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A little quiet time for Susan at Starbuck’s

Well I have been busy every night this week and so as I had no other plans tonight I felt it was perfect for a little Susan. So I got all ready and off I went to Starbuck’s. actually I had a little work to do and what better way to do it than as Susan at Starbuck’s, it is funny as I really don’t mind the extra work when I can combined it with time out as Susan plus it is way more fun than just sitting at home.

Well I got to Starbucks a little earlier than normal which in this case turned out well as there were only a few people here when I got here but by 7:15 most of the tables filled up, turns out it seems 7 is the time tonight everyone wanted to come here. It is strange as for as long as I have been coming here I have never had a problem and for that matter really no one ever gives me a second look. I know I don’t pass but it is if they really don’t notice me or care.

Well as you saw in my last blog BOLI filed formal charges against the P-Club and the owner Chris Penner. Now as I have never been through something like this I really don’t understand what that means other than he has a few days to respond to the charges. We also have a new Attorney as Beth Allen starts her new position as a Judge tomorrow so she can no longer represent us. Beth and Sue-Dell McCulloch had a meeting with BOLI on Monday and Beth has brought Sue-Del up to speed on our case. I am interested to see what his response will be. If he fails to respond than a guilty verdict is entered but I am sure he will respond.

Things are really advancing fast as we have a hearing date in about 6 weeks, none of us can believe how fast this is going as we all thought this would take a couple years which would give us all time to prepare for it. I can say I am really nervous about going to the hearing and testifying, that would be scary enough as my male self but to do it as Susan wow. I guess that will be the ultimate day out as Susan.

Well on to more happy things, I am looking forward to Diva Las Vegas which is fast approaching. I have a lot of shopping to do and yes I really need to lose some of my male sides extra LB’s. He eats way too much or maybe doesn’t exercise enough; yes I am blaming it all on him. All jokes aside I do need to start exercising more as that was my New Year’s resolution and I have yet to start, I always seem to have a reason not to. Well I am hoping by putting it here in writing it will motivate me more. After all I want to look good for my week of living as Susan.

The last update I got they already had 109 signed up for this year’s Diva Las Vegas and they had only been letting those who have gone before sign up. Well now they are registering those who have signed up for their announcement list, the end of February they will open registration to everyone. If you are interested in going check out their page and sign up for their announcement list. They said they have had more people who have not been there the last couple years sign up so I think we should have a good turnout this year. It really is a fun time as what could be better than spending a week in Las Vegas as a female. We have 3 of us from our group here going for the whole week and 3 to 5 more who are planning on going the last few days. Also check out the pictures from the previous years.

Well time to get some work done, thanks for reding.

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Just a quick update tonight on what is going on with the P-Club

Well this is just a short blog tonight, for those of you who have been following my blog you all know we had an issue last June at the P-Club we had been going to for two years. In June the owner left a couple voice mails on Cassandra’s phone telling us not to come back as he did not want his bar thought of as a tranny bar. Any way we talked with an Attorney about this and from there it went to BOLI who investigated the complaint. They found that the owner did discriminate against our group and today they filed formal charges. Here are some links about it.

I never thought this would go so fast as I figured it would take a year or more but it appears this is proceeding way faster than any of us thought. We have had many appointments with our Attorney and been interviewed by state investigators from BOLI and even had to do a deposition and now we are heading towards a hearing on this. These are things I never thought I would go through or do even in my male but even more scary as Susan. It really is a learning experience for me and our entire group.

To think that a few years back I was scared just to go out and be seen and now I am involved in something like this. A couple of us even did an interviews, one reporter wanted more information of T-Girls as she was not familiar with this term so 3 of us were featured in an article

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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Girl’s night out to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Well it turns out some of the girls have never seen the Rocky Horror Picture show, I myself have only seen parts so we decided to go and see it at the Clinton Street Theater. Now part of the fun is dressing up as the characters so I pulled up pictures and did the best I could with what I had mostly tried to do my makeup to match the show. As you can see I had a short black skirt just couldn’t bring me to just wear the panties out in public, fishnet, high heels and of course a red corset and yes it was tight. Now we were meeting at the 52 street bar first as the show didn’t start till midnight. Doing my makeup took longer than I thought partly as I really went overboard on the eye makeup.

I was ready to leave and went to get into my car and that took a little work as I had to keep my back straight, maybe just a little too tight on the corset but it is only one night. Wow once inside my car it was hard to sit as I am not use to always sitting up straight plus I really couldn’t twist like normal so even looking over my shoulder while driving was a challenge.

