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Facebook and peoples views and ideas, My political statement.

I get e-mails form people asking me how I can live two separate lives or my favorite wouldn’t I just be happier if I transitioned and let my true feminine self free. The thing is we all take our lives and try to fit it on other people, be it transgender issues, gay issues, religion, politics, or anything else we feel or believe. I see it on Facebook all the time we have become a society of my way, my view is the only correct one. Just today a friend on Facebook posted a political idea on her page. now remember when you post on your page it goes to all your friends so I see it. but at the end she put if you disagree do not comment on this, so in other words I have free speech and you don’t. you have to see my ideas but I don’t want yours seems one sided. I have always believed that if I post something on my blog or Facebook page that you disagree with I not only expect you to reply on both sides but I encourage it. If I want you to respect and accept my views, the way I live my life than it is only fair I do the same for you.

so as for living two lives the way I do I wouldn’t change it as even when I am in my male roll in life Susan is still a part of me and make my male side who he is and shapes him just as when I am Susan my male side is with me and helps make her who she is. Both sides male and female make me the whole complete person I am. Now I know people tell me if my friends are truly friends then they would accept my female side and nothing would change and I should be proud of who I am, trust me I am proud of who I am. the funny thing is a few of these people who told me this are also people who unfriended me on Facebook because I disagreed with them on something. With that I will make my one and only political statement on my page. I am not a democrat and I am not a republican, I am an American. I am Liberal in some ways and conservative in some ways. I do not support any party just because of the name and I guess if someone told me they were voting for someone just because of the party they belonged to I would not accept that answer. I would need them to give me a reason other than that. There are people on both sides that call the other side nasty names, say they should die or be killed for their stand and are completely intolerant of each other and the funny thing is they will point this out in the other side but not see they are doing the same thing. I have my conservative or liberal view and that is okay but you can’t have your conservative or liberal view and that is why we have such a divide in our country. Those who say they will move to another country if one side or the other wins then you are not Americans as Americans believe in a free democracy, the will of the people. Trump won the Republican primary and weather you like him or not you need to resect him as the Republican candidate just as I expect Hillary to win the democrat primary and should be shown the same respect as her parties candidate. In the fall we will let the people decide. till we all learn to respect each other things will not change.

If you want to be treated well, fair and with respect then you need to give that to other people to weather they agree with you or not. Now that being said I will not allow people to post things I disagree with on my Facebook wall any more then I would expect you to allow me to post things on your wall you disagree with. After all my Facebook page is my home on the web just as it is yours. If I do post something on my Facebook page please feel free to comment on it, agree, disagree I don’t care but do it with respect. If you call me names or are disrespectful about it I will remove it. I think we need to have open, respectful discussions on things as that is how we learn and accept one another.

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