dinner in Las Vegas and meeting all of us. Even I was nervous as I wanted to make a good impression. They sat down and ordered food and I gave them some time to let them get comfortable before I went over and joined them. Now Kate’s girlfriend was really nice and seemed really okay with Kate which was awesome. We talked for a while and I got to know a little about her and she got to know a little about me. Once I started talking with her I felt a little more at ease and we all had a great time.

Melissa and her wife also came over and met Kate’s girlfriend ad the 5 of us talked for quite a while. It was really nice. Kate’s girlfriend was every bit as wonderful as Kate had said she was and I know this must have been a little nervous for her also. Julie also cam over and met her and it was nice as we didn’t all descend on her at one time giving her a little bit of a chance to meet us.

It was after 9 when we left the restaurant, Cassandra went and got the car and picked us up out front. We all went back to the casino and of course went to the Blackjack table. I sat down and started playing and had a really fun couple next to me, Rosy and her husband Joshua, and of course I had Veronica, Laura and Cassandra on the other side of me. We played for a while and soon Cassandra went on to bigger betting tables, veronica to her favorite table and then Laura to find her slot machine so it was just 3 of us at the table but not for long. Another couple sat down at the other end and their names were Denise and Jim. Now the only reason I know this is Denise was well let’s just say she was celebrating all night and she kept asking everyone’s name and of course introducing them.

Now other than the first day where I just had a really good day at the tables it has been slow and although I was not winning big I was winning ore then I lost so my stack of chips was growing. Now tis was a fun table as everyone was cheering for each other and so we were high fiving when we won it was just a lot of fun. I had a great time. I sat and played for a long time as it was 12:30 when I had to call it a night as we are once again getting up early tomorrow as we want to go to Hoover Dam and take the tour and get pictures. I knew I was up as my stack was bigger than when I sat down but when I cashed in I had $235. So, I got back what I lost today and some of what I lost yesterday. I am guessing I am pretty close to being even on gambling which for 4 days is pretty good. I went up to my room and got ready for bed. It really was a great day and I was so glad to meets Kate’s girlfriend as I have been looking forward to it.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new in Susan life on my most recent blog.

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Tuesday night of Diva Las Vegas

It is Tuesday evening and we have just got back from golfing which was so much fun, Thanks Cassandra for coordination that. Now tonight we are doing a parry bus bar crawl which I am not sure about as I don’t drink but I think it would be fun to go around and see some of the places. We got back to our rooms and wanted to relax a little. It was about 5:30 and I decided to touch up my makeup and then go down to the casino for a little while before we mat at 8pm to go out. Now this is the one bad thing about getting up and ready so early. I fully understand what woman go through on long and busy days to try and look your best. Now with the long wear lipstick it still looked awesome but there were a few areas of my makeup that needed help. I started touching it up and it just got worse and after about 10 minutes I knew I could not fix it and would need to redo it so I was starting from scratch. I had to remove the long wear lipstick and then take a shower so needless to say it was not a fast change. It was about 7 when I was all ready and choosing my dress for tonight. I figured for a bar crawl my little black dress was perfect.

Cassandra was almost ready so I talked with her while she finished. By the time we were both ready there really wasn’t time to hit the casino as we had about 30 minutes so we just relaxed till it was time to go. We met downstairs at 8 to drive over to the Flamingo. We got to the Flamingo and it took a little time to figure out where we were meeting. The big issues with the casinos on the strip is there size, they are so big it is hard to get around especially in heels. We found Robyn who is coordinating this event, again she doesn’t live here but set this all up on the phone and through e-mails, thanks Robyn. We had about 25 and Robyn passed out the schedule1 ½ hours at the Voodoo club at the Rio, 1 ½ at the Golden Tiki, and 1 ½ hours at the Chandelier at the Cosmopolitan. Must have been my blonde hair but I thought this would be about 3 hours we will not get back to the flamingo till almost 2 am.