I got to the 52 street sports bar about 7:30 and even getting out of the car was hard, I have a small car and I never thought about it but I always bend over to get my head in and out and tonight I couldn’t do that. Now I did wear a wrap over my outfit and was a little nervous walking into a sports bar dressed like this but hey I had a good reason. Cassandra, Chris and Cristine were already inside so I joined them. Well we had to get some pictures and Cassandra had the bright idea to take them outside along the street so even though it was cold out especially in my outfit outside we went. Look at those cute shows I had on, 3 ½ inch heels. For a Saturday night there wasn’t much traffic on the street which surprised me but on the bright side dressed as we were it was probably good.

It was cold out or just felt really cold as we were not wearing much so we actually made two trips outside as we went back in briefly to get warm. Now sitting on a bar stool when you can’t really bend is hard, I don’t know how woman 100 years ago wore corsets all the time. I had only had it on for a little over an hour and was ready to take it off except for the fact I had nothing else to wear.

I ordered dinner as I didn’t eat earlier and was hungry; the funny thing is I could barely eat half my dinner as my corset was so tight. Maybe I found the secret to losing weight, the Susan Miller diet, just put on and wear a really tight corset.

Well Cassandra played pool with a couple of the regulars and won and one has to wonder what they were thinking after being beat by her in her little maids outfit not that they haven’t seen us in here before as some of the girls have been coming here on Monday nights for football but the outfits we all had on tonight were way over the top.

Kim showed up and had on this great Maids outfit, she has seen Rocky Horror before and knows all of the characters and how they dress. Maybe I should have had her help me with my outfit. Any way she also had a corset on under her outfit but ended up taking it off. Well Kim just looked so cute I had to also get a picture with her, yes Susan loves getting her picture taken especially when she is dressed in a way she hasn’t before. What a cute picture the only bad part is I tower over Kim in my heels.

Michelle showed up in her little maid outfit and she had the guts to just wear the panties and stockings. Wow that was awesome; I should have gotten a picture. I bet she had the best outfit at the show

I went up to the bar to get another drink and started talking to Brenda the bar tender and she still remembered me even though it has been months since I have been here and I think I only went twice so that was nice. Actually she is really awesome and Cassandra and I got a couple pictures with her in the middle but I am not sure on who’s camera as I don’t have the picture and Cassandra didn’t post it either.

Any way we talked for maybe 15 minutes and she was sad she had to work tonight and couldn’t go with us, she said it would be a blast to go party with us at the movie and dress up which is true. What better group to dress up with and go to Rocky Horror picture show with than a group of T-Girls.

Well it was my turn to play pool, my first game was against Cassandra and I did lose but not too bad considering I had a hard time bending over, had to keep well actually the corset forced me to keep my back straight. You really never think about how much you bend in the middle till you can’t. On the bright side I am sure it gave me a sexy pose went I bent over to make a shot. I also got to play one of the regular girls wanted and she told me she was not very good, which neither am I but I am getting better and I had a disadvantage tonight because of my corset. I won this game but just barely.

Now we have heard there is a line at the show so we left for the theater at 10:45 but first a couple more photos, yes this blog has a lot of photos. I wanted a close up so I could see my makeup job, a little heavy but then that is what the characters in the movie had on. What cute smiles we both have, I really think a smile makes the photo plus as we are sitting we appear to be the same height.

Well since I didn’t know where the Clinton Street Theater was Kim road with me so I didn’t get lost which is good because I am not at all familiar with this part of Portland. It only took about 15 minutes to get there so we met up with Chris, Roxy and Michelle in a little café and they got a little something to eat while we waited for the theater to open. About 11:30 we headed over and bought our tickets and there was no line.

Now the Clinton Street Theater is an older Theater and actually has a stage in front of the screen. It turns out on the first and third Saturday nights they do a live performance and the other two Saturdays they just show the movie. Now inside were several other members of our group who just went straight to the theater for the movie. In all I think we had about 15 of us from our group there, also the Karaoke group from Sweet Home who we invited to come with us also showed up with about the same amount. How cool is that, we really have made some awesome friends at the Sweet Home Bar & Grill.

Now even though this is just the movie night the actors were still there and interacted with the crowd and the movie. Actually they had everyone that has never seen the movie there before go up on stage and had fun with them and yes I fell into this category so I found myself on the stage with about 30 other people. It was cool as you could see what other were wearing and yes our group had the best outfits. Okay here is my last photo from the night. Look how straight I am sitting up what proper posture and what a cute couple we make.

Any way the movie didn’t actually start till almost 12:40 so I knew it would be a late night. Now if you have never seen Rocky Horror Picture show in a theater you really should as there is a lot of audience participation. In the opening scene at the wedding everyone throws rice just like in the movie, yes I had rice every place. During the dance scenes some of the audience goes up on stage and dances right along with the movie it really is an experience and makes it like a party atmosphere and a lot more fun. It was an awesome night.

It was well after 2 am when we got out of the movie theater and I headed home. When I got home I stood in my shower and took off my corset and could just hear the rice falling out. It was a really awesome fun night.

Thanks for reading.

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Out early on A Friday night with friends 1/25/13

Well it is Friday night and that means a night out for Susan which I look forward to all week long. Tonight though I was out earlier as we had a meeting set up with our Attorney Beth Allen, she has just been appoint to a Judge position starting February 1st and we are all so happy for her as she will be an awesome Judge. Now there is one bad part of this and that is she can no longer practice as an attorney once she is a Judge so she was meeting with us to give us an update on our complaint against the P-Club and what happens now. For those who have not followed my previous blogs last summer the owner of the P-Club called one of our members twice and left two different voice mails asking us not to come back as he felt his place was getting a reputation as a tranny bar and this was after we had been going there almost two years with never a complaint that we knew of. Any way Cassandra posted the messages on her YouTube videos (here is the video) and sent them to a couple attorneys and the state of Oregon and Beth contacted her as did BOLI and from there we went on to file a formal complaint with the state of Oregon who has now filed a commissioners complaint against the P-Club and the owner Chris Penner. We were meeting her at Sweet Home at 6 this is the awesome bar we have been going to for the last several months.

I wanted to be early and was shooting to be there by 5 but you know how girls are getting ready, it takes a lot more time to be pretty so I was just a little late and got there about 5:20 which as I left extra time was still fine. Cassandra had just got there and was setting up her laptop so we could Skype with Victoria who is still over in Thailand. By 6 all of us were there, Cassandra, Peggy, Chris, Cristine, Amy, me and Victoria on Skype, we are the 7 listed in the formal complaint. Beth showed up and gave us a brief update which was pretty easy as we had just met with her a little over a week ago and not much is new. Now she is selling her practice to an attorney in her firm but she has a friend who is an Attorney that does a lot of labor cases through BOLI and has told her about our case and is recommending we use her for the case as she can no longer represent us. She even arranged for her to join us tonight at 7 so we could meet her, her name is Sue-Del McCulloch. Well with a name that starts with Sue this Susan was happy.

Sue-Del showed up and we all introduced ourselves to her and she seemed really nice and as excited about the case as Beth is which is a good sign, Cassandra played the voice mails Chris Penner left on her phone as she had not heard them and she was just as shocked that he would leave such a message. Now as it was after 7 other girls had started to show up so they got our regular table while we finished with our meeting. After meeting Sue-Del I feel really good about her and think she will represent us well and I think the other girls feel the same so I think we have a new Attorney, but we are all a little sad as we really liked Beth and will miss her. We all wished her the best in her on her new path and gave a toast to her.

Well the meeting over and it was about 7:40 so we joined the rest of our group which was about 10 so it looks like we will have a really good turnout tonight. Kim, Roxy, Samantha, Laura, Michelle, both Sasha’s and a couple more this poor blonde can’t think of right now were there. Peggy had to leave as she couldn’t stay, she had come for just the meeting so that was sad but it was great to see her again. I ordered dinner and found a seat by Kim which was nice as it gave us a chance to talk. She is really awesome and fun to hang out with.

Kimberley showed up, I first met her online probably 10 years ago back when I was on Yahoo360 which is where this blog started and even though she lives here in the Portland area we have never had a chance to meet in person till tonight so that was awesome. We talked for quite a while, I told her all about our wonderful group and I hope she will join it and come out with us more. She really is nice.

Soon more girls started to show up including Petra and Victoria, yes we have more than one Victoria also. It was cool to see Victoria out as she doesn’t get out as much. She has a business her in the Portland area called over the rainbow transformations and does makeovers for transgender people and is very supportive of the transgender community. If you are ever in the Portland area and want some help or just a safe place to dress check out her web page Alicia also made it out tonight which was nice, I think the last time I saw her was at Harvey’s the time before last.

I tried to count how many we had there but as it was really busy last night and Sweet Home is such an accepting place we all intermingle with the regulars there so I couldn’t get an accurate count but I would guess 23 which is a really good turnout for our group. Well it was time for Karaoke and of course several of our group got up and sand, Chris, Kim and even Sasha and all did great. It was a fun night and of course we all talked about our going to the Rocky Horror picture show and what we were going to wear. I really don’t have the proper costume but I do have fishnets and a red corset so I will probably wear that with a short skirt, should be interesting as the movie starts at midnight and we are all meeting at 52
street sports bar first around 7:30. Little nervous about showing up there dressed for the movie, Cassandra called the bar tender to see if she was okay with it and she was but still not the normal dress for a bar.

Lorraine was also her tonight and she is so much fun, she is planning on going to the Super Bowl party at Cassandra’s so that will be awesome. I have made some really awesome friends as Susan over the last years which I think has really helped me blossom and become more comfortable with who I am. I didn’t get a chance to play pool tonight but Laura was the star, I think she must have won 15 games in a row.