We got on the bus and over to the Rio. The Voodoo club is on the roof and I do mean roof they have a patio up there and you get a wonderful view of the city which at night is awesome. It was a little chilly but I look cute in my dress and that was all that mattered. Now we all took a lot of pictures out on the roof with the city in the background. It really was a wonderful place to go even for those who don’t drink. I don’t know what drinks cost here but I do know they charge a cover charge at 10pm Woman $10 and men $20, I guess being female is better but we got there early so no cover. Now I usually don’t talk in my blogs about using the ladies room as I only feel it is important if there is an issue which I really have not had issues with but I did se the ladies room here and before you get excited there was no problem but you can tell you are at a high-end place when they have bathroom attendants. The ladies room was immaculate, probably cleaner than my house and there were 1 ladies working in there, one cleaning and one to help you. I went to wash my hands and she was right there to put soap in my hands and when I was done she handed me paper towels to dry my hands. I felt like a prince, this was a first for Susan, the life style of the rich and famous. I threw $3 dollars in the tip jars as I really have no idea what to tip someone for this, if it was too little well I am a blonde and new to this life style, if it was to much well who cares I felt like a prince and that was worth the money. We sat inside for a little while and talked mainly as with my heels and the walking we had done my feet needed a rest. This was a wonderful place to go.

We left here and the next stop was the Golden Tiki which is a local spot off the strip. It was really nice but pretty dark inside and I really think it is a place locals go to meet others. It was mostly young people in their 20’s and the girls were all really pretty, thin with really pretty dresses or outfits but the one thing they all had in common was no heels. Seems I haven’t learned that yet. Again no one paid any attention to us. We got a table with of us at and I did order a coke. Most of the girls got big girl drinks and a few came to the table on fire. It really was a nice place and they all said their drinks were wonderful. We also got an appetizer which was really good. Cassandra, Laura and Veronica took an Uber back to the car and called it a night. Julie and I hung in and stayed. We had a nice time talking with some of the other girls, Melissa and her wife were also at our table as was Jamie, not the one I met golfing today but the one I met at the Bahama Breeze. It was nice to talk with them all. It Was almost midnight and getting close to time for bus to pick us up so even though my feet were dead we got up and walked around and looked at the place. It is a nice locals place to go and worth it as a change to the strip.

Instead of getting on the bus and gong to the next stop, Julie and I were getting tired s Julie ordered up an Uber and we thanked Robyn and said our goodbyes and then took an Uber back to our hotel. it was about 12:30am when we got back so it was right up to our rooms to go to bed. I actually did have a good time though which considering I don’t drink means it was a fun event.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new on my most recent blog.

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Tuesday of Diva Las Vegas our golf tournament.

It is Tuesday of Diva Las Vegas 2018 and the week is really going fast as I knew it would. Today re two big events, our golf tournament and Kates girlfriend is joining her in Las Vegas and will meet Kate as her female self for the first time. I think we are all a little excited and nervous about this. Anyway, that is just a side not so back to the events of today.

Cassandra is coordinating the golf this year again, she has done it the last couple years and there is a lot of work involved. Beverly did it for a few years before and I hope she knows how much we all appreciated her doing it. For those who didn’t realize it Diva Las Vegas is a vacation type event and not a convention and what that means is there is no cost to attend, you just pay to go to the events you want to do, for example if you want to golf today you pay for your golfing. Diva Las Vegas relies on volunteers to set up and coordinate these events, even the web page is taken care of by volunteers and paid for by someone. These volunteers put a lot of time in to make all these events happen and go off smoothly. Cassandra set this all up on the phone and e-mails from Portland as do most of the volunteers as a lot of them do not live in Las Vegas. Cassandra worked with the golf course at Sunrise who have been wonderful to our group over the years by the way. The golf tournament this year was $59 and what you got was your round of golf including a golf cart and 4 bottles of water in the cooler on the cart, a small bucket of balls for the driving range to warm up. They set up the KP and longest drives on the holes we wanted and it also included 1 free drink ticket and a lunch after which came from their menu which ranged from $6 to $15 for the food, what a great deal and I really do want to thank the golf course, the course at sunrise for all they gave us. On top of it Cassandra made goody bags for everyone with golf balls and snacks and then prizes for the longest drive, KP’s, drawing for those who got birdies and the winners of the tournament which was a 4-lady scramble so everyone could play no matter how good of a golfer you are. For those who don’t know what a scramble is you have a team of 4 and all hit then you pick the best shot and all put your ball there and hit again so you are always playing the best shot, it makes it more fun for those who are not good or in this year’s case have never played before.