Well it got late and people started to leave, Cassandra and I were the last of our group and tonight we stayed till the very end. It was after closing time at 2:30 when we left. We were just having such a fun time with the regulars. I met a new GG named Venus, what a cool name. She was really awesome and told me how beautiful I looked and what girl doesn’t want to hear that. Even Britney showed up just before closing, she is the wife of the KJ (Mark the guy who does Karaoke), I am blonde and didn’t know that KJ is the name for the Karaoke Jockey but it makes sense, kind of like a DJ is a disc jockey. She is also really nice and came over and talked to Cassandra and me and gave me a hug which is always nice. Girls seem to hug a lot which men don’t do which is really a shame as everyone needs a hug.

It was a really fun night but it was after 3 am when I finally got home which is the latest this poor girl has been out in a long time.

Well thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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Well what do you know; I made it to Starbuck’s

Well it is another busy week for my male self, busy every night this week but tonight so I decided to make a run for Starbuck’s. It seems like it has been for ever since I have been here and actually it has. I was looking back over my blog yes I am blonde and getting older and really need help remembering things hence the blog and it has was almost two months ago I was last at Starbuck’s. wow how fast time goes by. I got to Starbucks by 7 and there was plenty of parking so I figured they weren’t very busy but I was wrong, there are about 20 people here but I did find a small table right in the middle. Everyone must have had the same idea I did because half the people here are on lap tops so I guess it is the night for that.

Now the girls that are normally working are not here tonight but the girl behind the counter did remember what I like to drink which considering how long it has been and the fact I didn’t remember her was impressive. I must say I have always been treated awesome here no matter who is working. I must say that Starbucks is a pretty good place to go when you want to express your other side.

It is strange how relaxing it is to just sit here at Starbucks and work on my computer well I guess it is more play than work but I do manage to get a little work done. The funny thing is while I am here I am really not thinking about the fact I am Susan or that I am crossdressing it really does feel natural and normal and I could almost forget about it accept for my pretty red nails I can see while typing on my keyboard. It is amazing how much I have grown as Susan over the last couple years. Now I know what everyone is thinking and I do get asked it quite often and that is where this is leading and when am I going to transition. Well let me answer that the best I can, I don’t know where my life will go and what will happen down the road accept for one thing and that is that I will not transition. Will Susan play a bigger part in my life I would think so but Susan will never be my whole life. A few years back I was amazed that I was going out once a week and now it is twice a week and that feel right. Susan is a big part of who I am and I would not be complete without her but the same goes for my male self. I need both to be complete and the person I am so no I will not transition and that I am sure of.

Well I am getting ready for Diva Las Vegas, I have my vacation set and I have my hotel reservations I just need to do some shopping as I do need some more and newer cloths. I figure this is a good excuse to but girl cloths. Right now we have Cassandra, Cristine and myself going for sure and a couple girl planning on coming in for the last few days from our group here so on Thursday and Friday of that week we could have as many as 7 or 8 from our group there on those days. How fun would that be. right now they are only registering those who have gone before but starting February first they will start registering those on the mailing list so if you want to go subscribe to the mailing list otherwise you can’t register till March first when they have open registration. They should have a list of activities by the end of March as they will start having people sign up for events the last week of March so there is still plenty of time.

I am so looking forward to this trip as I once again plan on being Susan 24/7, 10 full days and yes I will get acrylic nails. I really love acrylic nails, having them and even getting them done. That is the one part of Susan I wish I could do all the time. If you have never had acrylic nails you should try them at least once just for the experience. The other thing is a pedicure, god I love those. I really need to get another pedicure but just can’t seem to find the time. I may have to paint my toes again myself as they are starting to look bad again. Girls really do get the best cloths and to be pampered a lot more than men.

Well we have another meeting with our attorney coming up soon. I had to write out a statement and will have to do a deposition which will have to be notarized which means giving my legal name. we have our hearing date set up in mid March and I have time off work for that too. This still scares me as this means being very open and public about myself but I feel it is worth it. I never really pictures myself doing something like this as this is the first time I have personally been involved in something like this so I really don’t know what will happen and how things will go. It is a learning experience though. I was talking to Cassandra the other day and we are both amazed that the first time we are in court and being questioned we will be there as girls. It is scary but also sounds fun in a way, being in such a public situation and being there as a female.

Well thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week.

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Out on a Friday night with my friends

It is Friday night and for those who follow my blog know this is Susan’s night out with her friends and I so look forward to it every week. Well it has been another long busy week for Susan so I am really in need of a night out with the girls. I got home and relaxed for a bit before starting the transformation into Susan which I totally enjoy. I had already decided on what I would wear but as always I knew by the time I was done getting ready it would not be in the outfit I had picked, one of the joys of being a girl as you can change your mind. As I started to get ready I knew it was going to be a challenge tonight, have you ever had one of those night where things go wrong well that was tonight for Susan.

I love red in case you don’t know that, red nails and lipstick. Well I know bright red lipstick is not an everyday color so when I go out on Friday nights I almost always wear red as we are going to a bar/club and it fits in their way better than say the mall or Starbuck’s. Well my makeup was done and time for my lips and wouldn’t you know it my bright red lip liner is out. Now the lip liner I use and love is color stay by Revlon the only bad part is they come in a plastic pencil that you twist to advance instead of sharpening which is way more convenient but as it does not get shorter as you sharpen it so you really have no idea how much is left till it runs out on you. to, now I need to line my lips to keep the lipstick from bleeding plus it makes the lipstick stay on way better so I knew right away there I would have to go with a different color which I did not that big a deal, a nice wine color.

Well now I was getting dressed and yes it was a different dress than I had originally planned on wearing well as I was putting on my pantyhose wouldn’t you know it I got a big run in them so off they went and I went over to my draw to get another pair and I was down to just one and they were a black pair which of course would not go with the dress on my bed so once again a wardrobe change. So now I am finally all dressed and ready to go out. well as I get into the car I get caught on the seatbelt which has not rolled up as it is an older car and I immediately know something is wrong and I look and I have another run in my brand new pantyhose but this one is at least above the hem of my dress so upstairs again to get some clear nail polish to keep it from getting any worse and off I go again. So now I am in my car and on my way.

Well as I drive I think to myself there is a Walgreen right across the street from Sweet Home and I do have to get more pantyhose and I do need some lip liner so I decide to stop first and get what I need. Now remember I am in 3″ heels and a nice dress and full makeup so again not your normal look for shopping but hay this is an emergency. They are kind of busy so I have to park a ways out and walk across the parking lot in my heels which is okay just not really fast and it was cold out tonight. Didn’t really notice anyone give me funny looks but then I was on a mission as I wanted to get across the street with my friends. Now if you have never been to a Walgreens the cosmetic section is usually right inside the doors so I didn’t have to walk too far. Now the sad part is they did not have the red lip liner I use so I bought a wine colored one as I am guessing that one is also getting low and of course some new panty hose on I was on my way.

I drove across the street and parked and as I set my hand break yes you guessed it I popped off a nail so now I only have 9 pretty red long nails. Now in all the times I have done my nails this way it is over the last 3 years this is only the second time I have lost a nail so I don’t carry spares. So in I went and of course Chris, Roxy, Amy, Laura & Cassandra were already there so I joined them. Well it turns out Cassandra lost a nail and as this seems to happen to her a lot she had spares so I manages to borrow a nail from her but it was not the same color red but in the dime light of the bar no one would notice and I would have 10 long nails so now I was good and ready for my fun night out.

Now we had a new girl show up named Sasha and this was her first time out, well I guess she went out years ago down in LA but she has not gone out for many years so it was great she could join us as we always have such a fun time. We all chatted for a bit and got to know a little more about her which is always fun as you can never have too many friends. She seems really nice and I hope she comes out with us more.

Kelsey and her fiancé Chuck were there early, Kelsey is the girl I sang Karaoke with last week. They are both really nice and of course we got a chance to talk. Normally they come later for the Karaoke but tonight they didn’t stay for that, they just played pool and hug out but it was still good they could make it.

Kim showed up again which is always fun as she really is awesome and so supportive of our group. It was fun to talk with her and her and Chris did both sin Karaoke and did a fabulous job. We talked more about movies and what we both like and we are already planning another movie night. I hope maybe once a month I can have her over for dinner and a movie which would be fun. We also talked about the movie the Hobbit and possible going to see that which would also be a lot of fun but if we do that I would have to decide if I went as Susan or my male self, who knew being female could be so complicated.

Heather also showed up, she is one of the Karaoke group the love us and always come over and talks with us. Rachel was also there, she is the one we met at the P-Club before we were kicked out and she is the one who contacted me on Facebook and told me about Sweet Home and that the owner had asked us to come there so actually if it was not for Rachel we would not know about this awesome place and have met all these awesome people.

Well it was now time for Karaoke to start and that is when it really gets busy here so there was a good crowd. Jessica and Michelle both showed up for the Karaoke as they are also part of that group and they both had on these really cute high heels. They are both really nice and I have talked with them before but tonight I had to tell them both how cute their heels were and that got us talking. I must have stood and talked with them for better than 30 minutes and of course it started about heels and where they got them and on to shopping and clothes. I think actually I know I learned more about them last night than in all my previous conversations with them. It was really nice to get to know them better.