Now the bad thing was as Cassandra was in charge she needed to be there by 8am and as we are riding with her that also means I had to so I had to get up at 5:45 to get ready, again male verses female, my male side could have gotten up 15 minutes before we left and made it on time. It was a short nigh because of this and as I was getting ready and doing a full makeup I thought to myself how many women get up and do a full makeup just to go to the golf course. Now I did go for the red lipstick today just because I wanted to plus it was my long wear one so it would last and look nice all day. Now it was supposed to be cool today mid 60’s and windy 30+ winds. The temperature was not normal but the wind was as I think every tournament we have played has been windy, destroys my hair and blows in my face so I have to tie it back to keep it out of my face and I can see the ball. Days like that make you understand what woman go through. Such a sexy look, see not all my pictures look great.

Cassandra set the teams and she tried to make sure all teams were equal which is no easy task as you really have no idea how well some girls golf. Although we did have 5 of the 16 today from our Portland group. I knew some of the girls from past years and got to meet some new one that this was their first Diva Las Vegas. My team was Julie who I shared a cart with and Laura and Jamie who I met for the first time today, she really is nice and I have met so many wonderful people at Diva Las Vegas over the years. I shared the cart with Julie so it gave us a lot of time to talk. We were the first group off to play so we always had the best score on every hole at least till the teams behind us played. Now I would say I am an average golfer, usually shoot in the mid to upper 90’s. over the last 10 years I have golfed maybe 50 times and I would say 90% of that was as Susan. I always tell people it is not how well you golf but how cute you look golfing, reason for the full makeup this morning.

It was time to start and we teed off, now this is the hard part as you have all the groups waiting so 15 other people there watching you as you hit the ball. I just figured they were looking at my outfit and not how well I hit the ball as that is ore important. We did get group pictures before we teed off. Now the good news is the wind died off and really there was very little wind by now which was awesome, still had to tie hair back as being long it got in the way. It also got warm, probably only upper 60’s but with n wind it was really nice but then I am from Portland where when it gets in the 60’s we put on shorts and tee shirts.

We had a wonderful time playing and got to know Jamie who as I said is really nice. It was a fun day on the golf course and we all had some really good shots and of course some that I don’t need to mention but it was about being out with friends and meeting new girls. We finished around 2 and went back to the club house to wait for the other teams to finish and yes, the first thing we did was head for the ladies rom to fix our makeup and hair as a girl hast to have her priorities set.

The other teams came in and we all started talking, finally everyone was there and Cassandra started with the prizes. My team came in last as we were 1 over par which when you play a scramble is not good but we had a fun time and we all looked fabulous on the course and that is what today was all about. In my mind we were all winners just for being there specially those who were at their first Diva Las Vegas. We actually have a couple girls here this year who have never been outside their house before as female. Now there were a few men at another table and I actually think they were having fun watching us as a coupe times as Cassandra announced a winner of a prize I saw them smile and nod and even once I saw them clap with us

The lady there took our orders and treated us wonderful as did all the staff here. We really have been treated wonderful here as well as at other courses we have played over the years. Really, I can’t say enough about the people down here from the restaurants, hotels, casinos or any place we have gone over the years. We have been treated with respect and just like anyone else. This year we are staying at the Four Queens and they have been wonderful to us, I would highly recommend them if you are in Las Vegas. And just for the record I am not just saying these things to be nice or polite. I really have had no problems over the years at any of the places I have gone. I really think if you act like a lady and don’t cause trouble any place you go will be happy you are there as everyone has one thing in common and that is called money. Gay straight, male, female, or what every color, race or religion if you are being nice and respectful they are happy to have you there. Now that is the business side of it but really the people themselves have been wonderful also and that is just good people skills.

I have said it many times I don’t expect everyone to fully support and embrace the way I live my life but I do expect them to recognize my right to be who I am. They don’t have to talk or interact with me at a Blackjack table but they do have to respect my right to sit there. I don’t even care if they want to get up and leave because they don’t want to sit next to me, their right but they can’t tell me to leave or not sit there, just like I won’t tell them they have to sit and play next to me. Now that being said I have never had someone get up and leave just because I sat down. My best advice is to smile, be friendly and act like this is the most normal thing you can do and 99% of people will react to you the same way.

Got a little of track there. We had a great late lunch and then it was time to go back to the hotel and get ready for tonight but I will save that for another blog as this has gotten a little long. If you read all the way to here you get a gold star. Thanks for reading and be sure to see my most recent outing on my latest blog.