Well it was late and even though my evening had started off a little rough it turned out to be awesome as usual and I know it is because of the time with my awesome friends. Cassandra and I were the last of our group to leave at 2 am which is late for this girl, not getting any younger. Well as I said it was a cold night and all the cars outside had frost on them and as we walked to our cars I could see light in my car. Yes when I got there and lost my nail I had turned on the dome light to look for it and being blonde forgot to turn it off so it had been on the whole time I was there, almost 7 hours so now my thoughts changes to one last problem, would my car start. Well it did evidently my battery is good enough and my car started. That would have been a bad ending to my night out. I will have to be more careful in the future. Now I just have to find that nail in my car as the last thing I want is to be giving a ride to someone else and have them find it, my project for Saturday.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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Thursday night with friends

Well I had the chance to go out Thursday night; a few girls were in town that I have not seen for a couple years so we were going to get together. I couldn’t get out early enough for dinner but I did meet up with them afterwards. They wanted to go to Harvey’s Comedy club so the plan was to meet up there at 7 and go to the 7:30n show.

I got to Harvey’s about 6:45 and went in. now they were not nearly as busy as they are on Saturday nights. The girl working the bar in the lounge was nice and even carded me as she thought I looked under 30, how cool is that. She was surprised at my age and said I looked pretty and a lot younger than I am. We talked for a while and she had heard about our group from Kim. She told me that everyone there loves it when we come in because we are so much fun and that she has heard nothing but wonderful things about our group so that made me feel wonderful.

About 7 Stefia, Maryanne, Jamie and Marilyn showed up. Now I have not seen Maryanne and Jamie since Diva Las Vegas a couple years ago so it was great to see them again and get a chance to talk to them. I also got to meet Marilyn so it was a great night all the way around. I of course had to get a picture with Maryanne.

Well we went into the show room and our table was right in front of the stage. Kim our group’s normal waitress saw me and came over and gave me a hug which really made me feel good unfortunately we were not at one of her tables but the waitress we did have was also awesome. Harvey’s really has good employees.

The show was really good as always, I think the featured comedian was better than the headliner but both were really good. Leah Mansfield was the featured comedian and she was awesome if you ever get a chance to see her you should. We had a great time and it went by so fast.

After the show we had to get some more pictures including a group picture on stage by the Harvey’s sign. After all we all love having our pictures taken. From the left this is Maryanne, me, Stefia, Marilyn and Jamie. What a fun night and while we were taking pictures a young lady came over and wanted to know if she could get a picture of her grandma with us and of course we all agreed. It wasn’t long and more of their group came over and more pictures were taken. Turns out they were out celebrating a birthday. We had a blast talking with them for a while after the show.

After wards we went out and talked with the comedian’s, they were awesome. Harvey’s is always a fun night out. Well it was getting late so I had to head home while the other girls went on to another place. It was a fun night.

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Monday evening downtown.

Well it is Monday night and we have a meeting with our attorney Bath Allen downtown at her office. Now the meeting was at 5:30 and it is always a question of how long it will take to get downtown during the evening rush hour. So I wanted to leave myself an hour so I got off work early to get ready. Well I was all ready and on my way by 4:20 and it turns out there was no traffic going the way I was so I was downtown by 4:45 and found a parking spot right out front of Beth’s office. I was paying for my parking when Amy walked up so we went in together and up to Bath’s office. We were the first two there so we waited in the office. Cassandra and Cristine also made it but Chris and Peggy couldn’t and of course Victoria is out of the country right now.

We met in her office and Victoria was on the phone with us while Beth gave us an update, BOLI has filed the complaint now and it looks like we will have our hearing in mid March so this is actually moving a lot faster than any of us thought. Beth went over how things would proceed and what we could expect and all our options now and going forward. This really is an interesting experience as I have never really been involved in something like this so I am learning some new things. We were at Beth’s office for over an hour.

After we left Beth’s office Cassandra, Cristine, Amy and I went to Fox & Hound for dinner and of course to talk. Veronica was in town so she joined us for dinner which was nice and gave us a chance to talk and catch up on what was new. We are trying to talk her into meeting us in Las Vegas for Diva Las Vegas this year. It was a fun evening and went by so fast and soon it was time for me to go home.

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A fun Saturday for Susan

Well today Susan was going to have an awesome day. Cassie one of the girls from our group has in the past set up makeup classes at Nordstrom’s through the MAC counter, turns out she does a lot of shopping here and knows most of the employees personally. Now I have never been able to make it to any of the other classes but today I was able to make it and I have been looking forward to it all week. The class was on eye brows and what could be more fun than learning makeup tip, I know going to Nordstrom’s to the MAC counter as Susan.