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Monday of Diva Las Vegas

It is Monday of Diva Las Vegas 2018 and tonight is the opening dinner at Bahama Breeze which is always one of the most fun things we do, other than that we really have no plans for the day. I got up at 9am and wrote my blog from yesterday and then started getting ready. I knew Cassandra would not be out till 3 so I texted the other girls to see what they were doing. I was ready by noon and had herd from Laura and Kate and they were out walking the Freemont Experience so that was where I was going. I got downstairs and met them in the lobby. We went in and I showed them how to play Blackjack, Kate was the big winner as she only lost $5. That should tell you all you need to know about how I did. Kate had something to do for a little while so Laura and I walked out onto the Freemont street which is a pedestrian mall now and just walked and talked for a while.

Kate caught up with us and we decided to walk down to the Container mall, it is a shopping area with all the stores well mostly food stands made out of shipping containers stacked on each other. We checked out some of the shops but really it was more about just being out. We did get lunch well a snack and sat out on the patio and talked and of course a few pictures. It was a really nice warm day just a little windy. It was about 3 when we walked back to our hotel, Cassandra had texted me she was at the tables so we walked in to find her. We walked around the tables but didn’t see her. It had only been about 15 minutes since she texted me so I figured she was still upstairs so we headed up to change. We ran into Cassandra as we were getting off the elevator. Seems the tables were still cold as she had gone down, lost and came back up to get more money all in 20 minutes. She went downstairs and the rest of us went to change

Now I had my dress all picked out for tonight also the heels s it didn’t take me long to get ready I went back downstairs and found Michele, Julie and Cassandra at the Blackjack table and joined them. Tables were still cold and again I lost, the dealer was on a hot streak. It was almost 5 and we wanted to go to dinner early so we headed to the lobby to meet up with all the girls going and of course we had to take a few more pictures. I really love this dress as I think it is an elegant look. Also took the opportunity to get a picture with Kate as we both had on cute dresses. It is nice as they let you take pictures inside the casinos now.

We all left and went to the Bahama Breeze for dinner. As I said always a fun night and a lot if not all the employees who work tonight taking care of our group actually ask to work it, how awesome is that. Now this is probably the biggest get together and the one you will see the largest number of girls at. Now tonight from 5 to 6 was the first-time attendee get together, happy hour from6 to 7 and dinner at 7. We got there about 5:30 and got our tables. It was Cassandra, Veronica, Julie, Laura, Kate, Melissa, Tara, Kay Mechie, Kimberly Melissa and her wife that we tried to sit together. Brenda was also here from Portland so we had a huge group.

We went up and met the new girls that were here for the first time and tried to make them feel welcome, I remember my first time. I had Cassandra and Peggy with me but it was still intimidating with so many new people. I talked a little with all of them. I got to meet Jamie which was nice, she has followed my blog and we got to meet in person. She has been going out where she lives. It really is fun meeting new people but can be a little intimidating as she has followed my blog for a while so she already knew a lot about me. She is really nice though and I hope we get to get together and talk more

Also met a girl named ShanShan and this was her first Diva Las Vegas, she was a little nervous but she was doing really well and she actually flew here as her female self. Something I have not done yet but when we go on our cruise this fall I will get to fly as Susan than. She was really nice also as all the girls are. I met a few other new girls and of course got to talk with some I have met at other Diva Las Vegas. I think this is my 7th time her and I really have met some wonderful friends. I was sad Beverly couldn’t make it this year as I was really looking forward to seeing her again.

We ordered dinner and of course I had to get a selfie and a picture with Julie. I had a steak tonight which was really good, all the food is good and I would recommend coming here for dinner. It really was a wonderful night and amazing how fast it went by. Of course, we did our big group picture which will be on the Diva Las Vegas web page later this summer as will so many pictures as everyone will send them in over the next few months so if you didn’t make it you will still be able to see pictures of what went on.

It was after 9 when we were done with dinner and ready to leave. Of course, we still walked around and talked with people. I got another chance to talk with Jamie and told her when she comes to Portland let me know. There were so many pictures taken tonight I am really looking forward to see them all.

We left and went back to our hotel, we went into the casino to see what was going on and it was really busy. Julie and I sat down at a Blackjack Table Veronica was playing at to play for a little while and that was all it was. About 20 minutes and my money was gone. It was not my day for gambling today. 3 times and I lost all 3. So, we headed up to our rooms to get some sleep as we have to get up early tomorrow for Golf. Now I always tell people this, it is not how well you play golf but how cute you look playing golf.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new in my life on my most recent blog

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