The class was at 4 pm which would mean leaving my house by 3:15 as it was at the Washington Square Nordstrom’s so I would be out during the day on a Saturday at a busy mall. Now normally I would wear Capri’s, or slacks with a nice top but being Saturday and the fact our group was going to Harvey’s tonight and I would not have time to go home and change I did wear a dress to go shopping. It was a nice black dress and medium heels. I was ready and out the door right on schedule and on my way. I got to Washington Square about 3:50 and being Saturday it was busy so I went and parked in the parking garage and walked into Nordstrom’s and headed to the cosmetic section. Now walking into a crowded store like Nordstrom’s on a Saturday after non is something I would have never done just a couple years ago but today I really didn’t give it a second thought, just parked and walked in.

I got to the MAC counter right at 4 thinking I would be late and it turns out I was the first there. I wasn’t even sure how many were coming. Thai Carr the MAC makeup artist came over and introduced herself to me and told me Cassie had called and was caught in traffic, she was so nice actually all the ladies working there were awesome and all said hi to me, Nordstrom’s really does have awesome customer service, they also all commented on how nice my wrap looked and it really does. Now the cosmetic section was packed and the MAC counter was the busiest so there were all kinds of people there and I just browsed with the rest of them. I talked with several of the girls at the MAC counter while waiting and I guess it was about 4:15 When Laura showed up so I wasn’t there by myself. Maybe 5 minutes later Cassie showed up and it was time to start. Now in the past they held these classes in one of their rooms but as there were so few of us and they had the room Thai had set up some chairs right in the cosmetic section by the MAC counter so we would be out with all the other customers.

The class was great and Thai did an awesome job, she explained how to do the eye brow, where it starts, ends and where the high point should be. She showed several different products brow pencil, gel, powder and how to use them by themselves or combined with each other and the looks were very different. I actually learned a lot plus it was fun to watch her do different eyebrows on the model. What cool jobs, being able to do makeup on people all day or even being the model and having them do your makeup over and over. She spent about an hour teaching us and then after asked if we had any questions about anything else so I took the opportunity to ask some questions I have had including how to do the winged or cat eye eyeliner which Thai was only too happy to show us. It was really an awesome after noon and I did get a couple pictures but being blonde forgot to ask Cassie and Laura if they minded me posting them in my blog so I cropped this one just so I would have a picture, after all one must have a picture of such a fun day. This is Thai and me after the class and yes I did spend some money, bought the eye brow pencil and the shadow duo as I am almost out of the one I have been using and also needed some more of the Studio Fix makeup as I love the coverage I get from this so I am willing to pay more after all Susan is worth it. If you are in the Portland area and want some help and a fun experience I would highly recommend Thai Carr at the MAC counter at Nordstrom’s at Washington Square.

After the class Cassie and I went upstairs and looked at some dresses and of course Cassie talked to everyone, seems she knows almost everyone in the store. It was fun to walk around the store and shop, it is funny as we walked around the store the busiest section was the cosmetic section. I would say half the people shopping there were in the cosmetic section.

Well it was time to go and I was off on my own walking out to my car and again felt totally at ease. It was about 5:45 now so I headed to Fox and Hound as I was meeting my friends there around 7 as we always meat here when we go to Harvey’s as parking is so much better here and it is only a 7 block walk to Harvey’s. I got there about 6:15 and Jan was already there so I joined her. It wasn’t long before others started to show up. We had a fun time talking as we didn’t need to leave for Harvey’s till 8:30. Now we had a big group tonight going to Harvey’s I think 23 so it was going to be a fun night. Loraine even was able to go and she brought a couple of her friends with her. I think by the time we left for Harvey’s we had 15 of us there so off we went 15 of us walking down the streets of Portland and yes it was cold out, right about freezing and the only thing that got cold were my toes as I wore open toed heels.

We got to Harvey’s and the rest of our group was already there waiting in the lounge. There was one other big group of 24 there also, turns out it was one of their birthdays, I think his name was Dan. Any way he and a couple of his group started talking to Jan and I about Harvey’s and the shows as we told them we came here all the time. Any way Jan and I put are arms around him so one of his friends could get a picture and before we knew it I think everyone in his group had their cameras out and were taking pictures. Well of course they also had some questions about us and our group of which Jan and I were only too happy to answer. We ended up talking to them for about 30 minutes while we waited to go in to the showroom.

Well we finally got inside and Kim who is an awesome person and always our waitress was there and she already had our tables reserved for us. She really does take good care of us and always looks forward to the nights we come; she even greets us all by name. If you are ever in Portland and want a fun night out Harvey’s is an awesome choice for a fun night out. The show was great as always but I think I liked the featured comedian better than the headliner. This is always such a fun night out, Loraine and her friends sat with me. We actually had 6 tables so this was our biggest group I think we have had at Harvey’s. After the show Kim gave us all a hug and said she would see us next month.

Well it was almost midnight and we walked back to Fox & Hound, a few of us went inside to get warm as my toes were again frozen. Lorain’s two friends had left as they were going to another club so I told Lorain I would give her a ride home as they had all came down on the bus and I didn’t want her to have to take a bus home at this time of night plus it was nice to have someone ride with me even if only part of the way. It really was a fun day all the way around.

Thanks for reading.

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Cold Friday night out with friends 1/11/13

Well it has been another long week but a good one. Last night Susan entertained for her first time ever at home which was really a big step and just goes to show how much Susan has grown and evolved over the last few years and it is all because of my wonderful and supportive friends I have. Well as I said it is Friday night and I can think of nothing better than spending time with my friends so I started getting ready as I wanted to be ready to leave by 6:30 so I could be to Sweethome before 7 as it only take me 20 to 30 minutes to get there from where I live. I actually spent a lot of time tonight thinking about what I would wear as girls tend to do that plus tomorrow is our Saturday night to go to Harvey’s so had to take that into consideration. I finally decided on my grey sweater dress as it is cute and warm.

I was out the door right on time and driving down the freeway when I hit traffic and that is an understatement it was almost completely stopped. Turns out they had a stall or wreck ahead blocking the center lane so here I sat. I debated about going another rout but that would add 10 miles to my trip so I just figured not much difference well I was wrong as it took me over an hour to go 3 miles and so my 20 to 30 minute trip turned into an hour and 20 minutes so I got to Sweethome at 7:50 which is the latest I have ever been. Now I was not that bothered by the delay after all back in December I learned that it is sometime good to be delayed and in a funny way it was kind of fun to be stuck in traffic as it seemed like such a normal thing in one’s life, I mean I sit in traffic as my male self all the time right. After all that is what I want for Susan to be just as much a normal part of my life as my male self.

Well I finally made it to Sweethome and the only drawback was I missed about an hour of time I could have spent with my friends. Samantha, Cassandra, Chris, Roxy, Wilma and Amy were all there so the table was kind of full but I could squeeze on more stool in so I did between Chris and Wilma as I really wanted to talk to her. Wilma has not been out with the group for a while as she has been working a lot over the Holidays so it was great she made it as it is always nice to see her out.

Samantha has also been getting out with the group more, she is not a member but she e-mails me to see if we are going out and then drives up and joins us and for her that is about a 2 hour drive. It is great that having a group like this that does go out regularly makes it so easy for t-girls to get out as they know they won’t be alone which makes a big difference.

Katie, Bobby and Cristine also showed up. It has been awhile since Katie has been out with the group so it was good to see her. Katie didn’t stay long as her and Amy were going over to Vancouver to Tiger Lily.

Kim also made it which is nice as she has been coming out a lot with the group lately. It also gave us a chance to talk about the movie we watch last night at my place. well we found out that some of the girls loved the movie and some did not and that is okay as we all don’t need to like the same thing just accept each other’s right to their opinion, wow the same goes for how we act or dress. Funny how even small things like this mimic life. Well we all got talking about movies and Kim brought up the Rocky Horror picture show and it turns out one of the theaters here does a midnight showing of that movie every Saturday so we as a group plan on going in a couple weeks. Cassandra went over and talked to the Karaoke group about it and it looks like they are now planning on going the same night as us, how fun would that be.

Heather also showed up, she is one of the Karaoke group but do to work and other things has not been out for a while, she came over and talked with us. She is really nice and always fun to talk too. It is funny as in some ways our two groups have kind of connected which makes it a really fun place to be.

Well Karaoke started and of course Kim and Chris sang “I got you Babe” and did a fabulous job. They actually sang twice and did great both times. I even did get up once as last week I promised Kelsey I would sing with her and her and her fiancé showed up and she asked me if I was going to sing with her as I said last week so I agreed and she put our names in. we sang “old time rock and roll” and as well as I know the song being up in front with people looking at me I really had to focus and read the words so I didn’t screw up. It really was fun though and I am sure I will sing again, not by myself as I am not ready for that but I could do a duet with others. It is a little less scary when you are not up there alone.

It was a fun night and always a great way to end a week. I think friends play such a big part in one’s life, they shape who we are and I am truly blessed to have such awesome friends.

There was this one guy who kept coming over and messing with our group. He had on the horrible fake mustache and beard and was coming over and hitting on one of us after another. He even asked me to dance and I politely turned him down as I really can’t dance. Then he offered to buy me a drink or food, very persistent and I was trying to be nice but something was failure about him I just couldn’t place it. After all going out as much as I do now I have met so many people as Susan. it took this poor blonde a while to realize it was our own Michelle, she had not had time to get dressed as Michelle so she went the other way and was having fun with the group. She got everyone as none of us figured it out right away. Very funny Michelle, will have to think of something for you. Either way it was great she could still make it out with the group.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend and a better week ahead.

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